Carnival of Blood (1970) - full transcript

A brutal murder has taken place at Coney Island amusement park, and DA Dan is assigned to investigate and bring the killer to justice. For some reason, he decides to celebrate his engagement to Laura by inviting his fiancee to come with him and enjoy the park, even though there is still a violent murderer running loose. As the body count rises, Dan must sift through the clues before he or Laura become the next victims.

(melancholy music)

- Harry, I don't
want to hear anymore.

- If we don't go home soon,
you're going to be sorry.

- Harry, I am sick and tired
of hearing you complain.

- You keep saying
there's one more thing.

Five, five times ago, you said
one more thing an hour ago.

- Five, five, five times,
what is it all night long?

(melancholy music)

- We're going to go down there.

We're going to get on the
subway and I'm going to go.

- We are not, Harry, I won't.

- If I have to go home by
myself, I'll go home by myself.

- I will not go
home with you Harry.

I'm not going home,
I am not going home.

- I don't care what else you
do down here all night long.

All I want to do is to go home.

(melancholy music)

- [Wife] Harry, I'm sick
of your complaining.

That's all you do,
it's all you do, Harry.

- [Harry] You're
driving me crazy!

- I am not leaving Harry,
until we go on a ride.

- I don't want to stay
down at this place anymore.

I want to get out of here,
all I want to do is go home.

- Harry, I am not going home.

(melancholy music)

I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired.

(melancholy music)

What, what am I supposed to do?

I'm tired of you, I'm
sick and tired of you.


- Hello Tom!

- Hey, how you doing?

- Tom, how are you?

- Fine, how are you?

- Going to Coney?

- Yeah, going to work.

- How's everything
at the office?

- Pretty good, pretty good.

- You going to get
that promotion?

- Looks like it.

- You'll be Chief Prosecutor
before we know it.

- Yeah, you better watch
your step when I am.


- I gotta go, so long kids.

- Have a good night.

Things are going really good.

Something I don't know?

- Well, they're moving me
to a new office tomorrow.

- Oh why?

- Well they won't
let the Assistant DA

stay in the same
old dingy quarters.

- No.

- I got the job yeah.

- You're kidding!

- No, I'm not kidding, no.

- You got it!

- Yeah.

- You really got it?

- Yeah.

You're happy huh?

- Yes.

Oh baby this is
good, I had no idea

it was gonna be this soon
I thought maybe six months.

- They figured they couldn't
do it without me I guess.

Laura, did you lose
this someplace?

- No I don't have anything.

- You sure?

It fit?

(soft romantic music)

(merges into carnival music)รบ

- Just one more thing.

- Come in, come in.

I can see the past, the
present, or the future.

- Come on let's try it.

- Come in.

Sit down, let me read
the lovely lady's palm.


- Alright.

- Oh Harry, look at the flowers.

- Yeah.

- Stop yawning Harry.

- I need something green.

- [Wife] Green?

Oh she means money Harry,
she wants a dollar.

- [Harry] Sure.

- [Wife] It better
be good for a dollar.

- [Fortune Teller] I see a
long life, a very long life.

You will live 87 years.

I see one or two very
beautiful children

and a handsome man.

- Must be me.

- Oh shut up Harry.

- [Fortune Teller] I see
that you like to work

but you also like to play.

- See what I've been
telling you Harry?

- You are a very
demanding person.

Your standards are very
high, you want only the best.

I see that some of your
goals will come to pass,

there will be some money but

I can see no more in the palm,

it's not clear, I
must read the cards.

- [Wife] Wait a minute,
how much is that?

- I need some more green.

- How much I said.

- Here.

- [Fortune Teller] I need
more, I need five dollars.

- Five dollars, Harry!

- Nevermind, you wanted to come.

- Alright so I wanted to come
but you know what we can do

with five dollars, we
could go see a movie Harry

Alright, so what just
because I spent five dollars

on the kids and you
always complain,

just don't complain anymore.

- Nevermind, I want to see.

- Just remember Harry
that's your bowling money.

- I see that someone
close to you is involved

in a business venture.

It has already begun.

And it will probably
succeed but...

- What zippers?

- The zippers dear,
I told you Claire.

- You didn't tell me
anything about the zippers

just wait until I
get you home Harry.

- [Fortune Teller] I see that
there is some difficulty,

some problem with a
very close relative.

- Your mother Harry.

- [Fortune Teller] Now
this is the card for today.

I see, I see something strange.

(dramatic music)

I cannot tell the
future anymore,

I cannot read anymore cards.

- [Claire] Wait a minute, we
paid five dollars for this!

- I want you to go home.

- [Claire] We paid five dollars

and I want that
five dollars back!

- [Harry] Come on
Claire, let's go.

- I advise you to take
your wife and go home.

- [Claire] I want that
five dollars back!

- [Harry] Nevermind Claire,
let's get outta here.

- [Claire] I want it
back, that's a jip,
I'll sue, I'll sue!

- [Harry] Claire, you don't
come with me right now

you're gonna be sorry.

Claire can we go home now?

You said an hour ago we
could go home and I'm tired.

- Look, look, teddy
bears, aw come on,

they'd be cute for the kids.

- No you got enough teddy bears.

- Harry!

You haven't done anything
with me all night long

and you wouldn't
go on any rides.

- We had hotdogs, we
walked on the boardwalk.

- Harry.

- Don't worry about my
stomach, my stomach's alright.

