Carnivores (2018) - full transcript

A struggling actress accepts to coach her famous sister on a tough shoot, but their relationship soon evolves into dark territory.

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I'm Mona Barni and I am 29 years old.

I studied at the Conservatory
in the fifth arrondissement...

- I have training...
- Okay, thank you.

You know the scene. Flamme
is your first horse.

With it, you got your first
prize in the show jumping.

You are now at the top of your career,
but your childhood has been played.

Flamme is stopped because it is old.

You come to the place, it will recognize
you, iron it, and say your replica.

- All right.
- Marjo plays Flamme.

- Can you take the glasses off?
- Of course.

Clear. We'll start when you want.
Subs / Sync: PTNK

Hey, Flamme.

Do you remember me?


I'll start over.

Hey, Flamme.

Do you remember me?

Yes, you remember me.

You can't hear that well.

Is old back painful?

Calm now.

Everything will be allright.

I promise that everything will be organized.

I've missed you.

Forgive me.

Tom, stop running.

The upper floor is one mess.
Only Sam is there.

Thank you.

However, I only stay for a couple of days.

Agree on it with your sister.

I don't know when he'll be.
Often late.

Sleep, sleep.

I am glad that you are here.

- Similarly.
- Where are Goggles?

- There. - Where?

- There. - Eat it!

I can't take Tom to
the dentist on Tuesday.

The shooting schedule has been changed.

Why book in advance
if they can't be held?

I couldn't work for a week!

- Listen, Sam?
- He'll go another day.

- We're changing time.
- I can take her.

Mona can go with her.
Don't bother doing it.

- Hurry up. - I'll go now.

Puss, gold.

And you, give me a kiss.

- You taking coffee?
- No thanks.

Come on, Tom. Take your jacket.
See you!


I'll eat you. I'll kill you!

I win!

That's grandfather. Do you see?

- I want hugs! - No worries.

Like photos.

On the offensive!

On the offensive!

The evil father who tickles!

Don't you want to be next to Dad?

Can we close this?

How about you? Do you have
new projects of interest?

Is. I am, Paul Brozek
in the next movie.

Really? That's great.

You really have luck.

- Did your sister play a role?
- Stop.

What? Can't you do something?

I already gave the name of my agent.
What else can I do?

- Can't you support him a little more?
- Mom, stop.


We're leaving now.

- Already? - Yes.

I hardly saw Tom.
Can't she stay?

- No, this evening is awkward.
- I understand. You're tired.

What's wrong? Is there a problem?

Will you come with us?

No, ice with the mother.

- Hello?
- Hey, could I talk to Nathan?

- Are you Sam? - No, his sister.

He is taken. Is it a matter of urgency?

No. I just wanted to hear
the results of the test.

Wait a minute. They took someone else.
Didn't they tell you?

- No. I did not know.
- Didn't they play?

Didn't play. But that's nothing.

They took someone younger.


Please call if there is something else.

Of course. We do it.

- Thanks a lot.
- Similarly. Goodbye.



We came to meet Sam.
This is his son.

- And you? - His sister.

Okay, sorry. Must be quiet,
descriptions are running.

The wolf eats a sheep, it
is created for that purpose.

Maybe, but I'll never accept
this destructive earth...

Because you believe you were targeted!

It is egoism. Changing
roles, you understand...


It is not going right yet.

Eric, you don't change anything.


It's beautiful, but...

Show what you are experiencing.

- I want to leave here.
- All right.

What do you want me to do?

Can someone release me?
I can't do it anymore.

We test the sound by
arranging cameras.

Little princess. What are you doing here?

- What is that?
- Don't worry, it's not right.

Why bring him here?

- Tom wanted to meet you.
- Announce next time.

Don't wait for me in the evening, honey.

- When I come home, I'll give you kisses.
- Your place!

Until tomorrow. Take her home.

Sweetheart. I'll see you at home.
I love you.

- Give me the scene.
- Your place. Silence!

Tell her, Justine. Tell.

The bad guys? Wouldn't it be better for you
to sacrifice yourself to one man who protects

than surrender to everyone?

Lord, do not force
me, I pray for you.

Damn, I don't remember this!

You jumped over the text.
Go in peace.

- Each sentence refers to the following.
- He's on the nerves of everyone.

So what?

I may be interested in
playing it in another way.

The victim may be a perverse victim
of his harasser if he is involved.

I don't understand what you're
going to get behind. Not at all.

Justine, you are a whore!

You can serve our lusts and desires.

- No. - Yes, you can serve...

... lust and desire.

