Carmen & Lola (2018) - full transcript

The love story of two gypsy girls.

The bride, she's so pretty

Olé, olé, olé

The bride, she's so pretty

Olé, olé, olé

The bride, she's so pretty

Olé, olé, olé

Carmen, you look so pretty.

I love your dress.

Isn't it nice?

No need to chase her,
she gave you her number.

But I saw her yesterday

and if the Gypsies see me,
they'll make me propose.

If they do, you gotta get 'em

to rope her in a bit.

She's no good for you.

Look, there's Carmen.


- Will she come out?
- I don't think so.

- Look, she is.
- Look!

She's saying hi.

We'll talk later.

Chacho, her mom's coming!

- What are you doing?
- Nothing, Mom.

- Rafa's fooling around.
- Get inside.

- He's the one fooling around.
- Don't lead him on.

The proposal's a month off
and you can't see him every day.

- I'll tell your father.
- Don't be mad. It was for fun.

Cut it out.

You'll have all your life
to talk to him.

Go to your room.

I have tomatoes!
On the vine, plum tomatoes!

Two kilos for 1.50 euros!

Be smart and snatch 'em up.

Garlic from Las Pedroñeras, ladies!
Only one euro!

One euro!

Garlic from Las Pedroñeras!

Red garlic, one euro, ladies!

C'mon, I have cherries!

I have cherries, ladies!

Be smart and snatch 'em up!

That will do.

I have red garlic!

Good morning.

Garlic is one euro, gorgeous.

Why is "báscula" a dactylic word?

- What's up? Been shopping?
- Yes, loaded down like a mule.

- I'm not going to the association.
- Why?

I've got lots to do,
the house is a mess.

And I may not have time
for church, so I'm off.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you.

- Are you bringing it tomorrow?
- Yes.

Good afternoon, Mrs. Maria.

Nothing good about it.

This place is disgusting,

you dirty people.


I'm back with the groceries!

Where is that girl?

Lola, are you deaf?

What's with all the shouting?

Didn't you have a church rehearsal?

I'm studying, Mom.

Get dolled up and go.

There are lots of boys at church.

But I've got exams.

Mom, snack time! I'm home!

Miguel's home.

Go on, hurry up!

Jeez, this gypsy woman...


- Can I use a computer?
- Yes.

Number 1, please.

- Can I get one in the back?
- Okay.




Honey, what'll it be?

How much are the peaches?

- Two kilos, 1 euro.
- Then give me 2 kilos.

Here, honey.

It's gonna rain.

Don't give me all the bad ones!

I have tomatoes and cherries here!

- Anything else?
- No, you'll give me the rotten stuff.

Get your peppers here, ladies!

Good day, sir.

See what gems we have here?

I like it.

It's last century.
My grandma used to iron with it.

Guys, you're not going for a smoke?

- Go on, get to work.
- Alright, alright.

- Dad, he bought it.
- My girl! Come here.

Learn from your sister.

She's good at sales, like me.

I have red peppers!

Red peppers, ladies!

It's gonna get all wet!

Flor, I told you we shouldn't have
set up on this shitty day.

How were we supposed to know, Dad?

- Here we go!
- Help me load up.

Dad, everything's getting wet!

Hurry up!

What a day!

- Where's the plastic cover?
- Didn't you bring it?

- Go ask for some plastic.
- Dad, it's raining!

Don't waste any time!

It always the same.

- Here, Mom!
- Hurry, it's all getting wet!

Okay, let's go!

Here, Mom.

- Can I borrow some plastic?
- No, look at all this.

- Ask Flor.
- Take this.

Hurry, it's falling!

Excuse me, honey,
can I borrow some plastic?

Wake up and give her some.
Don't just stand there!

- Can I help, honey?
- No, it's okay.

It's in here somewhere...

Relax, it's alright.

Here it is. Look.

- Here.
- Thanks a lot.

Hey, thanks,
I'll give it back later.

Here, Miguelito.

- Can you sign this, Dad?
- Ask Mom, her writing's better.

- Miguel, hand me my glasses.
- Where are they?

Right behind you.


What is this?

- A fieldtrip.
- Where are you going?

To a museum.

You're not going anywhere, okay?

- Is your whole class going?
- Of course.

Everyone but the gypsy girl?
No way.


If you're not at school,
you'll help us at the market.

Here we go again.

Do you want her
to be illiterate like us?

She can read, write, count...

That's all she needs. Flor.

Here we go again.

You only want her at the stall, Paco.

Let her study, have a better life.

She has lots of time
to freeze at the market.

Don't you see that your daughter
doesn't hang out with boys?

School stuff, book stuff,
but no wedding plans here.

She should go to church.

There are tons of young Gypsies,
local kids.

We were already engaged at her age.

I got myself the first gypsy guy
who came along.

What are you taking about?
You have everything you need!

Have you ever missed a meal, Flor?

