Caravans (1978) - full transcript

The story happens in 1948, in a fictional country, called Zakharstan (in the novel "Caravans" is probably Afghanistan). Mark Miller (Michael Sarazyn) is a young U.S. Embassy employee who is responsible to follow Ellen Jasper (Jennifer O'Neill), the daughter of Senator Jasper, who later has married Colonel Nazrullah (Behrouz Vossoughi) and disappeared. During the investigation, Mark Miller (Michael Sarazyn) realizes that Ellen Jasper (Jennifer O'Neill) has escaped from her husband, Colonel Nazrullah (Behrouz Vossoughi), living among a tribe whose leader is Zulffiqar (Anthony Quinn). He will fail to convince her to be reunited with his father. But, Mark Miller (Michael Sarazyn) has realized that the leader of tribe is an outlaw who resists against the government's proposals for a permanent settlement of his tribe and also with cooperation of another rebel man, Shakkur (Mohamad Ali Keshavarz), are engaged to Russian arms trafficking ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Excuse me.

Hey, get out of here!


Come on, damn it.
Beat it! They'll kill you.

Beat it!

Mr. Ambassador,
another dispatch from Senator Jasper.

I thought you'd like the file.

Oh, uh, thank you, Miss Merwyn.

Good morning,
Mr. Richardson. Morning.


Uh, the senator's a persistent old cuss,
isn't he?

He'll have our hides
if we don't find his daughter.

Well, we've done some checking.

She was last seen in
Bandahar 10 months ago.

Oh, great. Great.

An American girl disappears,
the best Intelligence could do...

is tell me where she was, uh,
10 months ago.

Crandall, this is the Middle East,
not Omaha, Nebraska.

And this is 1948,
not the Dark Ages.

Washington will not buy excuses.

Washington doesn't know
what the hell it's asking.

- Yes, sir.
- Send in Miller.

The ambassador wants you.

I remember an incident about a year ago,
an English girl...

She reported to her embassy that she was
being mistreated by her husband's other wives.

The British intervened,
knowing damn well that in this country...

a wife is the property
of her husband.

Turned into a real can of worms.
The British came off looking bad.

Come in, Miller. We heard
about that incident at the bazaar.

I have to give you credit for doing
some quick thinking. Thank you, sir.

Now, during your short stay here, you haven't
seen much of this exotic country, have you?

There's a job to be done
in Bandahar.

Tim Woods is on leave,
so I'm sending you.

I want you to find this girl
and send me a report on her.

- What's her name?
- Ellen Jasper.

You'll have to be discreet. Our
position here is delicate. I'll be careful.

Bandahar's on the eastern border
where there's been trouble,

so you'll need permission
from Sardar Khan to go there.

All the information we
have on that girl is in this file.

Study it. Find her.

And bring me a report on her so
I can get the senator off my back.

Play your cards right,
and he can do a lot for your career.

I'll set up an appointment
for you to see Sardar Khan.

Thank you, sir.
Good luck.


Mr. Miller.

My apologies for the delay.

Well, I'm sure your business
with the Indian ambassador...

was much more pressing
than mine.

He complains that Russian guns
are passing through my country...

for use against India
in her war with Pakistan.

And, of course,
the Russian gentleman denies it.

Uh, most emphatically.

He's always rather
a difficult man to deal with,

but, of course, his country is
helping us to build a hydroelectric dam,

which we very badly need.

Would you care for some tea?

Yes, thank you.

Well, Mr. Miller,
what assistance can I offer you?

I'm trying to locate
a young woman.

A very natural desire
for one of your age.

No, this is an official request
on behalf of my government.

The lady's name is Ellen Jasper.

She's the daughter
of Senator Jasper.

Oh, yes. A very eminent man
in your country, I believe.

He's most anxious about her.

Children can be a heavy burden.

We believe she's living in Bandahar,
but we've been unable to contact her.

Did you know that
the young lady in question...

had crossed the Khyber Pass,
alone, on a donkey,

to follow the man
that she loved?

Remarkable young woman.

You know her then?

Colonel Nazrullah, the man that she
followed and married, is my nephew.

Oh, please forgive me.
I had no idea.

We have no intention of intruding
on your private... Mr. Miller,

I can grant you
permission to travel,

but it is the husband's decision
to grant you an interview.

