Carrion (2020) - full transcript

A young woman shows up on her cousin's doorstep after a ten year absence. As dark events from the past resurface, someone in the woods follows their every move. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[birds chirping]

[miscellaneous country sounds,
thumping, laughing]

[Carrie Anne] Fuck.

I'm back in California.

A long way from Russia.

[seagull cawing]

The Institute

Gregarin, you bastard.

You're probably
watching me right now.

Watching me go back to the
only other place I ever knew.

To where they took me from
after my mother was killed.


I shouldn't be here.

What am I hoping for?

To go back in time?


I want to know

who killed my mother.

I should go forward, not back.

Is Guinevere still there?

If she is, she already
knows I'm coming.

[heavy breathing]

This is heavy, ok?
This is heavy,

you, appearing like this.

I... thought you would be happy.


I am happy.

I am.

What am I even saying here?

I'm just shocked to see you.

I can't think straight.

Walk with me?

[radio chatter]

You shouldn't be
here, Carrie Anne.

Do you remember as a girl, I'd get
feelings, see things. I worry is all.

I'm nervous.

When was the last
time we entertained?

I feel sick to my
stomach honestly.

You didn't seem surprised
when I drove up.

Did you see that coming, too?

I shouldn't expect
the worst in people.

Do you think she's
found Christ Jonathan?

[Carrie Anne] I'll level with you, babe.
Come right out and say it.

You need a place to crash.

So you're a real
psychic after all.

I peaked in your car.

This might be a
wonderful encounter.

I hope it is.

[Guinevere] This is
what I'm thinking.

Let's all get together tonight.

We'll make a fire.

I'll give him a call now.


[snaps fingers]

Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will feel comforted.

The one who doubts is
like a wave of the sea,

driven and tossed by the wind.

Between the throne and
the four living creatures

among the elders a lamb standing
as if it's been slaughtered.

[Guinevere] When you were sent to
live with your grandparents, after,

I was crushed.


I never went to live
with my grandparents.

They just told you
that, ok? They lie.

Adults lie to kids.

They do worse things, too.

[Guinevere] What do you
mean by adults do worse?

Were you abused?

[Carrie Anne] I went to Russia.

They wanted us separated
after my mom died.

They were scared of me and
even more scared of us together.

So fucked, Guin!

[Guinevere] Honey, let's, I'm sorry,
we will piece it all together in good time.

What do you do?

For work?


You're going to laugh.

Or maybe not.

I'm a cheap, tawdry,
fortune teller.

And an astrologer.

A part-time witch, too.

Of course, you are.

Well, not the tawdry part.

[Carrie Anne] Read my future.

[Guinevere] I feel
like I don't have one.

Actually, it feels
like the past.

[animal shrieks]

Forget it. No future, no past.

Just here.


With you.

Saturn has just entered Capricorn
so this will be an intense period.

Do you know that cycles repeat?

They really do, up there, down here,
big objects directing the small ones.

I'm rambling.

Here's the office,

where you can stay tonight
until we talk to Jonathan.

There's clothes in the closet
if you need to change.

They might be dated though.

[Carrie Anne] You seem antsy.

No, not really, I just...

[car approaching]

[Guinevere] We were starting to
wonder if you had other plans.

[Ruth] What else
would we possibly do?

[Jonathan] Cousin Carrie
Anne, back from the dead.

Hey, Jonathan. Can I crash
in the guest house?

Half back from the dead anyway.

You said, you would
like to stay here?

Oh, Carrie Anne, let's give everyone
a chance to settle for all this talk.

I'm sorry, how long were
you thinking of being here?

You must be Ruth.

Can I ask? The getup you have on,
is that just for special occasions or...

Excuse me?

Ruth, honey, that's rude.

Just, I'm simply asking,
making conversation.

[random sounds]

I really didn't mean to
stress you like that tonight...

- Carrie Anne, she means so much to me.
- I get it.

You have a history,

but your brother and I, we haven't
agreed to this level of intrusion.

You're upset,

- Right?
- Correct.

Really, it's okay, Guinevere.

She just showed up,
ok? Out of nowhere.

I can't turn her away.

I'm sorry how
disruptive this is.

I've loved her ever
since we were kids.

[steps approaching]

She's on drugs,
prescription meds maybe.