- You're upset Harry.

- No, I'm not upset.

- I want that teddy bear Harry

and we're not leaving
here until I get it.

- You want the teddy?

- Yes Harry.

- Try three darts for a
quarter, what do you say buddy?

Win a prize for the lady.

Three darts for a quarter.

Here you go.

- Harry what embarrassment
is that, huh?

See that's easy Harry.

- Alright, don't bug me!

- I won't bug you.

- Pretty close.

Lady he's got two more.

Oh, very close.

- Are you married?

- No.

- Don't get married, boy
it was the biggest mistake

of my life.

- How did you get
hampered with that one?

- I don't know,
it's a long story.

- Breathe evenly,
aim a little bit

above the balloon
and you'll hit em.

- He wouldn't go on
any rides with me.

- Some guys are old fashioned.

- You know that he said
we'll get a night out

without the kids, right,
what have we done?

We've done nothing, nothing.

I know you can do it, I'm
trying to get him to do it.

- Stick with me and I'll
win you a teddy bear.

- He's got a bad stomach
and he gets all upset.

(dramatic instrumental music)


- Three in a row.

- He's been winning.

- [Tom] Lady, if you lay off him

maybe he'll have
a better chance.

You gotta take it easy.

- Hey I got one, hey you
see that, I got a balloon!

Did you see that,
I got a balloon!

- Good eye Harry.

- [Harry] I'm not excited!

- Take it easy
now, take it easy.


- Five, my God, five!

Five teddy bears!

Oh wow, you know he
can't even get any.

Harry can't do anything,
he sits in front of the TV

and he can't do
anything all night.

- You've got your friend,
I got my friend over here.

He's helping me okay.

- I'll remember that.

You can't even hit a balloon
and you can't hit it in bed.

- Don't get started Claire.

- Don't get started Claire.

I'll remember that Harry, I
won't be there at home tonight.

I'm not going until you get
one of those teddy bears.

- Here you go lady, lady!

- I've never been so
humiliated in my life!

- Now get her out
of here will you?

- I really appreciate it.

- Harry I don't know what
you're so goddamned tired about,

we didn't go on
anything all night long.

- We were supposed to come
down here for two hours

and we've been down
here all night.

Now all I want to do is
go home and go to bed.

- Harry shut up and just give
me your jacket, I'm cold.

- Well if we went home you
wouldn't need my jacket.

- Would you stop, I knew you
would say something like that.

- Alright, alright,
alright, take the jacket.

- Here, you hold the teddy bear.

- Claire, can we go home now?

Let's just go down to the corner

and get on the
subway and go home.

- Oh look, look, that
looks like fun Harry,

come on let's go on it.

- Another ride?

You've been on rides
all night long.

Claire, I'll make
a promise to you.

- Harry, I don't
want to go home yet.

- One ride.

If we go on this
ride can we go home?

- Yes, we can go home.

Lookit, all you do is sit down

and you don't even
go up and down.

- One ride, one
ride and we go home.

Is that a promise?

- Yes.

- Alright, alright, alright.

We'll go on the ride
and we'll go home, okay.


(dramatic instrumental music)



(dramatic instrumental music)

(sirens wailing)

(clown laughing)

- Did you see her?

She was a good
looking chick too.

You want to take her
down or do you wanna

go for lunch first?

- Nah, put it in, put it in.

(dramatic instrumental music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Dan] You're there.

- Sure honey.

- [Dan] I've been trying
to call you for hours.

- Oh, well after I
got through teaching

I stopped off to
do some shopping.

- [Dan] Laura, there
was a murder over

at the amusement
park last night.

- Yeah I heard
that on the radio.

That was pretty
horrible wasn't it?

- [Dan] It was.

And the description in the
papers sounded just like you.

- Me?

- [Dan] Laura, I don't
want you to go out

until I get there tonight.

- Do I have to?

- [Dan] Now look, that
guy could be hiding

in your hallway right now.

- Don't say things like that.

- [Dan] Promise me.

- You can be so romantic.

Okay, I'll stay here.

- [Dan] That's better.

You all ready for tonight?

- I can't wait.

Where are we gonna go?

- [Dan] It's a surprise,
you'll find out tonight.

- Alright.

See you later baby, love you.

- [Dan] Love you too.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Dan] It's me again.

- Hi.

- [Dan] Santini just
came through here.

- Your boss?

- [Dan] My boss' boss.

- Oh.

- [Dan] Yeah, he says
they're gonna put a DA

on that murder next week.

Even if they don't
have a suspect,

they're really going
all out for this.

- Does that mean
you'll be on the case.

- [Dan] Well, I
might, I asked for it

but there are a lot
of guys ahead of me.

- Oh baby, that
would be fantastic.

- [Dan] It would be a big break.

- Oh I hope so.

- [Dan] Laura, let's
go over there tonight.

- Where?

- [Dan] To the amusement park.

Maybe I can find out something

that'll give me inside
track in this case.

- Dan, we were supposed
to celebrate our
engagement tonight.

- [Dan] Well we can
celebrate tomorrow night,

I want to talk to people
while the memories are fresh.

- What do you need me for?

- [Dan] I just want you with me.

It's important, look I
don't want people to think

I'm just another cop,
I need some camouflage.

- But Dan you're not a cop.

- [Dan] Please honey,
it's really important.

- But it could be dangerous.

- [Dan] Honey, you'll be
safer with me than home alone.

