Caroline Cherie (1953) - full transcript

Caroline de Bienre, the 16-year-old daughter of French nobility, meets the handsome rogue, Gaston de Sallanches, who is expected to ask for the hand of her older, plainer sister in marriage. Gaston instead joins Caroline in her secret hiding place in the château's attic, where the infatuated Caroline begins an affair with him. Meanwhile, she is being courted by the dull, sincere Livio, but holds him off since she is in love with Gaston. When the revolution of 1789 breaks out Caroline is sent to a convent but her carriage is waylaid. She escapes and makes her way to Gaston's home, where she finds him in the arms of his mistress. She is angry and then agrees to marry Livio, now an out-of-favor revolutionary and a marked man, and Caroline is also now on the death list.

"Soldiers, knowing that you were holding
the fate of the world in your hands...

"you have,
with makeshift weapons,

"...overwhelmed the formidable
Austrian infantry...

"...and swept across the plains
of the Po, with irresistible force.

"The astonished world will
long recount your fierce exploits."

You talk about a July 14th.

You take the Bastille, fine.

It's a national holiday, alright.

Net result... order from the general...

You have to hang garlands
from the chandeliers have those Italian bastards dance.

Our enemies are the Austrians,
not the Italians.

It amounts to the same thing.
The chore is no less.

Where's the general's wife...?
Have you seen her?

It was your job to mind her.

- I've lost her.
- You're in big trouble.

She runs off all the time.

Tie a cord to her backside!

Shit, oh shit!
I've lost her!.

- Have you seen the general's wife?
- No.

I've lost her.
What a disaster!

If you light a candle to St Anthony,
with a prayer...'ll find her.

What do you take us for?

There are no saints with us.
No God.

We're a republic!

So look for her yourself, vermin!

[Italian abuse]

Madame! Madame!

- I lost you.
- Well, you've found me.

Now, leave us alone.

Regulation distance...!

But don't run away again.

If I fall asleep...

...wake me up before you go.

Very well!

- Who's he?
- A drummer.

A little drummer that the general
allocated to me... defend me against attack.

It shows how the Italians
scare the French.

- I think he's jealous.
- Jealous?

How old-fashioned!

You've been married for 6 months.

It's not a reproach, but you seem
so ridiculously in love.

Yes, he's the only one I love.

I think of no one else.

But in spite of that. he...


I'm here sleeping on the grass,
when I'm giving my first ball?!

I have to go now
and check everything.

It was so nice here
in the shade...

...for us terrible French girls.

"You held the fate of the world
in your hands.

"You have,
with you makeshift weaponry...

"...overwhelmed the Austrian infantry."

It's very pretty, but I prefer
chandeliers without garlands.

The general wants to be alone, Madame.

What is it, Caroline?

I just wanted to tell you
that I loved you.

You scared me.

I thought you'd been attacked.

One doesn't charge through the door
like that, at a general's.

How would it look to my men?

Where's the duty officer?

- He's upset.
- And your guard?

I shook him off.

I forbade you from leaving his side.

Why is that?

The town isn't secure.

They took half a brigade from me..

- Italians know this.
- You're lying.

You would have given me more
than a drummer-boy.

At least an officer.

But even the ugliest of officers
would have made you jealous.

That's why I only got
a drummer-boy to protect me....

Because you're so damn jealous!

Yes I AM jealous.

You dragged me off
to war with you...

...only because you were too jealous
to leave me in France.

You'd have to agree that the past
could have given me reason to be.


You know what we do
to make husbands jealous...

since the beginning of time?

What do you do?

I'd really like to know.

Nothing at all, my darling.

I swear that I love only you.

My silly darling.

These uniforms are badly made.

They're not made for THAT!

There are more than parades
in the life of a soldier.

Now I'm feeling all chaste and prudish!

But you're my husband...
I have the right to touch you.

It's good to be honest.


My darling Caroline!

What do you want?

Don't you know to knock?

I did knock, General.

You'd didn't respond.

What is it?

I came to report, General...

There are patrols
throughout the town.

The guard-posts have been doubled
at every entrance.

The report covering insufficiency
of troop numbers, has been dispatched.

Very good.

Madame, I await your instructions...

...regarding the fireworks
this evening.

Thank you.

Cepoys is expecting you, dear.
Don't keep him waiting...

It might spoil his complexion.

I should never have mentioned to you
that the captain has a nice complexion.

I would have just as well
said it about a woman.

I hadn't thought about it anymore...

...but I'll think about it again
when I see him again.

