Carpool (1983) - full transcript

Four strangers are thrown together in a carpool when a bag of money, almost a million dollars, falls from a Brinks truck into their path. Because of circumstances, they are unable to turn in the money, and they struggle over what to do. They are pursued by thieves, the mob, and the police.


Hi, there, everybody.

Looks like it's
Monday morning again

and time for that
old freeway report.

Let's see.
The Long Beach appears
to be loaded,

the Simi stuffed,
Pasadena plugged,

Corona crammed,
Santa Monica strangled,

Riverside rotten.

There's a big bind
on Bernardino,

mess on the Marina heap
on the harbor,

glum on the Glendale,
and a no-no on the Newport.

If that's not bad enough,
I'm sad to report

that there has been
a tragic accident

on the San Diego. Tragic.

A liquor truck has overturned,

bottles have been smashed,

stuffs running out
all over the place.

People out there
are jumping from their cars

and licking the asphalt,

and I can't say
that I blame them.

Riding those freeways
can really do it to you.

But let me tell you
something, folks.

If you've got some friends
right in that car with you,

maybe it won't be so bad.

A few close buddies
sitting side by side,
sharing that ride,

can sure make getting to work
a lot mellower. Go!

♪ Going down that old freeway

♪ From Pomona to L.A.

♪ If you got to do it
every day

♪ Try carpool

♪ This is where
the people meet

♪ Put them together
nice and neat

♪ So watch it now
as we complete

♪ Carpool

♪ Carpool

♪ Carpool

♪ Number one's
the guy who owns the car

♪ A fancy tie
Champagne, and caviar

♪ Number two
is hardly commonplace

♪ Looks like this dude

♪ Dropped in
from outer space

♪ Number three

♪ A little frumpy

♪ Add to that, a little jumpy

♪ Uh-oh, here comes
number four

♪ What have we got in store

♪ Man, this group
would never mix

♪ Hope there
still is time to fix

♪ Is it too late for us to mix

♪ This carpool

♪ Is it too late for us to mix

♪ This carpool

♪ Is it too late for us to mix

♪ This carpool

You're not Duff, are you?

You're Brooks, right?


Hi. How are you doing?


This is some
beautiful car.

What's a guy like you
doing in a carpool?

It saves energy.

it's patriotic.

I see.

That's quite
an outfit
you're wearing.

Thanks. I got it
down at the...

Spare me.

She's not there.


Jennifer O'Connor.

She's supposed to be
standing right there.

Is she a beatnik?

I haven't heard
that word in a long time.

Hi. I know,
your mom told you

never get in a car
with strangers, right?


Well, this is
Mr. Brooks here.

And I'm Bobby Duff.

And you're
Jennifer, right?Yes.

Ah, we're not
really strangers
anymore, are we?

No, I guess not.

What a beautiful car.

Why do...

Saves energy.It's patriotic.


Are we it?

No, one more.
Lois Vaughan.

Two boys, two girls.

Could be interesting.

When do we pick Lois?

Now, corner of Maple.

Corner of Maple,
coming up.

I don't see her.

Just that negro.

Haven't heard that word
in a long time, either.

Wonder what
he's waving at?

Maybe at us.

I certainly hope not.

Are you Brooks?

Are you Lois?

Otis. Otis Vaughan.


How you doing?Hi.

Hey, this is nice wheels.
Why are you...

Saves energy.

BOTH: It's patriotic.

You all know
it's $20 each.Yes.

Every week.
In advance.Right.

Some patriotic.


Now listen,
5:30 on the dot.

understand that?

It's a long bus ride
back to Pomona.

Come in,

You've had a chance
to look over the copy,
haven't you, Bobby?


Did you have
time to formulate
an approach?

Well, I...WOMAN: Oh...

Try to think of it
as sort of
an inward nobility

trying to share
a negative experience

in order to help
another human being.

Uh, can you work
with that?

I... I think so.

All right.
When you're ready.Ah.

Gas pains?
Sure, I get them
from time to time.

MAN: Too young!

He's way
too young.

Oh, and, too...
Too mean. Sorry.

Ah! Thanks
for coming in, Bob.

We will
let you know.I'm quite older...

Maybe an oriental.

You know
I did The Mikado
in high school.

Well, not
the singing part.MAN: That's an idea.

MAN 2: Oriental.MAN 1: Oriental!




Oh, hello, Mr. Winston?

Yes. This is
Wendell Brooks of Carnegie
Investments Limited.

Yes, sir. I'm very sorry
to bother you at home,

but I'm very anxious
to share with you
a wonderful opportunity

to invest
in semiprecious hedges...

Semiprecious stones
as a hedge
against inflation.

Yes, sir,
that's Carnegie Investments.


MAN: Missed again,
huh, Brooks?

You know you're
barely covering
your phone bill.

It'll be all right.

It's going to be
really good now. [DIALING]

I have confidence.

Hello, Mr. Wergstein?


RIDGEWOOD: Ah, Miss O'Connor.


You... You wanted
to see me?

Yes, I did.

I think you'd best
sit down.


I'm afraid
I won't be able
to recommend you

for graduate school.

But, why?

My, my grades are...

Well, I...

I just don't think
you'd be a very
good candidate

for clinical psychology.

But I... I want
to help people.

Miss O'Connor,
I don't think
you can help people

unless you know
something about people.

I get the feeling
you've never had any close
intimate contact with people.


I see.

You do?

Yes. You want
some close intimate
contact with me.


Sexual favors, that's
what it's called,
isn't it?

Miss O'Connor,
if you'd bother
to check my background,

you'd know that
I'm a happily married man.
I'm a grandfather!

Then you ought to be
ashamed of yourself.

Have you ever thought
of becoming a nun?

Dr. Ridgewood,
if you'd bother
to check my background,

you'd know
I used to be a nun.