- No I don't believe that.

You said yourself he could
be hanging around there.

- [Dan] Laura, you've
just got to trust me.

- It's not that I
don't trust you.

Why do you want to
put me in danger?

- [Dan] Please, I need
your help tonight.

Will you come with me?

- I don't want to
spend my special night

snooping around
after a murderer.

- [Dan] Is that all you can say?

- Dan, you're crazy
to go near that place.

- [Dan] I don't care I'm going!

- Dan, please!

- [Dan] Good bye.


- [Laura] Who is it?

- [Tom] It's Tom.

- Hi, I'll get you coffee.

- Thank you.

How are you?

- Just great.

- [Tom] How's school?

- Still there.

- [Tom] Laura.

- What?

- [Tom] Is something the matter?

- No, nothing's wrong.



- Well, I'm glad
nothing's wrong.

I'd hate to see the kitchen
if there were something wrong.

Now, what happened?

- I had a fight with Dan.

- When?

- Just now.

- Why?

- Because he wants me to
go to the amusement area

with him to investigate
that murder.

- Well, so what?

- We were supposed
to go out tonight

to celebrate our engagement.

- Laura, are you engaged?

Oh my, oh that's great!

- Was great.

- Nevermind the coffee, come on.

Okay, what happened,
did you holler at him?

- A little.

- Did he holler at you?

- Yes.

- You shouldn't fight Laura.

You and Dan shouldn't
fight, it's bad.

My folks fought all
the time, all the time.

- Mine didn't get
along that well either.

- So where is Dan?

- Probably on his way
to the amusement area.

- Well why don't
you go meet him?

- That was a horrible murder,

I'm frightened I
could get killed.

- No.

- Yes.

- But you'll be with
Dan and you always know

where to find me.

- You'll be at your stand,

who knows where the
murderer will be.

- That maniac is probably
100 miles from here by now.

- He could be somebody who
works there, who knows?

- Forget about it.

Hey, come on over, meet Dan

and come by the stand.

I've got something for you.

- You do?

- Something very special but
I won't tell you what it is

until you get there,
it's a surprise.

- You're sweet Tom.

- I got to go,
I'm late for work.

Will you come?

- I'll think about it.

- Okay, bye bye Laura.

- Bye Tom.

(soft instrumental music)


Who is it?

- [Dan] It's me.

(soft romantic music)

- Dan!

(soft romantic music)

(clown laughing)

Oh, we've got to go see Tom.

- Alright, we'll go see
Tom before he takes off.

- No, no, we got
to go see Tom now.

- Why?

- Because you know we
had that fight before,

and he knew about it.

- Wait a minute, how'd
he know about it?

- Well he happened to come in
for a visit and I was crying

so I told him what happened.

- You mean you blabbed our
private affairs all over the...

- Just Tom, he's a good
friend, you know that.

Anyway he was really upset
and he wants us to come by

and show him that
we're together again.

So let's do that for him, okay?

And then we'll get
down to business, okay?

- Okay.

- Three darts for a quarter,
what do you say, try your luck.

Break a balloon, win a
baboon right over here.

Three darts, 25 cents.

What do you say, try your luck.

Try your luck, what do
you say, right over here.

Here you go sailor, what
do you say, right here.

You wanna win a prize?

Win a teddy bear
for the little lady.

Three darts for a quarter,

break a balloon win a teddy
bear for the little lady,

what do you say?

- Three darts for a quarter.

- Can't you afford
one little quarter?

(drunken mumbling)

- [Tom] There you go,
there are your darts.

Break any two balloons
and you win a prize.



- Get up!

Don't make a fool of me in
front of all these people.

What Navy are you in sailor?

- [Tom] Give him a hand lady.

- I'm giving him a hand.

- Take it easy now, you okay?

- I'm fine.

- [Tom] Take it easy lady.

Try it again.

- Why don't you try it
backwards sweetheart?

(drunken mumbling)

- [Tom] Let it go
lady, he's okay.

You gotta get higher
than that yet again.

Here we go now, coming in.

Oh, not bad, what do you
say to trying it again?

Try it once more, three
more darts, another quarter?

Two balloons, try it once
more Admiral, what do you say?

(drunken mumbling)

- Here you go sailor,
try that again.

Thank you.

Gotta get a little
higher this time sailor.

Oh, that doesn't do it.

- You drunk!

- Look at that guy!

Look at that guy!

- Look at you!

You drunk!

- Just leave him alone.

You want to play
the game or not?

Three darts for a quarter.


- Who are you with, him or me?

(drunken mumbling)

How'd you get in
the Navy anyhow?

(drunken mumbling)

- You know what I got here?

- Yeah.

- That's money.

- You don't want to
give him that money.

- I can't sell you the teddy
bear, you gotta win it.

- I want you to
win me that teddy.

- I'll pay you for it.

- For a quarter you
can win it sailor.

Try it again.

Come on, one more time.

- You can't hit anything?

- Just leave him alone lady,
what's the matter with you?

- I don't need
you, I got a wife.

- You don't need me?

See you.

- Hey lady, come back,
don't go away, come back.

You really want a
teddy bear don't you.

Here you go, okay now
get her out of here

just take her away,
get her out of here.

Go, get out of here lady.

(dramatic instrumental music)

- Why did you give the bear?

- Nevermind, that's my business.

I wanted to get rid of her.

- She's gonna take his money.

- [Tom] Yeah, so what?

