Carman: The Champion (2001) - full transcript

Carman must enter the boxing ring once again. Even though the doctor has advised him against it, he picks up his gloves for one last fight, for his father, for his church, for his love, and for his life.

[Atmospheric music]

[Atmospheric music]

[Bell ringing]

[Crowd cheering]

This has escalated into one
of the best fights of the year,

if not the decade.

Leone is doing more than
holding his own.

He's giving the champ a run for
his money, and he's making it



Left right, left right!

The champ is down!

Get to your corner.



That's it!

A body shot and you're down?

You wanted me, fight me!

Fight me now!

Hey, come on!

You're a dead man, keshon!

You're dead!






You okay?


You wanna fight?

Oh, yeah.

All right.


[Bell rings]

There's the bell signaling
the end of round three.

Give me that mouthpiece.

What are you doing out there,

Don't be acting cocky.

Cocky gets you hurt.

I ain't trying to hear that.

I'm tired of holding this bum

[Bell rings]









[Rock music]

[Rock music]

[Female chuckling]


Freddie, Freddie,
put her in the commercial too,


This is good.
This is good.

Freddie, put her in the
commercial, man.

Make her a star.

We all want in the commercial.

Oh, man.

Oh, it's rough life being me.

[Rock music]

[Rock music]

[Rock music]

Excuse me.

Wait a minute.

Keshon said we were gonna be
in his commercial.

He told you that?


Well, keshon says
a lot of things.

Here, this is for you, Teresa,
is that right?

Does it matter?

And that's for you.

That should take care of your
airfare home.

Have a good day, ladies.

[Rock music]


Hold up.

A guy here just got out
San Quinton, needs a place

to stay.

He says he knows you.

Yeah, yeah, come on up.

I'll be back.

Ah this is
Victor michaelson.

Mr. Leone.

How you doing, Vic?

I'm doing good.

You don't remember me, do you?


We met at the center.

I knew your pops real well.

I was one of the dumb ones,
wouldn't listen.

I'm really sorry about what

Maybe I could help some of these
kids see the light, you know

what I'm saying, before it's too

You know, I mean I learned my
lesson, now I want to help

others, you know?

Help them go straight so they
don't have to go through what I

went through.

Here's a letter from the
board of prisons and one from

the chapel.

So it's true, the story about
you spending 3 or 4 million for

this building for kids and
knuckleheads like me?

No, this was my father's.

That's mine.
It's still vacant.

Bernard will take you through
the rest of the procedures.

Listen, can you wait outside
for a second please?

Yeah, sure.
No problem.

Yo, Victor.

God bless you, man.

Thank you, sir.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Mr. Edland, good to see you.

Orlando, I only have a

I'm on my way to San Diego.

Best I can do is buy you a
couple of months to come up with

the balloon payment or i'm
sorry, I'm gonna have to


I understand.

Look, kid, when you put the
big down payment on this place,

you were the champ.

In all due respect, things are
different now.

What about Alfredo?

Now, I know there's some bad
blood between you two, but you

ought to give him a call.

Mr. Edland, thank you for the

I appreciate it.

All right, champ.
Gotta go.

[Rock music]

The guy smells like
new year's Eve.

Well, I can only lead a horse
away from water.

I pay you not to let him

Yo, where my girls at?

Budha, pull over.

Turn that crap off.


I thought I told you no

Look at me when I talk to you.

September 7th, you fight the
biggest fight of your life.

No booze, no women.

Do you understand what i'm
saying to you?


Okay, budha.

[Rock music]


Ma, what are you doing here?

Orlando, take this.

What is this?

I took a loan out on the

Ma, this is not gonna save
the building.

Orlando, if we lose this
building, we lose everything.

I know, I know.

Believe me, I know.

Whew, sometimes I just don't
understand god.

Papa was a good man.

He loved people.

He was always there for me.

The left right combination to
the head of Higgins.

Now a good exchange as Higgins
comes back with a cowering right


What a blistering assault!

He's getting hammered!

Big left hook, stumbles to the
rope, almost went down!

[Ominous music]

[Ominous music]

Here they go again!

The action just won't let up!


At this point, you have to
wonder what they each have left.

They come together again.

[Ominous music]

Have you seen Orlando?

No, I haven't seen him.

Where's Orlando?

I'm not sure.

I think he's up in the office
watching the fight.


They are toe-to-toe in the
center of the ring, a wild

exchange, fanatic pace.

And Higgins is down!

The referee steps in, and he has
stopped the right.

Orlando, come on.

You have people waiting for you.

Who won?

Never mind who won.

Bobby Van, knocked him out.

Just come on, okay?

Come on.
Lets go.

Hey, don't forget, fans,
the next big fight will be

September 7th.

