Carol (2015) - full transcript

In an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's seminal novel The Price of Salt, CAROL follows two women from very different backgrounds who find themselves in an unexpected love affair in 1950s New York. As conventional norms of the time challenge their undeniable attraction, an honest story emerges to reveal the resilience of the heart in the face of change. A young woman in her 20s, Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara), is a clerk working in a Manhattan department store and dreaming of a more fulfilling life when she meets Carol (Cate Blanchett), an alluring woman trapped in a loveless, convenient marriage. As an immediate connection sparks between them, the innocence of their first encounter dims and their connection deepens. While Carol breaks free from the confines of marriage, her husband (Kyle Chandler) begins to question her competence as a mother as her involvement with Therese and close relationship with her best friend Abby (Sarah Paulson) come to light.

Have a good evening.


Thank you, Jack.

Not much going on for a Friday.

Eh, it's early yet.

Say, Cal, make that a double,
would you?


What, are you in
a hurry tonight?

And, uh, one for yourself, huh?

- I got to make a call.
- Oh, thanks, pal.


Is that you?

What do you know?

I'm-I'm saying to myself,
I know that girl.

- Jack.
- Gee, it's great to see you, Therese.

It's been... months.


- Jack, this is Carol Aird.
- Ah.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Likewise.

Well, uh, hey, uh,

Ted Gray is meeting me here,
and a bunch of us

are heading
down to Phil's party.

You're going, aren't you?

Yes, I just planned
to get there a little bit...

You two go ahead.

You coming along?


I, uh, have to make
a few calls

before dinner anyway.

I really should run.

Are you sure?

Of course.

Well, then it would be great
to catch a ride.

Yeah, sure.

You two have a wonderful night.

Nice meeting you, Jack.

Nice meeting you.

All right, well, uh,

let me go make sure
the loaf's on his way.

Back in a flash.

Come on, let's go!


You see his face?

Wait up for me.

- Let's go, Joey.
- Okay, I'm coming.

Want to get a cab?

I like your scribbles.


I've been busy.

I don't know how you do it.


You look like a million bucks
first thing in the morning.

I'll be down in a minute.

So I got the schedules
in the mail.

You listening to me?

I'm listening.

You got the schedules.

There's two sailings
to France in June

and one in July.


So what do you think?

I think...

I think it's too cold.

I can't think straight.

All right,
let's get you warmed up.

Compliments of the
season from the management.

Compliments of the season
from the management.

Season's greetings
from the management.

she's just going crazy

with no other girls
in the family but Esther.

How is Esther?

She'll pull through.

Compliments of the season
from the management.

Compliments of the season
from the management.

Compliments of the season
from the management.

I got to open the floor.

See you later.

Ms. Belivet,

you're needed upstairs.

Make it snappy.

We got to
rearrange this whole display.

Should we do it now or later?

Got to do it now
before we open.

Good morning, happy holidays

and welcome, shoppers,

to Frankenberg's.

Be sure to take advantage

of our Congratulations,
Ike and Mamie,

Inaugural Early Bird Special

in our beds
and bedding department

on the second floor.

And on your way there,

you won't want to miss
our brand-new General Electric

television stereophonic display

on the first floor,

just past the haberdashery.

Oh, there are the trains.

- They're over there.
- Oh, they are.

Mommy, please, please, please?

Would you like a ribbon?

- Hmm?
- Would you?

Miss? Miss?

Where's the ladies' room,

If you go back to the elevator
and make a right,

you can't miss it.

Thank you.

I wonder
if you might help me

find this doll

for my daughter.

Bright Betsy.

Oh, she cries

and wets herself,

but I'm afraid
we're all out of stock.


I've left it too long.

Well, we have plenty
of other dolls,

- um, all kinds, actually.
- Right.

What was your favorite doll
when you were four?


I never...

Not many, to be honest.

I'm sorry, you're not allowed
to smoke on the sales floor.

Of all the...

Forgive me.
Shopping makes me nervous.

That's all right.
Working here makes me nervous.

You're very kind.

Here she is.

Oh, she looks like you,

around the eyes.

You think so?

What did you want
when you were this age?

A train set.


Do you know much
about train sets?

I do, actually,

and we just got
a new model in last week.

It's hand-built
with hand-painted cars.

It's a limited edition

of 5,000.

You might have seen it
on the way in

over by the elevators.

I would show you, but I'm sort
of confined to this desk.

- Do you ship?
- Special delivery.

You could have it
in two or three days.

They'd even assemble it
for you.


that's that.


Shall I pay now?

Oh, yes, of course.


We'll need your account details

and your shipping address.

Of course.

I love Christmas.

Wrapping presents and all that.

And then,

somehow you wind up overcooking

the turkey anyway.


Where'd you learn so much
about train sets?

Oh, I read.

Too much, probably.

That's refreshing.

Thank you.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

I like the hat.

There's a gift for everybody

in our accessories department
on street level,

where you'll find the entire
Parker pen line on sale,

including Parker's new
smooth lining 51.

With only one moving part,

making writing
as easy as conversation.

