Captured (2019) - full transcript

Mystery surrounds a psychiatrist turned artistic photographer when he takes an abused woman on an emotional journey while police investigate two missing women from his recent photographic exhibition. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Don't, don't.

abuse is real.

on, hit me again

Controlling a partner.

Violence, coercion, threats,

isolation, stalking,

Come on,
is that all you've got?

sexual or economic abuse

can't stay hidden
behind closed doors

Why are you
doing this, you sick fuck?

I call my collection
the silent scream.

Like a photograph
there's no sound

and like life the pain of
the victims isn't heard

I hope in a small
way my exhibition

can bring this issue
into the light.

I applaud the strength

of my brave subjects, Chantal
Bonnet and Emma Williams.

Police are still investigating

the mysterious disappearance
of a woman, Chantal Bonnet

who appeared in a photographic
exhibition of an up and

coming local artist,
Michael Roman.

The husband of Chantal
Bonnet said they had planned

to start a family very soon

My wife is not missing,
my wife has been murdered.

If the police would
get off their asses

and investigate properly,

I'm sure they will
find the killer.

Yes, we were planning
on starting a family.

What am I going to
do without her now.

Please if you know anything
about her disappearance,

please come forward and help us.

The police are asking

for the public's assistance
if anyone has seen Ms Bonnet.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Yes, I knew her.

I took photographs, okay.

I'm an artist, understand.

Just look at my exhibitions.

How come no one has seen
her since she was with you?

How the, you think I'm responsible
for every missing woman

in the world?

You look uncomfortable.

Thank you.

The husband of Chantal
Bonnet, thinks you're involved.

Ah Jean-Pierre.

Yeah, I would totally listen
to what he has to say.

You see, if you had
spoken to Chantal

and you'd heard her stories,

you'd be wanting to
talk to him not me.

What are you saying?

Look at the photos.

You think that's make up?

You'd be the only one to know.

Did you kill her?

Did you kill her?

I'm a little bit
confused, officer.

Am I under arrest
or am I free to go?

Because if I'm free to go,

I'd like to go
please, thank you.

But it has been
nice spending time

with you.

Hey Churchill, If
only they knew hey.

I'm so sorry.

I love you.

I love you.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Put it down, right now!

Right now, you stupid bitch.

I love you.

I'm so sorry.

All right, Churchill.

A pretty face can
hide so much pain.

Hey, Churchill, you
should congratulate her,

she just survived one more
day, and how many more?

Excuse me, hi, Would you take
a photograph of me please?

That's silly, isn't it?

Let me give you my
phone, that'll be easier.

There we are, thank you.

Thank you.

My name is Michael,
and I'm a photographer,

and I'd really love to take
your photograph if I can.

Umm, I don't like
having my picture taken,

thank you though, thank you.

The other thing though
is I have a friend,

he tells me I have a special
gift, cheering people up.

You think I look sad?

Little bit.

That's okay, because happiness
can be in both our futures.

Because I know where you're
going, it's food isn't it.

And it's Dim Sum,
and I speak Chinese

so you don't need to point.

I can actually ask them.

And if you say no,
I'll just head you off

and I'll get there before you.

And hopefully there's no more
tables and then you're forced

to sit with me, will you do it?

Pretty good.


So my Mom and Dad brought
me here when I was five,

well not here this is a cafe,

but when I was five
they brought me here.

We sit.

And, I don't know

obviously I'm, it's
one of those things.

I'm obviously not
Chinese and then

when I go to England I
don't feel very English,

and it used to confuse
me a little bit,

but now I'm like whatever,

I am who I am and
I am where I am.

You live in Hong Kong?

Oh, no, I'm just visiting.



Shopping, have
you bought anything?

Why not?

There's shops everywhere,
you haven't bought anything.

Shall we get some food?

Um, what do...

I'm actually not hungry.

I was just about to
say the same thing.

Shall we order some
beer and go for a walk,

I'll show you this
whole neighborhood,

it's an absolute shithole,
you've got to see it.

I just love this part
of town you know,

at certain times of day
it's absolute mayhem.

It's madness, but for what I do,

I just find it really
inspiring you know.

What's your name?


Okay, so you might
thing I'm full of it,

but, I'm actually an
artist, a photographer,

and I'm working on
a new exhibition.

I think you should
be part of it.

