Caroline and the Magic Potion (2015) - full transcript

Caroline dreams of a life filled with adventure. Then one day, while living with her healer Granny and troublesome cat Mus, Caroline gets her chance. While looking through her granny's healing potions, Caroline stumbles across a magic formula that will make her fly. Jumping with excitement, Caroline turns an ordinary umbrella into her own personal flying broomstick. But magic isn't always used for good and when the evil leader of a manufacturing company finds out about the magic potion, she kidnaps Caroline's Granny in order to steal the recipe. When Caroline finds out, she jumps into action and starts off on the adventure of her lifetime to rescue her Granny.



(a capella singing)


- You scared me, Mus.

(a capella singing)

- Ew. Gross.

(a capella singing)


That's enough.

- Ooh!

- Shush, you're
snails, not a boy band.

Be quiet.

- Be quiet, quiet, quiet.

(door opens)


- Caroline. Caroline,
where are you?

Where is that girl?

(snails singing)

- Oh!

(a capella singing)

- Hide.

- [Grandma] Caroline.


Caroline, please come help.

- Phew.




Now I'm for sure getting
in the Flyers club.

And send.

(phone rings)

Oh, no, ow, no wait.

- Caroline, I know
you're in there.

Come out and help me dear.


It's important that
you learn this.

- I don't understand
you, Grandma.

Sometimes you get mad
because I don't wanna learn

how to make your concoctions.

And other times
you won't let me...

- You don't have to understand
me, you have to obey me.

My dear forget the closet, and
everything you've seen in it.

- But I like exploring
things, Grandma.

- My dear, the less you know,
the less danger you'll be in.

There are bad people, who
want to steal our recipes.

If anything happened to you,
I'd never forgive myself.

- What could happen?

We have our magic medallions.

- Forget the medallion.

You can find magic in
everything around us.

- Like my cell phone?

And your remedies, they
always keep us out of danger.

- My dear, only your love
can keep me out of danger.

- [Voiceover] Maryanne.
Maryanne, are you open?

I have to open.

- [Customer] I could really
use your help, Maryanne.

- Good morning.

- So glad you're open. We
could really use your help.

- [Grandma] Well that's
what I'm here for.

What can I do to help you?

- [Customer] It's my son.
Got anything for this rash?

He keeps scratching at it.

- Hmm.

- [Customer] Well it's
all over his body.

It started yesterday.

- Did you see the
picture I sent you?

- The picture of the bottle?


What's it for?

- [Customer] I think
he might be having

an allergic reaction
to something.

- I think you use it for flying.

- Flying, flying, flying.

- [Selu] Don't be silly.

There's no such thing
as a flying potion.

You know if you wanna
get in the Flyers club,

it's gonna take a lot more
than your grandma's perfume.

- Maryanne, do
you have my herbs?

My feet are really hurting me.

- Of course I do.

I made a special
remedy just for you.

- I am going to
fly, and you'll have

to accept me into
the Flyers club.

- You're too small.

They're never gonna
let you paraglide.

- I don't need to paraglide.

This is really going to work.

- [Customer] Caroline,
where are you?

Caroline. Caroline.

- Well hey if it doesn't work
at least you'll smell nice.

- You don't believe me?

First you say to look for
my grandmother's secrets,

and now you're laughing at me.

- I was just joking.

There's no such thing
as a flying potion.

Your imagination was
flying high, kiddo.


- [Customer] Caroline,
where are you?

- You're being called, and
I've got stuff to do, alright?


- I'm going to fly too.

I'll prove it to you.



- Oh, what's that smell?

- Not me.

I take a long bath
every single morning.

- [Grandma] Is there anything
else I can get for you?

- [Customer] Yes, echinacea.
I think I'm getting sick too.

- [Customer] Make sure you
have a lot of Vitamin C too...

Hey! I was here first.

- I won't sell. I've told
you a thousand times.

- Fly, pen, fly. To New
York and California, go.

- You better sign the contract.

- Fly away, fly away,
fly into the skies...

Fly away, fly away,
fly into the sky today.

Uh, that's it!

Fly away, fly away,
fly into the sky today.

- That's just wrong.

- But the neighbor's
let us use their square

every year to celebrate the
Fearless Fair, you bully.

- You're the last one, Ma'am.

All the others have signed.

- Maria's still here.

- [Man] Maria's gone.

- That can't be.


Oh my, I hope Maria didn't sell.


- It's flying. I knew it.

I knew it. It's flying.

- Oh, econatural's
buying up everything.

- Let's see.

You wanna fly?


Look it's the
first flying snail!

♪ With the magic,
she finally did it

♪ She made a snail fly

♪ We can hardly believe it

♪ With her magic she
can do what she wants to

♪ If she only sets
her mind to achieve it

♪ She makes the snail
fly up high and so low

♪ Flying here and
there, everywhere

♪ Look! It's a pen
and a snail in the sky

♪ Such a surprise, we all find ♪

- Look. The potion does work.

The wonderful potion does work

like a charm.

Fly away, fly away,
fly to the sky today.

Feast your eyes, Selu.

The potion does work.

I'm going to fly.


Get it, Mus.

- [Customer] Caroline, dear.

Caroline, will you
give me a foot massage?

- Okay.

- Oh, Maryanne, your
granddaughter's a great healer.

