Carbide (2022) - full transcript

Antonio and Nikola are inseparable friends who live across the road from each other, and share a love of pyrotechnics and mobile phones. Their families have been in dispute for years over an easily resolvable problem: the water th... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Are you filming?


Is the lighter working?

Now you're blocking the view!

It's OK now.

Are you filming?

You shook the camera again.

There, can't you see it?

It just surprised me.

How could it surprise you?
It always explodes the same.

It's not so bad.
-What do you mean?

Just look at this.

All right.
But you can still see it a bit.

A bit.

Gotta go.

Wanna play a video game later?
-I'll see.

He was soaked to the bone.

Keep at it and you'll spend
your winter break in bed.

They've been shooting
that thing again, too.

What did I say about that?
-I didn't do it.

I didn't.
-Yes you did.

How do you know?
-I saw you.

Keep fucking around with it
and you'll lose your hand.

I knew this would happen
once you showed him how to do it.

You said you'd used up the carbide
I'd brought you from the shipyard.

Well, I did.

So how come you were shooting again?
-Antonio got some more.

Surprise, surprise.
-Where did he get it?

Where are you going?
And in your slippers, too.

I'm going to Antonio's
to play Call of Duty.

Duty calls here, boy.
Come over and help us out.

But I told him I'd come!

Run along, we're done here.

What are you doing?
It's all flowing back!

Let it. I don't give a fuck.

You let the kid go over there
instead of doing something about this.

Gotcha, motherfucker!

Turn it down.

Turn it down, I said!
-In a sec.

Don't make me get over there.


C'mon, it's no fun playing
if we can't hear the shooting.

I'll show you shooting.
-Turn it off now.


I want to watch TV.

Oh, come on!
-Give it here. My show's about to start.

Wasn't it on last night?
-Well, it's the rerun now.

Give it to me,
or I'll take your phone.

You're such a moron.

What did you say?

What have you done with it?
It's not working.

Nikola should go home, it's late.

I'll call you tomorrow. Bye.


Come here.

What is it?
-Just go in.

-Isn't it fuckin' great?

Is it a Glock?

No, it's a...

Česká zbrojovka.
-What does your Grandpa need it for?

I dunno... For protection.

Go on, take a picture.
-Are you mad?

Go on, for my profile pic.

Don't aim it at me!
-Why, it's empty.

How do you know?
-How do I...

Here, look.

All right then.

You've nothing to be afraid of. Go on.

This one's good.

Take one like this.

This one's awesome.

OK, now for the last one,
and the meanest.

This girl wasn't the fairest of them all

But she was unlike any other

And because love is blind...

Come here.
-I don't want to!

Come on, please.

I don't want to!
-Come on, let's dance.

I don't feel like it!
-Come on.

I don't know how to.

Just till the end of the song.
I'll show you. I'll be the man.

Straighten up now, don't hunch.

I'll be the man, I'll lead.
-What does that make me?

The woman.
-I don't want to.

She had the cutest chin dimple

Sometimes she was complicated
Sometimes she was simple

She had the cutest chin dimple...

What's wrong with you two?
You're not the only ones living here.

Go to bed.
We're getting up early.

Go to sleep.

As soon as everyone's signed it,
the works will start, after Christmas.

Nikola, your food is getting cold.

-I'm coming.

Here. This is where you sign.

I'm not gonna sign it.

Because I don't want to.
-Please explain this to your mother.

No need. The house and the land are mine.
I am the boss here.

This is our only chance,
before the elections.

They'll put in sewage pipes and asphalt.
Our kids won't have to walk through mud.

True. Mud in winter, dust in summer.

Nobody asked your opinion.

The guy from the council said
they've arranged for the works

now only the pipes need to be put in.

I won't have people's shit
pass through my land.

It's not shit, it's pipes.

Why don't you ask the neighbor?

You know what he's like.

He's crazy,
so shit won't have to go through his land?

It's not shit.
-Sure is.

Marija can show you our damp walls,
and what he's been doing to us for years.

Ivka, we must do this
before the elections

‘cause they won't care after.
-No can do.