It's about emotion.

When people to look at
every single photograph

in this exhibition I want them

to feel a really strong emotion.

So you want them to cry.

Cry, laugh,

what do you say, it'll be fun.


I know, it's all right,
I'll take care of you.

What do you say?

It won't take too long.

How long?

Well, if you have the
time, a couple of days.

A couple of days?

Yeah, it's an exhibition, I
need a whole range of things.

I guess what I'm asking,
what I'm offering

is a ticket to go on an
emotional journey with me.

I'll capture the essence of you.

You got a pet dog?

No, do you?

Got a cat called Churchill.

That's cute, why Churchill?

Because he has
short man's syndrome

and he drops bombs
in the morning.

Come on, try over here.

What do I do?

Well the trick is don't do
anything, just be yourself.

Just let your mind wonder,
it's not about pretending

to be anyone or anything
and just to get you

into the right frame of mind.

Here's a little bit of bullshit
about being a photographer.

It is not just how
we see the world,

but how we see the
people in the world.

We're trained to
keep both eyes open.

To see things how
they really are,

or perhaps how no one
else can see them.

To follow the suns rays,
to watch the shadows

as they creep across
the countryside.

The crease in a face,
the sparkle in an eye.

And the look when
that sparkle has gone.

To capture an emotion,
and make it last forever.

Great, well done.

That's it?

Yeah, here have a look.

That's you, listening.

Lam Son, I've got the background
check on Michael Roman.

Look at these photos
from his last exhibition.

He says he's bringing
awareness to domestic abuse.

But is he?

You know what, this,

this just looks like he loves
to terrorize women to me.

I'm sorry sir, that's
not being professional.

The gallery organizer
says he's preparing

for a new exhibition.

So either he's looking
for or has a new model.

A new model or a new victim?

Good question.

The report says, he was
a registered psychologist

in a clinic in Wan Chai until
his wife died two years ago.

His wife died?

Yes, sir.

How did she die?

The report doesn't say.

Dig up what you
can on her death

and have it verified by
forensics, as soon as possible.

Yes, sir.

I bet he uses mind games,

to lure his victims into
a false sense of security.

So, to look for woman that's
already emotionally weak

would make them
an easier target.

Yes, they would be.

I don't understand
why is he playing

with them for so long?

Ego, a power trip?

Control of others.

He probably strikes
when he feels he's about

to lose his prey.

So as long as she's
with him she's safe.

But if she wants to leave?

Game over.

I'll go check on his wife.

A Moy.

Yes, sir.

I heard you passed
up a promotion to work

in the special victims unit.

Is that true?

Yes, sir.

Can you tell me why?

Let's just say I have an
interest in this type of case.

Excuse me, sir.

Okay, let's try
here, you see that,

interesting shapes,
really nice light

and you are the subject.

Will you come and stand here?

So, we're interested
in peoples emotions.

So to get that we need
to capture the real you.

Open, honest,
beautiful as you are.

Every photograph should be
like reading a good book,

you know you feel all
these different things

when you're looking at it.

And every time you look at it,

you see something you
didn't see before.

Excuse me.

What makes you happy?

I don't know.

Watching a movie,
fresh flowers.

Wearing a pretty dress?

There we are, got it.

Wasn't so hard was it.

I didn't even
answer the question.

Yeah you did, your
expression said everything.

I was thinking about ballet.

When I was younger I
wanted to be a ballerina.

Can you show me some moves?

It was such a long time ago.

I don't remember.

Oh that's perfect.


So stay with this
happy memory all right,

and I want you to think of,

try and imagine
someone has given you

something precious, like a gift.

Really beautiful, I'll
show them to you later.

Have you ever been
to Western Market?


I'll show you, we go this way.

Okay, so we're just
going to time it, right,

just show us what
you're going to do.

Okay, perfect.

Ready, one, two, three, go.

Okay, yeah.

Keep going, one,

two, three.

This looks so good,
you've got all of this

in the background.

Looks really good,
ready, one, two, three.

You're happy, we've
never been so happy in

your entire life.

Ready, one, two, three.

So what makes your
photographs so different?

I don't know, but the secret

is that the camera doesn't
make a bit of difference.

They all record what you see.

For me it's a matter
of learning how to see.

How do you learn how to see?

Open your eyes, your heart.