Yo, li'l drae, over here.


Step back, man.


[Car alarm going off]

Stay here.

Come on, go, go, go.



Pedal, go.

Come on, man!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Watch it, man.

Come on, pedal.


Get off!



Oh, my knee.

You broke my knee!

You're lucky I didn't break
your neck.

Come on, get up.

You gonna call the cops?


I'm gonna call your mother.

Oh, huh, what is this?

Yo, preacher man.

Yo, big Mike.

Give it up, homes.

That stuff belongs to me, ese.

You talking about this?

You know you're a bad example
for the youth.

Best not be messing in my
business, preacher man

or you're a fool.

Come down to the church
sometime for fellowship.

♪ Jesus, Jesus is the light.

♪ Jesus, Jesus is the light.

♪ Jesus, Jesus is the light.

♪ Jesus, Jesus is the light.

What are you, some kind of

When was the last time you
were in church?

♪ Jesus, Jesus is the light.

♪ Jesus, Jesus is the light.

♪ Jesus, Jesus is the light.

How's everybody doing tonight?

Everybody all right?

I don't know about you but I
need a hug.

You need a hug?

I want you to turn to somebody
and hug somebody you don't know.

Hug somebody you don't know.

Come on.

Everybody needs it.

What are you waiting for,
fool, Christmas?

Nah, it's just--
[Siren wails]

Yo, he's got a gun.

What up, big Mike?

Just trying to find god, sir.

You know where we can find him?

What are you guys doing?

Tu madre.

Vamanos, Mikey.

You try to have a very safe
evening, okay officer?


Okay, every day you will come
here, and you'll work for me.


You are done running the

That's the deal.

You ain't my father.

Well, maybe you need one.


Mrs. Hererra?

Why is my son handcuffed to
this chair?

You're Caesar's mother?

I'm his mother, now please
answer my question.

Well, because your son--
I broke his car window,


That's it?

Were you expecting more?

I apologize for Caesar, Mr.--

Leone, Orlando Leone.

He's a preacher, mama.

If you don't mind, I have to
get back to work.

How much do we owe you?


Well, Caesar has agreed to
work around the center here for


So, Caesar, 8 o'clock, I
expect to see you here sharp.

Let's go.

Can I walk you out?

No, that's not necessary,
thank you.

Let's go.

Nice to meet you,
Mrs. Hererra.

Give me that bike.

Help me out.

Get into the car.

Get in!

You broke into his car,
didn't you?

I don't appreciate being called
away from my work all the time

because of you, Caesar.

No more, okay?

No more!

He's a boxer, mama.


The preacher.

He was the world champion.

He didn't hit you, did he?


He made me go to church.

Orlando, you snooze,
you lose.

Hey, Johnny.

Hey, man, you want to hold me
up a couple of rounds tonight?

Ain't got time.

Nice piece, where'd you get

You know a kid named Caesar

This his?

I got it off of one of his
homies who tried to bust in my

car last night.

He's a wannabe, been down to
the station a couple of times.

Slings dope for the stoners

Hey, you seen that kid's mother?


Takes a tall, dark skin gal
to make a preacher lay his Bible


What about his father?

I don't know, man.
Maybe he ain't got one.

Hey, I was talking to the
assistant d.A. Last night.

No problem getting you a permit
to carry a piece.

You know, I think preachers
do better when they carry bibles

instead of guns.

Yeah, well you been drawing
some pretty hard lines with them

gangsters, man.

That's why we got guys like
you, to protect and serve.

You sure you don't want to go
a couple of rounds, huh?

Nope, not tonight.

Gotta go in.

Hey, when you gonna give that
job up?

When it's time.

When it's time.

Yeah, when it's time.


Yes, Mr. Lawrence.

Get up to 12 now.

I'm on my way.

Don't ask, just deal with it.


[Puppies whimpering]

Well, I guess you're all
under arrest, eh?

What a night.

All right.
Don't bite.

Don't bite.

[Rock music]

[Rock music]

[Rock music]

[Rock music]

[Rock music]

Yo, I got you.

I got you.
I got you.

Come on, what's the matter,

[Cell phone ringing]


Yo, Freddie.
You better get over here.

The champ's doing his thing


You better hurry, man.

All right.
I'm on my way.

what did I do to deserve you?

[Rock music]

[Rock music]

[Rock music]

ladies and gentlemen.


[Music stops]

As unbelievable as this may
sound, there are other people

in this hotel.

[Music continues]

So if you--

[rock music]

You, come on, baby.

Stop, stop!

[Rock music]

[Music stops]

All right, here's the deal.

Anybody who is not a registered
guest at his hotel

is out of here.

The party is over.

Hey, punk.

You know who's suite this is?