- Grandma.

- Ooh.
- Look, Daddy.

- Oh, these toys nowadays.

- Uh, hi, Grandma.


- Just what I needed.

You think I don't
have enough problems?

You're always touching
things you shouldn't.

Come and wash your hands.

This is poisonous.

- [Caroline] Ow! Ow ow! Ow
Ow! Hey, this burns! Grandma!

(phone rings)

- Hi, Selu.

- You sure can doctor
a photograph, kiddo.

- The photos are real.

I kept my promise.

- What were you trying to do?

It's gonna take a lot more
than your grandma's perfume.



- Give me the oopall.


- Very funny Selu.

- Give it to me at once.

Pay attention to me.

- [Jean Pierre]
What's the oopall?

- The oopall is very dangerous.

Where's the bottle
you picked up?

- The interesting things
always get me in trouble.

- [Jean Pierre] Boss, you
should take a look at this.

- Zoom in.

- The oopall can be
very harmful, Caroline.

- Being able to fly is cool.

I want to fly.

- Things that are valuable...
- [Jean Pierre] Fly?

[Jean Pierre] Did
you hear that, boss?

The oopall can make you fly.

- Some of our formulas
are very delicate.

- [Jean Pierre]
Move, you fleabag.

Get out of the way.

- [Granny] Caroline,
don't be upset.

- [Jean Pierre] Fleabag.

- [Caroline] If the oopall is
so bad, why do you have it?

- [Jean Pierre] Who's
going to clean that?

Get away from my camera.
That's expensive.

- [Voiceover] Jean Pierre.

- [Jean Pierre] I know,
boss. You want to fly too.

I will fetch them for you.

- Grandma, I just want to fly.

- [Grandma] We've talked
about this enough.

Some of our formulas are
very delicate, Caroline.

They could be very dangerous
in the wrong hands.


- You're using
those signs again.

They're really
hard to understand.

- It's important to learn these
if you want to be a healer.

Not everything can be fixed
by just pressing a button.

It's time you grew
up and learned that.


(phone rings)

- What are you doing?

Sit down and put
your seatbelt on.

- But somebody's calling me.

- Turn that thing off.

- Oops, I answered.

- [Selu] Hey, Caroline,
look where I'm at.

Still wanna fly with me?

- Uh huh. Hey!

- Is this who put the idea
of flying in your head?

- I'm going to fly whether
you like it or not.

- [Grandma] Come back.

Caroline, you can't
go back there.

- [Caroline] I'm
going to the bathroom.

- [Grandma] Don't
be upset, my dear.

I'm taking you to a secret
place you're going to love.

- I can't hear you.

- You can hear me.

- Selu.

- Hey.

- I can see my house from here.

- [Snails] She can see her
house, her house, her house.

- I'm going to fly as well.

Brooms are for witches.

Let's see, fly away,
fly into the sky today.

Fly away, fly into
the sky today.

- What are you doing back there?

- [Caroline] Uh, nothing.
Everything's fine.

- What is he doing here?

We're being followed.

I'm going to lose him.

Hold on, Caroline.

- [Caroline] Granny!

- [Grandma] What are you doing?
Caroline, what's happening?



- Help!


How do you steer this thing?

- The caravan has crashed.


The girl is flying
on an umbrella.

- [Caroline] Oh my goodness.


- Huh? Oh wow.

- Selu.

- Caroline?

- Look, I'm flying.

- But what is that?

What are you riding on?

Is it magic or something?

- You didn't believe me.


- Watch out.

I'm coming.


- Caroline.

- Wow man, I saw my life
flash before my eyes in HD.

- You're off your rocker, girl.

- But it wasn't bad for my
first flight, don't ya think?

I'll definitely have to
work on that landing.

What do you think, Selu?

- Is that really an umbrella?

- Mus?

My grandma?

What's wrong with granny?

- Uh, this magic stuff
is freaking me out.

- [Caroline] Come
on. I need your help.

- That's impossible.


- Oh no.

- [Captain] Accident,
mile marker 20.

No victims or witnesses, over.

- [Voiceover] No
victims or witnesses?

Sounds like an open and
shut case to me, Captain.

- Shut case? Be quiet, Murdock.

- Grandma, granny.

Where's my grandma?

- Where'd you come from?


- [Captain] Ow!

- Grandma, where are you?

What happened to Granny?

- Are you Maryanne's

- Oh this accident
was all my fault.

- What's your fault?

- I didn't listen, and
I flew out the window.

- From the crash?

- No with my flying umbrella.

- Poor girl. Must have
hit her head pretty hard.

- [Caroline] She has to be here.

She couldn't have
just disappeared.

- Caroline, what
happened to your Grandma?

- She's gone. There's
no sign of her here.

- Who are you? Were you
involved in the accident?

- [Voiceover] Murlock
447, come in Captain.

- Hey, look here.

- [Voiceover] Someone
took my lunch again.

I even put my name on it.

- These flowers
are my Grandma's.

Why did she leave them in a row?

This means something.

- [Voiceover] It's an emergency.

My wife wants those
containers back.

She scares me!


- They're common flowers.

They're everywhere.

- And these tracks?

- Motorcycles, cars, scooters.

- Of course, they're
from the motorcycle.

There was a motorcycle
following us.