Why take a photograph?

What are you thinking
when you take it?

What do you want the audience
to feel when they see it?

Hopefully they feel a little
bit more than they would

when they look at a
cup of coffee or a,

some cute kittens or something.

Well, you seem pretty
passionate about photography.

Hey, I'm a passionate guy.

What are you passionate about?

Do you want to hear some jokes
about being a photographer?


What's the difference
between a large pizza

and a photographer?

A large pizza will
feed a family of four.

And how do you, how
does a photographer

make a small fortune?

I don't know.

Starts off with a big one.

Anyway, this was nice.

This is
where I'm staying.

Okay, so, what do you say,
can we do this tomorrow?

Yeah, today was different.

I had fun.



Welcome to my world.

Let's try here, I know
it's a bit claustrophobic,

but look at the perspective.

Have you always
been a photographer?


I used to, used to
work in a hospital.

You're a doctor?

Yeah, I was a doctor,
but I lost a patient

and it affected me.

Couldn't go back to the
hospital after that.

Seeing all these people
in pain, you know a

kind of pain you can't see,
and I just lost confidence.

I just didn't feel
I could help them.

So I left.

I mean isn't that
something you get used to

when you're a doctor?

Losing your patients?

This one was a
very special one.

I'm sorry.

Well you do something
completely different now.

You could say that, but
what is it a doctor does?

What's their mission?

They heal people, help them.

Yes, help can come in
lots of different forms.

You know the mind's a
very powerful thing,

it can destroy you
or it can heal you.

And maybe when people
see my photographs,

it'll open a door for them.

Help them see a way forward.

I never thought
of it like that

So, anything bad
ever happen to you?

Something that made
you angry, sad?


Can you see your memory?

It's okay, it's okay,
it's just a memory.

It can't hurt you now.

Will you tell me what you see?

Wait, stop, what
are you doing?

I can't do this anymore.

If a picture is
worth 1,000 words,

what's a tear worth?

Sunny, are you okay?

So, when I tell you to
stop, just please stop.

Yeah, I can stop,
but, can't you see,

this is when your true
emotions are coming out?

What we just captured.

I mean, it's real, it's honest.

And whatever's behind that
memory is yours to keep.

But somethings are
meant to be private.

Yes, and sometimes if
you don't face the past,

you can't face the future.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I just need a break.

Inspector Lam.

Mr Bonnet, what
are you doing here?

Why haven't you
arrested him yet?

Stalking and harassing me
will not achieve anything,

if anything it's distracting
us from doing our job.

What if I find him
and stop him myself?

Then you run the
risk of being arrested.

You're kidding right?

He's the killer, and
you'll arrest me.

There's no evidence
that he's done anything.

Isn't my wife missing,

probably murdered
evidence enough for you?

No, because
there's no evidence.

This is bullshit.

You know he's guilty.

He acts all innocent,
mister nice guy.

He's evil.

I can see it in his eyes.

Can't you see?

If you take matters
into your own hands,

you could well end up on
the wrong side of the law.

What am I supposed to do?


He has another
exhibition coming soon.


I've got my eye on him.

But we must be careful,

if he knows I'm
having him followed,

he can put a court order on me

and the police in
general for harassment.

If there's anything to be
found, trust me, we'll find it.

Now go home and
leave this to us.


But if anything happens
to someone else,

it's on you inspector,
this is bullshit.

What are you thinking about?

Nothing, just
enjoying the view.

I don't believe you.

You really think I
care what you believe?

I'm sorry, sorry if
I'm a bitch sometimes.

I just, I just want to get
away, sail away, start fresh.

I know.

I can see it in your eyes.

I had a boyfriend, a fiancee,

we were going to get married.

Then he hurt me and I left.

Said he was sorry.

But I just,

I couldn't, I couldn't, go back.

Sometimes I feel
like it's my fault.

Talking about it might help.

He could be so loving,

and then he would start
screaming and yelling and

tell me how worthless I was

and how he could
replace me so easily.

And then he would apologize.

Really gets to you after a
while, being put down so much.

You start to think
you're not beautiful.

Yeah, looks don't
really matter when you

don't believe in yourself.

How long
have you been together?

10 years.

He loves me.

At least I think he love me.


And I left.

And you want me
to ask you why.

Not really.

Go on, you're
telling me this for a reason.