See what the sensation
of the season is

in our toys department

on the fourth floor.

You won't be able to resist
the best-selling...

You look absolutely divine!

Turn around.

- Please.
- Come on.

Perfect, wonderful shoulders.

Move over.

Nobody else can see the screen.

Nobody else is watching.

I'm watching.

I've seen it six times.


Right now, I'm charting
the correlation

between what the characters say
and how they really feel.

My kid brother, the movie jerk.

I'm strictly a beer man.

Everything else makes me
want to vomit.

Well, wine makes me
feel naughty,

but in a good way.

I drink to forget I got to
get up for work in the morning.

Oh, see,
that's your problem, Semco.

You really ought to drink

because you remember
you have a job.

Employment's a curse.

You have a job, Phil.

You call that a job?

I call that an illusion.

You get paid.

Is money an illusion?

My kid brother,
the jerk philosopher.

And where do you work?

- Mmm.
- Didn't you know?

Dannie works
at the New York Times.

No kidding.

It's a job.

What I really want
to do is write.

That's why I watch movies.

Everybody's a writer.

Uh, say, Therese,

before I get too drunk
to remember...

You did it?

It's fixed?

He said it was a cinch,
no sweat.

Oh, thank you, Phil.

I was missing it.

So you take pictures?


She's more excited
about some chintzy camera

than she is about sailing
with me to Europe.

- Women!
- You said it, pal.

- I don't believe it!
- Oh, look who's coming.

Does the House
Un-American Activities know

- you two are back on the streets?
- It's been ages.

- Call me, would you?
- I will, I promise.

You still owe me

- for that poker game!
- Richard, watch out!

- Yeah, sure, I do.
- Say,

you should come by the Times

for dinner sometime.

I work nights, so...

I got a pal
who's a junior photo editor.

He loves to pontificate.

- I'll introduce you.
- Really?

Yeah, I'd like that.


- Okay.
- Okay.

Thanks, Helman.

I shouldn't be too long.

Yes, sir.


- 65,
- 65.



- 68...
- Hello, Florence.

- That must be your daddy.
- Hello, Mr. Aird.

- Come on, better finish up.
- Is she upstairs?

Yes, sir. She's in the bedroom.

can you come skating, too?

I wish I could, sweet pea.

Why not? Pretty please?

Hiya, sunshine.

Daddy, I want Mommy to come.

Oh, you do, do you?


You're early.

Mail came.

Cy Harrison's wife...


Jeanette asked about you.

Did she?

Are you gonna color
the trunk, honey?

I know she'd love
to see you there.

Well, give her my best.

I've always liked Jeanette.

I'd like you to be there.

Sorry, Harge, I have plans.

Mommy wants to give

Aunt Abby some presents.

You've been seeing
a lot of Aunt Abby lately,

haven't you, sunshine?

- Yes.
- With Mommy.

I'll see if I can rearrange
with Abby.

Thank you.

Well, I told the customer

it would arrive
by Christmas Eve.

According to what
we've been told,

three days should be
plenty of time.

It should've been delivered
this afternoon.



So it arrived,
she signed for it?

It arrived.

Great. Thank you.


- Yes?
- We have a call for

employee 645-A,
Therese Belivet. eyes, and this one

- has brown eyes...
- Belivet.

Miss Belivet.

Over here, please, now.

I'm sorry.
Would you excuse me?

- I'll just be one moment.
- Of course.

Yes, um, I was trying
to decide between the two.

All right.
Well, this one has...


Is this employee
645-A, Therese Belivet?

- Yes.
- We're patching you through.


So it was you.

Oh, hello, Mrs. Aird.

Did you receive
the train set all right?

I did. Yes.

And the gloves.

Thank you so much.

You're a star for sending them.

I just wanted
to say thank you, really.

Of course.

Well, what I wanted
to say was...

do you get a lunch hour there?

Well, let me take you to lunch.

It's the least I can do.

Well, yes, I...

Of course, but you
really don't have to.

- I'm free tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

Do you know Scotty's on Madison?

No, I don't know it.
Hold on.

Could I borrow
a pencil and paper?

Thank you.

Um, all right.

- There you are.
- Thank you.

I'm so sorry
to keep you waiting.

I'll have the creamed spinach
over poached eggs.

And a dry martini
with an olive.

Um, I'll have the same.

The meal or the drink?

Um, all of it. Thank you.


Yes, please.

So, what kind of name
is Belivet?

It's Czech.

It's changed.
Originally, it was...

It's very original.


- And your first name?
- Therese.


- Not Theresa.
- No.

Therese Belivet.

It's lovely.

And yours?


- Carol.
- And two dry martinis.

Thank you.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

So, I'm sure you thought
it was a man

who sent you back your gloves.

Hmm. I did.

Thought it might've been a man
in the ski department.

I'm sorry.

No, I'm delighted.

I doubt very much I would've
gone to lunch with him.

Oh, your perfume...


It's nice.

Thank you.

Harge bought me
a bottle years ago,

before we were married,

and I've been wearing it
ever since.

Harge is your husband?