Nice punch, champ.



Yeah, I didn't hurt you,
did I?

No. No. [PANTS]

Man, do you like being
a human punching bag?

Hey, man,
the money's good.

Eh! You're gonna be
the richest guy
in the cemetery.

I mean,
you work all night,

and then
you come in here and...

Hey, Tigo,
I'm just trying
to get ahead, okay?

Yeah, I think
you're trying to get
a busted head.

Look, how much longer
are you going to do this?

Until something
big happens
that changes my life.

Like what, man?

I don't know,
I don't know,

but somewhere out there,
there's something good

and it's coming
my way.

I can feel it.

Okay, Mr. Feeney,
sign please.


And don't spend it all
in one place, hear?

Sure, rookie, sure.

Bye, boys.

Looks like it's going
to rain any minute.

Let's see
if we can beat it.

Count up, Feeney.


Hey, couldn't you pick
a more scenic route?

I'm sorry
it displeases you.

For your information,
I'm trying to avoid
the interchange traffic.

The problem was caused
because Little Lord
Fauntleroy back there

was 15 minutes late.

He said

Say, let's listen
to some music with
a little more life to it.


I like that.

No, man. Uh-uh.


I like that.

You've got
to be kidding.
That's boring. [SCOFFS]


Yeah. Now,
that's music. Whoo!


This relaxes me
for the arduous drive

we are now forced to make.

You want me
to take the wheel?

Don't be ridiculous.

Hey, man, I wasn't
trying to be ridiculous.
I was only trying to help!

Yeah. All he really
said was that he...

Look, I can handle this.

Say you shouldn't

This is my car
and I'll do the driving!

And I'll go
the way I want,

and listen
to the music I like!

Let's get that
settled right now.

Does anyone
disagree with that?

Yeah. I disagree
with that.

So, as soon as you
drop me off today,

it's going to be the last
you're going to be seeing me.

Fine with me.
It'll make for
a much quieter ride.

You're being unfair.

I think you just talked
yourself out of a ride,
young lady.

Don't you think
he's being unfair?

Well, yes and no.

Look out!


Maybe he's hurt.

He looks fine.

you see anything
through that window?

Uh... Maybe we
should go back.

Go back?

And miss
leaving the scene
of an accident?

What accident?

Besides, it was
his fault just
as much as it was mine.

You look out!


Say man, you been
driving long?

You want to get off
right here?

Not me, I used to live
in this neighborhood.


What's that?

Something fell
out of that truck.What is it?

Only one way
to find out.


A little peek
can't hurt, huh?

No. You shouldn't
do that.


Oh, no.


It feels green.


It's green, all right.

It's hundreds!

There's usually
a hundred bills in the stack.


You mean to tell me

that I'm sitting
here with

$10,000 in my hand?

Oh, my!

My, oh, my!

Oh, my!
Oh, my! Whoo!

It's all hundreds.Oh, no.

Are they new bills? I mean,
are there serial numbers
in all of them?

No, no. They're used.
Real used.

Oh, boy.

I know what
you're thinking.

Yes, and I know
what you're thinking

but you just
better stop it

because this money
doesn't belong to us.

Well, nobody
said it does.

Nobody says
it doesn't.

Haven't you ever heard
of "Thou shalt not steal"?

Haven't you ever heard
of "Finders keepers,
losers weepers"?

I've heard of that.

JENNIFER: Why are we
just sitting here?

WENDELL: We are sitting here
so we can talk about it.

JENNIFER: But we've
been here for 15 minutes

and no one's
said a word.

OTIS: Hey, you think
it's going to start
to rain again?

JENNIFER: That's not
what I mean.

why don't we just go home?

JENNIFER: We can't go home
until we talk about it!

It's $970,000.

What do we
do with it?

We return it.

To who?

To the people
it belongs to.

Why?For the reward,

Reward. I never
thought of that.

Wait a minute!

How can there
be a reward,

when those turkeys
don't even know
it's gone?

That's right.

Maybe taking
the money back now
would be foolish!

All we'd get
is a hearty handshake,
thank you, and good-bye!

Now you're talking.

Besides, I didn't
catch the name of
the armored car company.

Did any of you?

Not me.Oh, gee,
I didn't either.

So what
do we do?

Wait till they post
the reward.

Then we come forward,
like good citizens.

Well, what are
we gonna do with it
until then?

Well, that's not
a problem.

I'm used to handling
large sums of money.

So, I'll simply
take it home with me
and then when...

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Wait a minute, Jack.
Hold down.

Something wrong?

Yeah. I don't
know you.

And I don't
know you!

And I'd like
to keep it that way.

But in the meantime,
in-between time,

I don't wanna
be responsible

for what you're
going to do
with that money.

Like what?How's bug out?

That's preposterous!But I know
what he's saying.

I mean,
we can't just give
the money to you.

Why not?

'Cause you got
shifty eyes.

So what
do we do?

I'm the oldest...Well, I think
it's ridiculous

that we're
discussing this.I'm the most responsible.

This money
isn't ours!You people are all young...

Wait a second.
I got it.

I got it!

Why don't we
divide it up?

Huh? Each of us
take part of it home.

That way,
if any of us
gets any ideas,

the others
won't be responsible.

Sounds good.ROBERT: I'll buy it.

Uh, I don't, uh...

[STUTTERS] No, I can't.

[MUMBLES]What's wrong?

No, I, uh...

Well, just
thinking about it

makes me feel
like I'm gonna faint.

Like you going
to faint?

Yeah. I can't
take the money.

Well, let's try
a little experiment.


Here's $10,000.

You're going
to faint?



Well, I...

Here's $40,000.

You're going
to faint?

I don't know.


here's $80,000.

Now you're going
to faint, huh?