Yes, I assure you.

- Captain de Cepoys.
- Madame.

The general was telling me
that you had a lovely complexion.

The general, Madame?

He was wrong.

You are too ruddy, Captain.

It's unseemly.
I have to go and get dressed.

That boy is in love with you.

Doesn't it please you a little...

...that a handsome boy flushes
when he looks at you?

Paolina, you're a devil.

I assure you it doesn't please me.

- The king said... "We want."
- And look where it got him.

I must get dressed.

Don't be late.

Your Italians scare me.



Quickly, my bath!
Your dresses are ready.

Oh, I'd like to put them all on.

Quickly, Jeannette!

Oh, this is pretty!

If you would turn around Madame...
I'd do it quicker.

Oh, I for got to tell you, Madame…

The dancer is waiting for you
in the boudoir.

"The dancer"?
What dancer?

The famous Livio,
who's organizing tonight's ballets.

He says he never organizes ballet...

...without taking
his orders before.

The Eau de Cologne!

Tell him that Madame's in her bath,
covered in soap.

But all the same it's essential
that I talk to her.

Good God, who are you?

Where are you?

This is the attack...
and I don't have my drummer!



I hate secrecy...
Show yourself!

No! No, don't show yourself!

But where are you?

I am in your boudoir... order to take your instructions
for the ball... the order of General Sallanches.

It's the dancer.

Sir, I'm in my bath.

I'll wait.

I don't have a minute to myself.

Jeannette, close the door.
That man is in the boudoir.

By closing the door,
you'll stop our chance to speak.

I'll have to leave.

But I do need to talk
to the mistress of the house.

- But it's unseemly!
- What's "unseemly"?

There's no way I can see you.

We shall only discuss
the artistic aspects.

But it's unseemly...
I'm stark naked.

I've never spoken to a naked man...
except to my husband.

And that's none of your business.

I'm not a man so much
as a ballet-master.

Great ladies dress
in front of their lackeys.

Are you very old
and very ugly?

Very old, Madame,
and very ugly.

Well, if that's the case, we'll talk.
But don't you budge!

Or I'll summon my guard.

I always have a dozen grenadiers
on hand...

...who are my personal guard.

Only to be expected,
for a general's wife.

What did you want to know,
that can't wait?

How you want to characterise
your party.

It'd be most regrettable if the dancing
was not in perfect harmony...

...with the tone of your ball.

We have a choice of ballets.

Your opinion is essential to me.

Is it a romantic party...

...or an amorous party
that you wish to make it?

No, not under my ballgown.

You've never seen me,
have you, Sir?

No, never, Madame.

I am very old
and very ugly, myself...

Very respectable, however.

The prettiest women will be their.

I don't want them to be bored.

I want some thing very dignified
yet very cheerful.


Very good, Madame.
I shall see to it.

In addition, I shall even reserve
a delightful surprise for you tonight.



I thought you were
very old... and very ugly.

I believed the same
about you Madame

We both lied, it seems.

Would you tell me, Madame,
when you want me to do your hair?

I'm talking with this gentleman.

The mirror!

Oh, you...!

Where the hell are they?

Fall in at attention!


Something's not right.
The troop's not here.

The Italians make it a habit
of being late, that's all.

It allows us to take advantage
of the buffet.

I'm the brigade treasurer.
I deal with large sums.

You only worry about
saving your skin.

I've got my heavy boxes
to worry about.

Give me a drink.

You're a messy eater, Captain.

We're not going to wait
all night, are we?

I feel like dancing.

- What time is it?
- Almost midnight, General.

They won't be coming then.

How can it be that
even Paolina hasn't arrived?

Now the others are stopping.

Caroline, ask the ballet-master
for one more dance.

Send Cepoys.
I don't want to see that man.

- His smile annoys me.
- I sent Cepoys 3 times.

You decide for yourself.

I don't give a damn
about his smile.

This is an order, Caroline.

Those swine may not come,
but we simply must have this party.

I want it to be very cheerful,
or you'll be answerable to me.

What is it?

Lambert, come with me.

The rest of you, let me know
as soon as anyone turns up.

I'll teach them about
not coming to my balls.

How can you seize one who's come,
for not coming?

He'll pay for others!

Madame, allow me to insist...
It's an order.

If a tete-a-tete with this Italian
makes you fearful...

...I can offer you my arm
and my Sabre.

I know what an order is.
I'll do my duty on my own.


You'll never get anywhere
with her.

This woman doesn't
even see you.

She has something else
on her mind.

