Carmen of the North (2009) - full transcript

The young and insecure detective Joz, who, on the verge of getting married, is suddenly assigned a big case about a murdered prostitute. His relationship is threatened when, as part of the investigation, he meets the alluring Carmen. Unable to resist Carmen, he puts his entire future at stake. Joz sets aside all his principles and becomes someone he doesn't want to be.

I was there

when the city rose from the mire

and sucked the world in

to bear offspring
between its paving stones

new eyes, new dreams

I see them blossom in the delusion
that it's only starting now

that the rain
with the blood and the tears

can also wash away the past

the street says so

anyone who believes them
will lose everything

I saw it all happen

I won't forget it

I saw it all happen

I won't forget it

Congratulations on your promotion, Joz!

Well done!


Buy a round!

Drinks on me!


I couldn't reach you.

It wasn't switched on.
- Very funny...

...but cops should always be reachable.

The sound was off, only vibrating.
- Vibrating?

A good start.
- Simon!

I fancy some coffee.

Get a cup for Joz too.

Maria Vermeulen.
She used to work for Dèliko.

I've seen enough. You can wrap it up.
- Me?

Yes, you.

That's what you wanted. So now solve it.

Good morning.

- Good morning.

It's great that our Chief gives you
a murder straight away.

I've known her for a long time,
so I assume she knows what she's doing.

If I can give you a tip... need another wardrobe.
That looks awful.

I wouldn't, if I were you.

Try that one.

You feel invulnerable

but you're doomed before you know

that Carmen runs the show



I m coming.


You forgot we had a date?
- Of course not.

Is it that bad?

Did you sleep badly, darling?
- Not really.

'I shower and get dressed.

Is that you?
- What?

Didn't know you had a photo
with your mother. How sweet.

Dammit! Leave my things alone.

Please, it's personal.

They gave me case, my first real case.

Any news?

The coroner's report.
- And?

Drowned. And she'd been beaten.

Water in the lungs...
- Junkie quarrel.

More than that, I think.

She was severely beaten,
with lots of aggression.

Tackled with a filleting knife.

Hey, Carmen!

Maria only worked here for six months.

Never on time, always quarrelling.

Quarrelling, who with?
- Who didn't she quarrel with?

"Mocho", or should I say whore?

Stop it.

Stop it...
- Drop your knife.

You have to come with me.

Can I change first?

Can you see?


Who's this?

A colleague of Maria.
- Another whore.

Shut the fuck up, okay?

She works at Dèliko.
- She has no manners,

I I interrogate her.
Downstairs please.

Do you often quarrel at work?

No one calls me a whore.

If she files, you hang.
- She started.

I saw you lash out with a knife.

That's what I saw
- And?

What do you want from me?

You know Maria Vermeulen?


Maria Vermeulen.



Let go of me, dammit!

Leave him. It'll be okay.

Calm down.
- Get lost.

Calm down.
- Dammit.


I only want to ask some questions.

Just a couple of questions, okay?

Your boss told me you were close.

I bet he did.

Am I a suspect now?

When did you last see Maria?

I don't know We quarrelled.
- You saw her recently?



In the club, Warehouse 13, sometimes.

\What did she do there?
- She was always there.

Dancing, drinking...

What else do you doin a club?
- Be a hooker?

Some do it for money...

I do it because I enjoy it.

And you?

Your colleagues say...
- My colleagues?

Fuck those fishwives!

I'm trying to help you, okay?

The door's open.

No onion, please.

Maryam says I have bad breath.


What do you think about Carmen?
- She was really close with Maria.

Two of a kind.

I think she knows more.

Thank you.

'I check out the red-light district.
- Only off duty.

Find out about her home and friends
and keep me informed.

Steve, baby!

Where were you?

lust is a bird

she does what she wants

she does it how she wants

crack for the beast

dope for the monkeys

naked apes in suits

who fetch the night away
with what they punish by day

You know this girl?

Is she your type?

I don't have time. I'm at work.

Come on. I I really satisfy you.

Bitch! You're mine and you'll stay mine!


You want to talk, don't you?

You can take me home.

What did you quarrel about?

Maria got a little crazy.

She used drugs.

Too much drugs.

Some people don't know when to stop.

Stop here. This is it.


You forgot something.

Tonight, Warehouse 13. Okay?


sooner or later we all meet her

No Mum, just with close family and friends.

You only marry once. Be proud.

