Carolina Moon (2007) - full transcript

In her mid-twenties, Tory Bodeen returns to the small Carolina town of her childhood, where her best friend Hope was murdered in an unsolved assault. Tory is blessed - or maybe cursed - with the ability to see events in the past and present, and although at the time she knew what has happening to Hope, she was unable to prevent it or to see who the assailant was. Her father, a righteous religious fanatic, remains a suspect. As the anniversary of Hopes death approaches, Tory resolves to face her demons with the help of childhood friends - her cousin Wade, Hope's sister Faith, and Hope's brother Cade, who still carries a torch for her. Will friends be enough?

This is where
the russian plane went down.

yes, that's what
my instruments are telling me.

we have to retrieve
the nuclear warhead

before they send
their rescue force.

come on, already.

the geiger counter
is going crazy.

it's here.

i found it.
i found the warhead.

tory, what is it?
what's wrong?

are you
having a vision?


somebody's watching us.


i can't tell.

it's... blank.

leave us alone!

it's getting late.
i better go.

we have to meet tonight
to plan the attack

on enemy headquarters.

right here, 8:35 sharp.
i'll bring the lemonade.


it's just your brother
and my cousin.

ho, if mom found out
you were swimming

a grown-up around --

if mom found out,

there would be one less
cade lavelle in the world.

you won't tell my parents,
will you, wade?

i don't know, cuz.
what's it worth to you?

you guys said
you were gonna wait up on me.

mommy, mommy, i was so scared
in the woods all alone.

what if a snake came
and bit me on my extra,

giant-sized butt?

oh, my god,
it's a cottonmouth.

aah! where is it?!

you guys
are such jerks!

better a jerk
than a dweeb.

* dwight the dweeb

* dwight the dweeb

* dwight the dweeb

* dwight the dweeb

* dwight the dweeb

boys are such bores.

don't forget
about tonight.

the woods are full
of enemy spies.

we need a password.


make us ever grateful
for thy mercy, lord.

whosoever turneth
against thy commandments

shalt thou smite
with pain of the spirit

and torment of the flesh.


the blackberries
are coming in so big and ripe.

i might want to get in
a little canning this week --

make a nice jelly.

mm-mmm, i love
that blackberry jelly.

i know i've got some paraffin
around here somewhere --

if i could just
think where it's gone to.

gone to?

i work myself black and blue

every day of the week
with the lord,

and you wonder where the things
i buy for you have gone to.

it's on the top shelf
of the cabinet

above the stove behind
the molasses and the cornstarch.

well, how do you know
where the wax is, victoria...

...up where you can't see it,
you can't reach it...

unless the devil showed it
to you in one of your visions.

she must have seen me
put it up --

shut your piehole.

a year -- a whole year
since last canning season...

and you remember...

...that it's exactly between
the molasses and the cornstarch.

i'm sorry, daddy.
it just came to me.

i promise
i won't do it again.

open the door,

baby, baby,
when the devil's

got a child
under his power,

who's gonna set her free
if her daddy doesn't?



41, 42,
43, 44, 45, 46.

hey, faith.
want to play jacks?

hope, you're making me
lose count.

people say
twins think alike.

47, 48.

where are you going?

to meet tory.

please don't tell.


you wouldn't have any idea

where hope's got herself to,
would you?

she's hiding in my closet.

it's some dumb game
she's playing.

oh, well,
somebody has a ballet lesson

she needs to be well-rested for,
and it's almost 7:30.

faith, did you see
the new toothbrush i bought you?

you are the best brother
in the world.

can i go with you?

why would you want to?

* cade and tory
sitting in an tree *

i hate you.
* k-i-s-s-i-n-g

* first comes love,
then comes marriage *

* then comes baby
in the baby carriage *




it's okay if you
can't remember the password.


just come out, okay?



go away.


ever since
that terrible august,

i have missed hope,

as i miss the part of me
that died with her.

the day my father took us away,

not a week after hope
was put in the ground,

i had no idea
that it would be 18 years

before i'd come home again.

funny how in the pictures
there was a plant

right in front of that crack
in the window.

you bet you'll be right
down here to take care of it.

thank you.

don't kill
your favorite cousin.

i'm so happy to see you.

i can't believe
it's been three years.

i kept meaning to come
back up to new york and visit,

but, you know, i'm opening
my own practice and all.

just tell me that
this place is totally beautiful

and i am gonna
be a huge success,

and i'll forgive you

yeah, it's, uh --
it's terrific.

just one little question.
in god's name, why?

"in god's name, why,"

you know perfectly well
"in god's name, why" what.

make yourself useful.

this whole area
is booming --

all those new families

who are dying
to fill their houses

with high-end,
handcrafted housewares

that i am here
to sell them.

there's a thousand cute,

booming yuppified towns
in the state.

why here?

why go chasing restless ghosts
and bad memories?

it turns out that
restless ghosts and bad memories

know their way to every town
i've ever run away to.

i can't keep running.
i cannot keep letting them win.

it's not just the ghosts.
you should hear the living.

"you know who's opening
that new store on main street?

"the girl whose daddy

killed hope lavelle
and got away with it."

which may
or may not be true.

what is true is

that he's only 100 miles
up the interstate

and just as piss mean
as ever.

and on work furlough
for hitting that cop

and has to punch in
every morning,

or back to prison,

yeah, yeah,
every morning

till the one morning
he decides not to.

he can't hurt me now.
he can't hurt me ever again.

that's why i came home... i'd finally
believe that.

at least come and stay with me
until you find a place.

i found a place.
i'm renting the cabin.

the cabin?

the lavelles
have fixed it up like new.

no, tory.
not out there, where --

it's what i need to do.

i'm not
gonna change my mind.

oh, now...

now, this, you are not
gonna believe.

tory, i'd like you
to meet a fine local contractor

who also happens
to be the recently elected mayor

of progress,
north carolina --

dwight collier.

it's good to see you,


you mean
dwight the dw--

go ahead and say it.