I'm trying to handle this.

I made you something,
it's nothing.

I do them all the time.

They are like therapy, you know.

This is so getting framed.

Come on, let's head
towards the lake.

[Guinevere] Listen, Jonathan
is not an easy one.

I wish that had gone better.

[Carrie Anne] And Ruth...

I don't like her.

[Carrie Anne] I hate her.

I just can't respect
that type of person.

[Carrie Anne] Is
she his cult bride?

The way she dresses, grow up!

[Carrie Anne] Those two
make no sense together.

Do you think they heard me?

[Carrie Anne] She's
jealous as fuck, too.

People like that you almost
want to make them squirm.

[Guinevere] That's terrible,
Carrie Anne.

But I get it.

She made a horrible impression.

Please understand there's more
to her than what you saw.

[animal noises]


I had a bad experience
in the room last night.

I was lying there after
the lights went out,

and, I heard what sounded
like a knee popping, ok?

When an old man walks by
and his knees make this sound.

Someone was walking
around my bed.

Oh, that is


It's strange how it
feels out here, isn't it?

I remember being
on this lake with you.

Suicide Lake.

What did you call it?

I'm sorry, that was so
insensitive, I shouldn't...

You call it Suicide Lake?

Yes, because this is
where he drowned himself.

You know? Karne.


Who is Karne?

Oh God, you don't know, do you?
They never told you what happened?

It's me, hi. Do you need anything
from the market? I'm walking over.

Sure, sure, I can bring.

Ok, dear, I see
you this afternoon.

Carrie Anne is upstairs,
moody again today.

Bring Guinevere
when you come, yeah?



Honey, I'm going to the market.

[birds chirping]


[distorting sound]

[man] 911.


[phone thump]

You knew I would be back!

[impaired breathing]

You raped me.

[man chuckles]

Mommy and Daddy
are going out for a stroll.

Was Karne the man who did it?

I... didn't expect you
to find out like, like this.

[grasping for air]


that's good.

I came here for this.

Listen, let's, let's head back.

So this Karne was
the man who killed her?

And he came here, and...

Walked in with weights attached.

Divers found him.


[thump with phone]

Oh my God!

Hey, it was a trigger...

by the one.

This happens sometimes.

[Carrie Anne] They
fed me only lies.

My mind was theirs to
manipulate, to weaponize.


[knocks on door]

[Guinevere] Who is it?

It's me.

[Ruth] Honey?

I need to know everything
you knew about that day.

[Guinevere] I don't
know if now is the time.


[animal sounds]

[Ruth] What's the matter? Honey?

Who was he?

He lived around here.

On property.

What is it?

So he was close
by the whole time?

[Jonathan] I don't
want to be like Dad.

And kids...

Not exactly.

He was in prison.

It happened when he got out.

I don't want them
to end up like me.

To face the things I have
to face in this horrible world.

You're almost the same age.

They kept me in the dark, too.

Jonathan probably
knows more than I do.

The world's not that
bad, it's full of love.

The love of Christ.

I'm gonna go make some hooch.

Jonathan, don't.

He was older, I remember mom
confiding in him during that time.

Have some.

What's in this stuff again?

With K's, dear.

It's the hooch, take it.

Why are you so angry
all of a sudden?

I brought something with me
I wanted to share with you.

It's what I do for
peace right now.

Have some?

Oh my Lord, Jonathan!


I'm better.

My God, it's hitting me.


Tell me about where you went.

To the institute.

I just want to stay
in this moment.

Does it feel like
this in heaven?

I'm scared.

Why? Just enjoy.

Because if it gets me this high
there must be a come down.

Come down is this, you're going to
be married to me in less than a year.

Picture that.

You're silly, that's going
to be better than this.

Are you really going to do
this? I'm getting excited.

Sometimes I don't
understand you.

You seem distant, and there's
some things I don't like.

But those are just demons
trying to pull us apart.

Come here, I'm chilly.

I want to tell you something.

I have been waiting
my whole life.

When we were kids, I used
to fantasize about this.

Keep the devils at bay.

I can feel them nipping.

They want to break
us apart, Jonathan.

And I'm afraid.

But I'm not going to run away from
you no matter how afraid I am.

I've thought about it since,
before I even knew what it was.

