Carancho (2010) - full transcript

In Argentina over 8,000 people die in traffic accidents every year. Behind each of these tragedies is a flourishing industry founded on insurance payouts and legal loopholes. Sosa is a lawyer who tours the A&E Departments of the public hospitals and the police stations in search of potential clients. Luján is a young doctor recently arrived from the provinces. Their love story kicks off one night when Luján and Sosa meet in the street. She's trying to save a man's life; he wants him on his client portfolio. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
683 A MONTH, OVER 8,000 A YEAR,





C'mon, you son of a bitch!

- Come over here.
- Shut up and walk.

- How d'you know my dad?
- From soccer.

- Oh yeah? Which club?
- Mor?n.

- Which club, son of a bitch?
- Stop it...

- Which club?
- Almirante Brown.


Son of a bitch!
Which club was my father in?

Which team?

Which club was my father in,
piece of shit?


- Can't remember?
- I'm not sure...

Couldn't wait 'til after the burial,

Swindling fucker.
Let's go!

Respect the dead,
son of a bitch!

- Fucking vulture!
- Let's get out of here.

Ready, Luj?n?

Hurry up, please!


Come on, hurry it up!


Do you copy, Sosa?

Motorbike-truck collision
on Mosconi and Villegas.

Take it easy,

They're coming.

I see him, over there,

Bring the stretcher, Pico.

Good evening,

What happened?

He crossed in front of the truck.

Strong blow to the head,
no helmet.

- Do you know if he's drunk?
- Doesn't smell of alcohol,

- Do you know his name?
- I think it's Gustavo.

Loss of consciousness?

He was speaking up until now,

- Gustavo, do you hear me?
- Yes,

I'm a doctor, Okay?

This is a neck brace.
We're taking you to the hospital.

- Do you remember what happened?
- No.

You don't? Nothing at all?

How old are you, Gustavo?


- Were you working?
- Yes.

Stay calm.

Can you help me
with the stretcher?

Put his head down
and come beside me.

I have my first aid certificate.


Put one hand over here...

and hold the other one here.

On my count of three,
we'll move him.

Ready? One, two, three,

Stay calm.

Okay. One, two, three.
We put him down, Good.

There we go!

Officer, can you help me please?

Are you okay?


More or less, yes.

- Were you driving?
- No, it's something else,

Let's see...

- Stay still.
- Let's go, Luj?n.

- You need stitches,
- Thank you,


- Do you know him?
- What?

That guy who just helped us.
Do you know him?



He's following us.

Don't worry,
He's coming to the clinic with us,

- So?
- They won't admit him,

- Why?
- How should I know?

No one's on call,
the place is a mess, Usual bullshit.

- She's trying to get him in,
- Who is she?

She's new.
Sister of a friend of mine.

You have an IC unit
and a CAT scan here.

I'm sorry, I can't admit him.

I'm not taking him anywhere,
so work it out.

Talk to your supervisor.

- Excuse me.
- Good evening.

- Is Russo in today?
- Yes, he is.

Can you call him over?

I'll go see.

What about me?

You wait.

Gustavo, are you okay?

I can't believe this...

Don't worry.

Excuse me.

Pico, I'll leave the chart
and meet you outside.

- Everything okay?
- Yes, thanks.

Any problems?

No, everything's fine.

- Thanks for he ping.
- You're welcome.

Can I have your name?


- Your first name?
- Luj?n, Luj?n Olivera.

- Need my license?
- No, this is fine.

Here, just in case.

Keep it, you never know.
See you.

Thanks, Sosa, I mean it,

How long have you known Sosa?

- Long enough.
- How long is long enough?

Enough is like 8 or 10 years.

- Always been a "vulture"?
- No.

No, he started
when he lost his license.

Started working for
those Foundation assholes.

First, you get 200 bucks for the tip.

If it turns into a case,

Do the clients get paid?

It's a swindle,
but they get some money.

These people don't have
medical coverage or jobs.

The Foundation ends up
being like social work for them,

Social work?

Yes, social work.

For someone lying under a bus

at 4 a.m., with broken bones,

it's the best they can get.

A vulture who'll help them
screw the insurance company.

We're almost there,

Tell me what they hit you with,

I don't know,
I was going home and they hit me.

I hurt my head
when I fell to the ground,

It hurts up here too, doctor.

But do you remember
what happened?

Sort of, sort of.

- You are a cop.
- No, I'm a doctor.

Try to calm down, okay?

I'm here to take care of you,

to stop the bleeding on your head,

When we get to the hospital,
they'll take over.

- I'm leaving.
- Not now, we're driving,

Once we reach the hospital
you're free to leave.

- I love you!
- That's nice, just relax.

Stay seated, nice and easy.
Stay put.

Watch it,

Get your hands off me
and try to relax.


Bitch? What's the matter with you?

Stay put, calm down!

