Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie (1999) - full transcript

Sakura and her friends have just finished the fourth grade, and are enjoying a well-deserved break from both school and cardcaptoring. While shopping at a local store, Sakura is fortunate enough to win a free trip to Hong Kong. Once there she is reunited with her rival and friend Syaoran Li, soon discovering that her good fortune is actually the work of a powerful sorceress with a grudge against Clow Reed, the long-dead creator of the Clow Cards. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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Shelty, Mad House

It's coming, Sakura!

This is bad!

God of Thunder, I call thee!

Thank you, Li!

Don't take your eyes off it!

- Now!
- Yeah!

Wind, become a binding chain!



Return to the guise that you
were meant to be inl CLOW CARD!

Just a little more, and Shaoran
would have gotten the card!

You're so cute, Sakura.

All right! Well done! Only the champion
I chose could be this awesome, right...?

...Cardcaptor Sakura!

Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie

Where am I?


Huh? I can breathe.

Water is a thing that flows.

Water is a thing that flows.

A dream...?

- Nishimura.
- Here!

- Kobayashi.
- Here!

Well done.

- Kondo!
- Here!

Let's try a little harder next time.

- Shimizu!
- Here!

How did you do?

I made it! I was afraid my
math grade might have dropped.

That's good!

- Daidouji.
- Here!

- Nomura.
- Here!

Are you worried about
your grades, too, Li?

N- Not really.

It's okay! I'm with you!

Oh, I get it. You don't
want your mother to see it!

- Y- You're wrong!
- Oh, Tomoyo. What did you get?

The same as the first term.

That means you got really
good grades, doesn't it?

Shaoran Li, Meilin Li.


Meilin is brimming
over with confidence.

Yeah. Say, are you going somewhere
for winter vacation, Tomoyo?


Why didn't I get perfect grades?!

Well, you're still new here from Hong Kong,
so your Japanese still needs work.

What a relief. I can
show this to mother...

You're really good
at schoolwork, Tomoyo!

Oh, I'm not that good at it.

Yes, you are.

Let's see...

Thank you.

Are you going to use it
for winter homework?


I know...

Ta-dah! Draw one.

It's a year-end event the
Tomoeda shopping district is having.

The special prize is
a trip to Hong Kong.

- Wow!
- Good luck, Sakura!


Many other children from Tomoeda
Elementary School also tried...

...but they all got the small prizes.


Huh? Um...

What color did you get?

I guess I got the small prize, too.

Let's see...

The sp...



TRIP TO HONG KONG: 5 days, 4 nights


- Ta-dah!
- This is amazing!!

An overseas trip, huh?

It's winter vacation,
so the timing is perfect!

Exactly! I've never
been out of the country!

Ooh! Hong Kong, eh?!
That brings back memories...

Kero, have you been to Hong Kong?

Only for a short time.
I went with Clow.

That means...

...these Clow cards have
also been to Hong Kong!

Yeah. Those cards were made
by the sorcerer, Clow Reed.

I wonder what Hong Kong is like?

Leave it to me! I'll take you
to all the best places!


Oh? Wait...

What's wrong?

Isn't your dad going on a
business trip this winter vacation?

Now that you mention it...

You can go.

Are you sure?

Sure. It would be a shame
to let the prize go to waste.

And besides, even if I can't go,
Toya can go with you to look after you.

But, big brother,
your part-time jobs...

It'll cost you five chores.

But you'll go?!

Okay, after that
there's Tomoyo, and... about bringing
Mr. Tsukishiro in my place?

I think that would be all right.
He said he didn't have any plans.

All right!

I've never been on a plane before!

You brought your video camera...?

Yes! "Sakura in Hong Kong"!

I wouldn't possibly lose such
a wonderful filming opportunity!

And of course, I also brought
a costume to film you in!

Please try it on when
we arrive in Hong Kong!

Hey! It's time to board!

- Okay!
- Okay!


You have to take off your shoes
before boarding an airplane.

What? Really?

Miss, please step in as you are.

Big brother?!

I can't breathe!

Hey, Sakura, aren't we there yet?

- Be patient a little longer.
- Yeah, but...


Thanks for inviting me.

I've never been overseas before.
I hope there's lots of fun in store!

Me, too!

Have a nice stay.


I'm sorry.

You completely forgot
about me, didn't you?

Don't giggle at me!

Oh, well! Out of respect
for good old Hong Kong...

...I'Il let you off easy this time!

Where are we?

We're in Hong Kong.

This is...

...Hong Kong?!