[Female screams]

Keshon, my man.

Get out of my way, chump.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh, snap.

Did you just see that?

Hey, corry.

Get off of me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

That fool upstairs is insane.

You mean keshon?

Yes, I do mean keshon.

Whoa, wait, wait a second.

We can make this thing all
right, huh?

I don't know what happened up
there, but let's just take care

of it, okay?

There we go.

Everybody's going with me if
somebody doesn't talk to me.

Now what happened to the girl?

Officer, the girl is fine.

I just put her in a cab.

Turn that off.

Get that out of my face.

And who are you?

I'm Mr. Banks' attorney.

I said turn that--turn it off.

Officer, I'm the hotel

Look, everything seems to be
under control.

Isn't that right, champ?

Would you come with me, both
of you.

Come here.
Come here.

Now with your permission, my
security chief, Mr. Leone, will

escort everyone who is not
supposed to be here out of my


You still cleaning toilets
for laracco, huh?

Officer, I've instructed my
client not to answer any


Unless somebody here has a
specific complaint, I suggest we

just call it a night, okay?

No, it's not a night.

Hey, hey, hey, chill!


You better calm your client

Champ or no champ, I will take
him in.

I will, officer.

I appreciate your Patience,
thank you very much.


It ain't over between you and
me, Mr. Security punk.

It ain't over between you and
me, you understand?

Now I know who you are.

I was at your last fight when
you won the title.

Man, I thought you were down for
the count.

Yeah, a few people thought I
was down for the count.

Okay, people, party's over.

Let's go.

The door's over here.
Thank you for coming.


Thank you.

Gotta get a new home for you,
get you some new friends.

New friends.





You feeling a little dizzy?

Just a little head rush.

Well, you know, that was a
pretty bad whack you took.


I wish you'd stay the night,

Ah, I'll be all right.

I've had worse.

You better go hide that puppy.

Mr. Laracco?

You know where I got that?

From that nice kid downstairs.

You are aware that our champion
has the fight of his career come


Can't make odds on a fight for
the world champion because some

washed-up, punk security guard
knocks him coo-coo in a hotel


I'm sorry, Mr. Laracco, i--

oh, he's sorry, Anna.

He's killing me, and he's sorry.

The fight's cancelled, Freddie.

You just cost me a lot of money.

Mr. Laracco, I'll find a way
to fix everything.

You'll do exactly as I say,

'Cause if you don't...


What's up, fool?

To sissy to hold up a trash can?

Yo, what's with the dress?

It ain't no dress, it's an

You're supposed to be out
here slinging with me.

I'm busy.

You a fool.

You's a dead fool.

I'm done.

Can I go?

Uh, no.

[Puppy whimpering]

What's that?

I don't know, what is it?

[Puppy barking]

Mack is our new mascot.

♪ Father who art in heaven.

♪ Thy kingdom come, thy will

♪ be done on earth

♪ as it is in heaven.

♪ Thy kingdom come,

♪ thy will be done on earth

♪ as it is in heaven.

♪ On earth as it is

♪ in heaven.

♪ On earth as it is--

before you leave here
tonight, I just want to remind

you that god does have a perfect
will for your life, and he

understands the desires of your
heart because he put those

desires there.

But we have to have Patience,
and that's the tough part.

So I'm gonna ask you to do this
one little thing before we


I'm gonna ask you to grab hands
with the person next to you,

very quickly.

We're gonna have a word of

Just bow your heads, heavenly
father, we thank you for

tonight, for watching over US
and for changing your lives and

watching over US as we go home.

In Jesus' name, and everybody
said, "amen."

You are dismissed.

Mrs. Hererra.


So good to see you again.

I'm here to pick up my son.

That was very nice.

Mrs. Hererra.



This is Alfredo, my brother,
better known as Freddie.

Nice to meet you.

I'm sorry to interrupt.

Do you mind if I have a word
with my brother?

I'll be with you in a minute.

Oh, no, no, please.

I just need to get my son home.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah, nice to meet you too.

See you upstairs.

Yeah, I'll be there.

We have coffee and cookies and
cake and stuff.

I'll be right back, just be a

Um, okay.

Hello, little brother.

So what brings you to church?

I'm here to make your dream
come true.


Orlando Leone, he was the
champ once.

Keshon banks, he is the champ

Out of my way, chump.

Or is he?

You read about it in the papers,
now see these champion

gladiators as they face-off for
the cruiserweight title of the


Orlando, the preacher, Leone,
versus keshon, the butcher,


It's the Saint versus the sinner
at the olympic auditorium on

September 7th.

Judgment day falls.

And so will he.

What are you doing, Freddie?

Here's the deed to your

Where'd you get this?

I bought it from edland.

It's yours free and clear.