See if I believe it.

See if you believe it.

It just wasn't right,
it wasn't the right time.

I felt trapped.

You love him?


I think my mother
loves him more though.

He's rich.

He's definitely rich.

He has companies,
and fancy cars.

And did he want you to
be part of his collection?


Hey, can we stop with the
photos for now, grab a drink.


Sir, I've got the
updated information

on Michael Roman's wife.

Go on.

She committed suicide.


It says she cut her
wrist in the bathroom.

Are you sure it was suicide?

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Don't ever say I don't
take you to nice places.

Can I have your purse?

So, I want you to wear a mask.


I'll tell you later.

How do you feel?

I feel silly.


Because I'm standing
here in this silly mask.

So, aside from feeling
silly, how else do you feel?

I feel safe.


I like to wear sun glasses,
because they cover the eyes.

Your eyes sometimes hold
all your secrets, right?

But here with this mask I
feel like, I'm not even me,

I can be anybody.

Are you insecure in yourself?

I think we're all insecure.

But you keep asking me
all these questions.

What about you,
what's your story?

The more questions
you ask, the more I

think you're hiding some
really deep dark secrets.

We're not here
to talk about me.

So you said you feel safe.



Turn this way and
put your chin down.

Relax your face.

Okay, Just come over
here by the wall.

Put your back against
the wall, there we are.

Just keep moving, and relax.

There we are.

Stay with me, please.

Stay with me.

There we are, you're
much more relaxed now.

There we are.

Okay, Just turn this
way and look at me.

Just turn your shoulder
a little bit this way.

Just turn this way
and relax your face.

Okay great just
come back over here.

We're done.

We're done?


Well done.

I need a drink.

So, tomorrow, we start a
little bit later if that's okay,

I've got something
to do in the morning.

You know my hotel
room is right there.


Are you playing games with me?

How do you mean?

Do you find me attractive?


Yep, probably
married or something.


No, it's not like that at all.

I'm sorry, Sunny I can't.

So I'll see you tomorrow?

you find me attractive?


You're here.

I had to.

Don't ever hurt me.


Do you
find me attractive?

I love you.

Lam Son, I've just
received a report

of another missing woman
from an earlier exhibition

of Michael Roman.

Her name is Emma Williams.


How are we just
learning about this now?

Miss William's family
saw the TV report

and they put two
and two together.

Let's go and talk with them,

and get a search
warrant out on Roman.

Yes, sir.

So, you feel any better today?

Yeah, I feel pretty
great actually.

You make me laugh,

and for the first time
in my life I feel free.

Like I can do whatever I
want to do and be who ever I

want to be, not
belong to anyone.

You see, the camera works.

It does.

You tell be a bit about
yourself, where you grew up?

I grew up in Chiang Mai.

Everything was pretty
great until when I was 10,

my dad passed.

And then my Mom to go
to the city to work,

and things got really hard.

What about your ballet,
you said that made you happy.

Yeah, it did.

It gave me a way to escape.

But, after my dad died, we
couldn't afford the classes,

so the other girls at
school who could afford the

classes would teach me all
the moves outside of class.

Oh God, life has
all these ways of

throwing up big challenges, hey?

It does.

So, how did you
become a photographer?

We're talking
about me now, are we?


I don't know, ever
since I was a kid,

I guess taking photographs
I could escape reality.

It's more than that though,
it's not just escaping reality.

It's somehow manipulating
it and then capturing it.

So somewhere in the
back of my head I,

I've always wanted
to be a photographer.

So, but, of course you know
it helps if I have a subject

who wants to go on a
crazy adventure with me.

It was pretty crazy
what we did last night.

Me stripping down
to my underwear.

I know, but didn't
it make you feel alive?

Yeah, it did.

You see, the camera gives
you an excuse to go crazy.

Even if it's just with somebody

for a very short period of time.

Just Titanic, rule the world.

So, I'm wondering
what crazy things

you're going to have
me do here today?

Oh, no, nothing here,
they have security.

But, it's the right time of day.

Do you want to go somewhere
and watch the sun fade away.

Sometimes I'd
like to fade away with it.

Hang on a second, I'm sorry.


Hello, Mr Roman,
this is Inspector Lam...

Ah, yeah, hello, hi,
just hold on just a second.

