Carny (1980) - full transcript

A carnival comes to a small town. Eighteen year old Donna meets Frankie and Patch, two carnival hustlers. They earn their living by mercilessly taunting spectators to try to dump one of them into the water by throwing balls. Donna is tired of her work as a waitress and follows them through the South.


[ Bell dings ]

who will wrestle a snake

as big
as a telephone pole.

It's almost showtime.

Oh, nah.

Time passes.

$100 to the man
who has something in his pocket

that I can't swallow.

You, sir. You, sir. You, sir.

Come, give me something.

You, sir.

Ha ha ha.


There we go.

A portrait of Ben Franklin

to the man
with the 5:00 shadow.

Now step right up.

Step right up, folks.

See the fabulous Willie Mae --

half man, half woman.

See the rubber man
and the rubber woman.

Man: North, south,
east, west --

bet the state
that you like the best.

We got a winner
on Pennsylvania.

$50 to the man.
Step right up.

Don't be a mere crushed bug
on the windshield of life.

Man: They're going
to switch it

while you watch it.

They're going to kick it
up one side

and roll it down the other.

The whole show was designed
by a nearsighted gynecologist.

Sugaree is going to take you
back to the garden of Eden.

You're going to have
a smile on your face.

As long as there's a line,
tickets will be half price.

It's showtime.
Put your money down.

There's the type of man

who's not interested
in normal sexual activity.

You know who you are,
and you can stay outside

while the rest of you
come on in.

Hey, good looking,
don't you want to play?

Hey, nobody --
nobody's playing the game?

Hey, all right. Hey...

Hey, lucky,
you come in here.

I can tell
you're lucky tonight.

[ People screaming ]

Good. Thank you.
See you later.

[ Cackles ]

Come on, come on.
Don't be a quitter now.

The mighty bozo.
Don't be a quitter.

Oh, here they come.

It's tweedledee
and tweedledum.

Here they come,
the tons of fun.

[ Cackles ]

There you go.

I bet you all lost
your weight watchers card.

You're on a see-food diet --
you eat everything you see.

Everybody watch out
for your corn dogs.

[ Cackles ]

Come on, man!

Come on, try one more.

Oh, you got to take
three more.

You got to have three, too.

Oh, boy, is he
raking it in tonight.

Good action?

You never saw action
in your life like this.

Okay, take this.

No rest for the wicked.

I'll see you later.

Man: Hit that dude.

Whoa ha ha ha.

Come on, bozo's here.

Ha ha ha.

I'm looking me
for a ballplayer,

looking me for a ball--
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

We got wino Willie
over here.

Come on, wino,
pull up here

and win the next bottle
of rotgut.

Knock ol' bozo
in the water.

Hey, wino.
Come up here, buddy.

Yeah, yeah, knock me in
and win some rotgut.

Whoo ha ha ha.

Got a bottle of rotgut
for wino Willie.

Oh, no, you've got to hit
the target.

Don't be throwing
at the cage, wino.

Ha ha ha ha.

Oh, hey, look here.

We got ugly
and we got homely.

You guys ever had
a girlfriend?

I doubt it
with faces like that.

Ha ha ha!

There you go.
Knock him in.

Here comes ugly.

Fire it on in here.
You missed again.

You guys throw together.
Do you go together?

You don't have
no girlfriends.

It's the mighty bozo.

[ Cackles ]

You missed.
You missed, ugly.

Whoa ha ha ha!

You guys
are going to get jail

for looking so ugly,
you know.

Looking for a ballplayer.

Here, take a free one.

Patchy, patchy,
don't let him quit.

Get ol' ugly
over there, huh?

That's right.
You got it.

Oh, no, you can't
get out of here, ugly,

not without a price
on your head.

Hey, no dough,
no throw.

No dough, no throw.

Yeah, come on, come on.

Come on, ugly.
What are you going to do?

You know
what you ought to do?

[ Bell clangs ]


You didn't knock me in.

I just got so itchy,
I jumped in.

I'm high and I'm dry

and I ain't seen me
a ballplayer all night.

[ Cackles ]

[ Bell dings ]

Man: Doubles again.
The boy has me trapped.

Any state but Rhode Island
and I'm history,

do you hear me?

Oregon -- you got it,
mister. There you go.

What's your name?

What are you reaching
under the counter for?

I don't need
your aggravation.

I don't need
your cheating.

Why don't you spin
for real this time?

Spin? You got it.

Come on.

Hey, man, you should have
listened to me, huh?

Hey, where's that little
girlfriend of yours, huh?

He tried to sucker me.
I wouldn't let him.

Got you a dog.

That's all
you're going to say?

I won you a dog.

What do you want
to do now?

How about this over here?

I'm bozo.

I'm the mighty bozo,
and I'm high and I'm dry.

Whoa! Mama's little precious.

Oh! Mama's little baby. Oh!

Throw one in here, son.
Try to put me down.

What's this over here?

Mama's little baby.
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Quick, step on it
before it multiplies.

We used to say that,

Oh, looking
for a ballplayer.

I ain't found me
a ballplayer yet.

Oh, here we go.

I found me
a chicken brain out there.

He's got a big "g"
on his coat.

What's that "g" stand for,

Oh, check the baby face
on the teen queen.

And he's got the brains
to match.

Hey, what's that goofy-looking
thing on your neck?

Why don't you
step out here

and say that, buddy?

I don't hang out
with losers, goofy.

I'm here and I'm high
and I'm dry.

Come on, goofy.
Don't let your mind wander.

It's too weak
to be let out alone.

Ha ha ha!

I ain't found me
a ballplayer yet.

Oh, you got
pretty good reflexes.

Say, sweetheart,

how's it feel
waking up with a jerk?

[ Cackles ]

You feel like doing
some needlepoint? Whoa!

I'm high,
and I'm a dry bozo.

What are you smiling at?

You're living proof
of reincarnation.

No one could be as dumb
as you in one lifetime.

Hey, musclehead, you know why
she's shorter than you?

It's because
she shrinks from your touch.

Ow! That's it.
There he comes.

High and outside.

I think you need
a relief pitcher.

Whoo! Looking
for a ball-- oh!

[ Cackles ]

This guy's so dull
his dog left him.

Play again.

Whoa. Hey, hey, hey!

Ha ha.

Put one in my mouth.

Come on, put one in my mouth.

The target's
over here, dummy.

[ Cackles ]

Okay, that's enough.

Give somebody else a shot.

Sweetheart, would you
knock me in and take me home?


You --

[ cackles ]

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

I been up here all night,

and I ain't found
a ballplayer yet.

I'm starting to get dry,
and I haven't been high.

So come on and knock me
in the water, please.

[ Bell dings ]

[ Cackles ]

Hey, on-your-Mark.

close up the joint.

Oh, it was a good night.