Well, technically,
we... we're divorcing.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

And do you live alone,
Therese Belivet?

I do.

Well, there's Richard.

He'd like to live with me.

Oh, no, it's nothing like that.

I mean, he'd like to marry me.

I see.

And would you like
to marry him?


I barely even know
what to order for lunch.

And your meals.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.


I'm starved.

Bon appetit.

What do you do on Sundays?

Nothing in particular.

What do you do?


nothing lately.

If you'd like to come
visit me sometime,

you're welcome to.

At least there's some
pretty country

around where I live.

Would you like to come
visit me this Sunday?


What a strange girl you are.


Flung out of space.

Do you ever put the top up?

I can just see
Harge's mother's face

when she sees me in this.

Maybe I should
stop home and change.

Oh, don't be a stupe.

Maybe I should
just not show up.

Well, then I'll be
blamed for it,

so you better just grin
and bear it.

You want to tell me about her?


She returned my gloves.


And if you don't get us out
of this traffic soon,

I won't have to worry
about any damned party.

Oh, where's... my compact?

Goddamn it.

You look fine.

- Come in with me.
- Oh...

- Just for a minute.
- Don't even start.

You're the one who canceled
on us, you nitwit.

I know. I know.

I'm going. I'm going.

I'm sorry.

Call me later.

You're always the most
beautiful woman in the room.

Tell your mother that.

Keep an eye out, will you?

Cy will scream
if he catches me with this.

What'll he do?

Dock your allowance?

He doesn't like me to smoke.


- You like it.
- Mm-hmm.

Carol, I...

It really is not
my business, but...

if you're gonna be alone
on Christmas,

Cy and I would love
to have you.

Thanks, Jeanette.

I don't know.

I might get away by myself.

At least for a few days.

Don't worry,
you're not gonna break anything

if you pick it up.

What are your pictures like?

Oh, I don't know.
Not very good, probably.

No, I-I mean, what are they?

What do you take pictures of?

Birds, trees, windows.

Anything, really.

What do you write about?


I always feel funny
taking pictures of people,

like it's some sort of...


Invasion of privacy?



all of us, you know,
we have affinities for people.

We like certain people.

You like certain people, right?


And you don't like others.

And you don't know why

you are attracted
to some people and not others.

The only thing
you really know is

you either are attracted
or you're not.

It's like physics...

bouncing off each other
like pinballs.

Yeah, but not everything's
as simple

as a bunch of pinballs
reacting off of each other.


Some things don't even react,
but everything is alive.

It's getting late. I should go.

You shouldn't.

Why? Did you mind?


I have to go.

Come back tomorrow?

- I don't know.
- Wednesday?

Maybe. I-I don't know.

- Here.
- Oh. Thanks.

Thanks for staying sober
and driving me home.

Good night, Harge.


Come to my parents' house
for Christmas.

We had a good time tonight.

It was one night, Harge.

I don't like the idea
of you being alone.

I'm not alone.

I have Rindy and Ab...


There's always Abby.

Abby and I were over

long before you and I
were over, Harge.

I'll have Rindy packed
and ready for you

at 4:00 on Christmas Eve.

It shouldn't be like this.

I know.

My special girl.

Good night, Florence.

Where's this place in Jersey?

In the country, I think.

I-I don't really know.

My uncle Sal lives
in Union City.

He claims it gets pretty
dangerous there at night.

It's not Union City.


Oh, there's my ride.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Carol Aird.

Richard Semco.
Glad to meet you.


Therese speaks
very highly of you.

Well, that's swell.

So you'll get her back
safe and sound?

Love you.

I think I see snow.

Wouldn't that be lovely?

I love the snow.

Makes it feel like Christmas,
don't you think?

If it doesn't blow away.

Need me to tie this
to the roof of your car?

Car's just over there.

Thank you, ma'am.

Still with me?


- Mommy!
- Rindy!

Let's go get your mommy.

- Mommy's home! Mommy!
- Oh!

Hello, my darling.

Guess what I brought you.

No. I bet you'll never guess.

Is it blue?

No, it's green.

Oh, it's long, isn't it?

- Yeah.
- You need the scissors?


Maybe we should
do the star first.

- We can do that.
- Yeah, yeah.

Where's the star?

The gold or the silver?

- You choose.
- Okay.

That's my girl.

And what do you think?


We need...
This one's bright.

And we can put it right here.

That is the most beautiful

Christmas tree
in the whole wide world.

Were those pictures of me you
were taking at the tree lot?

I'm sorry.
I should have asked.

Oh, don't apologize.

I've just been trying to...

Well, I have a friend
who told me

I should be more
interested in humans.

And how's that going?

It's going well, actually.

I'm glad.

That's beautiful.

Is that what you want to be?

A Photographer?

I think so.

If I have any talent for it.

Isn't that something
other people

let you know you have?

And all you can do
is keep working.

Use what feels right.

Throw away the rest.

I suppose so.

Will you show me your work?


I mean, I haven't sold anything

or even shown a picture
to someone who could buy one.

I don't even have
a decent camera.

But they're all at my place,
under the sink, mostly.

