Carriers (2009) - full transcript

In a world devastated by an outbreak, Brian, his girlfriend Bobby, his brother Danny and their friend, Kate, are heading to a beach where the brothers spent their childhood vacations expecting it to be a sanctuary. When their car breaks down on the road in the desert, they negotiate with a man called Frank, who is also stranded but without gas. He is trying to get his daughter Jodie to the hospital (she is infected with a disease of some kind), they all decide to travel together. During the journey, massive moral dilemmas arise, as events head into a downward spiral. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Twenty questions.

You're a man.
Are you in politics?

Ah! Warm beer.
Tastes like piss.

your turn, babe.

Um, dead or alive?

Don't you think that's
a really stupid question these days?

You know,
he's kind of an asshole,

but if you need me to
take care of him, I will.

I can hear you.

He's the one in the family
with all the brains.

- Is that right?

All right, the interstate's coming up.
What do we do?

Don't get on it.
Stay on this back road.

How come every time
you say that,

we end up in a three-hour scenic
tour in the middle of nowhere?

Look, we agreed on the
rules, didn't we?

And by taking it,
we're breaking what?

The rule that says we shouldn't
take the interstate.

"I guess we wouldn't want
to break any rules," he said,

drinking his beer as he
drove the stolen Mercedes

ridiculously over the speed
limit, and, look, no hands!

- Babe, don't!
- Stop!

Stop it, you moron!

All right, smartass,
I'll read the map.

Can you? It has
actual writing on it.

Very funny.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, guys.

All right, windows,

What the hell
is this guy doing?

My daughter and I,
we ran out of gas.

All right, sir, please move
your car out of the road.

We left Denver yesterday morning.
Last gas we got was Colorado Springs.

I'm sorry, we can't help you.
Now move your car!

Look, all we need is just
a little bit of gas.

Yeah, I'm sure you do.
You and everybody else.

Stay where you are!

We can trade you for it.
We got food and water.

Brian, we have
more than enough.

More than...
How do you know that?

- I said do not get any closer!
- Brian, he looks clean.

Or he could be incubating.
Think about it for a second...

Guys! She's got it.


Come on, come on, come on...

They'll die out there.

Everyone dies.

The rules are simple. At least,
that's how my brother sees it.

One, avoid the infected
at all costs.

Their breath
is highly contagious.

Two, disinfect anything they've
touched in the last 24 hours.

Three, the sick are already dead.
They can't be saved.

You break the rules,
you die.

You follow them, you live.


Hey. Look
what I found.


Hey, if you happen to find a brand-new
factory-issued oil pan, holler.

Are you sure
you can't fix it?

It's blown, Ivy Boy.


All that car needed
was gas.

Wait, what?
No. No, no, no way.

If we sit here,
we're just gonna die.

We won't if we go back?

You saw the girl.
You saw the blood, the rashes.

Bobby, come on,
you saw her.

Am I the only one here?
Kate, we do not have a lot of options...

They're your rules!

Danny, tell your girlfriend
to get her shit together.

I'm not his girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend.

All right, then tell me, tell me.
Why the hell is she here?


Why didn't we let her sit tight in her
McMansion, waiting for the looters?

Okay. Could we just calm down and try
and think this thing through? Please.


So what about
the car?

I don't know, Danny.
I'm trying to think.

Well, we need that car...
I know that!


All right,
put your masks on, guys.

Frank Holloway.

We're gonna
need your car.

Yeah, I figured
as much.

Do you really want to splatter
your brand-new vehicle

with the insides of someone who,
for all you know, may be infected?

We got loads
of Clorox.

Cleanup is not my chief concern.
Brian, that's all right.

- That's close enough.
- I picked up a radio transmission

from a school outside of
Farmington last week.

People from all over the
state are traveling there.

For what?

The CDC, they set up some kind
of emergency response center.

They've got a new serum.

That's one hell
of a story, man.

I don't think
I've heard that one yet.

