Carnival in Flanders (1935) - full transcript

When the village of Boom, in Flanders, learns a Spanish Duke and his troops plan to pass the night, the 4-man army deserts and the Mayor plays dead; so the Mayor's wife organizes the townswomen to greet the invaders and preserve the peace with womanly wiles.

The action is set in Flanders
in 1616...

... when Spanish rule under Philip III
was becoming less oppressive

The horrors of war, however...

... remained in the memories of
the people of the Low Countries

The theme is not drawn from history

The serio-comic narrative is set
in a small town...

... with its canal, its houses
rich in gleaming woodwork...

... and its people looking forward
to its carnival

The film-makers'choice of this
for their setting...

... enabled them to draw upon the
art of the great Flemish painters...

... whose works enrich our museums
with their truth and humanity

It was doubtless because
this film...

... added joyous good humour
to its imagination...

... that the jury of the GRAND PRIX
DU CIN?MA gave it the highest honour

Get on with it! The carnival
begins tonight


Action 36: Blow on the fuse
and open the pan

Action 37: Adjust the fuse

Wake up, Jef!

Action 38:

Take aim

- What's the matter, Jacob?
- It's my lumbago

Some parade it's going to be

Is the beef really tender?

- The customer has no change
- She can pay later

Don't forget my usual
three pound joint

They're waiting for me
at the Town Hall

- Has your husband gone?
- Yes, and left the work to me

Save four soles for me

It's too late to rehearse now

Put this on the pole for me

Don't forget the four pies
for the Mayoress

Carry your ruff carefully

Should I roast the eighth chicken?

No, seven's enough;
our Deputy Mayor's a bachelor

I've brought your pies, Mayoress

Not such thick peel, girl;
you're wasteful

Dry Mieke carefully,
especially between the toes

I want my arrow; I scored a bull's-eye

Stop it, or I'll tell your mother

I didn't think you were such a ninny

Stop provoking the child

And since when has the gallery
been a playground?

All you've done is gaze at
that medallion, Siska

I've done a lot

You'll never finish in time

Mother, if only you knew

I know; I was sixteen once...

...dreaming of a handsome youth

Was it father?

Take care of that cup,
I've only two left

Weren't you deliriously happy
on your betrothal day?

Delirious? Oh, well, yes...

This morning Jean is going to
ask father for my hand

I'm so glad

Your betrothal is a day to remember

What if father refuses?

I give my consent

Jean Breughel...

... a self-portrait at twenty

He's very talented

Like his father - and he's
earning his own living

It does no harm if life's
a bit of a struggle at first

Nothing else matters when
you're young and in love

You understand artists, mother

Let me go to the Town Hall
to hear father's decision

Finish your work first

Add some white to the carmine

Mayor, your pose

These flies are a nuisance

It's because of your cake

At last, Deputy Mayor!
We've been waiting half an hour

I stopped at the church
to light a candle

To Saint Gudule, in hope of marriage?

Or Saint Roch, to cure his cows

Gentlemen, don't jest about
sacred matters

For once you are all here.
Take your poses, please

Deputy Mayor, are you on your mark?

A more martial air

It looks more stupid than martial

And don't hold the standard
like a fly-swatter

Don't be rude

I can't work properly

You always look different

Your hair was straight,
now it's in archangel's curls

To captivate the ladies

I'll make mincemeat of him!

Moderate your remarks, my friend

The painter's right

I know you're a serious artist,
but it's time for a rest

It looks like real linen

I'm not that fat

It's a good likeness

You work quickly and don't make a mess

What more can one ask of a painter?

Urgent things for you to sign

- You can recognize my ring
- You even see my mole

Have you thought over my proposal,

Are we not in agreement?

No, but we're getting there

After all, our professions
are complementary

I raise cattle and you dispose of them

You agree... buy livestock from me

Very nice, but I am giving you
my daughter, Siska

Without dowry

- We'll say no more
- I was only joking

I give you my daughter,
but the question is... many oxen, calves and pigs
will you buy a year?

Here are my accounts,
judge for yourself

What did father say?

- I haven't asked him yet
- Go and see him now, in his office

He won't eat you, just do it

Magnificent! I give you my word...
my word of honour

I'm pleased with you, my young friend

May I have the honour...
I have come to ask...