How'd we do?

We did better
than 300 bong tonight.

I thought we were hot.

Hey, hold it.
Midway's over there.

Don't need none
of that shit.

[ Coughs ]

You okay?

[ Coughs ]

Cough sounds good.

Oh, I'm freezing.
Come on, open the door.

All she wears for a costume
is three bananas.

Sugaree here
is a banana dancer.

How about a banana split?

Take Mickey back there,
darling, and get him ready.

He's going to be in the show.

Seats are free.

Buy your tickets
right over here.

See the fabulous
Wayne la crosse.

In the course of her number,
she wears three gardenias.

That's it, boys.
Plenty of seats for everybody.

Plenty of seats.

Okay, let's go.

Name's on-your-Mark.

If that means anything,
I'll change it.

What do you want?
I don't know, either.

Make up your mind.

Um, hamburger.

Want a watch with that?
Costs 40 bucks.

Keeps Navy time.


Ha ha.

That's okay. I know him.
He's harmless.

Dad, don't be scaring
all the girls away.

Why don't you shoot US
two cokes with no ice?

He didn't mean
to scare you.

It's just his way
of greeting people.

Don't feel left out.

That ain't no place
for you.

What do you mean?

I mean the kook show
where your boyfriend is,

banana split man.

Look at me for a minute.
Look at me in the eye.

Don't be darting
your eyes around.

Hold them still.
Hold them still.

Right in my eye.

Let's see, let's see.

You are 18.
You'll be 19 in December.

Am I lying?

What are you,
Mr. Crystal ball around here?

I must have missed
your act.

If I had all night,
I'd be an astronaut.

You're not an astronaut,
and how much is it?

A buck, thank you.

Here's 2.


Thank you. Why don't you
eat your burger

before it gets too cold?
And quit looking over there.

What's your name?

You tell me.

Okay, tell me
the first letter.


D. A, b, c, d.

Okay, how many letters?

That's cheating.

You're getting this
for nothing.

Don't you want
to learn something?

Oh, okay. Five.

Five letters.

Starts with a "d,"
it's got five letters.

D-a, d-n,

d-a-n, d-i-s, d-o.


Your name's Donna.

Ha ha ha.

Am I lying?
Is your name Donna?

I think I better go.

I got it. Oh, hey,
don't worry about that.

Why don't you try
to guess my age?

I guessed your age.
Look in my eyes.

Come on, look right
in my pupil.

First number in your mind
is the one.


25? Ha ha ha.

She got it
right off the bat.

I'm 25.
You do it naturally.

What the hell's going on?

We're just guessing
ages and names, huh?

Can't I leave you alone
for five minutes?

Is this guy hassling you?

Nobody's hassling anybody.
Let's just go.

You work here, buddy?

Get him a seltzer.
He lost his bankroll.

Don't mess with me, man.

You mess with my lady,

you better be ready
to mess with me, buddy.

Get up!
Don't fuck with me.

We got US a big iron
and steel man --

she's going to iron,
and he's going to steal.

What happened
to your belt buckle, goofy?

Ha ha ha ha!

Fucking freak.

I think it's past
your bedtime.

Don't you know
where the exit is?

Shit, yes.

Well, use it.

You're lucky I didn't
bring mine, asshole.


Thanks a lot, Donna.

As usual, you've got to
sniff up some guy's leg.

Why don't you
just bite it, Mickey?


Hey, look, I'm sorry
about what I said, okay?

I lost my head.

That's okay.
You won't miss it.

Patch: You keep this up,

I'm going to have to
build you a bigger cage.

Frankie: That's not
a bad idea anyway.


Feel like
doing something here?

Excuse me.
Where are you girls from?


Feel like winning
something tonight?


[ Coughing ]

You want to try
a little of this?

No, no.

Woman: Hurry up.
We're going to be late.

You know, you think
you're so smart.

You ought to try
getting in the cage.

Your ass is parading
up and down the midway

getting kickback,
dry as a bone.

Do you know how much money
we had to pay off

so we could stay open
this week?

I don't give a shit
about how much it costs.

I'm talking about getting
in the cage.

Woman: Hey, Frankie,
got an aspirin?

No, but I could make you

a cottage cheese
and mustard sandwich.

Ha ha ha.

It works for me.

Come here.

Morning, Frankie.

Sure was swell.

Give me a kiss.

Oh, mmm, mmm, mmm.

You been stealing
my balloons?

Is that what you think?

Ha ha ha ha.

Okay, see you
next season.

See you around, bozo.

Thanks for the ride.
Watch your step.

Yeah, I'll tell you,

I like to see them come
and I like to see them go,

you know what I mean?

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!


Ought to get me a hat
like this.

What do you think?

Then let me
ask you something.

I mean, just US,
you and me here.

Take a look at my hairline.

Is it, uh, going --
receding back?

Huh? Have you noticed it
moving back?

Oh, shit.

You know,
I'm getting too old

for this stuff, I think.

Dogs in the hedge.


Is that that chick
out there

that I guessed her name
last night?

Is that her? Look.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know the one you mean.

Hey, you got a ballplayer
looking for a bozo here.

Boy, she looks good.


You think I ought
to go hustle her down?

Well, you ought to wipe
the mustard off your mouth

if you're going to go
hustle anybody down.

How's that?

Let me see.

Probably amazing.

Well, I feel like I fell
off a ride, but here I go.

I'll catch you later.

All right.

Man: Ixnay meezarg.

Hiya, bozo.

Ha ha ha ha.

Now, what do you want
with the bozo?

First your money-o,

then your clothes-o,

and then anything goes-o.

[ Laughing ]

What the hell
are you gawking at?

Go ahead and pet him.
What are you waiting for?

Easy there, carny.

Oh, easy, carny. Easy.

Go ahead.
Go and pet him. Go ahead.

[ Gasps ]

How are you doing, dad?

Not so good, Frankie.
I've been with it too long.

Start taking it
a little more easy.

You take it easy.
I don't know how.

Whoa. We go.

Let's go over here.

Is he crazy?

It's questionable,
but he can still jump

into any one
of these joints along here

and make more money
than anyb-- are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Don't let those guys
scare you

because they're just
having fun, that's all.

How'd you know
the month I was born in?


The month I was born in.

It was your, uh, birthstone
in your engagement ring.

Oh, yeah, but Donna's not
the only 5-letter name

that starts with "d."

I know it.
There's about 12 of them.

I'm busy right now
memorizing all those things.

What's that?

This is
Harold's trailer here.

Wake up in there!

He's the fat boy.
He never gets out of there.

How come?

If he fell down,
he'd never get up.

That's terrible.

No, fat people come in there
by the millions,

and then he makes them
feel skinny.

Come back here,
you son of a bitch!

Get out of there,
you motherfucker!