Hong Kong island is
really close, isn't it!

Yeah. It's only 5 minutes' ferry ride.

Hey, if you lean out too far,
a shark will eat you.

What? Are there sharks here?

I read it in the guide book.

Is it a shark?

Sea gull, sea gull,
sea gull, sea gull!

You're full of energy today,
too, aren't you, Sakura?

U- Um... I like boats.

Me, too!

Sakura, you're doing great!

After that, film me, too!


It really has changed!

It was a long, long time ago when you
were in Hong Kong, wasn't it, Kero?

Yeah, but...

...the presence is the same.

The presence of magic still remains,
the same as the old days.

It may be diluted in Japan,
but here, it's nostalgic.

Not only that, but...

...the food is great!


Is something wrong?

I'm worried about how Sakura
managed to win the special prize.

She's bad at lotteries...

What did you say?!

Now, now, just listen!

Clow's favorite theory was, "There
are no coincidences in this world."

There may be significance to
your winning the special prize.

Or maybe not! Perhaps I've allowed the
atmosphere of Hong Kong to get to me!

I'm here again...

Who's that?

That dream again...

I wonder who she is?

I'll take four of those and
those, and four of those...

...and then one of this
and one of that...!

...for now.

Okay, let's eat!

R- Right.

Tomoyo, do you want
to go halves?




I- I think I'll
try a different one!

Does it have Keroppi
frog's legs in there?

No, it's nothing.

Which one do I want to try...?

Give me the one you put back.

But you have the same one near you!
Does it really matter which you have?

I want that one.

H- Hey!


I want that one.

Hand it over already.


No, I'll eat it after all!

Look, look! Doesn't it look good?!

You're right!

I'm sorry, big brother.

- Toya...
- Yeah, yeah.

After we're done eating,
next we're going to Bird Street.

Bird Street?

It's a place that's full of birds.

Wow! It's full of bird cages!

They say Hong Kong people
love birds so much...

...they take their favorite birds
for walks in a cage to show them off.


Bird Street, huh?

Are you familiar with it?

This area doesn't seem to
have changed from the past.


What's wrong?

It felt like...
someone was watching me.

I do sense an unusual presence.

Do you think there are
Clow Cards in Hong Kong, too?

No, it's a different presence.

It's more, you know, evil...

Huh? There are birds up there, too.

Maybe they escaped?

Those birds!


We're going after them, too!

Where did Sakura go?


We'll be right back.



There they are!

What is this feeling?

Wake up!


What are you doing here?

I wonder where Sakura went?

I'm sorry, are you all right?

I'm fine, but... that Japanese?

- Good afternoon.
- Daidoui;ji!

What are you doing in Hong Kong?

Sakura won the special prize
in a draw. I came with her.

Hello, brat!!

Oh, the plush toy is with you.


Did you pass through quarantine?

Say that again, I dare you!

By the way, have you seen Shaoran?

A minute ago, he suddenly said he sensed
a strange presence or something...

...and ran off somewhere.

I'm also looking for Sakura...




What happened? Are you hurt?

I'm okay.

- Shaoran, where did you go?!
- My, you're soaked!


Where did you go by yourself?!

I'm sorry. Um, I, um...

I fell in a puddle and...

And then...



Hey, you don't have to be shy!

Good afternoon.

G- Good afternoon.

Good afternoon!


At any rate, you need to change
out of those wet clothes.


I can't believe my luck to be
able to film "China Sakura"!

You look really great in
a China dress, too, Tomoyo!

Oh, thank youl!


- They're so cute!
- Yeah!

Those really suit you!

Not bad!

You look good enough to eat!


So cute!

Who do you suppose they are?

I- I dunno.

How come we have to change, too?

That really suits you, Toya.

They're not bad, either...

Not bad...

They're good.


The porridge this morning was
really good, don't you think?

- What's this?
- Beats me...

What kind of girls do you like?

I'll help, Shaoran.

Li, are they your...?

- They're his sisters.
- All four of them?


What cheerful sisters you have!

What strange sisters you have.

Kero! I'm sorry, Li.

What a beautiful lady...

- Pleased to meet you.
- Hello.


What? Mother?

- She looks very young.
- Yeah.

She's like the head-
mistress of the freaks...


He isn't denying it.

Y- Yeah.

P- Pleased to meet you.
My name is Sakura Kinomoto.

Thank you for lending me
such wonderful clothes...

I feel great power. You have
the Clow Cards, don't you.

Great power may also serve as
an opportunity for hardship...

...especially in Hong Kong.