All you gotta do is show up
September 7th and the building's


I also got you $1 million
guaranteed up front with odds at

20 to 1.

I'm not a fighter.

I must be in the wrong place.

You're not a fighter.

Golden gloves, Olympics, ten
years as a pro, you're not a


Wake up, Orlando.

This--this is what you do.

This is who you are.

Not anymore.

Orlando, that lucky punch
that you threw at keshon

destroyed the odds on our fight.

We had to cancel it.

It left US with an open slot
and--well, guess who's gonna

fill the slot?

If I don't do this fight, you
gonna take that building from


Is that what it is, Freddie?

Why do you always have to
make it sound like I'm a

bad guy?

Get out of here.
Get out of here.

Budha, it's all right.
Budha, wait outside.

I want to talk to my brother.

You know, I come here to do
something for you to help you


The least you could do is show a
little gratitude.

This is garbage, edland would
never sell me out.

Edland didn't sell you out, I
bought you out.

And who are you to talk about
selling out?

Did you really think that I
would ever take a dive in a

championship fight?

You would have had another
shot in six months for twice the


You sold me out.

You sold out the family, you
sold out the ministry.

We're talking about boxing

We're not talking about some
Sunday school outing here,

all right?

You don't say no to laracco, he
says you go down, you go down.

And I'll tell you something
else, the only reason that

you're alive today is because of

Get out of here.

You really hate me, don't

I pity you.

You pity me?

Well, that's interesting 'cause
I'm not behind in payments.

That's your dream.
It's not mine.

I'll tell you something, you
don't go into the ring on

September 7th, I'm selling the
dream to the highest bidder.

It's all about the money,
isn't it?

That's what that's about.

That is about honoring papa.

Yeah, well we'll see what
bank is gonna honor your

righteousness as collateral.

You'll call me.

Excuse me, sir.
We can't find Caesar.

All right.

When did you last see him?

He was here earlier before
the service.

I left my son here with you,
where is he?

He's not in the building.
I looked for him everywhere.

I even checked the parking lot.

Have you checked your home?

Orlando, maybe we should call
the police.

Give me the keys to the

Where are you going?

I'm gonna go find Caesar.

I'm going with you.

What about the boy's father?

You think he could be with him?


How about at your work?

Why are you asking all these

He's not allowed around the
restaurant anymore, okay?

Just find my little boy, please.


Have you seen Caesar?

He's my son.

Have you seen him?

Little punk.

Why are you stopping?

Look, there's your boy.



Oy, I was so worried.

Goldie got out.

I had to go find her.

Why do you always have to worry

Thank you for helping.

You're very welcome.

Caesar's father was the youth
leader of the church.

He's back in Florida somewhere.

Caesar has never met him.


When I told his father I was
pregnant, he freaked out and

left the youth group and

Nice guy.


That's what I thought.

I was 15 at the time.

Then when Caesar was born, I
mailed his father a picture.

He sent it back and told me
never to contact him again.

After that, I wanted nothing to
do with the church.

I still very much believe.

I just need some time.

So I've been sitting here
rambling and too

much information.

I'm sorry.

Oh, no.

I'm enjoying this.

So, what about you,
Mr. Orlando Leone, preacher,

boxer extraordinaire.

Where's your wife and ten

I think when I was fighting,
I just put my all heart and

passion into that.

Then when this youth center came
up, I put my heart and

passion into that.

So far, so good.

So far.

Aren't you supposed to come
around and open my door or

something like that?

Something like that.

I haven't kissed anybody in a
long time.

Then we should practice.

[Puppy whimpering]

What are you looking at?

[Puppy whimpering]

[Engine revving]

We've been looking for you,

How you feeling today, partner,

You don't look so hot.

Don't act like you don't know
what's up, homes.

Get over here, ese.


Where's my pistola?

Donde esta mi drugas?

You saw that preacher with
the drugs.

He took li'l drae's gun too.

No, no, no, no, no.

It was your piece and your

Now that's $400 for the glock,
$75 for the crack, plus $50 a

day interest.

That's $575 you owe me, ese.

Start working it off.

Do you know this used to be a

But this was papa's dream.

This is what he wanted to do.

He wanted to build a place where
people could get saved and also

have a place to live until they
get their lives put back


So what do you think?

Well, I think it's a long
time for a building like this to

be empty.

Yeah, it won't be much

I'm sorry, but from what
you've told me, I don't know how

you're gonna do it.

Allia, it's faith.

That's how I live.

That's what got all this in the
first place.

Faith plus $3 million you
earned in the ring, you invested

your retirement and your
security for a building that now

can be taken away from you in 30

Sorry, I think I'm beginning to
understand why you never

committed to anyone.

Gotta go.

