Care (2013) - full transcript

Drea, a 20-something woman living in Brooklyn, struggles to make progress in her own life while being the sole caregiver for her father, who has Alzheimer's. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hi, I am so sorry, I apologize. Thank you so much.

Are you ready to go, Dad?

Where's your license, you sonofabitch--

You want to poison me!?

I'm sorry, he's usually very pro-hot-dog.

You can't step on that and track it into the house!

C'mon Dad, you got it yesterday.
C'mon Dad, you got it yesterday.

Just one step.

Rush hour, Dad, you know?



Get home safe.

Where the hell are we, Francine?

It's "Drea," Dad. Your daughter.
We're on Flatbush.

I'm gonna call a car.
Let's wait in that bar.

Good night for drinking.



Club soda.

When you're ready
for another...

Sonja with a "j" will take care of you.
Cause I'm actually in the band.


-Or the opposite of that.
Hey, sign up for our mailing list!

I'll wait to hear how you sound.

Thank you! We're Ward of the State!


Are you still out there?


These are wired all wrong!

What is this-- no! If just one of these banks of capacitors--

This whole-- this-- who wired this mess?

What is this?!

I am so sorry!
-It's okay, no sweat.

Hey, you gonna be all right?
-No, no, no, I ruined your set!

Just get home safe, okay?
-Thank you.

Dad, come on, let's go.

Why am I doing this?

Because it's fun.

It's not fun.

It helps you focus.

She's a great designer.
-Clients like her.

Bit of a nine-to-fiver, though.

Yeah but I'm sure she'll adapt.

Drea, could I have a quick word?
-Yes, of course.

You know about this project Kyle and I are working on upstate, right?

Sure, yeah.

We'd like to invite you to come on, help us out.

-I'll email you the details.


...I got offered a great project.

Francine, you hate that job.

I love my job.

Maybe it's time we had some, some-- goats.

You want some goats?


Oh!-- How about the bowtie pasta with the fake meatballs?

You're a little frigid sometimes, you know.

He might be hungry!

I have to leave at 4:30, my kid has a thing!
-No problem, Angie, thanks!

Site visit every Monday.

Contractors in the morning.

Clients in the afternoon. Sometimes dinner.

And most weeks we
stay the night.

Is that manageable?
-Yeah, definitely.

So you're an architect, right?

Well, what would you do to change...

That building. Right there.

The Empire State building?
-Yeah. Nothing's perfect.

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I would, well, hmm.

Oh, what is that?

Good bones!

Two words: bed bugs.

I got a show Wednesday night.

Evenings are hard.


Weekends are hard.

Should I keep asking, or should I go back and stand in the garbage?

Yes, I'm sorry, let's definitely figure something out.

We'll definitely figure out a time. Okay.

Yeah, I'll walk you.
-Thank you.

Oh, you're bringing with us?
--Oh yeah, I'm bringin' it.

TV: "How did that make you feel?"

TV: "I feel like a failure."

TV: "Like a failure. Okay. Even though I lost my job..."

TV: "Even though I lost my job..."

TV: "And I had to move into a cheaper place..."

TV: "And had to move into a cheaper place..."

TV: "And that makes me terrified."

TV: "I accept my fear..."

TV: "And I accept all parts of myself..."

So, which is fine...

but we gotta get

an elevation of that
pretty quickly.

Going have to redo
the measurements.

Drea, Mike's going to need new sketches.

Did he get outside at all?

We spent a bit in the
garden but I'm not

taking him for walks anymore.
If he throws himself in front of a--

Uh, what are your Monday nights like?
--Oh, I'm good. No more hours. Bye-bye.

I brought you something.

What is it?

It's in the van. And it's raining.

You did this? Wow.

Is it for me?

It's just an excuse for me to get
closer to your butt.

From the garbage straight
to my heart.

Come with me to the bar.
I want you to meet some of my friends.

Angie just left, I can't.
--An hour.

I know it seems like it should be easy.

Come on, Drea. Seriously?
He's in his house. He's fine.

What do you know?

Forget it.

How many times are we
gonna have lunch together?

Come back. After.

We don't do open flame.

We can hang with him if you want.
While he's awake.

He shouldn't know you're here.

--He'd think I was cheating on him.

He thinks I'm his wife.

Your Mom?
--Imaginary wife. Francine.

You correct them on that?

Almost every time.
Sometimes it's easier just to let it go.

It's not too weird, mostly.

He's doing something out there.
--Don't worry about it.

Who are you?

I'm Will. I'm seeing your daughter, Drea.

I stayed here last night.

Good coffee.

Sweet office. You makin' bank or what?

Will you do it?
--Get a babysitter or something?

He doesn't like strangers in the house.

I have to sneak my boyfriend in
while he's sleeping.

You got a boyfriend? You got a boyfriend?

Evidence of a life. I love it.

Look, Drea, let's just find a place for Dad

that knows how the fuck to take care of a guy
that doesn't even recognize his own kids

And in another won't be able to feed himself.

Amiel, there are simple conversations
and there are involved ones.

This is a simple one.

I'm asking you to come up on Monday,

Stay with him till Tuesday,

All expenses paid.

What if I want to bring hookers?

And what if those hookers dine lavishly?

And the answer is...?

Why don't you practice
this on the actual guy?

Because I don't want him to be in a wheelchair
until he has to be.

I think you're a little heavier than my Dad.

Enough. Okay? Christ.
I did not sign up for this.

You know, I cleaned up poop the other day?

You cleaned up poop?

Hi. I know we never confirmed,
but I'm here.

And, uh...

I just got your text. Okay...
I will talk to you later, then.

We need to remeasure the south facing wall

to make sure it's still flush with the roof...

May I see the plans?

I'm sorry, excuse me just one second...




What are you doing in there?

If I understand what I'm seeing,
you left him here, alone

For, I don't know, hours.

This was a small thing, Amiel,
a gesture, a favor.

A day out of your life. Not even a day,
an evening of doing what I do all day!


Get in.

Did you call the cops?

They're busy.
--That's stupid.

Wait for him inside,
I'll loop around, okay?

Oh, shit!
--What the fuck, dude!


Hey buddy, let's get in the car.

Even though my father's
condition is getting worse,

And I don't see a way out,

And I'm in my twenties

which is supposed to be the
best time of my life.

And if it weren't for my father's disease

I'd be able to have a boyfriend for
more than two weeks.

And I'd be a project manager
rather than designing utility rooms.

Even though I'm terrified

I accept the fear
and I accept

All parts of myself,
and it'll all be okay

Because one
day he'll be dead.

That can't be right.


I'll get him some, what, tea?

Welcome home.

Hello, Drea.

I had to evacuate.

I know.

I'm not at my best.

None of us are.

Thank you for all that you do.

I just wanted to make
sure he didn't hurt himself.

He still physically strong.

But you know that.
--It, it's--

I want you to think about

what's next for him.

Because one person,
no matter how

amazing she is, can't
do this alone.

It's only going to get worse.

I shouldn't have called you like that.
None of this is your problem.

Yeah, maybe.

What I came here to say
is, if what you need

is one lousy night a
week upstate with

someone watching your
dad who can handle him?

Whaddaya say, Steve?


Put 'em up.

Now stay like that.