Carolina's Calling (2021) - full transcript

Engineers Martin and Tom are in the final stages of developing an infinite source of power that will revolutionize the world. A premature test run causes an explosion so forceful that it ...

Hey, Tomcat I'm
on my way okay.

I think I'm
ready to give it a try.

Listen, Tomcat don't do
anything unless I am there.

Got it?

I'm too excited to wait.

Look we've been on
this project from day one

so you're not doing anything
unless I am with you.

Okay, where are you?

I'm stuck in traffic.

How long
before you'll be here?

I don't know, we're
not even moving.

Come on, hurry.

Tomcat? Hello?

Impatient partner man.

Screw him, it's
just a quick test.

Morning Haaz.

This is
Atlantic World Air,

your package from South
Africa has arrived.

Great news, you know what?

I can be there in about,
less than an hour.

Thank you very much,
I appreciate it.

Thank you.

Hey you guys it's finally here.

Let's go get it.

What's here boss?

The superconductor.

Someone actually
made one for us?

Yeah, remember I told
you about the article

I read about the gold
mine in South Africa?

Do you remember any of that?

Not really.

Alright. Here it goes.

A miner found a never
before discovered deposit

of gold impregnated titanium.

So I ordered a few ounces of it.

Well, that's great, but
what exactly does it do?

Well at the right
doping levels?

The goal of that pregnant
titanium will be used

for our superconductor
and the semiconductor is

for the blue cube.


That, that could work.

That is going to work.

And I'm going to go pick it up.

So who's coming with me?

I'm busy

With what?


And you?

I've got to call
my girlfriend.

- What?
- You don't have a girlfriend.

Yeah, I do, I just got one.

All right, I'm
going to go get it.

And I'll be back.

You guys can chill
out here okay?

Who is she?

You want to see her?


Check her out.
She's right there.

That's your girlfriend?

Wait, when did you
guys start dating?

Oh, about five seconds
after Martin asked us

if we wanted to go with him.


how are you doing?

Hi, how you doing?

Hi there, I'm here
to pick up a package.

Yeah, no problem, can
I see your ID please?

There you go.

Thank you very much.

Do you have a routing
number or a sender's name?

Got it right here.

It's claim number 7-4-3-2-9-7-8
and S as in Sam please.

All right, got it right here.

Give me a minute and I'll
get your package for you.

Thank you.

All right, here's
your package.

Here you go sir.

Thank you very
much. Take Care.

You have a nice day.

Honey. Come on down
for dinner. It's ready.

What are we eating?

Well, I got your corn,
mashed potatoes and chicken,

your favorite.

I was craving
some mac and cheese.

That stuff is bad for you.


Diabetes, high cholesterol,
you ever heard of that?

Yeah, I've heard
it all before,

the food you like will kill you.

It will.

Now look, I have some
great news to tell you.


You know, my blue
cube Radiatron?


It's finally ready,

and the final piece of the
puzzle I already got it

and we're gonna do great
things for the planet

and we're gonna be rich.

That's what you always say.

No, no, no, this
time it's for real.

I hope something
finally works out

cause you spent a
lot of time and money

on that special
Blue Light Project.

Now look honey, I know
that things have been hard,

especially since mom passed away

but things are going to be
different from this point on.

I promise.

And I'm going to make sure

that you get everything
you always wanted, okay?

I know.

I love you baby.

I love you too.

Okay, come on
enjoy your dinner.

Let me know what you think.

Corn's good.

See I told you.

Not as good as the
Mac and cheese but-

- You could always have that,

but home cooking
like this, forget it.

There you have it, gold
impregnated titanium,

and it's bendable, try it out.

Sheer genius.

See I'm
planning on using this

for the passage way of electrons

and speeds will reach
wavelength of about blue light.

Once we do that

we'll be able to power up any
type of devices infinitely.

Can you believe it?

Sir, I've said this one
is, and I'll say it again.

This, this is going
to change everything.

Fossil fuels, climate change.

We're going to end all of it.

That's what I'm aiming for.

Look, you guys are part of this.

You've been with
me from day one.

You're very much
part of this as I am.

Right, you understand that?

Do I have to be in the
room when we test it?

Freddie, really?

This is safe, we've
talked about this before.

Yeah. Just trust
him it's fine.

Come on.

Tomcat trusted you.


Tomcat was impatient.

He should've never tested it.

It wasn't ready.

We're not approaching
it that way.

We're doing it differently.

We're not going to
be in any danger.

Tell him, please.

Listen Freddie, Tomcat's
cube had a lot of mistakes,

but we fixed every single one.

It's safe, it's going to work.

Besides think of it this way.

If it does we'll all be rich.

Yeah rich or dead.

Think about it this way,

for the first time in
the history of our planet

we will be a clean planet.

No more fossil fuel ever
again, none of that.

Endless energy,
forever, because of us.

I mean, it's just
blowing my mind.

Just thinking about all right?

All right, it's blowing
my mind a little bit too.

I'm getting a little
excited about it.

Good, there you go.

Let's get back to work, we
got a big day tomorrow okay?

Let's make this happen.

Okay. Okay.

Surf, sun, ocean breezes.

Hundreds of golf courses.

Come to South Carolina.

While vacationing
in South Carolina

there are so many things to do.

See all the attractions at
Myrtle beach with over 60 miles

of sandy beach off the
sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

Remember you need to
come to South Carolina.

Experience all the
Southern hospitality.

There's nothing
like a relaxing day,

basking in South
Carolina's beauty.

South Carolina again?

That's crazy.

Freddie you broke this again.

You know what,

real estate in South
Carolina is pretty cheap.

Who's cheap?

Real estate homes are
cheap and South Carolina.

Somebody's moving
to South Carolina?

No, I'm just, I just
put my coffee down,

There's an article about
homes is South Carolina

and that happened to be cheap-

Go back to work please.

Tomorrow we will test
the blue cube Radiatron,

full capacity, okay?

Is it-

- It's safe Freddie.

It's safe Freddie.

Now, the superconductor and
the semiconductor in place

we'll be able to power up
a 10,000 square foot home,

with endless energy,
you get that?


You boys ready?

I'm ready boss.

We're going to have to
jump start, go for it.

I'm going to hit it with
about 777 microwatts of energy.


Hopefully we won't take
out the entire town.


- Wait. It's working?
- We're alive!

It works? It works!

Freddie come in here!

- It works!
- It works!

I can't believe it,
it freaking works!

Bye bye global warming!

Can't wait to tell Daisy!

Who's Daisy?

It works!

It works!

Well Ladies and gentlemen
I would love to toast,

because we've been through
hell and back for 15 years.



So, now what are
you going to do

with your magical blue light?

