Capture Kill Release (2016) - full transcript

A couple plots to murder a random stranger just for the thrill of it, but things turn ugly when one of them decides not to go through with it. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
911, what's your emergency?

What's your emergency, Sir?

Ok, what's the address?

Sir, Sir, what address?


Reaction shot.

Farhang is going to kill me
when he sees your price tag.

Look who's home.

Hi, Hunny.

Hi, how are you?

Look what I got.

Look what I got.

Hold on a sec, wait, wait.

Say hello again.


Say it again.

Hello, hello.

Say it one more time.


My mics working.

That's a cool thing.

Isn't it beautiful?

You got that today?

I did.

Do I just talk into the...

Can I come in?

Yeah, come in, come in.

The camera's not here.

Just pretend the camera's not here.

Pretend it's... Ok.

Yeah, pretend it's not there.

Can I see it?

Yeah, you wanna see it?


You gonna come get it?

You're going to fall
and you're going to break

your brand new camera
that you just bought.

No, no,
no you're going to break it.

Don't wrestle for it.

What're you doing?

Up in your grill.

Whatcha doing?


Show us some skin.

Ok, ok, come on.

Do you have to be filming me reading?

I'm filming everything.

It's really weird having
that thing in my face.


You don't like it?

You don't like having it up
in your face?

Farhang, you're going to
break it.

How do you like it, huh?

Do I look ok?

You look great.





Wow, you really like this
whole directorial role.

Oh my god, yes.

So we have to film everything right?




Hold on a sec, get a high angle.


What do you think?

I think I really like this camera.



Could you give me a massage?

Yes, I can.

Here, let me put this down.



You asleep?


Welcome to Blue Balls, the movie.

A table saw, really?

But it's more efficient, right?

We don't have to use man power.

It's not wide enough.

Yeah, ok.

Well there's a huge one there.


Look at the teeth on it.

Look at the teeth.

I feel like I'm in a video game.

Pew pew pew.


It's actually not even that heavy.

I could do this.

Saftey orange seems a little ironic.

What about this?

It's like a lobotomy.

You have hold things
like not an insane person.

Would this be enough?

Do you think this would
work for like fingerprints?


We're going to have to clean
up the body

and disinfect it and everything anyways,

so like...

Shh, Baby.


Oh, we need a caulking gun.

A caulking gun?

What for?

For the windows.

For the windows?

Yeah, in the den and also in the...

Ok, give me the camera.


What do we need next
that isn't a caulking gun?

We need a tarp.

Some caulking.

Go, Baby, go.

So what's the next thing we need?

Oh, here.

Tarp, rags, stuff.

We should probably get some rags.

Rat poison, would that
be enough do you think?

Are you sure we should get two?

Yes, we need two.

Unless, do you want to do all
the digging?

Do you want to do all the digging?

Yeah, ok.


Can I just take the camera

and you take the lead again?

Yes, yes, Babe.

You know what, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

You did good.

You did really good.

And you know what?

We can get the caulking gun, ok?


I like the weight.

Have you ever even held an ax before?

I think it looks like I have,
don't you?

It might be a little bit
small maybe.

What's the size on this?

Baby, put that down.

Don't put it to your neck.

I'm just playing around,
nobody's going to be,

oh my god.

Whatever, we're getting it.

Look who's studying.

Hey Babe.


So I understand the medical books

to a certain extent.

I think it's over kill.

But this print out...

You'd be amazed
at the resources out there.

So many people think about this.

This is really fucked up.

This is like from the deep dark...

Are you calling me fucked up

because I'm doing my research?

No, but this is fucked up.

Pull out the teeth and smash them.

Babe, we need the information.

We can't go into this
competely blind.

What would you do?

You can kill someone
with your bare hands.

They make guns.

If a gun is too noisy
then you can use a bat.

You hit them in the face.

Also, blood everywhere.

Just everywhere.

It's really easy.

You just, you kill them
with any of the ways

that I just said and then you
chop them up

and then you're done.

How would you?

Ok, take the camera.

Sit down.

I'm going to sit.


We'd have to knock them out first,
obviously right?


Something to make them sleep

and then I'd take them
down to the basement

because it's quiet and there's
no windows.