- Oh come on, let's go.

I want to see how big and
strong and brave you are.

Come on baby baby.

- Gimpy would you pick
up this stuff here?

It's getting kind of messy
around here, if you please.

Oh wow.

- Hi.

- Hi love.

- How are you?

- I'm glad to see you made it.

- Look who I brought.

- I understand congratulations
are in order for you.

I think I'm gonna go
downstairs for a moment.

- Hi Gimpy.

Gimpy I want you to meet Dan.

This is my friend Gimpy.

Gimpy just started here
and he's really doing well.

- Hi, how are you Laura.

- Ooh, what do we have here.

Well hello, how are you?

- Just fine thank
you, and how are you?

- I'm pretty well,
how about you?

- You must be new around here.

- You wanna try and win a prize?

- Okay, we'll win you, we'll
take you home in a minute.

- Would you like to
come home with me?

- I sure would but you
have to break balloons.

- Okay, we'll break a
balloon don't worry.

- Alright, alright, hold on.


- Oh.

- Close, close.

- He'll get it, don't worry.

- You broke one!

- Psst, hey, hey Dan.



- Alright alright, hold back.

- Hey, they work, that's great!

- Almost there.

- You'll get it.


- Ordinarily you win me

but you don't win me,

you won three balloons
so you don't win me.

- Oh?

- [Tom] No, because you broke
three balloons you win...

- Me.

- Oh Tom, that's just
the one I wanted.

- Well you don't get
engaged every day do ya?

Good luck to you,
take care of yourself.

- Goodbye Gimpy.

- Have a good time in
the park, so long kids.

- Good bye.

- Bye bye.


- She's nice Tom.

- She's a nice girl.

He's a nice guy too.

- Well what now?

- Well I think we ought to
go to the fortune teller now.

- Down to business huh?


- [Sailor's Date] You
hit something else.

(drunken mumbling)

- You've led a very
interesting life.

I see that in the past
there's been some unhappiness

but lately it has improved.

I see that quite some time ago

people that were
very close to you

tried to keep you from
expressing yourself

but you have such
strong character

that you were able
to overcome this.

You have an artistic nature.

You surround yourself
with children.

- That's right.

- You're kind, you love animals.

This ring, you do not
have it for a long time.

And there's some unhappiness
connected with it,

but the grief that was
caused will soon disappear.

I see someone connected
with your life

but his intentions
are not very clear,

they're very dim.

I can't see anymore in the hand.

- [Dan] Try won't you?

- We try the cards eh.

I see an advantageous marriage

but the person is not clear.

You must be very careful,
there is someone out

to do you harm so you
must be very careful

in choosing your friends.

I see that there
will be many problems

and they will be caused
by the opposite sex.

(dramatic instrumental music)

I can't tell you anymore,
I can't go on anymore.

I can't read the cards anymore.

- [Dan] What do you mean?

- I can't read
the cards anymore.

- [Laura] What do you see?

- I see nothing, I can't
read the cards anymore.

Please leave me alone,
I don't feel well.

- What problem were
you talking about?

- [Fortune Teller]
There is no problem.

Please, just take your
money, please and go.

Please take her home.

Please take her home, I really,
I don't feel well anymore.

I can't read the cards anymore.

- Thank you.

(clown laughing)

- I want to go on the other one.

- Dan, leave me out
of this one please.

- C'mon, I want to get
a look at the inside.

- This is where she
got killed last night.

- I know that, that's why
I want to go in there.


(clown laughing)

(dramatic instrumental music)


(clown laughing)

- Come in, come in.

- You heard the lady, let's
have your fortune told.

- Who is this?

Come in, come in.


(drunken mumbling)

- Come on, the lady's waiting.

- [Fortune Teller] The young man

would like me to read his palm?

- The young man can't
even sit up straight.

Are you gonna sit up or are
you gonna fall down again

like a donkey.

- I'm not a donkey.

- That's my teddy bear.

- [Fortune Teller] C'mon, I
read the palms for one dollar,

one dollar.

- Where's your money?

C'mon, the lady wants
to read your palm.

Aren't you going to give
the nice lady a dollar?

- What are you doin'?

- Hurry up, the lady
doesn't have all day.

C'mon, c'mon.

Here, one dollar.

- One dollar.

Now let's have the palm.

Ah yes, I see a very adventurous
life, very adventurous.

And I see that you have
had many ocean voyages.

I see here that there has
been a disaster at sea

and you were injured but you
have recovered very nicely.

I see here many
people, many ports,

and I see many women.

I see many women in every port.

- Hey, I got a wife,
I'm a married man.

- Yes yes, I see the wife but
she seems to be very far away.

- I got a wife, I got a wife.

- I see four little ones.

And that is all I
can see in the palm,

I must read the cards.

Five dollars for the cards.

- Five dollars.

Come on.

Are we playing cards?

- She's gonna play cards.

- [Fortune Teller] I
see that there is wealth

and high social
position and I see

that you have great
influence over your friends.

I see there is a charming
young lady in your life

and she's not very far away.

And that's all.

I'm finished, it is over.

- [Sailor's Date] What
do you mean finished?

- It is over, I've read
the future, it is over.

Good night.

- What do you mean?

What about my future.


Let's get out of here.

- [Fortune Teller] Go home.

- C'mon sailor.

Catch me, catch me if you can.



(waves crashing)

- You forgot the bear I won you.

- I left it at the horror house.