You hurt me.

You hurt me, Sam.

Are you okay, Sam?

- Sorry. - It is okay.

- I didn't know you were here.
- What's wrong?


I can not sleep.

Calm down.

Everything will be allright.


It's because of the movie. My role...

It goes well.

Do you want me to come with you?

No need. I don't want
to take your time.

What time are you talking about?
I'm not doing anything.

And who knows, maybe
there are statists there.

You are silly...!

- There were test appearances, and
here we are. - But I thought...

Stop thinking and trust me.

- You think I don't know what I'm doing?
- You know, of course.

Let go then!

So I do.

Alright. But work
more on the text.

When there are such days, we
cannot lose any more time.

- And you should...
- Clear, clear! I already understood.

Why do you think my sister is here?
He's practicing me. For a living.

- Why did you say so?
- To stop him and knock.

It's not true!

- Why? I can help me.
- I've never done it.

But can you do it with
your theater experience?

It's the right job, Sam.

But I pay you!

Stop stressing. You get south
with me, it'll be great.

Accept now, please.

I'm looking for something to drink.

Can you bring honey?

Sorry. What was your name?


- Have you done it before?
- No...

I'm an actor.

- Have you read the script?
- I am.

Good. I want Sam to know
the text from the outside.

I don't want improvisation.

He often makes mistakes
and changes words.

- I can't sit by checking everything.
- All right.

- Can I trust you? - Yes.

- How long does it take to put hair on?
- I will check.

I'd rather choose
death than this horror.

What can I do for you? Why
are you against my escape?

Lord, don't force me.
Get me, I pray for you.

Isn't it ridiculous to
consider it important?

Isn't it mad to keep
it clean between us?

Because it's the only treasure.

- No, I'm not happy!
- And what do you do?

I grow our son! Do you remember him?

Stop that. Stop!

He needs you, your attention.

- Return to play the whore...
- Get me out!

No worries.

- Sweetheart! - Stop, Sam.

Come on, sweetheart. Cut,
so dad will be happy.

Release him! Stop, hell! Stop!

- Stop...
- Cunt! Will the egg be found?

Are you going to hit me? Let me go!

Are you going to hit me? Really?

Let go. Hit me. Hit me!

You're a bastard, Manu!
You're just a bastard!

Sam. Sam!

- Let's go, or we miss the train.
- I'll be right now.

Do not worry. Everything
will be allright.

Everything will be allright.

- You didn't bring salad.
- Damn, I forgot about it.

It is okay.

- Did you manage to sleep? - No.

Don't you eat?

Yes. I eat with the group.

Do you know if you're going to shoot?

- I'm asking. Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.

We'll take it right away.
All in your place, please!

Good luck!


It's better to leave him alone.
Come sit here.

Can Mona get a chair, please?

Thank you.

Now go!

All ready! Last makeup
and we are ready.

Silence, all. We describe.

Sam! Stay in the role.


- Here's a shooting plan.
- Thank you.

- Good evening. - Tomorrow.

Tom, come talk to Mom!


Happy Birthday, my dear!

Did you have a nice day?

Did you get my gift?

Do you like it? Look at me, honey.

Is Mona with you?

Yes I'm here. Do you see me?
Happy Birthday!

You can't know how I miss you.

I'd rather be with you.
No longer going long...

I'll kill you!





Great day tomorrow. 68 and 69...

Not tonight.

No worries. It goes fast.

- Let's start? - Stop it! May
I be at peace for 30 seconds!

Sure. Agree with Paul.

Paul's? Are you calling him Paul now?

You're really a fucker.

- Evening. - Evening.

How can your sister do? Does he share?

Yes. He's doing well.

How does it work?

- The text doesn't always work, but...
- It's a little thing. I mean him.

For me, Justine is...

... obedient, almost sick.

But Sam does not agree.

It causes tension, the figure
becomes more complicated, and...

- Have you talked about it with Sam?
- No...

You are right.

It is interesting how he struggles
against the role, against me.

An actor who orders
everything I don't like...


- Hello?
- We're here at the bar!


My teacher!

Ruler, take me back...

We'll take it again.

Almighty God...

No, again!

Almighty God, I am
innocent and the weak.

- I cheated and...
- full of empty, Sam!


- Almighty God... - No, again!

Almighty God...


What the heck? Re!

Almighty God...

I do not feel anything! I do not feel anything!

I do not feel anything!

Bring it on. Let's come what you know!

Empty full!




No no!


Mona! Mona!

Across. Across!

Sam, stop.

Go to hell!