I know, you want your money

I was young once; wine, women
and song are expensive

You mustn't think that...

Enjoy yourself. Your picture's
worth all of five crowns

I have the honour to ask...

You haven't dined at the Mayor's
before? What wines he has

I'd rather have a beer any day

Siska, have you come to hear
your father's decision?

How did you know?

It's all right; your father agrees

Your happiness makes me happy

- You're very kind
- You'll see

You'll live with a husband
who adores you

Let me kiss you properly,
as a fianc? should

We'll be married in a month,
a first-class affair

My delightful, precious girl,
in a month you'll be mine

How changeable women are

A draft for five crowns
in the name of Monsieur Breughel

I didn't come for money,
I came to ask for Siska's hand

Too late

Besides, she'll not marry an artist;
no paupers in my family

They served ten entr?es, eight
roasts and twelve other dishes

We're waiting for you

No, I'm still waiting for one more

It's the Deputy Mayor again

Can't you be trusted alone
for five minutes?

They should sweep the stairs
more often

Anything broken?

Please keep still

I'd like to see you in my position

You're moving on purpose

You're paid to paint, so shut up!

What about art?

What's art? I've been painted before
without such a fuss

Go back to your dauber

My "dauber", sir, was Rubens

Could Rubens paint that?

Not to the brim, I said

Have you seen Jean?

Did you see your father, then?
Speak up

It's the end of everything

You haven't spoken to Jean
or your father... how do you know it's
the end of everything?

Crying won't help

The butcher tried to kiss me

Did you slap him? That's my girl!

He said we'd be married in a month

He was drunk

He said father agreed

What cunning! I might have guessed

No wonder your father
was so considerate

When a husband's charming, he's up to
something. I'll have a word with him

This very instant. Dry your eyes

Never shake burgundy

A butcher, indeed! Why not the knacker?

Have you told your wife?

I'm not answerable to her;
in my own house I'm...


- Tell her the news now
- It's not the right moment

My dear Cornelia, are you
looking for me?

May I call you mother-in-law?

Has the carnival begun already?

Why the sudden regard for
this calf-killer?

Do you trade in daughters?
You've made her cry

A girlish fancy

Don't you think I should be consulted?

Like all Frenchwomen,
you're never lost for words

Not like you. I've nothing to hide

Let everyone hear what a wretch
you are

Wait till we get home

You're a tyrant, not the good father
you make out

Appearances are deceptive

Look at them, playing at soldiers

What if you are outnumbered
by the enemy?

A rifleman fights to the death,
but never retreats

Where's the Town Hall?

Try to be dignified and
a little haughty

Open the door. Are you afraid?

How gracefully those mountebanks ride

They're Spaniards!

- Did you hear?
- I'm not deaf

But it's your problem;
rank always brings risks

The Mayor is always hanged first

Where duty calls, I go

It's the royal seal

- What's it about?
- Open it

You open it, you're oldest

A letter for you, Mayor

Gentlemen, a stiff upper lip
is called for

His Excellency, Don Pedro de Guzman...

... Duke of Olivieres, Ambassador
of His Most Catholic Majesty...

... will spend the night at Boom,
with his entourage and escort

Officers of the Guild of Saint Cyprien,
rally round the flag!

- Already tattered?
- I've been shot at twice

But still ours

- You shouldn't provoke them
- It's my nature

- We can but pray
- Why despair so easily?

The troops will liven up the town

Were you too young... remember the horrors
of the occupation?

Passing soldiers bring passing trade

They sacked Antwerp in a night

Young man, hell has nothing like
Spanish fury

Our houses will be pillaged
and reduced to ashes

Blood will run in the streets,
our women will be violated

Suckling babes will be hurled
from the windows...

...before your very eyes...

...and you, city fathers,
will be mutilated

Believe me...

...the slightest resistance
will bring death to us all

If there must be a victim,
let it be me

My friends, has heaven inspired me?

I have an idea

The Town Crier must proclaim this
before midday

The Mayor, Father of the City...

...heeding naught but his own courage... ready comma as always comma
to sacrifice himself...

