Carmina y amén. (2014) - full transcript

A 60-year-old woman tries to hide that her husband is dead.

Antonio, is that you?

- Yes.
- What's wrong?

What's wrong?

I feel awful, it hurts here.

Have you been drinking?

Why would I be drinking?

- You haven't drunk anything?
- Not a drop, love.

- Alright.
- The pills you gave me...

For this new treatment, love.

- They, well...
- They make you feel sick?

Here, have this.

I don't want water,
I don't want water, Carmina.

Alright, well if you don't want
water then sit down and look,

that film about
the tsunami is on.

It's really nice.

I'll bring you some fish, OK?

Our girl told me that L'Oreal
are going to give her

hair dryers and... the sinks.

She needs to get started on
the site as soon as possible.

She needs to start now,
work on site...

Are you listening?

Antonio, for God's sake, I
feel like I'm talking to myself.

Here's your fish,
look how tasty. Antonio.

Are you asleep?




Oh! Antonio, don't frighten me!




Antonio, please!

Oh, my God... Oh...


- Maria...
- What, Mum?

Where are you, love?

I'm with Susy, we're
in a bar... Here in...

Listen to me, love.

Come here.

Why, what's up?

Your father is very sick,
love, come here.

What happened?!

You, just... come here
love, come, for God's sake,

come now, goodbye.

Where is he?

Dad. Pop.

What is this, Ma?

Alright, cry, kid, cry...

- Oh... Oh... Oh...
- Calm down, kid.

Calm down, sweetheart.

What happened, Mommy?
What happened?

Maria, I... I don't know, the
treatment that I gave him,

the new one that the
doctor prescribed him,

It seems that it
made him feel sick,

he came in here

that he felt sick
after taking that.

I don't know, love.

I don't know if
he was drinking.

I can't explain it, love. I
don't know. I don't know!

Mom... the new pills, when did
he start to take the new pills?

This afternoon!

He came home feeling
some pain and he was...

Mom, maybe you gave
him the wrong treatment,

you're very careless!


How can you say that?

How can you...
Are you saying it's my fault?

My God!

I'm sorry, Mommy!


Sit down love, sit down, sit
down sweetheart, sit down, kid.

Oh, my God.
Calm down, love.

Did you call anyone?

Of course not! Why would I call
anyone? I was waiting for you!

I didn't know what to do,
my God!

I had a panic attack,
I didn't know!

Let's call the police,
let's call an ambulance, or...

Where do you call?

To... call... the
emergency helpline.

The emergency helpline...
Call 112.


My poor father...

Hang up, Maria. Hang up.

- Hang up.
- What?

Let's do things right.

Because, look.

Today is Saturday...
Sunday and Monday.

On Monday your father
gets his... his bonus wages.

If we report this right now,
we won't get them.

You know that I was relying on
that money for the Christmas.

So, we'll keep the poor fellow
here with us for two more days.

We'll keep vigil and... then on
Monday we report it.

What are you talking about, Mom?

Yes, Maria.

Because look,
it's just not fair,

that for the sake of two days
we won't get them.

Are you right in the head?

You're telling me that we
should keep Dad here.

You don't... there's no other
solution, Maria!

Are we going to lose the wages?

He doesn't mind any more, love.

So many expenses are on the way,

you don't even know what
expenses are coming now...

you have no idea... although
the life insurance is paid.

Nobody can find
out about this, eh?


Maria, sleep, love,
a little while, go on.

Tomorrow is going to be
a very rough day, kid.

Lie down will you?

Who did
you leave the little one with?

With Zolayka.

Because I have to work tomorrow.

In the morning, I have...
hairdressing for two brides.

You have to style
two brides, love?

What about the bar?

No, the bar tomorrow, no...
I'm not going to the bar.

Basilio will go tomorrow.

I'll call him first thing...
And tell him to open so that...

so that nobody suspects.

Ma, it still smells like Dad.

What, love?

It smells like Dad.

Yes, love, yes.

Oh, Antonio...

You had to be awkward even
in death, you son of a bitch.

Let's see what you have here.

Your wallet.

Seventy euro.

Look, a lottery ticket.

Oh, I can get the cost back!

Look at your uncle Pepe
as a clown.

He was so young then.

God, time flies.



My Bárcenas is sad.

Oh, God, he knows something
has happened.

Come here, sweetie, come.

Oh, my Bárcenas.

What's up sweetie? What, what?

Oh... What do you know?

Bárcenas, sweetie!


You're hiding, right, love?

You know that Daddy died,
don't you kid?

Animals are so clever.

Pepe, kid, time flies,
doesn't it?

Bárcenas, what are you doing?
Don't bite me.

Don't bite me, troublemaker.

Come here to me.

Don't bite me,
you're so aggressive.

So rude!

Jesus! What did you do
with the envelopes?

What did you do with them?

You've left... most of
Spain without a penny,

poorer than church mice.

You crook.
There, into jail, dammit.

Serve your sentence.

Oh, Antonio...

I had to do it like this, love.

It's for the best.


Oh, Antonio.

Oh! What are you doing?


Fuck, what a fright from
the girl, the damn girl.

That gets up
like a sleepwalker.

God almighty, after
the night I've had.

Oh, oh, oh...
Fuck, I feel so sick.

- Mom.
- What do you want?

Let's call, so they
can take him already.

Not again, kid.
Tomorrow is Monday!

We'll call tomorrow
and that's that!

I'm going to drink some coffee,
so calm down,

my head is killing me.

I didn't get a wink of sleep.

Oh... I was jumpy all night.

I absolutely believed, Maria,
that he was calling me.

I could hear his voice!

I can hear him breathing, Mom.

I'm really bothered by having
Dad in there in the living room!

Just hold on, love.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow
we'll put it all behind us.

Anyway, he's comfortable
there, and that's that.

Do you want a coffee, kid?

- He's comfortable she says...
- Do you want a coffee?


Good God almighty.

And now,
now I have to go to...

What will I do with
the kid today?


Who is it?

Who is it?

That biddy from upstairs, I said
I'd go to the bank with her.

Don't let her in!

But she's the one who knows
how to do the bank transactions!

Don't even think about it!

Carmina, I'm on my way,
are you coming?

I'm going with her.

Shall we?

No, Mari, I can't go, love.

How come?

Antonio is a little
under the weather.

Antonio has...
depression, right?

Him? No. He has a
hint of schizophrenia.

But you know, with his pills
he's better than both of us.

What did you need to pay?

Oh, I needed to pay...
the bar's electricity.

Do you have the
code and the bill?

- Oh, yes!
- I'll do it for you.

Oh, you'd do me that
favour, love?

Yes, yes, yes, yes I have to
send my community payment.

- Do you know how to work the...?
- Perfectly...

Oh, excellent, it would be
a great favour, love.