Invite me round.

Harge, what's wrong?


Does there need to be a problem
for me to visit my wife?

That's not fair, Harge.

We agreed that Rindy would stay
with me until Christmas Eve.

What do you suggest I do?

Do you think I prefer
traipsing off

to West Palm Beach
for the holiday?

It was all Mother's idea.

I'm not ready.
She's not packed.

She's asleep upstairs in bed.

What about my Christmas
with my daughter?

I'm sorry, Carol,
it can't be helped.

The flight's in the morning.

And do you think
that I've packed already?

Goddamn it!

How do you know my wife?

Harge, please.

I work at Frankenberg's, sir,
the department store.

I ordered a gift
from her desk.

I forget my gloves,
she returned them,

and I thanked her.

Well, that's bold.

Can I do anything?

Just leave it be.

Okay, snowflake.

Give me a big one.

You're gonna have
the most wonderful Christmas.

I promise.

There's room for you
in the car, Mommy.

You can come with us.

No, darling.

I wish I could.

You know, but sometimes,

mommies and daddies

just decide there isn't
enough room for them

in the same place
at the same time.

Anyway, Mommy has to stay here

and make sure Santa's elf
doesn't give away your presents

to another little girl.

Wouldn't want that, would you?

- No.
- No.

I love you, snowflake.

Mmm, you smell good.

You're drunk.

Harge, I'm cold.

I-I'll make you some coffee.

I'm not drunk.

You can still come with us.

Go pack a bag.

- I can't do that.
- Yes, you can.

We'll get you a ticket
in the morning.

What are you gonna do?

What are you gonna do...

you going to stay here
with Abby over Christmas?

You gonna stay
with the shopgirl in there?

- Harge!
- Huh?

What are you gonna do,
Carol, huh?

What is the plan?

- Stop it!
- Damn it!

I put nothing
past women like you, Carol.

You married a woman like me.

If you don't get in that car
with us right now...

Then what?

It's over?

Goddamn you.

You were never cruel.


Thank you, Helman.

Yes, sir.

How's my girl?

Ready to go see Grandma
and Grandpa?

I should...

call a cab.

Just when you think
it can't get any worse,

you run out of cigarettes.

Oh, tell me where to go.

I'll buy some for you.
I don't mind, really.

You don't have to run
out in the middle of nowhere

and buy cigarettes.

I'm fine.

There's a train at 8:30.

I'll drive you to the station.


Do you know what time it is,
Miss Belivet?

I'm sorry, it just rang.


I was horrible.


Will you forgive me?

Yes, I mean...

I mean...

Then will you...

Would you let me
come see you tomorrow evening?

All right.


I want to know...

I think...

I mean,
I want to ask you things,

but I'm not sure
that you want that.

Ask me things.


Merry Christmas, Katherine.

Oh, thank you, Mrs. Aird.

There he is.

Now will you talk to me?

I just didn't want you
to come all the way down here.

Oh, just give it
to me straight, Fred.

What am I not to worry about
until after the holiday?

Jerry Rix served
some papers this morning,

to my complete surprise.

Why don't you, uh, sit?

Why is it people think
you'll take bad news better

if you're sitting down?

Harge has sought an injunction

which denies you
any access to Rindy

- until the hearing.
- What?

And I'm afraid Harge
has changed his mind

about joint custody.

He wants sole custody of Rindy.

We've already reached
an agreement on custody.

What's this all about?

They're filing papers
on the 29th

in District Family Court

for the, uh,
permanent custody petition.

Can he do this?

- Is it right?
- I don't know

if it's right,
but it's legal.

On what grounds?

Listen, let's wait till
after Christmas...

Fred, on what grounds?

They're petitioning the judge

to consider a morality clause.

A morality...

What the hell does that mean?


I won't mince words with you.

Abby Gerhard.

Also, they're suggesting

similar associations with...

Well, they're alleging evidence
of a pattern of behavior.

"Evidence of a pattern"?

Abby is Rindy's godmother.


If he can't have me,

I can't have Rindy.

That's what...

I'm sorry,
but they seem serious.

W-When is the custody hearing?

It's hard to say with
the holidays and a backlog.

Your best guess, Fred.

Not before March.

Maybe middle of April.

Can I see her?

Not... Let me put it this way.

It wouldn't
be advisable under...

- At school? In an office?
- The issue is not where,

- necessarily.
- Surely,

- a visit, supervised, but...
- Carol, these are

serious allegations.

Forcing contact
before the hearing.

You risk inviting
further scrutiny

- concerning your conduct.
- My conduct?

Jesus Christ.

I'm her mother, for God's sake.

Morality clause.

I see.

Do you?


There's nothing moral
about keeping Rindy from me.


Hey, watch it, lady.

Yes, that's it.

Thank you.

Find what you wanted?

Yeah, something
for someone at the store.

Huh, that's nice of you.

You should stop by
on Christmas sometime.

My mom's sort of planning on it.


That's for families.

I-I'd feel, I don't know...

You are family, Terry.

I've been thinking of
putting together a portfolio.