...for the sake of his
beloved people

Hurry up, they'll be here
within an hour

Do your know your prayers? Say them

Again? God knows them already

Never mind, say them all over again

- It's Jean
- Ask him in

I won't have to say my prayers

Don't look so miserable

We may never see each other again

Mother's on our side

Have we time for happiness?
The Spaniards are coming

If anything happens, my last thought
will be of you

You were my only love

Have you finished?

What are you getting so
worked up about?

Put him back to bed, on his right side

There'll be time enough to worry when...

There, there; lean on my arm

Would you like the smelling-salts?

You are right to chide me.
I wish to be a man worthy of...

I don't wish to bother your husband

I'm here

I have come to take my leave...

Your affairs matter little when
the enemy is at the gates

- What will you do?
- Don't be inquisitive

I'm not inquisitive, I'm suspicious

Civic interests don't concern women

Have you any consecrated box-wood?

Are you going to fight with that?

Let us not quarrel in the face
of the enemy

Let us unite

Get a pair of clean sheets

What's father doing in there?

I don't know; stop asking
childish questions

I suppose you don't know
what's going on

You can't see beyond your paintbrushes

Find out what's happening

You stay here; all you think of
is kissing and cuddling

Have you got the best linen sheets?

And the pillowcases, too

Kiss me

It's Martha

I'm sorry to have to keep going
to and fro

Careful, they're not cutlets
and steaks

They're shifting the furniture now

For a barricade?

They're not using grandmother's
wardrobe for a barricade!

Can't you tell me?

Can't I help you? What shall I do?

Nothing. Matters of civic importance
are not for women

I sharpened that this morning;
it will go rusty

You won't understand; it's a matter
of civic importance

- What are you doing?
- None of your business

What if a thief is watching?
You might explain to me

Matters of civic interest
are beyond your comprehension

I see the top of the wardrobe

Look again, don't give up so easily

Can you see better?
What are they hammering?

The canopy is in the way

So you won't tell me anything

I see the butcher's feet on a chair,
his hands over his head...

...with a hammer

Get down, I'll have a look

Do you feel strong? Yes or no?

Poor Siska

What a brute that butcher is

Maybe, but I'm sure he could lift me

Doubtless you have come to...

I'll show you the way

So that's the game

Who let her in?

A big, healthy man,
pretending to be dead

Because you're scared of the Spaniards

I'm not discussing my plan
with silly geese

May the Spaniards give you
a fitting burial

Shut up, and don't give the game away

All your military displays
are just a sham

... persons resisting will
lead to reprisals

Everyone must remain calm
and obedient...

... accepting heaven's decree,
in the name of our Holy Church

The Mayor is a shrewd politician

I'll not put my nose out of doors

- What if they find you?
- I've a good hiding place

- What about your shop?
- My wife will be there

- They'll have her skirts up
- No danger of that

She's safe, all right

Soldiers aren't bad

What do you know? It's a matter
of civic interest

Admit you're a coward

You men aren't even jealous now

Why bother to resist?

If you're weak, what's the use?

No fighting to the death for the
rifleman? Going to hide?

Certainly. I'm hiding so as
to fight again another day

Brave deserter

There's no sense in trying to
make women see reason

Go to bed, the lot of you

Women, as the men have lost control
of the situation...

...we'll replace them

Let's do without them

But that's impossible

- Why?
- You know very well

That way men need us
more than we need them

Where was I?

In a nutshell, the situation is
that the Spaniards are coming

Terrible, armed to the teeth,
and we must meet them bare handed

We're beaten already

Since the Garden of Eden,
woman has had the strongest weapon

We can't rule, that's the man's job

Don't we rule our house and children?

But we can't rule men

Ruling men is even easier

Women, we've let this go on too long

We followed our mothers' example
and let men rule...

...but today's events have
opened our eyes

Let us women set an example
to the whole of Flanders... saving the town through
our decisiveness and courage

And now deeds, not words

Firstly, the tired Spanish men
will be thirsty

Ajob for the brewer's wife

It sounds like a farmyard
before a storm

God save us from their help

We must stop this cackling

You two watch from the tower;
wave to us when you see them

You all know what to do?

Get ready, then

In silence

Lean on me; be careful
the steps are worn

Can you smell the wind of Flanders?

All the distant flowers

Are you sad? Why?