It's when women seem
not to see you...

...that you know
that you can get them.

The dressing-room
for the dancers, please.

This way.

I take it that was
supposed to be funny?

It wasn't.

We can't even dance together.

Gentlemen... I have an idea!

Signor Livio, please?

He's in his dressing room, Signora.

Over there.

Signor Livio?

We're just finishing up, Madame.

Don't run away.

Did I scare you just then?

Italy is full of statues which
don't even wear a fig-leaf.

Is there something I can
do for you, Madame?

This party doesn't seem
to have gone at all well.

Our invitations were for 10pm.

Could you go on dancing...
to create a festive atmosphere?

We simply can't go on dancing
all night, Madame.

But there's no one there.

While we're waiting?

Waiting for what?

There could be no one
all night, Madame.

We've invited the nobility.
It'd be so rude.

It's also rude to march into a country
that's not your own.


I have very few illusions
about the patriotism of the nobles.

But they know that the town
will be freed tonight...

...and that they will be hanged
if they are seen fraternising with you.

No one will come
to your ball.

You'll be in trouble if I repeat
what you say to the general.

Sure. But you are not
going to do that.

Really? Why not?

If I told you, you'd feel that
you needed to be indignant...

...on account of a little secret
that there was between us...

...and about which
men are never wrong...

...even if we've no chance
of ever seeing each other again.

Do I need to be
more specific?

- You'll get what you deserve!
- You too.

- Oh, you...
- Yes, I'm me!

Is that all you know
what to say?

What if I were
to have you shot?

It's rather late to put such a project
into action.

And if one day, by chance,
the opportunity presents itself...

...I promise to be grateful to you...

...on account of
our little secret.

Gentlemen, here is
the first invited guest.

No, thanks all the same.

Madam, to liven up this party,
the cavalry offers you Cepoys.

Very good of it, Captain.

Does your horse go everywhere
with you?

It insisted.
It must have heard about you.

I think it has a bit of centaur in it.

Keep your distance, my friend.

I thought it might perform
at this ball.

Let's make it dance!
Music, please!

Come on! Play!

- What was that?
- Fireworks, I'd say.

It didn't need to be wasted!

Go and see.

General, I'm worried.

Since General Massena
borrowed half a brigade...

...I'm doing the payrolls.

I know we have just 325 men...

...counting myself,
who only fights with numbers.

If the town were to revolt tonight,
what would you do?

Revolt with what?
They surrendered their weapons.

They're going to war with cauliflowers!

Stop! Not so fast!

Stop or I'll shoot!

- Shall I shoot?
- Shoot!

Well then, gentlemen...

Are you fevered, Captain?

I was trying to liven up
this evening a bit.

You certainly are fevered.

Tomorrow, you're to stop in
at the hospital.

But since you are in the saddle,
go to the Santa Maria post.

I give you 5 minutes to tell me
what's going on there.

Hear that, General?

Until it's proven to the contrary,
all I've heard is fireworks.

What about the bells?!

Be so good as to dance, Sir.

We're very appreciative
of dancing.

We're watching you.

That's an order!

I'll shoot anyone
who is not dancing.


I'm afraid, darling.

Leave discretely.
Go to your room.

Get ready to leave.

I'll send for you
in 10 minutes.

Firing all over.

Fireworks, Captain?

No you fool, it's an uprising!

These civilians will do anything
to ruin our lives.

Unload this for me!
It's my cart!

Guard it for me!

Reload that for me!
It's the treasurer's cart.

I do not care! Go on!
Hurry up!

Take the big one!

Unload this for me!
It's my cart!

You'll be punished!

- But...
- You'll get double!

Very good, General.

General... the insurgents
are in control of the town!

I've already found out, Captain.
Thanks all the same.

Your complexion is not so pretty.
You're flushed.

- I've been galloping.
- You'll be galloping some more.

- You're a good horseman, aren't you?
- Yes, General.

You'll be doing some navigation.

The insurgents are guarding everything.

But thanks be to God,
they've forgotten the port.

We have some small boats there.

Take the smallest and disembark
where you can, away from town.

Find the road to Milan...

and take this letter
to General Massena.

- Very good, General.
- One more thing, Captain...

I authorize you to enter
the general's office.

- It's on the second floor.
- Thank you, General.

Thank you.

Try to reach the Church
of San Amandio.

Have the post there
join up with the citadel.

Everybody has started
to evacuate the palace.

We're wasting time.

You don't expect me
to leave my dresses, do you?

I'm taking them with me.
Come on, move!