Allia, what did you mean by
what you said back there?

I care about you.

Estoy UN poca loca.

But I just don't want to end up
like this building.

Hey, Johnny.

Hey, what's up, man?

I gotta talk to you.


I know this is gonna sound

I'm gonna fight banks for the

Oh, keshon banks?

Yeah, what you been smoking,

No, straight up.

I am fighting keshon banks for
the championship belt,

September 7th,
olympic auditorium.

Yeah, so it's true, huh?

You really did knock him out?

He was drunk.

September 7th?

Are you crazy, man?

A little bit.

Yeah, well I hope they pay
you some serious

change for that, man.

Who's your trainer gonna be?


It's being called the fight
of the decade, payback for

keshon banks' first unofficial
loss back in a hotel room last

month to a security guard.

But not just any security guard,
it was Orlando Leone, who

surprised the boxing world when
he took out the champ with one


Gentlemen, thank you for

Orlando Leone has challenged
our champion, and we have


On September 7th, keshon banks
will step into the ring and he

will, once again, show the world
why, pound-for-pound, he is the

greatest fighter in the world.

Keshon, what's your
prediction for the fight?

Total destruction.

Yours or Leone's?

You think I'm playing?

[Rock music]

When I get done with him, even
god wouldn't recognize him.

Any other questions?

[Rock music]

[Rock music]

You're gonna fight
the champion of the world

September 7th, right?

That's right.

So the shape you're in now
is, basically, the shape you're

gonna be in come fight night, so

It's not exactly a comforting

Orlando, come on, man.

You kept yourself in great

You're over here every day.

There's not a guy in here that
can lay a glove on you.

I'm not fighting any of these

I'm fighting killer
keshon banks, the who knows what

from who knows where.

You were champion of the
world, right?

Well, you know how when you're
the champion, everything you do,

every minute of the day has to
do with being the champ.

Well, with keshon banks,
it ain't exactly like

that, now is it?

Where you going with this?

Where I'm going with this, my
brother, is that dude is out

with the ladies, partying all
night, drinking gin and juice.

Now that don't make him an
unworthy opponent, it just gives

you a better shot at not getting

You have a good day.

Hi, allia.

Hi Johnny.

You're serious about this fight?

Yeah, dead serious.

[Skillet "best kept secret"]

♪ You're the hope
over the centuries. ♪

♪ You're the cosmic force
that rules the galaxies. ♪

♪ You're the evidence
that demands our belief. ♪

♪ And I can't live
for myself. ♪

♪ I can't keep this all
to myself, yeah yeah. ♪

♪ You're the best kept
secret in my generation. ♪

♪ The best kept
secret of all time. ♪

♪ You're the best kept
secret in my generation. ♪

♪ And I found you out. ♪

You used to be the boxing
champion of the whole wide

world, Orlando.

That was ten years.

Well, isn't it like riding a
bike or swimming, once you know

how, you don't forget?

When a fighter gets older,
certain things happen to their

body, like, um, the first thing
that goes is your legs, which

means you don't have the ability
to get yourself out of danger.

And the next thing that happens
is you lose your speed, which

means, for a boxer, your speed
is everything, so you throw a

punch, and you're trying to hit
something but their head keeps


So every punch you throw, you
keep missing, you keep missing.

And then the worse thing happens
is you lose your reflexes.

You see a punch coming, and you
can't get out of the way.

That's when people get hurt.

But the thing that makes the
difference is the kill factor.

It's the part of you that has
that killer instinct that says,

"I'm gonna go in there, and i'm
gonna tear this guy's head off."

It's been ten years.

And I don't know if I can get
that back.

Then don't fight.

You want to tell me what's
going on with you and your


It's an opportunity.

The minute that I step into the
ring, all of papa's dreams get


We'll have enough money to pay
for the whole thing, even

renovate the whole place, all of

And you and Freddie are on
the same page?

Yes, 100%.

Mr. Laracco, Mrs. Laracco.

Hello, Freddie.

Aren't you hot in that black

I'm fine.
I'm fine.

Freddie, my man.

We have an announcement to make.

Your brother, Orlando Leone, is
gonna be our next cruiserweight

champion of the world.

Ha, does keshon know this?

I don't think so.

You haven't told him yet.

With all due respect, sir.

Keshon banks, at this point
would like nothing better than

to knock my brother's head off.

It's just not gonna happen, no

Thank you.

Mr. Laracco, if keshon hears
he has to take a dive for a

security guard, he won't even
step in the ring.

Good-bye, Freddie.

The body, hit the body champ.

Come on work your body.

One, two combination.
Come on.

Is he okay?
He looks tired.

All right, time.

That's it, champ.
That's it.

Touch gloves here we go.

All right let's get that head
gear off, huh?