Hey, what's going on?
What the --

stand back!

Take it easy.
Whoa, take it easy.

Except she shaves
her chest hair.

You're kidding.

Patch: Hey, what's
the matter with you?

[ Truck horn honking ]

Easy, easy, easy, easy.

Easy, easy, easy, easy.

What are you,
a sore loser, huh?

What's the story?
What's going on?

Jerry, get this
son of a bitch off me.

Cut it out!

What's with the mayor?

It's the heat.

One phone call
and close this down!

Wait a minute.
Hold it!

All I want is my money.

You've got a lot
of hustling going on

out on that midway, fella.

So you either make good
on the deal,

or I'll make
that phone call.

Let's straighten this out.
How much did you lose?


[ Yells ]

Shut your trap.

I didn't take him.
He blew it, man.

You shut your clam.
Shut your clam.

Okay, here, here.

Don't go back out there
and lose this money.

All right?

Okay, come on.

Jerry? Jerry, look.
It's Jerry, right?

Listen, I'm sorry
about this whole thing.

We're trying
to run a clean show here.

It's bad for business
for US, too, you know?

a churchgoing man, right?

Got a youth organization
down there

with a bunch of kids?

Let's bring them all
down here,

let them go on the rides
for nothing, okay?

Here's a bunch of passes,
all right? Okay?

All on behalf of the great
American carnival, okay?

Thank you, thank you.
All right?

Jerry: I can't let you
out of my sight.

What are you doing?

Are you trying
to make my job tough?

I was just trying
to make a buck.

Just trying to make a piece
like everybody else.

Just trying to make a buck.

And you owe me.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Come on.

Just a little something
to get your blood going.

Come here. I want
to show you something.

I don't believe it.

Is that
what you call cross-fire?

Yeah, it's still cross-fire.
It happens everywhere we go.



Wherever you go,
trouble follows.

I don't know.
I kind of like it myself.

How long have you
been a clown?

A clown?


I look like a clown
to you?

Well, there's no clowns
around here.

Clowns are funny.
I'm scary.

I go out there --
this is a mask,

a simple mask.

I go lock myself
in a goddamn cage

and drive people mad,
and you never know

when one of them
is going to run around

and try to make
hamburger meat out of you.

I've had firecrackers
thrown at me.

They've hit
and went off on me,

and it didn't
even bother me.

I never realized
it was that dangerous.

Well, shit,
that's why I do it.

But you learn
how to read people.

That's the best part
about it.

I don't give a shit
about the money,

but you learn
how to read people.

What do you do?

I'm a waitress.

Well, I bet you get
a lot of tips.

Can't you tell
who's going to tip big

and who's going to give you,
you know, a hard time?

It's not the same thing.

Yeah, it's not.
I know what you mean.

It ain't the same thing.

I hate it.

I hate this whole town.

I don't know.

Well, are you going to,
uh, marry gruesome?

Ha ha. Gruesome?

Yeah, your, uh,
boyfriend there.

No, gruesome --

I'm saving him
for my mother.

They deserve each other.

Saving gruesome
for your mother?

Yes. God, I'll tell you,
if I had the money

for a bus ticket,
I'd leave right now.

Well, it sounds to me

like you ought to be
traveling with US

'cause that's all we do.

Does that stuff
come off in water?

You just missed a spot there.
You sure that comes off?

It comes off a little bit,

but if you really want
to get it off good,

you have to use a person.

A person?




Ha ha ha.


Mmm, taste like a clown
to me.

I think I could
get to like this.

Ha ha.

Look at yourself
in the mirror here.

Hey, I look
as pretty as you.

Man: You look like
you're sleeping standing up.

What, did throw him
down there with the giant?

You and the giant
riding together?

Yeah? Okay.

Hey, hey, hey.


Look at you.

You look great.

It's good
to see you again.

I want you to meet
my partner patch bogry.

He looks kind of dark
and ominous, but he's not.

This is great.
Look at you.

This is a friend
of mine -- Donna.

This is patch bogry,
my partner,

and she's going to go
to Raleigh with US.


She's going
to Raleigh with US.

Does anybody know
where you are?


You know, we're crossing
some state lines here.

How old is Donna?

Donna's 18.
She'll be 19 in December.

Am I lying?



Let's hit it.

Let's hit it.

Let's go!
Raleigh's waiting!

Right this way.

Get in the back here.

Put a 14 here.
You'll go here, huh?

Hey, what's with Frankie?

He's in heat
over this jailbait.

I ain't running a home
for runaways, you know.

Put a 12 here.

We'll put
the wheel joint here.

Wait a minute, heavy,
don't do that.

Don't put me next
to the bozo again.

The cat clogs up
the midway.

Give me one of those
eye-openers you promised me.

Come on, come on,
give me one.

I know you're holding.
Come on, come on.

All right, all right.
Don't worry about it.

You're going to feel
much better.

Heavy: So,
I tell you, huh?

I checked it out already.
She's over 18.

Don't worry about it.

12. 12 here. Nails.

All right. Charlie,
come on, man.


Put a 12 here, Greta.

All right.

How long's
she going to stay?


Did you ever try
and live with the bozo?

Come on, come on,

Somebody's talking to you.
Ha ha ha!

Bozo's here. I'm mighty high
and I'm mighty dry.

Hey, patch,
it's raining.

You should have been
a weatherman.

I know it's raining.

Close it.
Close it, huh?

Ha ha ha! Whoo!


Well, I was up here
all night.

I never did find me
a ballplayer.

Ha ha ha!
What are you going to do?

[ Bell dings ]

[ Siren wails ]

That was a lucky shot,
you son of a bitch.

Ha ha ha!

Son of a bitch.

We don't need this,
damn it.

Come on.

My goodness.

Here's some hot coffee
for you,

and supper should be
ready pretty soon.

Did you do this for US?
Well, how nice.

I'm dripping
all over your floor.

What do you think
about this, patch?

I'm going to change.

I had some papers
over here -- an envelope.

Did you see it?

It put it away.

It's over there
in the drawer.

Don't tidy up
my stuff, okay?

Well, it was dirty
in here.

That's all right. I like
to write in the dust.

What's that smell?
What's that cooking smell?

You ought to have
some proper food.

He's going to catch a cold
in that tank.

Frankie doesn't
catch cold.

Have some coffee.

Hey, what do you
think of her?

What is this,
girlfriend time?

Is this your girlfriend
out here?

It's not my girlfriend.
It's our girlfriend.

It doesn't look like
our girlfriend to me.

It looks like
your girlfriend.

She's just trying
to be nice.

Why don't you give me
a chance to work this out?

Donna: Frankie?

Just give me a minute.

Come here.

There's something
going on out here.

It's probably your dinner's
getting cold.

What is it, dear?

Look. See?


[ Shouting and cheering ]

Come on, let me
show you something.