- Hmm. So where were you
when the accident happened?

Who was driving the caravan?

- Her grandmother. I
was flying by myself.

- On another umbrella?

You're coming to the
station with me to explain.

- Hey, I had nothing
to do with it.

- I'm not going anywhere
without my Grandma.

- I'm calling your parents.

- [Caroline] I live
with my Grandma now.

- We'd better go with him.

They'll help us find
your grandmother.

- [Captain] Get your things.

- I'll help you
find her too, okay?

- Alright.

I can't leave Grandma's
secret potions in the caravan.

Hmm, let's see.

Ah, here it is.



I'm going to find you, Granny.

No matter what.


(snails hum funeral march)

Don't worry guys.

She's only sleeping

♪ Lullaby and goodnight

♪ Go to sleep little snaily ♪

- Finally, it's
about time Sonny.

They're not sending a tow truck?

- I'm a mechanic.

- Get in the car.


- Bless you.


- Excuse me.

- Caravan examined.

I have to take it to the shop.

- No, he can't take it.

He's lying.


It's not true. He's
not a mechanic.

- What's the problem?

- He's the guy who
was following us.

Wake up.

- [Voiceover] Attention
Captain, stand down.

I got it, found it,
by the watermelon.

- You're crazy.

What did you do to him?

- I took out the policeman,

and I have the caravan.

What about the girl?

- Put me down you animal.

Put me down.

- Hey, let me go.

- Ow! (grunts) Let me go.

- Put her down you, bully.
- [Caroline] Let me go.


- [Caroline] No, no, let me go.

You animal, let me go.

No, no, no let me go.

Ow! You're hurting me.

When my grandma hears about
this, you're in for it.

You're such a bully.

- Bully, bully, bully.

- [Voiceover] Bring the girl.


- Good job, Mus. You're
a good little rascal.

- Velocity of transmission

8,000 revolutions.

- Speed it up.

I have to be the first to
make pro-cellular fluid.

- [Voiceover] Now finally,
future technologies have tried

to filter the
recipes of the past.

- There's only one step
between glamour and ordinary.

Econatural's the evolution of
healer's and medicinal herbs.

- Ma'am, Ms.
Maryanne has arrived.

- Take her to room 5.

What about the caravan?

Are we still without
a connection?

- Connection acquired.

- [Boss] Zoom in.

Rotate 180 degrees.

Who is that, clown?

Where is the girl?

- Where is my grandmother?

- What am I doing?

What am I doing?

- It's no use. He's out of it.

What were you trying to do?

- My grandmother
has been kidnapped.

- You're losing it.

Kiddo, you can't go
around knocking out cops

and talking about
kidnappings, okay?

- Where am I?

- Look, econatural cosmetics.

They tried to buy
my grandmother's

business this morning, okay?


- Hmm, what's this?

- [Voiceover] Bring the girl.

- Yes, sir, right away.

- Selu, stop playing around.

You're scaring me.

Let go, Selu.

You're hurting my arm.


Give me this piece of junk.

- Wow, kiddo, that was crazy.

It totally took control of me.

- [Voiceover] Grab the girl.

- [Caroline] Don't
you see? I'm right.

We have to hide the caravan.

Will you help me?

- Superflash, I
love this ecospray.

Especially because I stole it.



- Connection up.

- What is that idiot doing?

- He can't obey.

His earpiece is missing.

- When I catch him, I'll
sew it to his ear myself.


- She's here.

- Oh.

- Boss, where are you?

Yoo hoo.


Oh, there you are.

- She's finally mine.

- Yes boss, the witch is here.

- You haven't
interrogated her yet?

- I'm on it boss. I'm on it.

- Useless.

- They'll never find us here.

- All of this is my fault.

I never listen to her when
she tells me what to do.

I deserve to be
punished, not her.

Something awful must
have happened to her.

Where is she?

If they hurt her...

- Don't worry. Let me see
what I can find out on here.

- [Voiceover] Bring the girl.

- [Caroline] Stop it, Mus.

- It's that company harassing
your grandmother, econatural.

Let's see where they are.

- What's the matter
with you, little rascal?


You're such a pain.

I'm sorry, Mus.

I can't get anything right.

- The factory is next
to a flight area.

Maybe Luis knows something.

I'm sure she can help us.

- I'll save her.


- Don't you be so stubborn.

We have ways of making you talk.

Sooner or later
everybody always does.

I know you have miracle
formula for hair growth,

and I want it.

- Hair growth, what a fool.

Jean Pierre, stop
fooling around.

Find out about the oopall.

- I want that recipe.

- Ma'am.

- What have you got?

- The policeman is waking up.

- Donuts.

- [Boss] Can't
anyone get it right?

- What's going on here?

Where did everybody go?

- [Voiceover] Captain,
come in, Captain.

I know it's early, but I'm
taking dinner orders now.

I was thinking Italian.

I know you like
Chinese, but I thought

we'd change it up
a bit. Captain?

- What are you up to?


- [Voiceover] Captain?

- That's strange. No sign
of that girl or the caravan.

- [Voiceover] Come
in. This is Murlock.

Captain, can you hear me?

Okay, we can go with Chinese.

I'm okay with Chinese.

We can eat Italian tomorrow.

- Eh, listen, I
need you to look up

this lass's plate number for me.

Write this down.