What's so funny?

I don't know.
It's so big.

That's what
I thought.

MAN: Where the hell
you've been, Otis?

I had car trouble.

Car trouble, huh?Yeah.

Yeah, well,
this place has gotta be
finished in two weeks.

You got all the plumbing,
the electrical, the drywall...

Hey, man, it will be.

Only it'd be nice
if you'd pay me
a little something.

Pay you?Yeah.

Pay you?
Are you kidding?

Look, I'm getting you
in the union.

And that's the deal.

And besides,
you're living
here free in comfort.


By the way,

those furnace parts
got here,

put 'em in tonight
and you'll have heat.


Are... Are you...

I'm going.

Back to St. Theresa's?

No. I'm afraid not.

Then where?



All by yourself?

But, Rosanna,
it's a dangerous world
out there.


That's him!

You're going away
with a man?

With a man?

Jennifer, I know,
you won't understand
right away.

Maybe someday?Oh.

No, but who's gonna
pay your half
of the rent?

I got to run!

Good-bye, Jennifer!Good-bye! [CHUCKLES]

Have a good time.



WOMAN: Wendell,
is that you?

Yes, Anita.

ANITA: What kept you
so long?


Are you
coming up?

Yes! Yes!
I'm on my way, dear.


Why did you bring
that upstairs for?

I don't want you
cluttering up my room
with all your junk.

it's my room, too.

Don't get smart
with me, Wendell.

This house
was left specifically
to me by my father,

as well as the car
I let you drive.

Even the clothes
on your back
belong to him.

You were very lucky
you wore the same size.

Some luck.
Running this house
costs a fortune.

Running that car
costs a fortune.

Why the hell
didn't he leave us
some cash?

where are you going?

Uh, downstairs.
I just wanna
watch the news.

Before you fix
my dinner?

WOMAN: Well, we have
to do something.

MAN: But he's
your own brother.


And until he dropped in
on us six months ago,

I hadn't seen him
since he was four.

What's the difference?

The difference is that
you're down to working
a three-day week...

And I can't...We still have
some money in the bank.

Money that
we sweated for.

He hasn't earned
a dime in the whole
he's been here.

He's wrecked
my car twice.

A little dent.

I want him
out of here.

Now are you gonna
tell him or not?


Hi. Have you been
home long?

No, a while.
You must have
heard that.

You know, I really
got to start paying
some rent around here,

some groceries.Look, Bob,

I mean, you know
your sister's not been feeling
too hot for a while

I think she's going
through the change.

Well, the truth is, you know
I feel like we ought to have
some time for ourselves.

Look, here's $62.

It's all I got.

Tomorrow morning,
I think you better look
for someplace else to live.

Good luck, kid.




Ow, ow, man!



♪ To the clouds

♪ High in the sky

♪ It is so peaceful

♪ There's no trouble anywhere

♪ I want to climb
that stair someday ♪

♪ The sound

♪ Of you can be

♪ I need a friend

♪ To tell it all to

♪ There's no one here

♪ But me

♪ I have always kept
my sorrow

♪ Deep inside me

♪ Only somehow
it's time

♪ To start


ANITA: Wendell,
you're keeping me awake!
What are you doing?

Uh, just watching
the late news!

You've been watching
the news all night.

What do you
expect to see?

Wendell, lights out!

WENDELL: All right, Anita.
All right.

Pleasant dreams,


Are you getting in?

You're early,
aren't you?

So are you.

WENDELL: At least
there's two of us.

It appears there
are three of us.

You're early.

Because we're good,
clean, honest Americans.

Three out of four's
pretty fair, I'd say.

You think Otis
will be there?

You said it.
I didn't.

Did you hear anything
on the news last night?

I don't
have a radio.

Or a television.

I stayed for the 11 o'clock.
There was nothing on that.

Strange, isn't it?

As strange as that.

How come
you're early?

What are you
doing here?

Just getting ready
to collect my share
of the reward.

Where do we line up?

So, you haven't
heard anything, either?

Look, it's gonna be
very difficult to take
this money back if we hold...

The morning paper.

there will be something.

Let me grab one.

WENDELL: What's he doing?

JENNIFER: Why doesn't
he just buy one?

ROBERT: He's coming back.

WENDELL: Without a paper?

Anybody got
a quarter?

See, I didn't think
it was wise asking the guy

if he had change
for $243,000.

Let's all pitch in.

"Police suspect that
yesterday one of the slickest
armed-car robberies

"in the city's history
took place.

"Shortly after 5:30 p.m.
yesterday afternoon,

"an armored car
from the Inner
Security Company

"was attacked
near the corner
of 8th and Union.

"When someone threw
a Molotov cocktail at it."

What's a Molotov

Uh, it's kind
of a fire bomb.

"The driver and two guards
escaped injury by
jumping from the truck.

"The damage was slight
but this morning
it was determined

"that some
of the contents..."

Well, what, what?
What does it say?[MOANS]

"Notably, a bag containing
$970,000 was missing."

That can't have
anything to do
with us.

We weren't
within 10 miles
of 8th and Union.

"Police say that
since a fire bomb
was used in the crime,

"it is being
classified as
an armed robbery.

"An investigation
is now in progress."

ROBERT: It had to be
the same armored car.

Why did they think
it was an armed robbery?

they probably discovered
the money was missing

and had to blame
on something.

Then we'll just
have to them
when we take it back.

OTIS: I'm not sure
we want to do that.

Why not?
There's bound
to be a reward.


"For information
leading to the arrest
and conviction of."

Which in this case
would be us.

Why don't we just
mail it to the police

That's a good idea.

If we do that,
we'll miss out
on the reward.

What if we
just kept it all?

There's your answer.

We can't.
That's immoral.

This is a question
of morality?

not with you.

Now somebody is out
that money.