I'd rather walk through mud,
and shit into a septic tank

than build sewerage for him.

My late husband wouldn't do it,
and neither will I.

Did you see them all dressed up?



Get me another plank,
I can't use this.


-Get me a plank!

Is this one OK?


Now help me, hold it.


Mr. Vlado won't be able
to turn his van with this here.


You quit fuckin' about
and let your Dad work.

If you want to help, do it.

What are you doing?
Do we really need a scandal for Christmas?

I don't give a fuck.

You've been on my case for months.

What's your complaint now?
-The house needs painting.

And then again next year?

It's your mother
who's been on your case, not me.

What's this?

Where's he going?

What's he doing?

You see that he's crazy.

My God,
this is who I have to live with.

Motherfucking son of a bitch...

Mom! Mom!

-What is it?

Are you awake?

Someone took a dump
on our doorstep.


There's a turd there.


On the doorstep,
and it's smeared on the front door, too.

It's real shit.

Who did this?

That crazy hag, I bet.
-You're all crazy.

Where are you going? Clean this up.

-Who else?

It's your mess, you clean it up.

Where are you going with that?
-To Antonio's.

You're not to go over there.

Because I said so.


Put the tools back
and come here to help.

Boy, you're asking for trouble.

Now you see why.
-But it wasn't he who did this.


You should've told him sooner.

What do you want now?

You know what I want.

You wanted a wall,
and I got you a wall.

If your Dad was still alive,
this guy wouldn't dare do such things.

Why don't you
stand up to him like that?


Is this good?

Yeah, we just need
to make a hole in it.

Let me just wash this off first.

What happened?
-Your Grandma took a dump.

-On our doorstep.


Because of the wall, I guess.

What the fuck...

Maybe Dale came back and locked it.

Yeah, right.

Don't just stand there, help me.

Here, catch.

It's not gonna work.
-What do you mean?

My feet hurt now.

Way to go.
Now you fucked that up, too.

Well, it's open now.

Here, catch.

Look at this.

Ugh. Put it away.

Do you make this stuff?


Get that away from me! Ugh!

Get that away from me!

Are you crazy?

Don't! Get that away from me!

Don't shake it
like you did the last time.

I won't.

Are you filming?

I didn't shake it this time.

Well, it was a weak one.

No it wasn’t. It was really good.

Awesome resolution.

How come your Dad's got so much money?

It's much cheaper in Switzerland,
almost everyone has one.

I can get you one
when I go visit him.

Right, like you'll ever go.

I'm going after New Year's.
What's funny about that?

You said the same last year.

Something came up for Dad last year
so I couldn't go.

How much was it?
-It's half the price there.

I don't know how much exactly.

I'll have to ask my Dad.

You gotta lose that brick, man.

Let me see it.

Oh, come on!

-Don't be a jerk.

Come on!

You're real jerk, you know.

This isn't even 1K, it's zero K.

Look at the rear camera.

You've got only one,
and I've got two.

Hey! Where are you going?


I was just fuckin' with you.

Your phone’s all right.

So fuckin' sensitive...

Grandma, did you take a dump
on their doorstep?


Who took a dump?
-Grandma did.

-On their doorstep.

Whose doorstep?
-Our neighbors'.

Where did you hear this?
-Antonio told me.

That boy's filling his head with shit.

Enough with shit-talk at the table.

Dad, can I get an iPhone?

-An iPhone, a cell phone.

What for?
-For making videos.

What kind of videos?
-For YouTube.

What are you going to do there?

Get views, make money.

You want to make money...

Can you text on your phone?

And can you make calls?
-I can.

Then it's good enough.

It's not. It's falling apart.
And the camera is crap.

It's good enough.
-Look at yours, it's much better...

How many times have I told you
not to touch my phone?

Calm down!
He's not gonna steal it.

He's got his own to play with.

A filmmaker, really.

... that I'm the only one
Who landed on this planet

The planet that is you...

Someone's calling you!

You, if I couldn't see your face...

If I couldn't hear your voice...

What is it?

You put that thing over your ears
and you can't hear shit.

Someone's calling you.

No one ever calls me.

-It's me.