It's no extra
work for me, really.

Thanks a lot, love.

You don't know
how much that helps.

I don't... I don't mind.

Here, I had it ready.

Alright, great.

Well, I hope he gets better!

- Oh, thanks, Mari, love...
- Let me tell you...


Don't pick me for
president again, eh?

It's a pain in the ass.

Please. I don't mind, you know
it's no extra work for me

because... that's how I
am, but... It is for others.

- I know...
- But... anyway.

- Alright.
- Alright.

- Thanks a lot, love.
- I hope he gets better.

Thank you, goodbye, bye.

- Mom.
- What, love?

- Oh, Look, listen to me.
- What?

- I'm leaving, OK?
- Yes, alright.

I'm going to do the two brides,

see where I can leave
the little one...

and come back
as soon as possible.

Stay calm, eh?

Yeah, I'm calm.
How are you?

I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm calm
and I'll be here, and...

- Are you sure?
- Yes, yes, yes, yes...

- Huh?
- Yes.

- Look, listen to me.
- Alright.

I had saved up this money
for you for the refurbishment.

So that you can get
started as soon as possible.

So... But... what?

Mum, but this is a huge amount!

Honey, it's what
you need, right?

But I feel guilty about keeping
this, Mom, with all of this!

You don't have to
feel guilty at all.

Because the sooner
you can get started,

the sooner we get profits!

I'd feel guilty if it was
just sitting there, love!

Don't you understand?

- You're absolutely right, Mom...
- Well, that's that then.

- But I... I don't know!
- Don't worry about it.

Thinking about my Dad...
and being excited about...

I know, love, but...

It's a pity he can't
see the work...

Well, he'll see it from heaven.

That's just how things are.

Don't... Just think about your
beautiful hair salon... Go on.

- Mom!
- What, love, what?

It's a beauty parlour, love...
you always say the same thing.

Thank you so much,
darling, thanks.

You're welcome, love.
You're welcome.

I just can't believe it.

Don't worry about it love.

I can't believe it, Mom...
the happiness...

- No, you're welcome...
- Thanks so much, really, eh?

Alright, love. Alright.

Though I'm a bitch to you, I get angry
and say lots of horrible things...

No, no, no, no...
You're not a bitch to me,

you just get a bit crazy, and
you get to me, Maria, love...

I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry sweetie, I...

- Yes, I forgive you, love.
- I try not to.

I... I forgive you, alright.

I love you like crazy.

- I love you like crazy too.
- Do you love me?

- So much...
- Oh, Mom, thank you, really.

Honestly, as soon as I
can I'll pay you back,

first thing, I promise...

Yeah... I won't hold my breath.

Alright, Maria, shit,
leave already!

Let me rest in peace will you!


Rest in peace?

Don't even talk about it.


I love you, call me if
you need anything.

- Fabio? Fabio!
- Get out of here!

Let me see you close the door!

Close it!

I'm closing... Go now!

I love you, thanks Mom.

Alright, yes, go!

- Move it.
- Close the door!

- Carmina, hold on, dear.
- What?

I need you to look after
José for five minutes.

Fabio has escaped, love.

Come on, yes, yes.

- Thank you.
- Are you hungry?

Are you thirsty?
Sit here, here!

- No!
- No? You're not hungry, love?

There, that's it, good lad.

There, love.

Listen to me, who do you
support, Betis or Sevilla?


The great Betis, no?
Me too.

Just like me,
I'm a Betis fan too.

Do you want some juice?


Alright, well I'll bring
you one, you were very quiet,

and I thought... maybe
he wants some juice!

Just ask me, when you want
some juice just say so...

Juice, another!

Another juice for my lad!

Here, for my José,
the most handsome.

Hold on, I've put this... now.

Good fucking job.

What songs do you like?
What are your favourite ones?



cortilandia, cortilandia!

Carmina, love, I'm back.

- Oh! Here's Mom.
- Here I am love, sorry.

I am so sorry!

Oh, love!
Come in, he's singing to me!

What a day, he nearly
went to the river... Sweetie!

Oh, Fabio, for goodness sake...

Hold on, I'll put your
chair here.

Sit here, love, and I'm here.

If I'm not
careful he'll disappear.


Did you have to
run far after him?

Honestly... He's in heat and
I don't know what to do,

he escapes constantly.
Sit still, Fabio!

Let him loose!

Is the kid acting up?

No, not at all!

He's been singing
Cortilandia to me.

cortilandia, cortilandia!

He sings everything, right?

- He loves you.
- Look.

Everybody sings!


He has really learned to sing!

He has a lot of fun but
you have to be with him.

All day long...
twenty-four seven.

Do you want to paint?

Do you want to paint a little,
honey, and have fun? Eh?

Look, here are Marina's things.

Do you want to draw?
Where is it, here?

Oh, look, Carmina has her
granddaughter's things!

Lucky you!
What's this, José Manuel?

So funny!

Well, we'll use this one...
and then we'll change it.

Draw away, love!

So, thanks a lot love, I've
taken up your whole morning!

Don't worry, dear... I
don't want to hold you up,

Carmina, you must be very busy!

Oh, look!
Pass me a cigarette!

Here, have it.
Oh... my God.

- I have to stop smoking.
- Here's a light.

How are you, how do you feel?

I am... I'm not good
Carmina, not good.

I'm down.

You know, I'm having a hard
time, today is a tough day.

- Are you?
- This is difficult.

You know, I'm an optimist,
a fighter...

up for anything...
I have good days, bad days...

but I won't bother you,
I don't want to...

No way... don't worry about me.

You have to open up sometimes.

You can feel very alone...

You get older. Remember that
we're talking about 100 kilos.

Six feet, and some days
I just can't!

How old is the kid now?

He's... he's thirty-two.

And I'm fifty two, Carmina.
I had him very young.

I can't leave this child
here after I'm gone...

I can't Carmina. I can't.

So, I have an obsession!

Some days I get up
and say: "No more".

I say, "no more" and...
I mean it, eh?

I mean it... And I fight.

But... It's an uphill
struggle, Carmina.

I'm having a hard time.

I say: "Any day now...
I'll do something crazy".

And I will, Carmina.

And I will.

Yes I will.

So that's it, I move forward,
that's all I can do.

But don't be surprised,
I'm telling you now.

That this child... will not
be here alone in the future.

I don't want to bore you.

No, don't think about those
things now, you're very young.

You just need to think about
getting a massage, eh?

And be a little more active,
that's all, love.

I've been!
I went to that Catalonian girl.

To get a Reiki massage.

What's "riki"?

You know... massages
that are based on energy!

You know? She doesn't work
on you like a physio.

She uses energy.

She really creates a climate,
an environment,

music... it's great.

And she transmits her energy...

I went once,
and I really liked it.

All week my neck has been...