"dweeb" -- it's a badge of honor
i wear with pride.

all the hell i suffered

was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

it got me running
10 miles a day,

sneaking into the gym
every night,

doing everything i could
to break the curse.

10 miles a day -- hell,
once a dweeb, always a dweeb.

and look what
all that hard work got me.

that cannot
be tory bodeen.

you're lissy harlowe.

lissy harlowe collier.

it never was the same
around here without you.

and how's your sweet,
old mom and dad doing?

you know,
tory's had a long drive,

and i've got to
get her something to eat,

so we'll see you guys

welcome home, tory.

tory, get that box.


you've got to see this.

his belly looks like five.

cade. cade, come here.

just a sec.

you better go.

tory, get in the car.

are you here?



kincade anthony lavelle,
to be exact.

wanted to stop by,
see if you needed anything.

i'm fine.

everybody's talking

about the new store
opening on main street.

talk is good,

considering the size
of my advertising budget.

you grew into your eyes.

when i was 12,
they used to scare me.

when you were 12,
you were too busy running around

like a monkey with my cousin
and dwight to notice me.

there was a space of time

when i noticed
everything about you.

i still carry that picture
of you around in my head.

is there
something you want?

is that what you think?
everybody wants something?

i have about three months' work
to do in three weeks.

i should get started.

you just let me know if there's
any problems with the cabin.

your sister's home.

"home for a visit" home
or "home" home?

well, that was fast.

we'll have dinner.


make me a whiskey and soda,
hold the soda.

welcome home, faith.

do you know
what the problem

a country-western singer is?

all those pretty songs
put a tear in your eye.

all that...

* i cheated on you, darling,
but i love you *

* you're the best friend i got
besides my bottle *

well, it all turns out
to be nonfiction.

cade... that was lissy collier
on the phone.

please tell me we're not
going to rent the cabin to her.

lissy collier?
lissy's moving out on dwight?

to victoria bodeen.

she's opening some kind
of a store on main street.

she's not gonna
be any trouble to you, mom.

no... no trouble at all,

except every time
i walk down main street

and have to see her face.

she was 10 years old.

old enough to run away
and save her own skin.

and old enough to protect the person she saw doing it.
she wasn't there.

so you subscribe
to the "my favorite martian"

version of the story?

she was able to tell us
exactly where the body was

because she picked it up
on her little antenna.

i don't care what alibi
the police chose to swallow.

her father raped
and murdered your sister

and threw her away
like a broken doll,

and i can't believe
that you would allow her

to live on our property.


and why did she have to turn up
in august?

of all months.

put your bags away,

what the hell
is tory bodeen doing back here?

well, darling...

a person could ask
the same thing about you.

i will studiously
ignore that.

why did great-granddaddy
have to build

this gloomy, old castle

instead of a nice, white
plantation like everybody else?

and why is it
i can't wait to get back home,

and then 10 minutes
after i'm here,

i feel like the life
is being strangled out of me?

you know, i think you'll
find the nightlife in progress

hasn't really improved much
since you left.

well, then, that's about
to change, isn't it?

you tell robby to give you
two of these pills twice a day,

and if he forgets,

you call me up
so i can give him a what for.

do you
think he heard me?

there you go.
see you, robby.

you really should look
into the lock on that back door.

you're a married woman.

well, then,
how about i read some magazines

while you wait for the
annulment papers to go through?


...don't do this
to me again.

oh, now, look at this.

it seems there's
a whole new frontier opening up

in homeopathic care
for household pets.

take it off!

she never liked me.
she never said boo to me.

she just stared at me
with those spooky eyes,

like she knew
just what i was thinking.

she had plenty
to say to hope, though,

till i came along,
and then she'd clam right up.

what does she want to move
back into her old place for?

she's probably
as crazy as people used to say.

no, she's not crazy.
she's lonely.

lonely people come home

because there's
no other place to go.

you know,
maybe tomorrow night

we can park under
those big, old oak trees --

i don't know
what my plans are for tomorrow.

i've got to get going.

it's my first night home
and all.


i'll call you tomorrow.

tory. tory, wake up.

i'm glad you came back,

i didn't come
that night.

i guess
you weren't supposed to.

but you're supposed to be here
now because...

'cause there were more,

and there's gonna be more
until you stop it.

until i stop what?

you have to be careful,
and you have to be smart.

tory bodeen --
girl spy.

that's not why i came back.

i came back
so i could stop being so afraid.

there's only 18 more days.

till the 23rd?
the anniversary?

i know that,
but i really --

you have to wake up now.
something's coming.


after hope...

...were there
any more incidents like that?

no, he never struck again --
not around these parts, anyway.

he certainly left his mark,

august 23rd is never
a very happy day around here.

cade came by.

he, um...
seems the same.

the prince of progress,
through and through.

never a hope
he'll let you forget it.

he must
have his fair share

of prospective
princesses, huh?

that man has left
a trail of broken female hearts

that would make the devil weep
with sorrow.

i'll call you
with an estimate.

i really
appreciate this.

the lard-ass dweeb

and the girl from the wrong side
of the tracks.

us outsiders
got to stick together.


oh, i'm sorry.
we're not open.

you sure aren't very friendly
to a potential customer.

just like hope
all grown up, huh?

sorry, wrong virtue.
i'm faith.

ooh. very nice.

very nice.

now, that's something i couldn't
even find in charlotte.

the cabin
is awfully rustic

for someone
of your sophisticated taste.

but then,
i suppose you never needed much.

that was always the difference
between you and me.

you never needed much,
and i always needed everything.

did you ever get it?

still collecting.

so, i take it
you believe in second chances.

yes, i do.

that only works if you're
lucky enough not to give a damn

about things
like guilt and consequences.

are you lucky?

i travel light,
and i travel often.

so do i.

it looks like we landed
in the same place this time.

no reason
that should be a problem.

as long as you remember
who got here first.

it's hard on my mother --
you being back here.

don't make it
any harder.