That's a good question, honey.

Well, next month we
have the convention.

We're going to be
there with the cube

and we're going to
meet the big boys.

Big energy companies and
we're going to try to raise

as much money as we can and
we have one shot to do it

and we're going to do
it next month, right?

Don't sell the farm okay?

I don't really have
much of a choice.

I need to raise money, I need
to keep my business going,

you know we got to
end this fossil fuel.

The global warming
has got to end

and it's going to
end because of us.

That's what I like to hear,
now you can make a difference.

That'd be great, I'd love
to see that Mr. Haaz.

Thank you Michelle.

Hey, to Mr. Haaz.

Creator of the Blue
Cube Radiatron.

You're as much of a creator
as much as I am about pal.


Ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for coming out
with us here tonight.

We really appreciate it.

We're about to show you
something spectacular.

Imagine providing and producing
enough energy and power

for your entire house.

Yeah, that's right, you heard
me right, your entire house.

How building my cube, the
size of a small microwave,

you'll be able to
produce enough energy

for a small neighborhood.

But why stop there?

How about building it
the size of a small car?

And with that,

you'll be able to
produce enough energy

to sustain a small city.

Our lab, my lab, SPT labs,
are the only one in the world

to be able to build
this new technology.

And we have it here for you.

Please turn down the lights

and let's check
it out, thank you.

Dare to dream
of a world transformed

by sustainable,
clean blue energy.

Energy that will
eliminate our reliance

on costly archaic fossil
fuels like gas, oil, and coal.

The Blue Cube Radiatron
produces an endless supply

of continuous blue energy.

Blue energy as expansive
as the universe,

vast as the sky and
powerful as the ocean.

Join SPT Labs on our
journey to change the world.

The future is blue.

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming out

and I hope you enjoyed
our presentation.

My team is here to give you
all the information you need.

Please take advantage of that
and we do need your help.

Thank you again.

Thanks for the job Mr.
Haaz, it's been great.

Are we finished or is there
anything else on the agenda?

No. I think we're
done. Thank you again

and thank you all for coming.

There's one thing left
on my agenda though ladies.

What is that?

Your digits?

Not today Freddie,
you're a nice guy,

just, just not my type.

Or yours maybe?

Sorry, I'm not interested.

It's all right Freddie,

Look at it this way,
you still have Daisy

and she can never say no to you.

Very funny Benjamin,

they weren't even
my type anyway.

Hey, what'd you
guys think of that.

I'm not sure about this.

This could potentially put
us all out of business.

We're a small energy company.

I can't compete against this.

I'm not about to let this
ruin everything I've worked for.

I represent the
natural gas industry.

We've been around
over a century.

How do I tell 1.4
million employees

that some little blue
cube just took their job.

We cannot allow this product
to come to market, ever.

We have 500 people and no
check and no money at all.

I don't understand, you
were great up there boss.

We have the greatest thing
ever invented since fire.

No one wants to
give us a chance.

You got that right.

Maybe they think they'll
explode or something

or get blown up, you know?

What is it with you and
blowing things up huh?

He's always afraid.

That's it. They're
afraid of us.

They didn't believe in us.

They don't believe in our
product because they're scared.

The cube is a threat to them.

You know this oil
and energy companies,

they're always smothering
the little guys, like us.

Don't give up Mr. Haaz, we'll,
we'll the funding somehow.

Maybe so, but right now
I got to go see my daughter

and I gotta tell her that her
father is a failure, again.

Take it easy.

Sorry boss.

Honey, I got some bad news.

How bad?

Well, my blue cube works,
but nobody wants to invest.

I'm so sorry dad.

You know how hard it is
to ask these oil companies

to invest.

I'm just so mad that
I let you down, again.

I know I come down hard on
you sometimes about the cube.

Sometimes? How
about all the time.

I'll work on it.

And as for the cube, you'll
figure something out.

You always do.

How am I supposed to
raise money for my company,

without money?

I mean, you can't do anything
without money at all, period.

I'm going to have to
figure something out,

you're right about that.

Hey, sorry to
change the subject.

But have you been to South
Carolina, Myrtle beach?

You know, I saw a
commercial earlier today

and the beaches look sweet.

It's funny you asked that
because I never been there

but I feel like the
Carolina is calling me.

What do you mean?
How is it calling you?

Well, I've been seeing
this advertisement as well

and I feel like we
need to go there.

South Carolina is like
halfway around the world.

No, it's on the east coast
is about 3000 miles away.

- Yeah. 3000 miles away.
- Yeah.

Well, I have no desire
to go, so count me out.

I'll stay here in sunny,
Southern California.

You know, both places
have something in common.

Like what?

They both have
beautiful beaches,

and they both have the
same initials, S-C.

Very funny.

Listen my technology
is going to revolutionize

the way we produce
energy, you get that?

I can't help you.

Come on, do you mean
you can't help me,

or you won't help
me, which one is it?

I can't sorry.

Sorry I haven't
called you back,

it's my caller, my
caller ID, forgive me.

Martin, I
know where you're going,

it's not going to happen.

Why not? I mean, just
come to the office,

come to my lab, see
it for yourself.

See, see what I'm trying to
do here, give me a chance.

I'd like to,
but I got a large contract

with another energy company,

I can't jeopardize my
relationship with them.

I got to pass on this one buddy.

Ah figures, thanks anyways.

Good luck Mr. Haaz.

Thanks pal.

Same goes for me boss.

Absolutely Freddie, thank you.

This is a pretty nice guitar,

I think you've got yourself
a pretty good deal.

I just bought a guitar.

Hope to see you again.

Don't play it in one shot.

Hey Chango.

What's up brother,
how you doing?

I'm good man, I got some
stuff I want you to take a look,

and just give me
as much as you can.

Okay, cool.

Oh, this is beautiful stuff man,


You looking to pawn
or looking to sell?

No, I want to sell everything.


Whatever you can
give me, I'll take it.

To be honest brother,

I think the most
I could give you

is probably 20
grand for all this.

Okay, all right, I'll take it.

You good with that?

Yeah I'm good with that.

Okay. Give me just a minute.

You got it man.

Here you go.

Thank you my man.

Hey, you're very welcome.

Nice to see you man.

You too, talk to you soon.


Hey honey, come on downstairs,

I got something to tell you.

What's up?

Come here.

We are going on a trip.

Oh where? The Mall?

No, we're going
to South Carolina.

I was just kidding about
that Myrtle Beach thing.

It's not that.

It's just that I've
been having this feeling

and it's calling me to
go to South Carolina.

You said that before,
now it's getting weird dad.

No, I've been seeing these
advertisements everywhere

and we have to go to
South Carolina, that's it.

Have a nice trip.