- Stay put!
- Bitch!

Give me a kiss.

Come with me,
I'll give you a kiss,

Calm down! Let go of me!


Try to remember the details,

There was a witness, right?

A neighbor saw it al,
he said it was the trucker's fault,

His lights were off
and he was driving the wrong way.

He didn't have time to swerve,

They said it was an accident.

If it could have been avoided,

it's not an accident,
it's an incident,

The police took photos of the car,

I'm not sure, I guess so...

- Did you file a formal complaint?
- Yes, I did,

Where is it?

I think my wife has it at home,

- Who came to your aid?
- Policemen,

As they drove by, they saw me
staggering out of the car.

- They took you to the hospital?
- They did,

Who treated you there?

Can't say.
A doctor, wearing green or white.

- You got X-rays?
- Yes.

- Hey, Sosa,
- Do you have the X-rays?

- It won't hold in court.
- It's not my fault.

Ask Guerrero for 20 points,
Why didn't you sign it?

What's so difficult, Casal?

What happened to your face?

It's nothing.

You have to take me with you.

What's the Dog doing here?

Are you comatose?

- What more could you ask for?
- Fuck off!

You have subordinates,
a car, an office, a secretary...

You're here
because I want you to be.

You're here
because I want you to be.

This document authorizes us

to handle the case.

I don't know.
I can't believe this is happening.

I don't know what to do, counselor.

We take care of everything,

Yes, I know, but...

My neighbors say you're good,
but I'm not sure.

One step at a time,

Check the Police Station!

That's where you get screwed!

No, the real problem
comes from here!

Calm down.

Counselor Casal,
could I have a minute?

This is Mr. Arrieta's widow.

The accident on M?rmol Street.

We're very sorry for your loss,
And we hope we can be of service,

Wake up.

I'll wait for you outside.

- Hi.
- Hi, how are you?

- What do we have?
- Traffic accident.

Thank you,



I told you it was
like 20 blocks that way,

A right a ready! We'll be there soon.

Put your seatbelt on, Pico.

Yes, I'm better now.

But I might turn up
shot in the head any time now.

Be careful
The Dog knows you're up to something,

We've been through this
a thousand times. I've had it.

You can't leave, not now.

Take a good look at me.

I can't take it anymore,

So you're tired!
Then I'll go out, like we used to do,

I'm not talking about today.

I've been tired a long time,

I'm just as tired as you are.

Do I have to tell you
how sick I am of the Dog?

He refuses the slightest change!

That's not my problem,

As soon as I get my license back,
I'm out.

Today, I'll talk to Rinaldi.

I need you beside me!

Do you want to leave or stay?

No one's throwing me out,

The one leaving is the Dog.

Rinaldi wants his ass,
he told me so.

How much longer can he resist?

He's done for,
Who's next in line?

Don't underestimate the Dog.

You listen to me,

We have to stick together now,

C'mon, man...,

You really want my head?

They buy it from you,
not me.

Mr. Moyano,
the taxi company called,

the car's running late.

Excuse me, I'm not Moyano.

Mr. Moyano had a traffic accident.

I'm his attorney,
but I haven't met him in person,

I had an accident, too.

What happened?

A son of a bitch
ran me over with his truck.

- When was that?
- Yesterday.

- Did you get X-rays?
- Yes,

Can I see them?

She was going to work.

A car leaving a nightclub
ran her lover.

- At what time?
- At dawn.

- Married? Any children?
- Yes, married, two children.

Do you know the husband?

Yes, he's on his way.

You left some stuff
here yesterday, Sosa.

You left some stuff
here yesterday, Sosa.

Stop by headquarters.

Roger that, I'm coming.

I'll wait for you.

Evening, Hi, Sosa,

- Here's the paperwork.
- Good.

What's the story on Almafuerte Ave.?

Female, 82 years old,

high blood pressure,

suffered a hypertensive crisis,

- Six victims, total.
- Good evening.

- Hi there, Pico,
- Who's hungry?

- Remember the Mosconi St. Guy?
- Who?

The one who hit a cyclist,

Yeah, He had some kind of trouble
with his bank

and his insurance policy went unpaid.

The same day,
he hit and killed this guy on a bike,

- Rotten luck!
- Bet the cyclist ran a light,

Someone is always to blame,

Sure, but insurance company's pay
because an accident is an accident.

And that ady
from the driving school.

A driving instructor,
with years of experience.

One day, she's driving a long,

when right in front of her windshield

this guy drops dead,
hit by a falling flowerpot.

She's so distressed,
she has a heart attack right there,

So her car keeps going,
runs up the sidewalk

and hits this kid,
her own nephew...

- Bullshit!
- No, this stuff happens!

The unit's on its way.
Ready to go, guys?

There's nothing for you, Sosa,
See ya.

See ya.


- Everything okay?
- Yes.

I don't dolma practice.

It takes forever,
you never see the money.