- I'll go and get it.

- Wait, I don't
want to stay by my...

- You'll be alright, stay here.

I'll be right back.

- Dan.

- I'm not going anymore.



Let go, let go, let go!


Oh come on.



please, please.

- Come here.

(waves crashing)

(dramatic instrumental music)

- Hey, wait for me.

(dramatic instrumental music)



Hey, sailor!



(dramatic instrumental music)

- The horror house is closed up.

- Dan, I heard a scream
a few minutes ago.

Did you hear it?

- No.

- I was afraid to go myself.

- Where, up here?

- Yeah, somebody might
be hurt, let's go.

- C'mon.

Hello, are you alright?

- What is it?



- What do you say,
try your luck.

Break two balloons
you win a prize.

Where have you been Gimpy?

- To get change Tom.

- You can't get change
this time of night.

Where the hell did you go?

- You left me
alone for too long.

- You're not supposed to leave
the stand when I'm not here.

You got that?

- You're not supposed
to leave me alone.

- Where'd you get that?

- You left me alone.

- Did you take
this bear with you?

- I'll put it back.

- That was the last blue bear.

I gave that away this afternoon,

where did you get that Gimpy?

- I got it from the back room.

- That's a lie Gimpy,
where did you get the bear?

- I got it in the back room.

- Gimpy, tell me where
you got the bear.



Gimpy, Gimpy, please.

Please Gimpy calm down.

You okay now?

- The people make fun of me.

Threw money at me.

- Yeah, I know Gimpy,
I'm sorry I left you.

- I'm just supposed to clean
up and not talk to people.

- Yeah, okay, I'm sorry
Gimpy, I really am.

Are you okay now?

C'mon Gimpy I'll tell you what,

let's close up the store and
we'll go to my place okay.

We'll have a beer,
would you like that?

- You're not mad?

- No, I'm not mad anymore, I'm
sorry that I left you alone.

Come one, let's close
up and go to my place,

what do you say?

- Take me to your house?

- Yeah, we'll have
a drink, okay?

- I've never been.

- Come on, we'll
close up the stand now

and we'll go along okay?

- I'll clean up in the morning.

- Fine.

Come on in Gimpy.

- It's nice here.

- Oh thanks, sit down.

- You have teddy bears
and dolls from work.

- Yeah, you want a beer?

- Yes.

They're nice, they look pretty.

- Some of them are
like old friends.

- You live here by yourself Tom?

- Yup.

Here you go.

Cheers to you.

Oh boy,

it's been a long day.

- We were busy at the end.

- Lot of people.

It was a good weekend.

I'll be glad when
the summer's over.

- I guess I'll be sad
that it gets cold.

- Yeah.

- I stay in the stand
and take care of it

in the wintertime, right Tom.

- You can if you want to
but it's real cold there,

there's no heat or nuthin'.

- It'd be nice, there'd be
nobody there and everything

and I'll keep
everything repaired.

- Don't you have a
family, anyone to go to?

- I have no mother,

but I had a dog.

- What kind?

- He was all different colors
and he was good and nice

but I had to kill him.

- Why?

- I had to kill him Tom.

- [Tom] Why?

- He was, I had to kill him.

And you shouldn't.

I feel bad so.

- Oh.

Hey Gimpy, there's something
I've been wondering about.

What's your real name?

- Gimpy.

- Come on, nobody's
called Gimpy.

What's your name?

- Mister Gimpy (laughs).



Tom, you have a girlfriend
that stays with you here?

- No I don't have a girlfriend.

- [Gimpy] You've got a nice
house, and you're a good man

and you got money.

- I don't have any
girlfriends, what do you mean?

That's crazy.

- Oh, you got a girl.

She comes to see you.

- Laura?

Yeah, she's a good friend right,

she just lives downstairs,
she's a good friend.

She's not a girlfriend though.

These are my friends, some
of my very special friends.

Hi there.

- [Gimpy] You need
a real live one.

- No I don't.

- Are you mad that I...

- Just one thing Gimpy.

Sometimes you get so mad,
so mad at the customers,

you can't do that.

- You leave me alone in
the stand and I clean it.

- I don't mean that Gimpy,
I don't mean when I'm away,

I mean when I'm there,
I've seen it happen.

You get so mad and so
violent, almost crazy,

you can't do that,
you scare 'em away.

- Sometimes you stand by
yourself and they laugh

and you don't say
nothin' and they whistle

and they laugh and
some of the women...

- I know sometimes
they're really terrible,

I know what you mean,
I feel the same way.

But we can't scare 'em off,
they're customers Gimpy.

You got to stop that, you
gotta control yourself

otherwise you're doing
fine, you're doing great.

I'm happy to have you.

- You sure that you
like the way I work?

- Yeah I do.

You're taking good
care of the stand,

you haven't let me down.

I'm proud of you.

You just gotta take it
easy with the people.

- I try to be very good.

It's gettin' late.

- Yeah, it sure is.

- I'd better go, I gotta...

- Why don't you
stay here tonight?

There's plenty of room.

We can go in tomorrow
and organize the stand.

Would you like that?

- In your house?

Tom I'm dirty and not too clean.

- Don't worry about it,
there's plenty of room.

What about it, do
you want to stay?

- I'd love to stay tonight,
I'd stay right on the floor.

- Well there's plenty of
room, it'll be alright.

- I can clean up too if you...

- Nah, it isn't necessary.