He's not answering on WhatsApp.
Is he there?


Get him on the phone.

Why aren't you checking your WhatsApp?
Your father called you.

Your father wants to talk to you.

-Hey, what's up?

Not much, I'm playing a video game.

How are you?

I'm OK.

How's the weather down there?

So-so. It rains, then it stops.

Yeah. It's winter, it must be cold.

It isn't.
-Hey! Turn it down, will you...?

I'm calling to tell you...

Something came up,
I'll have to leave town for a few days.


Between Christmas and Epiphany.

When can I visit you then?

We'll have to reschedule...

Now it's cold anyway,
so I was thinking Easter...

It's warmer then, so we can
go for trips and such.

But you promised.

I know, but there's nothing
I can do about it. It came up...

My boss said I have to.
There's nothing I can do about it.

I'm sorry.
I know you won't be...

I'll send you...
I got you this video game...

I'll send it to you.

All right. Bye.

Is everything OK?

You sure?


Don't stay up late playing games.

Marija can tell you what he did.
Did you see it?


He demolished the whole thing.

Well, you know how he is.
He's a weirdo.

The man is Satan's seed.
He used to work for the secret police.

Marija, show Ante
how damp our walls are.

No need. I know what damp walls look like.
-Go on, show him.


Show him the corner, too.


You can't see it from there.

Go there, look at the swelling on the wall.
-I can see it from here.

And we had to change the floor boards
in the kid's room three times.



Once in Nikola's room,
the other time in our room.

More cake?
-No, thanks.

Where are you taking it?

He just said he didn't want any.

Sure he does, leave it.

Summers are OK, but come winter
it's always the same story.


This is the only solution
for all your problems.

They'll start the works after Christmas.
To them every vote matters.

I won't have his shit
go through my land.

Why did you call me then?

You may put
the sewerage system in my land

but only if he’s not allowed to
hook up to it. Everyone else may.

Are you mad? You want another scandal?
-You shut it.

The man's got a gun.
Someone could get hurt over this!

I'm not afraid of anyone.

What do you say?

We didn't get a single comment.

When did you upload it?

Last night.

Maybe we should upload it
when it's evening over there.


In America.
-It's all the same.

I know.
But the clip is still too short.

A single explosion, that's all.
We should be saying something.

Like what?

I don't know...

Like, give them a tutorial
on how we did it.

We need a good intro.

Like, "Hi guys,
welcome to my new channel."

"Hit like and subscribe."

You wanna do it in English?

You've got a D in English.

I've got a C now, actually.

Did you just spit?
-Yeah. So?

You're such a moron.


I don't wanna do it.
-But you will.

What do I do?

Douse it and set it on fire,
like in the video.

Now say something.

You said we should be talking,
so talk now, in English.

I don't want to.

Plug the hole.

-Plug the hole!

Does it feel warm?

All right. Proceed then.

Come on, get on with it!
-The lighter's not working.

OK, here goes.

Hurry up!
-In a sec!

Get closer, for fuck's sake!

Get closer,
don't be such a fucking coward.

Do it!

Jesus fucking Christ!

This was fucking sick!

Get up! Great job!
This was fucking sick!

My ears are ringing.

You did it, man!
It was wicked!

It was sick!

You blew the whole thing up!

Look at that! Jesus!

Let's see it.

Wow! Look at this.

This was awesome.

Next time I wanna shoot it.

Man, that tree is huge!
-Right? Give me a hand here.

Antonio, come help.
-It’s not necessary.

Come on, Dad. Let him help.

All right.

Go on.

Mind the branches.

This one goes in the back.

Because he's black?
-No. See, this one's already kneeling.

Someone help me with this
or I'm gonna throw it all in the trash.

Go on, give your mother a hand.

Hold this end now.

That's still not done?

Let's do it.

Hold it.

All right. Let it go now.
This goddamn thing...

Look at the awesome camera.

It's amazing in low light, too.

Antonio will bring me one
when he goes to Switzerland.

Yeah, right.
Because phones are free there.

His dad got it there
for half the price.

Probably the leftovers
from his real kids.

No way. It's really great, see?

