Carne (1991) - full transcript

After a dreadful incident coupled with an ungovernable paroxysm of violence, a butcher will fall into a downward spiral that will burn to the ground whatever dignity still remained in him.

Horse meat, which is forbidden all
over the world, is eaten in France.

This very sweet flesh is known
to be one of the healthiest meat.

However, because of its moderate price and its color,
It is called "CARNE".

Porte de la Villette, 03/23/1956
The end of the day

- Do you have your periods?
- Why?

- You're bleeding
- Because I'm a virgin. Be careful.

- I'm clean. I love you, you know?

- Yes, I know. But will you be careful?

Les cinemas de la zone present the story of a
horse butcher in the Parisian suburb.

ATTENTION This movie contains
shocking images and rude translations.


You have to eat. You're pregnant
and you must be strong.

There is a strange taste

The baby was moving last night and hurt me

Porte de Pantin 12/25/1956
After midnight

Here he is!

- So, how is he?
- It's a girl


- She's YOUR girl!
- What did you say? repeat

She's your girl,
I never wanted a girl.

Excuse me.


I'm living. Cinthya stays with you.
Don't look for me. It's too late.

When you work, time flies

The same slaughter everyday,
the same clients.

That's how my daughter grew up,
in the silence.

And in a few months
she became a young lady,

her body changed,
it was strange for me.

- Wake up! yes, you! the light is here,
god wants it and you want it.

It's here, here! inside, under your skin!

And you know it, the light is waiting for you,
from the other side of a tunnel!

How to be happy?

I will have to pay the maid
today one more time

see you tonight!

The banker doesn't trust me anymore.

See you tonight in the shop

Have a nice day

I let my daughter all day
with this bloody idiot.

I'm sure she's a junky.

What are you reading?

Men have been arrested who put razor blades
on toboggan to cut kid's ass!!

The same thing every morning,
same streets, same nerds, same coffee...

same fat girl...
I'm gonna fuck one of these days

Let's go, it's 6 o'clock.

I hope your horse meat isn't too fatty.

It's the only meat you can safely eat uncooked.
I only eat this.

- see you tomorrow.
- see you.

She's my daughter.

Very cute.


What did you today?


Why don't you eat?

You must be strong.

Come on! To please me. Eat!

It's expensive, you know?

I will destroy you
with this blade, Lucifer!

I will cut your head off!
Carne is telling you!


- Nerd!

Open the doors of your heart!

You're afraid of the light
and that's why you live in darkness.

Can you turn out?



If you don't find the light in this life,
then it'll be one more lost life!


And it will start again
until the end of time.

Her legs are changing.

Under this skin
there is the same blood I have

and it will become woman's blood.

A real woman,

with my blood and my flesh.

You wanna ride the horse?

Are you allright?

You wanna take a ride?

I'm going. Bye.

Aubervillers 01/17/1979
The end of the morning

I have just found your daughter with a worker.
I don't know what happened to her.

I'm gonna kill him!
I'm gonna kill him!

Not my girl! The bastard, he's gonna die.

Here he is, waiting...
He thinks he's smart... ok, calm down.

Yes, that's it, he's bleeding in the orphanage,
they used to teach me the law of the strongest.

And sometimes my fists were useless,

I had to take my knives,
because you're weaker than a knife.

yes that's what they told me when
I went too far in the violence.

I hate violence, but we need it.

Stop, he's innocent!

Why don't you wanna die?

Anyway, he's gonna die.
It's written on his face now!


Are you sure you control everything?

It won't be long.

I'll come back, I swear.

We will start a new life.

Follow us.

- And her daughter?
- Don't be upset, there is the public aid.


Your situation is hard to defend.

You have attacked
violently an innocent man,

who is now an handicapped person,
incapable to work for many years.

I can assure you it's in you
interest to pay the damages.

yes, but you know I have no money.

you still have your shop and your flat.

That's all I have! If I sell them...

Well, if you want to take the risk to be
in jail for 3 or 4 years, it's a deal.

So, you sign?

I will be free soon.
I would like to kiss you.

But it would hurt too much.

You are everything I have.
I love you, your father.

Despite the risks, some passions
are stronger than everything else.

Quite hot tonight, isn't it?
may I?

How long?

You don't wanna talk?

It doesn't matter.

07/23/1979 7 AM

Bye, Gerard

Be strong.

It was time to go, prison isn't
really healthy. It changes a man.

Now, it's over. I'm out. out.

but I feel Gerard's glance on my nape.
He won't see me again.

I'm not gay. no.
It's over now.

No past, no debts. I think I want
a coffee, at the Cafe de Paris.

He was the butcher.
He had a bad time.

Sweetheart, excuse my absence,
but I have good news.

I'm working again, and I have many clients.

If it continues like this, we could go to
a better and cleaner place, maybe the mountain.

Now she's your boss.

You do what she wants!

Did you see the new butcher?

I suppose you're taller now,
I'm exactly the same.

I could kill them all, they are laughing at me now.
And this bastard who has stolen my shop... I don't know.

It's useless to be good and generous.
The rotten always win. It's the way it is.

I don't know how to get out of this shit...
but I'm not going to prison.

I'll earn money and take my daughter back
with me. I would like to write her.

Maybe they try to corrupt her.

Fat ass, what does she want?
Cleaning the bar once more?

Calm down, calm down.

Of course, she wants that, my dick.
Touch it, touch it.

Think about Cynthia.

I want to take you back.

Tell me how you are.

I hope they let you watch TV
and they take care of you.

I kiss you.

Why are you writing to her?

I thought you wanted to forget her.
You don't know what you want.

One more woman who wanna be hurt!
I always meet crazy women.

Maybe masochists are
attracted to butchers...

She will become something
worse than my slaughter table.

I'm her employee

and there are 2 things I can't refuse

Fucking her

and hurting her.

Easy. You fuck her.
Yes, you fuck her strongly.


Most of the embryos are
conceived accidently.

I don't bleed anymore.


I think I'm pregnant.

And so what?

I can sell the bar and buy a
butcher shop somewhere else.


To start everything anew.

And Cynthia?

You'll tell her the truth.

I may leave France for a while,
and I have to talk to her before that.

You know why you can't see her.

It's not gonna be long...

Are you angry?

Anyway, I'll come back.

I know you're not alone.
I know you want to spread an epidemic on earth.

Do you hear me, Lucifer?
The doors of hell are wide open.

Devils are everywhere!
Help me!

If only she called me "dad", only once...

But what I've always wanted never happened.
No mother, no wife.

I loved my daughter.
She was my flesh, my blood.

And now I just have to go
and live with this big bitch.

This bitch had what she wanted.

The same thing all women want

A baby who sucks at her breast
and then protects her.

They feel like their life means something,

as if there could be
another meaning but survival.

The world is egotistic.

For a 9 sec orgasm,
a child has to sweat for 60 years.

Fat ass, do you know that the living
of your child will be worst than yours?

She thinks this baby will
take care of her when she's old.

I'm gonna fuck her ass, and
so strongly that she will have a miscarriage.


If I fuck her ass too strongly,

I will spare an innocent
60 years of a shitty life.

that's my mission on earth

I fuck her in the ass,
and I'll fuck them all.

Come on, why don't you scream?

Scream! you coward! Scream!

you have seen

mustard... tomatoes... harissa...
mustard... harissa...