I'll leave with the general.

A darling little dress like this...

They'd make flags out of them.

There's no way I can get
trunks down on my own.





Service has been impossible
since the Revolution.


What are you doing here?

You rang...
I ran up.

May I be of service?


I want to get my trunk

- Do you think you're strong enough?
- Who?

But you should leave it.

In 10 minutes,
we'll be taking the palace.

I came to make sure
that you'd left.

Your husband is still downstairs.
Run and join him.

And as we probably
won't ever meet again...

I forbid you!
It's an order!

I demand...

It's horrible!

Revolutions are always horrible.

But the others won't
just want to kiss you.

That's why I came back.

My...! Isn't she sweet!

Come on, get going now!

And... good luck, Madame.

I'll be rejoining you.
I'm leaving with the last squad.

Are you going to make a punch?!

I'm afraid I caught a cold.

General, I must seriously protest!

By virtue of my duties,
I must not be in the front line.

And there I am now!

I should be following regulations!

Here is the note that I affix
to the door of my offices.

"It is brought to the attention of the
officers of the 2nd Demi-brigade...

"that the Treasurer-paymaster,

"when gunfire begins,
closes his offices.

"When the gunfire ceases,
he will reopen them.”

General, I protest most seriously!

This is quite outside
the regulations!

Don't be afraid...

It's just the citadel firing
on the town.

Run to the gate
and join the last squad.

I'll just finish burning my papers.

What are you doing here?!

- I'd taken you to the gate!
- Don't yell at me, my darling.

There was no way I was going
to leave my dresses behind.

You came back to see Cepoys.

It was nothing to do with Cepoys.

I don't know how
we'll get out of here.

Come quickly.

What are you doing here, lad?

The lieutenant sent me to tell you
that we must leave.

- General...!
- What is it?

Maclard is overwhelmed...
He's withdrawing.

Wait for me...
I'll be right back.

Hold on.... wait!
No need to be frightened.

It makes a lot of noise,
but it's nothing.

Caroline, quickly...
get on the horse!

But I can't ride in this dress!

Leave, my darling...
You go off.

Where's your riding outfit?

I don't know... in the trunk I suppose.

You need men's clothes.

I have an outfit
in my kit, General.

Get it for her, quickly!

The sentry box.

Get undressed in there.

I'll help you put on the uniform.

Your dress, quickly!

You're stark naked!

I can't wear underwear
with a ballgown.

Your underpants!

- I'm having trouble.
- I'll help you.

- General...!
- What?

We must find another way out
on the map.

I'm coming.

The drummer will give you his clothes.

Help her, but keep your eyes shut!!

Pass it all to me,
but don't look.

What do I start with?

With the shirt.

Come closer, I can't reach it.

Open your eyes a little bit.

Damn, I've put the underpants on
back to front.

The fly is in front, Madame.

Easier said than done.

Come in here and help me.

If you accidentally touch me,
don't get any ideas.

Yes, Ma'am.

How dare they shoot
at a treasurer-paymaster!

It's not war anymore,
it's a massacre.

What are those two doing there?

Soldiers, I am the treasurer-paymaster
of the last brigade!

I'm not armed.
You're to escort me.

The general's wife?

Yes. I have a fearsome husband.

There was a lack of troops,
so he mobilized me.

I protest!

I'm given the rank
of battalion commander.

I've the right to a personal horse.

Go on, get on!
Help him!

Left turn!

Forward march!

To the right...
No, to the left.

To the right, goes through the town.
It'd be difficult to get out.



Get hold of her for me.

She'll lead us willingly,
or by force.

Not a word!


You're crazy to hang around here.

You'll be annihilated!

We hope to avoid that.

But it's Ida!

Would you annihilate me?
After all our kisses?


I've been wondering what ever
became of you, since yesterday.

Come to my house
and I'll hide you.

No, I'm with my pals.
I can't leave them.

We must reach the citadel.
We got lost.

You got lost? That's funny!
How did you manage that?!

If you help us,
you'll be rewarded,

Gosh! The general himself!

Sure, I'll show you the way.

Soldiers are good clients.

Everyone mount!

Have her ride pillion.

With pleasure, General.

Come on, are you climbing on?

For once I can treat myself
to a general...

May I, General?

Come on, kid, help me up.

If you saw my bum,
that was my tip.

The citadel, to the left, over there.

Impossible to get through here.

We have to go back.

We're cut off.

I know the area well.

The citadel is on the other side.
Just climb over the wall.

Leave the horses
and get over the wall.

