Carré blanc (2011) - full transcript

Philippe lives in a world controlled by a caste system. Those who play the "game" correctly become higher and more powerful. Phillipe plays the game well but his wife wants him to return to reality. Its a love story after marriage.

The first skeletons found were a female
and her child chased by a big bear.

The corpse of another female bear was found
on the frozen sea - her cob managed to escape.

Mommy bear : "They're monsters. They're
all monsters. You'll see them in the end."

How about making a baby tonight ?

At the fourth beep...

... we will be exactly...

... 800.725.367

In every child is a future croquet champion.

What is it ?

Don't cry like a little boy !

Are you a little boy ?

I hate you.

This is a good start.

You'll learn to simulate.

You'll simulate very hard.

You're fourteen years old now,

would you like to get inseminated artificially ?

It's possible.

Contact your supervisors.

Stand up please.

Come closer.

We know you're having hard times,
we're here to help you.

If you got any problem then
you have to tell us about it.

Today we'll do
a practical exercise.

Who will please go inside that bag ?

You don't realize it yet,
but this will help you.

Come on, a little effort !

Good ! You're very courageous !

Whoever accepts the idea being in that bag
doesn't belong here.

Harder !

It's a game, just a game.

In every game there's a winner and a looser.

So play the game...

and everything will go well.

How do you know that
your mother saw these things ?

- She told me
- So it must be true ?

Is this what you think ?

You'll learn to simulate.

And you'll do your homework.

Go ahead, Lise, pick up !

You've got 20 seconds left,
don't miss the caller.

Hello ? Hello ?

- Thanks
- See you tomorrow

Take this, Daniel.

Take this metal cylinder in your left hand.

And this handle with a button in your right.

Daniel, whatever happens - dont release them.

- Alright ?
- Ok

With your right hand,
push the button please.

- I'm sorry
- No problem

- We'll start again
- How long should I hold ?

The longer - the better.

Very well.

Go ahead, whenever you wish.

Till saturday as agreed ?

Yes of course.

I went to the store you recommended,
they were great.

Perfect ! You'll see.

The fresh air will do you good.

Nothing like a croquet game
in the countryside with friends

Croquet may be a family game,
but it's physical nevertheless.

See you later Philippe.

See you later Francois.

Smile !

Bravo to Miriam who gave birth
to wonderful twins.

Miriam, you're exemplary for all of us.

Become a woman...

... become a mother.

Become a man...

... become a father.

How about making a baby tonight ?

Bernard Bellot handled his club with
virtuosity and proved once again -

Croquet may be a family game,
but it's physical nevertheless.

You know the story of
mommy and baby bear ?


Don't leave me that way

Welcome means smiling,
smiling means welcome.

- Say "see you tonight"
- See you tonight

(Sports news about croquet)

Hello Lise !

- How are you ?
- Thanks, fine.

- Sorry I made you wait.
- It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter to make people wait ?

Let me relieve you
from your coat.

Have you recovered ?

Can we go on ?

Well, listen carefully
what I'm asking you :

Press yourself against the wall.

- This one ?
- The one you like.

- Standing tight ?
- Yes

Fine, now step backwards, Lise.

Step backwards.

Step backwards, more clearly, come on.

Lise, more effort, step backwards please.

Are you stepping backwards now ?


Step forwards - step backwards,
you understand ?

This test is crucial,
it's important that you pass it.

I'll help you, it's really simple.

Press yourself against the wall...

then - step backwards.

Step backwards, Marc.

No, Lise, again :
you have to stay inside the hoop.

No Lise, without hands !

Hello, please leave a message,
I'll call you back.

It's me.

I can't stand the sound
of your voice any more.

I can't stand you any more.

I hate you for being
incapable of procreating.

It's all your fault,
I hate you for that.

I hate what you have become.

I hate every part of you.

I hate you for what you made out of us.

Look, I step backwards,
pressed against the wall !

I hate every part of you.

Your skimpy coat.

Don't you trust yourself,
or don't you trust me ?

- Lise, I asked you a question
- I know but...

- but you refuse to answer.
- yes, I trust you and myself totally

How can you trust
someone you barely know ?

I don't know,
feminine intuition I guess.

You're completely stupid.

Your way, your smile...

You just move out of reach
with little steps inside the hoop

Precisely, but until now
nobody found it out.

Am I too hard on you ?

A little bit.

Then how long will you keep smiling ?

your smell

your love

your touch

your looks

your smile

Let's proceed properly.

Marie ?

For your security it is advised
not to park under the nets.