You should have seen it!
Not even Dorecalm helped.

I went back... and, girl,
I don't know what to say!

It's... embarrassing to say,
I haven't told a soul.

- Why?
- Why?

God... I hope the
kid doesn't hear us!

I don't know.

First you strip off...
then she used an oil...

But... completely naked?

Completely naked, Carmina.

She gave me a towel and I don't know
why but she started taking it off...

Over here... My legs
don't even hurt me!

Over here, over there... I
thought: "What is she doing?"

I thought: "This isn't right!"

How far did she go?

How far?
She touched me all over.

She felt me up.
I think she felt me up.

I was so... I'm embarrassed to
say, nobody knows, Carmina!

Not a word.

- No, of course, dear.
- She is very good, eh?

And the massage was really...

Honestly, the energy was...
I believe in energy!

Maybe she's in love with you?

Get lost!
Just what I need!

The kid... the dog...
and the Catalonian.

Come on.

You're crazy.

She's not bad, eh?

But I'm, I'm not
into that, Carmina.

But now when I see her...
I won't trust her, because...

No! Don't let her notice!

- I don't want...
- No, no, no, no, no...

to affect her, she lives
off this and is good, eh?

Well, people say that
she's good.

What happened, Carmina?

The bastard got in.

Antonio is sleeping.

Antonio's asleep
and we're here chatting?

- Yes.
- Oh, God!

Antonio is asleep,
let's not wake him up!

I didn't know, dear, I'm sorry!

Let's go, José, sweetie.

Don't worry,
Antonio is deeply asleep.

Yeah. But look at all the noise
we were making.

- Goodbye, kid.
- Thanks for everything, Carmina!

- You're welcome, love.
- See you later.

- See you later!
- Bye!

Would you look, I'm
remembering, Antonio,

how complicated I was
about clothes on boys,

I saw them and only looked at...

What shoes they were wearing...

what trousers they were wearing.

I remember, two or three
days after meeting you,

you came in wearing a
green jacket...

fake suede, and I said:
"Oh! Is that...!"

You looked like
a lizard, son of a bitch.

I said: "Oh, not for me... ugh.

"I said: "He'll
drive me crazy!".

When I went to the bar...
that was when you won me over.

I looked at you with
your tartan slippers,

running around the bar...
Your trousers falling down,

your shirt out,
chalk behind your ear...

That was when my
stomach went "voom!"

and I said: "Ohhh... this
one's mine, this one's mine.

This is my soul mate!"

Funny now... that was
when I fell for you!


Oh! There's your daughter!

- Granny! Look who's here!
- Oh, what a surprise!

- Look, Granny!
- Oh, what a surprise!

Oh, it's lovely!

Oh, my darling girl!

Didn't your mother
leave you with Zuli?

No, love, no, Zolayka
couldn't today... she was...

No, love?

- Did you make lunch?
- My God... Yes.

I made lunch.
Marina, are you hungry, love?

I've made some
delicious lentils!

Sit down, love, you like
lentils a lot, right honey?

OK, well that's great!

Well here are some lentils.

Alright, let's eat the
lentils up, eh?

Oh! Look at the lovely drawings
my girl has done!

See, granny?

Beautiful, beautiful.

For Granny! For Mom!

And for Granddad...

Hey, Maria, do you want
some, love?

No, Mom, love, I have no
appetite at all.

Alright, Marina,
here you go, love.

Eat these up, my little darling.

Eat all of them, eh, love?
They're very tasty.

How are you?

My god!

Oh... there.

- Drink some water!
- No! It goes away.

Where's granddad?

Granddad is... sick, love,
and he's resting.

Sweetheart, sweetheart
Granddad is very sick, OK?

Are you kidding me?

What do you want?

What's up?

Nothing, love, nothing.
Nothing's wrong, love.

Nothing at all, my darling!

Eat up your lentils,
they're delicious.

And you'll get big
and strong, love.

You're so beautiful, honey!

It's about the dead!

What do you mean, the dead?

Honey! The insurance for...
for when you're dead!

Hey, Carmina!
I finally got you!

I came on Tuesday, Thursday, and
I finally caught up with you.

I've been very busy.

Alright, well, well.

But I'm up to date, right?

Yes, well, eh... you owe me
that last month. September.

Alright... well...
look, let's do something.

I'm going to pay September,
October and November.

I'm going to pay
two in advance.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

I didn't expect it!

Alright, I'll
make you a receipt.

Bon appetite!

Hello, lovely!


Say hello!

Are the lentils tasty?


Count the money.

This is for you.

This is great!

Hey, Carmina, you don't
have to pay it all at once.

I can come as many
times as necessary, eh?

No, no, no, no, no...
I'm more relaxed this way.

Sorry for coming
on a Sunday, eh?

Don't worry, don't worry.

- Have a nice day!
- The same to you, son!

- See you soon!
- OK!

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.


If anything happens to me,

here in the first
drawer of the desk

is the life insurance

Did she eat it all?

Yes, she's finished eating.

Wow, look at her!

Here, love. A yoghurt.

No? You don't want a yoghurt?

Maria, you aren't hungry, love?

No, I've no appetite.

I don't feel like eating either.

My stomach is completely
closed up, you know.

I can't force anything down.

You don't look good,
Mom, you...

I'm fine.

Rest a little.

I'm going for a quick
nap now with the kid.

Are you tired, love?

Do you want to nap with
granny for a little while?

OK, Marina, love!

Let's lie down
for a while, phew!

We're going to lie down.

Because granny is tired...

and then we're going to the
hairdressers, right, Maria?


- Come on, love...
- Mom!


Beauty parlour.

La, la, la...

My baby's going to sleep.

My baby has no cot.

La la le, la la lo.

My baby is terrible...

And she notices everything.

Her mother's like a rabbit...

Her goddamn mother.


It's really nice, huh?

It has a contrast. The blue
and the white is beautiful.

Yes, and the walls too.

And these windows
are precious, kid.

Here I'm going to put,
well, advertise...

That I'll have equipment, I'll
do micro pigmentation. You know.

People like that, and it's a
good shop window for...

Hey, why won't this key fit?

Calm down.

The key doesn't fit here!

Let's see. Give me.

It doesn't enter, it doesn't.

- Are you sure this is it?
- Yes, I'm sure.

I'm positive.

Oh, no. It's been forced, Maria.

Look. You can see
it's been forced.

- How can it be forced?
- They've done something here.

The windows are closed.
Everything is closed.


Look! Shit!

There are people in there!

Yes... someone is inside.

Huh! How did they get in?

Open up! Who's in there?

I saw you at the window,
someone's there!

I saw them, eh?

Look, Maria, let's
call your brother.

My brother?
My brother Ale for what?

For him to come, dammit.

Sure, we call him for one
thing, but not the other.

- My brother.
- Who will we call?

