Carnival of Monsters (1999) - full transcript




What a horrible thing! Why didn't it attack us?

It couldn't have seen us.
It must be hunting by scent.

- Hunting what?
- Us, I'm afraid.

It's following our outward trail.

But... It'll be at the cave when we get back there.

What's that?

There's more than one
of those things about, Jo. Let's go.

- They are escaping.
- Nothing escapes the Drashigs.

Even that size, they terrify me.

- How many are there?
- Just one colony. 20 or so.

- Where do they come from?
- One of Grundle's satellites.

It's said that a battle thruster
landed there for emergency repairs.

It had a crew of 50 and all the latest armaments.

- They thought they'd hold them off.
- What happened?

Nothing was heard from them,
so a scout was sent out.

There was nothing left
of the thruster. It had been eaten.

Eaten? They ate a spaceship?

Apart from some of the reactor ventricle.
They're omnivorous.

They prefer flesh when they can get it.

Come on, Jo.

I can't!

We're nearly there.



- Run for it, Jo!
- Doctor, I'm stuck!

They're coming back!

- Um... Can't you help them?
- Me?

Can't you get the Tellurians out of there?

I'd have to put my hand inside!

Go on, Vorg. We can't let them be torn to pieces.

It's no good. There's not enough gas.

- Doctor, that hand...
- No time to talk now. Let's go.

Doctor, I've got to rest.

Yes. I'm beginning to feel the centuries myself.

That swamp place...
It wasn't the real outside, was it?

No. I thought it was at first though.

But that hand, that came
from the real outside, didn't it?

The giants were helping us.


By jingo, I've got it!

- I know what this is.
- What?

- We're in a miniscope.
- A miniscope?

Yes, you know, Jo, it's like...

It's like one of those glass cases
that people keep ants in.

Yes, but I don't see...

Wait a minute.

Do you mean that Major Daly
and the people on the ship

are in a sort of a peep show?

That's right. And we're inside it.

And outside there are people
and creatures looking at us for kicks?

- Very probably.
- They must be evil and horrible.

- Not necessarily. Thoughtless, maybe.
- Thoughtless?

Haven't you ever been to a zoo?
Kept goldfish in a bowl?

Yes, but that's different. We're not animals.

We are to those creatures up there.

Roll up, roll up, roll up!

See these funny creatures in their native habitat.

Watch their funny little tricks. Make 'em jump.

Stop it. It's not funny.

I know. Believe me, I'm just as angry as you are.

I had a lot to do
with the banning of these miniscopes.

- You did?
- Yes, I did.

I persuaded the High Council of Time Lords

that they were an offence against dignity.

I thought the Time Lords never interfered.

They don't, as a rule.

But I made such a nuisance of myself...

Well, they banned the things.

Well, if these scope things were banned,

how come we're inside one?

I don't know. Officially, they were
all called in and destroyed.

But somehow this one was missed.

Looks like it.
The Tardis must have materialised...

It must have materialised in its compression field.

So here we are all cosily wrapped up
with the other specimens.

Not for long. We'll soon get out.

Will we? We have a choice
between shot by those idiots on the ship

or eaten by those horrors out there!

Vorg, look. They're following the Tellurians.

Drashigs never leave a scent
with a meal at the end of it.

If they get out of their circuit,
they might escape from the Scope!

Keep your voice down. We're in trouble as it is.


Come on. Time we got out of here.


What is the legal position, Kalik?

The Lurmans should be deported

and the specimens impounded and destroyed.

- But how?
- How indeed?

The eradicator is powerless against their Scope.

That is why one suggests - to save face -

that they be deported with the machine.


This tribunal is not empowered
to bend regulations.

Not even to save face.

We must be flexible. If we can't
destroy it, what else can we do?

One suggests that you seek authority from Zarb.

- That may take time.
- It is correct procedure.


Kalik is right. The tribunal should
observe correct forms of procedure.

Very well.

Make sure the functionaries
with the eradicator remain alert.

We've got an advantage. We're smaller.

- That's an advantage?
- Yes. We can move faster.

You never give in, do you?