They want to drive us apart.

They want to take you away from me because
they can do more damage to you that way.

But I'm not going
to let that happen.

My love and support is a shield.

That's the symbol for Saturn.

They're not going to win, Jonathan,
no matter how hard they try.

I won't let them.

It looks like a sickle.

I'm cold.

[Jonathan] Go
turn the heater on.

We're not even married yet.

God, this is sinful.

Lord Father, I put You first.

You are above all.

You are the one and only God.

The alpha and the omega.

The beginning and the end.

Hey, Johnny.

Can I call you Johnny?

You can call me the
Duke of Earl for all I care.

So, about that guest house.

What's in it for me?

Are you drinking here,

all by your lonesome?

Thank you.

Just say yes I can stay here.

Yes, I can stay here.

Lord, I know this is
the ultimate existence.

And I'm scared.

I'm scared for my life.

I'm scared for Johnny's,
I'm scared for our future.

I'm just plain scared.

Don't you want me around?

[echoed voice] Give
me the ghost house.

There are demons among us.

I've sensed it tonight
more than ever before.

Did I say ghost house? Oh...

Guest house.

Give me the... guest house.

Jonathan is in the sway
of some dark forces.

I might be swayed by them, too.

I need to lie down.

He's weak, Lord.

But so am I.

We all are.

[piano playing]


Guin, are you up?

I need to talk to you.



[Jonathan] Ruth, honey?

I've been outside, clearing
my head, getting some air.

Guess I had a few
too many last night.

- [Guinevere] I'll go first...
- [Ruth] No, listen.

Jonathan was in a mood,
we were in a mood.

[Guinevere] First impressions
can be deceiving, Ruth.

That's all I ask of you here.

Reconsider your opinion of her.

She's great, she really is.

I want everyone to find
some common ground.

We're going to be
seeing a lot of her.

[Ruth] Guinevere, honestly, I don't know
how much common ground there really is.

[Guinevere] Ruth, we're
going to have to find it.

This is family
we're talking about.

[Ruth] I suppose.

[Guinevere] Some patience, some
understanding, It's all I ask.

[Ruth] It's been a trying time
with Jonathan, as you know.

We acted rude,
cast the first stone.

[Guinevere] Everyone's
doing the best they can.

I brought Carrie Anne
here yesterday.

She had a kind of attack.

[Ruth] Attack?

[Guinevere] Yeah, PTSD she said.

[Ruth] Did you freak out?

[Guinevere] I was trying
to help calm her nerves.

[Ruth] My goodness.

What is it? Guin?


She came to my room, afterwards.

She came to your room.

Yes, like that.

No, No Guinevere, this
I will not abide, no way!

We're going to have
this talk sooner or later.

I know this won't
be easy for you,

but we need to
work through this.

Give me a break.

You slept with your cousin,
Guinevere, your female cousin.

I love her, Ruth, love.

There is nothing
wrong with that.

We're going to have
to figure this out, Ruth.

It won't go away
by shutting me out.

I don't want to deal with this.

Not now, I'm already
dealing with Jonathan.

There's nothing
to deal with, dear.

I want to know
what it is about her.

Whenever I see her it's like
slipping into some nocturnal reverie.

Really? That's a bit much.

I'm immersed in some
strange joy with her.

Her presence is hypnotic.

It lifts me up.

Am I supposed to be happy for you?
No, I feel like you're under a spell.

This is terribly disruptive.

I've never felt
anything like this.

Maybe as a child.

Is that how I feel?

I don't know.

Well I know I will never
have this again.

So there it is.


Ruth, look!


Guin, we need to talk.

I think something
bad went down last...

Oh my God! Guinevere,
what happened?

Ruth, she's dead.

She got... The face,
it's, it's, it's smashed.

There's a, there's
a killer out there.

[out of tone]

[door opening]

I can't believe...

he killed Ruth.

Killed Ruth.

He killed Ruth...

[miscellaneous noises]

Jonathan is losing it.

[Jonathan in echoed voice]
The two little witches!

[overlapping voices]

Who did this?

Who did this?

The two little witches.


[echoed voice] Who did this?

Ruth is dead.

This is not happening.

This is not happening.

Do you think you being here,


do we have something to
do with what's happening?