Of my pictures, you know?

Start taking portraits, even.

Apply for jobs.

Maybe even at a newspaper.

Dannie said he knows someone.

Have you been thinking
any more about Europe?



How many times
have you been in love?


- Until you.
- Don't lie.

You told me
about those other two girls.

Come on, they were...

I had sex with them.

That's not the same thing.

Meaning I'm different because
we haven't gone all the way?


Hey, what's this all about?

I love you.

That's what's different.

Have you ever been in love
with a boy?


But you've heard of it.

Of course.

I mean, have I heard
of people like that?

- Sure.
- I don't mean people like that.

I just mean two people

who fall in love
with each other.

Say, a boy and a boy
out of the blue.

I don't know anyone like that.

But I'll tell you this,

there's always some reason
for it in the background.

So you don't think
it could just...

happen to somebody,
to anybody?

No, I don't.

What are you saying?

Are you in love with a girl?


Don't you know I want to spend

my life with you?

Come to France with me.

Let's get married.

I'm not ready for that.

I can't just make myself...


- Tell me.
- I'm sorry.

I-I have to go.


I'm sorry.

I found Rindy's hairbrush

underneath my pillow
this morning.

Full of her hair.

She does that, you know,

to let me know
she's been a good girl

and brushed properly.

Usually, I clean it out,

but today, for some reason...

How could he?

How dare he?

A morality what?

"Clause," he said.

Oh, Carol.

If I am responsible
in any way...

Don't you dare.

Don't you ever.

Anyway, I got my eye
on this redhead

who owns a steakhouse
outside of Paramus.

I'm talking

serious Rita Hayworth redhead.

Really? You think you got
what it takes

to handle a redhead?

You going somewhere?

West, I thought.

At least for a few weeks

until the hearing.

What else am I gonna do?

Well, I know you don't like
driving alone, so...

She's young.

Tell me you know
what you're doing.

I don't.

I never did.

Your landlady let me in.

Merry Christmas.

Open it.

Oh, Carol.

It's not very good.

I was rushed.

I mean, I can do better.

It's perfect.

Was this you?


Do you have anything

other than photo chemicals
in the icebox?

I-I'm feeling...


Is there any point in,

I don't know, fighting it?

The injunction?


I feel useless,

like I can't help you
or offer anything.

It has nothing to do with you.

I'm going away for a while.



Wherever my car will take me.



And I thought, perhaps,

you might like to come with me.

Would you?


Yes, I would.

You don't even know her!

You can forward any of my mail
to Chicago, General Post.

I've paid rent
through February.

I had a little extra...

money saved.

For our trip.

Our trip, Terry.

And now you're...

I don't believe
this is happening.

I can't explain it.
I just...


You got one hell of a crush
on this woman is what.

You're like a schoolgirl.

I do not.
I just like her is all.

I'm fond of anyone
I can really talk to.


You know what I think?

I think, two weeks from now,

you're going
to be wishing that...

She's going to get tired of you

and you're going
to that wish you had never...

- You don't understand!
- Oh, I do.

I understand completely!

You're in a trance!

I'm wide awake.

I've never been
more awake in my life.

Why don't you leave me alone?

Are we over?

Is that what this is?

I didn't say that.

But why should I want
to be with you

when all you do
is argue about this?

To say...

To say for one minute

that you practically
want to say good-bye

because of some silly crush?!

I didn't say that.
You said it.

You made me buy boat tickets!

I got a better job for you!

I asked you to marry me,
for Christ sakes...

I never made you;
I never asked you for anything.

Maybe that's the problem.

I swear to you, in two weeks,

you are going to be
begging me to forget

this whole thing ever happened.


- Richard!
- You have a great trip, Terry!

- Did you get the coffee?
- Yeah. Coffee.

All right.

- Ready?
- Ready.

I could get used to
having a whole city to myself.


For you.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, no, you shouldn't have.

Open it.

I played it for you,
on piano, at your house.

I remember.

Got that, uh, poached on wheat?

Thank you.

Oh, God, don't.

I look a fright.

You do not, you look wonderful.

Just... stay like that.

Do you miss Richard?

No. I haven't
thought about him all day.

Or of home, really.


Yes, it's
a warm family get-together

for the U.S. President-elect.

His grandchildren and their toys

are his primary concern
at the moment,

for what would
this joyous season be like

without little people
to give it meaning?

Let me speak to her.

What are you doing here?

You're supposed
to be in Florida.

Well, I couldn't do that,

because Rindy would like to be
with her mother for Christmas.

Not that it's any
of your goddamn business.

Now go get her.
I know she's here.

Oh, you've got some fucking
nerve ordering me around.

And, no...

she's not here.

Well, that's impossible,

because she's not at home
and she's not with me,

so she must be with you.


You know, Harge,
you have a point.

You've spent ten years
making damn sure

her only point of
reference is you...

your job, your friends,
your fam...

Where is she? Goddamn it!

She's still my wife, Abby.

She's my responsibility.

You know, that's some way
of showing it,

slapping her
with an injunction.

I'm closing the door.

I love her.