Assemble on the other side.

Get over the wall.
Assemble on the other side.

Get over the wall.
Assemble on the other side.

They're occupying the building.

Funny fellows.

They revolt, play Mozart,
dance, like Livio.

I've had enough.

You can talk about that
when we're done.

If we meet a patrol,
go ahead on your own.

Watch out!

This is it!
I'm dead!


Come on!

No, don't move. Don't speak.

We're OK.

What if we spent
a quiet night here?

They're patrolling everywhere now.

Come on!

- Are we still going forward?
- No chance of crossing the park.

We must find somewhere
to hide, before dawn.



- Where, there?
- The fountain in front of the palace.

We went past there earlier.

- Come on!
- What about the others?

They must have managed
to get through.

Paolina, it's us.

What are you doing here?

We're paying you a visit.

General, where are your armies?

My armies have evacuated the town.

And I was cut off
from the last squad.

But I can't protect you.


You don't have to protect me.
I'm leaving.

I was able to get
a pass for myself.

But I have a charming cousin
who's a little crazy.

I'll take you to her place.

Do we come up, or go down?

Go down.

My God!

- Where's the countess's palace?
- Second on the right.


You needn't have waited for me.

I can't take it anymore!

It'll be fine here.

We mustn't be far
from the palace.

My darling...

Don't move.

If they'd seen us,
they would have fired at us.

And if they'd fired, the same bullet
would have killed both of us.

I haven't been afraid, you know.

Caroline my darling!

You could say we didn't realise
how happy we were.

We only thought of arguing.

If it takes a revolution
to get us to agree...

Europe will not be enough.

Never again, my love.
Never again.

We'll see.

They're far off.

Let's get away!

There's an open window.
It must be there.

- Risk it?
- Risk it!

- What are you going to say?
- We'll see.

No response.

I'll throw another one.

Do you think she's pretty?

Don't know.
Hope so.

Why "hope so"?

You're not planning on courting her?

Who's there?

Countess Mataleone please.

But.… you're French?

What do you want with the countess?
What are you doing there?

Who are you?

Countess Paolina Ruccelli
is out friend.

We've come to see
Countess Montelone.

But don't make a fuss about it.

It's a surprise.

Give her that sweet
little voice of yours.

You look smart.
Do you want a mandolin?

- I didn't want to scare her.
- You fancy her?

She was just a servant.

They're the ones you get.

You men!

Signor, here is the countess,
Clelia Di Montelone.

Who is there?
Who are you, Sir?

A friend of your cousin,
Countess Rucelli, Madame.

She assured me
of your discretion.

I am General de Sallanches.


You're the general?

But I know you very well!

I saw you pass by
on your horse, one morning.

You were so…

You were so marvelously…

And your horse was magnificent!

Truly a general's horse!

I'll send my lady-in-waiting
right away to show you in.

You see?

See what? You'd rather
she left us outside?

General, whatever I'm doing now,
is pure madness.

I manage to stay out of politics.

You really need to be
VERY friendly towards me.

- And this gentleman?
- My drummer.

"A general and his drummer"?
A good title for a novel.

Your drummer's cute.
Almost like a girl.

To receive you here,
late at night...

Do you realize what
you're making me do?

When Countess Ruccelli
mentioned your name...

...I understood that I was saved.

- Intuition no doubt.
- Intuition?

You also believe
in intuition, General?

You didn't know me at all.

On the contrary, Madame...

That day when you were
on your balcony as we passed...

I was myself, so struck
by the sight of you, that...

Well, I confess...

I had the audacity
to find out your name.

Really, general?

You noticed me?

- From the march-past?
- Yes, Madame.

Soldiers are not brutes.
They are poets.

That's why I suddenly felt...

"It is she who will save me.”

Chekina, isn't it dangerous... put them in the apartment
of the late count?

That would be too dangerous.

They can have the bedroom
between us...

Oh, those flies!

I just had time to hide...

...or you would have been exposed
to a naked French soldier.

Would that have scared you?

Isn't it strange for you
to sleep with the general?

You get used to it.

What are you doing there, Caroline?

It must be very late.

Well, well, well!

He no longer remembers anything.

Here he is calling his wife!

Oh, it's you, drummer!

What are you doing there in the curtains?

Not dressed yet?

I realized I might be seen
by the enemy.

- What time is it?
- 10 o'clock, General.

We didn't dare wake you.

What's all the commotion?

They're celebrating the liberation.

What liberation?

Oh yes...

...liberation for them.