Yes, it's me, I...

See you tonight.

... always the same music.

The old one is out of breath.

Cyril, what a match !
You played very risky.

What matters are the results.
You get juged on your results.

Stop the car.

The use of croquet bats should
be restricted to croquet games.

What's up with your wife ?

How she looks at me !
She wants us to take care ?

The buffet is yours.

then we'll take care of your wife

What does he want ?

He's got a gun !

How long have you
been working with us ?

Almost six years.

- Do you like it ?
- Yes, a lot

You're doing a good job.

Your way of welcoming...

There have been many studies about this,

nothing's more reassuring
than a paternal smile.

It inspires confidence,
this is very important.

You're doing this very well.


Is it your son or your grandson ?

Excuse me ?

I wondered who's the owner
of the lasergun ?

I found it yesterday.

I don't have grandchildren.

Do you have children ?

- No
- Neither do we

We can't have children.

You have to be patient.

It's not about patience...

my housband keeps us
from having children by any means.

In fact, he's terrified
by the idea of having children.

He's the living proof that the system works,
so that no baby survives inside my womb.

Enough !

He's not aware of it...

It's worse. It's deep inside him,
without him knowing.

It works in any case.

A little life starts
to grow inside me,

... weak

letting itself die,
falling off from me.

You know what happens when you fall ?

You don't rebounce...

... you crash.
That's how the world is.

Mothers fall out of windows,
children fall out of mothers.

He was so scared that
he considered it a game.

What game are you talking about, Marie ?

And tomorrow, what will you do ?

You'll continue to play...

... in your nasty manner.

Excuse me, thanks for what you've done.

Excuse me, she forgot her coat.

Let me pay, it's a pleasure.

I've got another request :

Don't tell anyone what happend tonight.

Thanks, goodbye.

It's like you said...

That's exactly how it happens.

It's a game, nothing but a game.

And those afraid to play along
end up like the waiter - in a van.

We just have each other.

That's not enough.

I've nothing else to offer you.
If it's not enough then leave.

That's why he's never hungry,
never cold. Never scared either.

Your mother was crazy.

You don't see anything.

You'll see them in the end.

Hello Patrice.

I just want to thank you
and apologize for last night.

If you need anything, don't hesitate...


Well, have a nice day.

- For your wife
- Thanks

I'll transmit your apologies.

It's inexplicable...

Anyone can overreact
sometimes - me too.

Let's keep it confidential.

So let's stop talking about it.

How are you ?
I was looking for you.

Don't want to talk to me ?

Don't answer.

You too, you can see them...

For your security
don't walk on the driving lanes.

Bravo to Benedicte for giving birth
to a cute little Michelle.

You wanted to see us, Philippe.

The boss just called, very upset
about your behavior last night.

I'll perform a team evaluation
upon his request.

Don't worry - it won't be long.

Come line up, please.

Your task will be easy.

Show me how much you love this company.

Show me the power of your feelings.

To do this - just empty this bottle.

The one who empties the bottle
is the winner. Ready ?

Excuse me, there's just one bottle,
but we are four !

Indeed. Start at my signal.

You just had to share the bottle
with these four straws.

You used violence to reach your goal,
you think it's the right behavior ?

I wanted to display my loyality.

So you consider beating
your colleagues is being loyal ?

Wake up Jean-Luc,
you can do better than that.

I think we've got a problem with Jean-Luc.

I won't be around
when they come to get you.

Deep inside he's still a baby bear.

He's weak, so his mother abandons him.

Musn't she be mad
to abandon her son ?

This will make him so tough
that he'll become also a monster.

No one will dare to challenge him.

Marie is the living proof
that the system works.

You'll get married, have children,
you will succeed

Mommy bear knows
best for her baby.

Listen to me, I'm your mother.

You know what the land of the bears is ?

It's a cold and empty place
where the babys get eaten.

I hate you.

I don't want them to eat you.

I want them to fear you.

I want you to become worse than them.

Want to end up like your mother ?

Croquet will bring you much pleasure.

You'll become normal.

What have you become ?

There are no monsters.

You're wrong.

A child is good.
Don't hide what's good.

What have you done ?

For your security it is advised
to use the crosswalks.

Croquet will bring you intense pleasure.

Do you see him ?

I see him.

I finally saw what she
wanted me to see.

He was a monster.

An ordinary monster.

Like me.

Like all of us.

I don't know what will happen.

But she's my only chance
for not being this monster.

As long as we're together
I will not be afraid.

I will not be cold.

I'll never be alone again
in the land of bears.

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