It's only for a
month or two okay?

Do I have to go?

I'm not leaving you here.

But dad!

But dad nothing, let's go.

Come on dad, my friends
are here, Michelle's here.

Honey, you're 15 years old,

I'm not leaving you
here, you're coming

and that's final.

It's my life too.

Look I have this feeling

that we both have to go
to South Carolina, okay?

Well we can't go, you
don't have money remember?

Don't worry about
that I'll make it work.

Who wants to go to the
Carolina's anyway, not me.

Just start getting
packed all right?

Can I help you?

Hi there, I'd like to know
about your rates please.

Look at this, we got our
cactus, we're in Arizona.

What is that called again?


Sonora, okay
that's it, awesome.

You know we're gonna
need some gas soon

and the next gas station
is about 80 miles honey.

Yeah we need some.

It's so freaking hot.

Who the hell would
want to live here?

You think, yeah feels like
someone turned on the oven.

What is it, like 110 degrees?

Just about, you
know it's a dry land.

Right, dry or not, it's hot.

I'm going to get
something cold to drink.

That'd be good, get
me something too okay?



How long does this take?

It's about 900 miles
from east to west.

El Paso to Louisiana about.

Are we close to
the next state?

We're about 500 miles to
go, something like that.

Are you kidding me?

I wish I was honey, I'm sorry.

Hang in there okay?

Look dad we're
in Myrtle Beach.

Three bedrooms,
two full baths,

a basement and large backyard.

There's 2300 square foot home,

must see to appreciate,
favorable price,

it says Sunnyside beach,
so, just south of here,

what do you think?

Yeah, it sounds good to me.

All right, I'll give him a
call then, see what we got.

Oh, hi there, my name is Martin,

I'm calling regarding
the house for rent.

Yeah, we would love to come
today, I'm with my daughter.

Yeah, we, we can be
on our way shortly.

Okay, I appreciate it,
thank you very much.

Let's go see this house

and then we'll have
lunch afterwards.

What do you think?

Yeah, sounds good.

Let's go.

Glad we found something.

This place looks
nice, can we afford it?

For awhile,
let's check it out.

Hi there, I'm Marty.

How y'all doing, you're
here for the rental?

Yeah. We're here
for the rental.

Well come on in, follow me.

And here we have the dining area

and the living room with all
this beautiful furniture.

Would y'all like
to see the kitchen?


My dad loves to cook.

Pearl does all the fixing
and cooking around here.

Best grits I've ever eaten.

Look dad, you can slice, dice

and chop your fingers off here.

She's right about that.

You're gonna chop
your fingers off?

No it's just a joke.

I don't know nothing
about no cutting board.

Only know about eating.

Follow me to
the master bedroom

and don't forget to
see the master bath.

Oh, I like this room.

Yeah. Every room is very nice.

Now do you have any questions?

Well, you like it?


When can we move in?

Did you bring your checkbook?

I sure did.

Here you go baby.


Do you see that hot blonde
over there with that old man?


Watch this.

Good luck bud.

Excuse me, hi
there, my name's Zach,

nice to meet you all, hi.

I do not believe I've seen
you around here before.

We actually just
arrived from Cali.

Oh Cali, you're on vacay?

Sort of.

We're actually
on a family trip.

This is my daughter and there's
nothing to see here, really.

Come on dad, he's my age.

He is, okay how old are
you, what's your name?

He ain't got a chance.

I'm 17, my name is Zach sir.

Zach, Zach nice to meet you.

See, told you
we're close in age.

He's a little bit
older than you though.

Come on dad, mind if I talk
to him and make a new friend.

All right sure, I'll be at
the bar, no problem, why not.

I'm sorry, I believe I
didn't caught your name.


Jessie. Jessie.

And what's your dad's name?

You really want to know?

Sure, why not?


What did I miss?

Well I was just about to ask
y'all to alien put put golf,

y'all got that back in Cali?

Alien put put golf?


Well me and my friends
love put put golf,

but alien put put golf
would be a first for me.

Cool. Cool.

Me and my friends are
going to be heading out.

I was wondering
if you'd be down.

Dad can I go?

You said alien put put golf?

Yes, I actually have the
address right here sir.

Well honey, we have to go
home and drop off our stuff,

and I guess afterwards,
sure why not.


All right, excellent.

I will see you in an hour.

Can't wait.

Good to meet you kid.

All right Zach,
see you in an hour.

That was quick.

Yeah I see you smiling again.

Wow this place is so cool!

Yeah I mean the crew
likes to hang out here

once in a while.

Let's play.

All right, ladies first.

Hey, that's what
I'm talking about!

Now that's what I
call a hole in one.

Pretty good, pretty good.

Oh, looks tough.

All right let's
see what you've got.

- Whoa!
- Whoa!

I wonder what those alien
symbols really mean you know?

It means, don't
ever golf here again.

Yeah, don't you forget that.

Kids these days am I
right, their strange.

Isn't there like a height
requirement to get in here?

I'm on it.


Hey thanks for letting me
go today dad, I had a blast.

I'm glad you had a good time.

I think I'm starting to
like it here in Carolina.

I can see it growing
on me, maybe.

It had nothing to do
with that boy you met?

Who Zach?


Yeah I'm not gonna
lie he's pretty cool.

The place we went was super fun

and I got to meet some
of his friends too.

I'm glad you had a good time
right here in South Carolina.

Not so bad coming out
of here after all huh?

Yeah, it's not bad.

What the hell was that.

Why am I here?

May I help you
find something sir?

Oh I'm just, I'm just
looking around, thank you.

If you find anything,
just give me a holler.

Thank you miss.

Are you following,
following me?

No sir, I'm just making myself
available to my customers.

What's up with the sir?

Just being a respectful
southerner, sir.

Oh, well my name is Marty.

Well had I known that
from the beginning,

I would have called you
that from the start.

Well, that's much better.

Hm, you ain't one
of those wise guys

from New York are you?

Me, no I'm,

I'm an engineer from California.

What brings you
to the Carolina's?

Well, that's a good
question, cause I don't know,

I have no idea.

You don't know or you
don't want to tell me?

No, I, I would actually tell
you if I knew, but I don't.

Oh, okay.

Well maybe it's the
Southern hospitality?

I can't explain why I'm here,
it's just, I can't.

Well, okay Marty, just
feel free to look around

and let me know if
you need anything.

All right.

Hey Miss, I didn't
quite get your name.

That's cause I didn't give it.

All right.

Uh Marty, it's Mary Lou.

Well nice to
meet you, Mary Lou.

You know, I have a feeling

that I'm going to take
this one right here.


Now tell me Marty,
are you on vacation?