- Locate them.

We have to find them
before the police.

- All you have to do is tell
us, and you'll be free to go.

- Jean Pierre, you are
completely useless.

- How to make a visible
family connection.

- Connection,
connection, connection.

♪ 2/3 a lemon and
a pinch of aloe

♪ Stir it and you
bring it to a boil

♪ Add two kisses
with a big I love you

♪ And add to smiles
and a heart of gold ♪

- I love you, grandmother.

It's going to find you.

♪ Mix ingredients together

♪ For your special magic potion

♪ Drop of affection

♪ Remember is the recipe of that

♪ Caroline mixes the elixir

♪ The recipe that saves
the one you love ♪

- Econatural cosmetics,.

Cosmetics of the
fu-fu-future dude

- Seriously, do you know
anything about this company?

- [Luis] Yeah, dude.

It's the factory they
wouldn't let us fly over.

No fly zone, dude,
totally not cool.

- Oh, I know.

The one with the dirty smoke.

- Not anymore, I
don't see it, man.

- It has to be there.

- Via con dios, bro.

- They've got a bunch of
lawsuits filed against them

for polluting the river,
most recently this week.

And they claim to be natural.

- [Luis] Yeah, natural
like pigs, bacon.

Look dude, I'm telling
you, no factory.

- No factory.

- Factory, factory, factory.

- Well anything?

- Nothing yet.

Take a closer look, Luis.

Maybe it's under the
trees or something.

I'm telling you, it's gotta
be around there somewhere.

- [Luis] Seriously dude, trees?

There's no factory.

- That factory exists.

It's where they're
holding my grandmother,

and I'm going to find it.

- We don't know for sure.

Don't jump the gun.

- [Luis] Dudes, dudes.
I'm totally down to
help find Granny.

Like what can I do?

- Keep looking.
We'll text you later.

Call us if you find anything.

Is this you?

- Give me that.

That's my grandmother.

Hello? Hello, Granny?

They hung up.

- Selu, Selu,

who is this Selu you
wanted to talk to?

A boyfriend?

(phone rings)

Nice ringtone.



- Who are you?

- Hi darling, so
glad you called.

- [Caroline] Where
is my grandmother?

- [Boss] Don't worry, honey.

We're treating her like a queen.

- [Caroline] I wanna
see my grandma.


- Ha!

- Of course. Jean Pierre,
trace the call now.

- [Caroline] Grandma?

- You and I need to talk.

- No, Caroline.

- [Caroline] Granny!

- Hey, hey be quiet you.

- Tell me what you want.

I'll give it to you just
let my grandmother go.

- [Boss] Now you're talking.

You seem more
reasonable than her.

I'll let you talk to her.

Watch what you say.

We know where she is.

- Grandma, are you okay?

- I'm fine sweetheart.

- [Caroline] What's going on?

- [Grandma] I'll explain later.

Don't worry.

I'm okay, Caroline.

- Slow down. Can you slow down?

- Do exactly as I say.

- [Boss] What do you
think you're doing?

Listen carefully, you
meddling little girl.

I want the oopall, you got it?

Bring me the recipe, or you
can forget about your granny.


- You were right, Caroline.

They kidnapped your grandma,

but don't worry, I recorded
the call on my phone.

We'll find her.

- How can you be so sure?

It's no use.

- Hey little...


- Your granddaughter will
give me what you won't.


(sad music)

- Sorry, grandma, didn't
mean to get you in trouble.


- [Selu] Caroline.



I have a plan.

I texted Luis and told him
to meet us at Monte Vintoso.

I'm pretty convinced the
factory's still there,

and I was also
thinking that, well...

- My grandma told me to
take care of her stuff

and not to look for her.

- What? She said that to you?

- She said it with signs.

- Ah, very nice.

You and your grandma
are pretty cool,

but look, I've been
figuring this out.

I found this in the backpack.

You know what it is?

- Econatural wart remover?

I hate it. That's their company.

- [Selu] Exactly.
Don't you get it?

Now we know what they're after.

- The oopall.

- Not just that.

They want to steal all of
your grandmother's recipes.

Maybe we should get out of here.

I've got the chills.

- Chills, chills, chills.

- Prisoner, Maryanne, yes.

Inject truth serum.

Truth with two o's right?



♪ Truth

♪ I tell you the truth

♪ My hair is falling out

♪ But my hair will grow back

♪ Because I have clout

♪ The hair on my head

♪ And I don't mean to brag

♪ I miss having hair

♪ Being bald is such a drag

♪ Four hairs on my head

♪ Nothing else to be said

♪ I wish I had more

♪ Being bald's such a bore ♪


That's right.
Enjoy your silence.

When we get started,
you'll sing like a canary.


You'll see. Oh, you'll see.

- Jean Pierre, Jean
Pierre, where are you?

The game is starting.

- Oh, ho.

- Oh, sorry, I thought
Jean Pierre was around.

Do you know how to play poker?

Oh, there you are.

Come on, we're late.

- Sorry, I have work to do.

- Work? I think you just
like playing with your toys.

- Hello, Mother.

- How will I play poker if
the new woman you brought me

doesn't know how to play and
Jean Pierre says he's busy?

- I know how to play poker.

- Oh, I'm saved.

- No.

- Yes, yes, you
know I have to play.