Get your coat. Come on.

Hey, great, great, great.


Ha ha ha.

I don't get it.
Who's getting married?

The two
on the merry-go-round.

Just one ride,
and it's, uh,

good for a season,
you know.

Ah, petey, give me
a kiss for luck.

Where are you going, bud?

I got business
with heavy.

There's a jamboree
going on.

I know, I know.

I'll meet you
over there later.

Okay. Let's go.

Let's hear it for Harold!
Hit it, Texas weavers!

[ Applause ]

[ Playing rock 'n' roll ]

It's all yours, Harold!

* wah-waah

* wah-wah

* wah-waah

* wah-wah

* wah-waah, wah-wah

* wah-waah, wah-waah,
wah-wah *

* well, they call me,
they call me the fat man *

* 'cause I weigh 600 pounds

woman: Is that all?

* and when I shake my belly

* the little girls
all come around *

* yeah, they call me,
they call me the fat man *

* and I go
from town to town *

* what I like to do

* is throw my weight around

* well, they call me,
they call me the fat man *

* and my real name
is Mr. 5x5 *

* takes a train to love me

* four girls
to hold my side *

* wah-waah

* wah

* a-wah-waah

* wah

* wah-waah, wah-waah,
wah-waah, wah-waah *

* wah-wah

[ applause ]

Nice going, Harold.

Nice going.

That's the law
in this state --

no exhibition of human
oddities for profit.

What if we made it $1,200?

Sorry. Listen,
I'm getting heat, too.

I just can't
let you stay open.

Heavy: It's iced.

Can I talk to you
for a minute, please?

Let me tell you something
about Mr. St. John.

He's been in this business
a long time,

and frankly, he's getting
sick and tired

of being squeezed.

The man can't be pushed
no more,

and he has a very simple
solution for the whole thing.

All he's got to do is
next season come here,

stick up a bunch of rides --
no girlie show,

no freaks in the sideshow,
no games of chance,

no bozo joint --

and you guys don't even
have to come around.

You know what I mean?
No show, no dough.

Come on.

All right?

Well, all right,

but if I see
any freaks working,

I'm going to shut this
whole damn place down.

They got something
against freaks.

It's the best
I could do. Shit.

The problem is

all those clever
god-fearing decent people

who know
what's good for US.

They're so clever,

they know what's good
for everybody.

I don't care
what you think, w.C.

You're special people.

Don't let this petty shit
get you down.

All I want to do
is my act.

We have been
in show business

since we were
this high.

I know, percilla.

Carnival ain't even
a real carnival

without a sideshow,
don't you know that?

If there's problems
after this spot,

I'm going
into real estate.

It's a scam.

They think the freaks
don't have to earn a living.

They don't think
they have feelings, huh?

They'd rather see them
in the welfare line.

What are you
going to tell w.C.?

I got to tell him something.
I got to carry him.

And this rain,

we need this shit
on top of everything else.

Harry: Hey, patch.

Let me see
what Harry wants.

I'll see you over
at the joint.

All right, all right.

What's doing?

I want to introduce you
to a couple of twins.

This is Billie and Bobbie.

What -- wait a minute.
Wait a minute now.

Are you interested in her?
Sure, you're interested.

Billie and Bobbie --
are they too old for you?

No, they're just
a little weird.

They finish
each other's sentences.

Why don't I take them
over to the jamboree?

We're rained out, so they're
having a party over there.

Go ahead. I'll catch you
a little later.

I'll take the girls
over there.

We'll meet you.

Come on, everybody.

Come on, fellas,
here we go.

Everybody dance. Let's go.
Come on. I'm harmless.

I'm harmless.

Come on, now, get up
off of those feet.

[ Playing funk ]

Heavy: Oh, look at her.

Have I got one for you.

What's that?

Take a look
over your right shoulder.

God damn,
where did you find them?

They were over
at the hat's joint --

hanging out
at Harry's joint.

Come on, you got to
meet them. Come on.

This is
my friend Frankie.

This is Billie
and Bobbie.

I'm Billie.

I'm Bobbie.

Who's what now?

I'm Billie.

They look like bookends.

What did I tell you?

Y'all are sin twisters,
aren't you?

Together: You got it.

We got to put something
together here.

I need to have
a little talk with you.

Would you excuse US?

What's the matter?

Nice to meet you.

We'll be right back.

I got Donna here.
Donna's here.

What am I going to do
with her?

I can't send her
to a movie.

We can't let something
like this get away.

You know how long
you've been talking

about having some
double duty like this?

Now's your chance.

I know, but I don't want
to get double-doored

in the double duty.

You got to help me out
with this situation.

This is going to be a gift
from me to you

'cause I just can't
leave her out there.

That's all.
You understand. Okay?

Yeah, sure. Yeah.

We going to party?

Listen up, you kids.

There's something I know.

Let it rain, let it pour.

We're going to win it all back
in Charlotte and more.

And you watch me down south.

I'll get myself a tin bucket
and a rubber duck,

and I'll make more
than all of you.

I'm going out a winner!

[ Applause ]

I've been with it 50 years,

and it's time I packed it in.

I'm going to get myself

a little place
down in gibtown,

and I hope you'll come visit me
in carny land.

I'm going to miss each
and every one of you.

Now with that settled,

what do you say
we get shitfaced?

The wages of sin --

to higher wages! Hit it!

[ Playing blues ]

[ Thunder rumbling ]

[ Laughter ]

Man: Here,
I got some stuff.

And they're like
nobody else.

Who are you
talking about now?

Carnies. Ciz-arnies.

Very good. Hey.


Well, how about
a big kiz-iss?

Sure. Siz-ure.

Ha ha ha ha.

[ Frankie and Donna laughing ]

How do you say that?




Ha ha ha ha.



Ha ha ha.

Gosh, teenagers.

What are you going to do

with the teenagers
of america?

There's a few things.

Ha ha ha ha.

Mmm, gosh.

* born to lose

* I've lived my life
in vain *

hi. Y'all come on in.

You boys public
or drivers?

We're drivers.

Well, good.
Just go and sit down.

Patch: Let's just get
something to go.

Hey, watch out
for my food, dude.

Man: If these old boys
are drivers, they're lost.

Who did you boys say
you was pulling for?

International pacific express

out of Dallas, Texas.

We need
three burgers to go...

That's shit, man.

Three cokes right now
with no ice

and a whole bunch
of mayonnaise.

Hey, Denny,
I bet these people

couldn't tell diesel
from dog shit.

That's what
I was thinking.

Who are you with, mama?

I ain't with you.

How about me, mama?

Man: You like candy,
little girl?

Looks pretty good,
doesn't she?

Are you people
in show business?

We're carnies.
We're with the carnival.

My old man was a carny.

He wasn't worth shit.