You tie them up down
there while he's sleeping,

but then you have to wait for
him to wake up first, right.

This is key.

I'd probably throttle him somehow.

Like take a rope or a belt because

it's quiet and it's quick and
you can

really like feel them move.

Like you feel them move.

You can probably even hear
them fight for the breath.

Oh, god.


You can take them in the bathtub

and you'd drain them out.

So you'd probably start
by slitting his throat

and let that bleed out a
little bit.

After you drain them out,

then you'd have to chop
them up into little pieces

with a power saw.

A quick one.

Like a saber saw?

Yes, whatever that is.

Yeah, you have to chop them up.

It would go right through
like butter,

like something with some
serious power behind it.

The hands, you have to get
rid of the fingerprints,

so you could either
chop that up with razors

or you could blow torch it,
melt it off.

I think that's the most
efficient way to do it.

Oh the head, the head, the teeth,

we'd have to get a pair of
pliers and rip

the teeth out because
they can identify you

from your dentals so you just.

You would need to wrap the
pieces up individually, yeah?


And you put them in garbage bags.

And we would leave them in
the freezer,

because you know,
we don't want it to stink.

And then,
we put him in garbage bags,

put him in the car,
take him out somewhere quiet

and secluded, bury the pieces

and he never comes back.

What do you think?

You know it could really be anybody.

Let's go kill those bros.

They're like that's hot, Bro,

let's like go get some slushies.

Fuck some bitches.

If I were to kill anybody,

it would probably be my boss.

Or the fucking IT guy that
doesn't know how to say my name.

The guy, what did he call you?

Jorge, that was it.

Fucking Jorge, let's kill Jorge.

No, that's a little too close, love,

it has to be random.

It can't be somebody
that either of us knows.

Look at them.

It's like a buffet.

It's like pick you
lobster out of the tank.

What about that girl right there?

She looks a bit young.

I think it's pretty safe to
rule out kids.


Not children.

I'm not a child killer.

That's just fucked up.

I mean we could go for teenagers

because everybody hates teenagers.

There's gotta be at least
one person who would

thank us for killing any
given teenager.

But you never know,
they could always get better.

I would rather it not be a woman.

Why not?

If people find out,

they're going to think
it's like some weird

like rapey sex thing.

Just because you kill a woman

doesn't mean you raped her.

Tell that to
every other serial killer.

They test a woman to
see if she was raped.

Yeah, but they would immediately

assume that I was...

Why would they assume that?

We're not going to get caught.

You have completely the
wrong mentality with this.

You're talking like
we're going to get caught

and it'll be less bad as
opposed to

if we do it properly and
never get caught at all.

I'm just talking in hypotheticals.

I know.

I would say no pregnant women
for sure.

Maybe not old people.

Like old within reason.

Let's say like 20 to 50.

No handicaps, I think.

Nobody that's handicapped.

I just want to be completely sure

that they are 100% aware
of what is going on

and what's happening to them

as it happens, you know?


Yeah, they have to know.

And I can't guarantee that if
it's someone

that's mentally handicapped and

that's not me holding
anything against

that group, it's just my not knowing.

It defeats the purpose
of why I'm doing this,

why we're doing this,
if we don't know.

What about physically handicapped?




What's wrong with you, Farhang?

Like, their life is bad enough.

Well, I think we need to
establish some ground rules.

And I think we've established
a few.

All right, so what
else are your ground rules?

No gay guys.



Farhang, I did not think
you were like that.

No, what I'm saying
is not to kill anybody

that's homosexual.

Why would you think that?

Because then it looks like a
hate crime.

Nobody that's a minority.


Because then again,
it's like a hate crime.

Farhang, you're a minority.


You have been homophobic,
racist and sexist.

By saying that I don't
want to kill gay people,

minorities and women?

I think it should
be equal murder opportunity

for everyone.

I'm giving them life opportunities.

Just live and flourish.

I need your help with something.

I need your help.

Can you come with me please?

Is everything ok?

Yes, yes, there's
just a thing in the basement,

it's not fitting and I need assistance.

Come, come, come.

Can it wait?

No, it can't, come,
it's gotta be now.


We're going, come on.


Into the bathroom?

Yes, into the bathroom.

Come here.

I don't think it's big enough.


Big enough for what?