Where are you going?


Thank you so much.
You've heard our jury.

Let's give a big round of applause
for our contestant Anamarija...

Dear viewers,
if you think that Anamarija is...

I always wondered
who are the idiots that vote.

What, you'd prefer this moron to win?

Like your vote is gonna make a difference.

Is this OK?

It's great.

Text your votes at 999 566...

Come closer,
you can't see it from there.

I can. It's as good as a real one.

... this was
the last show of the third season.

It's a bit crooked.

It just seems that way.
-No it doesn't.

A fake tree can't be crooked.

It's leaning to the side.

Which side?
-The right side.

This side?
-The other right.

It's perfectly fine, just finish it.

Mom, where are my Lego bricks?
-Which ones?

The carry case with Legos
that Dad bought me.

You're not gonna play with
Lego bricks now, are you?

Go on, put the lights on the tree.

Fucking hell...

Rejoice, you nations

while you hear the news

that Jesus was born

at the holy hour!

All you nations, listen

and come to Bethlehem!

Come to Bethlehem!

Let us all rejoice in the Lord

for our Savior has been born.

Brothers and sisters,
in this silent and holy night

we have gathered here
in the temple of the Lord our God.

What are you doing?
Everyone's looking at you.

I just need to reply to this.
- ... His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Give it here!
-All right, I'm done...


Brothers and sisters,
may this holy sacrifice of the Mass...

-I've turned it down.

... for having sent on this night
his only Son

to take his body, his human body

and come to us as Divine Infant,
to enter into our hearts,

our souls and our families.

Brothers and sisters,

let's humble ourselves and ask
our Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy on us

and in this holy night
bring light into our hearts

and cleanse us
from our sins and wrongdoings.

It's not so easy.

It sure is.
He explained it all in detail.

I wouldn't upload that.

That would get us views,
unlike the carbide stuff.

Carbide stuff is great.
-Where would people get carbide?

Where would they get a gun?

They don't need to.
Literally everyone has one.

My Dad doesn't.

So what if he doesn't?

We need to shoot something,
that'll get us views.

What if they hear us?

They won't.
The sound is just like firecrackers.

What if the police finds us?

On YouTube.

I wish! It would mean loads of views.

They found that guy
that blew up the Honda.

There you go again!

Just put the hood all the way up
and you'll be fine.

Well, they can find your profile online.

Stop philosophizing, will you?

You're all talk, but when
you need to take action

you just turn chickenshit.

I don't want to be arrested.

You want the views?

Then quit this bullshit.



Leave him be.

What the fuck is going on?
Where were you?

He was out with Nikola,
they were at the clearing.

Antonio, open up!
-Leave him be. I'll talk to him tomorrow.

He'll be grounded
for the rest of the school break.

I told you to take his room key.

Good night.


Listen, it was nothing. It was...

All right then.

You go to sleep now

and we'll talk tomorrow.

Good night.




What's this doing on the floor?

You slept in your clothes?

Get up, it's noon already!

In a minute.

Food is on the table,
don't make me come here again.

Where's that boy?


I wouldn't tolerate this.

What is it? Cat got your tongue?
-Good morning.

It's noon.

Light a candle now and we'll pray.
-Mom can do it.

The youngest one must light the candle.

Go on, start.

Start the prayer.
-Which one?

"Our Father", for Christ's sake.

Our Father, who art in...
-Cross yourself first.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name... -Slow down!

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come;

thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses...

I'd forgive anyone anything

but I'll never forgive you
For everything's your fault

Make up your mind already

Man up and decide finally

Go with her or stay with me

What's for lunch?

Pizza for Christmas?

Since when do you care about Christmas?

What kind of a lunch is that?
-Perfectly good.

I wouldn't have that
even for a snack.

No one is forcing you to.

It's Antonio's favorite.

Where is he?
-He's sleeping.

It's 1 pm and he's still sleeping?
-He should sleep if he wants to.

Turn that fucking thing off, will you?

... we're asking you for patience
as we're getting more calls...

Right now we can't take
any more of your calls...


Open up!

No plans of getting up?
-Well, I'm awake.