You see, the women in our country
are under slightly different rules...

from those in yours.

Outsiders sometimes find this
a little difficult to understand.

We keep our women in seclusion,
covered and lacking the rights of a camel,

and yet we dedicate
most of our poetry to them.

Our customs may differ,

but a parent's anxiety must
be shared by both our cultures.

I would like to be able to reassure
Senator Jasper and his wife.

I trust that you will be able
to do just that.

The travel documents to Bandahar will be
delivered to your embassy tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

The green one's for water,
and the red one's for gas.

Gotcha. And don't
get 'em mixed up.

With only three jeeps in commission, I
don't need another gas tank full of water.


Oh. And keep your butt in
the jeep or near it at all times.

And sleep under it.

That way you'll know
when they steal it.

And, uh, Miller, a jeep is a hell of
a lot more expensive than a bicycle.

Yeah, I bet.

Salaam alaikum.

Ooh, ah.
Excuse me. I'm...

Um... Um...






That's just what I thought.

Hey, you, get away from there.

Go on, beat it.

Do you speak English?

I want to go to Badek.

There, or there?

Badek, Badek, Badek.



Okay, kid, come with me.

Come on. Get in.
Get in.

You know what you are, kiddo?
A delinquent.

A regular Ali Baba.

I bet you could take my eyes
out and I wouldn't even know it.

Oh, well.

Since we've got them, let's not
compound the crime by wasting 'em.

Let's eat.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Not with that.


You like that, huh?

It's all right.
Keep it.

No, no, no.
Keep it. It's yours. Yeah.

- Huh?
- Keep it. It's yours.

Yeah, it's yours.

Ah, cut that out, will you?


No Kochi. Badek.

Mr. Miller, from America?

Salaam alaikum.

Nur Mohammad, chief of police.

No papers, please.

This one here guards your jeep
for only three dollars.

That one over there guards
your room for three dollars.


Here we are.

Come with me.

See? The very best.

Are these men really necessary?

If one thing is missing,
I shoot them both,

and your six dollars
American is returned.

Tonight, we eat together.

On me.

Okay, huh?
Yeah, okay.

It's like
American restaurant, yes?

Sugar, please.

Thank you.

Salaam alaikum.

Tell me,
where did you learn English?

For two years, I work with
American army captain.

- You knew I was coming.
- I know everything.

I know when you come,
and I know when you go.

Then you must know
Colonel Nazrullah.

I know him.
He is a great man.

He's going to help our country
become modern, like America.

Have you seen his wife?

It's not permitted to look
on another man's wife.

Do you know
if she's with him at Bandahar?

Of course. A wife is with
her husband all the time.

That's the law.

Try this.
This is excellent.


Uh, no. No.

It is our custom to eat
with the right hand.

We never bring the
left hand to the table.

Oh, excuse me.

I didn't...

You know, I was thinking,

it must be very difficult
for a woman from my country...

to be married here.

To make that adjustment,
it must be something.

And you say Colonel Nazrullah's
wife is with him at Bandahar?

Dancing. We go watch now.


Kochi musicians
from the caravan.

yes. The people in the black tents.

How come there's no women?

It is forbidden. Such
entertainment is for men only.

The boy is evil.
There will be trouble.

Hmm. Who are they,
more Kochis?

They are called the free people.

Why? Because they don't
pay for anything?

No, because they belong to no country,
only themselves.

But that will change.
Good night, Mr. Miller.

Good night.

Hey, what's goin' on?

They pray all who see will
remember the laws of the prophet.

I don't understand.

A man was stabbed to death
last night.

There was a fight for the
favor of the Kochi dancer.

Not him. I know him. Mmm.

They ask,
will the government punish this man?

The government
is not concerned...

with crimes of passion.

He's entitled to a fair trial.

Stay out, Mr. Miller.
No trial.

There were witnesses.

There is no question of guilt,
only of punishment.

He's the father
of the murdered boy.

Filthy bastards.

What you saw is justice.

What I saw was
cold-blooded murder!

Our laws have come to us
over a thousand years, Mr. Miller.

You must be very wise
to dismiss them so quickly.



I'm looking for
a Colonel Nazrullah.

Colonel Nazrullah.

I understand.