It's not going to
fit a whole body in there.

Bathtubs are made to fit a
whole body.

That's like the whole
purpose of a bathtub.

Get in the tub?

Yeah, yeah.

It might be wet.

No, lie down.

Lie down, lie down.

Lie down?

Yeah, lie down.

We need to see if you fit.

It's totally wet.

Quit your bitching.

My socks are going to be wet.

Lie down, like a body.

Like a dead body?

Yeah, like a dead body.

If he's bigger, look, ok,

here give me the camera.

Babe, I think we
might need to buy another tub.

No, no, come here.

Get on your knees.


Just get on your knees.

You want me to get down on my knees?



So, check it out.

So we drain body part by body part.

All right?

Give me your arm.

We take the forearm and
we make an incision up

along like the major arteries
and we drain it into the tub.

Then we grab the neck...

Then we can drain it in this
way, yeah?



And then, here...

So put the other arm up and
then we drain that arm, ok?


And then we can cut along the sides

along the major arteries,
where the organs are.


I have to fuck.


Bend over.

Oh, these are dirty.

Where did all the squirrels go?

Nice camera.

Oh thanks.

How's it going, man?

Pretty good.

Is it ok if I film you?

Yeah, sure, are you a
photographer or something?

Budding director, I think.

Budding director, eh?

What's your name?


I'm Jen.


Nice to meet you.

Jen the director.

Where do I fit into this
movie of yours?

I'm not sure yet.


Need a hero?

I do.

With me as your lead,

you know, I'm willing to go
anywhere and do anything.

You don't have to pay
me millions of dollars.

So less of an investment.

Got an open schedule.

Ah, you're really
selling me on this, Gary.

You look like a star.

If you're going to be a big
star, Gary,

I need to get a full shot of you.

Come here.

Can I stand you up?

My god, you are tall.

Look at you.

Work that camera.

You look fantastic.

Oh, sorry, man.

Oh, you've got to be fucking
kidding me.


Sorry, I didn't see you there.

Come on, fuck.

Are you ok?

Just... Watch it will you.

If you weren't backing up.

She didn't mean nothing by it.

Buddy, look, just hands off, ok?

I got nothing for you.

Hey, he was just
trying to help me, man.


Look, if you didn't back up
and bump

into me, is that thing on?

Get it out of my face.

Ok, it's off.

I'm filming Gary.

Fine, keep filming Gary.

He's more interesting anyway.

Fucking bitch.

Excuse me?

I'm sorry, can I get that one
more time on camera, please?

What was that?

Look, I already told you,
get that out of my face.

Back off.

I am backed off,
I'm no where near you.

Shut it off, shut it off.

I don't have to shut it off.

What are you going to do
about it?

This is un-fucking-believable.

Get that shit out of my face.

Touch my fucking camera

and I will kill you.

Oh really?

You know what, this is perfect,

because my movie needs a
fucking villian,

you piece of shit.

Oh, you're filming a movie,

you're going to be a famous
director or something, right?

Great, good luck with that.

Good luck with that.

You'll get yours, keep walking.

Yeah, see ya, you slut.



You are a piece of work.

Can you believe that guy, Gary?

Can't all be winners.

You know what?



You sure?

Yeah, grab something
warm for dinner tonight.

Jen the director, right?


Gary my star.

God bless, all right?

Yeah, take care, man.

Yes, oh god.

And thus exits our villian.

How the other half lives.

Shit, there's a Mrs. Douchebag.

What kind of woman
marries a guy like that?

Fucking cunt.






Farhang, for god's sake.




How's it going?

Why is there meat in the bathtub?

You know, I figured if we're
going to do the body in here,


So this way we can practice
and you know

work out all the logistics.

This thing is amazing.

How was your day?

Can you turn that off please?

Yeah, sure, what's up?

I just got fucking
yelled at by this asshole

in the street.

Yeah, I was filming this
really nice guy

and I accidently backed into him.

He called me a fucking cunt.


Yeah, I know.

Don't worry, we'll cut him up with

this awesome new saber
saw that I just got.



42% off.

I found a knick on the box.

You wouldn't even believe
this guy.

Nobody would miss him,

he's just such a piece of shit.


Yeah, it's just like, he just

wouldn't leave it alone.

