Carmen (1918) - full transcript

The tragic story of Don Jose, a Spanish cavalryman, who falls under the spell of a gypsy girl, Carmen, who treats him with both love and contempt and leads him into temptation and thus damnation.

Ernst Lubitch's CARMEN was first screened
in 1918. In 1921, the original negative...

...was heavily altered for the
American version of the film, Gypsy Blood.

All surviving elements originate from the
same camera negative, which is now lost.

Only fragments of the German distribution
version are preserved on nitrate film... the Deutsche Kinemathek.
A censorship card is not available.

The basis for the digital restoration of
the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation... 2018 was an incomplete
black-and-white archive duplicate...

...from the former holdings of
the State Film Archive of the GDR.

Another shortened black-and-white duplicate
of Western production from the 1970s...

...with German intertitles served as a
supplement for changed or missing shots.

Both materials are now stored
in the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv.

For the 4k digitisation at L'Immagine
Ritrovala, the materials from the... of the Deutsche Kinemathek and
the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv were used...

...and combined to create
a largely complete version.

The total of 45 missing titles were
reconstructed on the basis of the...

...flash titles contained in the
archive duplicate or,...

...if there was no graphic template,
digitally reproduced on the basis...

...of handwritten notes in a
similar font and marked with FWMS.

The nitrate film fragments served as the
basis for the black and white materials.

These also served as the
basis for the colour plan,...

...which, however,
remains largely speculative.


Drama in 6 acts, freely adapted for the
screen by Hanns Kr?ly from Prosper Merrim?

Director - Ernst Lubitsch

Exterior and Interior
Architecture - Kurt Richter

Costume Direction - Alex Hubert
Photography - Alfred Hansen


Jos? Navarro - Harry Liedtke
His Mother ? Mrs. Pagay

Dolores, His Bride - Grete Dierks
Carmen, A Cigarette Worker - Pola Negri

Garcia, Smuggler - Paul Biensfeld
Dan Cairo, Smuggler - Paul Conradi

Remendato, Smuggler - Max Kronert
Carmen's Landlady - Margarete Kupfer

Escamillo, A Bullfighter
? Leopold von Ledebur

An English Officer ? Heinrich Peer
A Prison Guard ? Wilhelm Diegelmann

Lieutenant Esteban - Magnus Stifter

Pola Negri as Carmen.

Harry Liedtke as Don Jos?.

The Director
Ernst Lubitsch.

Jos? is expected on leave.

Jos? is the darling of the village.

To the Dragoon Jos? Navarro.

The Dragoon Jos? Navarro is hereby notified
that he has been promoted to sergeant.

The Dragoon Jos? Navarro is to
report immediately to his unit.

The Commander
Don Pedro

Commander of the Dragoon Regiment

Jos? says goodbye.

"Will you stay faithful to me, Jos??"

Jos? is on guard duty for the first
time as a Sergeant in Seville.

?The Guard is coming!!?


Dear Jos?!
Have you remained faithful to me?

They say that the girls
in Seville are pretty.

and frivolous and love the soldiers.

Your Dolores

?My peineta...!?

Carmen, Sweetest of all
the cigareros of Seville!

If it is true that you are passionate
about wine and love,

then I'll expect you tonight at 1 o'clock
in front of the Palazzio de San Telmo.

Your Cavalier.

?Give me that letter! You! ? You...?

"Just don't be like that,...

...the sparrows already whistle from the
rooftops what sort of person you are!?

"Carmen - the wildcat -
has stabbed Rosita!"

?You have committed a grave wrong, girl,
you must follow me.?

"You I'm happy to to follow!"

"Oh, it is you, my golden officer,
where are you taking me?"

"To gaol!"

"Let me slip away and I will
love you unto death!"

"Go away, Garcia, you disgust me!"

"The devil believe you, that
such a strapping fellow...

...could let himself be
run around by a girl.?

"You are hereby demoted!"

"The soldiers say that he is in prison!"

"It's a pity ? he's a smart fellow,?
it'd be worth helping him.?

In front of the prison.

?I am a close relative of Jos? Navarro...

...and I want to bring this
cake to the poor thing.?

"You are a proud gentleman,
but I like that...

...however this time you
will make an exception."

"I?ll be back tonight
and maybe I'll show my appreciation."

"Devilish pretty girl,
your little relative!"

My little Jos?!

Use the small english file,...

...which is also in the cake;... cuts through the strongest bars.

I will keep your gaoler
entertained tonight at 9 o'clock,... that you have time to escape.

Buy civilian clothes with the
two pesos enclosed...

...and come to Candilejo Street,
to the house,...