I can't help you with that.

- Carol?
- Therese, is that you?

- Yes.
- Would you be a sweetie

and fetch me
my, uh, blue sweater?

It's in the big suitcase,
on the bed.


Hey, slowpoke...

Found it.


Everything all right?

Yeah, I'm just
suddenly starving.

All right.
Be out in a minute.

You hungry?



Do you feel safe?

With me, I mean?

You're full of surprises.

I mean, you'd tell me if...
something scared you

and there was something
I could do to help?

I'm not frightened, Therese.

You're listening to WHPC,

1480, Canton, Ohio.

"And That's The Chance
You Take,"

from Eddie Fisher.

♪ Perhaps he'll be your true love ♪

♪ Perhaps you'll
seek a new love ♪

♪ But that's
the chance you take... ♪

Our standard rooms

come equipped with
stereophonic console radios.

Or we do have the
Presidential Suite available

for a very attractive rate.

Two standard rooms
should be fine.

Why not take
the Presidential Suite?

I mean,
if the rate's attractive.

Can I help you with that?

Yes, thank you.

It's so cold.

It's so cold my glasses
fogged clear over.

There you go.

Thanks again.

- Night.
- Good night.

- Don't blink.
- Sorry.


I need lipstick.


Take a look at yourself.


Okay. Next?

Would mademoiselle be so kind

as to apply to
her pulse points only?

Me, too.

Oh, that's divine.

Smell that.


To President McKinley.

Can we get those
postcards in the lobby?

It would be really nice
to send one back home.


Good morning.

Glad to see you didn't
freeze over or nothing, huh.

You, too.

Afraid the coffee's
not very good.

Ah... as long as it's hot.

What's in the case?

Oh... uh, notions.

I'm, uh... I sell them.

Or I try to.


Lousy coffee.

Oh, I'm sorry.

- Excuse me?
- We were just chatting.

Name's Tucker. Tommy.

Therese Belivet, Carol Aird.

Pleased to meet you.

Mr. Tucker sells notions.

I see.

I don't know what
notions are, exactly,

but they do instruct us
to use the word.

Says it appeals to women.

Do you have any lipsticks?

But I do have a sewing kit.

You don't need a sewing kit.

I can tell.

I think we can make Chicago
by 5:00 or 6:00,

if we get an early start.

That is where I'm headed.

There's a shortcut
across the interstate.

Knocks two hours off the drive.

Two hours?
That would be something.


Can we stop and get some
magazines on the way?


I have "Field and Stream,"

"National Geographic..."

"Popular Photography"?

Nope. Course not.

I am doomed
to remain without a sale.

Oh, wow, much better.

Is this all right?

Thank you so much.


A real bed.


This fabric.

And this furniture.

Good evening.

Table for two, please,
for dinner.

Are you staying
here at the hotel?

Yes, it's, uh, room...

623. Mrs. Aird.

That'll be just a moment,
Mrs. Aird.

Therese Belivet.

Hargess Aird. Hello?

Somebody's popular.

All from Richard.

Are you going
to get your mail?

Nobody knows I'm here.

Were you making a phone call?


No. Ladies' room.

- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.

Harge and I never spend
New Year's Eve together.

Always a business function.

Always clients to entertain.

I always spend New Year's alone.

In crowds.

I'm not alone this year.

And I'm looking up now,

as the snow
comes drifting down,

and I see a pale winter moon

over Times Square...

as the new year starts

its lumbering journey

into eternity...

Take me to bed.

I never looked like that.

You're trembling.

No, don't.
I want to see you.

My angel.

Flung out of space.

What town is this again?



Isn't that awful?

The two men had left...

...Knoxville, Tennessee
last night and the driver said

Williams, who was in
his late 20s,

had not been feeling well.

- You the folks in 42?
- Mm-hmm.

We're checking out.

Telegram come for you
last night.

The exact cause
of Williams' death

will be determined after...

When did this arrive?

Early. 7:00, 9:00.

I ain't a clock, lady.

The elderly
composer's home

was in Montgomery, Alabama.

Where is my suitcase?

- I put it in the back.
- I want my fucking suitcase!

Carol, what's going on?



Carol, what are you doing
with that?

What happened?

Carol, you're scaring me.

Where's the tape,
you son of a bitch?

How much is Harge
paying you for this, huh?

I'll give you double, triple,
whatever you want.

I wish I could oblige you,

but the tapes have already
been sent to your husband.

That-that can't be right.

My reputation rests
on my efficiency,

Mrs. Aird.

How do I know you're not lying?

You don't, ma'am.


How could you?

I'm a professional,
Miss Belivet.

It's nothing personal.

Let's get out of here.

No, we left.

There's nothing you can do.

As soon as we got
your telegram.

What did
the travel agent tell you?

That the earliest flight
into LaGuardia

is tomorrow afternoon.

Tell me what you need.

Oh, Abby.

I don't know how to fix this.

I haven't the strength.

What are you thinking?

Do you know how many times
a day I ask you that?

I'm sorry.

What am I thinking?

I'm thinking that
I'm utterly selfish and I...