hi, i was wondering
if i could

get that picture
for the star-register now.

sorry, i'm really
not put together right now.

that's just how we want it.
just like that.

i missed you over at work
this morning.

don't parole officers
ever sleep a little late?

i'm gonna have
to piss-test you, han.

you think
i'd risk testing dirty

with nine years in that place
hanging over me?

with you, han,
i never know what to think.

just go behind there.


you forgot
your magic bracelets.

wonder woman can't work wonders
without her magic bracelets.

i'll get this end.

no, it's all right.
i don't need any help.

we all need help.

i can handle it.

and you're almost contrary
enough for me to let you.

however, i am trapped
by my superior breeding.

oh, man,
what kind of bed is this?


why? did you forget your cape,

or should i just call you
mr. kent?


so, when are you
gonna ask me?

ask what?

how i knew
where to find her.

how i knew what happened.

i don't have to.

some people
think that i was --

not me.

so, if you believe that i'm
possessed of unnatural powers,

aren't you afraid that i'm gonna
dig up your dark secrets

and sell them
to your enemies?

or do you expect
stock tips?

'cause i don't do the future,
just the present and the past.

are you gonna show off

and tell me
what i had for lunch today?

or you gonna run
and get your toolbox

so we can
put this sucker together?

i lost 25 pounds in 2 months.

set it and...

forget it.
forget it. forget it.

you slide the food in,
and it pops right out.

i hope you
had some good times

with that
cute irish setter

you've been
running around with,

'cause, pal, those days
are about to be behind you.

but it's all ahead of us,
big boy.

that's quite a dress.

guess what i have on
underneath it.

it's not locked.

don't you like
to live dangerously, dr. mooney?


oh, guess what i found.

those detectives that your
father hired after hope died --

did they ever come up
with any leads?


i'm glad
i'm not the only one

who still wants the answer.

is that what
you came back here for?

yesterday, i would have said no,
but now...

i know you all think
that my father did it.

your mama swore up and down
that your dad

never left the house
that night.

he could have done it.

i saw inside his head
more times than i wanted to --

ugly swirl of self-righteousness
and blind hatred.

but when i saw inside
the person's head who did it,

it's blank,

like a tv after the station
goes off -- nothing.

dwight certainly changed.

oh, yeah, well,
sometimes i feel bad

about the way
we used to treat him.

but to be honest,
if i had known

what a peacock
he was gonna turn into,

i would have
treated him worse.

well, he got lissy.

that'll have to
be justice enough for now.


so, do you want to
get some dinner later?


nothing fancy.
no tablecloths, no candles.

just, you know,
pizza and a movie?

i'm not that good with people,
tablecloths or not.

and you're
opening a store.

in a store,
things are real simple.

okay, well, then i shall
graciously take my leave.

my superior breeding in action
once again.

i really
appreciate your help.

all right.

half a ham sandwich
with swiss and brown mustard --

that's what
you had for lunch.

you gave the other half
to that skinny, black dog

who always comes begging

every time he sees you
in the fields.

8:00 at o'rourke's?


and all i thought
i was having for lunch today

was a blt and a soda.


you know, baby, that old
collins place is for sale.

i know it's a wreck,
but, you know,

it sure would be fun to
restore it to its former glory.

and with you cracking the whip
over the work crew...


what do you want, faith?

huh? you want me
to treat you like trash?

just like all those deadbeats
you left town chasing after?

i haven't the faintest idea
what you're talking about.

i see your brother leaving,

dressed in a more civilized
manner than usual.

where is he going?

somewhere dark and quiet
where he can grope tory bodeen.

if you don't spray the weed,

how do you
kill the pests?

the chemicals
kill the pests,

but they also
kill the good bugs,

contaminate birds,
get into the groundwater.

you spray today,

and a kid two towns over
drinks it tomorrow.

so, you're not in business
for the money?

organic products command
a premium in the marketplace.

as i tried to
tell my father,

who lived just long enough
to tell me

that i was destroying
what it took my ancestors

200 years to build.

but not long enough
to know he was wrong?

i'm not wrong yet.




i did not do that.

well, do you
want to not do that some more?

mmm. oh.


you're insane. you're, like,
80 steps ahead of me.

you can't just say, "let's go
back to your place and --"

you didn't say that out loud,
did you?

that is why we're just meant
to stay friendly neighbors.

apart from the fact
that i may die

from terminal embarrassment,
that reason would be?

because i know
where this goes,

and nobody close to me
is ever safe.

who's business is it

how safe or unsafe
i'm interested in being?

tory, what you have
is a great gift.

it's a gift that screwed up
every job, relationship,

and home i've ever had.

dwight's delivering the cabinets
at 7:00 a.m.,

and i should
get an early night.

let go!

stop! stop! pull over!

what are you seeing?

her girlfriend ditched her
for some boy,

so she's
going to hitchhike.

she thinks
it's cool to get in some truck

and drink whiskey.


i hate this!
i don't want this!

let's go!
let's just get out of here!


he takes her in there.
she's crying.

he's grunting, sweating,
and panting on top of her.

no, no, no.
don't go in there.

don't go in there.
i'm just gonna call the police.

it was 12 years ago.
she was 16 years old.

her name was alice,
but she didn't like that,

so everybody
just called her ali.

we need to call the police
or the fbi.

there's a reason that it reached
out and got me like that.

it was
the same blank space.

it's the same person
who killed hope.

oh, shoot.

mrs. lavelle.

can i fix you
a cup of coffee?

i've had my coffee,
thank you.

forgive me
if i jump right in.

i can't have you
in this town.

i know
you know why that is.

i know why that is.

mrs. lavelle,
i know there's a way --

i can imagine
the effort and expense

you've put
into setting up your store.

i am willing to recompense you
everything you spent,

plus whatever it'll cost you
to set up someplace else.

i can write you a check
for $25,000 now

and another $25,000
when you get wherever you go.

that certainly
is a fair amount of money.

i'm glad you think so.