...which is marked with a white cross.

Your Carmen.

That evening.

"Excuse me, I have to leave you alone
for a moment, beautiful child,... check on the prisoners."

"Your cousin Jos? snores like a rat."

"Go away, you fat beast!"

"Still no word from Jose." - -

"Tomorrow my uncle leaves for Seville."

Colonel Rodrigues wants to
throw a feast for his friends.

"Go to the gypsy quarter and
arrange a good dancer for the feast."

"Carmen is the most beautiful
and she dances like a whirlwind.?

"Colonel Rodrigues asks you
to dance for him tonight."

"He pays well! -"

"It?s agreed, you will be collected
this evening by the Colonels carriage."

On the evening of the feast.

Having served his sentence, Jos? is
back at his post for the first time.

"You're standing post
as a common soldier?!"

"You are a gentleman who loves life,...

...but beware of black haired girls,
they will bring you death!"

"If you want to see me,
come to Pastia's tavern."

"When will we see each other
again, beautiful Carmen?"

?When you find me, I'll see you again.?

"It's Carmen!"

?Oh, it's you...?

?You wicked man to have left us
without news for so long.?

?How is it that you are
not yet a sergeant??

"I can't tell you everything now,
expect me tonight."

In the tavern of Lillas Pastia.

The smugglers confer with one another.

"Carmen has to show us the
way to get into the city...

...with the goods tonight
without being seen."

"I cannot today;
I am expecting someone."

"I thank you for your kindness,...

...but I am a soldier and could not
make use of the file or the money."

"Are you angry with me, Carmen?"

"Do you hear the
'Call to Quarters' sounding?

I must return to the barracks."

"I can't stay, I have to stand
guard at the postern tonight,...

all sorts of rabble are smuggling
goods through there.?

"Go on, go, you might even
get a spanking if you are late."

"I will take you tonight."

"I'm waiting for my sweetheart,
the Dragoon Jos? Navarro."

"You'll be waiting a long time, he's
standing guard at the postern tonight."

"I will give you the signal
with the castanets."

"What a loyal sweetheart you are to me,
whiling away the time with a young girl."

?A peasant wench is a better match
for you than Carmen anyway.?

?Do not mock the girl!?

"I am no longer an
honourable soldier - Carmen - !"

"Sweet reward awaits you tomorrow."

"So - tomorrow!"

"I managed to find Carmen's lodgings.

She lives on Candilejo Street. Her front
door is marked with a white cross."

The following day.

"A common soldier?!
You have some fine acquaintances!"

"Come on, let us pour lead!"
[molybdomancy - a form of divination]

"A cross and a skull!
Nothing good, my friend,...

...take care that you do not die of me!"

"Your love is so sweet that I don't care
whether it brings me happiness or death!

Dance, Carmen! Dance!!"

"Yes, yes, my friend, the good little
doggie must beg before his master!"

?Don't worry about your future, the
smugglers will gladly take you in.?

"I - a smuggler!
This profession is no good for me!"

"What do you want, considering? -
You're a murderer!"

"Flee with me my beloved,... a country where no one knows us,
where we can start a new life."

"Then we must go our separate ways!"

?So go!?

"Come what may, I will stay with you!?

The smugglers camp.

"We have to part, I must go to Gibraltar,
seek out some good opportunities."

"I am a free gypsy child, and whoever
tries to force me has lost the game."

"This is how you speak to me, for whose
sake I have left my mother and my bride?"

"Go back to your bride!"

On the Bay of Gibraltar.

?Oh, that's delightful!?

"If you enjoy such things,
come and visit me."

On another day

"Escamillo, the most
famous bullfighter in Spain."

"I recognise you, you are
the celebrated matador!"

?When will I meet you??

?Next month there are grand bullfights
in Seville, - - you will meet me there."

A few days later.

"Yes, yes, sir, that's
where you are mistaken!"

"Whoever touches him, I'll
knock them to the ground!"

"Fear not, sir.
Nothing will happen to you."

"Soldiers! ? Soldiers!"

"You won't take me alive,
you scoundrels!"

In Seville on the day of the bullfights.

"What is keeping is Carmen?"

"I have been invited by Escamillo
to ride in his carriage today."


?I know you're betraying
me with a bullfighter!!?


"You are not going to see him today!!!"


?I can't stand to see
Carmen betraying you..?

?After the bullfight
we will meet again here.?

"May the Madonna protect you!"



"Because of you I became
a robber and a murderer...

...and now you are leaving me -
for your love of another!"

"Yes, I love him - as I
have never loved before!"

"You will never see him again!"