I don't know; I feel hot and cold

Sometimes I wouldn't mind dying

I feel the same; we're so alike

I'll paint you as the Virgin,
Salome, Eve, Joan of Arc...

I shall paint you all my life

- What do you want?
- Something for Madame

- What's that?
- Madame's mourning dress

As tight as you can

How nice, I haven't changed
in five years

I'm the same size as I was
at the great Guild banquet

You may look now. What did you
want to tell me?

Mother, I know everything;
don't go alone to the gate

The other ladies will be with me

You need a man; I'll go

With your bow? Hold the mirror
for me now

What if you don't come back?

Why all this dressing up?

It concerns civic matters
which are not for men


I had to sew up two holes in my dress

You always wear the latest fashion

Sleeves are wider now, surely.
Anyway, I'm so thirsty

I can't swallow a drop

Have we got everything?
Where's the key?

Give it another polish, girl

It's too hot to walk quickly

- Are you ill?
- It's the suspense

Try to pray. God knows what sacrifices
this duke expects

- I'll offer myself
- Egoist

I want you to say something
no one else has ever said to me

That's difficult

I love you

I haven't a handkerchief to wave

The hour has struck

What do you call the Duke?
Formally, I mean

- Majesty
- No, Monseigneur, perhaps?

- He's not a bishop
- Well, we'll see

Will these glasses be enough?

Where's the key?

Monseigneur, the townswomen...

- He said Monseigneur
- I guessed right

...are waiting to welcome you

Are they pretty?

Let's see

I scarcely anticipated such a welcome,

Monseigneur, gentlemen,
please refresh yourselves

Judging by this reception,
our visit will be delightful

Alas, Monseigneur, I bear sad tidings

Our town is in mourning for
its late, lamented Mayor

I am his widow, Monseigneur

I beg you...

...journey on to a less mournful town

Madame, your wish will be fulfilled

Our men have come a long way

The Archduke's messengers
expect to find you here

The horses must be re-shod

You hear, Madame? As things are,
I fear we must stay...

...but rest assured we shall
respect your sorrow

By dawn we shall have left
the town quietly

Half-past twelve. It worked;
the Spaniards have gone

Heaven has answered you

- Who was right?
- You, as always

Shoulder pikes!

The drums will be muted

You are so considerate

It's like the prophet entering
the promised land

- They march strangely
- It's the Spanish way

These open faces gladden my heart

Are their husbands working
in the fields?

We're the only men

A dwarf, like in a circus

- What are you looking at?
- Real men

- You mustn't go out
- It's no fun indoors

I hate war, and soldiers bore me

How singular of you, Monseigneur

- I've torn my sleeve
- I'll sew it for you

- I'm awfully ticklish
- Your skin is so soft

Those pleats are most becoming

It's just a simple robe

Isn't it a Dominican habit?

The Dominicans attached to
the Inquisition

I was once Assessor at Toledo;
that ages one

Isn't blood flowing in the gutters?

They're marching in good order

- My wife is joking with an officer
- Mine's with a friar

What about mine?

She's with the leader

They haven't lost their sense of rank

- Plenty of women
- We've struck it lucky

- What was that drink?
- Beer; you had it in Brussels

- So hairy
- So dark

What darling monkeys

One of these men stole a duck from me

Who stole a duck?

Well, if you can't recognize him...

- Hang him by the feet, twenty minutes
- Hanged by the feet for a duck?

Such a nice boy

By the feet, like Saint Andrew

Discipline is the mainspring of an army

The first men we've seen here

The artist has talent

Influenced by the Venetians,
but nevertheless...

If these are the native men,
I pity the women

A little Christian charity;
you know nothing of art

My taste is different;
I prefer El Greco

- Give me the Register
- Without written authorization?

- We're abolishing red tape
- Authority is dead

I'd like to billet NCOs;
the senior ranks

I can help the Second Lieutenant
with his diet

I also have room for some of
the guardsmen

I don't mind the lower ranks

I'll make the Chaplain comfortable

A pallet of straw in the stables
will suffice for me

First things first

Monseigneur, will you do me the honour...

...of staying at the Mayoral house?