Shall I bring some hot water
an 2 razors?

Just one.

He only shaves once a week.

General, you must come as soon
as you are ready to Madame's.

The French army came,
and was driven out.

An army?
Driven out by these amateurs?!

By how many men?

At least 50.

All on horseback.

Did you understand, Drummer?

It was a Massena scouting party...
to get the lie of the land.

Everything will be fine.

Only, Giuseppe the porter
saw you come in last night.

He wants to denounce you.

He told Madame to get rid of you,
or everyone will be hanged.

Madame is afraid.

Get my razor, right away.

I'm here in my own home!

I do as I please here!

In my day, when a servant
was impertinent...

...they received 100 whacks with a stirrup.

Hear that, Giuseppe?

- My patriotism…
- His "patriotism"!

What sort of word is that?
An invention of the French.

In my day, one was faithful
to one's prince, that's all.

Do you want us
to be hanged?

I'm sorry, Marquess,
I don't understand French.

Ah, General!

We're very worried.

If you stay here,
we'll be hanged.

That would upset me.
Who told you that?

He did!

He says that his patriotism
obliges him to go and tell...

...that you are hidden here.

That's very honourable.

I congratulate you, my friend.

It's great to be a patriot...

...and die for your country.

Unhappily, I shall be
obliged to kill you...

...before you denounce me
out of your own patriotism.


I wouldn't want to scare these ladies...

...nor soil this lovely room.

Where can I take him, Madame,
to do this discreetly?

You are quite monstrous, General!

- Surely you won't kill him?
- He was going to give me up!

- Put yourself in my place.
- Oh, you're terrifying!

It's my job to be that, Madame.

This disagreeable moment
will soon be forgotten.

General... it's like in a novel.

I don't think I could stand it.

Forget it, old chap...
I still have my sword arm.

Don't budge!

Give the countess salts
and lay her down.

So I've got a price on my head?

- Yes, General.
- How much?

Nearly 10,000,
in French francs.


Madame, snap out of it!

Where am I, General?

In my arms, on your bed at home.

I need to ask you
an awkward question.

I find myself without money
at this moment.

Can you lend me 10,000 francs?
It's to avoid being hanged.

10,000 francs?
Most certainly I can, General.

I should have that much
in my desk.


Did you lose the game, General?

Something like that, Madame.

We're going to play
a little game.

I no understand French very well.

No need to understand it well.

It's quite a simple game.

I'm sure you know
how to play it.

Which hand?


I've not had the pleasure
of an introduction.

General de Sallanches.

How remiss of me!

The Marquess of Montelone... mother-in-law,
and her son.

My pleasure, young man.

My son was, during his lifetime,
the greatest patriot in the country.

So I can't sympathize with you
in any way at all.

You have, however,
amused me quite a bit.

If you are to be shot,
tell them I said... must not be
shot in the head.

It would be a shame.

You are quite charming.

General, you are
an extraordinary man.

But revolutions are definitely
not made for women.

I am so fearful.

I'm going to faint again.

I don't believe it.

It's up to you, General.

Leave it...
That's a man's job.

Why are you staring
at me like that?

Because I know why you're sad.

So you know?

It was inevitable.

The countess smells so good
and dresses so well...

You're in love with her,
aren't you?

I am?

Yes, but the countess is in love
with the General.

She doesn't even look at you.

That's why you're so unhappy.

She's in love with the general?
You've noticed it too?

Everyone here has noticed it.

Otherwise, he wouldn't mind
being shot.

The countess is not a good.

It's silly of you
to make yourself miserable.

A general is good enough
for a countess.

But a little drummer must make-do
with a servant.

Oh, Chekina, I'd do it now,
out of revenge, if I could.

But I can't!

I forbid you to return to her.

And tell her that I'm your wife!

It'd be the best way
to have her throw us out.

Right away.

We have to be fair.

She's taking a huge risk.

They're checking all the houses.

I don't care.
It's all very well for her.

General, he's started again!

- Who?
- Giuseppe.

He says he has scruples.
He sounds like he's serious.

Come with me.

- Where are they?
- In the small boudoir.

- Do the others suspect anything?
- No.

See if there's anyone
on the staircase.

Money, money...

It doesn't erase remorse.

General... He says he has
moral scruples now.

“Moral scruples”?
Do they bother you a lot?

They bothers me so much
that I want to go to confession.

You've made progress...
You speak good French now.

In these serious moments...

What do you want to confess to?

His scruples…?!

I might have them..
Even my son might have them...

...but a servant...?!