I don't mess with doctors.

Good to know.

How can I change
the way you look at me?

- Meaning?
- I don't know. Like I scare you,

I'm not afraid of you.

Do you like working here?

Yes, I do,

But I don't plan
to be on call all my life.

Right, You're waiting
for a better opportunity.

- Something like that.
- Me too.

What are you waiting for?

A multiple colision?

No, I'm not sure...

A change of scenery,

getting out of here...

I'm not really sure.

Truth is, since I started
bumping into you regularly,

I'm considering staying here.

- Is that your pick up line?
- No, it's the truth.

- I'm not very good at...
- Ready, Luj?n?

I have to go.

What time do you finish...

your shift?


At 8.
But I may leave a bit early.

Can I wait for you?

Sure. If you like,

- I'll wait for you.
- Okay.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah, and you?

- I'm done.
- Did it go well?

Yeah, but I'm kind of tired.

I should get some sleep,
I guess.

Can I buy you a coffee here?
Five minutes?

You graduated,
did your residency there,

and since positions were rare,
Pico helped you get this job.

That's not so bad.

What about you?

What about me?

What did you do
to lose your license?


- Nothing?
- No, It was bad luck, that's all.


But I'm pretty sure...

it's changing.

- What's changing?
- My luck.


See that traffic light?

That one.

If two cars run the red light,
I'll kiss you.

- Are you crazy?
- No, it's just a game.

Just to show you
my luck is changing.

- Two is too easy,
- Would you go for three?


That's unreasonable
and you know it.

It's 6 a.m.

Okay, four.

Four is a lot.

Four... Let's see.

Help me out here, people.

Here comes the first.



Two... Good job.

- Trucks don't count,
- Yes, they do.

Three, four...


I made it!

And not a single truck.

- I won't kiss you, though.
- I'll kiss you, then.

- I have to go.
- I'm in a tough spot.

Should I close it?

Can you finish it for today?


"La Superior," good insurance,

Is it still valid?


How much do you want for it?

500 bucks plus repairs
and we have a deal.

"I hereby authorize
payment of the amount,

as stated
in the agreement de quota litis,

and to be deducted
from the final damages obtained.

Two equal documents
are signed as proof of conformity."

When do I get the rest?

Like I said, you have to wait.

I know, but only

finish reading.
I'll be a minute.

How much
do you want to give him?

Give him 200 more,

I met with Rinaldi.

It's all I set.
You need to see him.

- Same old story?
- Yes, I don't trust you.

No place will treat you
better than we do, Sosa.

There you go, 200 more,

Thanks, man!
Thank you.

- What do I do now?
- Sign.

I could do with a nice cold beer.

Vega, you drunkard, sign,
We're doing it tonight.


At last!

Come here.

Everything okay?

Yes, fine.

- What happened?
- Nothing. You fell asleep.


Don't worry.

- How long did I sleep?
- Around 12 hours.

Are you hungry?

You're not a morning talker.

No, it's just that
I'm not very used to it.

Want me to give you a hand?

Chop more red pepper
and that zucchini.

- This one?
- Right.


Like this?



- What are you doing here?
- Filling in.

Where's Santill?n?

Not a clue,
I'll go get ready.

Not a clue,
I'll go get ready.

Then, do a quick arpeggio
using thumb and nails.

- Get it?
- Yes.

The thumb, when pointing down,
strums the lower notes,

The rest of the hand...

plays the higher notes.

The third, second and first...

Then, a quick arpeggio
using your thumb and nails,

Thumb, hand, thumb, hand...

Look at me.

The secret to Samba
is in the strumming,

I wish I knew
how to play an instrument.

- Do you play anything?
- No.

You smell of alcohol.

- No.
- Don't lie to me,


- C'mon! Are we done here?
- We're done,

Keep your leg straight,

Little kids should learn
to play an instrument.

Here, bite this.

- What do you feel?
- Nothing...

- Sure?
- Yes! Don't chicken out on me!

Okay, here it goes.
Don't shout.

Hang in there!

C'mon, be strong!

Don't shout or we're fucked.

Listen to me!

It's all you from here,
Remember what I told you?

Don't look at him,
Vega, do you hear me?


Okay, hang in there!

What happened, dude?

He jumped out of nowhere!
This has never happened to me!

- What did you do?
- He jumped at my windshield,

- Are you okay, sir?
- Can you hear me?

I've been driving 30 years and
this never happened to me!

Where are we going, Pico?

Where are we going, Pico?

To aid a victim,

But headquarters didn't radio us.

It doesn't matter, Luj?n.
Just get ready, we're a most there.


- What are you doing here?
- What? I'm working.

- Of course, sorry.
- What happened?

I think he has
a skull and a leg fracture.

- He's lost a lot of blood,
- Did it just happen?

A few minutes ago, not more.

- Can I help?
- Yes.