My brother will take you.
It is not far.


Thanks, kid.

I would like to see
Colonel Nazrullah,

or his wife, Ellen Jasper,

a Ferangi woman.

Sahib, you want Ferangi woman?


I'm trying to find this woman.

You pay.

I teach you.

Ten dramin.

That woman?
You're sure it's this woman?


I'll pay you five now
and five later.


Okay. Come on.

In there?

This woman?
In there?


Ellen Jasper?

Miss Jasper?


Can I talk to you?

Ellen, are you all right?


Take it easy, pal.

Take it easy.

This way.

My dear Mr. Miller,

my profoundest apologies.


Oh, I am sorry.

a brandy. Then I will send for the doctor.

Oh, please, don't bother.
It's just a few scratches.

Such a thing
should not have happened...

while you were under
the protection of my house.

I should have known better.

I knew of your arrival,
of course,

but I expected you
to send me a note.


Well, I must accept full
responsibility for what happened.

That's very gracious of you.

Let me send a car to your
hotel for a change of clothes.

Oh, no, please,
that won't be necessary.

Well, is there
no small service I can do?

This is fine.
Brandy's excellent.

And how is
your Mr. Richardson?

It's some time
since I have seen him.

He's fine, thank you.

You've had a very eventful
journey from Kashkhan?

Yes, in one way and another.

Oh, I'm sorry you witnessed
that incident at Badek.

I would hardly call it
an incident.

I can't say that I care very
much for your system of justice.

My country and its customs
are very old and well tested.

But they are not arbitrary.

What I saw was very arbitrary.
But logical.

Do you know why we cut off
the right hand of a thief?

No doubt that's logical too?

We eat with the right hand.

The left hand is for the toilet.

To lose your right hand is to be
banished from the sharing of food.

The thief loses
more than his hand.

And you approve of that?

No, Mr. Miller,
I do not.

There are a few of us who
realize what has to be done,

but, uh, we have to deal with,
uh, backward people,

narrow-minded mullahs,
lawless nomads...

You know,
the land must be reclaimed.

Dams must be built.

We need schools. We
need... That's a tall order.

You must excuse me, Mr. Miller,
but I get carried away.


My son, Elgabri.


Ah. Come and meet
Mr. Miller, my dear.

My wife Karima.

Welcome to our home,
Mr. Miller. Oh, thank you.

You are injured,
Mr. Miller.

You should see a doctor.

We have an English one.
He's well qualified.

He attends to all of us. Well,
thank you, but it's nothing serious.

If you'll excuse me,
Mr. Miller.

I hope your trip to Bandahar
is a pleasant one. Thank you.

Please, Mr. Miller.

Your wife is very beautiful.

Yes, thank you.

We are allowed more
than one wife.

Since you seem to know so much about me, I
presume you know the purpose of my mission.

My uncle Sardar Khan
informed me.

I'm sorry.
It is not possible.

My request is simple.
Just a short interview.

Ellen has no desire
to talk to you.

Well, naturally, if she tells me so,
then I will... I tell you so.

There has been no communication
from her in 10 months.

Senator Jasper is...
I have met Senator Jasper,

and I know
all about his position.

He didn't take to me,
and I didn't take to him.

Using his name
will not help you.

Colonel, this is an official request from
my ambassador regarding an American citizen.


when Ellen married me,
she gave up all rights as an American.

Under our laws,
I now speak for her. Do you understand?

I thought you were progressive.

You will inform
your ambassador...

that I deeply resent this
intrusion into my private life.

Now go back to your embassy,
Mr. Miller.

Excuse me.

I need a doctor.

There's an English doctor
in Bandahar.

I understand.

Uh, Masood?


What's the matter?

I've injured my hand. I was
wondering if you could have a look at it.

Come in. Come in.

Thank you.

If you'll just excuse me for a minute,
PM... I'll deal with this chap.

Come in, please.
Please, come in.

Now, please, uh,
do s-sit down. Sit down.

Thank you.

What was the fuss about?

Oh, he was worried
about his wife.

Thought you might
have designs on her.

Well, you see,
my problem is this.

I'm not allowed to examine her.

She tells him her symptoms. Then
he gives me some garbled version.

I make a guess
and then prescribe.

If the apothecary charges too
much for the medicine, he won't buy it.