i'm not leaving,

and where you got the idea
that i would ever,

for one second,
consider taking your money --

it didn't
take much imagination.

your father cleared out
for five grand.

i had nothing to do
with what happened to hope.

and you didn't
have anything to do

with what happened in new york
when you killed that boy.

what was his name?

no, jonah.
jonah mansfield.

you think my detectives
haven't watched every move

every member of your family
has made in the last 18 years?

you think
you could hide from me?

i wasn't hiding from you.
i was hiding from my father.

and i did not
kill jonah mansfield.

that is not
what the police said.

i want you to go now.

i guess now we all just wait
and see who dies next.

it will just be
part-time on the afternoons

when i'm not teaching.

well, i hadn't
really thought about hiring,

not until i open the store
and see how it's doing.

it's not gonna be easy
to run the place solo.

no breaks. no time to do
paperwork or check inventory.

well, yes,
but i really don't --

i've sold everything from
tractors to tap-dance lessons.

and i just love the stuff
you're selling here.

i want to steal
every single piece of it.

oh, i mean,
not that i would.

do you have a --

a résumé? right here.

oh, and a dog, too --
a guaranteed customer magnet.

hi, mongo.

see? one's coming in
right now.

sherry, thank you.
i'll give you a call.

it was
great to meet you.

did you get a call back
from the fbi?

he sent a fax.

her name was alice powell.

they found her in those trees
near the highway.

she was 16,
just like you said.

tory, it happened
august 23, 1995.

that's six years later
to the day.

it gets worse.
it's part of a bigger file.

there are 13 unsolved cases
that fit the profile --

all slim, all blondes,
all raped and strangled

on august the 23rd
in different years,

all over the country --
missouri, ohio, florida.

and they
were all different ages --

a 14-year-old girl
back in '94,

a senior
at chapel hill in '98.

they're all the age
that hope would have been

the year they died.

he's killing her
over and over again once a year.

and it's august the 10th.

listen, tory,
we might be able to help

if you can just let me tell
my friend that you've got this.

no. there's nothing more
that i can do.

don't ask me that again.

just tell him
that my father is a suspect,

and they should look
into that.

i'll go call him now.

are you
gonna be all right?


i just have to...
keep busy.

who am i kidding?
i've got to get out of here.

i'm gonna go visit hope.

you haven't
been out there yet?

no. but i want to go now.

i'm so sorry to intrude.
i'm leaving.

screw being sorry.

i was always
the worst to you --

the scared,
"please don't hate me,"

little mouse
you always were.

do you like what my father
did with the place?

it's beautiful.

either that, or kind of creepy.

i could
never decide which.

it takes courage
to take something ugly

and make it peaceful
and beautiful.

it takes lots of courage
to drink yourself to death

in front of your family.

he lost a child.

i lost a sister.

so did i.

i don't know
what i hate more --

that you
just said that...

or that
i know that it's true.

she wanted to play jacks
that night.

but, no,
i was too busy brushing my hair.

i always said no
to her.

god, no wonder
she had to find another sister.

i was supposed
to meet her.

i knew she was
out in the woods alone.

i didn't go.

i should have played
with her.

you couldn't have known,

i did.

oh. oh, god.


i just felt
like we were just competing

in a game show,

like "american idol"
or something.

trying to convince
the judges who's the guiltiest?


and then the audience calls in
with their votes,

and the winner gets

an all-expense-paid trip
for two to hell.

what are you doing?

there's someone there.

is this one
of your psychic things?

what are you --
who's there?

i don't know.
it's blank.

but he's coming that way.
we've got to run.

oh, to hell with running.

come on out, you
chicken-assed son of a bitch.

i think you need

to take that magic radar
in for a tune-up.

here, just in case.

oh. no, i --

i've got plenty more
back home.

tory, i got a call
from your mother.

your father beat up
his parole officer

to the tune of 62 stitches
and a wire in her jaw.

he hasn't
been heard from since.

why did she call you?

running out of money.

she knows where he is.
she's hiding him.

the thought
did cross through my mind.

that's why
i'm heading up there

and why i'd like your company --
to get her to cough him up.

wade, the store is opening
in five days.

it's just been so long
since she's seen you.

it might make
all the difference.

you didn't
say she was coming.

hello, mama.

you always were right there
on the scene

when there was trouble.

don't talk that way, aunt sara.
we're here to help.

get that lying bitch parole
officer to tell the truth.

that slut got beat up
by one of her boyfriends.

now she's trying to pin it
on my han.

why don't we sit down?

tory, you think
you can make us some coffee?

i've got
some instant left.

now, if han's innocent,

he needs to step forward
and say that.

the longer
he stays on the run,

the worse
it's gonna get for him.

you think i wouldn't go to him
if i knew where he was?

i just thought that maybe
you'd remembered

a couple of places
he'd go to cool off, you know?

sleep off
a night of drinking.

are you saying my han's
a drunk?

that man works hard.
he needs to relax sometimes.

jesus drank wine,
didn't he?

everybody's wanting money.

i went to the bank,
but those sneaking liars

took what we had in there

and then said
han withdrew all the funds.

you can come stay
with me.

i can't go anywhere.

a man's got a right to expect
his wife to be waiting for him

under the roof
that he puts over her head.

i can see the sky through
the holes in your roof, mama,

just like i could
when i was little.

nothing was ever good enough
for her.

why did she come?

she turned her back on me
a long time ago.

you turned your back
on me

the first time you stayed quiet
while he beat me bloody.

a thousand times,
i told you, "don't set him off."

but you never learned.

is that how
you're able to sleep at night?

by telling yourself that?

i'm gonna rip your devil eyes
out of you devil head!

if you or dad ever
raise your hand to me again,

you'd better pray
you beat me dead this time!

i'll be in the car.

it's okay.

i think she needs her boosters
and her dpt.

what a sweetheart.

you do not even know.

so, can i walk in,
or do i need an appointment?

you can walk in anytime.
dr. mooney's at your disposal.

great. well,
i'd better get back to work.