Giuseppe, after all the money
I gave you...

That can't be compared with duty.

But you accepted it!

On pain of death.

Since then, I have reflected.
It doesn't count.

I fear going to hell,
if I don't do my duty.

In my day it would have
been a fortune.

If you dismiss him, Clelia,
I'll employ him.

They're getting very close.
What are we going to do?

It might be better for us
if you tell them you're here.

The curtain cords, quickly!


...I'm going to faint...
Right now.

Madame, I am acting
in my capacity as general...

Everything done properly.

Through lack of personnel
I'll make any arrests myself.

I must conceal you somewhere,
as well as your son and Madame.

Where's a closet, Chekina?

Get yourselves in there.

My drummer, who's a resolute boy,
will keep you company.

Is this the famous French gallantry?

YOUR revolution's peculiar.

A general of Louis XVI's would never
have dared to speak to me like that.

That's why they all ended up
on the guillotine, Madame.

Get in!
Assert yourself, drummer.

One word and they get this!

Help us, Countess.

You've no time to spend fainting.

The harpsichord in front of the door.

- Do the others know anything?
- No.

Giuseppe didn't want to share.

Let's go up to your room.

Hide my things in a safe place.

There's a safe place
in my room.

So, you go and tell them
that the countess…

Long live the Count de Montelone!

There's a man over there.


Oh, Chekina!

You can't come in
to the house...

Madame is sleeping.

That's the rule, Chekina.

Of course, the countess wouldn't
hide any French people...

It's just that last night, Madame.

Come, I'll tell you something...


Comrades, it's difficult
to say this…

But everyone loves love.

The countess is a widow,
you know.

And last night
one of our men…

But not a word.
It's a secret.

We mustn't waken them.

Will you allow me to go
and check on my own?


- Who is it?
- It's me, Chekina.

Do you have a dress
you can lend me?

You want to be disguised
as a girl?

It's the only way
I can get away from here.

But if they see through it,
they'll kill you...

They've all gone crazy.

Quick, give it to me!

Get it.

What's that?

The bandits...
My fireworks!


Watch the lights,
and don't turn round.

You can turn round now.

See? All fixed.

You're so beautiful as a girl!

Pretty, eh?

Take these.

- How did you make them?
- I figured a way.

We soldiers are clever.

You have any lip rouge?

Tell me, do you know where
Signor Livio the dancer, lives?

No, I don't know.

How do you say in Italian...
"Where does Livio the dancer live?"

Thank you.

Goodbye, Chekina.

Shan't I see you again?

Let me go!

Let me go!


I don't want to!


You idiots!


I'm the one the woman wants.

Come, Madame.


What is your business here?

Your husband sent you?

Don't be silly.

Even the proudest submit
when they're in trouble.

He told you...
"Go and talk to him".

Hoping that you don't pay
too much for it.

What does the general
expect from me?

He's at the citadel.

Tomorrow he'll retake the town.

- He expects nothing of you.
- Wrong.

A candied fruit?

He couldn't reach the citadel.

He's hiding in the town somewhere.
We know that.

You told him of my promise...

He's sent you to ask me
to honour it.

You could have had me shot.

Here is a pass, Madame,
on account.

Men are stupid,
with their stories.

They think that women
are interested in them.

I will go back.

Do you want to know why

I've walked through the town alone?

I'd be curious to know.

Take a seat.

My husband has been in the arms
of an Italian countess...

...who gave us asylum.

I came for revenge.

That's heart-wrenching!

Where the general failed most...

...was in letting you.

I've had many women.

I'm the beast of burden
for those ladies.

Good old Livio...

Who can resist Livio?

I take them
because I despise them.

I was a sweet little boy
who was dying of love.

They laughed at me.

I learned not to give anything
of myself anymore.

That's the way of the world.

- You're well?
- Yes.

I was so scared
a little while ago.

What a strange night.

I'm well, too.

You're right.
It's a strange night.

It's MY night.


Listen to my people...
dancing and getting drunk.

I've been put in charge of insurrection
in this town.

Doesn't that seem strange to you?

An obscure little dancer...

...when there were nobles,
the bishop, officers...

You know why?

"There's no Austrian army
marching on the town..."

as the saying goes.

Because tomorrow it will be
the French entering the town.

And I will be shot.

- Oh no!
- Yes.

The important people
know that already.

That's why, on this night,
I'm alone.

I don't want you to die.

Women are so nice!

We can always blame them.
That's the nicest thing of all.

You don't want me to die,
because I haven't touched you.