She's right.WENDELL: No, no, no!

Don't you see...

The armored car company
is responsible

because they were
in possession of the money.

So they have to pay it back
to whoever it belongs to.

But they have insurance.

So doesn't
cost them anything.

Now the insurance company,
they just deduct the losses
from their taxes.

In the end, no one loses.

Sounds good to me.

Sounds good to me, too.

No. Doesn't sound
good to me.

We didn't earn
that money.

It doesn't belong to us.

Oh, you mean
it didn't belong to us.

I don't know.
Maybe she's right.
Maybe we should take it back.

Wait a minute!

We can't do nothing
with this money
right now.


Because it has
our fingerprints
all over it.

Oh, boy!
I forgot all about that.
What are we gonna do?

Take it easy.
Just take it easy.

We don't have
to do anything
right now.

And after all,
we're the only people
who know we have this money.

We'll think
of something.


What's the matter
with him?

MAN: Get this over!

Don't you
understand English?

Do you hear
what I'm saying
to you?

I'm talking
to you, mister!

ROBERT: I think
he wants you to pull over.

JENNIFER: But we've got
all this money
in the car.


What's he saying?

Tell that guy
to pull over!

I don't think
it's English.

Hey! What are you, deaf?

What are we
supposed to do?

Forget it, man,
let's go!

MAN: Get it over there!

Get this car
on the side...

MAN: Don't you hear me?



ROBERT: I think he's some
kind of maniac.

JENNIFER: We've got
all that money!

OTIS: Don't tell him!Open that door!

Open the door!

He say
he's a cop.

What do we do?

Open the window.

Open this window!

I demand to know what
this is all about.

What've you
got in that bag?

Say, Jack,
you got a warrant?

Here's my warrant.

Looks good to me.

Now what've you
got in those bags?

I don't think
you're a real policeman.

Oh, yeah? What are you
gonna do about it?

Close the window.



What do we do now?

Drive on![SCREAMS]


WENDELL: I don't want you
driving my car.



ROBERT: Is he all right?

We've injured him.

He's fine.
He's perfectly fine.

How do we find out?

Open the window.


This man is disturbed.

What do we do?

Close the window.

You see what
he's trying to do?
He's trying to kill me!

Man, we have got
to get out of here!

WENDELL: Not again!


We're going to kill him!

Talk to him.

Hi, there.

We're obviously having
a misunderstanding
of some kind.

But if we just talk...

Is he listening?

That depends on
if he's breathing.

Oh, no.

Can't just
leave him there.

It's bound to affect
your mileage.

Open the window.

We have to see
if he's still...



He looks dead.

Check his pulse.

No. I think
his heart's
still beating.

What do you think
he wanted with us?

How in the hell
am I supposed
to know?

Maybe he saw us
pick up that
money yesterday.

That's it!

He was there
when the money
fell out.

He probably
followed us home.

Bet he figured
he could
cut himself in.

I think
he figured right.

Shouldn't we take him
to a hospital?

Not till we negotiate
as soon as
he comes to.

We'd better
find out who he is.
He must have a wallet.

this is wrong.
All wrong.

Right. He is a cop.

JENNIFER: We shouldn't
have just left him there.

OTIS: We couldn't very well
take him home and nurse him
back to health!

WENDELL: Just remember.
We never saw a badge.
Never. Never!

JENNIFER: He didn't
show us one!

OTIS: How were we to know
he was a policeman?

WENDELL: He sure
didn't act like a policeman.

JENNIFER: Are you sure
he wasn't dead?

WENDELL: Well, look,
I'm no doctor.

ROBERT: Have you ever seen
a dead man before?

WENDELL: No, but...

ALL: We better go back!


JENNIFER: What do we do
if we he's dead?

OTIS: You gotta shove him
in the trunk of his car.


WENDELL: Come on,
this is serious.

ROBERT: I'll say it is.

OTIS: He's gone!

So is his car!

OTIS: Maybe someone
stole both of them.

Drove here himself?

That's right, Captain Ross.

Pulled into
the emergency

dragged himself
through the door,
and collapsed on the floor.

Looks like
someone tried
to strangle him

and tear the soles
off his shoes.

Well, when will he
be able to talk?

When he wakes up,
I suppose.

OTIS: Why did I ever
pick up that bag?

ever open that window?

WENDELL: Why did I ever get
into a carpool? [SIGHS]

ROBERT: Why did you?

He needs the money.


I happen to be
a very successful

Well, it will
appear very unusual

unless I show up
at the office on schedule.

So, uh, everybody out.

Hey, hold on, hold on.
Wait a second, man.
We have to make a plan.

[SIGHS] We just go on
with our day like
nothing happened.

Well, under the circumstances,
we have to come up
with a better plan that that.

So as you
successful businessmen
will say,

"Let's have lunch."

Lunch? Well,
that sounds a good idea.
We'll all have lunch.

Uh, let's all meet
back here at noon. Okay?

Now, now,
everybody out.


Please! I'm late.

I bet he goes
right to the police
and turns us in.

Maybe we should
do the same thing.

I don't think
we should do anything
but meet back here at noon.

And then,
if he doesn't...

Are you gonna
be here at noon?

I don't know.

Oh, I don't
like this.

Are you gonna
be here at noon?Yeah, I'll be here.

Are you sure?I'm sure.

Are you gonna
be here?I'll be here at noon.

I was kind of expecting
that you'd be here.
Now I'm certain.

I knew I'd be
here at noon.

Both of you
and I'll be here.

It was never
a question for me.

I think if you
reconsider the facts,
Mr. Carlowe

you'll see that
that's not true.

It's... It's oil
that's in the dumper,

not natural gas.

That's right.
You see, the government...[PHONE DISCONNECTS]

Well, at least
you're consistent, Brooks.