Are they getting results?

No, they're not getting
any results, Kate.

They've got a new treatment, and I am
taking my daughter there in this car.

Now, if you're onboard
with that, great. If not...

This is a fairytale,
and he knows it.

It's the Baltimore vaccine
all over again.

It's a bunch of retrovirals
that don't work for shit.

So go ahead, Brian.
Shoot him in the head.

Wait! Hey.

I got an idea.

Hey. Want to know
a secret? About boys?

Their bark is worse
than their bite.

You know what I mean?

It's okay.
Don't listen to her, kiddo.

Trust me, she loves
it when I bite.

Why don't you
eat me, Brian?

I think we can
arrange that.

Jesus, Brian!
She's, like, eight.

Yeah, well,
mentally, so is he.

Adios, Road Warrior.
You crap piece of shit.

But Godless
governments have fallen,

and the armies of man
have perished by his hand,

Pattycake, pattycake...

for this pandemic is the flail of God
and the world his threshing floor,

and, implacably, he will
thresh out his harvest

until the wheat is separated from the
chaff, the righteous from the sinner.

And make no mistake about it, there
shall be far more chaff than wheat.

Few chosen...

Come to think of it,

I haven't seen much
weed around lately.

Very funny.

Just show some respect.

For what?
That God's punishing my daughter?

Who's he rewarding,
huh? Who, you?

That's not
what I'm saying.

What are you saying?

Some people locked themselves
away, piled up food,

didn't even pick up the phone.
They were dead in a week.

Me, I worked at the stadium, digging
those mass graves for 400...

400 bucks a day!
That's exactly right.

You can laugh all you want, but I
was up to my knees in that shit,

and here I am.
So you're immune

or chosen
or something?

I'm here
and they're not.

So, then, I guess you
won't mind kissing

my daughter good night
for me, huh, Brian?

I didn't think so.

So much for being
chosen, huh?

That's hysterical,
huh, Ivy League?

Where'd you go
to school, Danny?

He got a scholarship to go to Harvard.

It was Yale, actually.
It doesn't really matter, does it?

A little something shut the place
down before freshman orientation.

Watch it, Brian.
How's that for a knee-slapper?

Why do you have to be such a dick?
Hey, come on!

Watch out! Watch out!

You! You stay in the back,
you hear me?

Hey, I will if you keep your
eyes on the goddamn road!

Hey, you can get out anytime!
You can get out right now!

Okay. Okay. Okay.
Kate! Kate!

The tape held.
You don't have to worry about it.

Are you okay?
What is it?

Damn it.
I think she knocked a filling loose.

I weep for you.

It's locked.

Danny, be careful.

It's okay.


Hey, are you
all right? Danny!

What happened?


Just get the gas
and let's go.

Hey, kids,
we'll be back in 20.

Yeah, uh, we'll be
back in more like five.


Bobby! Baby?

- What's that?
- That?

Well, Brian and I,

we had a dad, too.
He was just like yours.

And every summer,
when we were little,

he would take us to this place.
It's Turtle Beach.

And we could swim and
surf, and we'd fish

and eat these soft-shell crab
sandwiches that were soaked in mayo.


Were there
lots of turtles?

Lots? God, there were thousands of them!
They were everywhere.

I mean, you could barely put your foot
in the water without stepping on one.

Sometimes they'd be stacked
up on top of each other.

That's impossible!

It is possible.
They were everywhere.

Can we go to Turtle
Beach with them?

Time to sleep.

What makes you think
you're gonna be safe there?

It's an old motel.

The place has been abandoned for years.
We'll go on scavenging trips

and quarantine ourselves
every single time we get back,

and wait.
Until they come for us.

Until... Until the
disease dies off.

The disease
or the people?

It's the same thing,

Bobby, I love you,

and you know what a dipshit
I can be sometimes...

What's the big deal?

I think we should
see other people.

If that's the way you feel.

It is the way I feel.

You can be such a dipshit sometimes.
I know!