So you make yourself sweet,
like you were my little sister.

Well, that's all.

Seeing as you're so sweet
this evening... can do me another favour.

What do you want?

The only thing that would
give me pleasure before I die.

I know where you're husband is

Giuseppe the porter escaped.
He informed me.

Don't be afraid...

I had this man locked up.

I'm the only one who knows

I don't want the general to die.

But my men could still kill him,
despite me knowing.

I'll just be told that
he's disappeared.

I need to talk to him tonight.

If you want to help me...

...get word to me that
he's prepared to see me.

If he asks why?

The French will be here tomorrow.

Repression will commence.

I have 150 soldiers hostage.
I save them tonight.

Your husband will choose the heads
that he wants among the chiefs.

I ask him in return for his life
and that of the soldiers... have mercy on the common folk
of the town...

...who have done nothing,
but would still pay, as always

You can say yes.

Or you can say no.

Thank you.

The Citadel, General...
that spot to the north.

- Above the woods.
- Thanks.

- How many men?
- 2 companies and 4 cannon.

Take 4 men.

Order to shoot.

Try an exit through Santa Maria
as soon as possible.

Very good, General.

Dessieux, your squadron,
by the north-west route.

The rest of the Demi-brigade
surrounds the the town from the south.

Stay here.

As soon as they're down there,
take the bridge.



Don't shoot!

Mr Officer Sir...


Your general is at the home
of the Countess de Montelone.

The insurgents are threatening him.

De Montelone?
I know her well.

The general's wife is
at the insurgents' headquarters.

- Do you know where it is?
- Oh yes!

At the dancer Livio's place.

Lieutenant Verdier,
attack the insurgent's headquarters.

This man will show you the way.

I'll join you there.

Very good, Captain..


The town is in chaos...
the French are coming.

Return the weapons to headquarters.

You've sold us out to the French!

They're after us.

Take this shawl, will you?

Can you go down on the rope?

Come on, step over.

- Scared?
- No.

The way is clear.

Mission accomplished...
And not too soon.

You must know this Livio's lair.

Come with me.

This is what we need.

That's them, General.

This way!

Finalise the town's surrender
and send me some men.

He's sure to land somewhere.

I'll stay here and
keep an eye on him.

That cabin is my place.

In an hour,
we'll resume our journey.

In 2 days... Austria.

Nice, don't you think?

This is not what you dreamed of,
little doll...

...when you came looking for me.

No, Livio...

Let go... please.

I could have taken you tonight.

I didn't want to.


But now…

You've changed your mind?

Oh no, Livio.

I've never known a man
as attractive as you.

But you're just
a passing fancy.

I know.

Life is strange.

I've come to find you...

...and it's only after
being in your arms...

...that I realised my husband
is the only man I love.


Save yourself now...
They're coming!

Whether it's my husband
or your men...

...they'll kill you!


Wait for me here.
You too, Captain.

You can't go up there alone, General.

That's for me to decide.

Nobody shoots
without my order.



- How you scared me.
- Oh, there's no one but you!

I beg your forgiveness!

There's nothing to forgive,
for either of us.

It's all forgotten.

But you must
promise me one thing...

Don't kill him!

- Who?
- Livio.

You've meddled in
politics quite enough.

No more!

He's allowed his hostage to go.

That's just too bad for him.

What are you going to do?

Give the order to shoot him
on sight.

I'm going to defend him!

If you're prepared to defend him,
that's even more reason to kill him.

Is he your lover?

Did you give yourself to him?

Jealousy is an nasty thing.

It makes you dispose of my life
too lightly, General.

Madame forgot her shawl.

I only have one round,
but I'm a good shot.

Make the slightest move...!

Skillful as you are,
once your shot is gone... men will have you
riddled with bullets.

I'm condemned to death anyway.

At least it would be enjoyable
taking down an enemy general.

I didn't allow for you, Madame.

Was that you who fired, General?

Captain... you've disobeyed me!

You and your men
go back down to the path.

By throwing yourself between him
and me, you answered me.

I believe you now.

As a reward, I spare your dancer.

Here is a pass.

You have 2 days to get away.

Go and spread your fantasies
somewhere else.

You should stick to dancing.

After all, why all the emphasis
on killing or being killed?

A lot of running around
for no good reason!

Go back in the boat!


Caroline and Gaston find themselves
all alone in a little boat.

Caroline fools around,
and they're shipwrecked.

Good idea...

You're the only one
I'd want to die with.

Subtitles by FatPlank for KG