Get up.

Because it's 1 pm.

I'll be down in 5.

What happened last night?


What were you doing outside?

Hanging out with Nikola.

You were hanging out with Nikola
at midnight? -Yeah.

You think I'm an idiot?

Why do you keep hanging out
with that boy?

You have no other friends from school?


Get dressed now.

It's lunch time.

And we don't lock doors in this house.


How come you still
haven't looked under the tree?

Why do you ask?

Maybe Santa Claus
got you something.

Let him finish his lunch first.

I'll have a look later.

Do it now.

That's the one.

Go ahead, open it.

And? What do you think?

What is it?

Show them.

Have you gone mad?

It wasn't me. It was Santa Claus!

Where are you going?
Finish your lunch!

What's that thing?
-A cell phone.

Where did you get it?

How much did it cost?
-Why does it matter?

Now he'll stare at the screen even more.

Have you turned it on yet?


Go on, open it.

Where did you get it?

I bought it.
-On Christmas Day? Where?

Why does it matter where I got it?

Go ahead, open it.

I'll open it later.

Why later?

I don't feel like it now.

Then I'll open it.
-I'll do it!

Go on.

When you leave the room.

All right.

There's no rush.

... political campaigns are
getting underway already

but it remains to be seen
whether this will impact voter turnout

which is always low

although election results
greatly affect the lives of citizens.

It's only a month until the local
elections, and the parties are restless.

It'll be a big test
for the two major parties, HDZ and SDP...

Now you're staring at this devil, too.

Everyone's gone bonkers.

Will you have time tomorrow?

You said you'd do it after Christmas.

It'll be terribly messy.
-What's that?

It won't. It'll dry fast.

What will dry fast?

What's this about? -Painting.
Can you ever mind your own business?

Who's going to paint?
-No one!

Good, 'cause we don't need it.

Better clean up
what's left of that wall down there.

I nearly fell over it when I went
to feed the chickens.

People will come measuring,
and that wall is an embarrassment to us.

You're the silver, you're the gold

You're the treasure that I'm searching for

You're the meaning of my life...

Aren't you cold, sitting on the floor?
-I'm not.

Go on, have some.

You've got to eat something.

It's cold.

Well, you should've eaten it
at lunch when it was hot.

Should I reheat it in the microwave?
-I'm not hungry.

Do I ever look through your phone?

I need you to love me...

Turn it down, it bothers Grandpa.
-He's in the shower.

You should really have a bite.
It's delicious.

I put in some onions, too.
Go on, have a bite. Please.

What's the matter?
Why are you like that?

I don't want no silver
I don't want no gold

No fame or fortune, nor riches untold

All I ever want is your love...

It came through again.

It came through this wall, too.

What did?


I really don't want to discuss that now.

We can't go on like this anymore.

They'll pave the road and put in
the pipes, and the damp will be gone.

It's too late.
It's in the whole house now.

What are you talking about?

There's a whole floor
available to us at Damir's house.

We can furnish it as we want
and get out of this crazy place.

Excuse me?


I should move out of my own house
and go live in someone else's?

It's all ours.
-It isn't!

This house is mine.

And that house belongs to your brother.

Am I supposed to have my mother
live at his house?

She's got a daughter, too.

Or she doesn't count
when help is needed?

Can you just stop nagging me
with such crap at bedtime?

Stop right there!

Now pull back a bit.

Good, now easy. Stop there.

That's good!

What are you measuring?

Ask that guy over there.

Now move a little to your left.


Go back a bit, right there.

Keep the level like that.

What's going on here?

What are you measuring?

The road.
-What about it?

It's going to be paved.

Who says?
-I do.

How come it's being paved?

Well, it's election time...
-It's being paved 'cause we want it.

Everyone will hook up
to the sewer line except for you!

When is this happening?

You heard me right,
you're just playing dumb!

If you weren't playing dumb,
you'd know about your tramp daughter!

You done?
-Yes. Come here.

All right, Nikola. Let's do it.

You get on that side...

On the count of three. Ready?

One, two, three!


Again, on three.

One, two, three!

Man, it's heavy.