Probably the biggest
in the world at this point.

Do you ever think
of Yale?

Yeah. Sure.

That, and all those things you
think you'll get to do someday.


Put it out!
Put the fire out!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Where do you think
you're going, boy?

Hurry up.

Just keep it down. Keep it down.
Put it out.

Okay, I'll be right back.

Honey, I'm just
going in there

to make sure there are
no monsters under the bed.

If there are monsters,
you shouldn't go.

now listen to me.

There's no reason
to worry. All right?

I'll be back before you can
say Captain Feathersword.

Captain Feathersword.

You're too smart for me,
you know that?

I'll stay with her.


Look, now is not
the time, okay?

The girls need some alone
time to talk about boys.

I am serious.
Do not get too close to her.

I'm serious. Just go.
It's gonna be fine.

You know, you are always doing
whatever the hell you want.

That's why you love me!



Looks like your hospital
ran out of patients, Frank.

Come on. Let's get
out of here.

Where's Kate?

What is she doing?

We have to go.
There's nothing here.

You don't know that.

Kate, they failed.
Let's go.

There's a whole wing
we haven't checked yet.

You see?
There are people here.


No way.

Oh, my God.
They did it.

- Sir. Sir!
- Yes?

Are you in charge here?

No, you want
Dr. Lindus.

His office is on the second
floor of the old math building.

But you won't find him there.
He died on Thursday.

Doctor, we've come all
the way from Colorado.

We heard that
you had a serum here.

It's my daughter, she's...
My daughter is very sick.

How long?
A little over a week.

Is she bleeding from her ears yet?

Well, bring her in.

Okay, kids, these nice people
are gonna take you to your parents,

who are all waiting outside.

So, as soon as we finish our medicine,
we'll all be right as rain.

What are you doing to these kids?
What's that? Where's the serum?

The serum?

Yes, we had a serum.

For three days it stabilized the patients.
A few actually improved.

Three days. That's the best
that we could do,

or anyone else in the world
as far as I know.

Staved off the virus
for three days.

Prolonged sickness and pain for 72 hours.
Well, I'm not prolonging it anymore.

What's in the punch?

Lots and lots of potassium.

Now, if you'll excuse us.

No! No, stop!
You can't do this!

Kate, they're sick.
They're already dead. Let's go.

Brian, they are kids.
Who's dead? My daughter's alive!

She's not dead!

There are other places...

Stop pulling the goddamn curtain!
Please! Please.

Give me your gun.
Frank, stay where you are!

Give me your gun, Brian.
Frank, you know I can't do that.

Give me the gun!


Stop. Stop! Stop, goddamn you!
Stop it! Now!

Put that down.

Put it down!
Look around you.

We lost power
two weeks ago.

We sucked the town dry of gas
just to run the generators.

There's nothing left.

Don't. Please don't.

Sometimes choosing life is just
choosing a more painful form of death.

You're telling me your favorite cartoon's
name is Mop-Face Circle-Shirt?

Brush-Bill Soup-Jeans?

No! SpongeBob SquarePants!

Oh! Spoon-Lips Boxer-Shorts!

Frank! Frank!

Okay. You're gonna be
okay, just...

Okay, listen.
Breathe slow. Um...

Okay, okay.

We're getting out of here.

What happened?

She took it off.
She had problems breathing, I think.

- Come here.
- Daddy? I have to go.

Number one or number two?
Number two.

Can you hold it?


Well, how about if I get you, a potty
or something, can you do it here then?


All right, now. I need you to be a
very big girl for me right now.

Okay? I need you
to be really brave.

You see those little
blue huts over there?

I need you to go
over there by yourself,

and I'll be waiting right
here for you, okay?


Can you try that for me?

Good girl. You ready?

Come on.

I'll be waiting right here
for you, okay?

Okay, honey. It's okay.

I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.

You did great. I'm very proud of you.
Now Daddy will take you, okay?

You strike me
as a good man, Daniel.