Man, what, is she running this
show from now on or what?

That's right, vato.

Oh, you want to come in here
and say that?

Well, you know what,
well, by the way.

You know what?

All right.
Come on, bring it on.

You'll see.

No, no, no, you'll see, okay?

You got your hair.

You will see, all right?

You want to put some lipstick

How about some perfume?


Did you see that?

That's it.
That's it.

Come on, come on.
Come on, cover up, champ.

What are you doing?

Give me your best shot.

She's getting the best of
you, champ.

Cover up.
Cover up.

It's illegal.

Yeah, it's illegal.

Man, did you see what she


Orlando, don't play around,
come on.




Come on.


What's the matter?

Your brother's fortunate that
that blow from the baseball bat

didn't kill him.

But the trauma did lead to a
condition known as radical



So we don't waste anymore of
your valuable time, please if

you would, just tell US what
medications Mr. Leone needs, and

we'll all go on with our day.

I don't think you're hearing

There is no medication, no
treatment for this.

If this man takes another blow
to the head, he could die.

Look, you are playing Russian
roulette if you get back in the


One good punch and you could be
dead before you reach the E.R.

Doctor, would you excuse US
for a moment please, hmm?

Doctor, let me have a word
with you please.

I'll be in the next room.

Thank you.

We just want to have a word with
my brother, thanks.

Mr. Laracco, this doesn't
look good.

It'll be fine, Freddie.

It's gonna be fine.

It will be okay, won't it, kid?

Oh, yeah.

'Cause I'm not stepping in the
ring on Saturday night.

The fight's off.

No, not off.

You are gonna step into the ring
on Saturday night.

And you are, most certainly,
going to fight.

I don't think you're hearing

You are not hearing me.

That was a very bad year because
of you.

Obviously, a very bad year for
your father.

What are you saying?

When you didn't take a dive like
you were supposed to, you made

me suffer.

You make me suffer, I make you

What goes around, comes around.

You killed my father?

Don't break any bones, budha.

We need a clean bill of
health for our fighter

on Saturday night.

Let go.

Freddie, do you know
anything about this?

Mr. Laracco.

I tell you what?

Why don't we dedicate this fight
to your mother.

You can do it for mom,
can't you, kid?

Oh, yeah, mom.


I knew we'd have a meeting of
the minds.


Well, are you okay?

Oh, yeah.

I just gotta remember to keep my
left up around you.

Ready to go?

Yeah, let's go.

Want this?


[Rock music]

[Rock music]

Goldie, no!




No, Goldie!

[Tires screeching]

Got a nice dog, homes.

He don't behave too well though.

Give me my dog.

No, no, no, no, no.

I oughta cap you right now.

So what's it gonna be, you or
the preacher, ese?

Set him up.

Hagalo bien.

And don't mess up, ese.

Welcome to la casa de Maria.

I need to talk to allia.

Carne asada, Mexican
style, wonderful.

There's someone here to see

Excuse me for a second.




I need to talk to you.

Just for a moment, I promise.

Is everything all right?

Everything's fine.

I didn't hear what you said,
what'd you say?

Yes, yes, Orlando Leone,
I will marry you!

[Rock music]


I don't want you to listen to
this garbage.

Someone's here to see you.

Come on.

Hi, Caesar.

Why is he here?

Well, your mother and I have
decided to get married.

To each other.

Is that okay with you?

Honey, what's the matter?

I thought you'd be happy.

Nothing's the matter.

What do you want me to say?

I'm sorry.

I didn't expect this.

I don't think he did either.

Let's get to work.

Let's get in here.
Get the mouthpiece in, huh doc?

All right, we got two-minute
rounds, guys.

Come on, come on.

Put some fire in it.
Touch gloves and come out now.

Come on.

All right, here we go.

There you go.

All right, there you go.

All right, come on.

Well, hey.

How you doing?

All right.

Wanna talk?

Hop in, we'll go for a ride.

Meet you down at the wash.

All right.

[Ominous music]

[Ominous music]

[Ominous music]

[Ominous music]

[Ominous music]

[Ominous music]

Caesar, I've never done
anything like this before, I

mean, been married.

I'm gonna need some help too.

[Ominous music]

Is there anything you want to
ask me?

Anything you're concerned about?

Watch out!

[Shots firing]

[Shots firing]

What's going on?

[Shots firing]

[Shots firing]

[Thrilling music]

[Thrilling music]

[Shots firing]

[Thrilling music]



Stay in the car.

Stay back!


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

[Somber music]

[Somber music]

[Somber music]

[Somber music]

[Somber music]

[Somber music]

Welcome, ladies and
gentlemen, to one of the most

off-the-wall matchups we've seen
in quite a while.