It's not about food!
You always do this!

A full fridge is everything to you.
There's more to life.

Kids need a future, Paco.

I don't want her to go out alone.

What'll the neighborhood
and the other Gypsies say?

She'll pay the consequences.
It could turn out badly!

You know what's in schools?

Drugs, joints, alcohol, rapists!

I'd rather she ran off
with a bad Gypsy

than a good whitey.

Who's she gonna run off with?

Miguelito follows her everywhere.
You know he's her shadow.

Besides, she's not stupid,

and no one's gonna bad-mouth her.

I'll watch her, Dad.

Who are you gonna watch, dork?

That's enough!

We'll go to the
market tomorrow.

You're going nowhere, Lola.
Is that clear?

You just want me married off.

As usual, Paco,
you never let her go anywhere.

Flor, I swear I'll pop you!
Keep your mouth shut!

Here, Ruben.

- How are you doing, Dad?
- Good, honey.

Get in, Caco.

Jesus, this boy! Miguel!

Get up!

What's the rush?
It's not even 7 yet.

Don't just sit there.
Get up and help us load up.

- Who are you, Speedy Gonzalez?
- Give me that.

- Have you loaded it all?
- Yes.

- Good Lord.
- Here, Miguel, put this in.

- What's up with her?
- No idea.

- Finished loading it all?
- Yes.

Shall we go then?

- Get in. Son.
- Come on!

Get your melon here!

Get your melon here.

Get your tomatoes here, ladies.
Two kilos, 1.5 euros!

Two kilos!

Two kilos for 1.50 euros, ladies!


Wake up!
I only asked for half a kilo.

Oh, that's right.

- Mom?
- Yes?

Did that girl bring the plastic back?

She didn't.

When Dad's not looking,
I'll go get it.

Yes, I bought it last week for 10 euros.

Your Dad would kill us.
Go get it.

That's 1.50, honey.

Anything else?

Look at these two beauties.

I was looking for you
to get our plastic back.

Me too.

Thanks a lot.

Shall we go for a smoke?

This is so boring.

What's your name?

- Lola. You?
- Carmen.

- You like them?
- They're really pretty.

- Can I have a cigarette?
- Yeah.

- You don't have any?
- I can't smoke at home.

My Dad would kill me.

- How old are you?
- 17.

- You?
- 16, almost 17.

- Where do you live?
- In Hortaleza.

I live in Vallecas.

You know I'm getting engaged
next month?

They don't let you smoke,
but you can get engaged?

You don't have a boyfriend?

No. And I don't want one.

You're not ugly.

But you have a bad attitude?

No, I'm studying to be a teacher.

So I don't have to depend on anyone.

I want to open a hair salon
with my name on it,

with lights, leather chairs,
all in leopard...

- You're studying hairdressing?
- No. No school for me.

A hairdresser
who didn't study hairdressing...

You want to wash hair?

Take it easy.

It makes me mad.
The whiteys tell us to be hairdressers

and all gypsy girls study hairdressing.

So what's school like?

You don't get bored.

I'm the only Gypsy in the class.

The only Gypsy?

Surrounded by whiteys?

It's better than staying home
and cleaning.

Do I smell of tobacco?

Why'd you take the pack?

They're ours, but I'll hang onto them!

Tomatoes. Lemons!
Two kilos for one euro!

Two kilos for one euro!

Why don't you go to school?

What for?
I'm getting married in a year.

- Hurry or you'll be late.
- Okay.

- And behave yourself.
- Of course!



- Hello. Is the boss in?
- Yes, go ahead.

I came about the ad.

But you're a Gypsy.

Yes. So what?

No, nothing.

- You got a problem with that?
- I didn't saying anything.

Is that a problem?

No problem.
Calm down, don't get riled up.

Fucking whitey!
Fuck you people!

What's the matter?
Fucking Gypsy, making a mess!

Good evening, brothers and sisters.

The lady pastor and I would like
to welcome you in the name of Jesus.


Worship will be different tonight.

This evening's worship
will be full of joy, full of power.


I was wallowing, brothers!

Wallowing in sin,

sinking into drugs, alcohol, and misery!

There was no solution.
But do you know what?

There's someone mightier than that

called Jesus of Nazareth.

How many of you say "amen"?


- How many say "glory to God"?
- Glory to God!

- In His name?
- Glory!

- In His glory?
- More glory!

So, brothers, let us pray to God.

Thank you, Father.

You are the king of kings,
the lord of lords. Father.

You give us peace, Lord.

Thank you for everything.

Blessed be your name, my God.

Bless you.

Blessed, blessed,
blessed be you, Father.

You are a saint, saint is your name.

My God and celestial Father!

Thank you for everything!

In the name of Jesus!

Let's sing and pass the plate.