Don't do this.

You had no idea.
How could you have known?

And I should've said no to you,
but I never say no.

And it's selfish, because...

because I just take everything,

and I don't know anything,

and I don't know what I want,
and how could I

when all I ever do
is say yes to everything?

I took what you gave willingly.

It's not your fault,


All right?

Thank you, darling.

So, how are you now?

Oh, you know.

Shattered, sickened.

Don't worry. We'll figure
this out, I promise you.

I hope so.

Anything else you need?

No, no, talk tomorrow.

- Try and get some sleep.
- I will.

- And don't worry.
- Thank you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

You don't have to sleep
over there.

She's gone?

Early this morning.

Is she coming back?


This is all my fault.

That's nonsense.

We should get going.

Eat something.

Suit yourself.

Why do you hate me?

I haven't done anything to you.

You really think I've flown
halfway across the country

to drive you back east
because I hate you

and want to see you suffer?

It's for Carol, not for me.

That isn't...

With you and Carol,

what happened?

It's completely different.

I've known Carol
since I was ten years old.

It was five or so years ago.


Late one night, my Ford...

broke down near
my mother's house.

We tried to stay up...

but curled up together

in my old twin bed.

And that was it.

For a while.

And then it changed.

It changes.

Nobody's fault.





there are no accidents,

and he would've found us
one way or another.

Everything comes full circle.

Be grateful it was sooner

rather than later.

You'll think it harsh of me
to say so,

but no explanation I offer
will satisfy you.

Please don't be angry

when I tell you
that you seek resolutions

and explanations
because you're young.

But you will
understand this one day.

And when it happens,

I want you to imagine me there
to greet you,

our lives stretched out
ahead of us,

a perpetual sunrise.

But until then,

there must be no contact
between us.

I have much to do,

and you, my darling, even more.

Please believe that I would do
anything to see you happy.

And so,
I do the only thing I can.

I release you.



I miss you.

I miss you.


You know,

these are seriously good.

You really captured

whoever this is.

Oh, they're just practice.

You really ought
to put together a portfolio.

Say the word,
I'll introduce you

to my pal at the Times.

There's always
a clerk job going.

You went away with her, right?


What happened?

Oh, nothing.

It's hard to really...

Is this because I tried
to kiss you that day?

Because if it is,

don't even think about that.

You don't have
to be afraid of...

I'm not afraid.

Let's finish while
we still have light, okay?

Still think you should
put together that portfolio.


The world and we have passed
the midway point

of a century
of continuing challenge.

More mashed potatoes, Carol?

Oh, yes, thank you.

They were delicious.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

Thank you, Cate.

This fact defines
the meaning of this day.

We are summoned,

by this honored
and historic ceremony...

I had thought, perhaps,

that-that Marge and Chester

would be back by now
with Rindy.

Marge said to go ahead,

not to wait.

I'm sure that

they'll be here soon.

Harge tells us you've been
getting along quite well

with your doctor, Carol.

And why shouldn't
she get along well?

He's a very expensive doctor.

Well, actually,
he's not a doctor.

He's a psychotherapist.

Well, he's very well regarded.

A Yale man, like your uncle.

Yes, but that doesn't
make him a doctor.

...and their vast
empires have disappeared.

New nations have been born.

For our own country,
it has been a time...

But I do like him very much.

He's been a great help.

- My baby!
- Mommy!


Look how much you've grown.


Can you give me a big squeeze?

Oh, that's a long trip.

You must be hungry, sweetheart.

Want to come have
something to eat?



Stay, stay.

Oh, don't be daft.

I don't think
I can keep this up, Abby.

I mean, how many
more tomato aspic lunches...

You know...

then I come home, every night,

without her.

To what? To this.

And Therese?

Wh-What about her?

Have you heard anything?


No, no.

Been over a month
since she tried to call.

There's nothing.

I wish...

Have you

- hear-heard something?
- From Therese? No.

She must have started her job
at the Times, though.

I should have said, "Therese...


Who the hell's
turning around in my drive?

I should go.

No. No, you don't...

I do.

We expect,
given the seriousness

of the charges,

and the incontestability
of the evidence,

that the court will grant
sole custody of the child

- to my client.
- Not so fast, Jerry.

My client's psychotherapist
is perfectly satisfied

with her recovery
from the events of the winter,

asserting she is
more than capable of caring

for her own child.

She's had no further contact

with the...
the girl in question,

and we have
sworn depositions from two

Saddlebrook Institute

clearly stating
that in their opinions,

a series of events precipitated
by my client's husband

drove her to suffer an
emotional break which resulted

- in the presumed aberrant behav...
- That's absurd!

- Furthermore, given the way
these tapes - All right, Fred,

- were obtained - if this is
how you're gonna handle this...

and recorded, we're confident
of their inadmissibility.

- Fred, please don't.
- All right, first off, Fred,

I want to see these
depositions, and secondly, I...

May-may I speak?

I won't deny the truth
of what's

Contained in those tapes...

This is off the record, honey.

May as well be on the record.


I want you...

to be happy.

I didn't give you that.