- Has he been unconscious since?
- Yes.

Do you know his name?

Vega, he's a friend.

The stretcher.

Put a hand here and the other there.

Ready? One, two, three,
Let's go.

One, two, three...

- And down...
- Careful.

Strap this around.

Strap that one.

That's good, let's lift him up.

Can you explain what happened?

Not now, Later.

- Ready?
- One, two, three!

I'll tell you everything later,

- Take him in, Pico.
- I've got him.

Come with me.

What happened?

Please, not now.

Save him. Help me.

I swear I'll tell you everything.

Here, put these on.

- What do I do?
- Put them on.

Do you know what he took?

Tramadol and codeine.


So it wouldn't hurt.

I don't get it, Sosa.

I'll explain everything, alright?

He's in arrest! Grab this!

When I tell you to, press it twice,
Now, start.

- How? Tell me,
- When I tell you, start pumping.

One, two...
Pico! How far are we?

- Six or seven minutes,
- Call to say he's in arrest.

Unit 28 to base,

I have a male around 65...

Save him.

Shut up, Sosa! Concentrate!
One, two!

Estimated time of arrival,

- [Recieved and understood.]
- Hang in there, man.

Tell me what's going on,

Traffic accident,

Male, 65 years old...

His vitals are out.

We've been doing CPR
for 7 minutes.

- Did you administer anything?
- No.

Any known allergies
to medication?

I don't know.


Cardiac arrest, 65-year-old patient,

On my count of three...
One, two, three!

Take the stretcher, Pico,

Hook up the oxygen, please,

- Plug it in here.
- Monitor!

- Get me Vaseline.
- Monitor's on.

Put a line in, please,

- Charging!
- Get me the oxygen.

Step back! Discharge!

Can I be of any help?

Go by admissions
and write a summary, that's all.

For intubation, please.

How is he?

Luj?n, how is he?

He is dead, Sosa.

What do you mean dead?

He can't be dead!

He is dead,
Get your hands off me!

Understood? Hands off!

Wait outside, please.


- Captain Ib??ez,
- Counse or Casal. Good evening.

You intervened
on Morelli Street, right?

I'd need a copy of that report,

Ask the admissions desk.
Excuse me.

Don't worry, many thanks,

We'll need your license number
and details about the accident,

If you agreed to cooperate...

He wanted to take care of you,
I won't abandon you.

Excuse me.

Calm down.

We did all we could,
I'm very sorry, ma'am.

Calm down...

- I can't believe this...
- Wait here.

I have to settle something.
I'll be back.

- Luj?n!
- Sosa!

- Hold on a sec.
- Sosa!

Are you crazy,
dragging me into your schemes?

It was just supposed to be
a broken leg.

You've got to be kidding!

I sign the papers,
You have nothing to lose!

- I'm going home.
- Wait!

Get your hands off me.

Okay, but this is very important!
What did they say?

Sign no papers, make no statements,
I have to fix this myself.

Fix what?

You shouldn't have been involved,
Forgive me.

I don't have anything to forgive.

A man just died because of you.

I know you don't believe me,
but I was doing Vega a favor.

He needed the money.

Things should've gone smoothly.

I don't know what to do.

And I'm supposed to tell you?

You're a big boy, Sosa,

I don't want to see you again.

There he is.

C'mon, Sosa!

C'mon, Sosa!


- And him?
- Waiting for surgery.

His labs are done.
He has abdominal pain.

- Surgeon's on his way.
- Paged him?

- Yes, shouldn't be long.
- Okay. And this one?

Male, fell at work,
Exposed fracture and cranial trauma.

- X-rays?
- They're done.

The scan?

- Not yet.
- You didn't page trauma?

- This one?
- This guy apparently has TB,

Let me see...

Why isn't he in isolation?

I wasn't attending,
There are no beds anyway,

Would you be interested in
the Friday shift?

- Yes, of course.
- You don't look it.

It's just that Friday's my day off,
I'm sort of tired...

If you want to get appointed,
pile up some extra hours.

- Should I sign you?
- Yes, thanks.

Can't hear a thing.

I have two more waiting outside.


His belly is fine.

Go. I'll handle it,

What happened to you?

I don't know.

I was in a fight.

- Where did they hit you?
- Everywhere!

- Did you lose consciousness?
- You're here, piece of shit?


- Let me go, bitch!
- Calm down.

Stop it!

Call security!


Calm down!

Stop it, stop it!

- Call security!
- They're coming!

Calm down!

What was that?

A gunshot!

You, stay put!
Stay where you are!

You okay?

Come here.

Are you calm, now?

Yes, I'm good.

Those guys are in for it.

Crazy motherfuckers.

Turn on the siren so we can move!

It's a red light.
What can I do?

Is that good?
Wanna try the other one?

Since he left the Foundation,
no news.

He still owes me money.

It's been a while since I saw him.