You are the most beautiful in this life

You are like a garden full of flowers

You are like the moon lighting the night

You are like the stars that shine

You are like a garden full of flowers

You are like the moon
lighting up the night

I will praise you
Though I have a thousand problems

I will praise you
Though I'm cloaked in black

I will praise you
Because it is worth the effort

I will praise you

I will praise you
Though I have a thousand problems

I will praise you
Though I'm cloaked in black

I will praise you
Because it is worth the effort

I will praise you

You are the air

This evening my soul
gives thanks to you, Lord,

for you took me, Lord,
from that swamp

and put my feet
on solid ground, Lord.

And you, Jesus Christ,
are the king of my soul.

You are the air

The air that I breathe

And the darkness flees me, Lord.

Thank you for everything!

You are the air

You are the air

The air that I breathe




Come here.




Go get the bread,
the men will be here soon.

They can go get it.
I've been making beds all day.

Don't make me mad or I'll slap you.

You're on your phone all day
and made two beds. That's work?

Get a move on.

It's not fair.
I've been doing stuff all day.

Come here, I want to talk to you.

Now you're getting engaged,
you can't pull this nonsense.

You do know you can't do this
in your mother-in-law 's house?

Don't make them come here
and embarrass me

because you can't be a housewife.

I taught you to be
a proper Gypsy housewife.

When you go
to your mother-in-law 's house,

you iron your fiancé's clothes,
lay them out,

and if he needs dinner, you make it.
No one should tell you this.

It has to come from you.

- Go on, move it.
- I still think it's unfair.

Move it or I'll take away your cell.

They want to get engaged
and she can't do anything.

Her mother-in-law
will come and chew me out.

Let's go, Jonas.

You pig!

I had to hide your "reading"
under the mattress.

- Mom would kill you.
- To be cultured you have to read.

But it has to go smoothly.
The couple has to get along.

That's the main thing.

- It's alright, Dad.
- I know.

- A bit higher.
- So it falls like a wave.

Lovely. Beautiful!

- Does the fan look good here?
- Yes, lovely.

Put your heels where you want.

I'll put them here.

- Like this.
- And smooth this out.

- The earrings?
- Put them here.


Like this.

I'll put some blush on you.
You look pale, girl.

- I'm so nervous.
- Why? Don't be nervous.

The cameraman's here, girls.
Look nice!

He took her away

He took her away

Very pretty.

- The bride!
- Beautiful!

Let's go over here
to look good for the camera.

I'll be in the middle.

Make me look thinner.
Don't film my stomach!

- No!
- Beautiful!

- Make a pouty face.
- Move over!

- Grandma, pucker up.
- Pucker up.

Go on, Grandma.

Now film the bed looking so nice.

It looks beautiful.

They all gave
my granddaughter something

because she deserves it!

Here comes the groom!

- From where?
- Over there!

Here comes the groom!

The groom!
The groom's coming!

- Let's go see Rafa.
- Hello!

- Let's go, Rafa!
- What's up, man?

- Hey, son. Here's your cousin.
- Let's go!

- Great.
- Nervous, brother-in-law?

- Very.
- Congratulations.

- Let's go inside, guys.
- What's up, Rafa?

- What do I say to the girl?
- Almost there, cousin.

- He didn't want to propose.
- Now you're engaged...

We get to party afterwards,
but they won't let him out.

He has to stick around.

It had to be you guys!
Always horsing around!

- Good morning, Mrs. Maria!
- Nothing good about it.

Much less so with your racket.

We're going to be late.

- Where are you off to?
- An engagement.

- Who's getting engaged?
- My nephew Rafa.

Dad, Miguel's walking too fast!

- I'll get you changed later.
- Come on, Lola!

Your son's going too fast.
I'm going to fall over!

- Oh, my God.
- Always whining about your heels.

Did you see?

- What is this?
- What can we do? Patience.

It'll all turn out fine.

I just want it to go smoothly.

- It will be fine.
- Yes.

That's what I want.

- That's it.
- That's it.

- Who's coming?
- Good afternoon, family.

- Good afternoon.
- Hello.

Good afternoon.

- Good afternoon.
- What brings you here?

My son Rafa

loves your daughter Carmen.

The truth is, they've been seeing
each other in secret for a while.

Before people find out

and this turns into gossip,

we'll formalize it
like good Gypsies.

- What's your son like?
- My son's a good kid.

He doesn't smoke or drink.

He's a homebody, Godfearing,
works in the market.

Good. All I can tell you is
that my daughter Carmen

has never gone outside

without being accompanied.

She's never spoken to a boy

and doesn't even have a cell phone

because that's the root of evil today.


But anyway,

she has the final word.

Both of them.


Daughter, come here!

My daughter, this man has come here

to ask your hand for his son.

I told him
that you have the final word.

Do you want to be engaged to his son?

I do, but only if you want this, Dad.

Then it's done.

With my father's respect

and consent, I give her to you.

Here's your father-in-law.