I bought it when they got married.

It's solid wood.
Not like the crap they make today.

Again. One, two, three!

Good job.

Sweet Mary mother of God.
-What is it?

Come see.

What is it?
-Can't you see?

A little bit of moisture, so what?
-A little bit, right.

You can barely see it.

If you hadn't moved the closet,
you wouldn't know about it.

Talk soon?

Don’t call me again.

-Just don’t.

Where's your mother?

Antonio, where's your mother?
-No idea.

Come out already!
Stop wasting all that water.

I'm not wasting water,
I was washing myself.

Well, what do you think?


What what?
Quit playing dumb.

It's all right.

All right?

Where am I gonna sit now?

How about a chair?

The wall is damp,
so we had to do several coats of paint.

It'll look much better tomorrow
when it's dry.

Who's we?

Nikola helped me.

What's that?

Why hasn't he opened it?

Because he's spoilt.

Why haven't you opened the new one?

You kept asking for it the whole
year and now you don't want it.

Go on.

It's so pretty.

Go ahead, switch it on.


Uh, damn it...

Keep doing that.

That's good.

Keep doing that, it's good.


Why did my Dad leave?

I don't know.

He didn't like it here, so he left.

Hey, not so hard!

Did he speak to the neighbors?

-My Dad.

Why do you want to know now?
-I just do.

He didn't speak to them either.

Closer to the neck now.

That's good.

Who started it?

I don't remember.


What are they doing?

They're gonna pave the road.
They're preparing it now.

Is that your phone?

Where did you get it?
-I just got it.

Who gave it to you?
-My Dad. And Mom.

How come?
-For Christmas.

Can I see it?

Come on, I won't run away with it.

They're literally the same.

Mine is newer.
-Yeah, but they look the same.

But mine is bigger.

The case makes it look bigger.

I'll show you, it's bigger
even without the case. See?

See? Mine is bigger.


And look at the camera.

It has three lenses.

Well, mine's got two.

Three is better.

Antonio, it’s time to go home.
It’s lunch time.

Hurry up!


You can't leave your car there!

Run after him! Do you hear me?

Don't just stand there!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...

Leave me be.

-I can't now, I'm busy!

What are you doing?
Have you gone mad?

I have.
-What's wrong with you?

You didn't leave it here!
-You and your damn phone.

That asshole is obstructing the works
and you've done nothing to stop him.

Where's Nikola?

What are you doing?

Nikola, where are you?

Are you in there?
-What do you want?

Open up!
-I can't! I'm taking a shit.

Open up, I said!

I can't!
-Did you take the phone?

Which phone?
-My phone!

Why would I do that?
I have a new one.

It's true. We opened it yesterday.

Leave the kid alone!
You'll find your phone.

Go see Ante about the road.

Nikola, open up and give me my phone!
-I can't. I'm taking a shit.

You'll be shittin' yourself
when I get my hands on you.

He keeps taking it!


You left your backpack at my place.

I also brought some stuff.

Put it there. And move this.

Help me carry this.

Here, that's great.

Never mind.

Just leave it.

Can I have a look?

It's pretty heavy.

Go on, film me.

We can film with mine now.


Are you filming?

Look at the quality!
I shot it at 240 fps.

Go ahead.

Go on, try it.

Are you crazy?
-Come on. You'll be fine.

I don't know how.
-You saw how I did it.

Just shoot, like you do in a game.

Go ahead.

What if it ricochets?
-Why would it?

It can happen.

And you know this
'cause you shoot guns?

Go on.
-I saw it in the movies.

They're full of crap.

How did I do?

This will get a million views.

What's wrong with you?

Give me back my phone!
-Catch me if you can.

Give me back my phone, you jerk!

Give me back my phone!

Catch me if you can!

What's with you?!

You can take that off now.
Let me have a look.

Chin up.

It's not so bad. You can barely see it.

Does it hurt?

You'll be as good as new
in the morning. Eat your dinner now.

How come you fought?

You two were such good friends.

No wonder the kid went off his rocker
with a Grandpa like this.

With you as a model.

Demolishing people's walls
and blocking the road.