I saw him at San Martin Hospital,

Saw him in a hall way,

Haven't you seen him around?

- No.
- So, what's new?

Nothing, the lawyer called asking

if I'd heard about those five days
in Tablada.

I told him I didn't have a clue,

He said he'd go anyway.

One for traumatology, a male.

A woman for surgery.

A 25-year-old guy for isolation.

No, we need to transfer that one.

Here are the orders, thanks.

What are you doing here?

- I've been calling you.
- I know.

I left messages,
but you never answer.

I need to talk to you,

Okay, but not here.

So tell me when and where.
I'll be there.

I just need you to listen to me,
for just a minute.

- Are you okay?
- Perfect, You?



I don't know, I'm working now.

What's with you, Sosa?

Virgin Mary
turn you into a good boy?

Did Jesus talk to you?

That money is not yours.

You'll have to break many bones
to it pay back.

Meanwhile, they'll keep sending me
to beat your ass.

What should I tell Casal?

Tell me what to tell Casal,

How long
have we known each other?

You know
I'd rather be with Romina at home,

or with the kids watching TV.

But instead, I have to come
beat some sense into you.

What should I tell Casal, Sosa?

And this better be
crystal clear.

You are the only responsible for this,
stupid son of a bitch.

A guy with a head injury has been
asking for you for ten minutes.

Thank you.

Is this some kind of joke?

What happened?

It's nothing.

Look at you! Sit up.

- Can you sit?
- Yes, of course.

Come with me.

- My jacket?
- I've got it.

Hurry up.

- Over there.
- Sorry.

The Vega case was to be the last,
It was an easy one.

I'd done it several times.

Everyone got what they wanted.

It was my last job
for the Foundation.

Stay like this.

I just needed my license back,
so I could be free.

But in the middle of all that mess...

you turned up,

And I started
to feel things could change.

But of course...

something had to go wrong.


Stay put.

It's so weird.

Feels like getting out of jail.

Even with my license back,
I can't work here.

This was a warning,

I'm starting to do things right.

This is how you do it?

I had them beat the hell out of me
to get your attention.

I collected all the Vega money,
Gave it to his wife.

She deserved it.

They can beat the hell out of me.

I can't keep working here, Luj?n,

Or you'll be stitching my face
every week.

That's why I have to leave.

I had two options:

I could come say goodbye...

or ask you to come with me.

What do you think?

That you're talking nonsense,

- I'll be back,
- I mean it.

- He was beat up,
- Beat up? How badly, when?

Did he need stitches, and all?

Yeah, gave him two.

You would've given him 10!

You fell for him at first sight!

- Don't be a jerk, Pico.
- Look how you get...

You're a jerk!

What the fuck
happened to you, Sosa?

Are you stupid?

I have enough problems
without your stupid ass,

I just want to be left a one.

I don't give a shit!

You can't work this area.

You fucked up the Vega case,

you kept my money
and now you want more?

Deduct it from all you owe me,
We'll be even.

- Even?
- Even, yes.

Sosa, you are in no position
to negotiate.

Know what?
Get lost, Disappear.

I don't want back in,

I worked for you guys too long.
It's over.

Let me work in peace,

I'll get some money together
and leave.

I understand,

But those are my accidents,
my clients.

It's my clinic and my hospital.

San Justo is mine,
this country is mine!

So stay away
if you don't want any trouble.


try doing homeowners' association,
divorce cases, estates...

Francisco Abenda?o...

Bus crash,
The company paid 270 grand,

he got 30,000.

Delia Ortega, pregnant,
hit at a pedestrian crossing.

I remember accurately.

They paid 150, she got 25,

Rodrigo Su?rez. Bike accident.
They paid 80, he got 11,

Mart?n Prieti and his family,

They paid 112 grand, he got 35.
Should I keep going?

Are you the voice
of conscience or something?

No, I have their phone numbers,
you jerk.

I have every copy
of the agreement forms.

I can have them sue you,
one a week 'till I drive you crazy.

Do you still think you're in charge?

Who's going to protect you?
The Dog?

Rinaldi? Who?

Are you threatening me?

Are you nuts?
After everything I've done for you?

I got you back on your feet,
gave you a job.

- That's really sentimental,
- Sure it is, asshole!

Listen to me!

Give me a little time to save up
and I'll leave for good.

That's all I'm asking.
Don't you get it?

I don't believe this!

- Calm down, Sosa.
- You make me sick.

- Don't do anything stupid.
- Fuck you!

Did you treat Nevares?
The one with atrial fibrillation?


- Did you give him heparin?
- Of course.

Are you nuts?

Are you nuts?

Do you want to kill him?

Didn't you realize
he had a digestive hemorrhage?

No, I didn't, Sorry.

- What were you thinking?
- I need sleep.

We're all tired!
You'll end up killing someone.

We're all tired!
You'll end up killing someone,

Go fix it.

