Carne de tu carne (1983) - full transcript

August 6, 1956 during the military dictatorship of Rojas Pinilla. Explosions in central Cali military convoy destroy much of the traditional buildings of the city and exposing the roots of some houses which for years had kept the secret stories of its inhabitants: Proprietary notable families of Manors sugar mills and surrounding. One such family is visited by a girl, who has lived for years in the U.S., and is half sister of our young protagonist. It is knowledge, dig into the past of the family¸ attracted to each other¸ and are immersed in a delirium in which they appear as mythical ancestors who also starred in stories of incest and violence.

Enrique... dear brother.


...of my flesh.


...of my blood.

Dad, dad!

She's dead!


Grandma's dead!

May everlasting light
shine on her.

May she rest in peace.

May everlasting light
shine on her.

May she rest in peace.

May everlasting light
shine on her...


We brought the barbed wire.

We came to string fences,
not to dig for treasures.

What did you find there?

Look, boss.

It's a good soil, isn't it?

- Very good.
- It has everything.

Let's start stringing,
go to the fence.

Bring the wire.

Listen, men.

Get the wire up.

'Midnight virgin.'

'Virgin, that's you.'

'A virgin for all to adore...'

I never liked peacocks.

Half of the time
they're blue...

...the other half,
they're red.

I've never trusted them.

Fucking peacock!

AUGUST 6th, 1956.

...broken promises...

Look, Dr. Meneses.

This won't get us anywhere.

I want to have that will... later than tonight.


Well, you know
how to solve those things.

Leave that alone!

Don't play with it.

Good morning, Dr. Meneses.

How are you?

Look what I brought you.

Pretty, isn't it?

From Caicedonia.

They sent some jam for you.

Pretty, isn't it?

What atrocities
you bring home!

I had no idea.

Go tell Asuncion
to bring some coffee.

Andres Alfonso.


Get dressed to go
pick up your mom and sister.


They must bring a lot
of things, coming from the U.S.

Go help them.

Precious Margareth!

How are you?

Margareth, dear...

How pretty you are!

You're so tall.

- Anna.
- How are you?


That's great!

It was terrible,
when they told me the news.

I was scared 'cause
she had fallen.

- Of course...
- Who fell?

But fortunately,
just a few bruises.

You go in the front.

Anna, you go in the front.

Eber, open the door.

When can you go to Neiva?

We have to go,
it must be beautiful there.

- They're so big.
- Go ahead, Julia.

Yes, they've grown so much.

- Eber, take us straight home.
- Yes, madame.

Yes, let's go.

How's everything at home?

The same.

But things will change, now
that Maria Josefa has died.

After all, she was the heart...

...of that house.

Mama suffered so much.

She was in great pain.
It was very difficult.

I even asked God to take her.

She had lost all her teeth...

...her veins were
purple and all dried up.

Please, don't talk about that.

How was the trip?

I wish I had been with her
in those final days.

I went to the woods,
burned a stick...

...and here's the smoke.

This song is a hit there.

"I, Maria Josefa Borrero
de Velazco... the city of Cali...

...on the 27th day of June...

...of the year 1956...

...being in full posession
of all my faculties...

...declare before witnesses...

...this to be my final will.

In compliance with the law...

...and acting
in freedom of choice...

...I leave my daughter:
Julia Velazco de Madrian...

...the buildings
on 5th and 15th streets.

To my daughter, Anna...

...who destroyed
her legitimate marriage...

...but nevertheless
gave me her affection...

...and two dear grandchildren
who kept close to me... spite of the distance
between us in recent years...

...and to Luis Garcia...

...her legitimate first husband...

...with the hope that property
commonly owned...

...will help them to find
happiness together...

...I leave the summer farm
called "La Emma".

The films are about to start...

Asuncion, turn on the light.

- Call the kids.
- Yes, sir.


Why are you fighting?

All passengers aboard.

They need you now.

I'll take the house.

Give me that...

-lt's mine.
- No, mine.