Take good care of her.


- Where's the fiancé?
- Rafa!

Rafael. His father.

- Your father-in-law.
- Hello.

My son.

Take good of her, eh?

- Let's get a drink.
- To the bar!

To the happy couple!

Let's go to the bar.

- Hey!
- Hey, cuz! How are you?

- Great to see you.
- Same here. See you upstairs.

- We'll get a drink.
- Okay.

Hurry, Mom, everyone's upstairs.

I can't in these heels, Lola.

- Why wear high heels?
- You have to show off.

- Sister-in-law!
- Oh, honey!

Lola, look how pretty I am!

What are you up to, girls?
You look lovely.

Very pretty. How are you?

Where's the couple?

Look, there they are.

Flor, let's say hello to the couple.

- Is it heavy?
- Yes, very.

- Hey there!
- Who'd you come with?

- It's a great day.
- Hi, Uncle Paco.

Hi, Rafa. Congratulations.

Lola, you look nice.

You too, man.

- Introduce us to your fiancée.
- Yes.

Carmen! This is my uncle Paco.

My Lord, so pretty. God bless you.

I can't imagine
how you'll look on your wedding day!

- This is his daughter, Lola.
- We've met.

- You look so pretty.
- You too.

Carmen. Come!

Well, you know,

one engagement leads to another.

I need more chicken.

To the happy couple!

Here they come!

I don't have a fork. Dad.

Then eat it with your hands.

To the fiancés!

To the fiancés!

- To my daughter-in-law!
- Hurray!

She's like a daughter to me!

To the happy couple!

- To my daughter-in-law!
- Olé!

- My grandson!
- Olé!

To my daughter-in-law!

- How 's the handsome fiancé?
- Great. The food's great.

Isn't it? The food's great.

- What does the fiancée say?
- Great.

- Good, isn't it?
- Yes.

Let's see what the fiancé's dad says.

May they be happy
and have lots of children.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Tip it this way.

That's it.

Now it's coming out right.

Now some singing and dancing.
This is an engagement party.

He took her away

He took her away

He took her away

The apple of my eye is to be married

The apple of my eye

Is engaged to be married

The apple of my eye

With her brown skin

With her brown skin

So that Carmen dances

So that she dances

So that Carmen dances

So that she dances

So that Carmen dances

So that she dances

Mom, I'm going to the association, okay?

Don't be late for dinner.


















Hi. Can I have booth 6, please?

- Yes, take booth 6.
- Thanks.

You're welcome.





We haven't sold a thing.

In this market, in this heat,

we're doing nothing.


Coming for a walk around the market?

Dad, can I go with her?

Fine, but don't be long.

You're the only one who sells anything.
You hear?

I told the girl she could take a walk.

Let her, poor girl.
She's been here all morning.

She can go for a walk.

So, how was the engagement?
Did you have fun?

Yes. You looked so pretty.

You kept me from smoking all week.

It's five bucks a pack.

So, tell me about Rafa. I've been
looking for you so you'd tell me.

- I don't know, he's a good boy.
- That's all?

Tell me more. Has he been
with some girl on the sly?

Did he talk about me?

I don't know.
They live in Villaverde.

I only see him at family stuff.

The first girl he's been with
"on the sly" was you, but...

I don't know.

Look him up on Instagram.

But he is cute, that face, those eyes...
He's gorgeous.

- True or not?
- Yeah, my cousin's cute.


When is Rafa's birthday?

Next month. Why?

Just wanted to know.

Reinaldo, please.
The last time, okay?

"At recess

the children play basketball."

What's the subject?

I don't know. "Basketball"?

- Think about it.
- I don't know.

- Come on or you'll fail!
- I want to go play football.

- The last one, please.
- Please let me go.

My friends are outside
and I'm here like a dork.

- But...
- Let me go, please!

- Go on then.
- Thanks, Raqui.

- Put five on one hand.
- Five.

And three on the other.
Right, add it up.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight.

Put down the numbers
you just added up.

Are you sure
you want to be a teacher?

I've got a lot of patience.

Go on.

Next one.

- That guy's engaged, right?
- Yes, he's with Noemi.

For 6 months now,
they want to get married soon.

- They make a good couple.
- Yes.

- They look so nice.
- When are you getting engaged?

When Prince Charming comes along.

That dark boy's cute.

He's all yours then.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

- I saw your cousin the other day.
- Why?

She's got a stall in the market.

They say she's a bit weird.

I like her, she's different.

Sure is.

One owner. The car's in mint condition.

The fatty never has the ball.

- Jose, pass him the ball!
- Shut up.

You're so bad.

Take that!

Raqui, what's that tower?

When they built the road M30,
they moved people in here

and the police watched them from there.

As if we were criminals.

- Lola.
- What?

You have the guts to get out of here.

Who said I want to get out?

I've got my dad, my mom,
my brother, my family.