I shall respect your grief
and stay at the inn

My inn is widely renowned

My husband would not have let
anyone else serve you

The rooms have been repainted;
not a bug is left

Clean sheets for every guest,
even for one night only

I must sew your doublet

I always have thread on me.
Keep still

Wouldn't it be easier
if I took it off?

No, I can reach

- Quickly
- Are you hard pressed?

- What do you take me for?
- The prettiest woman I ever saw

- Stop, or I'll be cross
- Why?

You really ought to pull the curtain

Put it on the tray

- They're here
- Warn the Mayor

The guests have arrived

The guests?

The other way round, girl!

Monseigneur, may I show you
to your room?

Madame, first I must pay my respects
to the late Mayor

Monseigneur, you are too gracious

I wish to lay flowers at the bier

How did he die?


Are there other cases in town?

Yes, very many

Could it be an epidemic?

Better burn the body

You are very brave, but
I will leave you to your grief

The poor man did well to die

What do you mean?

Death is sometimes a deliverance,
not only for the departed

God bless you

Did you put your banner there
on purpose?

- I tore it on a nail
- I'll sew it for you

My good sir, what do you take me for?

The sun's in my eyes

Mind my dress

Here is your water, hot and cold

As I thought. It smells of fish, too

Funny, I can't smell it;
I must be used to it

The entire house reeks of fish

The slightest smell upsets me

Open the window

I've only a shirt on

So I see; lovely lace.
Malines, isn't it?

Just like mine, as you can see

I'll take your word for it

Madame, allow me to perform
my ablutions

I want to wash!

How many pillows, Monseigneur?

Monseigneur sleeps without pillows

- Monseigneur's slippers are lost
- I was fond of them

A gift?

I will catch cold if I put
my boots on again

Satisfied? How clever to let them
into town

Into my very house

Answer me

You can laugh, it's me who's dead

I gave them to him five years ago;
they've outlasted him

Have your fun

Just wait till the Spaniards have gone

What sort of man is the Duke?

I'll introduce you;
call him Monseigneur

You have found me some slippers,
much better than my own

See that these are not lost

Monseigneur, allow me to present
my daughter, Siska

Your sister, surely, Madame

My eldest daughter; I have another
as big as him

- Is this your son?
- No, the painter Jean Breughel

I knew your father, and I've seen
your work at the Town Hall

Painters inherit talent
as kings inherit crowns

I congratulate you both

The fife is nice, but I prefer drums.
Play something

- A rigadoon?
- No, a charge

I'll improvise, but close the door
or we'll disturb everyone

Not on duty, sir?

I've done my four hours at the bier.
Where's my wife?

Accommodating the officers

No rows or fights?

Be very polite to the invaders

Haven't you seen enough of
our enemies yet?

You're wasting your time with her

That's what you think

Have you come far?

We've come from Brussels

You speak our language well

- He's Swiss
- From Fribourg

Try my cigars

- Where are you from?
- Piedmont

Yet you're both Spanish soldiers?

For the moment

I've fought for France against Austria,
Austria against France...

Have you no preference?

Yes, for the highest bidder

See, Albert, they're just like
other men

I'm in room seven; where is
the mistress of the inn?

I have something that needs sewing

I'm looking for her myself

The sergeant in number seven
has something to be sewn

Be nice to him, he's an NCO

I'm sorry to disturb you,
but have you seen my wife?

She has just gone to dine
with the Mayoress

Aren't you going?

No, I'm on duty; I don't like
such affairs, anyway

I don't enjoy such functions, either

- Excuse me
- Keep me company

That's delicate work

I have a certain skill.
Do you appreciate needlework?

I do some myself, but not so well

Flatterer! Fetch your own work

It's here; this is my room

I'm sorry I've disturbed you

You honour my house

Do you favour ribbing?

Two plain, two purl for the feet,
and one and one for the legs

I use a much finer pattern altogether

- It wears less well
- It's kinder to the skin

Before profiting from
God's goodly gifts...

...let us think reverently of
the master of the house...

...happier than we now that
he knows the only true life

Domini exaudi orationem meam.
I'm hungry

So am I

I hope you will like my cooking

I'm fond of Flemish dishes, Madame

What's that?

The works of Erasmus

Will you bore us with that heretic?