The doctor recommended
it, remember?

- Mother, this woman does
not know how to play poker.

- But poker's.

Poker's my favorite game.

- Oh, that settles it.

Come on just one hand.

- Alright, we'll have to
search the whole area.

- I'll handle that.

If Grandma's in the factory,

I'll be able to find her.

- Caroline, now you're
the one giving me chills.

Don't tell me you have powers.

- You're going to
have to trust me.

What we need is a plan to
break in and rescue her,

but security's gonna
be really tight.

- Yeah, but don't
forget, we are birds.

Who'll expect an aerial rescue?

- This is econatural factory.

All of the products are natural.

- [Mother] Give her the
tour later. Come on.

Hurry up.

- Our logistics
department is enviable.

It takes our products to
every corner of the planet.

- Oh, this recipe isn't yours.

- Everything here is mine.


- Who did you steal
this recipe from?

- [Mother] Come on,
come on. Stop arguing.

- Thanks to me, these
products are commercialized.

If you cooperate, your
recipes could be world famous.

- You'll never get my recipes

no matter what.

- Well before they take off,
how about a little poker?

Come on let's play.

Everyone sit down.

The game is starting.

I'm so nervous.


Come on, there's
no time to lose.

Watch and learn. I'll deal.

- Maria, what have
they done to you?

- Maria's being
treated like a queen.

Aren't you?

- I'm very happy here.

- She was better
off in her caravan.

- [Maria] I live like a queen.

- She has all she needs.

- Shh, you've kidnapped
her just like you did me.

- Keep quiet. We're
trying to play.

Are you in or out?

- You're going to
have to wait outside.

You're not supposed to
see my granny's things.

I have to find the
formula for the oopall.

- You're not giving
it to econatural?

- Not if I don't
have to, but I might

have to trade it for her, okay?

- Dispatch, patrol
reporting to healer's.

Look out for a woman
named Maryanne,

and also that econatural
factory that makes lotions.

Let's see why they
have so many lawsuits.

- [Voiceover] Copy
that, Captain.

So, um, about dinner. We
going Chinese or Italian?

I can do Chinese, I'm okay.

- Hand signals? What's this for?

It says to sprinkle and mix.

There's so much to do.

I really should have
listened to my grandmother.

- Your grandmother's
glue is no good.

- Magic hair growth recipe.

Who would want such a thing?

What nonsense.

I don't understand any of this.

- [Voiceover] I was
dreaming of Italian,

but Captain wants Chinese.

I want a number three special,

so tell me Captain please,
can I order Italian?

Tell me Captain.

- Go ahead, just
stop your singing.

Okay, now tell me
where that caravan is.

They're right around the corner.

- Mus.

Get out of here.

You slob, look what you did.

You got everything wet.

What's this supposed to be?


- [Selu] Caroline, the
police officer's here.

We need to leave or
he's gonna arrest us.

- [Voiceover] Murlock 447
calling Captain Charlie.

It's an emergency.

They're out of garlic rolls.

Maybe we should order Chinese.

I'll call ahead and make
sure they have spring rolls.

Copy that?

- The oopall can be used
for the forces of good,

just as it can be used
for the forces of bad.


It's made with flowers.
- [Snails] Made with flowers.

[Caroline] very rare that grow
[Snails] Very rare.

[Caroline] far from
[Snails] that grow very far

[Caroline] everywhere.
[Snails] from everywhere.

[Caroline] They are a bright
[Snails] They are a bright

[Caroline] violet in color.
[Snails] violet in color.

[Caroline] And release a very
[Snails] And release a very

[Caroline] foul odor.
[Snails] foul odor.

[Caroline] (laughs) I
already noticed that.

An intelligent flower,
[Snails] An intelligent flower

[Caroline] when people are
[Snails] when people are

[Caroline] around, they cower.
[Snails] around, they cower.

[Caroline] If they sense a
[Snails] If they sense a

[Caroline] person around, they
[Snails] person around, they

[Caroline] evolve, fly high,
[Snails] evolve, fly high,

[Caroline] and uproot from the
[Snails] and uproot from the

[Caroline] ground.
[Snails] ground.

[Caroline] Evolve,
like a Pokemon?

Where is this place?

Of course, that's why she
has this flower dress.

Oh here it is.

This should be the right map.

- Caroline, we have to go.

We can't wait any longer.

- You can't see this.

Don't look, get out.

- I already saw you
fly on an umbrella.

- Promise not to say
anything to anyone?

- Of course.

- They're my granny's secrets.

- [Selu] Cool.

It says something here.

- What?

Oh wow, cool, it's my
grandmother's recipe.

- [Voiceover] In 100
feet, stay to your right.

You are crossing the
San Gabriel region.

- Mmm, mmm.


- Come on, come on.

- Do you know where
they could be?

I have to find those flowers
to save my grandmother.

- Yeah, if I can get
this thing to go.


- Let's go.

- Those things are really weird.

- I know. They're
really annoying.

They follow me wherever I go,

and I just can't
get rid of them.


Guys, knock it off, will you?

- There.

- Yea!

- Okay, let's go.

You know the area we're going to

on the map is a
natural ecosystem.

- Well that's where we're going.

- According to the map,
those lands are protected.

- I'll be careful. You don't
have to worry about me.