We'll just take it easy tonight,

we'll go in, we'll open up
the stand tomorrow okay?

- Oh Tom, you're
nice, a nice man.

- Why so charming and beautiful
lady like you so unhappy?

Come in, let me
tell your fortune.

Come in, let me read your palm.

Just one dollar
to read the palm.

- One dollar?

It says 25 cents.

- I read your palm.

- You know how to
tell cards too?

- Of course I know how
to read the cards too.

- What do you charge for
both palm and the cards?

- One dollar for the palm,
five dollars for the cards.

But for you I make special,
five dollars for both.

- Uh uh, I only got two
bucks to spend on both.

- Four.

- I'm only gonna spend three.

- No four.

- Three and a quarter.

- No four, for four dollars
I tell you the whole future.

- You really know
how to do both huh?

- For both the
palm and the cards.

- You really know?

- I am a fortune teller.

- Three fifty.

- Alright, three
fifty, three fifty.

- Okay.

- Let me see your hand.

Maybe you better give
me the money first eh.

- Oh boy, what kind
of a place is this?

Every place you go
you gotta shell out.

Take it easy, you'll get it.

One, two, three, fifty.

- I see that you are a lady
of very discriminating taste

and I see that you have
been very badly misjudged

by your friends, very unjust.

- [Customer] You
can say that again.

- There are many uncharitable
tongues wagging against you.

- You can say that again.

- [Fortune Teller] And I can
see that you are very generous,

very kind, almost to a fault

because people take
advantage of you.

I think there has been some
unhappiness in the past.

Perhaps a marriage,
a husband, a husband,

he is not here anymore eh?

- You're damn right he isn't.

- You were very wise
because he was not worthy

of your qualities, not at all.

I believe that
there is something

new coming into your life.

Something new and it will be

a very prosperous time
for you, very prosperous.

I think that, what's this?

Let me read the cards
now, let me try the cards

because I cannot see,
it's not very clear here.

Let me try the cards.

Let me see what it
says in the cards.

Ah yes, I see a man,
a dark man coming

and he is carrying a ring
and some paper money.

- Oh boy.

- Aha, I see some little ones,

two, three, four little ones.

- Oh no.

- I see it now, not the whole
name but I see the initials,


- [Customer] R.

- R.

The man is coming with the ring,

the first initial is R.

- Roger?

Roger, ah naw he's married.

- [Fortune Teller] No, I
cannot see the whole name

but I see that you are
going to go on a voyage

and that is where you
are going to meet him.

- On a boat?

- On a boat, it will
not be a long trip,

it will be very short
but that is where

you are going to meet
him and it will be

within the next two days.


Within the next two days.

And the whole name
I cannot give you,

I can only tell you
the first initial

that's all I see in the cards.

- He's someone I don't know huh?

- No, you have not met him yet.

You will meet him though
within two days I said.

The first initial R.

I see that you are going to
have a house in the country,

it's white and it has
much land around it.

- Well?

- I think you should go home.

I can't read any
more cards today.

- What do you mean you can't?

- Now please, go
home, listen to me.

- [Customer] Now I
like Coney Island

and I'm not gonna go home.

- Three darts for a
quarter, what do you say?

Burst a balloon, win a baboon.

Three darts for a
quarter right over here.

Burst a balloon, win a baboon.

- Hey Mister.

- [Tom] Yeah?

- How much do I
have to break to get

that yellow dog over there?

- [Tom] You break
two balloons with any

of these three darts,
you'll win what you want.

- Only three darts?

- [Tom] Three darts for
a quarter, yes Ma'am.

- Every other game on the
boardwalk gives you five,

come on!

- But look at this,
they don't have

this kind of merchandise lady.

- Tom, she's a
troublemaker I know it.

- Hey baboon, that's the
one you mean by baboon?

- Don't talk that way lady.

- She'll cause trouble.

- He works for me
now cool it lady.

- Watch it would you?

You'll scare all
the customers away.

- Three darts for a quarter,

break two balloons and you win.

(dramatic instrumental music)

Go ahead, give it a try.

- She's no good, I know her.

Don't like her.


- [Tom] Stop that lady.

- Come on.

- [Tom] You shouldn't
make fun of him.

- He makes me nervous.

- Go away.

- A freak show, that's
where he belongs.

- You shouldn't
talk that way lady.

Very good, you broke
one, very good.

Okay, try it again,
try it again.


Very good lady!


Okay, not bad.

What do you say to
trying it again?

- Well, alright now, I just
broke two of those balloons

in a row and I want that
orange teddy bear over there.

- But that's a special prize,

you gotta break one
more balloon for that.

- Three balloons.

- Get your hands off me.

Why didn't you tell
me that before?

You told me I had to break two!

- But that's just for
a little prize lady,

for a big prize you
gotta break three.

But I tell you what, I'll
give you six more darts,

fifty cents, you break
one balloon in these six,

you'll get that one or that
one or anything you want.

Only one more, right right.

- With six I only
have to break one?

- [Tom] That's right.

- Okay.

- You won't even hit the wall.

- Gimpy, Gimpy stop it.

- [Gimpy] She's a trouble maker.

- One, look who's
calling a trouble maker.

Hey that one fell down,
it didn't even hit the,

I want to do that
one over again.

That hit that balloon and
it just went on the side.

Get your hands off me, I
swear I'm gonna call the cops,

you get your hands off me.

What is that?

- [Tom] Here, take
that now get out.