No, I'll sit on him

Fitting tribute

Sit closer

- Do your monkeys eat meat?
- They eat everything

- You look happier now
- At least we'll eat well

- After you, Father
- I'll not touch a morsel

Look at the tiny pitchfork

Court manners. Watch how
Monseigneur uses the fork

I'm embarrased by being
the centre of attraction

What skill

I always have difficulty
in cutting meat, anyway

Turn the prongs the other way

It's nerves; I can't help laughing.
It's the same at funerals

Come on, play up!
Let's have a lively tune!

No dancing on a day of mourning

You can't make the Spaniards
weep over your dead Mayor

The thing is...

...I don't want a riot

Nonsense. They're well behaved,
good customers

Let them enjoy themselves,
no one will mind

It's true, there's nothing like
an army

Any army is good for trade

Armies are indispensable

The Spaniards have been maligned

Well, that's politics

That's the end! Music
on a day of public mourning

Why hasn't the butcher come back?
I'm starving

The food isn't for you

Lobster, pat?, burgundy

My burgundy! Where's that butcher
got to?

You can't trust him with anything

- He's only just gone
- You've had your dinner!

We bring you the Andalusian breeze
from our mountains

How delighfully you talk

I shall cool your forehead with
palm leaves, like an Arab

Let the Mayoress be your model, ladies

She plies a fan better than
any Seville beauty

No one taught me

Please go on, for my delectation

Father, tell us about the Inquisition

That was long ago

For our edification

Not that; the white wine

You remind me of a girl
broken by flagellation

Was she naked?

Like Eve before the Fall

She was smeared with honey...

...and a he-goat licked her
with his scabrous tongue

Erasmus numbs my bum

Sit on my lap, my lad, don't be afraid

- How old are you lad?
- Forty-two

Good heavens! Get off at once!

Here I am and here I stay

So that's how it is

When Monseigneur learns of your
mockery, you'll be sorry

Look, lad... your lordship

We're family men

I'm engaged to be married

I'll give you fifty crowns

A hundred crowns

You'll hang

Two hundred crowns if
you'll not breathe a word

I'll not breathe a word

They've gone to the dance
and left me to my reverie

Flask in hand

Quite fortuitous. What have you there?

- You look unwell
- I'm fine

Why so flushed? You look feverish

I'm ticklish

Are you starting to grow at last?

The Duke disapproves of
quick routes to wealth

- There's something in it for you
- I have avowed poverty

The dead man isn't dead

So you extorted money from cowards.
It shall be returned

I'll give you twenty-five crowns

Fifty crowns

A hundred crowns, for your charities

The only argument that overcomes
my harsh scruples

Now let us go to the inn -
to discourage deplorable excesses

Take your places for the
Knights of the Arquebus

- Where are you billeted?
- Here at the inn

Are you well catered for?

Extremely well

Pity, I have lots of room and
my husband's away on duty

An earwig has dropped down my back,

Shall I lend a hand?

If Monseigneur drinks from this glass,
we will treasure it

Monseigneur is not thirsty

Just put your lips to it

Stop pestering Monseigneur

These people are tactless

You do not have to stay, Monseigneur;
are you bored?

With you? How could you imagine that?

Shall we take the air?

I'm fond of the people,
but not in such a sweat

The night is scented with jasmine

They haven't seen us.
They're planning their future

It is never too late at any age
to enjoy happiness

This is just a dream;
the Spaniards will leave tomorrow

The butcher will come to claim
his fianc?e

- I'd rather die
- Have you really thought of that?

- Did you favour the sword or poison?
- Poison

- I agree; it's much tidier
- One suffers less

Tomorrow we shall be united for ever

A single rose will blossom
on our graves

- It's mother I'm sorry for
- Yes, I loved her, too

Poor mother

The moon on the water, the songs...
it's just like Venice

Have you been there?

I dream of going there.
The Leaning Tower...

That's at Pisa

Italy... the sun, the orange trees...

I'd love to travel,
read poetry by moonlight...

Bathe at night in the Sea of...

Well, the sea that's there

I've never known such joys

It's not too late

It is... but I want my daughter
to know them

Live now, wait not for tomorrow

Life's roses should be gathered
from today

Did you write that?

Do you say that to all the women?