I Know, that's not the point.
Joz has no family.

Why throw a big party
just for my family?

Joz doesn't mind, do you?

I have to go.

I have to work.
- This late?

Mum, Joz has an important case.

His first real case!

Bye dear... bye.


I didn't know you could sing.
- There's lots more you don't know.

What are you doing?
- Can't you see I'm busy?

Get lost. You want a beating?

Calm down, we're talking.
- Don't talk, work!

What's your problem, bitch?
- Bitch?


She's a star.
You're a star, Carmen.

I won't be long.

Nice friends!

I can't stand jealous men.

How about you?

Are you ever jealous?

Here... if you think of anything.

I'll find you.

This woman's a waste of time.
- You have another lead?

This is taking too long, Joz.
A murderer is on the loose.

You should be on top of it.
- Right. Fluff ball...

...someone left this.

That's not funny, Simon.

And what's this about...

o coming!

I'm going to lunch.

Anything from the phone taps?

- I want results, Joz.

Force an opening. Close the case.
- Ml try.

Let's go.

What are you looking at?

Warehouse 13- Penthouse



This is my studio.
- You have a tip?

I have a phone number.


Her "agent", so to speak.
- Where did you get it?


Are you afraid of women?

Or only of me?

Why do you ask?

Love is a bird...

...naughty bird...

...who does what she wants...

I'm getting married.

If I feel it, so do you!

Lust doesn't lie.

Lust never lies.

You want it too.



I wouldn't do that or you can
come to the station. You too.

We need to talk.

\What are you doing, man?

\Who are you, punk?

What are you doing? Leave me alone!

Talk, punk.
- Cool it.

I don't know.

One night she just disappeared, okay?

She had a date, didn't tum up.
Goldmine gone.

I assume you wouldn't kill
your own goldmine, so who was she with?

Then you can get back to your friends.
- Are you deaf?

I said I don't know.

I don't know.

Stay there!

What are you doing?

What's this? Licence plates. Whose?

I write things down, okay?

Just for the record.

And this?
- That's my phone.

Now it's mine.

Give me my phone back!
- Give him the phone.

If you have anything, call me.
- Go away.

Get lost. Go on.

Here comes our hotshot.

You walk like you've just been laid.

Turkish delight.

I love it.

Sweet and juicy...

...but she better shave first.

Shut up!
- Don't do that, Janzen.

If you can't take a joke,
you don't belong here. Watch out.


Where were you? You didn't pick up.
We were viewing a house, remember?

I had to follow up on a tip.

Maria had a pimp, Manuel.

I went to see him.
- You could have called.


Go get some coffee. We'll talk later.

- Get some quality time.

What's the matter with you?
- Nothing.


...there's no one else, is there?
- Come on, Maryam.

I'm working on a murder case.
Someone died, okay?

Hey Joz!


Asocial call?

No. Net a social call.


How's the investigation?

Don't talk crap, Koen.

Your name is among Maria's clients.


Impossible. My name?

Does Lisa know?

I didn't kill Maria, Joz.

I didn't do it.

Where were you on 19 February
between 10 pm and midnight?

At home... with Lisa.

I'll have to talk to Lisa.
- Lisa doesn't need to know.

Someone's dead, Koen.
- I didn't do it!

I don't care, really.

We'll only hurt Lisa.
- We?

Sorry man, but...
- Listen...

I do it for Lisa.

To let off steam.
- I don't want to know, Koen.

It's lust, Joz!

Just lust.

What I have with Lisa... love.

You have to keep this separate,

You know Lisa. You know how she thinks.

If you care about her, keep this to yourself.


\What are you going to do?

Bitch! You're mine and you'll stay mine!

"Lisa, call me."

He's not cut out for this work.
- Why not?

20 years ago, he'd have been rejected.

Times have changed.

We need different cops,
different priorities.

I Only care if I can trust him.

Believe me. He's fucking up this case.

It! cost you your job.

I don't want to hear any more.
Let him do his job.

This is Maryam's voicemail.
Say something...

seek and you shall find

We have to stop.

Find and you shall bear

no more boundaries
no morals, lost

- What "what"?

Won't be a sec...

"Okay. Call me. Lisa."

Who's that?

My mother.

She's beautiful...

I was six when she died.



Relax, it's my kid brother.

Steve. Joz. Joz. Steve.

He made me jump...

Carmen, what's the deal?
We're recording a demo, remember?

Steve, not right now.