But I was on my way out...

You'll stay until this is fixed.
Am I clear?

Doctor, they're waiting upstairs.

Doctor, they're waiting upstairs.

- C'mon, Luj?n,
- What happened?

A car hit a truck on the highway.

- How many victims?
- Six victims.

- How many victims?
- Six victims.


Three in very serious condition.

How many are we?

It's Ju?rez, you and me.

- What about Garrido?
- Garrido is doing triage.

Doctor! Please help us!

What happened, ma'am?
Easy, calm down...

He's choking.

Please wait here, calm down.

- What's this?
- Respiratory arrest.

Calm down.

I can't work if you're screaming.
Wait outside!

I can't work if you're screaming.
Wait outside!

There he goes, c'mon.

Take off his shirt,
give him oxygen.

Do we have a line?

Stay calm, sir!
He's not getting any air,

- Hypotonic pneumothorax?
- Yes.

Put some Pervinox on.

Try to breath slowly!

He's going into arrest!


He's breathing better.

Can you hear me, man?

Listen to his chest.

- Breathe slowly,
- Take a deep breath,

- Now we're talking!
- That's it!

- Now we're talking!
- That's it!

He's ventilating,
There you go.

Go if you have to, I'll stay,

Put the brace on and go.

Call the surgeon,

Let me put the brace on...

- I'll stay with him.
- You're a set. Quiet.

- I'll stay with him.
- You're a set. Quiet.

Breathe deeply, man, breathe.

He was my only brother, doctor.

Concentrate on your husband now,
He's fine.

That's true.
Thank you, doctor.

Everything's going to be okay.

How do I tell my mom?

- You'll find the words.
- Oh, doctor!

- You'll find the words.
- Oh, doctor!

You'll find a way to tell her.

It's all so awfull.

Hold on there. Promise me.

- What?
- That you'll do things right.

- I've a ready told you,
- Promise me again.

I promise you again.

I promise you again.


- Okay, let's go.
- Thanks.

- I'm only doing it for her.
- Me too.

I appreciate your trust, anyway.

I appreciate your trust, anyway.

You're welcome.

My family is already talking
to a different firm.

My fami y is already talking
to a different firm.

They say it's better
if we all have the same lawyer.

No, that's not the truth.

You're free to choose
who you work with.

And please,
don't sign any papers yet.

Bring me the papers,

and I'll explain
what their proposition is,

Okay, counselor.

What can we do about my brother?

My sister-in-law is in despair.

The hospital and police station
won't tell us anything.

The hospital and police station
won't tell us anything.

They won't let us take his body,

Get those X-rays to me,
I'm on call all night, okay?

Get those X-rays to me,
I'm on call all night, okay?

Come here for a second.

Sure, what's going on?

Have you gone mad?

- What are you doing?
- What do you mean?

- What are you doing?
- What do you mean?

Don't play naive.
Don't play dumb with me!

Are you he ping that vulture
who's been lurking around here?


Don't mess with me,

And watch what you do.

This could turn ugly,
You could regret it.

Look at me
when I'm talking to you!

I think you're confused,,,

You're the one who's confused!

Consider yourself warned,
Don't forget that.

Consider yourself warned,
Don't forget that.


Good morning!

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

What do you need?

- Are my things at the hospital?
- No.

Everything's in your purse.

- Do you want them?
- No, it's okay.

- Do you want them?
- No, it's okay.

- You can leave if you want.
- Do you want me to?

I want you to stay,

Then I'll stay.

Thanks for picking me up,

- He came by.
- Who?

The fat man.

- And?
- Asked me if I'd seen you around.

- Got the papers?
- Yes.

Here, Count it.

What are you up to?

Lay low for a while.

- Te Ib??ez Sosa is here.
- I'll tell him.

- Te Ib??ez Sosa is here.
- I'll tell him.

- Anything to drink?
- A glass of water.

Think I don't know
you and Casal are plotting?

I've had it!

I've had it!

- Goodbye, Sosa.
- Rinaldi.

Sosa, Sorry I kept you waiting.

Don't worry, no problem.

You like to surprise me.

You like to surprise me.

You fleed the Foundation
without saying goodbye.

Slamming the door on your way out.
That shows lack of gratitude,

Oh yes, that's what it is.

Then you come here
without warning.

Then you come here
without warning.

- I warned...,
- Who did you warn? Nobody!

You're taking care
of the Route 3 accident, right?

- Have their power of attorney?
- Two...

Casal has the other three.

Casal has the other three.

So what are you doing here?

I want to work in peace.

Casal is very anxious,
he's a lover me,

- I need you to keep him on a eash,
- Yes...

- I need you to keep him on a eash,
- Yes...

Casal wants to fuck me over.

He's plotting with Rinaldi.

It's a ways been this way.

Those be low
want a piece of those on top.

- I don't want a piece of anyone.
- I do!