The police.

We'll call the police,
to come and get them.


Let's do things
like normal people do!

Give it here!

Hello, good afternoon.

I'm Carmina Barrios and I
have family in the force.

My daughter has a hairdresser
and she has a problem.

The door has been forced,
and there are people inside.

So, we, we can't get inside.

Let's find a solution for this.

Yes... Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Aha, I see...

Alright, alright.

I understand, yes, yes.

Thank you very much.

Have a good day.

Alright, bye.

What did they say?

Look, they told me that it's
best not to count on them.

Not to count on them?

That we should report it,

but if we do the squatters can say that
they have an undeclared contract...

It takes forever.

The only thing they
can do is ignore it.

So I'm going to
call your brother.

Well, I'm going to call Susy.

Ale, I can't hear you.

What happened, Maria?

What's up?

What's up, man?

How are you?

Hey... Hello, love.

How are you, Carmina?


Where's Fany, love?


- How many are there?
- Wait, wait, shh.

Listen to me.

These people aren't
normally dangerous, eh?

We don't know if there's
anybody there...

So, we... we're going
to open the door,

and if the door can't
be opened...

We smash it.

If we find somebody... Surprise!

Then we politely invite them,

You can't touch these people...
you're very aggressive.

- No, no...
- Ale... Don't touch, eh?

- No, no, no, no...
- Politely!

We invite them to leave.


Yeah, yeah.

Pili! Look what I brought, love!

Well... you're going
to get a surprise.

OK, when you're ready.

- Ale, Ale, Ale!
- Relax, Alejandro León!

Dude, dude, dude, dude!

You're crazy!

How many are there, how many?

Where are you going,
where are you going?

Be careful.


Calm down!


He's crazy, eh?


Simply invite them to leave!


Carmina is going to
be so angry, fuck!

This kid is so angry.

Go downstairs, come on!

Ugh, I don't know
where he gets it from.

Come on!

- That idiot...
- Oh, God!

There are two of them,
they're calling the cops.

Listen, the cops... the
cops are on our side!

- Stop already.
- Eh, man?

The cops are on our side,
kid, relax.

Alejandro, that's enough!

Come out, love, there's
no problem, relax!

Don't worry, come on!

Alright, they're...
they're coming out.

Everybody get back, they're...
You can come out now!

Oh, what a pity!

How are you, love?

We've stopped your fun, right?

You haven't... have you hooked
up the electricity or anything?

No, nothing... We
don't have anything.

All we did was get rid of a
guy that was causing a fuss.

I get up at seven o'clock so
that... you can have a joint!

Alejandro! That's enough,
that's enough, alright.

- Listen. You can relax.
- Alejandro!

Behind the white blocks there
is a site and if you want to,

you can go in there.
Nobody will bother you there.

- Thanks, ma'am.
- Alright, love, that's alright.

Don't be afraid, alright.

Thanks a lot.

Alright, goodbye, loves.

Goodbye and fuck off.

Kid, come here.
So much anger.

You'll go crazy, eh?

What about him and the snacks?

Calm down, neighbours, eh?

Calm down, there's
nothing to see here.

Calm down, calm down.

I even felt sorry for them.

Is Marina coming?

Yes, Marina is coming.

And a locksmith as well.
He'll be here in 15 minutes.

OK, well that's that.

Fifteen minutes
the locksmith said?

To hell with the damn locksmith.

What do you want, Mum?
He'll be looking for a door.

I don't know where the locksmith
is looking for the door.

I'm leaving already.
Will I take you?

Yes, you go and I'll wait here!
What can I do?

- Let's go on the bike.
- I'm not going on that bike.

- Why can't you ride the bike?
- Because I'm scared, Ale.

- I'll call a taxi.
- Yeah right, like a queen.

It's five or ten minutes.
Just two streets!

All three. You hold the girl and
she can stay with you and Dad.

- No!
- No, no, no, no...

Not Dad, he's sick.

"Suspenders" is sick again?

Well, I'm leaving.

Why the hell did I get
on that fucking bike with the kid.

- Let's get on slowly.
- Ale, very slowly, eh?

- I'm very scared.
- Yes.

- Mom!
- What?

Later... alright?

Son, I can't. I'm in
a skirt and I can't get on!

Ale, I'm very fat and I can't.

You can, come on!
Get on the path and get on!

So I stood on the path, I
couldn't... and my skirt...

completely rolled up.

The kid started racing...
you know what your son is like.

When he drives the damn bike,
he speeds like a crazy person.

I thought: "Oh, I'm cold."

And I look down...
"I'm wearing black?"

My blouse had blown away!

Look. The little one:
"Granny's blouse has blown away!

Granny's blouse has blown away!"

And Ale looks sideways
like this, he sees me...

"What in the name of...

Look at the cow, with her
tits hanging out."

He started to speed up...

Well, it doesn't matter,
it was really old.

Then we stopped at
a traffic light...

and there was a car with
two or three brats...

Where are you going,
Lady Gaga?

Wow, look at that!

Lady Gaga?

If I get down, I'll bite your
throat and make a whistle.

Oh, Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga, my God.

Lady Gaga has a backpack that
weighs a ton and a half.

I've often wondered...

I don't know, Antonio, how I've
spent forty years with you.

Look, when I went...

when I decided to get my
driving license.

That was the only time I had a
little freedom from the things.

I would go to class and I
would dress up a lot and...

You don't know this,
I'm telling you now.

I remember when I went to class
and the teacher would come to

collect me, he was a
young guy... Hot stuff!

And I remember, look, he was
so charming, so attentive.

Hey, I think that I... I
fell in love with the guy.

I noticed in him. Come on.
Everything from head to toe.

Everything was nice
about him, and I liked him.

And then I said, "I think
if I'm attracted to this man,

and I'm falling for him"...

As well, I thought about him
and everything...

I said, "it's because things
aren't great between us".

And I thought about talking
to you and saying,

"Look, Antonio, I'm not so
sure about us right now".

About separation!

But there were always so many

My father would always say:
"The women at home cleaning!

Taking care of their husbands!

When a man gets home, whatever
time it is a good time!"

And I thought:
"Well... nobody."

And then your mother,
poor thing, she was so good.

That slowed me down.

So, I've always
had the... that doubt,

about if I had separated, if
things would have

worked with the other man,
If I'd gone with him... or not!

But... I'll always
have that doubt.

I always think: "Was I right?"

"Would I have done the right

Because you... there
were times when you did,

but you hardly ever made
me fall in love, honey!

You didn't do anything special,

you never remember
birthdays, or anything.

And I said... "Who the
hell does he think he is?

Manolo Caracol?

And now...
they call me Lady Gaga.

It's crazy.

Oh, what a terrible smell,
my God.

Oh, Antonio, I
think it's you, eh?

What a stink!

Oh, Antonio.