Then she continues to suffer,
greatly, and in silence.

Still, let's,
uh... let's have a look at that hand. Yeah.

Now, does that hurt?

No? Good. All right, turn it over.
Bend your fingers up like that.

Yeah, go on.

It really is a great pleasure to have
a chance to speak English again.

You've no idea what it's like to live
your life exiled from your mother tongue.

Nothing broken.

Do you speak English
with Colonel Nazrullah?

you... you know the colonel. We've met.

Look, uh,
PM... I'll give you this to help it along.

Uh, he's a friend of yours,
is he?

My concern is more
with his wife.

Oh, yes, of course, it would be.

You are Ellen's doctor?

I've attended her once or twice.

What are you doing here?

I'm from the American
Embassy. Hmm?

I was sent here
to find Ellen Jasper...

on the express orders
of the ambassador himself.

And you've... already
talked to Nazrullah? Yes.

I'm surprised he'd discuss it.
I suppose he had to with you.

Came on your own, did you? Yes.

You Americans
really are extraordinary.

How long are you staying?

Couple of days.

Incredible arrogance.

Still, I suppose that's what
makes you fellows what you are.

Nazrullah has combed this country for 10
months, and he hasn't found a trace of her.

You think you're gonna find her
in a couple of days?

She's been missing
for 10 months?

Oh, Christ.

I assumed you knew.

Nazrullah will
have my head for this.

I'm sorry, but you've tricked me into
being indiscreet about one of my patients.

I came here about my hand.

Where or when was she last seen?

I'm saying nothing further.

Good God, man.
Best kept secret in Bandahar.

Who saw her last?

I did.

I... I was on a health inspection...
some villages up near the mountains.

A job Nazrullah gave me.

Ellen and I spent a couple of days in one
village, and then I was going on to another.

Well, she persuaded me to allow her
to remain where she was until I returned.

When I got back, she was gone.

Where is this village?

Please, don't meddle.

Oh, God.


- You American?
- Yes.

Do you speak English?

You prefer Chinese?


Maybe Turkish.

Who is this?

That's Ellen Jasper,
the wife of Colonel Nazrullah.

She's an American citizen
who's disappeared.

My government has sent me
to find her.

A government sends you into
the desert to look for a woman?


And you expect me
to believe that?



A man has come.

He is looking for Ellen Jasper.


He has a letter...

from the Khan.

Do you know him?

No, I've never seen him before.

Why would he carry your picture?

Oh, my God.

Bryn Mawr, '41.

A school picture.

My father sent him.

Maybe your husband sent him.

If Nazrullah knew I was here,
he'd come personally...

to cut your throat.

Who is it?

Ellen Jasper.


I never expected
to find you here.

Where did you expect to find me?

I'm not sure really.

Who are these people?

The Kochi.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

I tried to explain that
last night to, um...

The leader, Zulffiqar.

Yeah, him.

The embassy has sent me
to find you.

Don't they have
anything better to do?

They sure as hell do.

Well, no one invited you here,
Mr. Miller.

But now that you've found me,
you can go back and report...

that I'm alive, well...

and living with the Kochi,

entirely of my own free will.


No, it's not okay.

Hey! What about my jeep?

I have to get to Bandahar.

Oh... Damn.

Do not blame the rope.
It is you.

What does the American want?

He just came for me, that's all.

That is all, huh?

He, uh... He upset you?

No, he... he just reminds me
of things I wanna forget.

Has he come to take you back?

I suppose that's
what they'd like.



If you want to go, you go.

With us, uh, you are...
You're free.

I know that.

I came here because I wanted to,
and I'll go when I want to.

They can't make me.

Suppose he brings soldiers?

I doubt that.

Ellen, I don't like doubts.

Maybe I should kill him now.

I would feel better.

Just leave him alone.

Out here in this sun
he will die anyway.

Hey, I've gotta talk to you.

Now wait a minute.
You're not gonna leave me here.

I'm not leaving you.
I'm going with the caravan.

You're free to do
whatever you want.

The people are concerned.

They're not used to
being followed.

I know.

This man...

This man won't give up.

It's my fault.
He's here because of me.

I don't want to cause
any problems. Why don't...

Ask him to join the camp.


Always you must have reasons.