Well, Steve that certainly is
true because up until last

month, tonight's card was
supposed to be keshon banks

against Juan Carlos, as you

But when it became publicized
that Orlando Leone, a former

champ working as a security
guard, knocked out banks with

one punch, things changed rather

Lord, we pray you give
Orlando the strength of a

Samson, the courage of Caleb,
and the heart of David.

Lord, protect this warrior as he
lays it on the line for you


In your name, we pray.





We just want to tell you
we love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Now, I want you to do something
for me.

I want you to take care of this.

Make sure nobody steals it.

I'll see you when it's over.


Take care.

Take care.


May I?


A bullfight, huh?

Moment of truth.

You always fought for what was
right, like pop.

I always respected that, hated
you for it too.

There are times that i--i hated
pop too.

But in my own way, I loved him
as much as you did.

And I never would have done
anything to deliberately hurt


And by the way, third round,
champ's gonna take a fall.

I know you'll do the right
thing, you always have.

Take care out there, champ.

I ain't goin' out for no
security guard!

I ain't gonna do it!

You're not gonna do what,

I ain't taking no dive!

You know, three years ago, you
were roaming the streets,

picking up old ladies and
beating them up for chump


I took you in.

I gave you a place to live.

I created you.

I said, I created you.

That means when your head hits
the canvas tonight, and it will

hit that canvas tonight, my
young friend, in the third


You'll be free falling into a
comforter stuffed with

$5 million.

Couple of months in Vegas,
kicking back with the ladies,

you won't even remember this

Make myself clear?


Excuse me?

Yeah, I understand what you

Then make it look good,

Oh, by the way, preacher's got a
brain problem.

Don't hit him in the head.


Have a good fight, champ.

Oh, Lee, it's me.

Listen, I want to place a

You heard me, just do it, all

[Bell ringing]

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to tonight's main event.

The title fight for the
cruiserweight championship of

the world!

Come on, ma.

What an incredible atmosphere
here in this packed arena


Give it up for Orlando,
the preacher, Leone, Jr.!

Let's go.

And here comes the

[Skillet "best kept secret"]

♪ You're the best kept
secret in my generation. ♪

♪ The best kept
secret of all time. ♪

♪ You're the best kept
secret in my generation. ♪

♪ The best kept
secret of all time. ♪

Remember Leone hasn't
boxed in a professional bout in

ten years.

Well, that obviously
doesn't seem to bother this


This darn place is on fire.

And it's gonna get even

Here's your champion, keshon,
the butcher, banks!

[Rock music]

Coming in with his usual

I tell you the crowd absolutely
loves this guy, always brimming

with confidence.

[Rock music]

And now banks and Leone go

Look at the way they're circling
each other, taunting as the mind

games begins.

And look how banks shoves

And this fight could break out
earlier than planned.

Let's go up to ring announcer,
Gary burman, for the official


In the red corner, the former
w.B.A. Cruiserweight champion

and olympic bronze medallist,
from Los Angeles, California,

Orlando, the preacher, Leone!

And in the blue corner weighing
190 pounds of unrelenting

destruction, from Las Vegas,
Nevada with a record of 23 wins,

21 knockouts, the undefeated,
undisputed, cruiserweight

champion of the world,
keshon, the butcher, banks!

Gentlemen, you both know the

I want a good, clean fight.

Obey my commands at all times.

Touch 'em up.

Let's rock and roll!

There you have the final
instructions as both fighters

seem eager to get this showdown
started, we get set for the

opening round.

It's all you, brother,
go get it!

[Bell rings]

[Crowd cheering]

[Crowd cheering]

And it's Leone who throws the
first punch, a--jab

easily blocked by banks.

And once again, it's the
challenger, Leone, looking to

dictate the fight here at the
outset as he presses the attack,

looking to be the aggressor.

There you go.
Come on!

But wait, banks able to spin
Leone around and the

challenger finally gets his
wake-up call.

Leone grabs banks and ties him

Leone with a gorgeous double
left hook.

[Bell rings]

[Crowd booing]

The crowd isn't very happy
with keshon's performance here

in the first round.

And I have to say, bill, that I
agree with them.

Leone, on the other hand,
looks sharper after ten years

than I thought possible.

How you feeling, champ, huh?



Well as we get ready to start
round two, we'll see if keshon's

trainers have figured out what
the problem is.

[Bell rings]


Come on, man.

Come on, champ.
Let's see what you got.

What is Leone doing?

You want me, here I am.

Come on, man.
Come on, man.

What are you doing?

You the champ.

Get your hands up!

Cover your face!

Leone's not being too wise

He shouldn't be lowering his
hands like that.

Get out of the corner!

Once again, keshon blows a
good opportunity as Leone spins

out of the corner.