We'll be back in a minute.

Come on, honey.

Get in.

Get... Get in the car!

We can't leave them
here. Not here.

Look, we brought them here.
That was the deal.

Now, it's time to drop the
fairytales and move on.

You heard what that doctor said.
There's nothing here. There's nothing!

You already put us in danger
once back there.

Bobby? Bobby,
say something.

Hey, what was that song... What was
that song Miss Stevens taught you

that you used to sing all the time?
Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider, yeah.
Do you remember how to sing that?

♪ Itsy bitsy spider
went up the waterspout

♪ Down came the rain
and washed the spider out

♪ Out came the sun
and dried up all the rain

♪ And the itsy bitsy spider
went up the spout again ♪

How long
till the beach, Danny?

At least
two days. Why?

Anyone for 18 holes?


If we're gonna stop somewhere for the
night, might as well be high-end.


What do you say, Bobby?

Do whatever
you want, Brian.



The service here
is for shit.



You all right?


Look, what happened
back there...

I'm just trying to get
us to the beach alive.

You know that, right?
Yeah, I know.

We all agreed
on the rules.

And the sick, they're dead.
There's nothing we can do for them.


All right, I should go check the back.

Knock it off, stupid, you're fine.

Hey, Danny!
I found the pool!

You want to play
Marco Polo?

Oh, shit!



Oh, Jesus Christ!

Let's play some golf.



Hey, are you okay?

I thought golf was
for old people.

- Fuck.
- Jerk!

Come on down here, baby.

Help me out of here.

Come on, it'll be just like the
time we broke into Forest Oaks.

Remember how the
groundskeeper booted us out?


Well, this time we're members.
They can't touch us.

It's nice and soft.

Just come out
of there.

Come on.

Just give me a hand.


Come over here! Get over here!
Brian! Stop it!

Come on! Don't!


I'm gonna get all dirty!
It's sand!

Yeah, sand is dirt,

ladies and gentlemen,

it's the 18th hole, and young
Brian Green steps up to the tee.

He needs a hole in one here
to get to the Masters,

but what he's really worried
about is people finding out

that he's gay!

God damn it!

Dude, my advice to you is put
the club down, wait 10 minutes,

and just never
pick it up again.

If it's so funny,
show us what you got.

Thanks, but I think
I'll use an actual driver.

It's getting down
to the wire, folks.

Katie, Kate, whatever her last name...
Shut up!


All right!

Shit, the girl
can swing!

Fairfield Country Club Junior
Champion three years in a row,

thank you very much.
Tiger Woods can kiss my ass.


Oh, shit.


Larry, come in.

Can you hear me?

If you're there, pick up.

We're coming back. Do you hear me?
We're coming back.

What are you doing?

What the hell
are you doing?

All day long, every single phone!
The phones are dead.

So, I just gotta try and get
in touch with my parents.

They're dead, too.

You don't know that.

I don't?
Where were they?

Their cruise ship was
quarantined in Piraeus.

Then they're dead.
How do you know?

You don't even know
where Piraeus is!

It doesn't matter
where Piraeus is!

Everyone, everywhere, is dead,
your parents, my parents.

Soon you and I
will be dead, too.

Kate, what happened?

Leave me alone.

What did she say to you?


That's not Brian.

Shit! MAN:
We got them!

This way!

Up on the second floor!
It's a mess up here!

Who are you, and what the
hell are you doing here? Huh?

Who are you?

Maybe we'll be able to talk
once we get rid of this.

No! Don't touch me!
Please, don't touch me!

We've been out a couple of days scouting
for supplies! We just got back!

Let him go!


We got everybody?

I think so.
There's nobody else.

Tom! My space.

They breached it.
It's not safe.

I can't...
It's not safe!

That's what you get
for living in a condom, man.

You get...
Screw you.

Hey, leave him alone!
We just wanted to spend the night here!

You sons of bitches.
What have you done with Larry?

How the hell
do I know, man?