Hold on.

Oh, I can't let
Bárcenas escape.

You'll be nice and fresh here.

Look, here, and you can see
the people, great, huh?

Who's there?

Who is it?

What the fuck is this!

No, Carmina, it's me.

I'm getting over it.

You feel better now?

It's more the fright
of fainting.

That fear you get,
than seeing you.

Love, I mean, come on, you
were terrible when you arrived.

I don't know how you
can come like that.

Now my lips are going numb.

Do you want some water?

No, not to drink, I'll vomit.

- A little sip, girl.
- Eh?

A sip.

You're roasting, right love?

- Hot and cold.
- How can you get like this?

- I don't know.
- So high and so... poorly.

How do you know I'm high, babe?

How do I know?

Isn't the joint
still in your hand?

Yes, alright, I have a joint,

but you have something in
the cosmos, Carmina.

Has no one ever told you?

People say so many
stupid things,

I can't believe everything
that people say.

- Have you read The Secret?
- No.

That explains it all very well.

You expect things
of the universe and life,

but so does the universe
from you.

Look, I'm telling you
this and you...

you are... see?

Because my back fucking hurts.

- But listen to me...
- I'll do Reiki.

- Sit here.
- What is Reiki! Hold on.

Reiki is curing
without touching.

- No...
- We are energy, alright?

- No, no, no...
- I won't do anything, Carmina.

- No, no, no, I'm very...
- You don't like it?

Trust bad people, Carmina, not
people that want to help you.

I know, I know, but...

What the hell is that?
I don't smoke.

Carmina, smoke it.

Smoke it, fuck sake,
you'll feel amazing.

But I don't smoke joints, I
always smoke my cigarettes.


Smoke a little, go on!

But, if... if I... It
might make me feel sick!

People are so hypocritical.

A joint won't
make you feel sick,

they're prescribing
it now for cancer.

People take it... It was on
a documentary on the telly,

people prepare bread
with oil...

- And garlic!
- And eat the marijuana.


- Of course they do.
- Then why do people talk

about drugs,
about them being bad?

Well, in large doses,

you have to be aware
of what you're taking,

in large doses it's like
everything, bad.

I'm going to try.

Of course, dear. As well,
when you develop your talent,

you'll remember me.

I'm just afraid. I've always been
afraid but if you tell me that...

You're afraid because you
think that you'll lose control,

and you subconsciously know that
the day you lose control

it'll be a big deal.

It's going to rain.

- There's a stench of...
- No, no, no.

That's a rotten potato.

Is it?

Shit, you know what
happened me tonight?

We went to this karaoke...
the Corona.

And I found the
hanging pussy guy.

The hanging pussy...
what's that?

I never told you about
hanging pussy guy?

He said his name was Diego,
yes, when I was...

In the... working at phone sex.

A guy that would
call the sex line.

People call and tell
you what they like,

what they don't...

- They listen to you, and...
- They get excited by listening.

Careful, it was not
prostitution, eh?

What I'm talking about.

Do you understand?

So, you go... You go there, I'm
talking about the person that

does it: They ask you:
"What's your name?"

And you say: "I want to
be called Maika,

or I want to be
called... whatever".

Then they call you... People
with social problems generally,

they don't know how
to deal with sex.

And this guy says: "Look,
I like hanging pussies".

Oh, hanging pussies,
that's disgusting.

What are hanging pussies like?

- Hanging pussies, my dear...
- The inner lips?

- Roughly speaking, the lip...
- But what hangs, the pussy?

The whole pussy doesn't
hang, just the lip...

Carmina, shit, you're like a...

- The curtains, like they say.
- The curtains hang down.

Disgusting, I don't have
curtains, eh? You don't?

Well... be satisfied, because
now people get them operated on.

Now the fashion is to go,
cut it...

I've seen that on telly.

They cut it off.

Watching it once I said:
"Shit"... I stood up...

I put my legs together,
nothing hung out!

My pussy is like a piggy
bank, it's all inside!

There are
lots of pussy types!

A lot of people would
like to be like you,

people pay silly
amounts of money for that.

You see?

What we were saying... But
mine is like a fucking bakery!

It's like a hot cross bun,
all round.

But that's in fashion now!

Now people want to go backwards,
ageing is not cool...

And that is a symptom
of ageing.

Well, what we were saying,

everyone has a different
taste... One calls and says:

"Tell me about things that go
through your hanging pussy."

And I, look, Carmina,
making it up...

"Look, I go to Tarifa, and
it's a very windy place...".

I told him that I'm very
liberal, and that's not a lie.

And I thought, I said:
"When it's windy,

it goes... papapapapa".

Imagine his reaction,
always: "I want Maika,

I want Maika, I want Maika!"

Well, it might seem...
It drove him wild.

The old man.

I thought... Are people not sane
enough to dare to find someone

you to you, face to face?

Fucking wimps.

Fucking wimps, when
making love is so beautiful.

Face to face.

With this, I've seen people
on the inside...

As if they were
transparent glass.

I mean, everybody
is attractive to me...

I was able to fuck an
ugly beast ...with this.

No, no... Yes, love,
because it opens your chakra,

your love chakra.

So you can see inside people.

With the joint.

With the joint,
you can see, Carmina.

Inside the p... I've slept with
guys that I thought looked like

models, and the next
days... And with a woman.

That's disgusting, girl.

But are you a...

- You never slept with a woman?
- No.

- Fuck.
- What are you, bi?

I've been driven
wild by a girl, eh?

- You're bi.
- More than by many men!

So you're bi!

I'm... hetero'curious.

I mean, I won't
love a man, Carmina,

or a woman... OK?

I look at each person.

For me, people are
transparent mirrors,

I see their interior.

Don't you?

No, what the fuck?

How would I do that?

- I've eaten pussy, Carmina.
- Fuck, disgusting.

And be careful, no, careful...

It was much better than
with many guys.

Because, as well,
you know what happens?

You don't fall in love.

In my case.

I could never fall
in love with a woman.

So, it's not like looking
into their eyes and that.

But a pussy... It
drives you crazy,

because it's off
limits, you know?

And... Well, I won't
even eat mussels,

because I'm you're making me
feel so disgusted, love, I...

- You don't like it?
- No way!

Well, you don't, I
know, me neither!

Move further over
that way, get some air!

You're so silly.

No, leave me alone... This
time of night, and saying...

Look, for me, there isn't
even such a thing as race...

Have you ever been
with a black man?

Carmina, the black man
has a sexual art...

that not everybody has.

I'm not saying anything against
whites... I'm not a racist,

not on one side or the other.

But the blacks have... they
say that they have big dicks

or whatever... I don't know
if it's the climate,

if they had to
fight for survival,

I don't know, but... Wow... I
haven't been with just one,

I've been with more.

Olé, olé, olé.