No, I'm not on vacation,

I kind of feel like we
were drawn out here.


Yeah, me and my daughter,
Jess, she's 15 years old.

Oh, so is there a Mrs. Marty?

No, she passed away
10 years ago, but,

you know for somebody
so standoffish

you ask a lot of
personal questions.

I didn't mean to,
it just happens,

- I don't know, I'm sorry.
- No, no.

I'm sorry you lost your wife.

No, don't mind me,
I'm just kidding,

I'm just, she was
a wonderful person,

I don't mind talking about it.

Well, that's good to know.

So is this for Jessie?

Yeah, I wanted to
do something special.

Oh, that's so sweet Marty.

Thank you, you know what
else would be really sweet?

Is if you would join
me for lunch tomorrow.

Talk about personal, I mean-

- Hey you started it.

Well as much as I
appreciate the invite,

I don't date my customers.

Well, listen, it's
not a date, okay?

After all I'm just an engineer
from what, California,


I don't know, I-

- Oh come on, I'll meet you
at the diner tomorrow at noon

and we'll have lunch, that's it.

You know, you can
be very persuasive, Marty.

And since you're new in town,

I'll take you up on your offer.

- All right.
- Sounds great.

All right, how much
do I leave for this?


- Well, there you go.
- Thank you.

I'll see you tomorrow then?



How you doing?

I'm good.


Just thought I'd get this table.

This is amazing.


You picked my favorite
seat, how'd you do that?

I did?


Well you see, we have
something in common already.

Look at that.

- Ms. Lee, good afternoon.
- Hi.

The usual?

Yes, please and
I'd like a sweet tea.

Okay, perfect.

And for you sir?

Oh, don't call him sir.

This is Mr. Marty.

Yeah, yeah, I'll have
a Club Med Sandwich,

and a lemonade please.

Okay, would that be all?

Yeah, that'd be all thank you.

No sweet tea?

No, I'm a, I'm a
lemonade type of guy.

It's the best in town.

It is?


I'm a little nervous you know.

I haven't been in a
date in along time.

Okay so why don't you
tell me what brought you

3000 miles to South Carolina.

Well, where do I start?

I've been building a machine,
pretty cool one actually,

it doesn't need any
type of recharging.

And I've been having
visions and signs,

everywhere I look it says,

South Carolina, you
got to go there.

I even had like, you
might call me crazy,

but I've had like
voices in my head,

telling me to come here voice.




I know it sounded
crazy, but yes, it's true.

And, and what I did was,
I packed up everything,

I took my daughter with
me, we traveled out here

and she even met a kid
by the name of Zach,

and I call him, I call
him the Carolina kid.


Zach has been mowing my
lawn since he was seven.

You're kidding?

He's a great kid, wow.

Of course he
has, that's right.

Well tell me about you,
what's going on in your life?



All right.

Well, I've been a Carolina
girl my whole life.

And I was married
10 years, divorced.

Married a redneck,
with a bad temper,

I can't believe I did that.

Started my own business 15
years ago in my late twenties.

The rest is normal.

That's nice, I mean, it
looks like you've been doing

pretty good for yourself, right?

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I was thinking maybe, if
it's all right with you,

we could all hang out and you
can meet my daughter Jessie

and you can help me keep an
eye on this Zach character.

You know Marty, we just met.

And I haven't dated
in a long time,

and I have this ex who
literally just lurks around me

all the time and
he's not a good guy.

And so I'm just, I'm not
comfortable, you know, right now.

You know it's not like
I'm asking you to marry me

or anything like that I'm just,

spending some time together
and get to know one another,

I just have, I just
have this feeling that-

- Oh no, you have
a feeling?

You and your feelings.

I have a feeling.

And here you go, here you go.

Thank you.

Will there be anything else?

No, we're good.

We could, you know,
hang out on Saturday,

have a picnic, during
the day, what do you say?

Okay, Mr. Engineer.


There you go.

You know, you should've
been a salesman.


Hey, is that your phone?


You want to take a picture
so we know it's for real?


Should I put my number?

Oh yeah, absolutely, 100%.

Assign the picture?


So! Who's your new money man?

It's nobody.

It's nobody Billy.

Don't give me that
nobody bullshit.

I seen you talking to him.

He's just a friend.

He's a friend from California.

Don't lie to me, you
ain't got no friends.

Hey, I'm talking to you, woman.

You get back here
and you listen to me.

He's just a friend, okay?

And we ain't married
anymore, you don't own me.

I should have never married
you in the first place.

Whether you like it or
not, you belong to me.

Can't nobody else ever have you.

You better get away
from me Billy, I mean it.

Or what?

Now look what you
made me go and do.

Don't you ever forget
who you belong to.

Oh, who's this?

Oh , it's a friend.

She's pretty.

You think so?


Mary Lou, huh?

Yup, that's her name.

Very Southern.

You should hear her accent.

For your information dad,

we're the ones with the
accent here in South Carolina.

Are you going to see her again?

Yeah, I would love
to, but you know,

I haven't dated in
such a long time

and I don't even know how.

It's like riding
a bike, so they say.

Who's they?

All the cool magazines.

Oh, the magazines.

Well, I would love for you to
meet her, maybe this Saturday

and you know what she
knows your friend Zach.

Really? Cool.

I though you said you
forgot how to date?

Well, it's not really a date,

we're just going to get
to know one another, okay?

Okay pops, whatever you say.

On a real note though,

dad, you haven't
dated since mom.

It's okay for you to
date again and be happy.

I think you're ready.

I know honey, it's been,
it's been a long time.

You know, mom would want
you to be happy too you know.

You know what honey I really
appreciate your support.

You wanna, you wanna head
out and get a bite to eat?

I actually have plans
for dinner tonight already.

Oh, with the Carolina kid.

Who's the Carolina kid?

Your boy Zach.

Nice nickname.

Yes, dinner with
the Carolina kid.

Sorry, I got to go.

Have a good time baby.

I love you dad.

I love you too baby.

Have a good time.

So what do you think?

You're gonna move in here?

Yeah, we'll be
here for awhile.

Maybe a bit longer if my dad
finds what he's looking for.

Well, I sure hope he
finds what he's looking for

so you can stay.

I hate to meet someone like you

and then you just up and leave.

You know plus I, I think
you kind of like me.

Oh, you think I
kind of like you huh?

what gives you that idea?

A certain vibe, I guess.

Hm, oh my dad met
somebody named Mary Lou,

says she knows you.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

And I think he likes her.

From the picture I saw
of the two of them,

I think she likes him too.

Ah well Ms. Mary
Lou is very nice.

I've been mowing her lawn
ever since I was a kid.

Oh, the Carolina
Kid mows lawns too.