- You know it was a trick, you
know that I hit that balloon.

- Get away from the stand.

- You get your hands off of me.

You knew it was
a jip (laughing).

- You shouldn't give it to her.

- You can't get so
mad at the customers.

- You're pretty mad too.

- Yeah, but I don't
show it like you.

- That teddy bear
cost three dollars.

- It was worth it to
get rid of her though.

- Good teddy bear.

- Come on Gimpy,
we got a lot to do.

- I don't like this place.

- Pick up that stuff
and shut up about it.

- Don't serve that lady
if she comes back anymore.

- She won't be back.


She won't be back.


(crowd chattering)

- C'mon, wait your turn.

- Look, I've got as much
right as anybody else

to get something
to eat around here.

- We've been waiting.

- So what, I was
here too you know.

Come on!

I want some fried shrimp,
what's taking you so long?

The service you
get in this place.

- [Man In Line] Would
you take it easy?

- Everybody's hungry,
I'm hungry too.

- [Man In Line]
We've been waiting.

- So what?

Fried shrimp, come
on, today would ya?

What is this, you give
everybody before me?

I ordered my shrimp before
those things over there.

What the hell's going on here?

Come on, where's my shrimp?

Another one, another
one, another one,
come on, another one.

Oh it's about time.

(dramatic instrumental music)

Hey, get outta my way would ya?






- Who is it?

- [Dan] It's Dan.

- Waiting all (screaming).

Stop it, stop it Dan, stop it.

Take that thing off!

I've been trying to get that
image out of my mind all day

and then you come here
and frighten me more.

- You've no reason to
be frightened all day.

It's over.

- It's not over.

- You really upset?

- Yes.

I just can't believe
you did that.

- Okay look it's just a joke.

- It's not a joke,
it's not funny.

- Okay sorry.

I'm really sorry.

(soft instrumental music)

It's okay now.

- I'm glad you're here.

(soft instrumental music)

- Laura, you're coming
back there with me tonight.

- What?

- Yeah, you're scared out of
your wits over this thing.

- Yes I am.

- The only way you can stop
being scared is by going back.

- That isn't true at all.

- It's important you
go out there tonight.

I can't afford to have
a hysterical woman

on my back the rest of my life.

- Why do you have such a
sick fixation about this?

- It's not a
fixation, it's my job.

- It's not your job,
you're not a cop.

- I'm not a cop but
this is my work.

Your hysteria's gotta stop.

- My reaction was not
hysterical, it was normal.

Yours was sick.

- It was not sick,
I was doing my job.

- Dan you are sick.

- You bitch!


What do you know
about being sick?

Holed up here in
your own little world

afraid to fight or to face life.

All you care about's yourself.

Here, console yourself.

(door slamming)


(soft instrumental music)

- What do you want here?

- I want the answers
to some questions.

- Questions, what questions?

- About the three women
who were murdered here.

- I answer no questions.

- I think you will.

- I have nothing to say.

- Don't close that.

- Why bother me, I tell
fortunes, I make a living,

I do not have to
answer any questions.

- You answered them
for three women

who were killed here this week.

- I will answer you
nothing, you go away.

- How did you know they
were gonna be killed?

- I did not know.

- You knew, you warned them.

You gotta tell me how you knew.

- I have to tell you nothing.

- Tell me how you knew.

- I will not tell
you, I did not know.

- Who are you hiding?

- I hide nobody.

- Oh you're hiding something
otherwise you'd tell me.

- What is there to tell you?

- [Dan] How did you know
they were gonna be killed.

- Look please leave
me alone and go away.

- Look, I'll give you money.

- I don't want your money,
I want you to go away.

- I'm not gonna hurt you.

Now look I can stop
this, I can make sure

it won't happen again if you'll
just tell me how you knew.

- I trust nobody.

- Tell me how you knew!

- It was coincidence.

- It was no
coincidence, you knew,

you knew three times in a row.

- I did not know!

- Tell me how you knew!

- Get out, it was just
something in the cards

that's all it was!

- Then look at the cards again!


- You here, it burns, burns.

Knife, knife neck.

Dan! Dan!


- Three darts for a
quarter, burst a balloon.

Hi Laura.

Three darts for a quarter.

What are you doing?

- Walking.

- Where's Dan.

- I don't know.

- What do you mean by that?

- He's got a real problem
and I'd like to help him.

- Laura, what's wrong?

- I'm finished.

No more Dan and Laura.

- Don't say that Laura.

- I'm through.

I never could get
these things anyway.

- [Tom] Laura, stop that.

- I'm sorry I'm just upset.

- Where's your ring?

- I threw it away.

- Laura, what have you done?

- He was...

- What happened Laura?

- He was just so rotten to me.

He came in and deliberately
tried to frighten me

after I was already so
hysterical from last night.

And then he wanted me
to come back again.


To go look for that murderer.

No understanding, no sympathy.

He has no idea
what it is to love.

All he wants is a woman
he can use as camouflage

so he can go prancing around...

- Did you try to
understand him Laura?

- Oh yes I did.

- Well you didn't try
very hard did you?

- I beg your pardon.

I was the one who gave
in that relationship.

He was the one who took.

Took, took, took,
that's all he could do.

Everything in that house
that reminds me of him, gone.

- Everything?

- Yup.

- Laura, the bear.

Laura, what did
you do to the bear?

- Took my black poster paint.

Obliterated it.