lissy would surely kill you
for that little glance.

it's worth dying for.

of the better half,

it's tupperware night
at the collier house.

you want to go out
and get seriously drunk?

i can't. i kind of
made some tentative plans.

haven't you been
making those tentative plans

since you were
about 15 years old?

aren't you tired
of being penciled in?

i should have killed you
in high school,

when i had the chance.

tory. oh, my lord,
it is so beautiful.

thank you.

and so brave
to choose a location where --

how many is it now, five?

no, six new stores
have crashed and burned.

oh, now look
at this little beauty.

an artist outside of charlotte
makes those for me.

i don't know
if it's really me.

i am so impressed by you.

how do you always
manage to tighten that belt

and live
within your means?

actually, you know what?

i think i'll take the necklace
and the matching earrings,

if you don't mind parting
with them.

i will get you a box
for these.

good choice, huh?

you just paid my next month
and a half's rent.

well, pain in the ass
though he may be,

i am, in fact, embarrassingly
fond of my brother.

tory, i don't
often see him smile,

let alone eight days
before the 23rd of august.

and then
you come into town,

and half a dozen
pizza dinners later,

he can't seem to stop.

faith, cade and i --
we're just friends.

oh, yeah, yeah.

so, you want to come by
after the opening?

um... i'm not sure
what my plans are yet,

but i'll call you,


let me take you out
to celebrate?

oh, i think
once this is over,

all i'm gonna want to do
is crawl into bed.

we could do that, too,

but a little dinner first
might be nice.


just how drunk
are you thinking of getting?

well, there's delmonico's
in winter haven.

or that new place
in port kingston.

mmm, yeah,
the homemade special.

well, there's...
always o'rourke's.

mmm, o'rourke's --
always a safe bet.

oh, uh,
we'd better get going.

yeah, uh,

i'll get my coat.



oh, i'm sorry.

no, i'm sorry.
no, i'm sorry.

no, i'm sorry.
i was moving a little too fast.

my head...
it's like a multiplex.

it's got all these movies
playing at the same time.

when i walk down the street,
i get all these people.

they're thinking.

they're scheming and blaming,
just coming at me,

so you spend your life

building up walls
to keep it out.

and then you meet someone
that you want to --

you want to be with.

but you're too scared
to take him down.

have you ever
taken him down?


new york.

i saw this picture
on a milk carton.

and i saw where the kid was,
on a beach in florida.

the cop on the case --
his name was jack.

we fell in love, and we kept
finding kids together.

that made him a star.

stars have groupies,
and he --

he liked that.
he liked that a lot.

and i could see it
in his head.

he hated me for it.

and i freaked out,

and i messed up
with one of the kids,

and then i just ran.

i kept running.

well, let me tell you
the difference

between that guy and me.

when that guy
was growing up,

he didn't wish
you'd come back home

every time he got
the long end of a wishbone

or blew his candles out
on his birthday cake

or saw the first star
in the sky.

and that's too bad
for him,

'cause he never got to see
all of his wishes come true

than he ever hoped.

just let your walls down,

i'm letting mine down.

look at me.

look at me.

dr. mooney.


tory, you have to wake up now.

it's almost time
for him to do it again.

one week from tomorrow.

he likes to hurt girls.
it makes him feel important.

it makes him
feel like a man.

who is it, hope?

it's your turn now,

he was watching us
while we were making love.

i saw more this time.
he let his guard down.

he was --
he was touching himself.

for a split second,
i saw inside his head.

i saw what he wanted
that night.

he wanted both of us.
but he only got hope.

it's your father.

i don't know.

but it's my turn.
that's what hope said.

if you have any questions,
just ask.

i'm gonna get you
full-time protection.

dwight's gonna have the cops
circle by any chance they get.


where is it?


that's bad.

right where you can get it,
every second.

who's the bitch
you slept with last night?!

i swear...
she means nothing to me.

don't you dare joke around
about this!

i came by 10:00,

and i was here till 3:00
in the morning!

you hung around waiting for me
all that time?

oh, i hate you.

you know, i don't
recall us having plans, faith.

you don't
like to make plans.

but it was saturday night.
you had to know i'd come by.

no, faith.
i don't know anything.

you don't want me
to know anything.

i went out drinking
with dwight.

if i had been
with another woman,

i would have been free
to do so,

same as you are.

isn't that the way
you want it?

i never said that.

you never said different.

i'm saying different now.

oh. well, you want
to change things.

oh, well, if that's the case,
then i'm gonna start

adding some of my rules
to the game.

no more,
"i'll let you know."

and we start acting like we give
two damns about each other,

or we walk away.

i'm in love with you,

are you crazy?
don't say that.

yeah, i guess i shouldn't,
'cause every time i do,

she seems to run away
and marry somebody else.

i do not.
that's not true.

what do you
want me to do?

for you to figure out.

i just know i'm not settling
for crumbs anymore.

and, meanwhile,
your puppy...

my puppy?

...needs to eat.

there's food
in the kitchen.

i -- no.
no, i'm not taking her.

look at her.
she loves you.

no, wade,
i don't -- no.

she'll pee on the carpet
and chew on my shoes.

i've got to shower.

wade, is this some kind
of test?

thank you. come back.

thank you, ladies.

you have skills, girl.

oh, stop.

oh, it looks like mongo
caught us another customer.

to southern comfort.

well, thank you for that.
hello, tory.

it's been a while.

this is my father.

oh, you must be so proud
of your daughter

and what she's done here.

hardly a day goes by
i don't think of it...

and her.

sherry, why don't you run those
pots down to the post office?

um... well,
we still have an hour.

jane bicroe
is too important a customer

for us
to take any chances on.

yes, boss.

well, it was very nice
to meet you, mr. bodeen.

you came back.

what do you want?

back to where the shame
of what you did

and what you were
drove me from my home.

margaret lavelle's money
drove you from your home.

your new friends?

watching out for you
while daddy's on the loose?

you smile and wave,

i don't
have much to lose.

they catch me,
i'm going to jail.

the lavelles paid me
to take from their sight

the demon that brought death
to their child.

you will see hell
for what you are.

is that how it works?

only get to go to heaven
if you beat your little girl

and leave your wife
to starve!



i need money --
everything you got in there.

take it.
just take it.

come on.

look at me.

you tell anybody i was here,
i will come back and do

what i should have done
the minute you were born.