Stay the night.

All right!!


Show me your report card.

For some reason, today was
really stressful, wasn't it!

Li's mother is so pretty.

Yeah, she's beautiful!

She also has a feel
of mystery about her.

That's true.

Li's mother is also the
possessor of tremendous power.

She is definitely a
descendent of Clow Reed.

Clow's family on his mother's side
were famous sorcerers in China.

Clow Reed was a very
famous sorcerer, wasn't he?

Probably the strongest
at the time, yes.

Still, Clow was twisted by nature,
so he had many enemies...

Oh, my... Really?

Still, had I known this would happen,
I would have taken a costume with me.

When we return to the hotel,
please change into them, okay?

R- Right.

And then I'll film you flying
through the streets of Hong Kong...!

Film me, too!

Good night, Tomoyo.

Good night.

Great power may also serve as
an opportunity for hardship.

Especially in Hong Kong.

This dream again...

Who are you?

Who are you?

I've waited for you forever...

I've waited for you forever...

I waited for a very long time...

...for you alone.

For a very long time, for you alone.

What's wrong, Sakura?! Sakura!

Are you all right?

A dream...

This was no ordinary dream.

Y- Yes?

Jade emperor inquires,
please answer, four gods...

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth,
lightning, wind, please answer...

Jade emperor inquires,
please answer, four gods...

God of Lightning and Wind, I ask you.

Answer my inquiry through
this compass, God of Lightning.

Bring forth to us
your words immediately!

It appears you were
beckoned to Hong Kong.

By who?

By the woman in your dream.

Be careful. A danger incomparable
to dangers past approaches.

What should I do?

Only you know the path you must take.

Those with great power are
susceptible to the temptation of evil.

In particular, you are the holder
of the cards made by Clow Reed.

The evil which beckons
will be all the greater.

However, there is also
a guidance in such power.

The evil which beckons
you is within a dream.

The help you require
is also within a dream.

It's all right. I know you are
capable of finding the answer.

Oh, no! Are you going already?!

Don't go! It's so lonely!

Stay a while! Stay forever!

You really did sleep over last night.


I wish I'd slept over, too.

Um, really,
thank you for everything.

Hey, we're going soon!


- Coming!
- Don't "Awww."

Beware of water.


The thing in the middle that looks
like a knife is the Bank of China.

And the building with the roof
designed like a giant cannon... the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank!

This is Hong Kong's economic core.
The two banks are rivals.

I see.

As I feared, you didn't come to Hong Kong
by coincidence after all, Sakura.

Does that mean the person in my dream... responsible for my
winning the draw, as well?

Do you suppose anybody is
capable of such a thing?

I don't know, but if
there is, why Sakura?

Why do we have to go with them?!

I have no choice. Mom told me to.

She asked you to give
them a guided tour?

- No...
- Then what?!

Some kind of danger
seems to be approaching.


Now that I think about it,
the lady in my dream...

...also had a pretty hair ornament...

It's pretty, isn't it!


I'll take this.

Huh? B- But, you can't! I... Uh...!

Yukito, I...!


I'm sure it'll look good on you.

Th- Thank you so much!

What's wrong?



Hey, Sakura!

That idiot!


Kero, you can come out now!

I sense evil! Really powerful evil!!


Are those the birds
that appeared in your dream?


Those are no ordinary birds.

Be careful. They have
incredibly strong magic!

Do they want me to come in?

Looks like it.

- Nobody's here.
- Yeah...

What's wrong?

Do you hear water?

I hear it.

It's coming from this book.

This lady...!

Hey, Sakura! What are you...?!


Sakura, snap out of it!


Come here...

I have no choice...


You...! We've been
looking everywhere for you!!

This presence...


Sakura, what's wrong with you?! Hey!!

W- What is this?

- Are you okay?
- Kero...

It looks like you've
returned to your senses.

Say, are we inside a dream?!

It's no dream.

This is a world
I created from magic.

Why aren't you him?

You're the one in the book!

Why did a little brat
like you come here?!?

Answer me!

- Sakura!
- Right!


A Clow Card...?

Why do you have a Clow Card?!

I think she knows
about the Clow Cards!


Sakura! Front!


A Clow Card?!


You have a Clow Card, too?!

What are you doing here?

After I was swallowed by water,
the next thing I knew I was here.

That means everyone
who was with us...

They must be here somewhere.

We have to find them, quick!

You needn't bother looking!

The ones I brought in
with you are over there.

I called Clow Reed...
...not you. Why are you here?

I could swear I've met
that lady before somewhere...