I have it all here, Paqui.


I've known you since you were ten

and if you need anything,

you know you can count on me.

Here we go...

You'll have problems
because you're a Gypsy.

And you know Gypsies
don't understand people like you.

Hey, Paqui, what's someone
who studies birds called?

Are you jerking me around?

No. I'm serious.

- What?
- What's it called?

An ornithologist.

Well, I'm going to be... an orni...

- You know.
- An ornithologist.

- That's it.
- Yes.

It's beautiful, the world of birds.

It's late, my dad will yell at me.
I'm going, okay?

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow, birdie.


Wake up!

Carmen. Come and see!

I want to show you something.

Let's go, Carmen!

Coming, you pest.
What do you want me to see?

I'm a bird

That's pretty!

It's beautiful.

That Rafa...

Rafa loves Carmen

Carmen loves Rafa

Give me one of my cigarettes.


our cigarettes.

We're running low.
They won't last forever.

Then buy some.

- Here.
- Give me the lighter.

What's this?

Was it you?

Are you deaf?

But why?

Are you an idiot?

Everyone saw it
and thinks it was Rafa!

- I'm sorry, Carmen.
- You're sorry?

And why draw hearts?

Hearts are for people in love!

Rafa's right.
You're one of those weird girls, right?

Look at me!

I told you to look at me.

You're a fucking dyke, aren't you?

Listen, make no mistake about me,
you people make me sick!

Real sick.

Dirty fucking dyke!

Good evening, Mrs. Maria.

- Evening.
- Hi, honey.

- How are you?
- Well...

I came to see Lola.
Is she sick?

I don't know.
She hasn't gotten out of bed in 2 days.

She doesn't have a fever.

I think she argued
with the whiteys at school

and doesn't want to tell me.

I'll go talk to her.

While I make dinner, okay?

- Paco, how are you?
- Good. Hey there, Raqui.

May I?

What's wrong with you?

You skipped the association
and school, your mom says.

You don't look sick.

But you do look down.

Is it school or your folks?

Come here.

What is it?

What is it?

Raqui, I'm not going to school anymore.

What for? To study all day

and then be told,

"You're a gypsy girl,
go study hairdressing."

It's what we all do, Paqui.

Did something happen at school?

No, Paqui, it's no use talking to you.

I didn't make an effort with you
to hear this crap. What's wrong?

I hate being a woman, Raqui.

It just means having kids,
a husband,

a house to clean,

looking after kids,
changing nappies all day...

No, that's my mother's life.
I don't want it.

I want to travel, get a degree,
to be able to smoke

without hiding.

You know that it's impossible.

- You can do what you want, Lola.
- No, Paqui.

We Gypsy girls
don't even have our dreams.

Honey, what happened to you?

Nothing, Paqui.


Forget it, Raqui,
nothing happened to me.

Nothing? What is it?

I make her sick, Paqui!

The most beautiful person
told me I make her sick.

Come here.

Little one...

I love you loads.

I didn't propose,
just took her into the garage.

No proposal, no nothing.

I proposed at 14,
but there was no wedding.

If it was now, I wouldn't get married.

Life's going too far,
it's not like before.

At 14 you fell in love
and ran off with your boyfriend.

- True.
- That's right.

Now they propose to each other,
but the parents used to do that.

They skip the "yes" and go for it.

You're my new family,
you know we're street vendors.

It's up and down.
Sometimes the police confiscate...

Don't worry, if you're broke,
we've got your back.

- That's what family's for, right?
- Okay.

How often does a son get married?
How often is my girl getting married?

Then let's not spare any expense.

- You're so pretty, my girl.
- A plate.

The other day
I was talking to my cousin.

She saw you with La Chata.

Your cousin's up to her usual.
When you move in, she's banned.

That's up to me too.
Don't change the subject.

La Chata's a tart.
I just flirt to keep her happy.

You think it's okay
to flirt with tarts?

- What? Are you jealous?
- No, not jealous. Pissed off.

Don't disrespect me again.

Don't raise your voice,
especially in front of my parents.

Don't disrespect me.
Not you or anyone else.

With the engagement money
I'm opening a hair salon.

If I agree to it.
You have to look after me

and the kids we have, got it?

Mom, let me sleep.

Look what I bought for your cousin.

Aren't they nice?
They cost 30 euros.

Let me sleep.

Lola, for God's sake, get up!

- Come on.
- Let me sleep.

Look, Lola, cut the crap!

We're going
to your cousin's birthday party.

I don't want to go, Mom.

I'll give you an hour
to dress and fix your face.

Are you listening to me?

Cut the crap, I'm sick of it.

You're always the same.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

The cake!

To the fiancé!

To my son!

- To the world's greatest fiancé!
- To my daughter-in-law!


Let's cut the cake, girl.

Buddy, I'm going to give you a car.

Cut me a piece too. I'm starving.