I'm sorry I have to take this
phone call, I'm really sorry.

Do some selfies or something.

You hate selfies.

I hate selfies.

Inspector Lam, you know I'd
really, really love to come

and speak with you and
your lovely partner again,

but umm, I'm a little bit busy,

how about next week?

Mr Roman, next week
would be too late,

we must talk to you today?

No, call my lawyer.

Okay, we're back,
sorry about that.

He has a lawyer and he
was talking to someone.

I think a woman.

Can't we just arrest him?

We can't, it's all just
circumstantial evidence,

we need hard proof.

I'll go check on
the search warrant.



Why do you keep
looking at yourself?

I see a girl, a girl
I vaguely remember.

What happened to this girl?

She's changed.

How has she changed?

She used to have a sparkle.

Now that sparkle has gone.

When it was there is
shined pretty bright.

She'd laugh, smile.

She had hopes for the future.

And now?

Drinks are on me.

This is becoming a
regular occurrence.

Do you have a
problem with that


If I could take the
perfect photograph,

I could capture you
all in one shot.

I don't think I
know how to do it,

and I don't even know
if it's possible.

Talk to me.

How do I make your
eyes sparkle again?

You can't.

Am I'm worth it?

Worth what?

All this money
he throws at me.

Is that all I'm
worth, just money.

What happened?

That was my
mother just called.

Apparently he misses me
and he wants me back.

It's actually all my
fault, all of this.

He just needed time
to grow up I guess.

Everything is falling apart
because I'm not there,

I'm here and I'm not
doing my job right.

Cause my job is to just
be an object, right?

It's not about

love or a real relationship,
it's just about using me,

it's a, it's a business deal.

Do you ever think about dying?

Do you ever
think about living?

I love all these
pretty lights.

Just so bright and happy.

And you want to
be like the lights?

Yeah, I can shine be bright
and happy for everyone to see.

And then switch off so I
can just fade into the dark.

And then what happens?

Whatever I want.

You don't have to go
back to him, you know?

I'm sorry, but my Mother's
pressure is really getting

to me, so, I have
to leave tomorrow.



Yeah, I'm sorry.

It's all falling
apart without me.

One more day, one
more day, please?

I don't have a choice.

If you leave
now it's all gone,

it's all a waste of
time, do you understand?

I have something
really good planned,

a really good location.

Okay, just one more day.

Okay, Thank you.

I'll send you a message
where to meet me tomorrow.

I just want my life back.

Drive me crazy.

Stop it or you're gonna go
back where I fucking found you.

I don't care how.

Don't call you and your mother.

You get me so fuming.

That dumb stupid bitch.

Stupid bitch!

I'm so sorry, baby.

I really love you.

Hey, dance to this.

I can't hear it, your
phone's a piece of shit.

What are you
talking about, huh?

All right, I'll be
your personal DJ.



You really shouldn't be
out on your own like this

dancing in the
middle of the street.

I just want to be
free, live my life.

Wait, wait, my
drinks, my drinks.

All right, stay
there I'll get them.

Hey, hey, how about
a little kiss first?

No, just dancing.

Hey, I'm your
personal DJ, remember?

All right, get some of
that down ya anyway.

Get off me.

Leave her alone, she's mine.

Sunny, are you okay?


Why did you let him go?

I didn't, he ran away.

Well, I want to
call the police.

not a good idea.

Why not?

He attacked me and
was trying to...

I know, but look
at you, you're drunk.

Who are they going to believe?


Well, they'll probably just

end up arresting me for affray.

You're a weird
one, you know that.

You don't want me, but you
watch me from behind corners.

I don't get it, guess I have
a lot to learn about men.

You're a weird one.

Look at me, look at me,
look at me, look at me,

okay, hello, hello, hello,
just stay there, stay there.

They still haven't
found you, eh?

And they probably never will.

And they may have another
mystery to solve soon.

Hi, it's me.

I think it's time we ended this.

This looks like it'll
be a good morning.

I didn't think you'd come today.

Are you all right?

Look, I'm really
sorry about last night,

I was drunk and
acting like an idiot,

I was the one leading him on.

It's just all this stuff
that's going on it's really

taking it's toll on me.

It's okay.

Just really glad
you were there,

I don't know what I would
have done if you weren't.

It's past.

Just remember men
can be animals.


Do you get sea sick?