- You're just like all
the others aren't you?

You're selfish, think
only of yourself.

It's the only thing
you know anything about

is what you want.

Selfish, demanding.

- [Gimpy] Tom!

- You'll destroy everything
that doesn't suit you,

that doesn't go your way.

Destructive, selfish, slut!

- [Gimpy] Laura.

We like Laura.

- I gotta get out of here.

- Tom, not Laura, you
don't wanna do Laura.

You don't wanna do Laura.

- I'm just gettin' out of
here for a little while Gimpy.

- Tom, stay here don't leave me.

- Get your hands off of me.

- Stay and help me
close the place.

Please Tom.

- Stay here, don't
get in my way.

I have got to get outta here,

I have got to get outta here
Gimpy do you understand?

- [Gimpy] Stay.


- Oh Gimpy, why'd you
have to get in my way.

(dramatic instrumental music)

- Laura!

(energetic music)






(energetic music)

(dramatic instrumental music)


(dramatic instrumental music)

(merges into energetic
instrumental music)

(carnival music)

- [Tom] Hey!


- Tom!

Tom, listen there's
somebody following me.

- No there isn't.

- Will you take me home please?

- Oh come on, calm down,
I'm sorry I hollered at you.

- That's alright.

- Would you take that?

- Okay, but will you please.

- Let's go on a ride,
what do you say.

- Tom, there's
somebody following me.

- Don't worry about a thing,

there's nobody here who
wishes you any harm.

- Alright, I'll be
with you anyway.

(energetic instrumental music)

(merges into dramatic
instrumental music)

(energetic music)

(dramatic music)

(energetic music)

(dramatic music)

(energetic music)

(dramatic music)

(energetic music)

(dramatic music)

Looks like we're stopping.

- Looks like we're locked in.

- Hey Tom, don't open
that, we'll fall out.

- Of course, you don't know.

I'm going to kill you Laura.

- Tom, come on,
don't make fun of me.

- You don't believe me do you?

- Tom, what's the
matter with you?

- Don't you understand that
I have to kill you Laura?

You're just like all the others.

I have to get rid of you.

- Tom wait a minute.

- You slut!

You have to die.

- Tom no.

Please Tom, please Tom wait.

- Because you're selfish.

You're like an animal.

- No I'm not.

- You're like all those people.

- I'm a good (screaming).

Help, help!


- I have to kill you
Mommy, I have to.

- Mommy loves Tom.

Mommy loves Tom.

No Mommy loves Tom.


Stop this ride!

- But I have to kill you Mommy.

Don't you understand?

- Why?

- But you don't
understand Mommy,

I can't let you go on hurting
people anymore like Daddy

and like me.

You can't do that anymore.

Don't you understand?

- No, I don't.

(dramatic instrumental music)

- Tom, no, no, you really
don't want to do that do you?

I'm Laura remember?

I'm your friend, I'm Laura,

your friend.

- [Dad Voiceover] I have
a present for you Tom,

open it up and see what it is.

- Thank you Daddy.

You're the best Daddy
in the whole world.

- [Dad Voiceover] I know you've
been wanting a teddy bear.

This is the nicest
one I could find.

(soft instrumental music)

- [Mom Voiceover] Earl
take the teddy bear away.

- [Dad Voiceover] Let him alone.

You're always picking on him.

- [Mom Voiceover] Well if
you won't take it, I will.

Tom, give Mommy the teddy bear.

You've got to go to bed Tom
and I won't let you sleep

with your teddy bear.

Tom give it to me
or I will spank you.

Tom go to your room!

- Daddy, help me.

- [Dad Voiceover] Alright Tom.

Give her the teddy bear.

Come on, you can play
with it tomorrow.

I promise you can
play with it tomorrow.

That's a good boy
Tom, now go to bed.

- [Mom Voiceover]
Tom, go to your room.

Mommy has a visitor.

Tom you can take your
teddy bear but go to sleep.

Tom go to sleep or
Mommy will hit you.

That's a good boy.


- What is it Mommy?

Please let me out.


Mommy, what is it?

Mommy please let me out!

Please unlock the door.

- [Dad Voiceover]
Ellen, where are you?

- Daddy, I'm locked in my
room, can I come out please?

- [Dad Voiceover] You bitch!

- Daddy!

- [Mom Voiceover] Oh Earl.

- Daddy, what are you doing?

- [Dad Voiceover] Gonna
pull this stunt on me.

- Let me out!

Mommy, Daddy, somebody!

- [Mom Voiceover] Earl,
don't get violent.

Stop it!

Earl don't hit him he's going!

Earl stop it.

- Please, please!

- [Mom Voiceover] No!

- Please stop it,
please let me out.

- [Dad Voiceover] Evil.

- [Mom Voiceover] No (screaming)

- Please let me
out, I'm locked in,

please will somebody let me out!

(dramatic instrumental music)


(sirens wailing)


- Mommy loves Tom.

Mommy loves Tom.

Mommy loves Tom.

Mommy loves Tom.

Mommy loves Tom.

(carnival music)

- Tom, stop!

- Dan, I'm okay, don't hurt him!

(clown laughing)

(carnival music)


(screeching tires)

- Tom?

- Dan.


- Tom, why?

- Dan.

- Why?

- [Laura] Let me through please.

Excuse me.

- Laura.

- Tom.

- I'm sorry.

- Is he dead?

Is there a doctor here?

(soft melancholy music)