I feel awful for not paying
attention to my grandmother.

I've been reading a
lot about healers,

and well...

- Must be exciting learning
about all those mysteries

and secrets with
your grandmother.

- And also really sad because
many of them lost everything.

They were burnt at the stake.

- Man, that is really sad.

- [Caroline] And people
called them witches.

I've been called a witch too.

- Well I think witches
are cool. (laughs)

(mocking laugh)

- We're being followed.

- Just what we need.


More company. We
gotta lose them.

Hold on tight.



- Try the others.

Maybe they'll make her talk.

- The recipe, obey.

- Talk, Maryanne.

- Give us the recipe.

- Give us the recipe.

- [Maria] Give us the recipe.


- [Voiceover] Rose,
tell her to talk.

- [Rose] Talk Maryanne.

- The flying recipe.

- The flying recipe.

- [Rose] Give us
the flying recipe.

- Four aces. How's
that for a recipe?

♪ One small banana

♪ A cup of blueberries

♪ A table's gonna party

♪ A table's gonna party

♪ A table's gonna party

♪ A pinch of coconut

- The recipe.

- The recipe.

- The recipe.

- [Grandma] I'll never
give you the recipe.


- Prepare the machine.

We'll see if she talks or not.

(ominous music)

(playful music)


- No Mus, you
can't come with me.

- You really shouldn't go alone.

- You can't. There's only one
suit, and it doesn't fit you.

- But I could help you.

- No, you can't.

Stay with Luis and
organize the rescue.

- Okay.

You sure are brave.

- Meet him at Monte
Mintosa at dawn, okay?

And please take care
of the caravan too.

There are valuable
things inside.

- Alright, well I promise
to guard it with my life,

but be careful, and
come right back.

(upbeat music)

(ominous music)


- It's made with flowers,

very rare, that grow very far

from everywhere.

That's no joke.



- The girl, where is she?



- Why you.

You bully, why don't you pick
on somebody your own size?

I said somebody your size.

- The girl isn't in the caravan.



(gentle music)


- They're violet in color

and release a foul odor.

I don't understand.

The trail should be
around here somewhere.

- Your friend has disappeared,

and this econatural
worker is in shock.

That makes two.

You're not good
at making friends.

- [Selu] Listen,
their boss kidnapped

my friend's grandmother.

- [Captain] Sure, a
kidnapped grandmother.

That's where we'll go
around knocking everyone at.

- [Voiceover] Murlock
447 to Captain.

Captain your spring
rolls are getting cold.

- Let's have a look.


- Are you comfortable?

- Come on, Jean Pierre.

Why are you being so nice?




- It's the sign of
the triskellion.


This is it.


- Do you like (mumbles)

Of course you do!

Well this thing will
make your head spin.


- Jean Pierre, stop
the chitchat and begin.

- Okay, okay, and here we go.





- Hmm. Hmm.

(piano music)


(piano music)


- An intelligent flower, when
people are near they cower.

If they sense a person
around, they evolve,

fly high, and uproot
from the ground.

Of course. That was it.

They rise in the air like larks,

but be careful, they give
off dangerous sparks.

- Oh, oh, it burns.

- It's so horrible.
I can't even look.

- Oh, boss, she's
a stubborn one.

She's not saying a word.

- I've had enough.

Turn it up to maximum power.

- We don't know if the
machine can handle it, but...

- No buts, now.

- [Voiceover] Murlock
447 calling all units.

Anybody going by a donut shop?

I could really use
one of them bearclaws.

No, wait, wait, wait, Charlie.

- Cursed flowers. They
burned me everywhere.

- Shh.

- It's the flowers
defense mechanism.

- [Captain] Defense?
That wasn't defense.

That was offense.

- [Selu] The conditions
they need to grow

only exist in a few
places on the planet.

And this is one of them.

- [Captain] Be quiet,
you know-it-all.

We're leaving.

- What a mess.

(car engine starts)

- Hmm.

- We're on our own now, Mus.

Come on, Mus.

This GPS will come in handy.

Directions to Monte Vintoso.






- What is that?

You scared me, Mus.


This looks like a good
place to spend the night.

- Stubborn old woman.

We may have something here boss.


- [Voiceover] One small banana,

a cup of blueberries,

add pomegranate seeds,

a tablespoon of honey, (groans)

and a pit.


- From the first seven
flowers, take seven petals

and one yellow stamen.

From the next seven flowers,

take six petals and
two yellow stamens.

It's so precise.

- Ew.


Burp, burp, burp.

- Fooling around as usual.

Please behave yourselves.

From the next seven
flowers, take five petals

and three yellow stamens
until you have one petal

for every seven stamens.

This sure is complicated.


(upbeat music)


There we go.

Why didn't I read this before?

Finally, you must
hydrate the paste,

adding seven drops of
water for each flower.

Oh no! I was supposed
to add water?


I really need to
find some water.



I can't believe it.

This is amazing!



♪ Caroline flies high

♪ With the oopall

♪ You don't need a glider

♪ Or wings to fly

♪ Dreamer always aiming high

♪ Remember you have magic in you

♪ You can do whatever
you wish to do

♪ Caroline fly high ♪

- I'm coming to save you granny.

I'm coming.

♪ The magic umbrella

♪ You can do what you wish ♪


♪ Fly into the sky ♪

- Be careful dear.