Yes. I wanna know.
I-I don't...

The sun will not kill him.
Will you let me shoot him?


Then ask him to join the camp.

- But...
- Go on.

You must be hungry.

Yes, I am.

It's called “naan.”

We bake it over
dried camel dung.

It's good.

Zulffiqar says you can
stay with the caravan.

Well, thanks a lot.

Thank Zulffiqar,
Mr. Miller.

The name's Mark.

You're always walking away.

You walk away from your parents.
You walked out on your husband.

When I try to talk to you... Look,
my life isn't your concern.


you're right.

It's not my concern.

I just don't understand why you're
so inconsiderate towards your parents.

You're making an
awful lot of assumptions.

What do you want from me?

A letter.
Some kind of explanation.

An explanation.

All right.
How about this?

"Dear Mom and Dad,"

I left Nazrullah because he
traded our dream for... power.

Now I'm living
with a wonderful man...

who's never taken a bath.

He has no home,
no stock portfolio,

no responsibilities
except for a bunch of nomads,

twenty-seven camels,
sheep and goats.

"I have a terrific tan.
Love, Ellen."

How's that?

It doesn't sound very loving.

I'm sorry you're
in the middle of this,

but you don't know the facts.

My parents were
using me for their...


And I won't be used by anyone.

It's as simple as that.

Okay, Miller?

Yeah, okay.

I like your word "okay."



It is difficult to
understand your reluctance...

to terminate your marriage
with this, uh, American woman.

The disgrace to our family
cannot be allowed to continue.

Mr. Richardson.
Your Excellency.

You know my nephew,
I believe. Of course.


Do sit down.

The colonel has brought me
some very interesting news.

Your embassy claims
to have lost a diplomat,

and my soldiers claim
to have seen one.

I have a confirmed report that
Mark Miller is with a Kochi caravan.

Why, that's inconceivable.
Surely there must be some reason.

You will explain why a representative
of the United States government...

is traveling with the nomads.

My last report had him
visiting your home, Colonel,

another disappearance.

My wife's involvement in
this matter is not your concern!

It seems that the colonel's
wife and your Mr. Miller...

are traveling together
with the same caravan.

However, this is not just a matter
of lost wives and missing diplomats.

The nomads are engaged
in gunrunning,

and I do not propose
to be embarrassed by it.

Now if you will excuse me,
I have an appointment.

Matters of state,
you understand.

Your Excellency.
Good day.



The old man asked me a question.
I cannot answer.

Some questions don't have answers. No,
no. I... I am the leader.

I must have answers.

What's the problem?

Come here.

Do you,
uh... Do you see a line down there?


The soldiers say there is one.

Last night they come. They
take the old man's sheep and goat.

They said the old man
crossed the line.

He crossed the border.

To sheep and goats grass
is the same on either side.

Ah, but not to men.

The soldiers say,
"If you cannot see the line,

you are mad,
or you are blind."

Now, what do I say
to the old man?

Do I say he is mad
or he is blind? Huh?

Well, I would say...

that they're the ones
who are mad...

to make borders where
they shouldn't exist.

Yeah, I have to be careful.

You are getting as smart as me.

I don't know, maybe...
Maybe smarter.


I have a good teacher.

Salaam, Maftoon.

How are you?

No! No, no.
Leave them alone.

This happens all the time.

It's a running feud.

Watch how they make up.

It's a trick
all the camel drivers use...

Let them fight the clothes
instead of the man.


You know, you puzzle me,
Ellen. Why?

Well, you seem to be at home here,
but yet you don't belong.

Oh, but I do.
I do belong.

Don't you miss the States?

What, Dorset, Pennsylvania?

The country club set?
Political rallies?

No, I don't miss it.


Welcome back.

Did they show you the land?

Yes, they showed me the land.

Hah, hah.

Who's that?

Zulffiqar's son.

Father. Father.

Moheb is here.



Moheb, yes.

Hey, Son. Hey,
it's good to have you back.

Who is the Ferangi outside?

Oh, his name is, uh...
Is Miller.

He's an American.
He, uh...

American? He's
come to find Ellen.


Ellen. The American
could be a spy.

Right. And that is why
I am keeping him.

As long as Ellen is with us,
we'll never be safe.

She's still Nazrullah's wife.