All your customers
hang up on you.

You better think
about getting into
another line of work.



Can you
remember anything?


WOMAN: Dr. Gardener?
Dr. Gardener?

Hey, doc,
what's the problem
with him, huh?

If you're referring
to his voice,

it's only
temporary trauma
to the larynx.

His memory loss
is something else.

It's probably caused
by the traumatic nature
of the assault.

Amnesia of this kind
can last a few hours,
a few days. Who knows?

You Reed?

Yeah. Oh.
Captain Ross.Yeah.

What can you
tell me about this?

Just that he came
out of the station
last night.

He asked around
about the armored
car thing.

And then
he took off.

You think this has
something to do
with the armored car robbery?

It did happen
in our division

and Ryan
is on that detail.

ROBERT: So, I see some guys
in the parking lot,

with some lights,
and camera,

and a couple of pitchers
of orange juice

I just lost my job
as a gas meter reader.

So I go on over,
you know, and hang around
for a while.

Anyway, pretty soon
they motion me over.

And they put
the lights on me

and point the camera at me
and they give me two glasses
of orange juice to taste.

One's good,
the other isn't.

And the guy asks me,
"Which one do
you like best?"

Now, if these guys
were making the good stuff,

they wouldn't
have to go
to all these troubles.

So I hold up the one
that gagged me
and I said,

"Well, I like
this one better."

Now, it seems they were
testing this rotten stuff
in Cleveland.

I'm the only guy
anywhere who said
it was any good.

One week later,
I am on television.

Everybody in my
rooming house,

everybody on my block,
everybody in the town
knows me.

I'm a hit!

And also with
the start like that

and a half-sister
living here...

There's something wrong
with that policeman.

He had no reason
to treat us that way.

We hadn't done
anything wrong.

We were just
four ordinary people.

With nearly
a million dollars

that had just
been taken in
an armed robbery.

But if he was aware
of that, he would've
arrested us yesterday.

So, you see.
He couldn't have known.

He shouldn't
have known.

Maybe he did.

Whoever it was,
they were taking
a real chance.

Yeah. These irons
aren't just for show.

We know
how to use them.

They must've come up
through a manhole.

Somehow they knew
just which bag to grab.


Whoever pulled
this one off
were real pros.


Hey, come on.
Don't just
stand there, man!

Come on! You're supposed
to move around a little!

Oh, man.

Now, what's
the matter, eh?

You got the blues?

Tigo, tell me
about Mexico.

Ain't got
no money, man.
Stay here.

What if I got
some money?

Lots of money.

MAN: How come
so many $100 bills?

WOMAN: Well,
that always helps.

See Friday is payday
for most of our customers.

Then we took it in
all weekend,

and pickup
isn't until Monday.

There's always
that much cash?

Oh! That was
the most ever.

See, we had
a special sale.

All big
ticket items.

Color TVs, refrigerators,
stuff like that.

Well, who could've know
how much there was?

Oh, well,
that will have to be
someone pretty smart.

You know,
somebody who knew
what they were doing.

Excuse me.

WOMAN ON TV: Then, somehow,
he drove himself
to the emergency ward

at doctors' hospital,

suffering from
what are described as

moderate throat injuries.

The officer has been
identified as detective
Sean Ryan

of the southwest division.

the manhunt intensifies.

In a moment, sports.

At least
he's not dead.

Oh. that's good.

But he can
identify us.That's bad.

[WHISPERING] I'm taking
mine back.

BROOKS: You can't!

If you're caught,
they'll nail all of us.

What about you?
What do you say?

I don't know.You never know.
Can't you ever be decisive?

Well, uh, maybe...

That's a positive
statement if I've ever
heard one brother.

Once in a while
you have to stand
up and be counted.

You're right.

Here's what
I'll tell what
I think we should do.

Sit down!
I can't see the TV!Awfully sorry!

Let's say we
take a vote.
Majority rules.

All in favor of
taking the money back.

How come minority
never rules?


Ryan, listen to me.

This is your
wife here, Ryan!

Don't you
recognize her?


[WAILING] Oh, no!

How long have you
known Ryan?Forever.


Is he all there?

He's not exactly
the world's brightest
guy in the world.

How did he
make detective?

It happened 20 years ago,
his wife's uncle was
the precinct captain.

Mickey Doyle?

No. Man doesn't
mean anything to me.

Mickey retired
to Hawaii a while back.Yeah?

And there was a cop
you didn't wanna
fool around with.

They called
him the avenger.

[SOBBING] Uncle Mickey...

PEGGY: This is so bad,
I don't know
what to do.

You just
hold tight, Peggy.

I'll be on
the next plane.

You will, Uncle Mickey?

And when
I get there, I'll take
care of everything.

Oh, thank you!
Thank you, Uncle Mickey.

Bye-bye, honey. Good-bye.

Hey, Ma?Yeah?

That was Peggy
on the telephone, Ma.

What's the matter?Ah, somebody
beat up Sean.

He's laying
in the hospital.

How terrible.

Did they get
the ones who
done it?

Not yet, Ma.
But if they don't...

I will.

OTIS: Now, now, listen.
This is gonna
be real easy, okay?

All you have to do
is walk in there,

set it down in an
inconspicuous place
and walk out.

I don't know.Walk in there
nonchalantly, okay?

I don't know.It was your idea.

I know!Well then,
get on with it!

Okay... [MUTTERING]Get on with it.

walk in there.It wasn't my idea.


Oh, hey, baby.


Hi. I'm
Sergeant Thompson.

You can
call me Bill.

And what's your name?[CHUCKLING NERVOUSLY]

Well, my name...

Still nothing yet.

Do we need
a play-by-play?

Here she comes!I can't look.

Tell him we
don't know her. We just
gave a ride down here, okay?