A white guy, after orgasm
gets a rush of "seretonin", Eh?

The hormone that relaxes
you... And he falls asleep.

Right, Carmina?

- White men, yes.
- White men fall asleep.

It's true.
You're totally right.

Black men don't.

The black man offers
you water.

Cleans your sweat, he asks,
asks if you're comfortable,

- or uncomfortable...
- So attentive!

Of course.

No... Then, as well, fuck,
let's not forget.

The measurements.

Wow, look!

Oh, my Bárcenas!
I'm going to eat you up!

Alright! I corroborate
what I said before.

- What, love?
- You have a lot of energy.

Poor parrot.
Alone his entire life.

Do you know that if a parrot's
partner dies, they die too?

- When you smile!
- Yeah?

There's a type that do.

"Well 'du' say!'

A lot of people will be
like parrots, then?

Eh? Of course. Yes.

And parrots like people.

"For those 'wei'!"

Oh, my God.

Yes, Maria.

They've paid it all?

You see?

Ok, well that's it.

Listen to me, Eh... when
I arrive I'll call 112.


Hey, Maria, don't forget, eh?

That I've been
sleeping in your house!

And when I got home, I
found him like that, eh?

Alright, OK love, Alright, I'm
on my way there.

Now we'll start with the...

Bye, bye.

I'm thinking... that I
won't have a funeral, eh?

Because you have never
liked priests, Antonio,

but you know, me neither.

Every time I take communion,
it's without confession.

The only person I
have to answer to is...

is the boss.

I don't want intermediaries.

Because they won't report it
the same way that I explained!

Antonio, you're ready now.

I'm going to put on a wash,
and call the emergency services.

So... let's take the
bull by the horns.

Come on.

Oh, Antonio...

they're coming for you now.

Don't appear to me anymore,
eh Antonio?

Because... I'm
shitting myself, eh?



Do you remember what
the priest said to us?

Until death do us part.

I've done my part.

I'm the one that's done.

Oh, the bar?


They've cut the power?

But I paid for it yesterday!

Listen to me!

Say that there's a power cut!

Carmina! Hello, how are you?
What's up?

Listen Mari, did you pay...
my electricity bill yesterday?

- Electricity?
- Yes.

Hmm... I don't know what...

I don't know, electricity bill,
but... Your bill?

Yes, didn't I give you an envelope so that
you could pay it at the cash machine?

Hmm... No.

You were going to
pay the community.

No, no, no.

No, I told you about the
community yesterday...

We were going to go together
to pay the community,

but electricity...
Honestly, I feel bad,

but I just don't... I don't
know what you're talking about!

You must be
confused with someone else.

I'm not confused with
anyone else, you bitch...

- With Teresa.
- Don't play innocent with me.

Because I'll catch you and
swallow you whole, eh?

Carmina, please.

Look, if you tell
me you've spent it,

maybe I might even laugh.

But if you tell me I'm crazy...
I won't allow that, eh?

Look, let's get along.
Let's talk.

Get along?

I know nothing with the
electricity, Carmina.

You are confused with someone
else, that's obvious.

I remember perfectly
who I gave it to, love.

And don't start twisting
things because I will kick you

in the pussy and
leave my shoe inside, eh?

I'm sorry, that language,
with that kind of language...

- What? Now you listen here!
- What? You're going to hit me?

- Aggression?
- No! You're smooth, eh?

I'm very sorry, I'm sorry but
I'm winning this battle!

You fucking bitch!
Ugly woman!

You are so weird!

Threatening me?!

- Everyone always threatens me!
- Open the door!

- Always threatening!
- Coward! Show your face!

You're such a coward!
Real smooth!

You bitch... when I catch you
on the stairs I'll show you...

Fernando, when you hear
this message come home quickly,

they're trying to get
into the house to attack me.

You're getting off for a
special reason.

Fuck you, fatty.

Maria, God, what's happened?

Oh! Oh! Oh, my father!

Oh, my father!
Oh, my father!

Oh, my father, Ma!

It's alright, it's alright.

Alright, we're leaving.

My father, my father,
my father...

Maria, don't exaggerate,
they'll see right through us.

My father...

You're his daughter?

I'm sorry for your loss.

Can I sit down?

Take a seat.

Let's see... eh...
the first thing I've noticed,

well, I've already
told your mother,

is that your father has been
dead for over twenty four hours.

My mother has been
with me all weekend,

I have a little
girl and he was alone!

I've already told him, Maria,
I already explained, love.

Yes, I know... Sorry.
She already told me, yes.

Well, the cause of death is
obviously cardiac arrest, right?

Probably caused... by
medicine intoxication.


Eh... maybe it could also be
related to interaction

with drugs or alcohol?

No, no, no, no,
he doesn't do drugs.

- Alcohol? Did he drink?
- Yes. He did drink.

OK... I see he was
taking anti'epileptic pills.

They mix badly with alcohol.

I have also seen a half
empty box of... of Invega.

Medication for schizophrenia.

Yes, yes, because he had
a hint of schizophrenia.

Alright. And he might have
taken more than he should.

Oh! I've always worried about
that... because look,

he takes the pills by himself.

When he's feeling OK, he takes
them and there's no problem.

But when he's not good, I don't
know how he takes them because

he completely refuses to
let me give them to him.

- Alright.
- You understand?

But when he was alright
he took them properly!

When he was a little more...
down, or he was...

Then I don't know if he took
them properly or not.

And now, with the treatment
change that we gave him,

I mean, that the
doctor prescribed,

Maybe he... got confused
and took the new one,

the old one... I don't know,
look, I just don't know,

my God I expected this, I
was expecting this, my God!

Well, well, well.

I could just sign the
certificate now, but...

the truth is the procedure
would be to do an autopsy.

An autopsy?

Eh... Yes.

Yes, well, it's very normal...

No, look, it's not unusual,
don't worry...

Oh, look... we would like to
bury him as soon as possible.

Do you understand?

I think you understand.

I understand.

Alright, if you'll
be more relaxed...

Yes, love, yes, yes, and then we
can bury him, Maria, honey.

Well, ah!

I forgot, here's a card, in case
you need psychological help.

Ah, thanks a lot, love,
thank you.

And Antonio's ID card.

Oh, oh, oh...

I'll leave the certificate
in the registry, alright?

Thanks a lot, love.

Well, Eh...


I'm sorry for your loss.

- Thank you, love, thanks.
- Thank you!

Have a nice day.

Thank you!

Oh, it's over now, Maria.

Why are you lying to me?


What? I was right, wasn't I?

You gave him the pills wrong,
and you killed him, right?

It was an accident, but
you killed him, right?

Look me in the face and tell me!
Why are you lying to me!

Mom, look at me!

Why the fuck are you
lying to me, Ma?

Why lie to me, Ma?

Why are you lying?