I am the leader,

and that is my problem.

Hey, Son,
it's good to have you back.

Come here.

Come on. Sit down.
Sit down.

Hey, you must be hungry. It was
a long ride. Give him some tea.

So, tell me, you, uh...
Yes, yes, yes.

You, uh... You saw the, uh,
government land, huh?

And how is it? Is it
beautiful? Is it nice?

We'll see it
tomorrow. It's close by.

No, you saw it.
What... What do you think?

You must decide.

You're right.
I will decide.

So, this is the land, huh?

The whole valley.

And they expect the Kochi
to settle here?

Son, we have other choices.

I will meet Shakkur
in the village.

His offer must be
better than this.

There is a stream up ahead.

Oh, there is water?

Let's go.

And they call this a stream?

I can piss more than this.

The government promises to
bring in water from the mountains.


And you believe
a government's promise?

It's not the land, is it?

It's the thought of settling that
troubles you, and always has.


Our people have never belonged
to one place, one country.

They never have,

and never will.

You never will.

But one day soon there'll
be nowhere left to go.

The borders are closing.
The railroads are coming.

Soon there'll be no need
for the caravan.

Until that time comes, Son,

we'll take care of our people.


By becoming thieves
and scavengers?

Son, you sound like Nazrullah.

Come on.


go on into the village for supplies.

Take three men.


You cover yourself.

And you, Miller...
You stay out of sight.

I wish someone would tell
your friend that he isn't God.

He knows that,

but our people think he is.

So, my friend, what is it? Mmm.

I have a very important
merchandise for you to transport.

Yes? What?


Shakkur, I don't carry guns.

I mean, if I'm caught,
it could be the end of my tribe.

You will not be caught.

To be delivered where?

I will tell you at Qualir.

Many tribes will be there
to trade and celebrate.

Bring your Kochi to join us.



Damn you!

Salaam. Salaam.

I am Zulffiqar,
sir. I am the leader of this caravan.

What... What seems
to be the problem?

What can I do for you, sir?

I have my orders
to search your caravan.

Search us?
Why do you badger us?

What have we done to
you? We are a poor tribe.

We have just stopped here
to buy some supplies.

You brigands bring us nothing
but... Why do you call us brigands?


Who struck my daughter?

Who is this man?

This man?

Oh, this man, sir...

We hardly know him, sir.

Uh, we-we found him.
He was lost.

He was lost out in the middle of
the desert, sir. I am an American.

I'm from the United States
embassy in Kashkhan.

Oh, yes?

It seems that they have
found something interesting.

Shall we have a look?
What could they find, sir?

We have nothing, sir.
What could they possibly find?

What's all this? Oh, those are scraps
of tin and iron and some useless...

That's my jeep.
I can see it's a jeep.

What is it doing on the
back of a Kochi camel?

Well, we-we found it...
It's in transit.

My jeep broke down
in the desert.

This man is giving
me and the jeep a lift.

In another village, a Kochi was
seen in the bazaar selling parts.

Well, they're just small,
unimportant parts.

We were, uh... With my permission,
to cover the freight costs.

Do you have your papers
to identify yourself?


Show him my papers.

Oh, of course, of course.
His papers.

My passport
and the travel document.

You do recognize the signature
of the Sardar Khan?

Yes, sir.

I, uh... If I were you, Captain,
I would call off this search.

Yes, sir.

You did well,
almost as good as me.

Now I'm in debt to you.

You bastard.
You stole my jeep.

No, I didn't steal it.

I was keeping it for you...

as a surprise.

Moheb, did you see the
miracle of those papers, huh?

Uh, Miller,
I'll keep those for you, huh?

Oh, no, you don't. Oh, I'm sorry to say,
we have some thieves.

Please. Oh, no, come.
I'll keep them.

You could've gone with them.

Why didn't you?

I don't like the way they
treat your people. Mmm.

Besides, I was sent
on a mission to find you.

But you've found me.

Oh, yeah, sure.

What proof do I have?

What do I say? That I've
seen you and you're fine?

Yes. I don't have one
tangible piece of evidence.