Sounds like an asshole.

Hey, Babe.

Got the tarp

and I also got a surprise.



Shall we roll it out?



Look out.

Document the whole process.

Just like right here?

Here, just roll it my way.


This really folds out well.


Why do we need a tarp?

Well, cause bodies are messy, Love.

Yeah, but I thought
we were going to, like,

minimize the spillage.

Yeah, but I
mean for saftey's sake,

you don't want DNA on the
floor, like,

you know, they can find that
shit even if you clean it,

and dead bodies shit, obviously.

So yeah.

For real?

Like actually?

So what was the
other thing you got?


I got some handcuffs,

so we can restrain the body.

These are a little light, Babe.

They're a little light.

I got them from the sex shop.

You got them from a fucking
sex shop?

Farhang, these are designed
to be able to get out of.

I can get out of these
in like five seconds.

Yeah, they're in front of you though.

Like if they were behind your back,

you wouldn't be able to see
how they work.

Right you are.

Let's test that theory, shall we?

Can I have the camera please?

You're very right, they
were in front of my body.

So if you put them behind.

Baby, Jesus.

How's that work?

That tight enough?


That's like really fucking tight.

Down you go.



Baby, that actually really
fucking hurts.



All right, better?


Over you go.

Does it hurt to lie on them?

They're behind your back though.

Can you get out of them?

No, I can't.

No, you can't get out of them.

Please, please.


Please, Baby.

What, they're not
supposed to be comfortable.


Get out of them.

Just get out of them.

You proved your point,

they really fucking hurt.

Can you just get them off me please?

Roll over.

I'm going to leave you
alone with my camera

and these handcuffs and
whenever you're out of them

you can come up.

Turn it off when you're done please.


Hi, guys.

Hey, honey, how are you?


Hey, mom.


How are you?

Hey, I can't...

How's it going?

What's new?

Not much.

Come sit with mommy.

It's good to see ya.

Nice to see you too.

We're making a movie.

What's with this?

It's new.

Well, why did you buy that?

There's one downstairs you
could have had.

That one is new and shiny.

Oh, like the old one.

Do you still have any of the tapes?

Oh my god.

I wonder what's down there.

Can I go through the box?


I want to go through the box
and see

what's in there.

Why are you filming this?

We're sort of documenting
everything, actually.

We took it to the hardware
store with us,

I take it out on walks,
I take it driving.


Yeah, exactly.

Like a documentary.

Do you still have those tapes

that she would make when she
was younger?

I've got some of them, yeah.

Yeah, I would love to see them.

Like what kind of stuff did
she film.

What did she film.

Stuff like what you're doing now.

Sticking a camera in
everyone's face

and bugging them.


There's this one time,
like when I was a little kid,

I didn't believe that cats
always landed on their feet

and I might have filmed this,
it might be in

one of the tapes.

Oh my god.

Where I didn't believe that cats

always land on their feet,

so I took Toto up to the top
of the stairs

and held him on his back

and dropped him.

Not like down the stairs,
like down

on the landing to see if he
would land

on his feet and I might have
filmed that.

You might have filmed that.

Sarah got really mad when
I did it to her cat though.

I'll bet she was.

He was fine.

Nothing happened.

He didn't die or anything.

But he did land on his feet.

They do, they twist very quickly.

Although there is a
terminal velocity of cats.

They found this out in New York

from statistics of cats
falling out of high rises.

Below something like the
sixth or the seventh floor,

they turn and they can land.

From sixth to like the
fifteenth floor,

they die and above that
they land on their feet

and if they don't break all
of their legs,

they actually hit a terminal
velocity, can figure out

how fast they're going
and right themselves

so they can land.


So like if you live
in an apartment building

on the floor between six and
15, your cats are goners,

but if you're below or above,
you're good.

Hi Jen.

Jennifer Leigh.


Say something intelligent, Jennifer.

Yum, yum.


Hello, welcome to the future.

Space technology has allowed
us to voyage

beyond our star.

This is so cool.

This is amazing.

It sucks, this thing weighs like,

it's like two dead babies in weight.

This camera is the coolest
horrible thing.

It's huge.

Yeah, it's amazing.

What're you doing?

Nothing, just going through
some old

movies I made.

I don't even remember this one.