I don't know if I like the looks
of what this fight is turning


Come here, you.

I don't know what's going on in
this ring, but I don't want

any more of it.

You know the rules.
I want a boxing match.



What a blistering assault by

He suddenly has Leone reeling.

[Bell rings]


Get in your corner.

It just shows the kind of
explosive power he can


When he actually wants to turn
it on, he really can turn it on.

What are you doing out there,

Don't be acting cocky!
Cocky gets you hurt!

This kid's young, you're not.

I ain't trying to hit him.

I'm tired of holding this bum

This is your round!
This is round three!

All right.

Let's go.

[Bell rings]

Well, there's no fooling
around this round as Leone

dashes out and attacks banks
with a quick combination of


Left right, left right.

Oh, what an upper cut by
Leone followed by a big left


The champ is down!


That's it?

A body shot and you're down?

You wanted me, fight me!

Fight me now!

Come on!

The crowd goes wild as keshon
suddenly rises to his feet.

Nailed Leone with four,
straight, big, right hands.

You're a dead man, keshon!

You're dead!







You okay?


You want to fight?

Oh, yeah.

Finally this is turning into
a fight.


Keshon charges in and head butts

I don't know if that was an

Keshon is on a rampage.

[Bell rings]

There's the bell signaling the
end of round three.

You're a boxer.

I want you to box, all right?

Mr. Laracco, I think
you better get

the [bleep] out of here.

Give him some water, give him
some water.

Listen, listen, listen, listen!

You want to win this?

You gotta wear him out.

Come on, now.

You gotta wear him out.

Are you all right?

Talk to me, talk to me!

Left to the body, take it


You knock him down.

[Bell rings]

[Muffled cheering]

[Muffled cheering]

[Muffled cheering]


It's round four as both come
out with fire in their eyes.

Leone crumbles to the canvas,
down for the second time.








You all right?


Banks playing to the crowd
and motions to Leone, is that

all you got?

Banks pummeling Leone in the

Get out of the corner!

Let's go, Orlando!



Leone is doing more than
holding his own, he's giving the

champ a run for his money.

Left hook from Leone and
banks goes crashing down!

Go on?



[Heart beating]

[Heart beating]

Go to your corner!


Get up!









You okay?
You gonna fight?


All right.


Yeah, come on!

Come on right here!

Over here!

Get him!




Go baby!

There you go!

There you go, yeah!

Yeah, baby, yeah!

That's it.
That's it.











It's over!

It's all over!

Orlando Leone has come back to
upset keshon banks for the

cruiserweight championship!

What an incredible night!

This is absolutely unbelievable,
one of the greatest comebacks in

the history of the sport!

How does $20 million sound?

What are you talking about?

I bet the whole thing on you.

Your dream, your dream has come


Yes, you got it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have
a new cruiserweight champion of

the world, the preacher,
Orlando Leone Jr.!

[Carman "faith enough"]

♪ I wanna tell you

♪ how you can go
the extra mile. ♪

♪ Coming so far by
faith its time. ♪

♪ To cross the
finish line with style. ♪

♪ Don't say it
can't be done. ♪

♪ You can do
anything with god. ♪

♪ There by your side.

♪ Your gonna fly, if
you believe tonight. ♪

♪ Storm down the
doors, tomorrow is yours. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Pray through the
night, you'll be alright. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Enough, enough,
enough, enough. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Don't say it
can't be done. ♪

♪ 'Cause you can do
anything with god. ♪

♪ There by your side, your
gonna fly if you believe. ♪

♪ Storm down the
doors, tomorrow is yours. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Pray through the
night, you'll be alright. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Enough, enough,
enough, enough. ♪

♪ Say it, long as
you have faith. ♪

♪ Now through your window.

♪ You only see
darkness through the night. ♪

♪ And you may wonder.

♪ When will I
clearly see the light. ♪

♪ Now don't say it
can't be done. ♪

♪ You can do anything
with god. ♪

♪ Picture the view,
everything new ♪

♪ if you believe tonight.

♪ Storm down the
doors, tomorrow is yours. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Pray through the
night, you'll be alright. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Enough, enough,
enough, enough. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Enough, enough,
enough, enough. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Don't say it
can't be done. ♪

♪ 'Cause you can do
anything with god. ♪

♪ There by your side, you're
gonna fly if you believe. ♪

♪ Storm down the
doors, tomorrow is yours. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Pray through the
night, you'll be alright. ♪

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Storm down the doors.

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Pray through the night.

♪ Say it, long as
you have faith. ♪

♪ Storm down the doors.

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Storm down the doors.

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Storm down the doors.

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Storm down the doors.

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪

♪ Pray through the night.

♪ Say it, long as you
have faith enough. ♪