My dad calls you
the Carolina kid.

The Carolina
kid, is that right?


It's got a nice ring to it.

Wow, you look beautiful.

Why thank you.

This is my daughter, Jessie.



Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

Do you want to sit in the front?

Oh, okay.

By the way, nice
selfie on dad's phone.

She saw our picture that
he shot the other day so-

- We were just having fun.

Yeah it's a cute picture.

Thank you.

Are we ready to go?

Come on.

So Jesse, do you
like Myrtle beach?

Yeah, it's growing on me.

I heard you met Zach.

Oh yeah, we get along great,
I think I kind of like him.

What does your dad call him?

Well, I call him
the Carolina kid.

Yeah, he's a hottie.

Zach is a handsome boy,
well I mean, young man.

So what about you?

Me? What about me?

Do you like my dad?

Honey come on.

Well, we just met,
but so far so good.

You know, my dad
hasn't dated anyone

or had a girlfriend
since mom passed.

I think I got this.

What? You probably have
a little dust or rust

from not dating for so long dad.

So you go this huh?

I hope so.

Okay, well, you know what?

I haven't dated for years.

So I'm a little rusty myself.

Well, you know
what, to be honest,

I do miss spending time
with someone special too.

You know what I miss,
your home cooked meals.

We've been eating out
a lot since we arrived.

Well, we can do something
about that if you like.

Oh, I have no idea.

Maybe Mary Lou can
come over tonight

and I'll invite over Zach.

Dad you can wow us with
one of your gourmet meals.

A real home cooked meal.

And technically you
guy's third date.

Keeping track?

Well good job there honey.

Well, listen, Mary Lou,
the ball's in your court,

what do you want to do?

I am not going to say
no to a home cooked meal,

come on now.

All right well, dinner
at eight and don't be late.


All right.

When are you going
to open that up.

Open her up right now.

Now this box, is going to
charge everything you see.

Watch this all right.

Oh my, can I touch it?

Yeah, of course, go for it.

It's not going to bite you.

Wow, that is fascinating.

You didn't do this.

I sure did.




This chicken is
off the chain Mr. H.

- I absolutely have to agree.
- Good.

It is delicious.

What is it exactly?

It's avocado
chicken and pesto.

Avocado what now?

It's California Chicken.

Yeah, it's, I blend the
pesto and I grill the chicken

and I do all the satay
with the tomatoes and the-

but the pesto is a secret, so
I can't tell you what it is.

It sounds like a lot of work.

No, no work at all.

He loves to cook, it's
one of his passions.

You know what makes
me the happiest?

Seeing you guys
happy, my customers.

Well you really
outdid yourself dad.

Mm, so good, thanks
for the invite.

My pleasure kiddo.

Ah ahem, excuse me.

What seems to be
the problem Mrs. Haaz?

Did you feed this young man?

No, no, no, no.

This looks familiar.

This is weird.

Howdy, been expecting
you for some time now.

You've been expecting me?

Yeah boy, my name's Charlie.

Come around back, I want
to show you something.

Come on, over here.

Something else I
want to show you.

What is this place Charlie?

Bob! Bob get out
here, he's here.

Holy Crap!

Howdy Martin Haaz.

He talks and he knows my name?

Yup, we talk about you
with my good buddy Charlie.

Yup, I learnt him English.

Hell, he talks gooder than me.

Wait a second, you're an
alien from another planet,

you talk redneck English?

Just somebody pinch me please.

Ow! I was just kidding!

What's kidding?

It means not real Bobby.

Joke maybe?

Yeah, joke Bob.

He's name is bob?

Yup, named him myself.

Hey Martin, you know what
Bob spelled backwards is?

It's B-O-B, Bob!

Good thing right Martin Haaz?

Yup he sleeps right
here in this barn.

He lives with you?


Hey Martin do you want beer?

A beer?

Hell yeah, good stuff.

You taught him
how to drink beer?

Oh yes, makes my head feel
real good after about four.

My head starts spinning,

or maybe it's the
room that's spinning,

I'm not sure but
I like it a lot.

More than my space ship.

Yeah you give ol' Bob a few
beers, he'll sleep for hours,

that way I get some sleep.

Why do you want
him to go to sleep?

Well, he gets to
yammering on about

that alien space man crap and
I just get a nasty headache.

So, I give him a few beers,
he really like it too.

He came from another
planet on a space ship?

When did you come here?

How long have you been here?

That's a whole
lot of questions.

I need to get me
another beer first.

Okay. Bob loves beer.

Oh, feels better.

Martin, I'm not
from this planet.

He knows that Bob.

I was on a mission of sorts.

What kind of mission?

I was searching for
relief for my planet.

Y'all's world was sending
out so much information

on them satellites.

So much noise, it
gave us all headaches.

So I was sent out
to find the problem

and eliminate it.

Orders from my boss.

So you were detecting our
satellites on your planet?

So many messages,
they never stop.

No one could sleep on my
planet, too much noise.

And your boss sent you here

on your space ship to seek
and destroy our satellites.

What's seek and destroy?

Seek is to look
for and destroy is-


Yup, destroy.

Seek satellites, stop
noise, go back home.

Why are you still here Bob?

How many days ago Charlie?

Five years Babo.

Fives years your planet time,

I was searching
you all satellites,

when all of a sudden, a strong
blue beam hit my spaceship.

The ship exploded and
I fell from the sky

and landed on Charlie's place.

Can't go home, got no power,

And I've been just
trying to build

my teleport circle up again.

Yeah, he needs a lot
of power to get moving.

Following me so far Martin?

Yeah Bob, keep talking.

Bob needs your help Martin.

So listen, you put
that stuff in my head

and the visions and the signs?

Yes I did Martin, telepathic
messages to the spot

where the blue beam came from.

Well you know what,
that beam of light,

that hit your spaceship,
that wasn't from me,

that was from my partner
five years ago, from Tomcat.

Well then he should come
here and help me get home.

Well Bob, he passed away in
the explosion five years ago.

So he won't be able to make it.

And that's what happened,

that blue beam of light
destroyed your spaceship

and that's how you landed here.

You're here now,
you can help me.

Bob I don't have the slightest
idea how to fix your ship,

Your teleportation,
I don't know.

I'll send Pixel
thoughts to your mind.

I done read your mind
a little bit already,

I know you have the power
source I need to get me home.

Bob just needs
your help Martin.

I mean I like his
company and all

but it's been five years and
he'd done drunk all my beer.

And you should try
feeding this giant,

I mean, he eats a lot.

But mostly Bob misses his
family, wants to go home.

All right Bob, I'll
give it my best all right.

I'll try to help you out.

Thank you Martin.

You got it Bob.