- Come on Mus, it's late.

These will be safe here.

Save coordinates.

(upbeat music)


Just a little further.

(upbeat music)

Monte Vintoso.

Where's Luis?


Mus, come back.


- [Luis] You're like a
funny little creature,

but like what are you?

Oh hey, you're Caroline, right?

- Yes.

- Where's Selu?

He's going to be coming by
later with the policeman.

I hope.

- [Luis] Well what's the plan?

Like where are we going cause

there's totally no factory?

- Don't worry about it.

I can tell you
where we're going.

Just give me a minute.

- Hmm.

(sad music)

(cheerful music)

- [Luis] Whoa, hold on.

What is going on, Caroline?

You're like totally
freaking me out.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

If we follow this
butterfly trail,

it will lead us straight
to my grandmother.

- And the umbrella?

- The umbrella's
coming along with us.

- Alright, alright, little lady.

Like whatever it takes
to help find granny.

(upbeat music)


- The factory.

- Far out.

It was totally there
the whole time.

I totally can't believe it.


- They were hidden
by the clouds.

I bet they were made to
camouflage the factory.

- Hold on little lady.

Here we go.

- Can you get us closer
to that window down there?

- Totally.

- Fly away, fly away,
fly into the sky today.

Fly away, fly away,
fly into the sky today.

- Whoa, Caroline, be careful.

You're throwing off our balance.

- No, Caroline, don't do that.

- I'm sorry, I have
to do it this way.

- Caroline!

Flying umbrella?

What was in my
Cornflakes this morning?

Hold on, Caroline, I'm coming.

- Please, go
distract the guards.


- Whoa, here I come little dude.

Oh, I got you dude.

Mus, what are you doing?

- [Voiceover] You are flying
over private property.


Attention, flying over
this area is forbidden.


(ominous music)

- That was close.


- I checked, and there's
no one in corridor five.

There's no one in
corridor four either.

- Stubborn woman.

- Stop. Stop.


Stubborn woman
must be my grandma.





Wake up, it's Caroline.

Open your eyes.

- One small banana.

- Are you hungry, Grandma?

- And a cup of blueberries.

- You poor thing.

Don't worry grandma.

When we get back to the bus,
I'll make you a tasty meal.


- Well, well, well.

The little girl who can fly.

- I am taking my grandmother.

- Of course, darling.

What a wonderful invention.


- Help me. I want to try it.

Okay, okay, let go.

- What have they
done to you, Grandma?

Your hair is blue.


- [Jean Pierre]
Oh, careful boss.


- Oh, it's wonderful.

I've been searching
for this formula

for years, and
it's finally mine.

Sweeties, you are my guests.

- Let us go.

- Of course, it's getting late,

but first give me
the oopall recipe.

- Don't say a word.

- [Jean Pierre] Oh,
don't listen to her.

- It's our job to
protect the oopall

from dangerous people like you.


- What about progress?

Technology is the future.

Haven't you explained
that to your grandmother?

- Technology and nature
must stick together.

- Stick together?

- If we don't respect
nature, we have no future.

- [Boss] Exactly.

Econatural cosmetics,
the future of cosmetics.

- [Grandma] You're bad, and
you'll pay dearly for it.

- No, Granny don't. Please
just give me a moment

to talk to her by myself.

- You have five minutes.

I hope they're productive.

- Maryanne and Caroline,
I've got my eyes on you.

Don't try something crazy.

- [Boss] Be quiet, already.

- [Jean Pierre]
I come after you.

- [Caroline] No,
don't say that again.

Just listen to me.

I know what to do.



- No, no, no.

- There's no other options.

- [Boss] Well, little girl?

- We'll give you the formula.

- [Boss] Now you're talking.

(snails singing)

- [Boss] I want the oopall.

You've got it.
Bring me the recipe

or you can forget
about your granny.

- This telephone recorded
and the ear piece

gives us enough proof to
arrest the owner of econatural.

Would you like to
testify as a witness?

- Of course I would.

- [Boss] I love
this little device.

With this formula, I'll
be a super goddess.

Oh, how exciting.

Start dictating.

Oh, what flowers are these?

- I already gave you
the instructions.

If you keep interrupting me,
I'm going to get it wrong.

- But what are they called?

- They're called, none
of you business, lady.

- You need to give
me my umbrella back.

- [Boss] Then what
will I use to fly?

- You can use whatever you like.

Your shoes or a broom
probably fits you better.

- I can fly without an umbrella?

With my own shoes?

- Just make sure you
rub a lot of cream

on the bottom of your shoes,
otherwise it won't work.

- Fly, fly, higher
than anyone else.

- Now give me my umbrella.

- Alright, but first
let me try the cream.

- [Grandma] Don't
do it, Caroline.

- Ignore her, she is more out

of date than a
horse and carriage.

- Forgive me, Grandma, I'm
doing this for your own good.

- Enough with the
mushy talk. Keep going.

Ooh, what's that?

- Lady, I'm warning you.

- Well, is it ready?

- You are forgetting
the main ingredient.

- Be quiet, let her concentrate.

- Huh?

- Resin?

- Resin, so you won't
fall off the umbrella.

Although that
wouldn't be so bad.

- Uh, it's so the ingredients
stick to each other.

It's ready.