Maybe he got in a fight with a shower
curtain like the rest of you guys.

Larry. He was
guarding the place.

They killed him.

He was like that
when we got here.

Yeah, right. You expect us
to believe that?

Why don't you go in the pool, check
out the cause of death for yourself?

What, no volunteers?
Shut up.

Tom, he must have been sick when
we left and didn't say anything.

That's impossible.
You know that's impossible.

The system is perfect.

Why? Because
you thought of it?

He didn't seal up
his suit properly.

He made a mistake.
He didn't follow procedure.

Whatever gets you
through the night.

You know, I just met you and
I'm already sick of you.

I have that effect
on people.

Brian, cut it out!

I want all of you
out of here. Now.

- Hey! Please, we need that.
- So do we.

Get in.

Not you.
What? Danny.

What the hell are you doing?
Let the girl go.

The girls stay.

Yeah, they stay.
Get your hands off me!

Don't you touch her, you son of a bitch!
Don't move!

Get back!

If we keep the girls, what are you
gonna do with the guys? Kill them?

We're not that
kind of people.

Yeah? And what kind of people are we, huh?
The kind that just sits and waits to die?


Screw you, Tom! This isn't the mill.
You're not in charge anymore.

Let the girls go.

We have to check them out.
Make sure they're clean.



Please, no.
I said strip!

Shit, shit,
shit, shit!

- What's going on?
- Oh, my God! Back off! Back off!

- Somebody tell me what's going on!
- Stay away from her!

- What the hell is going on?
- I said go!


Get the hell out of here right now!
I said, right now!

This one's locked.

I'm gonna look inside.
I'll go check the back.


Do you want
to end up like them?

We will
if she stays.

Talk to him.

Help me out, will you?

We need to talk.

The key to the pump has
to be here somewhere.

Brian, we need to deal with...
Where the hell is that key?

Get in the car.

Get in.

Any luck?


Get out.

I said get out.

I'll get in the back.
That's not what I said.

Brian, please
let me stay.

please don't!

Brian, do not do this!

There's a town down that road.
These are just bruises.

I've been bouncing around in
the back of that stupid car for days.

I'm sure there's
plenty of water in town,

but here's half a gallon.
Of course I have bruises, but I am fine!

If you ration it,
I love you.

it should last a few days.
You love me, don't you?

The same goes for the food.
Brian, I'll wear a mask.

I didn't know.
Like hell you didn't know!

I... Don't you do that!

Don't you lie to me!

I wasn't sure.

Please don't leave me here!
Please, won't you help me?

When you get to town, you
find a comfortable place,

you know,
with a good bed.

And get yourself a blanket,
even if it feels hot now.

And lots of water.

Do it before you're too weak.



I warned you
about the girl.

I told you to stay away from her.

Why the hell couldn't you
have listened to me?

She was choking.
She couldn't breathe.

Hey, hand me a beer, will you?

Warm beer.

Tastes like piss.

What are we gonna do?
I don't know.

It's almost gone.
I know that!


I see it.
We gotta make them stop.

Yeah, we'll just wave
politely and ask for help.

Brian. Brian!

Hey! I'll deal with this.

Stay where you are!
Don't come any closer!

I'm gonna stay right here.
We just need some gas.

Sorry. We don't have
any to spare.

I know. I understand.

But I was just hoping that
maybe as a fellow Christian,

you might be able
to help us.

don't do that.

You see, my wife in the
car, she's pregnant.

We're just looking for a
cool place to have the baby,

- see this thing through.
- Go in reverse. Let's go. Let's go.

Good luck.

- Go, go, go.
- Ma'am.

No, I can't.

I'm begging you!

No, Brian!

Get out!

Get out!

Get the gas.

Oh, God.

What are you doing?

They weren't gonna
give it to us, Danny.

Help her out.

You don't talk to me.

You hear me?
You don't tell me what to do!

Don't walk away from me,
you son of a bitch!