Hey Ben, it's Marty,

You're not going to
believe what I just saw.

What'd you see?

Are you ready
for this, here it goes.

How long
have you been an inventor?

Oh, well inventor, scientist,
well more like an engineer.

When I was a little boy, I
used to go to RadioShack,

remember RadioShack?

Oh my
gosh, RadioShack?

I used to go
there, I used to buy,

well, one of the things I
bought there was a walkman,


Oh stop.

Yeah, walkman, and I
would buy fuses and cables

and I would build this stuff,

you know I just wanted to
keep building and building.

Most of the times
I blew things up

right in my parents' garage.


I would blow
them up over and over again

until I was able
to build something.

And I became good,
real good at it.

And then finally I built
the gem of all gems,

my Blue Cube Radiatron,
which I'm really proud of.

What about you?

I mean, is this
your only marriage,

you've been married before?

Yes only one marriage,

I did have a high
school sweet heart.


I could have sworn
he was the one.

We were together
seven years, 16 to 23.

That's pretty good.

Football jock, very
fit, very handsome.


And then Billy, you know,
the jealous, controlling bully.

Do you know that I could not
even go out with my girlfriends

or take the dog on a walk
without him accusing me

of adultery somehow
or I don't know.

Anyway I got enough
courage and strength

to finally get a divorce

but somehow he still manages
to make my life miserable.

I hate seeing live in fear.

No one should live in
fear, especially you.

On a more positive
note, please,

- I loved meeting Jessie.
- Aw thanks.

She's so beautiful.

Great sense of humor
like her daddy.

Well thank you, I'll
take that as a compliment.

Well you should,
you're special.

Well Mary Lou,
you're a special woman.

Thank you for dinner.

It was my pleasure.

But I gotta go.

It's that time.

You can stay.

You don't think it's
too soon for a sleepover?




Come on.

Well, well, well, don't
we look happy this morning.

Did you two?

- Did we what?
- What?

Nothing, oh nothing.

Oh no, you know it
just got late, so we-

- So we?

You better what watch
out there young lady,

we, we nothing.

Your dad is making
his famous pancakes.

Well Mary Lou
you're in for a treat,

my dad's pancakes are the bomb!

As a matter of fact

can you help us and set them
on the table, thank you.

How are you doing today?

How do you think I'm doing?

Really dad?

You think you're actually
gonna use that grill?

I'm going to try.

You know I've been stuck
in a lab for 15 years,

I though I might enjoy
this beautiful day,

Sunshine, have a barbecue.

I know what it is.


It's Mary Lou, she's got
you all excited about life.

Got that right.

I'm thrilled to see
you two together.

You both seem so happy
and that makes me happy.

It's been a long time dad.

I know, pretty
sharp there kiddo.

Get it from you and pops.

Since you're here,

I got something really
important to tell you.

Please have a seat.

Cause you're not going
to believe me okay.

It's pretty, it's
pretty crazy now.

All right you know those signs

that I've been having, the
dreams and everything, right?

Yeah, you told me.

Okay I know what's
going on, I really do.

I went for a drive yesterday

and I found the barn,

the house that I've been
seeing in my dreams.

And I met a guy by the
name of Charlie, okay?

Charlie knew I was coming, it
was crazy out of this world.

What's so weird about that?

That's just the
beginning of the story,

there's more to it.

So Charlie introduced
me to, okay,

I'm about to tell you something
crazy, please believe me.

You're freaking me out.

No, No!

I'm serious.

Okay. I promise.


So Charlie introduced
me to Bob, okay,

Bob is an alien
from another planet.

I'm serious, his spaceship
crashed about five years ago

and he landed right on his barn.

Believe me okay?

Now, now Charlie's
trying to build him

a teleportation portal to
send him back to his planet.

And he needs me to help him.

Now, there was a beam of light
that destroyed his spaceship,

That beam of light
came from my lab.

The same lab that exploded
five years ago with Tom in it,


That's a lot to digest.

I know!

So when do I get to
meet this Bob and Charlie

and see this tele portal thing?

You really want to meet them?


We can leave in
about five minutes,

you can meet him if you like.


All right, come on, let's go.

You don't think I'm crazy.

Well, that's pushing it.

Come on.

Hey Bob, Bob it's
Marty, come out.

Martin Haaz, you came back.


Dad, a real alien.


Jessica Haaz, I
meet you finally!

I told you Bob, I'll
bring my daughter.

Jessica, this is Bob,

Bob, this is my
daughter, Jessica.

Nice to meet you Bob.

Happy to meet you too Jessie.

Martin, shall we get started?

All right, first of all

I want to know where the
heck do you come from?

14 light years away from here.

So I got to go fast, real fast

if I'm going to teleport
back to my planet.

How do you teleport in space?

Well a teleportation
machine is a transporter

that will convert a human
or an alien in this case

into an energy pattern.

Then they will be
beamed up to a location

and somehow reconverted
back to themselves right?

Yup. Yeah Martin Haaz,
that's all we need to do.

So how long does it
take you to get home?

Less than two minutes.

Wow. So is anyone
missing you back at home?

Yeah, a lot of people.

I've got a wife and
two children, superiors

and lots of friends.

Wow you gotta get home.

Dad, are you gonna help him?

I am, I'm going to help him.

Well! I thought
I heard voices.

Howdy Martin!

Who's this young lady?

Well, Charlie this
is my daughter Jessie.

Jessie, this is my
good friend Charlie.

Hi Charlie.

Howdy do there daughter
Jessie, nice to meet you.

Jessie, you want a beer?

I'd love one Bob.

Well, she can't drink
Bob, she's a teenager.

What's a teenager and
why don't they like beer?

A teenager is a youngin' Bob.

And youngins' don't drink beer.

But that don't mean
Charlie can't have one,

toss that bad boy over here.

Now let's get back to
work people, and of course,

alien over here.

Yeah boy.

Hey Charlie get me vice grip.

Hold your damn horses,
I ain't Speedy Gonzalez.

Yeah what?

Help me working.

I'm working.

Bob, Bob?

Are you okay? Are you dead?

Dad I think he's dead.

No that's how he
sleeps all the time.

Don't worry, all he has to do
is just bring him some beer

put it next to his nostril,

the one that looks
like a nostril,

and move it around,
he'll wake up.

Check it out.

Hey Mary Lou.


How are you doing?

Good, how are you?

So Good to see you.

Good, it's good to see you-

Let me see.

Let me see please.

The son of a bitch, I
swear to God, come on!

No, no.

I'm going to kill
this guy, I swear.

It's all right,
all right, it's okay.

I don't want you in my mess.

Your mess?

This, your mess is my mess.

I feel the same
way about you, okay.