My Mom gave it to me.

To Andres Alfonso
and Margareth... equally beloved

...for whom my affection is
the same, in spite of...

...of their different origin...

...and who have brightened
the last years of my life...

...I leave the control
in equal shares...

...of my sugar mill stock... listed in
an inventory...

...guarded by my lawyer...

...Dr. Jacinto Meneses.

He will administer
the profits for them...

...until they reach
an older age.

As for Asuncion...

...who is like
one of the family...

...I leave her a pension
of 600 pesos a month...

...for a peaceful old age.

She will take this money
from the charity fund.

To Enrique, my brother...

He's the one
who lives in San Antonio.

...disowned by our parents
a long time ago...

...because of
his reprehensible habits...

...which disgraced
the reputation of the family...

...and ostracized
by his relatives ever since...

...I leave the house and land
where he now lives...

...known as San Antonio... do with... he pleases.

Go on.

Go on, that's it.

Now, put your fingers here.

Like that!

Let me see.

Thank you, very much.

- Uncle, uncle.
- Quiet, quiet.

Quiet, now comes the film.

Andres, bring the projector.

I wish the best for you
and your family.

What'll we see?

The one with Margareth
on the swing.

No, first "La Emma."

No, "Laurel and Hardy."

No, let's see Maria Josefa.

What for? She's dead.

Turn out the light.

Turn out the light.

-Get out of the way.
- I won't.

Let me see.

AY, what memories!

Look, look!

Well, there's uncle.
Rafael Francisco Vallecilla.

A great doctor!
An eminence!

One hand blessed for surgery
and the other for charity.

He had 115 spurs.


Mama looked great.

Who would have thought it?

Turn on the light.

What was it?
What happened?

A bulb turned out.

Don't worry.
Here's another.

- Go help papa.
- Be careful, there.

Go help him.

Lights out!

Hey, move!

Who's that
with the long hair?

A writer.

- A relative?
- Second cousin.

And where is he?

In Europe.

- No, he killed himself.
- What, Andres Alfonso?

LLook at the kids
in their Scottish outfits.

Asuncion's aunt made them.

Look at the betrothed,
real lovebirds.

Who's that?

That's grandma.

-Don't talk about the dead.
- Why not?

Dr. Vallecilla eating cake.

My God, it's Emilia!

Sainted woman!

This is when we snapped
the photo. I still have it.

Mama looks great.

That's just foolishness,
but mama looks great.

Ls that "La Emma"?

Don't you remember?

Look, she fell.

Emilia fell,
and she hurt her ankle.

She wouldn't let anybody
rub or even touch it.

How horrible! He's a drunk!

There's the black sheep.

He ate up almost all the grass.

There he goes again.

Uncle Enrique's great
but he's a communist.

A communist?

Look at that,
Andres in skirts!

Who would have thought that?

Faggot, faggot!

I never thought I'd see him
in skirts, how I'll tease him.


Andres's bothering me.

Andres Alfonso!

Stop playing the fool
in front of your sister.

Andres Alfonso.

Sorry about that.

All fathers are like that,
mine too.

Want some gum?

- Sure.
- Here.



How we used to fight!

What do you think of mama
forgiving Enrique?

And leaving you, her daughter...

...two houses that are
totally falling apart.

And to you,
useless floodlands.

They're no good.

- That's all.
- What?

No more films,
time to go to bed.


What are you reading?

"That's what they did in fact."

"At daybreak...

...they went back
to the prairie."

"After greeting
the nymphs and Pan...

...they sat under the oak tree."

"They played the flute...

...they kissed...

...they hugged..."

How is James doing?

Working like a slave.

Always travelling.

He'll be away for eight months,
building a sugar mill.

This is for Andr,s.

I'm worried about him.

He's good for nothing.

I'd like to take him back
to learn English in the U.S.

It smells just the same.

I do feel homesick there.



It's an earthquake!



Mom, mom!

Uncle, uncle!