Ellen, I'm not going back

♪ The early light is breaking ♪

♪ The morning sun
is waiting in the sky I

I And I think I'm gonna
break away I

I And follow where
the birds of freedom fly I

♪ I need to give ♪

♪ I need to live ♪

♪ For the world
is slowly turning ♪

♪ And the lights of love ♪

I Are burning in my eyes I

♪ Caravans ♪

♪ Oh, my soul is on the run ♪

♪ Ovefland ♪

♪ I am flying ♪

♪ Caravans ♪

♪ Moving out into the sun ♪

♪ Oh, I don't know
where I'm goin' ♪

♪ But I'm goin' ♪

♪ Caravans ♪

♪ Oh, my soul is on the run ♪

♪ Ovefland ♪

♪ I am flying ♪

♪ Caravans ♪

♪ Moving out into the sun ♪

♪ Oh, I don't know
where I'm goin' ♪

♪ But I'm goin' ♪♪

What do you do?

I'm trying to write
my parents a letter.

That is easy, if you can write.

Not really.

Maybe you can help me.


you've been a nomad
all your life.

Could you... give it up
and settle down?

Oh, I am too old
to change my ways.

My feet would no longer
feel the desert trails.

In a village,

my camels would forget
the taste of mountain grass.

My grandson...

would never know how Allah...

moved the stars
and the moon across the sky.

Why don't you write it.

Do they read Pashto?

What is it?


Over the hill, in the valley.

We wait.

Bring the caravan.
We go east, to Qualir.

Why are we stopping?

It is your husband,
Colonel Nazrullah.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Hey! Shakkur.

Salaam, Zulffiqar.

How were things in Russia?
Oh, it was a smooth passage.

I wish I could say the same.

Listen, uh...
Zulffiqar, who is she?

Oh, uh, she's, uh...

She's, uh, a Kochi.

A blonde Kochi?
Yeah. Strange, huh?

Here are the reins.

Oh, uh, who is the man?

Oh, well, he...
He's an American.

A diplomat.

Oh, you are crazy.
No, no, no, no, no.

You bring Americans
to Qualir. I will show you.

You know the cargo.

You see?

Why are you late?

There were soldiers.
We took the eastern passage.

Soldiers, police.

Hah! They're everywhere
these days.

Like lice.

May the wombs
of their mothers dry up.

May their fathers' rifles
drop off.

Your American,
he still worries me.

He knows nothing
about our business.

He is my passport.

But this time our cargo
did not travel alone.

They sent two Russians
with it. Huh.

And you bring Russians
to Qualir?

My friend, we have no choice.

We do business where we can.

Times have changed.


Is she really Kochi?

Hmm? Hmm?



We lost them in the mountains.

They must have traveled
only at night.

Well, you've got to hand
it to them. They're clever.

Not so clever.

I have reason to believe
they will return soon.


But your Mr. Miller seems to have
joined these Kochi for a vacation.

Maybe your wife has, but...

Don't talk about my wife.
I told you before.

I'm sorry,
Colonel. That wasn't very tactful of me.

I understand how you must feel.

No, Mr. Richardson.

You will never understand that.

What I was trying to say was,
if Miller stayed with the Kochis,

maybe he stumbled
onto something.

Something that might be of
value to both of our countries.

But he still gets
no message to you.

Well, possibly,
at this stage it's too dangerous.

If we hear anything,
I'll keep you informed.

I may not be able
to wait that long.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Why don't you dance?

No, no. Not me.

Go on. The music
will show you how.

A young man,
and you don't dance?

Hey, hey!



I see cinema.

You hungry?




What happened?

I was attacked.

Who did this? I don't
know. I couldn't see him.

Whoever it was,
he wasn't kidding.

This is not our people.

I will find out.

Abu. Abu.

Shakkur. Shakkur!

No! No!

No! No!

Drop it.

Drop it!

I'm all right.

Why were you...
Why were you fighting?

He was attacking Ellen.

I'm all right.

I'm all right.
Did you attack Ellen?

Now don't lie.

Tell me.
Did you attack Ellen?

Please! He didn't
really hurt me.

Ellen, you live with us,
you live by our laws.

Now you know the punishment.

Hey, Shakkur.

Hey, till we meet again,
huh? Yeah.

The Russians are dead.

Perhaps the weather
did not agree with them.

And one of them was found
with his own knife in his belly.

His own knife?

Oh, oh, oh. Very careless. Yes,
very careless.