You made all of these?

Most of them, yeah.

I mean some of them are
just like filmed movies

off the TV,
but most of them are mine.

That's awesome.

This is what I wanted
to do with my life.

I wanted to make movies.

But we're making this one now, right?

So, it's ok.

Come on.

Let's go for a walk.

Film some stuff.

I'm bringing this camera.

You know what, fine.

We can take it with us,
as long as you don't

forget the real camera.

And you can play with that
piece of crap

while I continue our movie.



I'll shoot a
better movie with this.

Those can stay there and never
see the light of day again.

I just don't get why
this guy specifically.

Like why do we have to follow
this guy?

Well, for one he called me a cunt.

Thanks for the loyalty.

Well yeah, but is that
a reason to kill somebody?

Like, if somebody called me
an asshole,

you would kill them?


Hell yes I would.

Are you kidding me?


Can we just write him off as
an asshole

and then go home?

Tandem bike.

You know what sucks about
stake outs?

The whole stake out part.

It seems so much shorter in movies,

but they're always tired.

It's because they cut it together.

They only keep the
interesting bits, love.

In our movie,
when this is all done

and we're making up our movie
and putting it together,

this isn't going to be in it,

there's only going to be
the interesting parts.

This bullshit that
you're saying right now,

thank god, will never
see the light of day.

I don't think what I say is bullshit.

What if he has guests?

And we're just outside his house.

They just come out like, "Ok, bye.

Thanks for having us.

Woah, what are these
strangers doing?"

Shhh, Farhang, look, look, look.

There he is.

Oh shit.

Oh, are they fighting?

Doesn't he look like a
complete asshole?

Farhang, I want you to follow him.


Follow him.

Baby, oh my god.

Go, go, go, go.

Go, drive.

Go, drive, go.

Farhang, drive, go, go, go please.

We're going to lose him.

It's exciting now, isn't it?

It's way more illegal.

Why are we following him?

Where are we going?

We're following him,

we don't know where we're going.

We're going where he's going.

I just want to know more
about him.

Like who is this person?

What kind of life do they lead?

Aren't you supposed
to not make it personal?

Like the less you know...

Maybe, but I'm curious.

And this guy's a piece of shit,

I want to see how deep that goes.

Oh, he's stopping.

What should I do?

Just go ahead, drive ahead.

He's going to see us.

No he's not, he's not even looking.

Pull up here.

Where is he going?

This is not your house, Mister.

Could be anybody's house.

Visiting a friend.

I don't think this guy has friends.

Look at her.

Yeah, Farhang,
he's visiting a friend.

He fucking called me a slut,

he has a fucking slut.

We should get out of here.

Love, come on, he has a mistress.

It couldn't get any better.

That's not any of our business.

I don't give a fuck about
this guy,

I don't care what he does.

We should get out of here,

he's going to fucking look at us.

Ok, ok, all right.

Let's go.

Bye bye, asshole, we'll be back.

God, he's perfect, he's perfect.

So I think we've got
everything that we need, right?

We know where he lives, and
we know what his routine is,

if he goes missing, there's motive.

Oh god,
this could not get any better.

I'm so glad,
McDouche turned out to be

what I thought he was.

I just don't know.

He's perfect.

Jen, you're making this so personal.

No, I'm not.

You said that it should not
be personal

because that's traceable and
now you're

making it personal.

No, I'm not making it personal,

I'm pointing out what an
obvious piece of shit he is.

I'm not debating whether
or not he's an asshole,

you're just making it
personal by observing

his asshole behavior and
having an opinion about it.

You know what, fine, fine.

If we kill somebody else,
it's fucking on you.

It's on you.

Farhang, wake up.

Farhang, wake up.

Hello, wake up.

What's wrong?

Are you ok?

Good, you're awake.

Ow, what's going on?

Yes, we're awake?

Are you listening?

Are you filming right now?

Yes, I'm filming.

When is this going to happen?

Soon, Baby, soon.

Keep your eyes open.

Look at me.

Ok, ok, ok, I'm up.

Are you serious about this?

Yes, I'm serious about this.

Do you promise?

Yes, I am.

It's just not the time to
talk right now.

No, now is exactly the time.

Ok, get out of bed,
I've got to show you something.