We still don't know
what caused the explosion.

Seems it was the boilers
in the freight yard at Lara.

All we know is
that the city is on fire...

... and panic reigns
on the streets.

The explosion affected
several neighborhoods.

All we have left
to do is pray.

Our father who are in heaven...

... hollowed be thy name...

We interrupt this prayer
to give a last minute report...

... it seems the dynamite was
placed in some military trucks.

But we have no confirmation
from the military forces yet.

Colombians, attention!

The following
is a special news report...

Andres Alfonso.


Breakfast is ready.

The causes of the explosion
are still unknown...

This coffee is cold.

Asuncion, pack the waffle iron.

What for?
There's no electricity there.

The graves in Cali were open.

There are dead bodies

It's a macabre spectacle
of pain and horror.


Bring me the covers
for the bird cages.

Yes, madame.

This butter is rancid.

Thousands of people
were injured...

... and the number
of ambulances is not enough...


- Andres Alfonso.
-I'm coming.

- Does the car have gas?
- Yes, sir.

- And the van?
- The van too.

Go to La Emma.

Tell Floremiro
we're in Canas Gordas.

Bring the generator...

...and all the fruit
and vegetables you can.

- I want to go too.
- No, not now.

I haven't been there
in so long.

Asuncion, you obey
only my orders, alright?

Don't start wandering around.

Watch out.

Let them go.

Okay, go on.

Come back before dark.

You don't know how to drive.

- It's going backwards.
- We'll see.

- Good morning, Floremiro.
- Good morning, Andres.

Good morning, Margareth.
When did you come back?


What happened last night?

Some trucks blew off.

20.000 people were killed.

Don't exaggerate.


Father wants you to send
the generator...

...and some vegetables.

If you need anything,
they're in Canas Gordas.

I'll get that.

Also get two horses ready.

- We'll ride over to Enrique's.
- Right away.

Why are they that way?

They degenerate...

...because of
the crossbreeding.

- Let's go to the swing.
- Fine.

Mother said one summer...

...they had to cut down
the swings.


Because the pole
fell down and killed a child.

Do you remember?

The harlequin
of the mountains!

No. Watch out!

It's a nettle and it pricks.

Then, where?

Then you swell up
like a balloon.

It happened to me once.

When you see nettles
you're supposed to say...

"I see you nettles."

"I see you nettles."

"I see you nettles."

And you don't get pricked.

Help! What have I got?

Turn around, turn around!

Wait a second.

Is it a spider, an animal?
What is it?

Help me.

- What happened?
- Look.

Suck, and it'll stop bleeding.

Isn't it bitter?

All blood tastes alike.

Let's tell uncle Enrique
about the will.

Okay, let's go!

Careful! Remember,
Madremonte is around here.

That's a mother
who killed her children...

...because she was going crazy.

She took them into
the mountains and ate them.

That's why
they called her that.

Uncle Enrique!

He must be around here.

Uncle Enrique!

- Hello, uncle.
- Hello there, how are you?

- What's up?
- Not much.

I hadn't seen you since four
or five years ago...

The last time I saw you,
I was eleven.

You're so big now.

You're a real young lady...

...and you look like your mom.

What's happening in Cali?

I just heard what happened...

Some military trucks loaded
with dynamite exploded.

That's what soldiers are for.

You're soaked.

Come in and change clothes.

It was awful!

The roof caved in,
the lights went out.

We had just arrived.

There are dead bodies

I don't want to go back.

And look at this.

Don't worry,
it's not a big deal.

How about a drink?

Good idea.


- And where's your father?
- In Canas Gordas.

- Is the house badly damaged?
- Yes, uncle.

This one's for both of you.

You know what?

Maria Josefa left you
San Antonio.

Go change your clothes.

Go ahead, go get changed.

There's clothing
in the closet.

Flesh of my flesh.

Blood of my blood.

Maria Josefa.

My dear sister.

- Where?
- Over there.

You know what?