All right.

Hold it. Didn't you
forget something?

I'll see you
tonight, huh, Raquel?

This is pretty heavy.

What you got in here,
a million bucks?





Downtown L.A.,
and step on it.

OTIS: The way I see it.
This guy Ryan
is gonna remember us.

He's gonna remember
your hair, so change it.

And he's gonna
remember that
moustache, so shave it!

And he's definitely
gonna remember
those glasses.

So, get new ones.

What about you?

Nothing to
worry about, my dear.

You see, to guys
like him guys like
me all look alike.

We got to get
different clothes 'cause
cops remember clothes.

What do we
use for money?None of this.

Who amongst us
has all his credit
cards with him?

Ah, yes.


One for you.


One for me.

Oh, yeah. We're gonna
have to hide your car.

My car? Why?

You see, it's not
your average compact.

Give me the keys, brother.

Look, I done just like
I was supposed to.

The second we hit that pothole
I dropped the bag.

I don't like this,
one little bit grilled
all morning by the cops

and after that by them guys
from the insurance company.

I ain't taking the fall
for this screw-up.



Bad news.What?

You know that deal
I was talking about?

Yeah.Looks like it might
fall through.

So, maybe I ain't
gonna have the money

for you to open that
high-fashion boutique.



Is that you?

Is that you?Is that you?

I think so.

your friend?[HORN HONKS]


What do you think, man?
Do you like it?


I mean, this is sharp.

It's got
air conditioning in it man.
It's got a television.

Where did you get this?Uh, you know.
Friend in the business.

I traded it for yours.

You what?
You traded...That's right.

Are you crazy?
My wife will kill me.

Get my car back!Come on man,
lighten up!

Calm down.

It's just one little while
till things cool down.

All right, okay?

All right. All right, well,
let's go. Let's not
just stand around here.

What's this?

It would look funny,
otherwise, wouldn't it?




Sean, this is
your Uncle Mickey.

Can you hear me?

[MEEKLY] What,
Uncle Mickey?Yeah.

Are you alone?


[NORMAL VOICE] That's good.

What happened?

Somehow, it didn't
quite go off
like you planned.

Where's the money?

else got it.

They knocked me
off my motorbike.

I did the Molotov
cocktail bit.

I tried to
salvage something.

Do you know
who they were?

I sure do. They tried
killing me again
this morning.

Do you know
where do they live?

Pomona. I got it
from the license.


Then maybe it's
not as bad as it seems.

JENNIFER: Well, I guess we'll
just have to try giving
the money back again.

OTIS: Once is enough.

Afraid we're
stuck with it.

missing the news.

So Detective Ryan
is still unable
to tell you anything?

Uh, that's correct,
but based on our
ongoing investigation,

I've decided to
turn the case over

to the mayor's
task force
for organized crime.

ALL: Organized crime?

Organized crime? Uh, yes. This has
their mark all over it.

I think you can see

that we have a problem.

Insult added
to our injuries.

Isn't bad enough that
we own the armored
truck company

and the insurance carrier but
we're being blamed for this.

Can we trust the police
to expedite this matter?

Have we ever?

I move that
we investigate

and take appropriate
corrective action.

Second it, gentlemen.

OTIS: Look, I know
what I say.

But messing
with organized crime

is lot worse than
messing with the police.

I don't think it's
gonna work.

Hey, man it will
only take 10 seconds.

We walk up to the desk,
We say, these are for
Detective Ryan, right?

We put them down,
then we walk out.

It's all simple.
It's all we could do.


I knew it!

Get out of
the way, will you?
Get out of the way!

Would you get
out of the way?

[RYAN MOANING]MICKEY: Easy, easy, easy!

Wait! Come on, will you?
Cut it out, will you?

REPORTER: What about this link
with organized crime?

REPORTER 2: Any comment?

MICKEY: Get out of here!

BROOKS: Here's
your stop, Otis.

OTIS: Right.

I think I'll get
out here, too.

Well, I guess
this is good-bye.


What's wrong?Everything.

[SOBBING] I just know
bad things are going
to happen to us

if we don't give
back that money.

Oh, please,
not again.
Come on.

Can't we just think
about it tonight?

Sure, we can. We...

We can meet
in the morning

and if anybody
has any ideas...

JENNIFER: Yeah, don't
you think so?


All right. Tomorrow
at the usual time.

Oh!But it's the last time.

I'll just
get out here.

[SLOWLY] Think it's
only a short walk.

Good night.


Hey, I'll see
y'all later, all right?Yeah.

How far do
you have to walk?

I don't know.

Where do you live?

I don't live anywhere,
not anymore. I moved out.

it's dinner time.

Do you have any...No. None whatsoever.

Well, I've got some
Brussels sprouts,

some brown rice
and some yogurt.

Sounds great.

I can pick
an appropriate wine.

Do you think
what Mr. Brooks said

about the money
was right?

Do you think we're
stuck with it?

It seems
that way to me.



Will it be all right
if I came over
and visited you?

Wendell, you
visited me last week.

Can we talk?

About what?

Going away.

You mean
like Palm Springs?

No, no, no. I mean
far away. Tonight.


I just want to start
all over again.

You and me.

Oh, Wendell!

Anita, I know you've
lost your respect for me

but I can
get it back.

I know I can.
I care so much for you.

I know how to
make you happy.

You know that.
You know that, don't you?




Sweet pea?



MAN: I know you've
got the money.

Hold on.
Hold on for a second.

[WHISPERING] Who is this?

You're gonna bring
it to the La Belle Cafe

nine o'clock sharp
tomorrow morning.

If you're not there,
you're dead.

La Belle,
la Belle, la Belle...

I got it.
Where... Where is it?

Rosemead off-ramp,
corner of Dunne and 184th.

You can't miss it.