You said you wanted
to sail away.

Well, here we go.

Hello, Lam Son, I'm
sorry, I've lost him,

he's changed his schedule,
he didn't get on the bus,

and I'm sure he's
left the house.

You still going back?

Can we not talk about it?


This is beautiful, I
didn't know Hong Kong

had such places.

Yeah, most people think
it's just a city, right,

it's got lots of hidden places.

And what is this?

It used to be home
to 500 Hakka people.

They first established
it in the 1700s.

They used to make salt here.

We won't go anywhere near there,

the salt corrodes everything.

Come on, let's take
a few just here.


Let's try sad.



Good, come with me.

Come on then.

Ah Moy.

Lam Son, we've
got the search warrant.

Great, I'm on my way.

This is the ruins
of an old church.

Why did you bring me here?

To get out of the city,
and it's a great location.

And they say, that if
you seek the truth,

the truth will come
to those who listen.

The truth about what?

What you seek.

How are you feeling?

I've felt better.

Put this on.

Why a wedding dress?

Weddings tend
to bring emotions

to the surface good or bad.

Can be the start
of something new

or the end of something old.

Go on.

It's unlocked.

Mister Roman.

Mister Roman!

Look around, see if
you can find any clue.

Yes, sir.

at me, look at me.

Look at me, look at me.

Hello, hello, hello.

Just stay there, stay there.

Stay right there.

It's really nice,
hello, look at me.

Smile at me

We've got him.

These photos weren't
in his exhibition.

Wait, there.

That church, it looks like
the one at YIM TIN TSAI.


Get us a boat.

How do I look?

Like a nervous bride.

Come on, let's get going.

Stand there.

What are you thinking
when you wear it?

What is this pain?

Where does this pain come from?

Not surface pain
but deep, deep pain?

The kind of pain that
controls your breathing.

Controls your dreams?

touch me anymore.

What hurts you!

Leave me alone.


Everything is fine.

What hurts you?

I love you, baby.

You want to go back
where you belong?

I'm sorry, baby.

I'm so sorry.

What hurts you?

You leave me alone.

Why are you hiding?

How can anyone love you when
you don't love yourself.

Why are you doing this?

Be honest with yourself,
honest with yourself!

Please just stop it.

I wanna go, I want to leave.

You can't go!

You can't leave.

Go on try it, scream, shout.

There's nobody here to hear you.

You're all alone.

Alone, wearing the wedding dress

they want you to
wear, aren't you?

How did you know that?

Are you stupid or what?

You drive me crazy sometimes.

Don't forget where I found you.

He beats you, doesn't he?

He beats you and sleeps around.

Dumb stupid bitch.

I told you, put it down.

But that's okay
cause he's rich.

He's rich.

Go on, be his toy.

Do you want to go
back to the street?

Do you want to go
back to the street?

How you can be so stupid?

How far will you go to
please your own mother?

After all the money I've
spent for you and your Mother.


How far will you go to
please your own mother?

Isn't this your life!

Yes, this is my life.

Who's life

My life!

I'm so sorry baby,
I didn't mean it.


This is my life.

This is my life.

This is my life.

This is my life.

This is my life.

This is my life.

Constable Wu,
this is Sergeant Chow

of the marine police department,

we're ready to depart,
what do you want us to do?

Sergeant, could you head to
Yim Tin Tsai Village please,

you'll be looking for a
six foot one Caucasian man,

his name is Michael
Roman, he's wanted

for questioning in relation
to a missing persons case.

I'll send you the file.

Copy that,
we're on our way.

They're on their way.

Good job, Wu.

Thank you, sir.

Do we wait
for your friend?

No, she's not coming.


Hi, it's Michael.

Yeah, just shut up for a second.

Listen, there's a rumor
going around that I slept

with your wife, you
know, I might have done,

and I think you should meet
me at Sai Kung Pier in half

an hour and we
can talk about it.



Constable Wu.

Yes, sir.

What's wrong?

Sir, I hope I haven't let
my personal issues reflect

in my work.

What do you mean?

When I was young, I was
abused by my boyfriend.

And that was the deciding factor

for me to join the police force.

Now that we're close to catching

this guy, I'm just getting
flashes of the past in my head.

So I'm sorry it's
putting me on the edge.

I guessed as much, no Ah Moy,

you've been very professional.