I want those
five powers of attorney here,

I want those
five powers of attorney here,

And I want you bringing them,
not Casal.

We give each other a mutual hand.
That's the way its done.

What do you need
to get those papers?


You'll get it.

I'll make sure Casal
gets off your back.

Bring me back those papers signed.

And if all this goes well,
I have big plans for you.

we intend to negotiate,

but this situation
is getting complicated,

You handle some cases,
Mr. Casal handles others.

It would be much simple for us
to negotiate with one firm,

- Am I clear?
- Yes, perfectly.

We can finish this conversation
in court if you wish,

Mr. Casal
called me five times today.

He told me your powers of attorney
had been revoked.

Do you believe Casal?


This invitation is for you.

It's for my daughter's sweet 15,

Thank you very much!

You are coming, right?

- When is it?
- Next Saturday.

The thing is, I work on Saturday,

I'm on call, I can't go,

Just drop by, please,

Thanks to you, my husband is alive,
and we can have this party.

We'd love for you to come.
You are our special guest.

Picture time, everyone!


Say cheese!

Perfect! One more,

Say cheese...

One more time,

Smile, Grandma!

Faced with such an offer,
he obviously signed.

The same thing's happening
with your case, they bought it off.

One year later,
you'll find out that the awsuit

brought in 80, 100 or 120 grand.

And you'll feel ripped off.

You'll want to sue, but, too late,
You've a ready signed,

Thing is, they have a lot of money,
a lot of cases...

Like yours, and they have time.

They can wait.

Right, but when would we
get the money with you?

That's not my decision.

It's something we need to discuss,
like we did with them.

Just don't be in a rush,

that's when you lose.

The key
is knowing how to be patient.

Hurrah for Dr. Olivera!

Let's go to the center.

I love you,

When I came to Buenos Aires
I met an anesthetist,

With him, I started shooting up.

It's the only thing that soothes me,

And I think I like it, too.

Do you have any pictures?

- What kind?
- Of when you were fat.

I'm not ever showing you those.

What a pity.

I could fall
for a fat version of yourself.

Don't you like me thin?

More or less...,

You're mean...

- Tell me something about you,
- About me?

- No...,
- Why?

Because we're having a good time,

I'd rather not ruin it,

"At San Justo,

La Matanza County,
state of Buenos Aires,

they stand to bestow
legal power of attorney

in favor of
Counselor H?ctor Sosa,

so he can be part
of all judicial matters,

and therefore entitled

to collect cash

or negotiate on any business matter."

This means you're authorizing me

to collect any money
the insurance company pays you.

My turn to sign.

You wanted me to dance
to make fun of me!

- Not at all!
- I knew it.

See? I was right.

Look at your shoulders,

I can't believe I'm here again.

Want me to pick you up tonight?

I'm on call 'till tomorrow.

- What then?
- I'll call you.

Can you take him to triage
and put a line in? Thanks.

The one on 12
needs his drip changed, okay?

I'm here for a blood test.
Here's the prescription.

Not here,
Try the other counter.


I'm locked in!

We can't open, doctorl

Here's something to read!

So you don't get bored!

Open up!

- What's your problem?
- Let me out.

- Walk, please,
- Let me go.

Take it easy.

Don't complicate things.

Stay calm and you'll be fine.
Anyone else here?


Do you know why we're here?

Are you stupid,
didn't you read the case file?

Wait for me outside.

How did someone like
you get mixed up in this?

You do know why we're here, right?

We sent you signs.

Do you still not get it?

Let me out.

You're hurting me!

Where do you think you're going?
This isn't over.

I'll say when it's over!

Are you done?

Stop it!

What happened? What is it?

What did they do?
Let me take a look.

Luj?n, look at me.

- Son of a bitch!
- Drive me away from here, please.

Are you okay?

Tell me, sweetie.

Forgive me, please.

Luj?n, please forgive me.

Sit down, hang in there.

There, let me see,

Open your mouth.

Son of a bitch...

Let me get this off.
Raise your arms,

- What?
- It hurts...,

- What hurts?
- Everything.


What is it?

Help me,



Stick it in the vein,

I know how to do it,
Don't worry,

Look at me,


Please, forgive me,

I'm going to be okay,

I love you,

Son of a bitch!

Don't ever mess with her again!

You motherfucking shit!

Not ever again!
Got it?

Never again!


Did you hear what I said?

Answer me!

Fucking son of a bitch!

What happened?

Luj?n, we're leaving!

Wake up, c'mon,

Please, Luj?n, wake up!

Listen to me, there's no time.

We need to go.

- Your face...
- Pack some clothes.

I'll tell you later.

Here's a bag.


Hold on, don't open.

Don't look out, look at me.

- We'll find another way.
- Let's go back up.

You go back up,

You lock yourself in
until I'm back.

Don't answer the phone,
Listen to me,

Please, don't go...