Well, it's obvious your mother
made two mistakes, huh?

You better have
these boys pay upfront.

How about this,
whistle dick?

Money walks,
bullshit talks.

Watch your mouth.

Why don't you go
paint your face, lady?

You're feeling pretty hot
today, aren't you?

* born to lose

* I've lived my life
in vain *

you don't belong here, pal.

Hey, pencil neck.

We're just getting
something to go.

We'll be out of here
in a minute.

Make it 10 seconds.

There's no problem.

Hey, we don't want
no trouble, okay?

Why don't you go back
and eat your chili, Geronimo?

We don't need this kind of --

[ shouting ]

Come on, Geronimo, come on!

Get up. Come on.

Hurry up, you guys.

So long, asshole!

Ride in the trailer.
Let me cool him out.

Come on. Come on. Christ.


Ha ha ha!

We could have taken them.
We could have got them.

We had them in the palm
of our hand.

That's what it's like
in the cage.

I'll tell you that.

Are you finished
with her yet?

What do you mean?

Are you finished
with her yet?

Well, uh...

I mean, first
her goddamn boyfriend,

then these animals.

Next it's going
to be her father

next it's going
to be her father
with the police
bringing heat all over US.

With the police
bringing heat all over US.

What is this shit, man?

That's not
going to happen.

Heavy's all over
my goddamn case.

Well, what for?
She loves the carnival.

She's just got to get
to know it, that's all.

This is none
of her business.

She had her peek
at the inside.

We don't need
this shit, man.

She ain't even got
a father.

Look, you just
tell her, okay?

Let's just get her
out of here

by the time we open,
that's all.


I'll talk to her.

He wants me out, right?


Donna, I've told you
over and over

it doesn't have anything
to do with you personally.

Damn it.

It's the way we've been
doing things for a long time.

For 10 years, we've been
doing this bozo thing.

I can't explain it
any more than that.

I could get a job.

Doing what?



With sugaree
and pagan and flame.

They said
I could already.

I think
it would be a kick.

Sweetheart, I just don't
think you can handle it.

Donna --

hey, look, I didn't
leave some hick town

just to be dropped off
in the middle of nowhere.

Why should I leave,
just because he says so?

Listen, he may tell you
when to shit,

but no one tells me.

What are you trying to do,
get rid of me?

Don't you care
what happens to me?

I care about you.



Yeah, I care
about you, too.

I just get mixed up
sometimes, that's all.

[ Knock on door ]

Push it, honey.

Hello, hello, hello.
Where's delno?

He's over
at the strip tent.

I'm going to go get him.
Why don't you sit down?

Would you please
make her feel at home?

She wants to work.

Uh, pay that no mind.

So tell me,
what made you decide?

I don't know.

I thought
I might enjoy it.

You got dollar signs

running down your spine.

I got to try
and get patch off my back.

I think he thinks
I'm just some runaway kid.

Well, well, let's just see
what sugaree can do.


[ Giggles ]

Try this on for size.

Come on, Frankie,
not again.

I've had enough of this.

Delno, would you just wait
till you see her?

Come on.

Watch your step.

Whoa. Look at you.
You look wonderful.

What did I tell you?
What did I tell you, delno?

You work before?

She worked topless.

Turn around.
Let me take a look at you.

Side girl,
no heavy stuff.

You just dance
behind the strippers.

I bet he pays her
90 bucks a week.

90 bucks a week,
take it or leave it.

Oh, I'll take it.

Thank you,
Mr. Baptiste.

Don't thank me.
Don't ever thank me.

So now what
do you say, huh?

Ha ha ha.

This is going to
be wonderful.

I'm going to get
my hips out there.

Yeah. How about some people
going like this?

Better than you.



There's patch. I want to go
get him and bring him.

Would you get me
some coffee --

no sugar, no milk?

What will you have,

Uh, two coffees, black.

Two black coffees,

Are you busy?

Yeah. Why?

Come on. I want to
show you some good news.

I could use
some good news.

We got a new dancer.
I want you to meet her.

It was her idea.
I couldn't do nothing.

Delno jumped on it
like fried chicken,

so act surprised, okay?

So you're going to be

a hoochie-coochie
dancer now, huh?

That's right.

I'm going to be making
lots of money, lots.

Ha ha.

You ever done anything
like that before?

Well, she's not
going to be naked.

She's going to be a side girl
behind the dancers.

She's got
a dance hall rig on.

Now what
do you say, huh?

Good, real good.

Yeah, set them
over here.

One for the new girl.

Don't worry about that.
Don't worry about it.

Uhh! I got to
shake my hips.

Don't hustle me.

I don't want to talk
about it anymore.

I got enough to handle.

Delno, this is
strictly business.

Now you know Charlotte
has always been a hot town,

good money town.
Anything goes, right?

That's right.

Let her play strong
like the other girls.

She doesn't even know what
she's getting herself into.

Of course she does.
It's her idea.

It's out of the question.
She's too young.

She's what?

She's so young.

That's a good point.

What do you
get out of this?

[ Burlesque music playing ]

[ Cheering and applauding ]

Man: Watch that. Yeah!

Beat it, you punks.

That's it, boys.

Take a good look.

Watch it.
They're frightening.

Delno: Okay, let's hear it
for pagan knight.

Man: More! More!

Okay, this next one is going to
really singe your eyebrows.

You're going to talk
about this girl

the rest of your life.

For the young at heart,


Baby Madonna.

[ Burlesque music playing ]

[ Cheering and applauding ]

Come on, get out here!

Come on, honey,
don't just stand there.

What is this?

Come on,
for Christ's sake!

Come on!

Let's move!

Honey, hell, I'll do it.

Delno: Get off the stage,
you freak!

God damn it!
Somebody just hit me here!

Man #2: Hey, crew!


Hey, crew!

[ Alarm wailing ]

Patch: Show's over.

Hey, crew!

Aah! Aah!

Patch: All right,
let's clear the joint.

You, too.

Aah! Get off me!


Get out of here!

She needs a doctor.

Heavy: What is this,
amateur night?

She said
she worked before?

Is that so?

What did you
hold back for?

Delno: Patch said
she could handle it.

Woman: Well, sugar,
why didn't you say something?

I thought
I could work strong.

I thought I could do it.
I guess I couldn't.

What's going on?

What's going on?

Come on, let's go
to the trailer.

What is this, a gaffe?
I didn't want her here!

Let's slaughter
the fucking place! Slaughter!

What happened in there?
What caused this, huh?

What happened?

What were
you doing, Donna?

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.

You going to be
all right, kid?

Let me go get
this band-aid shit here.

Oh, damn it.

Hey, listen, you didn't
have to do that.

You don't have
to cover up for me.

I can clean up
my own mess.

Don't worry. I wasn't
doing it for you.