Where is Clow Reed?!

We're going to split up.

I'll keep her busy while you
get everyone out of here.



- Gol!
- Right!





Meilin... Big brother...


Hold on! I'll be right back!

- Sakura, hurry!
- Right!

Damn! It's no good!

Are you awake, Tomoyo?!

Thank goodness!

What happened to me...?
Where are we?

We'll explain later!



You are unforgivable!


Kero, you stay here!

- Sakura!
- Sakura!

Li! Lil!

Li, say something!!

R- Run!

You have to run!

Stay back! You have
to save yourselves!


Her magic is weaker above. If you fly
above her, you should be able to get out.



If Clow Reed will not come, I will
simply have to steal your power...

...and leave to hunt for him myself!

You will join them
to become a part of me!

Sakura! For now, we
have to get out of here!


At this rate, everyone
will be captured...!


Curse you! You will not escape!

That's the exit!


Because of me, everyone was...

It's not your fault! The woman in
the book is to blame for all of it!


- The book!
- Now that I think about it...


You probably didn't
realize it, Tomoyo...

...but we were just inside
the world of a book!

So, if we have that book,
we can save everyone?

What kind of a book is it?

It was...

...kind of old with
a strange presence about it...

The presence is gone!

It's not here. It's
nowhere to be found!


Li... Meilin...

Big brother...


Pull yourself together! At any rate,
we have to try to stop that sorceress...!

That woman!! I just remembered!

Is someone here?
I'll be right with you!

Somebody's coming!

- For now, let's get out of here!
-Y- Yeah...

Miss, are you Japanese?
Can I help you find something?

A long time ago, that woman was
a fortune-teller here in Hong Kong.

A fortune-teller?

Yes. If memory serves, I believe
she was a water fortune-teller.

She would make various things
appear on the water's surface...

...and she had quite
a good reputation, but...


One day, Clow Reed showed up.

Clow wasn't really a fortune teller.

Still, the tellings he performed in
his leisure time were very accurate...

...S0 the lady's business took a dive.

Oh, my...

After that, she began challenging
Clow to fights at every opportunity.

But if she's lived so far in the past,
shouldn't she be gone now?

It's her magic!

Her magic?

After she died, she transferred
her own hatred into that book.

It's horribly difficult magic... make it last for decades, it
would require extraordinary willpower.

I bet that she doesn't even
fully realize that she's dead now...

That lady must have really hated Clow.

So, what was she hoping
to do with that magic?

She probably wanted to
confine Clow inside the book.

So, Sakura was drawn into it
because she has the Clow Cards?

But how do I get inside the book again?!
If I don't hurry, everyone will be...

A dimension like that should
have an entrance somewhere...

...but the presence had already
disappeared from that store.

The book disappeared, too...

The book...

I know the cover of that book.


I know where she lived.

It's that well.

Sakura, did you figure out something?!

Yeah! I know where the entrance is!
I almost went through it yesterday!

That means you can go
to where everyone is!


All right! It's time for
Cardcaptor Sakura!!


Very well, it's time
to put on your costume!

Is this the place?


I definitely feel a life force
like electricity in the air...


What's happening?!

- This is a barrier!
- A barrier?

A powerful barrier has been
positioned around the well.

What should we do?

I hate to admit it, but at our current
strength, there's nothing we can do.

But that can't be...

What is it?

Somebody's coming!

- Over here.
- R- Right.

Li's mother!

Stand back.

Um, how did you know?

Shaoran's life force was interrupted.

That's because I...

No, you are not to blame.

He merely was no match for its power.

That's powerful magic!

Now go.

R- Right! Tomoyo, wait here.


Be careful, okay?!

I will!

These clothes are
really easy to move in!

They're completely waterproofed,
so you'll be all right inside water.


Where is this?

It's the dimensional tunnel.
Look well around you!

It links up to all kinds of dimensions.

If you get lost, you'll be
stuck in here your entire life!!

What should I do?

- Love!
- Huh?

With your powerful feelings of love... should be able to
exit in the right place!

Take me to where everyone is!

There it is!!

This isn't it...

What'll we do? I think
we took the wrong exit.

No, this presence...

- That way!!
- Yeah!

Bird Street?

It appears all kinds of
dimensions are mixed up here.

- Let's go!!
- Right!

Her presence is growing
stronger and stronger!

She's close!!

I sense her here.




You again... Why did you return?

Please! Please let everyone go!

If you want them back,
bring me Clow Reed.

We couldn't bring him here even
if we wanted to! Clow is long...