Go to hell with your shit
movie, you perverted pig!

- You're not talking about me!
- I'm talking about how I want, pig!

And don't touch me! You don't
touch me, dirty traitor!

You are with him, right?
He Nuoleeko your pussy?

Sam, calm down and
come back right now!

Let's unpack this scene!

Paul. Paul, I'll handle this.

- Describe another scene at the time...
- Sorry?

- Not wasting time.
- Do I see sleep?

You already ruined my scene.

Who do you think You Are?

Make your work and seek my actor!

You have to come. Everyone is waiting.

I can't do it anymore.


You're no longer eight years old.

Carry out your responsibilities and leave.

I smell this long.

I smell this long.

I can't, no longer, I can't...



Everything is fine. I'm
right here beside you.

I see my mother when I sleep.

He can't find us if we change.

Yes find it. He can always call.

Or the police tell you where we are.
Do not worry.

Do you believe he's dead?

No, I don't think so.

Where is he then?

Aida monitors her youngsters alone
and has not eaten for four days.

It will eventually see a potential catch,

but predation requires
precision and speed.



- We have a break? - No.

Clear. We'll start a little further.

Does it still have the
strength to save her baby?

The hawk is known to be
relentless towards its catches.

Like other hawks -

Aida has taken a blackbird nest
to lower the eggs and bury them.

This is your grandmother.

Do you recognize him?
She is beautiful.

This is your grandfather. He's
in your picture for your age.

Is he that? Looks like a girl.

Do you miss him?

Sam was fragile.

That's why he was
also exceptional.

Fortunately, not all of my
actors have disappeared.

And it has affected you because you
are making a movie about disappearing.

You know a lot... It's...

When that happens
in your life...

... of course it affects.

One thing is clear. I'm not telling
you about Sam Bam's disappearance.

There is almost a year of disappearance.
Would anything change if he returned?

It would change everything.
Especially for his family...

Come lets go.

Can we help?

- Mona?
- Do you make a movie for my sister?

- I'll explain...
- How can you?

Have you thought of his family?

- Listen...
- When were you going to call us?

Why would I have spoken to you?

Because we were working on one of the photos?

Other things are important, not just the movie.

The film does not deal with your sister.

As an artist I want things
back, see them from within...

I don't want to... I try to understand!

Understand what?

How does a child feel when he
doesn't know where his mother is?

How does it feel to lie to a
child that his mother is back?

What is her husband like? When you
feel so bad that you can't even talk?

If you had wanted to understand,
you could have asked me.

Why have you come?


- Did you see what Tom did?
- Yes, I saw it.

- Have you talked to him?
- What should I say?

It has been almost a year.
You have to get help, Manu.

- Stop that.
- You have to get rid of this.

Stop what matters?
What do you want?

Where are you trying? Why
are you still here, Mona?

Go away, please.

No, it's too expensive.

- Anything else?
- It's 40 square in size.

- Is it free immediately?
- No, at the end of the month, as I said.

Thank you. Goodbye.


I hope I'm not disturbing?

You do not.

I'm sorry about last night.

I shouldn't have done that.

Can you come to help?

Hold it properly.

Hey, Mona. Here's Paul Brozek. I want to
apologize and thank you for your launch.

I think of you very much,
and what you said...

... it bothers me.

This may sound strange, but I
want you to experience audition.

Just think about the answer. Goodbye.

Is everything okay?


We spend his birthday
a week afterwards.

As you wish. Do you take more?

"- No, crack anyway.
- Don't now. You can't leave this to me."

- Thank you.
- If you don't like it, just say.

Looking for an apartment now?

I think I found the right one.

- Right?
- I left the offer yesterday.

- Where is it? - Near school.

I hear about it on Monday,

and the owner seemed decent.

- Well that's good. - Great.

It's not marvelous, but it does.

This is good, Amel. Thank you.
I'll fix the table.

No, let it be. I'll do it.

I go to smoke.

Stop sacrificing everything.

Why do you say?

We don't know where he is.

If he had died, we would
have known a long time ago.

Maybe he has started a
new life and forgotten us.

- How can you say that?
- I'll say what I want.

Do you think I'm not suffering?
She's my daughter. But he left.

We're left. And we
bear the consequences.

Is not it true? Think of
yourself as a variation.

- You deserve it.
- Stop telling me what to do.

I'm going to bed.

Good night.

What are you doing?



Thank you.

We found this place of shooting
the day before yesterday.

No worse, right?

What did it feel like?

It's nice to work with
her, she listens...

- It works well with you.
- Right?