I think uncle Enrique
and Maria Josefa were lovers.

So what?

Button me up, please.

Let's show Enrique.

That dress was my sister's!

All this land...

...belonged to her.

You didn't know her...

...before she went crazy.

She was the only one
who hid me here...

...when they were trying
to kill me.


It was dangerous then,
to say certain things.

Especially when they were
family matters.

Uncle, explain.

Well, your father...

...had bought some land
in Caicedonia.

On a spur of the valley.

And one day,
he was measuring it...

...when, PUM!

Gunfire from the mountain.

And they accused me.

They said I had
organized a conspiracy...

...against my beloved nephew...

...the conservative.

But, why you?

I was the black sheep
of the family.

I was the free thinker.

The one who seized land
for the peasants...

...who came to Cali... make new neighborhoods.

I'll tell you something...

...your dad, Margareth... a very smart engineer.

While he was building
the sugar mill...

...he represented... important
dairy product company...

...from Switzerland
or the Netherlands.

Since he had a lot of cows,
business was good.

He made all the sugar mills
and factories around here.

And your father's
a philanderer.

He was always surrounded
by "birds" too.


They were the hired henchmen
who smoked in peasant homes...

...and robbed their land
with the help of Meneses.

I don't exist for anyone.

Yet everyone
has passed by here...




I'm the black sheep
of the family!

That's why I'll die... I should...


And I will be buried alone.

Those earrings
were my sister's too.

She left them to me.
What's in that chest?

There lies the whole
family's truth.

That's all I will inherit you.

Look what I found, Margareth.

"Even though
time has gone by...'ve been a memory
in my flesh."

"Not only have you been
my brother but..."

I'm worried about the kids.

I didn't want them to go.

He always wanted electricity...

...but I don't know...

Let the house keep
its old charm...

...with candles.

Will the government ignore
this explosion... everything else?

It seems it was an accident.

How could it be?

How could they leave trucks
of dynamite on the streets?

That can only happen here.

Still, I feel calm there.

Not that.

Have they sent
the bamboo sticks yet?

They should send them today.

Hopefully, they'll let them
on the highway.

That roof needs support.

Manuel Maria,
take care of that colt.

Are the others in the house?

Wait here.

Hi, kinsfolk.

What's new?

- Open these cans, Asuncion.
- Yes, sir.

Damn! This tragedy
on the day of your arrival.

You can't live in Cali anymore.
There's fear of the plague.

It seems two drunk soldiers
shot the truck by accident.

Nobody knows for sure.

That's pure conjecture.

give me a glass of water.

Of course.

It's nice having
a soldier in the family.

Yes, but not in power.

Eber, could you open
this can for me?


On the 13th of June...

... the virgin Mary...

... dethroned Laureanito...

... and a cop came instead.



Throw a rock
and hide your hand, huh?

And this is supposed to be
for the injured, right?


- Let's taste.
- It's as good as it is there.

It's not bad.

What would "the stormy man"
in Spain say about all this?

Who's "the stormy man"?

Dr. Laureano Gomez.

Remember the last time
we were in Benidorm... see Dr. Laureano Gomez?

The motherland!

Such good cheese they have!

Monchego and goat cheese...

...with good bread and cider...

...are better
than Roquefort or Camembert.

Better than this.

Why can't life here
be like it is in Spain?

Progress, order...

...and good wine.

How traditional, Julia!

You know what?

We Velazcos are noble.

We come from one
of the Meninas.

Those were dwarfs
who entertained the kings.


Anyhow, they were nobles
and lived in El Escorial.


Eber, your hat.

I'm sorry.

You're such a noble
person, Eber.

Take the bamboo sticks to Cali.

Then, find Margareth
and Andres...

...and tell them
to come home immediately.

They must be in La Emma.


Goodbye, Eber.

Before God was God...

...and the Penascos, Penascos...

The Quiroz were Quiroz...

...and the Velazcos, Velazcos.

Before God was God...

...and the Penascos, Penascos...