Luj?n, listen to me!

There's no time to waste.

Listen to me! Look at me.

Open your eyes!

Look at me,

Grab the bag and go upstairs.

Lock the door
and don't open it until I'm back.

Don't answer the phone,
It'll be fine,

I'll come back.

I promise I'll come back.

- Please...
- Stay calm, go upstairs.

I'll come back, sweetie,

Take a look,

Look at what you did.

Fuck, man, Look at him,

You went too far.

Poor thing!

Casal had it coming.

Finally got what he deserved.

What's done, is done.

Truth is you did me a favor.

But I don't want you
getting in trouble with them.

- What do you want?
- For you to keep your calm.

Uncuff him...,

Let's have a chat.

Sit down, okay?

You got a the cases
and you kept it to yourself.

It's ok, though,
Once you collect,

you'll cash the checks
and bring me the money,

How much?

All of it, of course,

- Think of it as an investment.
- That money is not mine.

I can't solve all your problems,

I'm offering my friendship
and protection. Is that not enough?



Here I am.

He has to take care
of a very delicate errand for me.

I want you to go with him
and stay close,

For his own safety.

- Come on,
- Go in peace.

Hey, Sosa...

This chair is yours,

Listen carefully.

Villegas 1357,
opposite the waste ground,

Think they'll let you off
the hook once you collect?

No. So, pay attention,

This is madness.

Just stay with me, please,

We can do this.

Be careful,

I'm scared.

Don't be.
Trust me.

Where's the bank?

- Villegas 1357.
- Good.

"The damages
in favor of the plaintiff

amount to $580,000,

payable in three checks,

made out
to the plaintiff's attorney."

The rest states the parties involved,
And your signature,


Sosa, you're finally here,

You have everything?

Let's check it out.

Looks like it's all there,
Let's go,

That's all of it.

A right,


And 560,000.
20,000 is our commission,

The office is in an awful state.

I had it cleaned thoroughly,

I'll have the furniture replaced,

then send in the painting crew.

What color would you like?

I mean what color for the office?

I don't know.

I think a lighter color

would make it look bigger,
more important,

It was too dark, too cluttered.

We'll see about that later.

Okay, this is it,


You're coming with us, Sosa.

- Where to?
- Wherever, we can give you a ride,

Get in,

Keep thinking about the color
and let me know.

I had the locks changed,

I'll have the keys later today.
Remind me to give you a set.

I already got the list
of this weekend's accidents.

Last night, a taxi ran over
two guys at Juan Ter?n,

A big fucking mess!

Did you read the paper?
How many this week?

Eight already?

That's over 30 this month,

Did you hear
about the highway crash?

The bus was packed.

There's over a dozen injured,
a couple dead...

Sons of bitches
should fix the gate.

They're useless...

This one guy ended up
with 60% disability.

We need to get our hands on him,

That's your job, Sosa,

What's the matter with him?
Cat got his tongue?

You're fucked, Dog!

- Go! Didn't you hear?
- Wait for Vitali,

- No! Let's go!
- We're waiting for him!

What happened?

Please, at least
to the corner so we can see.

Here he comes.

Look at the truck...

What happened?

- Hurry up!
- Hurry up! What happened?

I don't know.

It looks bad! Do you see him?

No, not yet.

Sosa, are you okay?

Are you okay?

Are you okay?
Can you hear me?

Stay put, don't move,

Don't move him!
Put a brace on him!

We need to get him out!

- Are you okay?
- It's my leg...

Can you hear me?

- Yes, I'm fine.
- Don't move, stay put.

Hold on, hold on!

Here's the brace.

No time for that,
Help me get him out,

How do you feel?

Don't close your eyes.
Look at me, honey,

Look at me,

Look at me,

I'm okay,

The money, Get the suitcase.

The suitcase,

He was coming too fast,

- Very fast,
- He hit you hard...

Bring the briefcase,

Don't get worked up, stay calm,

Sit down.

- Let me examine him,
- Let's split,

Let me examine him, Pico.

Where is the gun?
Give it to me!

- Don't go there!
- Are you okay? Pico!

He's dead!

- Where's the car?
- Over there!

Come on!

Are you okay?

Get in the car!

- Hit it!
- It won't start!

Keep going!

Are you okay?

Look at me, Open your eyes.

- Tel me what to do.
- Are we being followed?

No one's following us.

Look at me, Are you okay?

Make a right.

You did well,

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

Look at me,

Are you okay?

- Thanks, Doctor,
- I love you.

Me too, Let's get out of here.

Yeah, let's go,

Coming through, please!

A female over here
and inside the car, a male.

The guy is covered in blood,

No pulse, blood in the abdomen
and mid-section.

We're taking the woman,


Can you tell me about the accident?

Take the neck brace,
Let me help you,

Lift on my count of three, okay?

One, two, three...

Excuse me, coming through!