Well, what are
you doing?

How do you think he'd feel
if he knew?

Well, what makes you think
he doesn't know?

You son of a bitch.


I'm sorry.

I didn't mean
for this to happen.

Hell, that's my fault.

No, it's my fault.
I froze.

Listen, she can't be dancing
that damn cooch show.

She's never
done that before.

I know. I got to
figure it out

so she can stay
with the show.

She can stay
with the show.

What do you mean?

She can work Greta's joint,
the string joint.

She can?

Well, that would be great.
That would be good.

It would be better
than this shit.

How did that start anyway?

How do you know?

You'll know.

The whole story is,

who is next to be robbed?
Who's the next sucker?

That's all you really
need to know.

Nails, show me some muscle.

You got it.

Let's go, nails.

Let's see some muscle.
There you go. Ha ha.

All right, now you see
these prizes up here --

the television set,
hot plate, radio, clocks --

forget about them. They ain't
connected to anything, okay?

All right, now you see
these long strings?

They're live,
and you use these

in case any Mark gets
too rangy with you.

Which they will.

Yes, they will.

What's that -- rangy?

Rangy -- it's hot, hostile,
on your ass.

Now if they do that,

you let them nibble
a long string.

Slush them a penknife,
cuticle cutters.

Girl, those crackers
down there,

they're going to be waiting
for you.

You're going to be so busy,

you're going to feel
like you're going crazy.

That's when
the fun starts, right?

Yeah, I'd say so.

Ha ha ha.

Want to play?

Pull a string.

Which one do you want?
You take it.

Damn it, you're going to be
a winner tonight.

I can tell.

I can tell you're
going to take it home.

Try again.

Radio announcer:
We need money to buy paper!

We need money to buy stamps!

We need money to buy tubes
for this radio station!

[ Changing radio stations ]

[ Chorus sings ]

[ Turns radio off ]

Ha ha ha.

[ Coughs ]


Ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha.

[ Grumbles ]

Ha ha ha.

Man: Solar melts,
snow cones,

cotton candy --

so big,
and they're so goody-good!

All right! You got it.

One more
and you got a prize.

Go get 'em.

Oh, no!

Wait a minute.
You're trying too hard.

All you got to do is
get this ball like this.

Throw it easy.
See that?

Come on,
now you try it.

Free ball, baby.


Hey! A man with a prize.

Charlie, get this one
right here -- the devil.

There you go.
That's for you.

Now wait a minute.

How would you like
a chance

to really earn
some scratch, huh?

Who do I got to kill?

Ha ha ha!

You ain't got to
kill nobody.

Hey, baby, good luck.

You scratch my back,
I'll scratch your back.

All you got to do is bring
your little friends

back down here
and make one bet,

and I'm going to
take care of the rest.

Sure now, boy?

I won't jive you,

All right,
I'll go get them.

All right.

You're going to be lucky.
Everyone's a winner tonight.

Pull a string
and win a prize.

You got a customer.

Pull a string
and win a prize.

Come on, sir.

Give me a live one.

Pull a string
and win a prize.

Here, sir.
Give that one a tug.

Oh, look at that.
He's a winner.

We got a winner here!
You can be a winner, too

green bear.
Come back any time, sir.

Pull a string
and win a prize, everyone.

Everyone's a winner.

Patch, this is,
uh, Marvin dill.


Mr. Dill just took over
down here.

Yeah, a pleasure,
I'm sure.

Pleased to meet you.

I understand y'all had
a little set-to

on the strip show
back in Charlotte.

Oh, that was nothing.
That's part of the job.

It kind of comes
with the dinner, you know?

Well, it may cost you.

You see, I just bought
a massage parlor downtown,

plus I got a piece of all
the gambling in this area.

Now y'all come here
with your games

and your girlie show,

and you start hitting hard.

Now ain't that taking money
out of my pocket?

You know what I mean.

The carnival has been
coming through here

for 50 years,

and they do business

with whoever's in control
of the territory.

So listen, I know
you're going to be very happy

with your piece of the action.


It ain't no problem here.

Right. Right.

Well, now, mm-hmm.

I like this town.

It's a nice town.

If this is the best
you can do,

I'm going to
have to speak

to the sanitation

What kind of shit are
you guys trying to pull?

You want blood?

Heavy, heavy.
Let's do business, okay?

I'm offering you more
than I offer anybody else.

If you were a smart man,
you'd take it,

but you're obviously
not too smart a man.

Now beyond that,

I don't think we got
nothing to talk about here.

Oh, thank you.

And, uh, good luck

with your, uh,
massage parlor.

The girls like you.

Go for them, huh?

Pull a string, win a prize.
Win your date a prize.

Everyone's a winner here.


Hi. Why don't you give it
a little tug?

I know you're going
to be lucky.

Hmm. Want your change?


Why don't you pull
the string?

I know you're going to
be lucky. Go ahead.

Tug on it hard.
You're going to be lucky.

Pull the string.

Take me home.

I know you're lucky.

Just pull that real hard.

There you go.

Come on, you're breaking
my heart.

Go ahead. Pull that one.
It's on me.

Go ahead, pull.

What about your friend?
Your friend want to play?

Come on, honey,
give it a good tug.

We'll be
in the parking lot.


Pull a string
and win a prize.

Everyone's a winner
here today.

Mister, come over here.
Pull a string, win a prize.

Take me home.

Watch that
hit nothing.

Shit! I'm going to get it.

I'm going to get it.

Come on now.

God damn.

Ha ha ha!
This isn't his day.

Ha ha ha!

I'll tell you what
I'm going to do.

$50 say I'm going to
get it in one ball.

$50. Come on.

Put your money where
your mouth is, boy.

I'll cover that bet.

I'll handle
all the money.

Let's see it.

Let's see
your money, brother.

There's $50 here?

All right, he's going
$100, one ball.

Whoo! I'll just keep
the money, all right?

Fix up the thing.

I'm going to get it.

One ball for $100.

Man: That's some heavy money
going down there.

Oh, man, you lost
your money.

God damn!

Here you go, my man.

Wait. You said you were
going to let me win.

What are you talking about,
sucker? That's cheating.

You're damn right.

I don't cheat nobody.

Damn you.
I want my money, boy.

Any money that leaves here
leaves here with a bullet.

Do you understand that, boy?

Yeah, I get it.

I been had.

I been had.
Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!
Come on, boys.

Oh, yeah.

We're going to have US
a good time.

All right,
this is where it is.

Knock down two,
win a prize.

Ooh! I did it.

You should have seen it.

I hustled these two chicks.

They're sitting there

and I don't even know
how much I won.

I started to count,
and then I lost count,

then I didn't even care.

It was like I knew exactly
what was going to happen.

I could make it happen just
by looking in their eyes.

Ooh! It was so weird.
It was so strange.