- The guys want more wine.
- It's in the fridge.

Are you mad at me?

Lola, you have to understand,
you and I are different.

I'm a normal girl.

You and I have to get along.

You're my fiancé's cousin
and we have to be friends.

But just friends, no more.

Don't get the wrong idea.

I think you're the one
with the wrong idea.



- How long you been a dyke?
- Shit. Carmen.

Don't get mad, I'm curious.

You're the first...
"carpet muncher" I've ever met.

- Don't call me that, Carmen.
- Okay, relax.

Don't get mad, I was kidding.

But tell me...
have you had a girlfriend?


But you have kissed a girl.


Oh, she's never kissed a girl!

Only two left,
you'll have to buy more.

Tell me,
if you've never kissed a girl,

how do you know you like them?

You're the expert,
as if you're shagging Rafa...

Yeah, sure.


If you ruin the wedding,
you'll have to elope.

Come on, don't talk crap.

And don't change the subject.

If you've never kissed a girl,
how do you know you like them?

And you?

If you've never kissed a girl,
how do you know you don't?

No. What are you doing?

I said no.
Do it and I'll bust your face.

I didn't feel anything.

It was a shitty kiss.

It was a shitty kiss
because you kissed me.

I'm a fucking great kisser.

- The other one second.
- She didn't let me.

You do the first
and she'll do the second.

She stole his heart

And flirted because she could

And Lola likes

His spotted bandanna

She stole his heart

And flirted because she could

You see, Raqui?

Two days ago
she wouldn't get out of bed.

Now she's dancing everywhere.
She's unbearable,

dancing all day.

Teenagers, Flor.
Let's go!

Wait, I want to join in.

Before we start the play,
let's warm up a bit.

Leave the papers there.

Are you ready?

- Yes.
- Good.

But you have to move your body more.

Come on.


Someone else!

My neighbor's cat

Is following me
Shoo! Shoo!

Look at these cherries!

- Mom.
- Yes?

- I'm going to the bathroom.
- Don't be long.

- What's up?
- Nothing much.

Got smokes?


How 's your week?


Tell me about it.

The other day I was with Rafa
and we made out.

I almost ruined the wedding.

I adore him.

Why tell me stuff like that?

Because we're friends.
Friends tell each other stuff.

I'm happy for you.

You're pissed off that I'm happy?
You and I are different.

And the other day?


That was just a game.
Make no mistake about me.

What the fuck are you doing?

Lola, I have to go.

What are you doing?

Nothing. Wasn't it just a game?

He'll fall off.

He won't, that Gypsy knows how to ride.

Quads are cool! I want one!

- Who's that?
- Rafa, he lives back there.

That kid's 5 years old!


See you later, Lola.

- That's scary.
- I want to ride one.

- It's scary.
- It's cool.

- Hop on, Lola!
- Be right back.

- You're crazy, you'll kill yourself!
- It's fine!

Be careful!

Lola, I'm going!

- Lola! I'm going!
- Wait, I'll come with you.

See you later.

- Where are we going?
- Come in.

I gotta go.

My dad will kill me.

I'll help you.

I can't go in here.

What is this?

A hideout.

- You know what?
- What?

The other day
I dreamt we lived by the sea.


by the sea, no more no less.

I've never seen it.

I did, once.

- For my cousin's wedding.
- Where? - In Malaga.

I was tiny,
I was scared to go in.

- But I know how to swim.
- Oh, right.

I don't.

- For all the good it does...
- What do you mean?

- It stops you from drowning.
- I guess.

Shall I teach you?

Teach me how to swim?

- Look, come here.
- Alright...

You breathe in

and go under the water.

- Don't let it out, you'll drown.
- I'm suffocating.


you go up...

And now...


You're a fast learner.

The poppy's so pretty

It has no father or mother

It grows up in the field...


- Miguel, I'm heading off.
- Okay.


We're here.

Now tell me why we're here.

Wait, you'll see.

Look, Lola, it's huge!

One day we'll get on one of those.

No, no way in hell!

I'm really scared.

It's so scary!

But it's cool.

You think another one will go by?

You're gonna teach me
how to swim here?


Come on.


Oh. It's so warm!

Hold my hand, I can't swim.
I'll drown.

Trust me.

- I'm going to lay you down.
- But don't let go.


Now, believe it or not,

I'll let go and it'll be
like you're floating.

- No, don't let go, I'll drown.
- No. Trust me.

- One...
- Okay.


It's true.

C'mon, let's swim.

I'll swim on my stomach
and you, on your back.

Look: One arm, and the other.


One arm and the other.

One arm... Come up to breathe.

- Shall we play dead?
- Go on.

You know you can dance in the water?

- Would you like a fillet?
- Yes, they're delicious.

- Can I have one?
- Wait, your father first.

No more for me.

Here, Miguelito.