Quick. Down this way.

Come on.

Come on, give me your hand.

That's it. Quick as you can.

Those things will follow us forever!
They'll never give up either!


Hey, Vorg.


Oh. It's just a minor block
in one of the feedlines, that's all.

That minor block is probably a Drashig. Look.

- Not a Drashig to be seen.
- That's not unusual.

After all that excitement?
Normally they mill around for hours.


They're loose inside the Scope!
They're out of their circuit.


The machine has become dangerous?

Oh, no, your worship. Not at all.

Tell them the truth. What does it matter now?

- What is the truth?
- My assistant is...


As you say. You can rely on my silence...

What is the truth?

The Drashigs have got out of their circuit.

- Personally, I don't...
- Silence!

Got out?

They went into that cave
and none of them have come out.

- Where does it lead?
- To the supply lines.

There's a control valve there.

If the Drashigs have broken out of their circuit -

and I don't believe they have - whose fault is it?

Whose suggestion was it
that I help the Tellurians escape?


A merciful and compassionate gesture,
your worship.

Merciful and compassionate?

One has twinges.

- You expected the Drashigs...
- Sshh!

You expected the Drashigs to follow the Tellurians?

They follow a scent blindly, the primitive said.

- What's to be gained by that?
- The world.

- What?
- The Tellurians will try to escape.

- And?
- The Drashigs will follow.

What good will that do us?

For thousands of years,
since the Great Space Plague,

our world has stood alone and been strong.

Zarb is trying to change our ways.

Because the functionaries are restive.
They need distraction.

What the functionaries need -
we all need - is something to unite us.

We need a sense of purpose.
We need a new leader.

We need a war.

How do you propose to achieve all that, Kalik?

By leading the rebellion
against my dear brother Zarb.



Logically, there should be an extractor down there.

If I'd designed it, there would be.

- They're still following us.
- Persistent little beggars.

- That's it. We're done for.
- I wonder...

We'll break our necks if we go down there.

We'll wander around inside
this ghastly machine forever.

Sooner or later we'll run slap into one of them.


Things do look a little difficult.

- Difficult? Impossible!
- Nothing's impossible.

- There's an answer if you can find it.
- Such as?

That's the trouble - finding it.
This is a time for lateral thinking.

- What?
- Approaching a problem sideways.

- Sideways?
- Yes. Take our own example.

We can't go forward
because this shaft is too steep.

We can't go back because of our friends.

I see. So we've got to go sideways.

Well, I didn't mean it quite so literally, Jo.

Sideways, we'll be back on the ship.

Wait a minute. The ship! That's it.
There's rope on the ship.

We can use it to get down the shaft.
You're brilliant.

- I am?
- Of course you are.

I see what you mean
about lateral thinking. Let's go.

- Right. Let's look at the plan.
- Right.

According to this,
there should be a way back to the ship...

just around the corner.

They must be in that upper section.

Can't you push them back into the circuit?

I'm not putting my hand in there again.

They'll wreck the machine if you leave them there.

All they're interested in is the Tellurians.

Then they'll follow their own trail back home.

Why don't you close down the support system?

We'd lose the entire collection.

It's all clear. Come on.

- How much do we need?
- About a dozen fathoms.


Here's some.


Can't see anything here, Major.

Well, I heard it plainly.
Like the Hound of the bally Baskervilles.

- Are you sure, sir?
- Positive, old boy.

Perhaps some of the cargo shifted.

Sea's a bit calm for that.

The vibration could have done it.
The skipper's got her at full steam.

Bombay tomorrow, eh?

By Jove, I could do with a soak in a tub, what?

All right. Come on out.


It's no good lying doggo. I can see your foot.

My jingo! A memsahib!

- Where did you stow away?
- Here we go again.

- What?
- Nothing.

You'd better come with us, miss.

Zarb's position is secure.
How can a rebellion succeed?

The Drashigs escape from the machine
and into the city.

They would cause havoc.

The Central Bureau would
admit a serious miscalculation.

And on whose part, Orum? Who would be blamed.

President Zarb.

Exactly. The Drashigs are here
due to Zarb's liberal-minded weakness.