It was great!

Do I qualify, huh?
Do I pass your test?

What is this?

Do you realize
what I just did,

how much money I made?
Give me this.


Just maybe
you might make it.

You're so full of shit.

You don't even feel
like a Mark anymore.



Hey, boy...

How come you telling
these people them lies?

Oh, yes, you do.
You're telling people

they're going to win
a prize.

You lying, boy.
Hold his arms!

[ Woman screams ]

Almost full, Frankie.

Nails, what's the hurry?

Watch your ass.

They're busting up
everybody's hustle.


Excuse me a minute.
Where is Donna?

She took a break.

If you see her,

would you tell her
I'm looking for her?


Where's patch?

Where is Donna?

Don't worry about the kid.
There's some shit going on.

Don't worry. Go get patch.

I'll fix it. Get patch.

Get patch!

[ Men shouting and laughing ]



There's kind of a, uh...

Rube going on out there
on the midway.

Heavy would like to see you.
I got to get on my face.

Heavy's pissed off,
and, uh...

Sure. Sure.


Go long.

Ha ha.
I'm looking for you!

Watch where you're going!

Man: Three for a quarter!
Seven for a half!

There's nothing wrong
with this crowd

a funeral wouldn't fix.

Ah, look at this.

Hey, handsome, you got an arm
like a Polish sausage.

[ Kissing noises ]

Come on, handsome,
throw the ball.

How many of you
is on relief?

Let me see your hands.

Why don't you give me
some relief

and take a bath?

Maybe use some gasoline
or something.

Man: I'll give you
a relief.

Whatever happened
to birth control?

[ Thud ]

Oh, hey, there they are.

We got the three coming --

rubbers, hooches,
and morons.

Hey, man.

Look at this man,
old hog-jaw,

with the skull
and crossbones.

I hear you were
an unwanted child.

Now you're wanted
in seven states

for making some kids.

He's going to pay
for this.

Hey, Frankie,
what's going on?

Why don't you go up there
and do your job?

Are we going to win
some money tonight?

Let's go. Go do your job.
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Hey, hog-jaw,

how does it feel
to be a reject?

Exactly like he's a fairy.

You got a big mouth, boy!

Hey! Hey, man,
what are you doing?

I don't care
what I'm doing.

Don't rang them up, man.

You get out there
and do your job.

You're ranging them up!

Why don't you get out there
and do your fucking job?

Frankie, don't do it!

Whoo! Come on!
Whoo! Whoo!

[ Cackling ]

God damn it.

[ Bell dings ]

Come on! Come on!

[ Alarm wailing ]

Come on! Yeah! Yeah!

Whoo! Come on!

[ Cackling ]

You guys have
a bad-ass spirit out there

trying to play ball.

Here they come --

the hoocher, the tar,
and ferret.

Come on!


Watch out! Watch out!

Patch: You crazy
son of a bitch.

Come on.

Come on, god damn it.

What the fuck
are you doing?

Come here. Come here.
You okay?


Did you see those guys?

[ Tires screeching ]

God damn it, it's dad!

Oh, shit.

Coming through!
Coming through!

Heavy: Watch it, folks!
Watch it!

Coming through!

Oh, my god.

Hey, dad!

Oh, damn, man.

I just left you alone
for five minutes.

Hey, I'm trying
to earn some money.

It ain't my fault.

He's dead.

I know what it is.

It's that god damned --
the bozo you got.

Hey, dad!


Hey, dad!

Heavy: Move it.
Keep moving it.



Come on, Greta, move it.

Greta: What are we
going to do now?

Come on. Come on, folks,
clear the area.


Keep moving.
Carnival's closed.

What happened?

Take care of him, patch.

These banners
are fine here.

God damn.

Ha ha.

Boy, these guys play rough.

That's one thing.

You know,
this is pretty good.

We can pick up this stuff
and put it in the truck.

The targets are okay.
You checked out the tank?

Patch? I got it.
I know what we can do.

On the way to Savannah,
we stop at a lumber store,

get US nails and hammers,
paint and chicken wire.

We can catch the show
down in Savannah

and be making money
by the afternoon.

What do you think?
I figured it out, huh?

You ain't never
figured out shit.


What's the matter
with you?

Somebody got your goat
or something?

What do you mean, I --

you ain't never
figured out nothing

in your whole fucking life.

What are you starting
with this shit for?

Come off that crap.

What's that
supposed to mean?

Why don't you just
listen to me?

The whole thing's fucked is
what it's supposed to mean.

We blew it this time.

We didn't blow it.
You know what's wrong?

You're hung up
on the chick.

What are you
talking about, chick?

What am I talking about?
I'm talking about Donna.

Oh, you dumb fuck.

What the fuck's
the matter with your head?

Don't get close to me.

Don't fuck with me.

Man, patch --

think! They're gone.
Look at this shit, man.

Why don't you listen to me?

The old man --
what the fuck?

Wait a minute.
Don't walk away from me.

Don't fucking touch...

I'm just trying to help,
is all.

What's the matter with you?

Come on, patch.

Damn. It's not that bad.

Why don't you quit
blaming yourself?

You're just
blaming yourself.

No, I'm not.

Yeah, you are.

I'm blaming you.

You queer the play.
You fuck it all up.

We're going to get
through this thing,

whatever we got to do.

We're going to make up
for this shit, man,

and then you and me,
we're going to disconnect.

What does that mean?

It means
you and I disconnect.

Oh, bullshit.
You don't mean that.

What, are you
going to quit? What?

You ought
to get in this cage.

You ought to get
in this cage once

and see what it does
to you.

Man: Things have got
to get better,

don't you think?
They can't get much worse.

They always have.

Hey, hey.

Collect from the guys.

Here we go,
here we go.

This is hard to swallow.


Okay, Frederick,
keep moving.

is the heat here?


Man with a big appetite.

We're in Savannah.

Travel money.

Tell them I'm sorry.

I don't know.

Hey, I didn't mean
to screw everything up.

I didn't want to get
in the middle of everything.

Do yourself a favor.

Don't take credit
for it. Don't.

You still don't get it,
do you?

There ain't no room
in the middle of those guys.

Believe me.

Hey, some play the game,
some go home.

Take care.

All right, move it.
Get back to work.

Oh, would you mind

freshening this
for me, please?

Mr. St. John.

Have a seat.

Where's your ill-mannered
friend Mr. Patch?

He ain't here.

Good. Well, then we'll
get along better already.

[ Toilet flushes ]

May I present my associate?

You fellas kind of stepped
on your peckers

down in Athens, didn't you?

You carnies are supposed
to be so smart.

Did y'all blame yourselves?

Would that be my money then?

It's short again.

You're making me
look bad, chubby.

What do I got to do,
set fire to your ass?

So, how's $7,500
sound to you?