Billy is a different kind
of bad, okay, so please-

- I got the perfect thing for
the son of a bitch, I swear.

No, no Martin please don't
do nothing stupid, promise me,


Don't worry about me okay?

Go put some ice on it okay?

Come on!

I can't do this!

You know I don't
have the right parts.

I can't!

Are you mad Martin?

No I'm not mad,
I'm just frustrated.

I'm sorry Martin.

I'm sorry Bob.

Martin, you reckon
we'll need this here part?

I don't know whether to
kiss you or to kick you.

This is what I need!

Well I don't think
I want to be kissed

or kicked by you Martin.

This is what I've
been looking for,

this is the part that
I need, thank you.

You're welcome.

Man! You know what I am going
to need some help from you.

What can I do you for Martin?

I'm going to need a real favor
from you if you don't mind.

Anything you need Martin.

You know what this
needs a celebration.

Oh beer!

Yeah, you deserve it.

You found the part,
you're gonna help me out.


Cheers oh I love beer!

Trying to enjoy
my damn dinner.

What can I do for you?

Hello, Billy.

Hey, you're that
guy I saw hanging out

with Mary Lou down at
the boutique aren't you?

That's right, I need
you to pack all your crap

and get out of town for good.

Who's going to make
me do that Martine?

It's going to be me.

You're going to pack your bags

and leave South
Carolina for good.

If Mary Lou sent you down
here, she's going to get hers,

You can count on that,
but as for you my friend-

- I'm going to give it a
last chance right here.

I'm going to count to three

and then you're going to pack
your crap and get out of here.

All right?

No boy, that ain't
how it's going to go.

I'm going to count backwards
from three on down to one,

and then I'm going to
smash your face in.

Are you hearing me?

I gave you the last
chance here it goes.



You should've
listened to Martin!

Now I'm gonna crush your
head like a little beer can!

No, No, please!

Put me down! Please put me down!

You know he sounds like
a little weasel doesn't he?

Should I suck the life
from him now Martin?

Should I let him suck
the life out you punk?

No! No please I'll move!

I got a brother in
Texas, I swear I'll go!

Soon as this monster
puts me down,

I'll pack and I'm gone!

I need you to do
something for me,

you're gonna leave
Mary Lou for good.

You're gonna pack your stuff
and never see her again,

you got it?

Yes! I promise, I
promise, I promise!

I want you to call Mary Lou,

and I want you to apologize

for everything you
ever done to her,

you're also going to tell her

that you will never come back
to South Carolina ever again.

You got that?

Yeah, I got it! I got it!

Bob put him down.

That was great Bob!

That was a lot of fun.

You think we should
get a nice ice cold beer?

Hell yeah Martin, I love
beer, it's so refreshing!

You know what?

I also think we should
take a picture for Ben,

he's going to love it.

Here, look over here.


Hi there.


I need to talk to
you about something.

Mm hmm?

So last night, Billy calls me

and he starts telling
me that he is sorry

for everything he's
ever done to me.

And then he says,
he's moving to Texas.

To Texas?

I mean who moves in
the middle of the night?

I guess Billy does.

That's not all, he then
mentions you

and some eight foot
alien named Bob.

Eight foot alien named Bob?

I mean he was talking
so nutty and fast,

I thought for sure
he's drunk, right?

Oh, right, right.

Well, listen,

I want to tell you something.

No one will ever hurt you again.

And I'm also going to tell
you something really crazy

but I want you to believe me.

All right.

All right, remember I
told you I had that feeling.

The reason why I'm
here in South Carolina.

I know what that feeling is.

And I want you to see it.

I can't really tell you
about it because you won't

believe me.

So you have to see it
with your own eyes.

Oh Okay?

So you have to come with me.

Okay, where are we going?

Well, come with me, let's go.


Just trust me, baby, come on.

All right.

Come on Mary Lou.

Come on.

Come with me, I've got
something to show you.

What is this place Martin?

This is the place.

This is the barn that I
was telling you about.

Come on, come with me.

Trust me.

Mary Lou this is a
teleportation circle for Bob.

Okay? Wait.


You got to trust
me, believe me.

What are you talking about?

I know it sounds crazy

but Bob is an alien
from another planet.

His spaceship crashed
about five years ago and

the only way he can get back
home is by using teleportation.

And this is it, right here.

Where is here?

What is this?

This is the barn that
belongs to Charlie.

Who's Charlie?

Charlie is Bob's best friend.

I just want to go.

Can we go?

No, it's true.

Hold on a sec.

Hey Bob.

It's Marty coming out.

Mary Lou Lee it's
nice to meet you!

Bob, this is Mary Lou,

Mary Lou, this is my friend Bob.

Oh my gosh.

Should we celebrate
with a beer?

Bob, no beer right now.

Thank you though.

You're not going
to hurt me right Bob?

Of course not!
You're Martin's lady.

So that makes you
family Mary Lou Lee.

Whoa, what do we have here?

If this ain't the sun shining

down on me like moonshine
hitting my belly,

Martin you have picked
yourself the cream of the crop.

Well, thank you, sir.

Mary Lou this is my
good friend Charlie

and Charlie this is
my girl Mary Lou.

It is a pleasure to make
your acquaintance ma'am.

And my dad add you about
as pretty as a peach.

Thank you.

And I love what you
did with the place.

Well, it ain't
much, but it's home.

Okay. Good.

Well, listen, you
guys, we've been thinking

that we've been working
really hard and so maybe

we could have a nice barbecue
over our place this afternoon?

- There you go.
- Sound good.

What's barbeque?

It's a outdoor
stove you cook on.

Bob loves food!

We'll be there.

Hey, I'll bring the
mountain oysters.

Mountain oysters?

You ever hear about taking
the bull by the balls?

Oh, you mean taking
the bull by the horns?

No, I mean taking
the bull by the balls.

You know what?

We're good.

We have enough
food for everybody

and we'll see you
this afternoon.

Okay you let me know
if you change your mind!

You got it. You got it.

I'm thirsty.

How about a beer.

Bob loves beer.

I might need two.

Oh, we're running low.

So you like our barbecue?

Oh, I like it real good.

So what's your favorite food?

Pizza, Pop-Tarts, mostly beer.

I'll be right back Bob.

Here you go honey.

You know what?

That's right.

Oh, I got a hot dog.

You take a step
back there buddy.

Hey Bob, what you got there?

Oh I got a hot dog.

Oh is that your new
favorite food here on earth?

Oh I like hot dogs,
but I love beer.

I'm sure you do.

Hey bud, you ever heard
of a game called Frisbee

we got here on earth?

No I haven't.

All right.

Well, let's play some

I'll teach you how you might
want to put that plate down.

You're going to be using
both your hands for this.