"thou shalt not suffer
a witch to live."


what are you doing?!

oh, god. i'm sorry.
i'm sorry.

i thought he came back.

oh, my god. were you robbed?
did you call the police?

no, i don't
need to call the police.

are you crazy?

it was my father.
who are you calling?

cade, then dwight,
then the police.

he took the money.
he's gone.

i don't
want you to call anybody.

you don't always
get what you want.

come on. pick up.

who's this?

watch the gun.

this is bee,
as in "queen bee."

we were gonna drop $300 on a set
of puppy bows.

weren't we, precious?

wherever your butt is,

get it down to tory's store
right this second.

you're not spending one second
alone or unguarded

until your father
is behind bars,

not one second.

who's gonna guard you?

talk, bee. talk.


isn't mama's baby just the
smartest pup that ever lived?

oh, and isn't mama
just the bestest,

most responsible
dog owner ever, ever?

ever, ever?

she ran out into the road --
right in front of me!

i tried to swerve,
but she just --

calm down.
i know this dog.

it belongs to the girl
who works in tory's store.

i'm gonna need your help.

you're gonna have to be patient.

okay, girl, we're just

gonna lay you
down on the table, okay?

good girl. good girl.


oh, good,
no broken ribs.

maybe a bruised kidney.
the leg's the worst of it.

okay, faith,
i need you to grab that towel

and press above
where she's bleeding.

um, wade, are you gonna operate
right now?

we're gonna operate.
she's got internal bleeding.

when i need an instrument,
i'll describe it,

and you give it to me,
handle first, okay?

wade, i -- i can't.

faith, i'm all alone here.
i need you.

you can do it.



press right there.

yeah, right there, good.
now press it.

there. good.


it's okay. it's okay.

there we go.
that's better.

are you okay?
you okay?

no, i haven't seen her.

actually, i need her to come in.
i left a couple messages.

i was about to stop
by her house.

is mongo okay?

yeah, she will be.

sherry is probably out
looking for her,

so i'm gonna
meet you over there, okay?

okay, bye.

oh, my god, wade,

i had no idea what it was
that you did.

i thought it was
all about giving out shots

and cleaning up poop.

you just saved a life.

no, we saved a life.
you were awesome.

would you just shut up
and be my hero for one minute?

and how steady
his hands were.

and blood was gushing out
all over the place,

and he never so much
as flinched.

he was just like
george clooney, only sexier.

the door's open.
she must be home.


she's dead.


it's funny, faith.

knowing you
as well as i do,

i'd say you poked your head
in that door --

if nothing else.

obviously, you don't
know me as well as you think.

so, you just got, like,
a hunch there was a dead body?

i'm a big believer
in hunches

ever since the day
when one of tory's hunches

lead us to where hope lavelle
lay dead in the woods --

that and those hunches

you followed in new york city
a few years back.

we didn't want to let on that
we knew, but we need your help.

what happened in new york's
got nothing to do with this.

three kids made it back home
because you had hunches.

and one didn't.

three did.

that was one efficient killer
at work in there.

there's no sign of whatever
he used to tie her up with,

no fingerprints,
no footprints in the rug.

i'd like you
to go in there with us

and tell us
what you can see.

what makes you think
that i can help?

been planning this.

they knew her dog.

they knew
how to get into her house.

and i have been here
the whole time,

and what good
did i do her?


his name
was jonah mansfield.

i was so messed up over
what was going on with the guy,

i got it wrong.

i thought
it was one kidnapper.

he died when the police went in.
he was 7 years old.

and sherry bellows was fine
until she walked into my store.

hey, look, you did not kill
sherry bellows.

you did not
kill jonah mansfield or hope.

the end of the story
is always the same --

someone's dead
and i'm running.

running where?

raleigh for tonight.

i'll figure out
how to close the store down

and take it from there.


i'm going, too --

to the ends of the earth
if that's where you're headed.

so you can die
trying to protect me?

i'm not
gonna let that happen.


i'm saying goodbye.

you have to let me go.

she's in the kitchen.

she's cooking dinner
for her and mongo.

she turns the music on.

she likes to have noise
around her while she cooks.

there's somebody else here.

he's feeding mongo...

drugging her.

she turns.
she's met him before.

she doesn't understand.
"don't touch me," she says.

"i'll do anything."

she knows
what he's going to do.

no, please don't touch me!

he throws her! he throws her
down on the ground!

he punches her.
ties her hands behind her back.

he takes a condom out.

she wants to
be anywhere else but here.

she can hear the music
in the other room.

it hurts. it hurts.

he puts his hands
around her neck.

she can't fight anymore.

who is he?

he's disappointed.
he didn't want her.

he wanted somebody else.

he dropped something.

he did
leave something behind.


here, it's...

it's my father's hair.

sherry met him
when he came into my store.

if you're saying
that this was your father,

then i got to bring that
to the fbi,

and they're gonna go straight
to your mother.

and if i know sara,

then anybody
with a government badge

comes knocking on her door,
she's gonna clam right up.

if her own people
get there first, you and wade --

i tried it.

she's not gonna talk to me.
she hates me.

it's different
now he's wanted for murder.

if she hides him,
she's an accessory.


hey, you can't go in there.

get back here.

hey. hey, hey, you can't
be in here.

this is a crime scene.

it's her mother.

steady. steady.

you want to get his head
right between those two notches.

now give her a nice,
steady squeeze.

why do i feel
more grief for sherry bellows,

who i only knew a couple weeks,
than i do for my mother?

you used up your grieving
for sara a long time ago.

squeeze, now.
don't pull.