I waited forever.

I waited forever for Clow
to come... forever!

Pay attention when people
are talking to you! Jeez!

That lady...

Wh- What?!


This is the last time.
Where is Clow Reed?

I'm trying to tell you that
he's not with us anymore!

Very well, then you
can die in this place!!

Where am I?!

- Sakura!
- Right!

The Key which hides powers of the Dark!
Show your true form before me!

I, Sakura, command you
under our contract!




She's coming.

Where is she?!


Where is this?! What have
you done with Clow Reed?!?

Mr. Clow is gone!

Sakura! Running away
will get us nowhere!

But if I do anything,
everyone will be...!!


Talk! Where is Clow Reed?!

Mr. Clow isn't alive anymore.


It's true! He died a long time ago!

You're lying!!

He would never die.

Not Clow Reed...

Clow Reed would never...!!


I waited forever for him...


I never stopped beckoning to him
with all my strength...

No matter how many years...
no matter how many decades it took...

I have no reason
to accept this thing!

Today is your birthday, isn't it?

That is a gift to you.

If you do not want it,
please throw it away.

I thought so. She actually...

Water is a thing that flows.

Water... flows?

That's it!


Curse you...!

You really loved Mr. Clow, didn't you?

It hurts, doesn't it...?

It hurts to lose someone you love.

It hurts, doesn't it?

Is Clow Reed really dead?

I waited for him
forever... Forever...

For such a long time...

I wanted to see him...
to tell him something...

Water is a thing that flows.

That voice was Mr. Clow...


Meilin... big brother...


What do you think would
make a good souvenir for Dad?

How about tea or something?


It's already time to go
back to Japan tomorrow.


Yeah, this trip has been hell!
Especially yesterday.

Not really.

I also want to say how I really feel...

...I want the one I love to know.

She wanted to say
something to Mr. Clow.

Something she was
desperate to tell him.

I hope I can tell him someday.

I hope we can come to
Hong Kong again someday.


That song I loved...
Daisuki datta ano uta...

In the old tape...
Furui teepu no naka...

Small scratches, a faded title...
Chiisana kizu, iroaseta taitoru...

Blurred sunrise.
Nijinda yoake.

And then today will come again...
Soshite mata kyou ga kuru...

Bringing summer's breeze.
Natsu no kaze wo tsurete.

In a corner of days becoming familiar...
Nareteyuku hibi no katasumi de...

I suddenly meet loneliness.
Futo kodoku ni deau.

I will not forget the speed...
Jitensha de dokomademo...

So fast, it plows through the wind...
Kaze wo keru hayasa...

On a bicycle to anywhere.

La la la la, let's sing...
La la la la, utaou...

Looking up at the sky.
Sora wo miagete.

La la la la, it's my life...
La la la la, it's my life...

Let's keep walking.
Aruite yukou.

Going forward with my power...
Watashi no chikara de susumu...

On this endless road.
Hateshinai kono michi wo.

Countless crosswalks...
Ikutsumo no kousaten...

I always get lost, but...
ltsumo mayou kedo...

Being pushed along or left behind...
Nagasaretari oikosaretari shite...

And I am living in the present.
Ima wo ikiteru.

I will not forget facing a task...
Butsukaru koto, mitomeru koto...

Or facing up to the facts...
Otona ni nattemo...

Even when I am grown.

La la la la, let's sing...
La la la la, utaou...

Looking up at the sky.
Sora wo miagete.

La la la la, it's my life...
La la la la, it's my life...

Let's keep walking.
Aruite yukou.

It belongs to me alone, so...
Watashi dake no mono dakara...

I can have confidence, right?
Jishin motte ii yo ne?

In the city of my birth...
Umareta machi de...

I have had many dreams...
yume mite kita...

With every frustration, I remember...
Kujikeru tabi ni omoidasu...

That just like that song says...
Ano uta no youni

What I can do now...
ima dekiru koto wa...

Is to step forward, if only a little.
Sukoshi demo maeni fumidasu koto.

La la la la, let's sing...
La la la la, utaou...

Looking up at the sky.
Sora wo miagete.

La la la la, it's my life...
La la la la, it's my life...

Let's keep walking.
Aruite yukou.

La la la la, let's sing...
La la la la, utaou...

Looking up at the sky.
Sora wo miagete.

La la la la, it's my life...
La la la la, it's my life...

Let's keep walking.
Aruite yukou.

Going forward with my power...
Watashi no chikara de susumu...

On this endless road.
Hateshinai kono michi wo.