Popular feeling would be aroused against him.

- But you're forgetting one thing.
- What?

The Eradicator.

Even if the Drashigs escape,
they'll never get into the city.

Why don't you tell John how you came aboard?

He wouldn't believe me.

He'll keep questioning you until you do tell him.

It's his job, you see.

How long do you think you've been on this ship?

- What?
- You know, how long?

Do you mean since we left England?

- Yes, if you like.
- Nearly four weeks. Why?

But doesn't it seem like ages?

Doesn't it seem like you've been doing the same
things for as long as you can remember?

I don't know what you mean.

- Captain wants to see you.
- Anything for a change.

He's certain to put you under arrest.

Last time he was too busy to see me.

- Last time?
- Yes. When I was put in your cabin.

Wait a minute. No, that wasn't last time.
That was the time before.

Can't any of you remember anything?


- There it is again, Andrews!
- It came from the forward hold!

I don't believe it!


- Where are they going?
- To the guard block.

To take their repast.

Regulations state that no eradicator
must be left unattended.

If there's a heat build-up, it could engage!

But this one won't, Orum, will it?


- What's going on, Mr Andrews?
- Get going.

- It's into the aft hold, sir.
- Where did it come from, man?

- Out of the bilges?
- It's as big as an elephant.

- Bigger!
- Bosun, where's that gun?

I know where there's something
even more useful - dynamite.

Bosun, chalo, chalo!

Psst! Psst!

President Zarb has granted special powers.

The Lurmans and the machine are to be deported.

- Excellent.
- And the Tellurian vessel?

That can be jettisoned in deep space.

Unless the Lurmans claim ownership.


Where are the functionaries?

Why is the eradicator unattended?

One ordered them to leave it.

You ordered them? You?

They had been on duty for two periods.

You have exceeded your authority, Kalik.
There will be an inquiry.

- Very well.
- Where are the functionaries?

- In the guard room.
- Fetch them! Fetch them at once!

From the time this tribunal is dissolved, Kalik,

you will be suspended pending
my report. Is that clear?

Perfectly, Chairman Pletrac. Perfectly clear.

- The Doctor's down there! I must go!
- No place for the fair sex. In a lifeboat!

- I'm not leaving here!
- Ah, the very thing.

Give it to me, man. Quiet!

Look out below! Major Daly!


I'm sorry, my dear.
I'm sure the Captain won't be long.

By Jove, that beast took a bit of stopping.
We could do with a peg.

I've never seen anything like it.

I have. There's rather a lot of them about.

Strange waters these, you know.

Please, I've got to find the Doctor.

Aah. Are you feeling a bit umpty?
I'm not at all surprised.


No, man, don't! You'll blow us all to bits!

No, man, no!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

That's done it.

- Look at those dials, Vorg.
- What about them?

They're dropping back. All the circuits.

- They can't be.
- It's a general power failure.

Ridiculous. The power system's protected.


- It can't fail.
- The generators?

The generators were built
by the Eternity Perpetual Company.

They last forever.
That's why the company went bust.

They're dropping.
They'll be down to critical soon.

- I can see that.
- That's that. The Scope's finished.

There should be enough power
to keep it functioning for a time.

- How long?
- I don't know.

- It's never happened before.
- Long enough to repair it?

Maybe, if I still had that handbook.

You've lost it?

- Hello, old chap. Sundowner?
- Not for me, sir.

- Claire?
- No, Daddy. We're taking a walk.

- Twenty times around the deck...
- You've forgotten, haven't you?

- You've forgotten everything.
- 'Pon my soul!

- Who are you?
- Here we go again.

You're not a passenger.

- How do you know I'm not?
- What?

Since none of you can remember
over ten minutes ago, how do you know?

Can't you remember shooting
the monster 20 minutes ago?

- What monster?
- I was with you when you shot it.

Poor young girl. Must have a touch of the sun.

Maybe. But we can't have stowaways
wandering about.

Watch out for the monster!

The power's still dropping, Vorg.

- What are you doing?
- I wish I knew...

Routine maintenance...