You have only three days
to meet the Balochi at Torq.

Aw, Torq is a dead city.

It's a safe place.

Allah and a good wind
go with you.

And with your people.

Ellen, you take the horse.


Ellen. Ellen.

Miller, give me your hand.

What the hell is this?

Mr. Miller.

Put it down.

Put it down!

The only reason I do not
kill you now, Mr. Miller,

is because of my father.

How are the people?

They are well.

Miller has seen the guns.


I think we should kill him.



Moheb thinks I should kill you.

Do you always do
what your son tells you to?

One day he will command.

No, Zulffiqar.

When you die,
the Kochi will vanish.

Do you think my people are weak?

No, they are strong,

but they need a leader.

And now...

you have your doubts
about me, huh?


In a different time, under different
circumstances, you could be a great leader.

But now you are being used.

Well, it's easy for you to talk.

I understand America
is a land of miracles.

My people have no miracles.

They only have me.

It is not miracles, Zulffiqar,
it is guns.

Kill me if you wish.

I will think about It.


Where are the Balochi?

Maybe in the village.

I don't like it.

Place some guards.

Any sign?

It's a city of shadows.

I will not wait long.

Tell the people not to unload.

Zulffiqar picks cheerful
places to meet his friends.


Damn it.
Everybody out of sight.



I am Zulffiqar.

And I am Colonel Nazrullah.

Ahh. Salaam.

I'd imagined you...

How? I don't know. More,
uh... More fearsome.

You're a very, very young man.

I'm not feared by the people
who live by our laws.

We have our, uh...
Our own laws.

You wait here for the Balochi.

They will not come.

We have stopped their caravan.

And you have crossed the desert
to, uh, give me this message?

You have an American diplomat
with you.

I have orders from his embassy
to take him back.

And that is why you have come?

And that is all?

Give us Miller.

Mr. Miller!

You have a visitor.


I have orders for you
from your embassy.

One moment, please.

It's official.
My marching orders.

With us, you have
learned to march.

Be wise.

Get rid of the guns.
What guns?

Oh. Here.

Your papers.

I don't think
they will help now.

Get in the jeep.

Good luck.

And now we'll examine
your cargo.

Why do you wish to examine
my scraps and rags?

Poor things we-we use
for-for trade.

Russian guns!

He-He's lying.

Would I carry Russian guns?

We will examine your cargo.

Well, then, come.

I will show you.

If I carried Russian guns,
I would be a rich man,

instead of leading
a miserable tribe,

stopping in villages to sell...

And now we will take your cargo.

Start the caravan.

You will regret this.
I never regret.

Besides, you gave me no choice.

Like other tribes...

You have been offered land.
I saw the land you offered me.

You expect us to trade
our pride and freedom...

for land that lizards
would spit on.

Your people will pay for your
pride. You pay for everything.



You do have something
that's not yours.

My wife.

I want to see her.

Where is she?



I have come
to take you home, Ellen.

This is my home now.

Listen, Ellen.

I am a proud man.

My family want me
to divorce you,

but I want you back again
as my wife.


Because I don't trust you.

But you must come with me.


I must be true to my beliefs.

I'm sorry.

Please, Ellen.

Do not go with them.

I wish you understood.


Now I'm really free.


But now you can never go back.

I know.

Okay, Miller?

Yeah. Okay.

I hope you find
what you're looking for.

Oh, I have, Mark.

I have.

You too, huh?


You'll need this.

For your parents?

To whom it may concern.

The tangible evidence
you wanted.


I'll miss you, Mark.

Stop the firing.
You shall not interfere.

I damn well can.

You're slaughtering
helpless people.

I'm going to report it.

You tell Moheb
to watch their back.

You murderous idiot.

You're ruining your country
just to get even with the Kochi.

Or is it your wife?



Why do they stop firing?

I don't know, Son.

It may be a trick.



Give up your cargo.

We will not surrender.
We do not give up the cargo.

I swear, if we do not,
they will kill all of us.

Give back the cargo.
Son, it is our life.

Look, what do we have?

It is your only choice.

Give back the rifles.

All right.

Be careful.

We'll give up the cargo,
but we go free.

Ag reed.




You came for your wife?

Here she is.


- You lead the caravan.
- Not yet.

You lead.