God forbid they should pave our road.


Quit staring at me.
-I'll stare if I want to.

Just stop it, OK?

And go easy on the booze,
it's not good for you.



Are you all right?

I'm fine.


I am, sweetheart.
You go ahead and finish your dinner.


-What is it?

Antonio demolished our car!
-He did what?

He wrecked our car!

He shot our car, with a gun.

He wrecked our car
with his Grandpa's gun.

Are you fucking serious?
-I am! Come out and see for yourself.

We'll go over there and talk to him.
-You should put him away for life.

He'll kill us all.
-Mom, let the men do their job.

Zoran, please take your mother home.
-Let's go.

Don't you touch me!

I'll take the law into my own hands,
you're all completely useless!

This is all your fault!
-Easy now, watch your step.


Is your Grandpa home?

We need to speak to him.
-What do you wanna know?

Just go get your Grandpa.
-I'm coming.

Antonio, your mother wants to see you.

Go on!

How can I help you, guys?

You'll have to go with us.
-OK. Let me dress first.

Wanna come in? Can I offer you a drink?
-We're fine. We'll wait here.

No problem.
I'll be with you in a minute.

You get in there!

On the count of three.
One, two, three!

A bit more.


Now we just have to put
all the things back in.


It was Antonio who shot the gun.

Antonio shot the gun.

Why do you keep saying that?
-Because it's true.

The police said it was Vlado.
I knew it...

It wasn't Vlado, it was Antonio.

Why would the kid shoot?

You have it?
He'll go apeshit!

Just read it.

Give it back to him,
he's going crazy.

Read this!

Don't let him see
you've been through it.

We found it.

It was under the couch.

Didn't I tell you?

Where are you going?
-I'm going to bed.

-I'm tired.

You won't wait till midnight?
-I don't give a fuck.

He's right.

I won't stay up long either.

I miss you...

Oh how I miss you!

Nine, eight, seven, six...

Five, four, three, two, one...

We wish you a Happy New Year!
Be well and be kind to your neighbors.

We wish you a happy,
safe and healthy year!

Find love, joy and peace and treat people
the way you want to be treated.

To our audience here in the studio
and you in front of your TV screens

we wish you
a Happy New Year 2020.

Here's one for the good old days!

And may the new days be even better!

It was 8 pm
on the Flower Square

I stood there waiting for you
at the end of the story...

Why did you turn it down?

Shall we?


This time I'll lead.
-You will? -Yeah.

Where did you learn this?


You're pretty good.

Turn it down or he'll freak out.
-Forget about him.


Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

Is it OK if I lie down next to you?





Wake up.


Your uncle is here to drive us.

Uncle Damir is here to take us.

Where are we going?
-To his place.

Get dressed.

Hi folks, welcome to my new video.

I've been...

Hi folks, welcome to my new video.

In your comments you often ask
about unboxing, and you just got lucky!

And since
I did so well in school this year

I got a really interesting drone.

But before we start,
don't forget to smash that like button

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And now, the video!

You brought it.


Can I have a look?

It's heavy.

How do you fly it?

With your phone.
There's an app for it.

Your phone's still good?

Did you ever drop it?
-Like, a million times.

And nothing?
-Nope. It's pretty sturdy.

It's just got a few dents there
where I put the sticker.

How do I turn on the camera?

There it is.

Man, it's so good.

-4K, it's the resolution. -Right.

And it's good?
-The best.

Here you've got three lenses.
This one is the zoom lens...

This is the wide-angle lens,

that’s the one for shooting birthdays,
so everyone can fit in the picture.

This one is standard.

How's your mother?


Are you two doing all right?

How are you?

I'm all right.

You had your hair cut.

It looks good.


How about a selfie?


Should I do it? My arms are longer.
-All right.

Now press this button to switch.
-This one?

There we are.

Wait, not like this...

Should we do it like this?

One more.


Is this yours?

It's heavy.

I know.

Wanna try it?

Here you move it up and down.

Roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle.

And this is how you change direction.

Here I switch it on?

Get it a bit higher.

But very slowly. That's good.

Translated by Mima Simić