so, you want to get married
or what?

what, are you gonna make me
get down on one knee?

with everything
that is going on

and i've only been back three
weeks, that's not just crazy.

that's just plain stupid.

that's what they said
about my great-grandpa --

horace vanderbilt

he met a girl on one of the
lifeboats of the s.s. titanic.

he proposed to her
the day the rescue ship docked

one week later.

they were married 71 years,
had 11 children,

and her name was on his lips
the day that he died.

you're not
thinking straight.

i've got to
get ready for work.

yeah, so do i.

i'll have faith
come by here.

i'll tell her
to bring her ak-47.

she loves
that little thing.

don't you ever
want to put your talents to use,

go to vegas,
hit the blackjack tables?

it's not something
to profit from, faith.

oh, oh, i forgot.

this is the terminally serious
miss victoria bodeen

we're talking about.

i am psychic,
therefore i must suffer.

knowing my luck,

i'd just get
the dealer's childhood traumas.

uh... faith.

uh... i left my hair clip
in the car.

do you mind
going to get that for me?

what's wrong? nothing.
i just need my hair clip.

tory, we're gonna have to
give you lying lessons one day.

what's going on?

he's coming from the back.

just go out the front
and run for help.

no, we can't both go.
then he'll get us both.

just go! go!

you lied.

you told you saw me.

there's more cops
in this town than... mosquitoes.

i don't
have any money here.


you don't ever
get to lay a hand on me again.

mama didn't have
enough money for you this time?

is that
why you killed her?

you're even crazier
than i am.

now put that down.
get your daddy some lemonade.

we'll have us
a family talk.


you never
did have any balls.

no one ever said that
about me!

i told you to go.

i went...

to get my gun
and call the police.

are you shot?
did he shoot you?

no, you shot him.

oh, thank god.

oh, my god. that's my car.
i left the keys in it.

tory, get out of the road!

oh, my god!

tory, snap out of it.

oh, my god.


oh, god -- wade.
i want my wade.


are you okay?
are you guys okay?

i heard the sirens.
i saw the explosion.

oh, my god.

he's dead.
i felt him dying.

okay. all right,
let's get to the house.

the police
will want to talk to you.

all right?

oh, god.

i can still feel him.
he's watching.

no. no, baby,
those are just the echoes.

he's dead. he's gone.
it's over.

come on. it's okay.
let's go.

when do i get to
actually feel like it's over?

like he isn't
standing right behind me?

once we clear the 23rd --
just 4 more days.



when do i get to find out
why you brought me here?

well, there hasn't been
a lot of rain.

but it's enough.

soil holds more water
when it isn't full of chemicals.

my father
had to water twice as much

just to fight off
the growth regulators

he sprayed on the stuff.

that's how it was done.

if you do things differently,
you have to prove yourself.

how much do i have to prove
to you, tory?

what are you
talking about?

most people have treated you
a certain way.

that's all you know.

i've tried to
do things different.

so, i brought you here
to show you

that i finish
what i start.

what belongs to me
gets everything that i've got.

you make me so happy

just the way
everything is.

why do you
have to change that?

that's a first --

telling me
that i make you happy.

it's so obvious.

nothing's obvious
to guys.

don't you know that?

do you love me?

yes, but i don't know
if i'm ready --

i've just got to
get something from my home.

you mean beaux reves?
i can't go there.

of course you can.

it's just a house.
it's my house. come on.

i'm not allowed
in the front rooms,

just the kitchen.

those are the rules.

i'm sure once upon a time,

when you were barefoot
and covered in swamp mud,

those rules
served a good purpose.

just hold on a second, okay?
it's in my office.


that was my grandmother's.
then it came to me.

i need to talk with you.

why don't you come on down?
we'll talk in the den.

just you and me.

then it will have to wait.

"the guest is king"

always house rule number one
within these hallowed halls?

not every girl whose pants
you get into counts as a guest.

i'll be leaving now.

please don't.

the last thing i ever thought
i'd hear from you

was pure,
low-down bad manners.

i can't have her
in this house.

oh, good. a party.
anybody care for a gin fizz?

you're talking about the girl
i'm hoping to marry, mom.

what do you expect from me?
my blessings?

yes, i would like that.

i want your blessings
more than i can say.

but you don't
need to keep doing this.

the man who killed hope
is gone.

i can't have this house
fall into the hands

of the girl
who left her to die.

if you let that happen,
i'll go to the board

and have you fired
from lavelle farms.

then i'll fight it,
and i'll win.

not if faith
throws in her shares with me.

and what makes you think
that faith is gonna do that?

she's out of an inheritance
if she doesn't.

actually, faith doesn't
need an inheritance anymore.

faith's got a job
at tory's store.

she does?

yes, she does.

can we stop talking about me
in the third person, please?

if you stand against me,
i will leave this house,

and we will have nothing more
to say to each other.

would you stop being the
outraged confederate matriarch?

they closed that show
a long time ago.

people go on from things,

even the death
of a child.

i pray to god
you never have to find out

how wrong you are
about that.

if i were god,
you know what i'd answer?

"uh, margaret,
last time i checked,

"you had two other children

that had the distinction
of still being alive."

two children
who love you very much.

believe it or not.

mrs. lavelle, please don't
make him choose between us.

i had another child
who chose you.

she paid a very high price.

i should never have
let her anywhere near you...

or your family.

mama, you couldn't
have stopped her if you tried.

i'll be
going to the lake house.

i'll send for my things.

cade, talk to her.
don't let her leave like that.

i'll talk
to her when she's cooled down.

i'm not gonna
get through to her, though.

will she really leave?

yeah, if she does,
it just might save her life...

not to mention mine.

if you even think about letting
margaret lavelle's lunacy

get in the way
of even one millionth

of a molecule
of your happiness with cade,

i will personally
kill you.

bye now.

i don't want a girlfriend.

i want to
spend my life with you.

i want to
have a family with you.

will you marry me?

why does this scare me
more than my father ever did?