So I'm going to throw it to you

like this and then you'll
catch it like this.

All right.

Okay. So hands out.

We'll try it.

One, two, three.

Well, that's all right.

I got another one right here.

We'll try it one more time.

All right.

You got it man!

One, two, three.

Bob loves Frisbee!

Throw it back,
I'll catch it now.

You know, I'm glad
Martin showed up and all,

but once everything is
fixed, and Bob goes home,

well, I'm gonna be
all alone again.

I sure wish I could meet
a pretty lady like you.

Oh, that's sweet Charlie.

Yeah, I'm not used to
talking to pretty ladies.

No ladies actually.

I ain't to smart neither.

No, you just got
to get out more.

There is someone for everybody.

Hear me?


So, what'd you
want to talk about?

Well, Jesse, I
really like you.

I think you like
me and we have fun

and, and Bob's here
and, and Mary Lou

and your dad-

- Did you ask me to
be your girlfriend?

I thought you'd never ask.

Best be going now.

The rewiring and
sequencing is finished.

As soon as I hook up the
Radiatron to the motherboard,

I know it's going to work.

This works and I get
home, I'll owe you my life.

You and Charlie are my best
earth friends Martin Haaz.

Tomorrow, when I return
home to my planet,

I'll miss this here family.

Well, you know what, Bob?

It's not going to be
the same without you,

I'll tell you that much.


Hi Bob, so are you married?

Yes, but on my planet
we call it kapau,

which means ever in my world.

I've got a wife
and two children,

but thanks to Martin I'm gonna
see them again real soon.

I'm reading your minds,

this thing between
you two is real good.

I think it's going to
be kapau everlasting.

Hey, how about a toast.

Bob, been five years,
I'm gonna miss you buddy.

Martin, if you hadn't shown up,

none of this had been
possible for old Bob.

To friends, who I
consider family now.

And to always being there
for each other, all right?

To my earth family,
tomorrow we say goodbye,

but even being 14
light years apart

you will remain in my heart.

Martin do we drink the beer now?

Yes, sir.


Yeah let's all drink!

Hey there, Mr. Haaz,

where do you want
me to set this down?

Oh yeah, just give them
to Bob please, thank you.

There you go.

Thank young Zach.

I'll tell you, this is
looking pretty badass.


All right, here we go guys.

All right Zach, I think
it's best you take cover.

I'll fire it up, okay?

Nothing, no power, it
ain't working Martin.

Can you try one
more time Martin?

Bob I don't know
what's going on,

Let me try something
else, I'm sorry.

Check in one more time Martin.

Nothing Bob.

What are we going to do?

I don't know.

What's wrong?

It won't start.

The cube didn't work.

Come on, there must be
something you can do to fix it.

Don't worry Bob, my
dad will fix the cube

and you'll get home okay?

Listen, the cube
is not powering

the teleportation
system somehow.

Well fix it dammit!

Dad back at the lab

you guys could
troubleshoot any problem.

You're right, that's it honey.


Hey Ben, what's
up my friend it's me.

Nothing much, how about you?

Look, I need your help.

The Radiatron is
not sending power

to the teleportation system.

And I spent the last
few weeks rewiring,

recoding everything, but
when we try to power it up,

we got nothing.

Did you check all the
connections to the cube?

Yes, of
course I did everything.

Did you see if there
was any frayed wiring,

anything like that?

Yes. Yes I did.

Okay, I'm going
to need to see the cube

to see if there's anything wrong

with all the connections,
all that, okay?

Okay, hang on, I'll
facetime you now, okay?

All right, got it.

I'm going to turn the camera
so you can see the machine.

There you go.

Move the phone to the left.


Back to the right.

How's that?

Got it right
there, perfect.

Talk to
me, what do you see?

I see the problem,
this is so simple,

I can't believe you
didn't figure it out.

Tell him now.

Oh, okay,
all right, all right.

You're missing a
power converter,

You'll need to plug directly

into the teleporter's
power source.

Put the converter between
the two power sources

and turn it to at
least 42,000 amps.

Thanks man, we'll talk soon!

All right Bob, we've used
up all the marbles, okay?

You ready?


Here goes nothing.

Holy shit, it's time to go!

Wait, you're not leaving now?

Not without saying goodbye.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

You fixed it now
you done broke it!

No, Charlie, I
just turned it off.


To say my goodbyes.

All right Bob, this is it.

Martin! Send Mary
Lou out here right now

or you're all gonna die!

All right Jessie, you
take Mary Lou in the back.

I got it, please, take
her in the back now.

Go, go in the back, hide.

All right guys,
Bob, we got this.

We're gonna need your help okay?

We'll go on out front,
and then we'll call you.

Come on guys.

Mary Lou you better
get over here right now,

or everybody with you is
going to get hurt real bad.

You didn't listen to me
the first time did you?

You know what Martine?

I ain't as stupid
as everybody thinks.

I've been thinking about it.

I think that monster you brought
to my house the other night

was some kind of fancy Halloween
costume or special effect.

I know there ain't no
such thing as aliens.

We ain't scared of
you, right boys!

A bunch of Halloween
bull crap is all it was.

Trick or treating is over boy!

That's right! I'm
gonna tear you up!

Mary Lou! Get over here, now!

You better pack in get
in your trucks and get out.

Tell you what Martine,
you're fixing to get hurt,

real bad, I'm gonna
show you good.

We come for a fight!

Here's your fight boys.

That's great Bob.

Bob? Is they dead?

No, they're sleeping.

Bob, can I have a hug?

I was a true pleasure Bob.

Y'all have given me the
best gifts in the world.

Your friendship, you're
sending me home to my family.

I'm going to miss all y'all.

Bob, you brought us
here to South Carolina,

you mean the world
to us, thank you.

Bob, it's been
a real trip mate.

Now you four take
care of each other,

and keep an eye on Charlie.

Oh, wait, talking
about Charlie,

Where is Charlie?

Here I am, come on man,

you didn't think I let you leave

without your favorite
stuff did you?


Get out of here you big lug.

I'm gonna be right here.

Yeah buddy.

Hey Bob, my friend,
we're gonna miss you.

Do you Mary Lou Lee,

take this man to be your
lawful wedded husband.

I do.

And do you Martin Haaz,

take this woman to be
your lawful wedded wife?

I do.

By the power vested in me.

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss your lovely bride.

Oh yeah!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I give you Mr. and Mrs. Haaz.

Martin and Mary Lou came
into my life a year ago,

and they and them kids there,
well they're family now.

So y'all raise your glasses
up to Martin and Mary Lou,

May they find happiness
their whole lives.

Come on Martin and Mary Lou!

We're gonna miss the plan!