Will you look at my face and
tell me? Look at my face, Ma!

Look, Maria. I never lie.

When I say something,
it becomes the truth.

And amen.

Swear to me that it
was an accident.

I swear on my life.

There, there...

There, there...

There, there...

Fernando, please!

Don't worry, I'll see
you tomorrow, OK love.

Don't worry, we'll see
each other tomorrow if we can.

open the door!

Open this door!

- What is it?
- What's wrong?

What did you do to my wife?

- What would I...
- What did you do to my wife?

- You hit my wife!
- I didn't do anything!

I didn't hit her, I didn't...
I only told her the truth!

Look, if you're crazy,
you'll drive us all mad.

What did you say to my wife?
Fucking hell! Say it to me!

Whatever you have to
say, say it to me! OK?

Fuck sake... What about
this, eh? Now what?

Now what?

Get out of my house.

This is no way to
enter a house, eh?

And less so when my husband's
body is still present.

- What?
- Get out, go on.

That's it, out!

Go on! Shoo, shoo!

Mom, what's going on?


A neighbour made a mistake.

It makes my feet... boil.

I can't stand tights either.

They pinch my body.

- Hello.
- They are very uncomfortable.

- Yolanda.
- Hello, how are you?

How are you, lovelies?

Hello, hello.

Hello, hello, hello.

- Did you see him, Yolanda?
- Yes, I have just seen him.

Beautiful... He has a
beautiful aureole.

Carmina can be very calm, eh?

The room.

Good afternoon.

Hello, handsome.
How are you?

Well you're missing an aura,
it's marvellous,

a beautiful colour, but...

I can't see that,
I don't detect it.

Me neither.

I've been practicing.

Many dead people!

Well... what can we do?

I've never seen one, actually.

Not even my mother.

Me neither. My mother died
and I left the room.

Well I saw... my... my,
well... family members.

The ones that died at home.

What is it?

Carmina I... I didn't
know about Antonio.

I didn't know he
was so sick, love.

I'm sorry...
Sincerely, I'm truly sorry.

The other thing, the
electricity, that was a joke.

I didn't know you
would take it to heart!

It's all there.

A joke?

And the smack that I gave
your husband was a joke too.

Eh, love?

Don't worry,
we're all jokers here.

Don't worry, love, we all like a
joke in this building. Alright.

If you need anything,
I'm just upstairs.

- Yes, yes, yes.
- I'm sorry, eh?

- Alright goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- No, I want to be buried.
- Where there's a lot of people.

Did you do that
with your husband?

My husband is
scattered in the sea.

He wanted to go in the river.
I said: "The river? No."

The river is very dirty.
Full of shit from Seville.

I said: "Find
somewhere else!"

- Hi.
- Is Carmina in?

Who is it, Maria?

- Carmina...
- Oh, love. Oh, Rocío, love!

Rocío, you came to see me,
love, oh!

- My Rocío!
- Gorgeous!


- Honey, keep moving, that's it!
- Thanks, Paqui.

Antonio is doing great up there,
where he needs to be.

And that's that.

Oh, love!
Goodbye, love, bye.

Chin up!
Don't worry about it!

Life is short, this is all we've
got, and that's that.

- You're right, yes.
- It's all we've got!

- Chin up, Carmina, chin up!
- You're right, love.

Goodbye, Rocío, sweetheart!

I've been to three
funerals already.

God... Wow.

Uh... The last one was
Diango's brother in law.

Yes, they called
his wife "Dianga".

That's him!

Due to eviction.

He couldn't pay the mortgage,
he jumped from the fifth floor.

Horrible. Such a drama.

Well I wouldn't jump... Into
a puddle over a mortgage.

- Agh... Poor man.
- I'd let them take it.

Jumping from the fifth
floor has to really hurt.

But he was desperate,
so desperate.

Desperate, It's been a year.
It's been awful for everyone.

For the poor, for the rich...
Even for royalty.

It's been a year...
"Agnus Horribilis"!

Look at poor Sofía. She really
has had an "Agnus Horribilis".

Is she going to jump
from the fifth floor too?

- No, of course.
- Ah...

No, but the poor thing
is having a rough time.

They are just crucifying her
between Corinna.



Then Iñaki.
Damn Iñaki.

Cristina, her daughter on trial.

That's the worst thing for her!

Well, dear, that's normal!

- It's not just...
- Hey!

They're talking badly
about her daughter, and...

you know what a child
means to a mother.

It stings just to
think about it.

Oh... Poor thing, poor thing.

Buddy, how are you?

Who would have thought?

Poor thing.

Then she has to deal with all
of it! Because she's Greek!

You know, the Greeks
aren't like us!

The other day, well, last week,
I was talking to her on Skype.


On Skype?

In the account.
Yes. I added her.

- Sofía?
- Yes. I have her there.

Whoa... I told her
to come to Seville.

To relax, to calm down.

Because she really enjoys
my company, honestly.

- To your house?
- To my house, of course!

I said: "Take the train..."

because, of course, there is so
much surveillance now,

they can't have any extra
expenses because they are...

Of course, of course,
everybody's looking!

I said: "Come to my house,
I have a sofa bed,

you'll sleep spectacularly".

Oh! But, the queen...

She said,
"Look, I... I appreciate it,

but I'm going to the
Alfonso XIII hotel.

I'll be with the court!

That way you don't have to
worry about the bed sheets,

putting them on,
taking them off.

And we can both go
on our walks."

And I said:
"Well, look, you're right".

- Some coffee and biscuits.
- Thanks!

- Thank you, love!
- Thanks, honey.

Maria, I'm going to smoke
a joint. Do you mind?


- If... if they don't mind...
- You don't mind, right?

- I don't.
- A joint?

It's not pleasure,
it's therapy!

- For me...
- Marijuana, no?

I don't mind, love.

- My doctor prescribed it for me.
- Really?

To relax. For my migraines.

- That's great.
- Marijuana?

Great doctor, eh?

But not to smoke, to cook.
In tea.

- Ah!
- Infusion.

- Infusion?
- Yes, yes. And you take it?

People are dying
that never used to die.

Ah! Fany.

My love.

- Oh, my goodness.
- How are you?

How do you think, love?

Where's my Ale?

He's not here?

He's not here, I
thought he was with you!

This morning when
Maria called you...

Your son did not sleep
at home last night.


Come here.

I have two hundred
thousand plants in my house.

Not marijuana,
because then I'd go...

to the office.
For unemployment.

- Yes...
- One plant!


I take care of it.

Well, if you get a good bud...

I have a good few buds at home,
put away in a drawer.

What happened?

Now is not the time, Carmina.

- We'll talk soon, you and I...
- No, no, no. Now is the time.

Another day.

No, no, no. Tell me now.
Now, girl.

Talk to me.