I... I failed you.

I mean, we both
could have given more, but...

we gave each other Rindy,

and that is
the most breathtaking,

the most generous of gifts.

So why are we spending
so much time

trying to keep her
from each other?

Now, what happened
with Therese...

I wanted.

And I will not deny it,

or say that I...

But I do regret,

and I grieve for the mess
we are about to make

of our child's life.

We, Harge,
are both responsible.

So I think I...
we-we should set it right.

Now, I think that Harge

should have custody

- of Rindy...
- Could I suggest we just take a break

- for a moment?
- No!

Fred, will you let me speak?

Because if you don't,

I will not be able to c-cope.

Now, I'm no martyr.

I have no clue
what is best for me.

But I do know,
and I feel it in my bones,

what is best for my daughter.

Now, I want visits
with her, Harge.

I don't care
if they're supervised.

I just want them to be regular.

Now, there was a time...

when I would have done
almost anything,

I would have
locked myself away...

to keep Rindy with me.

But what use am I to her...

to us, if I'm living
against my own grain?

So that's the deal.

I won't... I cannot
negotiate anymore.

You take it or leave it.

But if you leave it,
we go to court.

And if we go to court,
it'll get ugly.

And we're not
ugly people, Harge.

Hey, Carol...

Excuse me. Carol?

Right there, right there.
Right here.

Guys, guys, pay attention.

Here, you got the Rooster,
you got...

you got DiMaggio...
front cover. Front cover.

- This guy, this guy, this guy.
- That's the guy. -I like that.

Where's that one we... where's
that photo we had earlier?

- I don't know.
- I'm not sure, I'm not sure.

- No, no, no, no.
- I like this one better.


The lady is fantastic.

Hand-delivered. Swank.

Of course.

Thank you. Good-bye.

I wasn't sure you'd come.

It's nice of you to see me.

Don't say that.

Do you hate me, Therese?

No. How could I hate you?

Abby tells me you're thriving.

You have no idea
how pleased I am for you.

And you look very fine,
you know?

As if you've suddenly blossomed.

Is that what comes
of getting away from me?




Harge and I are selling
the house.

- I've taken an apartment on Madison Avenue.
- No, thank you.

And a job, believe it or not.

I'm gonna work
at a furniture house

on 4th Avenue as a... buyer.

Have you seen Rindy?

Once or twice.

She's living with Harge,
for now.


the right thing.



apartment's a nice big one.

It's big enough for two.

I was hoping you might like
to come live with me,

but I guess you won't.

Would you?

No, I don't think so.

I'm meeting some people

at the, uh...

Oak Room at 9:00,

if you want to have dinner.

If you change your mind,
I-I think you'd like them.


...that's that.

I love you.

Therese? Is that you?

What do you know?

I-I'm saying to myself,
I know that girl.

- Jack.
- Gee, it's great to see you, Therese.

- It's been... months.
- Months.

- Jack, this is Carol Aird.
- Ah.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Likewise.

Well, hey, uh,
Ted Gray's meeting me here,

and a bunch of us are heading
down to Phil's party.

You're going, aren't you?

- Yes, I just planned to get there...
- You two go ahead.

You coming along?

No. No.

I have to make a few calls
before dinner anyway.

I really should run.

Are you sure?

Of course.

Well, it would be great
to catch a ride.

Yeah, sure.

You two have a wonderful night.

- Nice meeting you, Jack.
- Nice meeting you.

All right, well, uh...

let me go make sure
the loaf's on his way.

Back in a flash.

He just snuck me in.
I saw a doubleheader.

- It was just fantastic.
- Is that right?

Yeah, great.

You know, his brother, uh...

...yeah, he snuck in.
Anyway, he had the right idea.

Yes, right up here,
right up here at the corner.

- It's about time, Belivet!
- Hey, keep the change.

Say hello, at least.
It hasn't been that long.

- Hello, Phil. Sorry.
- Oh, there she is!

Get up there!


Nothing. There better be beer
up there, or wine.

I don't know, man.
You can have her.

She's one of these real
Greenwich Village phonies,

if you ask me.

I'm gonna
remember that, Charles.

Where are you going, Ted?

Stick around a minute.

You're Phil's friend,
aren't you?

I am, yes. And Dannie's.

Aren't you gonna ask me
how I knew that?

Aren't most people here
Phil's friends?

I can see why Phil speaks
so highly of you.

Can you?

Sorry, I'll be out in a minute.

Davidson's getting her ready

to go back to San Francisco.

What's he been doing to her?

- Praying.
- Praying?


Maybe, yes.

I think that'd be a great idea.

As bad as Boston?

Well, next year
you're gonna have to come out.

Come out for-for the summer.

Of course, no one dares
to tell them otherwise.

He does that all the time.
He's a blowhard.

There's no more direct...

About how much time
would you say?

Do you have a reservation?

- Sorry, I'm looking for someone.
- W-W...

Ma'am, I can't seat you...
without a party.

- Good night, Sammy!
- Mr. Ellsworth.

Good night, Dennis.
Thanks again.

Uh, question.