- You have a nice place.
- Brown-nose!

It's not bad. It was temporary.

If Paco makes enough money,
I'll repaint it this summer.

Stop it, you'll spoil the evening.

We're at the market at 7 a.m.

- Your family will be there, right?
- Yes, we always get up then.

How are sales?
Getting food on the table?

- We always have food on the table.
- I'm glad.

What're you looking at, dork?

Get off. Asshole!

Miguel, watch your mouth.

I'm so glad
you've become such good friends.

- I respect your family a lot.
- Thank you.

Are you sure you'll sleep okay
in that little bed?


I can put Miguel on the sofa
and you can sleep in his bed.

Bullshit, no way!

Watch your mouth or I'll pop you.

Don't worry,
I can sleep anywhere.

As you wish.

That tickles.

Come put my pajamas on.

Can you imagine
if we fell asleep like this?

If your mom found out,
she'd kill us.







What, is there another guy?

The shame! The disgrace!

What do I tell my dad?
My family? Everyone?

You're not leaving me.

I'm leaving you!



What are we going to do?

Love each other.

And then?

Keep on loving each other.

I only know
that I want to be with you.

I wrote you a letter.


A love letter?

But don't read it now.

I make spelling mistakes.

- I don't want to be a hairdresser now.
- What do you want to be?

No fucking idea.

Come on, let's play "chocolate".

- Hi!
- Hello, darling!


Let's go.

Don't you "hi, Dad" me.
What about your sister?

- I forgot.
- You forgot?

I had to go pick her up.
The whiteys called me.

Do you know how embarrassed I was?
They called me!

Who were you with?

You're up to something.

First you're engaged, then you're not.
Now you forget your sister.

- What's wrong with you?
- Take it easy.

Easy? You take it easy.

- That's enough.
- "That's enough"?

Shut up,
you should know what she's up to!

- Calm down.
- No!

Go to your room
until I say you can come out.

- Calm down.
- Go to your room!

On my life,
you're going to tell me everything.

"I miss you.
Don't ask me what happened.

Now I only wonder
what you'll do without me,

if you'll be happy,

while all I think about
is that I miss you.

I don't know

if you realize
that I'm telling you I love you.

And I don't care that you're a girl.

I like you enough to marry you,
if I could.

Because I feel so much warmth
in my heart.

I love you. Carmen."

"I miss you.

Don't ask me what happened.

Now I only wonder

what you'll do without me,

if you'll be happy,

while all I think about
is that I miss you.

I don't know if you realize
that I'm telling you I love you.

And I don't care that you're a girl.

I like you enough to marry you,
if I could.

Because I feel so much warmth
in my heart.

I love you. Carmen."

Naturally, your father's mad at you.

He doesn't even know
you have a cell phone.

Do you know the shock he's had?
First you leave your fiancé.

Then, the shame of having
to tell the other Gypsies.

The money we spent
on the engagement.

Should I marry someone I don't love?
Do you only care about money?

Money? You wanted to get engaged.
It was your idea.

So calm down
and get off your high horse.

It's since she started hanging out
with Rafa's cousin.

Shut up, you're always meddling.

It's over! That's enough!

Goddamn girl,
you stay in here, you're grounded!

No one's locking me up.
Not my dad or anyone.

I'm too old for them to shut me away.


Listen, go home,
your parents must be worried.

Worried about what?
They're partying at my cousin's all day!

And they've got my sister
spying on me, like I'm evil.

Don't you see you could get
in big trouble over this?

I don't care.

Lola. Go to church,
your mom must be waiting.

If I can't get her to go home,
we'll wait for you here.

Nobody's locking me up!

- Carmen! - What?
- Sit down.

Listen to me.

You could get yourself
in trouble over nothing.

- Leave me alone, Paqui! I don't care!
- You're so pigheaded.

Barcelona has the ball.
Barcelona on the left.

Madrid on the right,
with the official jersey.

Real Madrid wins 1-0,
with a goal by Di Maria...

Where's Mom?

Inside, making the beds.

Mom, I'll get my bag
and we'll go to church.

Come in and shut the door.

Lola, you know I'm illiterate,

but I can read short sentences.

"I love you, Carmen."

What does this mean. Lola?

Lola, talk to me, please,
I'm begging you.

Tell me this isn't true, please.

Lola, this is a terrible sin. Please.

Tell me it's not true.
Please, I'm begging you.

But why is it a sin, Mom?
It's how I feel.

How can you feel love?

Love's what you feel for a man!

For a boy!

That's love, Lola.

For a husband.

Not for another girl.

I want you to bring children
to this house.

To bring grandchildren,
to marry a man.

Not this, please!

You'll ruin my life, Lola!

Now everyone knows,
the whole neighborhood, because of you!

Do you know why?

Our neighbor Maria is telling everyone.

If your dad finds out,
he'll kill us, Lola. My God.

Look at me.