You're hot finished?

It's up to you, sis.

Sorry, my brother is a little...



I have something to tell you.
- Me too.


- I'm ready...


Darling, it's what I wanted.

I have to go.


...I'm sorry...

And now, Joz...

Joz, aren't you staying for dinner?


Are you home?

I'm home now.

Welcome to Evening Store...

Today's guest is Toreador!

Okay, you've been nominated
for a Grammy,.


Wait a minute.

I broke up with Maryam.
- Sshhh. I'm listening.

My life's in LA. Hollywood,
behind the Hills, you know?

Rotterdam, sucker!

I broke up with Maryam,
I'm all yours.

I want to listen to this.

Carmen, did you hear me?

I'm free. I'm yours, at last.

I'm yours, you're mine.
- Let go of me.

I don't belong to anyone.
Not to you, not to anyone.

If you can't deal with that, get lost.

But we...
- There is no "we". Never was.

I learned one thing in life:

In the end, I only have myself.

- Go play with your cute ring.

Once you hunt from lust

you're always be a hunter

when you acquire the taste

shelf never let you go

there's no way back

the deeper you bite

the more you gasp for breath

Well, what do you want?

If we're not together, we can't break up.


Rodney, babe.
- Never mind, cookie.

I know all about it. I'm off. We'll call.

Who are you?

Just like a real kiss.

World peace...

Listen. Toreador loved my demo.

I'm in his show now!

I'm in his show!
- Really? Great!

Far out!
So much to do. What can I wear?

Get undressed...


Come with me.

Where have you been?

Why didn't you answer my calls?

Dammit, Joz. Why do this to me?

My job's on the line
and you don't give a fuck.

- I know you have a notebook.

Hand it over!

Why did you hide it?

How do you tell a friend
her husband sees whores?

Sorry Lisa. That's how it is.

I want children with that man.

I decided to pass the case to Simon.

- He's close to solving it.

I got a golden tip...
- Who from?

That's not relevant.
- It is, Lisa!

Maria's ex often threatened to kill her.
An arrest warrant has been issued.


Thank you Lisa, for your support
and your trust. Thanks a lot.

I'm sorry, Simon. I didn't see it coming.

- The cops are looking for me!

- I think they want pills.

Pills? You said you stopped...

Police! Police!

Leave him alone.

He didn't do anything.

Steve Philips...
You're arrested for murder.

Murder?! I didn't do anything!

What is this?

This is Maria Vermeulen's ex.
Janzen, get dressed. You're going with me!

You could've told me.
- My brother isn't a murderer!

Yes Simon. I'm coming!

- You're quite something.

You have to believe me!
- Whatever, Carmen.

Steve isn't a murderer!

Thank you, Simon. You can go.

Are you sure?
- Yes.

I feel like coffee.
- Coffee?

Listen, I'll get to the point.

If you go on leave,
I I fend off internal affairs.

I don't want to see you again.

You didn't realise
your slut's brother was Maria's ex!

That wasn't very smart, was it?

Never mind the coffee.

Did Steve confess?

No, but he doesn't have an alibi.

And we found this in his house.


I hope you can get your life
back on track.

Can't stop

won't stop

lower, deeper

down to the bottom
to the bone

on and on until you're finished

and then



We have to talk.
- Get lost!

Your brother did do it.

Steve killed Maria.

- Carmen.

They found a knife at his place
with Maria's blood on it.

So what?!

So what?
- Who do you trust?

Get lost. It's over.

I knew it! My brother
and I are still on our own.

Carmen, I...

Hey, Joz...

Good to see you, man!

Sorry about your job.

Listen, thanks. From man to man.

What for?

For not telling Lisa.

You have no idea what that means to me.

Good luck, kid.

Did you give the "golden tip"?

Did you give the "golden tip"?

You can't do this. I have a deal!
- Not with me!

Did you give the "golden tip"?

It's your own knife. It's sharp.
Shall I cut your throat?

What tip?!
- That Maria's ex is the killer.

- Yes, Steve.

Steve was away
making pills all weekend.

You're sure?
- That's what I said!

Come with me.
- What?

No way!
- Come on.

They weren't my pills!

Where's Lisa?

Where's Lisa?
- Fuck off, get lost.

I didn't do anything!

Steve didn't do it. I have a witness.
Manuel, tell them.

Tell them!

Let go of him, Joz.
- Let me go, Joz.

Let go!
- Let go of me!