I won't. I won't. I won't.
Dunne and 184th.

How will
I recognize you?

I'll be the guy
with the gun.

Oh, my God.

It's fun pretending,
isn't it?


I'm real,
you're real.

Brussell sprouts
are real.

We're just
two beautiful people

having a beautiful
dinner together,

enjoying some
fantastic wine.

And then we look into
each other's eyes

and then we make love.

We do?


Don't we?

Well, I've really
never had any
experience with men.

None?How did you
know that?

You just told me.

That I used
to be a nun.

Oh. I thought
you said you had none.

That, too.

Oh, I'm
awfully sorry

I just came on
to you like that.

It was
very complimentary.

You're not offended?



I think you're nice.



But look, Mickey!

All that organized
crime stuff on television,
that worries me.

Them guys ain't
the guys you want
to mess around with.

Look what
they did to Sean.

You know as well as I do,
that's why I quit the force!

I'd rather be poor
than dead!

Yeah. Yeah.

Them guys, them guys
know everything, everything.

MICKEY: Not to worry, Fred.
Not to worry.

We'll split it

You get the number
he dialed?No problem.

These are the hands
of a master.

You know,
I should've been
here to help Sean.

I suppose this means we're
not getting married again?

Oh, no, Ruthy.
Nothing like that.

You've been saying
you're gonna marry me

ever since I was a radio
dispatcher girl

and you were
on Car 62 and that's
been 37 years!

I said someday,
sweetie pie, and that
someday is tomorrow.

You can hire
the hall, dumpling.



Okay, now.
You're not gonna have
to hurt anybody, are you?

No, I don't think so.

You see, we've
got a big advantage
here, Ruthy.

We know about them,
but nobody knows
nothing about us.

Former police captain
Michael Doyle...

Who liked to be called
"The Avenger,"

planned the whole thing.

His longtime friend,
Miss Grogan,

saw to it
all the big bills

were in the one
bag so that

Mr. Feeney could easily
drop it out of the truck

in order for Mr. Ryan
to pick it up

and still have
time to get ahead
of the truck

and somehow
cause the fire.

Were there others?

If there were,
we'll soon know.

And the missing funds?We'll recover them.


The maximum.



Bert, what is
the matter with you?

I'm upset!

The robbery,
the business deal.
I don't know!

Honey, why don't
you have a great big
glass of prune juice

and then go to bed.


Who's that?How should I know?



[GASPS]What's the matter?

Bert! What are you doing?


Is there something
I should know?

Be grateful that
you don't know, Edna!
That way they won't kill you.

Bert, are you crazy?

Bert, you're gonna
catch cold!

Bert, you come back
up here, you hear me?

You're gonna upset
your stomach!



Bert, you come
back up here,
you hear me?

You'll be in bed
for a week!

I'm not gonna
take care of you!


Bert! Bert!


Where they go, we go.

I thought we're
gonna meet them
at the La Belle Cafe?

We're just making sure
they go to La Belle Cafe.




Did you
get any sleep?

I think so.Me, too.

What does it
feel like waking
up next to a man?

It was nice.

Um... If you
want to shower or...

You think we could
both fit in there?

A little
morning joke.

Oh!To start
the day off.

Um, well, I'll make
some coffee.

And you shower.


Let's go.


MAN 1: This is gonna
hold us up.MAN 2: Yeah, I know.


They're turning right.

I see it.

We'd better not
have lost them.

Don't worry.
We'll see them
in a second.

We lost them.


Good-bye, Anita.

A cowboy! You didn't tell
me he was a cowboy.

I don't know
who that guy is.

I never saw
him before in my life!


Is that the same car?

Nothing like it.

Nothing like it?


Wait, wait!
What's he doing now?

I think he's
putting something
in the mailbox.

Whoever he is Uncle Mickey
he's got something
to do with it.

Follow him!
Follow him!


I've made my decision.

I'm not keeping
this money,
no matter what.

Me, too.

I think everything's
going to be all right.

Me, too.

Hey! Hey!
What are you
doing in there?

What are you...


What did you
do to your hair?I cut it.

Where are you going
with those tools?Away, brother.

Hey, you can't
do that, Otis!

You can't do that!
You're letting me down!

I'm not gonna
get you in the union!

That's cool with me, bro.

I don't care if you are
wearing that suit, you're not
gonna get in the union. Never!

Hey, Uncle Mickey. Look.
He's picking up some people.

Who are they?

I don't know.

They got to
be in on it.

MICKEY: Let's go! Let's go!

Hold it here.
Don't get too close.

Well, who's he?

I don't know.

It's them.
I get it now.

They must have been
wearing disguises when
they stole our money.

Ah, tricky.

And that...

That girl.



I don't want
the money.

You know, I could take
a three-way split.

I don't want
my share, either.

Woo-hoo! Talk about
get rich quick. Hello!

There isn't gonna
be any rich.


Got a phone call last night
from some guy who knows
we have the money.

Was it the cops?

No, sounded like
a real hoodlum.

Supposed to meet
him at a cafe off
the freeway.

He said he'll
have a gun.

So, now what do we do?

We give him all
the money.

There's something else
I think I have to tell you.

We don't have
all the money, anymore.

That's all right, I mean,
I'm the only one that
they know about, so...

I'm the only
one that has to go.

Sounds good
to me, brother.

Hey! Hold on.
Wait a minute!
Get back in here.

Listen. We've been
together on this thing
from the start.

Now, we can't let him
face that kind
of trouble alone.

We sure can't.

I know I'm gonna
regret this.


We all go.

I said let's go!

There he is.

I got him.

Here. Read this.
And if it's okay, sign it.

Just so, she spelled,
"Immunity" right.

You know
where we can find
Mickey Doyle?

Look, I turned
him in. I ain't picking
him up for you.