Tell me it's not true, please,
for heaven's sake!

Mom, I can't tell you it's a lie.

Lola, please, for all that's holy!

Your father will kill us, Lola!

Your father will kill us!

Please, tell me it's not true,
it's just kids' stuff.

I'm begging you.

- Lola, please.
- I can't.

You'll break your father's heart.

You smashed mine to pieces!

Please tell me it's not true.

Lola, I love you.

You know you're the apple of my eye.

Tell me it's a lie,
it's some silly thing,

that I can't read right, please...

I can't tell you it's a lie, Mom.

Please, Lola!

- I have to tell your father, Lola.
- No, Mom, please!

- The whole neighborhood knows.
- Please, you can't tell Dad.

Dad will kill us both, Mom!

I'm begging you!

Before he finds out
from someone else, Lola.

Please, no, Mom.
I'm begging you, please, no...

- Get up, Lola!
- Mom, no, please.

- What's going on?
- What's going on?

- Move!
- What is going on?

Look! A letter.
Your daughter's with another girl.

- What?
- The whole neighborhood knows.

Be quiet!

The whole neighborhood knows.

What are you talking about?

Maria's telling everyone
she saw her with another girl,

doing things they shouldn't.

This is your fault.
It's all your fault, you pig!

- It's all that slut Paqui's idea!
- Paco!

Lola, look at me.

Lola. Iook at me!
Tell me it's not true.

Tell me it's not true!

Paco, please leave her alone.

Dad, you're hurting me!

Shut up and go home!

Paco, let the girl go!

Mom, help me, he's hurting me!

Go away!

- Please, Paco!
- Get in!

Where are you taking me?

- Please!
- Mom, help me!

Don't move or I'll blow your brains out.

Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come

Do not fear or faint
For I am your father


And I will never leave you

Keep going
Keep walking

For the doors are opening for you

Don't be scared, I'll help you

- I need to talk to the pastor.
- He's not here.

He's gone to Granada to see his family.

Okay, God bless you.

I'm forced to talk to you about this.

I'm ashamed, but I need to
talk to you. It's a girl thing.

Let's go to the storeroom,

we'll have more privacy.

Are you praising God
or gossiping around?

Go about your business.

What's Lola's mother doing there?

Weren't they going to church?

I'll go talk to her.

Whatever happens, don't move.


Father, help me.

- We plead for this sheep of your flock.
- Heal her.

Her conduct is unnatural,
it is abhorrent,

but I ask You, we beg You,

to heal her with Your mercy.

- But pastor, I'm not sick.
- Shut up and listen!

Is feeling love a sin?

So if an old man falls in love
with a 5-year-old girl,

and feels it to be love,

you think that's alright?

That's an abomination, a sin, my dear.

The devil's clouding your reason.

Dad, please let me go.

I'm begging you.

Lord, I beg you to destroy
this demon possessing her.

Dad, please let me go.

Honor your father, who loves you so.

There are brothers
down south who can help.

- They'll exorcize them.
- We'll do as you say.

We're dying of shame.

They'll cure her

and she'll want to get married
and have children.

God bless you, pastor.


What's wrong?
Is everything alright?

What's wrong? It's all your fault!

What's my fault?

Putting ideas into my daughter's head!

Calm down. What ideas?

What's wrong?

Paco wants to kill me and my girl
because of you!

What happened?

It's your fault!


My God!


- Leave her alone, I'm begging you.
- Get out.

- Not so rough!
- Get out!

What's wrong, Lola?

I'm begging you!

Paco! What is it?

No one asked you, bitch.
Lola, get in.

Paco, look at me. She's just a girl!

Get out of here!

Go home now or I'll rip out your hair.

- Go home!
- The neighbors are watching.

Stop it, I'm begging you, Paco!

- For the last time, Paqui.
- Paco!

Flor! What's going on?

Please, Paco!

Let me take her home
for a couple of days.

When you're calmer,
we'll talk it all over.

Paco, please!

Look at me!

- What did the pastor say?
- There are people who can cure her.

Cure her? Do you hear yourself?

The girl's not sick.

Let me take her home.

Get outta here!

You put ideas into her head,
you made her sick!

Paco, let her go! Please!

I'm begging you!

Paco, look at me, please.

Let her go, Paco.

Do you really think she's sick?

You've destroyed me.

You've destroyed me!

Go. Lola.

Go, Lola, I beg you.

Take her away.

Go, Lola, please.

I don't want to go!

Go away!


Go away!


I'll deny I'm your father for 101 years!

You're not my daughter!

You're not a Gypsy!

You're nothing!

Paco, that's enough.

Let's go home, for God's sake.

Let's go home, Paco!

Let's go home, please!



Lola, look at me.

I swear on my life
that nothing will happen to you.



Let's go, my love.


Lola, Lola!

Look, the sea!

It's like in the movies.

No. It's better.