[starting car]


[animal noises]

I saw him just now.

I know.

I, I have been seeing him.

Seeing you, too.

I had a vision of your
mother before it happened.

I never told anyone.

All these years.

We're all being hunted.

I can see it.

Ruth was my guardian angel.

She protected me.

Until that showed up.

Jonathan, look at me.

God damnit it's him.

Suicide Lake.

That's where it happened.

It's where I saw

Ruth die.

Why haven't you asked
me for a description?

Jonathan? You haven't
asked because you know.

It's him.

You think


Prove me wrong.

We both know
where's he's buried.

[radio chatter]

Put your back into it, boy.

You get that piece of shit in the ground
by sunrise, steak and eggs are on me.

[animal noises]


The world is ending.

Ruth is dead.

My sister is dead.

Hell is here.

This all started when
you got here, of course.

I know, God damnit, I know.

A holy war is on.

You raped me.

Right before this happened.

I did what? You don't
have any marks on you.

Klint Karne's my dad.

He was Guinevere's dad, too.

That can't...

Wait, I need...

I need you to slow down.

We're going to sleep in
shifts; you're gonna go first.

For the record, in the
bar, you fell asleep.

Nothing happened.

I carried you upstairs.

Jesus. Who do you take me for?

I'm sleeping in my
shift starting now.

If we get through this you will tell
me everything you know about Karne.

I just can't think
straight right now.

[Jonathan] I can't do it.

She knows not what she is.

Demoness possessed.

Like my old Pa.

I can't kill her, Ruth.

I can't kill her, Ruth.

[Carrie Anne] You've lost it.

You completely lost it.


Let's start over.

Let's start over.

I did... What is this?

Oh, Johnny, you've been so
mixed up since you lost Ruth.

I'm not falling for
your goddamn tricks.

I saw how you looked at me
from the moment I arrived.

You want this, Jonathan.

You want it.

Again, just as much as I do.

[Guinevere] There's clothes in
the closet if you need to change.


Everyone knew you were trouble,
that's why they put your ass in Foster.

I saw it.

Black animals, bugs, appearing
all over the fucking place.

All because your momma died.

What did they used
to call you two?

Indigo children?


You have some nerve using
the Lord's name in vain.

I told you Karne was dad.

He's out here hunting right now.

You brought the old
son of a bitch back.

Let me tell you something
else about Karne.

He did some time, for rape.

You raped me.

It just so happens,
it was your mom.

Came looking for her
the day he got out.

Daddy was a convict,
Carrie Anne.

I guess that makes us more
related than you thought, huh?

Mommy and daddy
are going out for a stroll.

Did you hear me? We're not cousins,
we're brother and sister, you and I.

Made from the same evil seed.

It's all unraveling!

Oh, God, why?

[sound of door opening,
phone dialing and Karne chuckling]


...ten year alignment event, coinciding
with Subject's past trauma.

...orders of magnitude
telekinetic amplification.

Okay, final target is well within
Subject's sphere of influence.

The projected apparition is closing in.

[Jonathan] This
is a spiritual war.

Good and evil.

And you are evil, Carrie Anne.

[Jonathan panting]

What happened?

Final target is down.

May I?

Second test successful - after
Subject's post-institute deployment.

One hundred percent loss of life within
Subject's S.O.I. after 48 hours.

A true agent of chaos.

We've demonstrated, again, Subject
can be led to a target zone...

...and cause destruction via
augmented telekinetic projection...

...without Subject's
knowledge or compliance.

Keep it on.

[rattling sound getting louder]

Thank God.

Hello? Miss?

[woman on radio] Can I ask?

The getup you have on,
Is that just for special occasions or...


I'm simply asking,
making conversations.


So, Comrade, tell me.

What does the monster look like?

There is no way to know
from this vantage.

How it looks is the result of
her stimulus and input.

The P.A. may change after a single new
piece of information is given to Subject.

He may appear different to
Subject than the targets.

No way to know.

May I remind you of the Subject's value?

Don't worry. The P.A. can't hurt her.
She made him.

A construct of her mind.

It would be like...

...killing yourself in a dream.

What the...

what the fuck are you?

[Guinevere] Do you
know that cycles repeat?

They really do.

Up there, down here.



[music ends]