Get an APB on this guy
right away.

♪ Headin' down
that old freeway

♪ To a different
place today

♪ What they call
La Belle Cafe

♪ Carpool

♪ First we got
the limousine

♪ And right behind
is a green machine

♪ Then two guys
in gabardine

♪ Carpool

♪ Number three
is really sad

♪ Number two is thinkin',
"We've been had"

♪ Number one
is feelin' down

♪ Hope they'll
never get to town

♪ Then there's
number four

♪ Things are jumpin'
out that door

♪ Headin' towards
that final bend

♪ Sure don't like
this solid trend

♪ Towards a really
tragic end

♪ For our carpool

♪ Towards a really
tragic end

♪ For our Carpool

♪ Towards a really
tragic end

♪ For our carpool


nobody here.

[WHISPERING] Let's just
hope it stays that way.


The turkey croquettes
are superb.

At 9 a.m.?

It's the cop!

Who's the bozo
with him?


He doesn't
look like one.


The turkey croquettes
are superb.

Cup of coffee.

They just sat down.

I can see that.

Why won't
they come over here
and arrest us?

What are they
waiting for?

He doesn't
recognize us.

He recognizes us.

Must be the one
I talked to on
the phone last night.

I thought it was
a hoodlum!

Who are the others?Just customers.

Didn't we just
get an APB on this vehicle?

Well, I think
I'm gonna go for
those croquettes.

Uh, would you
like to join us?

I believe you
have something that
doesn't belong to you.

Right you are,

Hey, now what are we
gonna do, Uncle Mickey?

Easy, Sean.
Not to worry.

Them four
have just as much
to lose as we do.

The turkey croquettes
are superb.

No, thank you.

What's going on here?

I don't know.

Don't policemen
talk to each other?

Not when one
of then is in
with the mob.

That explains

Except how do we get
out of here?

Can't those
real policemen help us?

They can also arrest us.

Arrested is
better than dead.

Maybe if we gave
those guys back
this money.

That'll be the end of it!Or the end of us.

What have we
got to lose with
the police?

Look, if we can't explain
our connection with those guys

and these bags
and what's in them

and why
we've been carrying
them along so long...

Let's say about five years!

Yeah, It's still
better than dead.

Hold it! Shh.

Just relax,
be cool.

OTIS: That's right, man.
Just be real cool.

I confess, officer!
Please, no handcuffs, okay?


We have a small
emergency here.

Please get up
and leave as
quickly as possible.

Excuse me...Now!

Oh, right!

I always do as I'm told.
Let's go!

he looking at?

Only one way
to find out.


POLICE: Stop right there!


All right. All right.
Don't get excited, now.
Don't get excited.

After all,

All right, fine.

You see,
I can explain those.

POLICE: Put your hands on
the counter! Shut up! Shut up!

Where'd they
get the money?

From my mailbox.Hey, I think we
better get out of here!


What are
they doing?Looking for us.

Let's get out
of here!

Hold it, folks.

under control inside.

You can come
back and have
your meal.

Uh, actually I am
on a very strict diet.

We're late
for an appointment.

Sorry about
the inconvenience.


Walk slow.

Just be calm.


MAN: They only
have part of
the merchandise with them.

The other parties
we're looking for
must have the rest.

We'll locate, collect
and terminate.

Did you hear
he said?

I heard, "terminate"
which is more
than enough!

Let's get out of here!

I don't know about
the rest of you. But I'm
heading right for LAX

and getting on a plane.What about the money?

You better keep it
'cause ones those guys
start looking for you

you better go far and fast.

Those people
are totally unreasonable.


I'm afraid
they're right.

We really
have no choice.




Stop! Get out of here.

All right! Let's just...
May I have your
attention, please?

Let's just all
take it easy.

Just a second.
May I have your
attention, please?

Quiet over here.

Thank you. Thank you.

Uh, the task force for
the organized crime
from the mayor's office

will be releasing
a statement, a formal
statement within the hour.

But, I can tell you now

that we are fairly certain
that we have arrested
all of the conspirators

in the armored
truck robbery.

And I might add
in less than 48 hours.

What about the money?

The money? Uh, well,
we have some of it
in our possession now

but we have every right
to believe that we will
recover the rest shortly.

What, uh... What organized
crime figures were involved?


We have,
in our custody,
one police officer,

one retired
police officer

and two others
formerly associated
with the police department.

Uh, there doesn't
seem to be...

Any, uh...

Organized crime
connection here, now.

That will be it now.
Thank you very much.


This will be a public
relations triumph for us

and, not incidentally,
a disaster
for the authorities.

The missing funds
we continue to look for.

I think we should
consider it
promotional expenses.

I move we suspend
that operation.


What do you mean?
You're going to Brazil?

I'm going to Brazil.Hey, man it's a big country.

Not big enough.

Hey, listen I just
want to go to a place
where a guy like me

with a little capital
can get ahead.

Try Mississippi.

Rio de Janeiro,
one way, please Ma'am.

Don't give this
man a ticket.

Hey, don't listen
to this man.

What have you got
leaving soon?

What destination?


We've got a connecting
flight to Alaska
in 20 minutes.

That will be fine.One seat?

Make it two.

This is gonna be
the beginning of
a beautiful partnership.

I don't need you.

I can find
a smart Brazilian
to be my partner.

You speak
Portuguese, brother? Hmm?

There are a lot of very
rich high-class Americans
down there too.

Right! That's what
I'm saying, man.

So, I build 'em
and you sell 'em!

I tell you, Otis,
it won't work.

It will work.

Trust me.

It might work.

Aren't there
avalanches in Alaska?


And polar bears?Yes.

But don't worry
I'll be there to
take care of you.

As long as
you're there
to take care of me.

I think I'd like that.

Me, too.