I'm fine! I'm fine.
I have a different problem.


Nothing, he just didn't sleep
at home last night. That's all.


It's over, Carmina, it's over.

I can't... I can't handle
your son anymore.

He's finished with me,
I can't take it.

It's one after another, and...
it can't be.

I've tried everything.

You know well that
I've tried everything.

But... the other day
I took his phone,


I saw some messages.

But that kid loves you.

And you love him.
I don't know...

He loves me?

And how does he show that,
your son, that he loves me?

No, it's a lot, my love, it's
a lot... and it's enough now.

Now. You'll have to forgive me.

- Love, you know...
- I can't take anymore.

I understand you perfectly.

But understand me, too,
he's my son.

So... let's try something,
let's join you again.


Do you have a
photo of my Ale now?

Come here.

Bring it here.


Trust me in what I'm saying.

And Lola, does that work
for anxiety attacks as well?

Yes. It doesn't just work.
It's made for that.

- And for depression.
- For that too.

Well you'll have
to give me some too.

I think it's better to
go to a psychologist.

A psychologist?

Yes. Her and her psychologists.

Oh, her psychologists.

Write there with
you own handwriting.

"I really love you,
you're mine,

and nobody else's.

I don't share."

Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Trust me.

Are you sick? What's wrong?

Recently, I have the disease...
of the love bug.

God almighty.

I have a little something that
helps me open my chakra and...

Someone who doesn't know.

But I'm there... with this.
With the love candle.

Maybe I'll illuminate them,
that person.

You'll see how it works. That
son of a bitch will change.

Like a sock.

We'll turn around
and you'll see.

He won't play away again,
the son of a bitch.

Go here.
Your right hand, right?

There, with the ring.

- I, Fany.
- I, Fany.

- Trust you.
- Trust you.

Give me what's mine.

Good things, right?

"Give me what's mine",
he's your husband, bitch.

OK. And give me what's
mine, my husband.

- That's right.
- What else?

I invoke you, I invoke you,
negativity is washed away...

the one I love will
choose to stay.

Oh, please.

Negativity is washed away... the
one I love will choose to stay.

Now what?

Immediate response,
immediate response.

My God.


Hold on, my phone.


It's your son.


I've never tried drugs.

Don't say anything to Carmina,
but... his soul hasn't left yet.

- No?
- He's still here?

Can you tell?

- Perfectly.
- Is that from the joint?

No. I wish the joint
could do that.

Antonio's soul
is still here, eh?

- Well...
- But don't tell her.

She has said goodbye,
let her think that he has too.

How do you see Carmen?

Because if you have to
say goodbye to the body,

- then the soul...
- How do you see her?

I see all of her strength.

I love you too.

Alright, we'll see you tomorrow.

Alright, goodbye.

- Poor man!
- Because it's the unknown.

- Hello.
- Hello!


Let me know if you need
anything, eh?

- Yes, love. Alright.
- Ciao.




Get lost already, so annoying.

They've eaten and drunk
everything we had in the fridge.

Alright, let's go, we have to
choose a coffin for my father.

♪ And now that the shit
reaches up to my eyes ♪

♪ And now that I don't do
anything other than clean ♪

♪ It must be that I didn't
want to hear your cries ♪

♪ It must be that I didn't
want to hear your cries ♪

♪ It must be that I cry too ♪

You came, beautiful,
with your eyes flooded.

Because of things you went
through without me beside you.

♪ It must be that I didn't
want to hear your cries ♪

♪ It must be that I didn't
want to hear your cries ♪

♪ It must be that I cry too ♪

You haven't forgiven me,
even though I have.

I already cleaned my
nails when I should.

♪ It must be that I didn't
want to hear your cries ♪

♪ It must be that I didn't
want to hear your cries ♪

♪ It must be that
I'm all alone ♪

Thank you.

Kid, I wanted to ask,
where are you from?

- Senegal.
- Senegal?

- Yes.
- Have you been here for long?

Yes, for eight years.

That's a long time, are you
alone or is your family...?

Yes, I have a sister too
that lives in France.

Why did you decide
to come to Spain?


It was very difficult, eh?

To come here, you know?

At the beginning the hardest
thing was going out at night...

hiding so my
mother wouldn't see.

Because things are
very rough there.

Are they, love?

Almost. There is a future but
nothing like the future here.

- You get a lot of frights...
- This ham is delicious!

- Take some ham!
- No, thank you. I don't eat pig.

- You don't eat pig?
- No.

This isn't pig, though,
this is ham!

- Ah... Ok, ham?
- Ham. It's delicious!

But it's like pig, right?

No, it's called pig,
but it's ham.

Don't think about pigs,
it's ham. It's great.

OK. No, I prefer...

Let's try this and
see how it is.

And what about
your mother, kid?

I think about her a lot,
how I could talk to her,

but no, it was impossible.

I didn't have a
telephone in the Sahara.

I was in the Sahara for two,
three months...

and when I entered,
when the cops got me,

we were in prison for 35 days.

I haven't told my
mother about that.

Well, if I imagine my children
like that, I'd die.

Right now I'm very happy,
I'm going to study medicine.

Well you study,
studying is great.

Look, I only have my
school certificate.

And now I regret it,
and say "Me, at my age..."

- Yes, I took the test...
- And you passed?

Yes, so now, I need the
fee to go to university.

I have some savings,
but not enough.

That's why I'm here.

I can't help you there, love,
I'm the same as you.


Hold on.


A dentist friend of mine
made this for me,

it's platinum and gold.
This is worth money.

You sell this and you'll have
enough for the fees...

and then some.
So, take it.

But Carmina,
they're your teeth.

You need them, to eat.

I won't need them anymore.

Do you know what I have?


I have lung cancer...

in phase four, with metastasis.

Hepatic renal.

That means that I have
cancer from head to toe.

I said to the doctor:
"Does this have a cure?"

And he said, there was no
cure, it was too far along.

I see.

Allhe could do was make me
live a little longer, no?

With chemo and... that I
should talk to my family and...

of course, stop smoking.

So I said: "What if I don't?"

He said:
"Then this'll be quick".

I said: "That's that".

I've already sent my
Antonio to save me a seat.

My Maria has her
hairdressers solved.

The life insurance is paid.

The problem with my Ale, I've
prayed to Saint Jude about it.

Now all that's left...
Do you know what it is?


To sleep with a black man.


Live fast, die young!

No, no, love, no.

I couldn't, I see
you like a child,

like one of my children,
and no.

It won't be like that.

Do you know what we'll do?

Let's see if you
like the idea, eh?

- What?
- We're going to Bingo.

We'll have some drinks.

- So...
- Eh?

And then... I'll carry on!

When "du" smile!


Some sing it,
Well "du" say.

There are people
who look like their parrots.

Of course. And parrots
that look like people.

♪ For those way ♪