If only you knew how lonely I am

People have strange ideas
about the nobility

I'm terrified of thunder - and mice.
I can't help it

If I could live an ordinary life here,
with a wife like you...

That's a dream. All I want
is my daughter's happiness

And you alone can help me, Monseigneur

Call me Pedro

Don't ask the impossible of me

Take my fatherless child
under your protection

Command her marriage

I am your humble servant, Madame

Monseigneur, to show my gratitude
I would like...

I'll fetch the Deputy Mayor
to register their marriage

- And us?
- Monseigneur, have pity

Whose fault is it if the dead man
is practically a cuckold?

I advise you to make less noise

Does it disturb your banquet?

It wasn't us who died

I've come for the Deputy Mayor,
to act as magistrate

Kindly prepare for the marriage
of Siska and Jean Breughel

Over my dead body!

Don't push me too far,
you and your Duke

Get back in bed, he's not far away

You refuse to come with me?

That's final?

Who dares raise his voice to a widow
at her husband's bier?

Not me

Aren't you delighted by the news
of this ideal match?

- Double six
- My backside!

Let us think of higher things

Sew this for me, will you?

You, too? No, I've run out of thread

Have you seen Monseigneur's Chaplain,

He was here a moment ago

Will you marry us?

With pleasure, but in
more dignified surroundings

At my home

Excellent, the wine is better there

Between Siska de Witt and
Jean Breughel

Add: Who have declared to us...

- They've told me nothing
- No sour grapes

Why sour grapes?

I've no idea

That's that

What about witesses?

Where must I sign?

Would you like more candles
for the ceremony?

No, let the illumination be
in their hearts

It won't take long,
just a simple ceremony

Are you ill?

- Control yourself
- I can't help it

Try to pray

Don't drink when you're maudlin

Why are you crying?

The wedding brings back memories

All day I've been keyed-up
to make any sacrifice

The Spaniards haven't done
what people said

They're supposed to rape and pillage;
I've waited all day

I'm very emotional

Wake up

Listen to the silence

It torments me most of all.
Tell my wife I must speak to her

What if I meet the Duke?

You won't; his room's on
the floor above my wife's

I'm staying at your house;
lead the way

I'm guarding the bier

- Listen, son...
- No familiarity. Take my monkeys

Sit down!

Animals in my bed?

The Duke's monkeys pay you
an undeserved honour

Are you comfortable, Coco?

We have no further need of you

Have you seen my wife?
Why hasn't she come?

She's deceiving you while you sleep.
I saw her

I shall be avenged!

Do you understand?

I'll go through the nursery,
onto the connecting balcony

And when I tap with my halberd...

I rush to the Duke's room
to bar his escape

- What are you doing here?
- It's obvious

Have you been feeding the child
for the last two hours?

You'll wake the house

I knew it! I'm disgraced for all
to see!

- Balcony doors open
- It's so hot

Murder, lead me on!
Down with the Spaniards!

Where's my halberd?

Duke! We have matters to settle!


Go on. If you kill the Duke
you'll be hanged

If you don't, you'll also be hanged

What are you doing, booby?

Must I tickle your neck
to make you talk?

A plot against your life.
I've come to defend you

Aren't you Flemish?

Flemish by birth, but Spanish at heart

But there are still bad feelings

Even in this house

The Mayor has deceived you

I thought the boot was
on the other foot

Don't trust him, he's a knave

He was, because he's dead now

May he rest in peace

Your cowardice got me into trouble,
but I smoothed it over

Who told you to knock him out?

I'll put him out of his misery

No, enough of corpses

Time to go, Father

Milk rolls and chocolate

May you be repaid a hundredfold

For your charities

They who give to the poor, give to God

My lamb, keep these indulgences

The only genuine indulgences,
beware of imitations

You've had nothing to drink, Father

- Too hot
- Keep the bowl

Look, the Spaniards are going

Spaniards? What Spaniards?

I forbid you to make such
a spectacle of yourself

Don't play for time

His Excellency the Duke of Olivieres...

...touched by our welcome
to the Spaniards...

...has exempted Boom from taxes
for a year

It is entirely due to
our Mayor's heroism...

...that our town has been
so favourably treated

Where did the necklace come from?

It's Monseigneur's wedding present
to Siska

He does things in style,
your Monseigneur