Get out, get out, get out of bed.

Go, get out of bed.

You think I'm joking, go.

Get out of bed, go.

So, what're we doing?

Where are we going?

Keep your voice down.

We're here.

I know you live around here somewhere.

I know he's around here.

Can we just do this tomorrow?

Which house is your house?

Come on, come on.

I don't know what I'm coming
on to.

What're we doing?

Can you tell me what's going on?

No, you'll know
him when you see him.

You'll see.

Babe, I think I saw him.

I think he's down there.

I found you.

Come on, Buddy.

I know he's back here.


We're not going to get caught.

I know he's back here somewhere.

Go on, go on.

It's just a motion sensor,
calm down.

He's around here.

I saw him, I saw him, he's here.

Farhang, take the camera.

Take it, take it, take it.

Come here, kitty.

Come here.


Got you.

Have you seen my friend?

Hello, Buddy.

Ok, ok, let's go.

Can you put him back please?

What the fuck?

Isn't he sweet?

You are just the cutest.

Baby, ok, I think we should take

the cat back, Baby.

No, the cat's not coming back.

Kitty's going to go for a
little swim

What's that suppose to mean?

Could you do me a favor
and fill up the sink please?


Can we please take the cat
back now?

I don't want to be a catnapper.

He's just a cat.

You're just a cat.

Yeah, someone else's cat.

They're going to be concerned
when they

notice that their cat is gone.

Farhang, it's just a fucking cat.

If you can't do this with a cat,

how are you going to
do this with a person?

Could you please do me a
favor and fill up the sink?

Yes, do you like water?

Oh my god, fuck.

We'll name you Davey Jones.

Look how sweet he is.



Listen you've proved your
point ok?

Can you just...

Relax, Farhang,
it's not even a big deal.

It's not even a big deal.

Bye bye.


The kitty is saying goodbye.

Look, look, he likes it,
he's looking right at it.

Jen, Jen, please, Jen.

Babe, could you do me
a favor and get me a bag?

Please, like a garbage bag?

Something plastic.

Are you serious?

Yes, I'm serious, can you
please just go get a bag?

My arms are full right now.


My arms are full with Davey Jones.

Jen, Jen, please.

Jen, can we please...

Farhang, could you go
fucking do it, please?

Ok, ok.

You proved your point, ok?

Jen, Jen.

Stop, stop, stop, stop right now.

Stop, Baby.

Baby, please.

Shut up.

Shut up or I'm going to make
you do this.

Do you want to fucking do this?

Stop, baby, stop.

Baby, oh my fucking god.

Holy fuck.

Holy fuck, Jen.

Fucking cat tore me to shit.

Fuck me.

It wanted to go swimming.

Oh my god.

Oh, Baby was that hard?

It's just a fucking cat.

Don't be such a baby.

It's going to be a lot easier
with a person, don't worry.

Can you do me a favor and
clean this up?

I'm really tired and
I want to go to bed, ok?

Just put him in a dry garbage bag

and put him in the freezer and

we can drop it off at a
park tomorrow or something.



Good morning.

How's it going?

It's going well.

Oh, you're looking good today.

Yeah, I have like a year
end review kind of thing.

Oh babe, you're going to kill it,

you look fantastic.

I like the tie combo.

Thank you.

Are you not going into work today?

Oh, I'm playing hooky.

Are you ok?

You seem a little bit
upset about last night.

No, no.

Are you sure?

No, it's fine.

It's fine.

I should probably get going.


Come here, give me a kiss.

You'll be great,
you'll be great today.

I believe in you.

And I have a busy day too.


He should be somewhere around here.

Ah, there he is.

Hey, Gary.

Oh, hey.

What's going on?

Not a whole lot.

You remembered me.

Of course I remembered you.

It's Jen the director lady, right?

Yeah, sure is.

How's your movie coming?

The big picture?

It's really coming along.

You know what, actually,
I think it's almost done.

So I had this idea,
and feel free to say no

if you want,
but I was wondering if you

grace us with your presence
for dinner tonight.

At my house?

Yeah, sure, sure.





Oh great, I'm so excited.

I'm really glad.

Does tonight work for you?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm parked around the corner.

Let's go.

Right now?

Yeah, right now.

I got to get my things together.