it's a yes-or-no question.


she loved him --
your grandmother.

his name was timothy,
and hers was laura.

and they were happy.

with rain and sun
coming in, it's hard to tell

exactly what kind of
august 23rd you're gonna have.

so bring your sunscreen
and your umbrella,

and you should be just fine.

you know what they say
at the piedmont --

"if you don't like the weather,
just wait a minute."

so, looking ahead
at the next couple...

aunt sara had a harder life
than she needed

and a harder death
than she deserved.

but she's at peace now.

i should have
brought her flowers.

no, i never
bring her flowers here.

i always go to the place
in the woods.

that was her place.

i'm so sorry
for your loss, tory.

if there's anything i can do,
be sure to call.

i will.
thank you.

you know,
hope loved marigolds,

and they're going crazy
right now at beaux reves.

you want to pick some
and meet me up there about 2:00?

we can tell her
it's all over.

i wish i felt that way.

you will. you will.
with time, we all will.

i can't believe
i'm condescending

to be friends
with tory bodeen.

i hope you know
that i only pay $6.75 an hour,

and there is no commission
on sales.

well, i hope you know that
i'm gonna kick such royal ass

that you
will be begging me

to accept equal partnership
by christmas.

all right, if you get there
before me, don't --

i'll wait for you.

hello, tory.


we got
the ballistics reports.

the gun that killed sara

wasn't the one bodeen
had on him when he died.

the one he did have
was reported stolen from a house

30 miles south of here

between 7:00
and 8:00 p.m. monday night.

sara's neighbors --
they reported hearing gunshots

at 7:30 p.m.
a hundred miles north of here.

so unless he sprouted wings
and flew --

yeah, well,
the times must be wrong.

who else
would have killed tory's mom?

the times aren't wrong.

if bodeen didn't kill sara,

maybe he didn't kill
any of them.

then whoever did
is still out there walking free.

you have any idea
where tory is?

yeah, she's...

...she's with hope.

faith's coming.
she'll be here any second.

no, she won't.
i asked lissy to drop in on her.

you know lissy,
once she gets to talking.

why did you kill hope?

you were 12 years old.

cade or wade,
first at everything.

first to get drunk.
first to smoke a cigarette.

well, i was gonna be
the first one to get a girl.

me -- the fat kid,
the sissy.

i was gonna get two girls
if i was lucky.

not that i'd be
able to brag about it.

it would have to
be my little secret,

kind of like being batman.

i didn't know
i was gonna kill her.

that just
kind of happened.

i drank
some of my daddy's whiskey.

drank like a man,
you know?

"come on, you fat slob!
be a man!"

you can't be a man
if you're a virgin.

that night changed my life.
that night was perfect.

all those other girls --

i was just trying to get
that one perfect moment back.

you were gone.

faith would have done, but
the way her parents watched her,

i couldn't get
within 50 feet of her.

i made do with tramps
and losers.

and when you came back,

i was afraid you were
gonna see what i was thinking.

but i know how
to fill my head with noise

and block you out.

you never got through.

even when i was standing
next to you at hope's funeral,

wiping sad,
little tears from my eye.

now, sherry,
she wasn't part of the plan.

but the way cade
had you surrounded 24/7,

i had to do something
to get your guard down.

i had to pin it all on somebody
else. who better than han?

and that just left --
my mother?

what if she told the cops
that han was with her

at the time of the murder?

i snuck up there
on tuesday night.

i took a little hair
out of your daddy's brush.

the reason i couldn't see you
is 'cause there's nothing there.

how about i show you
a little bit of that nothing?

this is gonna be perfect.

tory bodeen -- girl spy --

with the forces of darkness.

he's too strong.
she can't keep fighting.

he's strong,
but she's smart.

and everything she needs
is right in front of her.

open your eyes, tory.

oh, thank god, you're here.
she went crazy.

it's him. he killed hope.
he was here waiting for me.

you killed my sister?

no, she's insane.

you knew tory
was coming out here.

you were standing with her
and faith at the cemetery.

it was her that killed hope.
she killed all of them.

there was never
any physical evidence of a rape.

it's because it wasn't a guy,
it was her.

telling us
where hope's body was,

telling us it was
her father's hair in the rug --

i suspected her for a long time,
and she knew it.

that's why she asked me
to meet her out here.

now, carl, you've got to get me
to a hospital.

i'm gonna lose this eye.

she was with me
the night her mother died.

he's had
this sick obsession with her

since he was 10 years old.

he's lying, carl!
he tried to kill me!

i've got a man
hurt here, tory.

you're holding
the weapon that did it.

she's telling you
the truth!

you cool down!
you hear me?!

now, i need to get dwight
to a hospital,

and then i'll question
the both of them.

no, 'cause then
he's gonna ditch the gun

that he killed
my mother with.

he let me in his head.
i saw it.

it's behind his back,
under his shirt.

carl, that's the whole point.
this psychic thing, it's a con.

well, how about you just
lift the back of your shirt?

i'm dying here!

just search him!

he can't do that
without a warrant.

you take that up
with the judge, dwight.

lift your shirt.

don't move.

senseless tragedy.

tory bodeen shoots her boyfriend
and the chief of police,

and then she turns the gun
on herself.

how could a thing like that
happen in a town like progress?

dwight, don't move!
it's coiling! it's gonna strike!

i'm gonna kill you.

i'm gonna kill you!

cade, no.

cade, no, no! stop!


don't do it. we're not him.
we're not him, cade.

we got more coming,

it's collier.
get collier.

mr. collier, you have
the right to remain silent.

if you give up
the right to remain silent,

anything you say can and will

be used against you
in a court of law.

you have the right
to speak to an attorney.

it's over now, hope...
for real.

when we get engaged,

will you buy me a sapphire
instead of a diamond?

and a nice one --
not too big or gaudy, mind you.

square cut.

are you proposing
to me?

hell, no!

no self-respecting
southern belle

would ever lower herself
to such a thing.

let's go home.