The case is closed, Joz. He's going
to headquarters tonight to be charged.

Lisa! Steve didn't do it,
I'm sure of that.


Fuck you, man.

You need professional help.
- You can talk.



Keep your head down.

What is this?
- Get out of here!

Hey, stop it! Are you crazy?


\Why are you here?
How is this possible?

You were right, Carmen...

You were right. I should never
have doubted you. Never.



What are we going to do?

We're leaving.
- Leaving?

- Where to?

Somewhere far away, somewhere hot.
Another country.

Emilio has connections.

We don't have to.

If we get the killer, we're free.
- You know who it is?

No. Maybe. I'm not sure.
- You have proof?

Not yet.
- What can you do?

- We have to go, okay?

Dammit, Emilio.
Who are these halfwits?

You have to leave. Now! Come on!

You stay here. They'll come looking.

Sister, you stay here, or we'll all be in shit.

This is your new logic

doors slam shut

shutters drop

on the side-walk in the dead-end street
outside, for good

can't stop

won't stop

You stay here for now.

I I make sure you two get
out of the country. And stay out.

Emilio, I know who did it.
- No one gives a shit about that.

Steve fits the picture.
You've been on TV all morning.

They don't need anything else.
You should know that, Mr Cop!


Stay away from the window.


Hey. Are you crazy? You heard the man.

This is driving me mad.

Stop it, man.



Hey! What're you doing here?!
\What is all this!

Are you crazy? It's broad daylight!

Get in the shower.
- Shower?




Keep quiet. Simon...

At last

At last


We have a date.
- I'm coming.

I want to get out!

Hey, listen.

I want to talk to you, but not here. Okay?


See you tonight.
- Yes Simon, tonight.


"Yes Simon, this evening..."
What's this with you and Simon, dammit!?

Let go of me. And stop getting jealous!

- I have a show in Warehouse 13.

He'll be there with a team to arrest you.

I'll get someone to pick you up
and get you out, okay?

And you? What about you, Carmen?

I don't want this.
- We were to be together?

I'll do what I like.
- Carmen.

I'll do what I like.
- Carmen!!



What's wrong with you?
Are you sick in the head?

Never mind her. To play like a man,
you have to take it like a man.

I don't know that.
- Listen: leave Carmen be?

We'll be abroad with plenty of ass.
Plenty of chicks, no hassles.

Emilio's boys will bring clothes for us
and papers.

We'll be out of here.
- We will? Where to?

Who knows. Who cares? Out of here.

Out of here.

The time has come, Stevie.

All right.

I'm curious...

It suits you.

The real thing.

Are we ready?

Why let him go?
- I'm no babysitter!

Crazy cop helps killer suspect

Crazy cop helps killer suspect

What's up with you?

If I catch you here again,
I'll cut your fucking throat!

Where are you?

Car park facing emergency exit.

We sealed the front. He's not there.
- Nor here.

Where's Carmen?

Get searching. Dammit.


Lisa! Can you hear me?




What are you doing here?

We're out of here.

I want you.

As long as we're together.
- Impossible.

I don't want it anymore.
- You do.

What we have is true love.

I want to marry you. True love.
- Love?

Love is pain. I've had enough pain.

Now I'm with Toreador.
He'll make me a star. That's what I want.

- That's how it is.

I have to go now.

I have to go on and sing.

What do you want?

You want this?

Too bad. There's only ever
one man in my life.

You never understood that.

But it's too late.
Now my man is Toreador.

Say you're mine.

Let go of me!
- Say it!

Tell me you're mine!

Get off me!

Tell me you love me!
- Never.

Tell me...
- No.

Tell me.

Go away, Joz!

You're mine and you'll stay mine!

Stand up.

Joz Janzen. Stand up!

Get off that sofa and walk to the door.

The picture is complete.

You're weak, Joz.

You're so weak.

Just like Maria.
- No.

Maria was ruining my life, but you...

You have to die because you're weak.

I didn't want this, Joz.

I'm sorry.

- Blood on your hands.

That whore asked for it.
- You took a life, just for Koen?

Love is pain, Joz!
- That isn't love.

That's fear.

Nothing but fear, Lisa.

You don't know what love isl
- Love is free.

You don't know what love is!

When you think you lose

sometimes you win

if you're a woman - if you're a man

if you're a father - if you're a child

you still know nothing

as long as life finds its way

I saw it happen friend

I won't forget