Thank you again, Mona.

I look through it
carefully and call you.


Call me later, Mom. She
plays with her friends.

Talk to him later, in peace.

It's strange.


Transformation. We no
longer live together.

Three of us went well.

Candles can be fine!

Congratulations, Tom

Happy Birthday to You

Blow out!

Blow out!

Hello? Hello...?



It's me.

- Sam? - So I.

Where are you?

Where are you?

I want to talk to Tom.

Where are you? Are you in Paris?

No, not yet.

Give the phone to Tom, please.


No. I can't, I'm just about.

Tell me where you are.

Tell me where you are and get you.

Is everything okay?


Where they are?

I'm alone.

I like... bloom...

... meadows.

Whence? Flowering on meadows?

Flowering on meadows? Flowering on meadows!

It is much better to be big!

Is much better...

... be small!

They look happy.

They are sure to be angry with me!

I am sorry...!

I couldn't handle it anymore!

I didn't know anymore... I don't know...

I need you.

I want to come home.

I put on your T-shirt.

Don't you want anything?

- I'll have some coffee.
- Wait, I'll go find it.

- Coffee, please. - Milk?

No, in black.

- Here. - Thank you.

- At least you've learned Spanish.
- Ski.

How to say "bad coffee" in Spanish?

Catch the coffee that smells like shit...

- We can stay for a couple of days.
- No need.

I want to go back, I don't want to wait anymore.

I am packing my stuff.
Pay, and we'll leave.


It's Nathan.

Don't you answer?

- Answer now. - I'll drive.

- Is he still your agent? - Is.

- Yeah, Nathan?
- Mona, you're in Brozek.

- What? - You're in the Brozek
picture, you were chosen.

- They're waiting for your call.
- That's great.

I can't talk now, time for the car.
Can I call later?

- Call when you want. - Listen.

- Good news?
- Yes. I got a role.

Well done. What is it?

Police series.

I'm happy for you.

- Your hair is beautiful around.
- Thank you.

You have changed.

Come on, come on now. Come come. Dance!

Do you see? Than when we were kids.
I also took this.

- Well done.
- And this is for Tom.

Are you serious?

He's your son, do whatever you want.

Can he do well?


Can he do well?



And school?

He missed a lot, but he did.

He's playing rugby now.


He's good at it.

If Manu?

He returned to work on the radio.

Does he have someone?

Is. I think so.

He seems to be doing well.

Where are we?

On the road side.

Stop, I ask the road.



Come on.

Come on!

You drove us to the Horse's Nose.
We have to turn.

This is Carlos. I'm Javier.

They tell us how to get here.

- They're nice and offer a glass.
- Sam...

Don't worry, they're not bad.

- Are you going to stay all night?
- You're strenuous. Relax.

Do you recognize him?

He's a big star in France.

Samia Barni.

We were worried about him.
Luckily he wasn't bad.

The little sister is back after making stupidities.

What are you trying to do?

I lift the cup. For you,
my dear little sister.

For you to come back, you selfish.

What are you thinking about doing now?

You return home, you call the doorbell.
Manuel open.

She kisses you. You're
giving a toy car to Tom.

What will we do then?

We hold a great press conference!

Wouldn't it be great? Or what?

Isn't that what you designed?

You say nothing.

Yeah, that's it.

It's too difficult. Too hard.
You can't talk about it yet.

But you are right.
That's better.

We say you've experienced
something terrible...

Go to hell!

Even if you spent your time
in the sun comfortably.

Come at least drink your glass empty!

Let me go!


Where are you going?

- You going to walk home?
- Leave me alone. Get lost!

I do not need you. I don't need anyone.

If you don't need anybody, why come back?

You call and expect us to receive you.
Who do you think You Are?

- Get out!
- Everybody spins around you!

- You're using others. You're a vampire!
- You are right.

So, you're a vampire. And I've
always been there for you.

- Even after his father's death...
- Thank you, Mona. Thank you!

Thank you! You're so perfect.

Always helping others.

You are tempted to come back, right?
You shit about it, because I'm back.

Do you judge me?

Look at yourself. What have you done?

You have no life. You have
no man, no child, nothing.

You're nothing, Mona.







Paul, this is Mona.

Mona! Say you want a role!

- Yes. - Brilliant.

My assistant is calling you, and
we start working on the role.

- All right. - Listen, Mona.

- What's up, little guy?
- What is this?


It's nothing.


Here, this is for you.


Show me.

How great! Do you like it?

- All right? - Is.

- Nice to see you. - Similarly.

Did the exercises go well?