The Quiroz were Quiroz...

...and the Velazcos, Velazcos.

Before God was God...

- It's nighttime.
- So what?

- What happened?
- Nothing.



What happened?



You who have tasted
the richness...

... of the blood several times...

Floremiro, I hear footsteps.

The bandits!

Be careful.

You who have tasted
the richness of the blood...




Cali has been struck
by a terrible disaster.

I'm sure that behind
this catastrophe...

... are the hands
of international communism.

The military forces...

... will not rest...

... until they find the real
culprits of this tragedy.


... justice...

... and liberty.


The baby...

The baby's gone.

- But I saw him.
- He's gone.

I left him in the crib.

He's not there now.

Don't worry, we'll find him.

- Thank you, Virgin.
- Thank God, we found him.

Thank God!

Don Enrique!

Don Enrique!

Don Enrique!


My wife is giving birth now.

Nobody's in the farm.

The food and the generator
are in the van.





Lady Santa Anna...

... why is the child crying?

For an apple...

... he has lost.

I don't want one...

I don't want two...

... I only want my apple...

... the one that I lost.

Don Enrique!

Don Enrique!





Push down hard and hold it.

Come on!

Breathe deeply.

Push, push dear.

Good! Now, hold it.

Hold it!

Have a drink, friend.

This morning...

... my wife got up
to make coffee.

She asked me to get
some firewood.

When I came back in,
she screamed...

..."Where's the baby?"

I had left him in the crib...

...but she said
it wasn't there.

I said it couldn't be.

We checked, but he was gone.

I looked all over the house.

At six in the morning...

...I found him
playing in the bathroom.

You know, it's the hosts.

Are you still into that?

You know what, friend?

The chickens were
restless all night...

...and four of them died.

And the neighbors' dogs
died in the night.

That's ghosts...

... and witchcraft.

Dogs and chickens die
every day in my hometown.

The crops were uprooted...

-Walls smeared with blood.
- Friend, I say it's ghosts.

Those aren't ghosts,
they're bandits.

That's why we're here.

Here it comes.

Push down hard...

...and hold it.

Here it comes.

Don't worry, my friend.

My wife knows
what she's doing.

- What is it?
- It's a girl.

She's beautiful.

And she's whole and healthy.

Maria Emma.

Lt's a girl.

The sooner you start
walking, the better.

Indians give birth alone
and standing.

It's a good omen.

Good luck, my friend.

Be careful.

So long, so long.

At your service, here.


That plant is drying up.

Something bad's gonna happen.

Forget those superstitions.

Who is it?

I wanna see the baby.

Open up.
This is my house.




- Who's there?
-Justice and law.


- Gonzalez?
- Yes, colonel.

Search the rooms.

- Are you a treasure digger?
- Yes, sir.

Have you found
anything strange?

When did you last see
Florentino Muoz?

We haven't seen him
since he came to have his kid.

Colonel, we just found
some dead chickens.

Keep searching.

- Gonzalez.
- Yes, sir.

Take them to the school.

Let's go, hurry up.

Move, move!

You, come here.

- Do you know where they are?
- No, sir.

But you saw them.

I told you they were here
but they haven't come back.

We'll talk later.

He's the only suspect.
Let's take him for a walk.

If that's so, go ahead.



How are things?

We haven't found out
who's responsible for this.

We have a suspect.
We'll make him pay for this.

Put them all in jail
if you have to...

...but find out who did this.

Let them go, Benjamin.

Poor people.

Go home now.

Go on, quickly.


Do you see what I see?

Are you convinced now?

It doesn't look
like an indian tomb.

At this very moment...

... we are witnessing
in anguish...

L... the mass burial
of those who died in Cali...

... in the explosion
on August 7th.

Ln this overwhelming

... everyone has gathered...

... to close a tragic chapter
in the history of Cali.

With our collective efforts...

... and international solidarity...

... we are also opening
new possibilities...

... for a future
of peace, justice...

... and liberty.