I'm talking to you!

What the...
I am talking to you,

and I'm telling you what to
do, you self-righteous shit!

It must be nice

sitting on the sidelines while your
dumb brother wades in shit for you.

No, I don't...
Somebody had to do it.

Was it gonna be you, Danny?
You didn't have to...

You remember...
You remember our last day at home?

It wasn't you who went up to Mom and
Dad's room to get his gun, was it?

It wasn't you! It wasn't you
who had to go up there and lie

and tell them not to worry,
that you'd be back real soon.

They were alive? Alive?
You knew they were.

They were? You...

You told me...
What you wanted to hear.

You asshole! Asshole!

Come here. Come here.
I'm an asshole for what?

Tell me, Danny,
asshole for what?

For what?

For letting you walk by
with a clean conscience?


Well, that's what
you like, Danny.

Remember Bobby?

You remember Bobby?

I was the one that had to
drag her out of the car

while you just sat there
watching me do it!

Bobby was right.

You got all the brains.


Hey. Brian.

Stop here.

Brian. Brian.

We're gonna stop
at this house, okay?

We're gonna find something
to dress your wound with.

you say, Doc.



A little closer.
Keep going.

Okay, stop.


If you can hear me, we just
need medical supplies.

Someone's hurt.

We're not infected,

and we don't
mean you any harm.

We're, um...

We're just gonna take
what we need,

and we'll leave.

What happened? Oh, shit!
What's on you?


It's not contagious.
It's not human blood.

It's dog blood.

You had me worried,
little brother.

I'm sorry.


Hey, don't take this the wrong way.
Can you pull down your pants?

Hey, so much for
being chosen, huh?

I'm sorry.

He's got it,
doesn't he?


I don't know
if there's anybody listening,

but my generator is dying.

So, if there is someone out
there, this is my last song.

This is Laura Merkin, last
survivor of Corpus Christi, Texas,

saying goodbye.

♪ could make
a dead man scream

♪ You're like...

Can I see those?

Bobby had
this crazy idea.

She wanted
to be a mom.

Can you believe that?

Why not?

With me?

There are some things
I'm just not good at, man.

Where did she get...

A baby?

Who knows?
Maybe I would have been good at it.

Hey, Danny.

I gotta tell you something.
It's a secret.

You want to hear a secret?

At the stadium,

some of those people,
they were...

They were still
alive, Danny.

We were gonna dump them
in the grave and then...

Some of them would move.

I'd look
at the supervisor,

and he'd pretend
not to see, so...

So we'd pretend
not to see them,

but we did.

We did, and
we'd bury them anyway.

There were
so many bodies, Danny.

I know.

So many.
I know.

How the hell
did we get here?

I don't know, Brian.

You know.

We both know.

We both know.

We both know.

We both...

Where you going,

Where you going, man?

We're leaving, Brian.

Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on!


Oh, my God.

I need those keys,


And I need a ride.

You know I can't.

Come on, Danny.

The ocean, you and
me, one more time.

You remember
how it was. Huh?

Hitting those waves before
everything turned to shit.

Just give me
the keys.

You want them?

Shoot me

or take me with you.

Brian, don't do it.

I'm not gonna end up
like them, Danny.

Rotting alive, alone.

You can't tell whether
they're alive or dead.

Please, Brian.

It's what we decided.
I'm dying, Danny!

I don't give a fuck
about the rules.

You made them.

My little brother.

I taught him
everything he knows.

I drive and wait
for a storm to come

and wash us all away,

but it doesn't.

It's a beautiful day.

And it shouldn't be
a beautiful day.

I wait,

but nothing happens to me.

And for the first time, I feel
like I am alone in the world.

We made it.

Two strangers with
nothing left to say.

Brian and I used
to love this place,

the hotel, the beach.

They still look exactly the same,
but they're just places now.

Brian! Danny! Come on!

I don't know
what'll happen next.

I don't know
how long I'll live.

But I know
I will be alone.