Sounds fine.

Plus a little bonus
for my friend here.

He saw something he liked
back there in Athens.

What was it, skeet?
A little blonde, wasn't it?

Little gal that works
in the string joint.

That sound familiar to you?

I know who you mean.

Well, could you have her
here tonight?

She'll be here.


Well, then your worries
are over, Mr. St. John.

Your show's going to open.

Well, see you boys
around, huh?

You can count on it.

We partners now, chubby.

Ha ha ha.


[ Knock on door ]


Ho ho ho ho.

How are you doing, kid?



Packing, huh?

Yeah. That what
it looks like?

Going back to Redding?

No. Why would I go
back there?

Yeah. I don't blame you.
Want to stay put, huh?

You don't want to travel
around like this, huh?

Make a life for yourself,
relaxed, huh?

I understand.


Yeah, I understand.

I'm ready
to pack it in myself.

Yeah, well, why don't you?

'Cause I can't stand
being had.

Neither can I.

Hey, Donna, Donna.

We're in a bind.
We need your help.

Yeah, well,
I'm in a bind, too.

Look, I don't owe nothing.
You can take your carnival

and stick it
right up your ass.

Hey, come on, come on.

These people mean
nothing to you, huh?

What about on-your-Mark?
He mean nothing to you, too?

You recognize that guy?

[ Engine starts ]


We get one shot
at those suckers

if you help US out.

Then you do
whatever you want.

Yeah, okay.

[ People screaming ]

Hold it right there.

My, my.

Ain't you
the sweet young thing?

I'll bet you're
a real tight fit.

You want some liquor?


Ain't you got
no manners?

Give me some.

What are you scared of,

I'm not going
to hurt you.

Come on.

Put the bottle down.

Turn around.
Let me get a look at you.

Come on.

Stick them
little titties out

like you done out there.

You do like I tell you,

or I'm going
to bite them off.

Did I tell you
to do that?

I didn't tell you
to do that.

Now get in there.

On your ass.

What are you doing?

What I'm going to do --
we're going to get down

in the mud and the slime
where you live.

I'm going to do you
till your ears leak.

I want to hold a man
when I make love to him.

You want to breathe?
You talk when I tell you,

or I'm going
to make you so ugly

your mama won't know you.


You bad.

You're a bad girl.
Now you say that.

I'm -- I'm a bad girl.

[ Clothes rip ]

You bad, so you
got to beg me for it.

Now you beg me for it.

Do it, please.

Louder! Louder!

Tell me you dying for it.




She take care
of my friend?

Man: Uh-huh.

Beats wading through
all the bars in town,

don't it?

What did you do
for him, darling?

Come on in.


Ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha.

Oh, my.

Darling, baby.

Come here. Oh, yeah.



Ha ha ha.

Oh, nice.



Oh, precious darling.
Oh, my goodness.

Oh, my goodness.

Ha ha ha.

Don't stop now, lover.

Hey, what's your hurry?

Whoa. Ho, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hello, Mr. Dill.
I'm supposed to --

where's skeet?

That's what I'm here for.

I'm supposed to take you
over there.

Your chapeau.

Come right on this way.
You doing okay?

You okay?

No, I'm not okay.

This is the ride
I started with

when I first came
to this carnival.

Keep that loose change
going now.

That costs $255,000.

It comes from St. Louis.
That's where they're built.

You think it's going fast?
I'm telling you what, son.

It can go eight times
that fast.

Eight, maybe nine.

We've had 18 deaths
in 2 seasons,

and there's
no questions asked.

They're just
heart attacks is all.

That's why we call it
"the killer."

You know what I'm saying.

Look under here.

Welcome to the palace
of wonders, Mr. Dill.

That's w.C. Hannon.
He runs the place.

These people wanted
to meet you.

This is pooh-bah,

a strange midget who has
a tongue of steel.

And he eats fire,
as you can see.

His real name's petey,

This is Emmett,
the alligator man.

Good evening.

This is percilla,
his lovely bride.

How do you do, Mr. Dill?

She's the monkey lady.

Hi, percilla.

This is Jamie rapp.

She's a contortionist,

putting her body through
those three hoops --

12 inches, 12 1/2,
and 13 inches,

and this is
her husband Jimmy rapp.

Works with swords, knives,
daggers, and, uh...



Right this way.

Johann, could you
stand up, sir?

Johann is the tallest
man in the world.

How tall are you,

About 8'2" tall.

You know his wedding ring

is as big
as a silver dollar piece?

Fuck your freaks.

Where's skeet?

Skeet's right this way.
He's waiting on you.


Is that you, skeet?



[ Woman laughing ]

[ Snoring ]

Let's get him out
of here.

This stuff will wear off
in a couple of hours.


[ Engine starts ]


Holy shit,
I'm glad that's over.

[ Car drives away ]

Can you imagine anybody
putting up with the shit

we got to put up with
just to stay with it here?

Can you?

Listen, I want to talk
to you a minute

about that Athens deal.

I know what's going on.

I know the reason
we ain't working out

is 'cause you're spreading
yourself too thin,

and you don't even know it.

You're working the joint,
and you're on the midway.

Do what you and heavy
talked about.

In a couple of seasons,

you're going to be
running the whole show.

I don't want
to get in the way,

and, uh...

I think we ought to...

You know,
go our own way there.

Try it on our own.

You need to be
on the midway.

Hey, hey, what are you
telling me what to do?

You don't need
the bozo thing anymore.

You think I don't know
what I want to do?


Besides, who else is going
to put up with you?

All right?

Yeah, that's right.


Come on. Let's go
win some money.

Heavy: Hey, hey!

I like to see him
looking like that.

Excuse me.

Me, too.

Look at pagan.

What do you think
of pagan, huh, huh?

Wait a minute. Whoa.
Look at Donna.

Donna: Come on,
show me your muscles.

Don't be bashful.
Come a little closer.

I got two strings.
You pull one out.

Go ahead.
Tug it real hard.

Oh, I'm sorry.
It's your tough luck.

I bet you make it
next time.

Why don't you come along
and just tug this?

Are you going to gawk?

Oh, we just came
to check you out.

Why don't you stick around,
maybe learn something?

Listen to the hustle
on this one.

Pull a string. Win a prize.

Everyone's a winner
here today.

You sure you want
to play again?

Why don't you take it
down to midway?

Let's go.

Need some change?
You splash it, I'll cash it.

Okay, change for a $5.

I got to put on my face.

You got to what?

Tonight I'm getting
in the cage, that's all.

You're just going
to get sick.

You go out and sell
the balls to the Mark.

I'll give you first count
on all you can steal.

Well, I'll tell you
what I'll do.

I'll bet you a c-note

that you won't last
10 minutes

in that son of a bitch.

No, I don't want
to take your money.

Ha ha ha.