Thank you, sir.

Mr Bonnet, What
are you doing here?

Enjoying the sea view,
what are you doing here?

We're investigating
another case, Mr. Bonnet.

Stop him!

You motherfucker,
you fucked my wife.

You killed her.

Stop fighting.

Arrest this motherfucker!

Shut up!

You've lost your
little toy, have you?

I'll fucking kill you!

Shut up!

Michael, Where's the girl?

We need to talk to her.

What girl?

Stop playing games with us.

Just show me your camera.

What did you to her?


See, you're too fucking late.

He's done it again.

Shut up.

Michael, I'm going to
ask you one more time.

Where is this girl?

I don't think you'll find her.

What have you done to her?

I set her spirit free.

You won't understand.

Wu, call forensics,
get them to the island.

Yes, sir.

Am I under arrest?


Watch your back.

You're Chantal Bonnet?


And you're arresting
the wrong man.

I'd like to press charges

for assault against
this man here.

You can't be serious.

I love you.

I was weak before.

But I am stronger now.

Thanks to Michael.

This is bullshit,
I've never done anything

but love and care for her.

Chantal, how can
you say such things.

Remember the photos?

You ungrateful bitch.

You're under arrest.

Are you okay?

Miss Bonnet, how did
you know we were here?

Michael called me last night.

And yes, it's time
to put an end this.

You could have just
told us the truth

and saved us a lot of time?

I'm a doctor I took
a hippocratic oath.

How about the other girl,
did she just run away as well?

I can't tell you.

But all we know Chantel
is alive and well.

Can I have my camera please?

Why are you doing
this, you sick fuck?

You want to hit
me again, hit me.

That's all you've got.

a woman shouldn't

use language like that.

Now be a good little girl
and look into the camera.

Look into the camera.

How is it?

Better, much better.

More believable, see
you've got to suffer.

You don't believe it
no one will believe it.

Try and remember
what he did to you.

I can't forget.

let's go again.

You know, he'll kill me
if he found out about...

You're a brave woman.

I present to you my
latest exhibition,

"An Emotional Journey of One",

it follows a woman
as she comes to terms

with her abusive past

and finds inner strength
to face a new future.

Victims of domestic abuse
don't often see a light

at the end of the tunnel,

but it is there.

And you can find it by walking

through the door
that imprisons you.

Mr Roman, Congratulations
on your exhibition,

"An Emotional Journey of One".

Thank you, thanks very much.

Is it true that the police

were investigating
you for murder?

Yeah, there was no murder.

They don't understand what I do,

I spoke to them and
we cleaned it up.

But the lady in this exhibition,
her emotions are real,

and I think by capturing
those emotions,

I've set her free.

There's nothing left,
there's nothing left.

This is all I was given in life.

There's nothing left.

Here, dry your tears.

You're a strong woman.

Remember this is your life,
it's not anybody else's

I don't understand you.

I'm a psychiatrist,
or I used to be,

until my wife took her own life.

I'm sorry.

She had issues,

issues that I should have seen.

I was too busy taking care
of other peoples' problems

not to notice what was
right in front of my face.

Could have saved her.

Now I see the world differently.

I see people differently.

I see people in pain.

You're free now.

Be proud of who you
are, and what you have.

Don't waste your time
and energy on people

who don't value you.

You value me.

I could be with you.

Now is not the time.

You need to heal yourself first.

Maybe later,

in time, eh?

These are yours.

My boyfriend gave me
these for protection.

Yeah, they don't work.

I have to go, the boat
will come back for you.

Take care.

You okay?

Where you want to go?


Dear Michael.

Life is a journey,

and I needed to go on
that journey with you.

It has opened my eyes to myself.

I've started a new life.

I hope your exhibition
was a success.

I feel much better now, really.

I'm passing through
Hong Kong at the moment,

if you have time it'd
be good to meet up.

Respect always, Sunny.

I've got some new
information on the Roman case.

This took some deep digging,

but they found a form
where his wife had applied

for a divorce.

Is there
anything I can do

to stop you from leaving?


I'm going to bed.

As long as she's
with him, she's safe.

But if she wants to leave?

Game over.

Now you can leave.

Hi Sunny, It's Michael,

so good to hear from you.

Yes, lets grab a coffee.

Where shall we meet?