- You can still
change your mind.

- Change her mind.
It's already mine.

Sit down and be quiet.

- What have you done to her?

Get that off her.

- Keep quiet, you.

- Jean Pierre, rub
it on my shoes.


The oopall is a little sticky.

- [Jean Pierre] Yes,
very sticky, yes.


Boss, I think we have a problem.


- What's going on?

What's wrong with the ear piece?

- I put in on her boss.

- [Boss] Jean Pierre, you're
as useless as they come.

- Grandma, what happened?

- I'm deaf in this
ear, remember?


All I had to do was wait
until the glue took effect.


- That was really great.

Thank you for guiding me
through it with your signs.

- You see my dear, sometimes

old teachings have
their advantages.

- You have to teach
me everything.

- Yes. Because not all those
ingredients were necessary.

This recipe will also
make your hair grow.

- You can't do this to me.

- Grandma, it's time
to get out of here.

I'll take this.


- Ooh, keep your
hands off my iPad.

Witches, you're witches.

- [Caroline] Not witches.
- [Grandma] Not witches.

[Caroline] Healers.
[Grandma] Healers.

- Guards after them.
They're escaping.

- Wait, we need to
free the others.

- [Guard] Stop right there.

- Hi, want to play some poker?

They're friends.
Let them come in.

- [Guard] Go on.

- Come on, girls,
we're going home.

- Hello, Maryanne. Haven't
seen you in a long time.

- Hmm, nobody's getting past me.

- HiYa, oh, my bad.

- Accidents happen.

- Come on girls.

- What a game.

Oh what are we playing now?

- Hold on girls.


- Knock it off and help me.

- Goodie, we're pretending
we're robots now.


- [Luis] Go Caroline.

- Come on, the exit is this way.

- Forget it, I'm not
playing this anymore.

- Then you'll have
to play solitaire.

We're leaving.

- Solitaire.

How boring.


- Dude, karma.

- Halt, stop where you are.

- My lord, your Alfatzi's son.

How's your mama?

Did the crystal I gave you help
with your scary nightmares?

A growing boy needs his sleep.


- They must be stopped.

I want that recipe.



- Oh mon cheri.

You and me.

I knew it all along.

My love.



- Mus!

- [Boss] Guards!

- Call the guards.

Guards, guards, guards.

- I'm not having fun.

Where is everyone?

- Grandma, help me.

Come on, hurry.

I think there's
an exit this way.

(upbeat music)

- Come on.



- Come on, girls.


This way.




- Boss, I've got the intruder.

- Forget solitaire.

I want to play this.

- Mus!

You're so brave.


- Grandma.

- I got her. Run, ladies, run.

- [Luis] Hey, where do
you think you're going?

- Good, Luis.

Let's get out of here.

- There they are.

Get them.

What are you doing?

Get them.

- [Luis] It's ninja Luis time.

- [Boss] Stop them.

- Caroline, help me. This
stuff smells terrible.

- Leave her alone. HiYa.

- [Selu] Hey, Mr. Bully.

Here you go. Nothing beats a
face full of econatural foam.

- Selu.

- How do you like that?

What are you gonna
do about it big guy?


I was kidding.








- Get moving, Jean Pierre.

We can't let them escape.

- Hmm.

- Arrest those witches.
They destroyed my factory.

- No Ma'am, I'm not
here to arrest them.

- Will they have bananas and
blueberries at the hospital?

- Oh, I have a craving.

- Wow, you smell like a sewer.

- Mhmm.

- [Captain] You're
under arrest for theft,

kidnapping, and illegal
video surveillance.

- You don't know
what you're doing.

I'm a very important person.

- Oh, and for polluting
the environment,

another reason to
put you in jail.

- [Voiceover] Attention,
Captain, attention.

About breakfast, I'm
bringing hard-boiled eggs.

- [Captain] And as
for you, young lady.

- That's odd. Why
is he scolding her?

- Ooh.

- You're a very
brave young girl.


- Blech. Black licorice.
That's disgusting.

- What did he say?

- To take care of you.

- Right, take care of me.

- Granny, technology,
just like the oopall

can do both good or bad.

- Yes, sweetie.

It all depends on how we use it.

I'll try to use this
thing the right way.

- Granny is on fire today.


- Thank you.

We couldn't have done it
without all your help.

- Whoa, this stuff smells.



- Grandma.

Well, Grandma,
what do you think?

- It's beautiful up here.

(cheerful music)

- Look at all the
plants down there.

- [Grandma] Yes, that's
the elderberry flower.

I thought I'd never
find it anywhere

- Aren't those the ones
you use for earaches?

- [Grandma] Yes, that's
one of its many uses.

- Pretty awesome up
here, huh Granny?

No need for that
umbrella any more.

You're flying with us.

- Don't worry, you don't
need that thing any more.


- Did you see that, Grandma?

- [Grandma] See what, sweetie?

- Oh nothing.

- [Selu] That's
just an umbrella.

Now you're part of
the Flyers club.

- [Caroline] Selu,
will you come with me

to pick flowers tomorrow?

- [Selu] Flowers are useless.

You don't need that
recipe to fly anymore.

- [Caroline] The recipe?



♪ One small banana

♪ A cup of blueberries

♪ Add pomegranate seeds

♪ And stir it up ♪

(upbeat music)