Of course, of course.

I gotta tidy up the place,

lock the door before we leave.

Yeah, yeah,
you don't want to get your

stuff jacked.

You don't mind if I film you
while we go?

No, sure, that's fine.

You're my muse, Gary.

Thank you, thank you.

This one right here.

Just throw your stuff anywhere,

wherever you're comfortable.


Look at you, the camera loves you.

Hey, do you want to try?

Yeah, sure.

Yeah, take it, take it.

Go for it.

Give her a shot.

Just play with it.


That's how I figured it out.

This makes it longer and shorter.

That's zooming in and zooming out.

Look it, you're a natural.

Our starlett.

What do you like to eat, Gary?

I don't know, I'm sure
anything you want to make

is going to be great.

And what about dessert?

Oh boy, dessert?


I don't know what do you like?

I make pretty good apple pie,

if we're going like, American classic.

American classic, that sounds good.

All right, let's do it,
we'll do apple pie.

Good to go?

Yeah, good to go.

Don't forget your seatbelt,

we don't want you dying on
the way there.

Yeah, sure.

Make yourself at home, please.

Drop your coat anywhere.

Yeah, sure.

Bannister, couch.

Bannister, ok.

Tell you what, Gary,

I'm just going to get dinner started,

so why don't we get you in a
hot shower,

I'll grab you a towel.

Are you sure?

Yeah, yeah, no, please, please.

Get you cleaned up and warmed up

and what not.


I'm sure I have some of my
dad's clothes

kicking around somewhere
I can grab you.

Right up the stairs behind you.

I'll grab you a towel.

All right, up here?

Yeah, yeah, right up that way.

Get a hot shower going for
you while I start dinner.



Hey, Babe.

How's it going?

Good, how are you?

Welcome home, Sweetie.

You're cooking.

That smells incredible.

Yeah, I'm making us dinner

and I have a little surprise.


Yeah, just down here, Gary.

Come on down.

Hey, hey, you must be Farhang, right?




Farhang, where's that name from?

It's a Persian name.

Ok, yeah, yeah.

Me and my buddy, Kenny,
we were at this Ethiopian

place the other day and
we bit of extra money

and they have this like,
soggy bread,

it's kind of weird.

And everyone's always
saying jokes about Ethiopia,

how they don't have much food.

But they actually have,
like the servings are huge.

It's crazy.

I know you like it right?

That's great, Jen, do you mind,

can we talk in the kitchen?

Sorry to...

Ok, yeah.

Sorry, he's just
going to help me out with

something, Gary.

Why don't you sit down on the couch,

you can turn the TV on, you know,

make yourself comfortable.

We'll be back in just a sec,
all right?


What's going on?

Who is that?

That's Gary.

He's going to be our dinner
guest tonight.

And I thought you know,
he could use a hot meal

and a hot shower.

Why is he here?

Because I'd like
to move things along

and get some stuff done and
I'm the person

to do it it seems.

So I'm just going...

So why don't you go in,
keep Gary company

while I finish up dinner.

What do you mean move things along?

We never talked about this.

It doesn't matter.

Just go keep Gary company.

Chat with him,
he's really nice, actually.

So go.

I'm going to stay in
here and get things done.


And I'm going to get dinner done.


It'll be great, I promise.

Hey, where'd you get this coasters?

They're really cool.

I think my mom gave them to us.

They're made of
like glass or something?

Oh man, this pork is like,

it's just right.

I don't know what you
did with it or whatever,

it's like, I don't know
it's like soft on the inside

but not gross soft,
but like a good soft.

It's a shame though,
pork is so good

and only some people eat it.

You know like,
some religions are just like,

no, I don't want any.

I don't know why but I don't know.

It's good, it's good, good stuff.

Those people are missing out.

Sweetie, you're not eating.

Is there something wrong
with your pork chop?

No, I just had a late lunch
is all.


It's a shame, man, it's good stuff.

I'm just not hungry is all.

You know what I think you need?

I know what I need is a glass
of wine.

Gary, wine?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's do it.

Great, great.

Farhang, wine?

I know you want wine.


Perfect, perfect.

Gary, would you do me a huge favor

and hold the camera for me while

I grab us some libations please?


For using it in the movie?

Yeah, yeah, I really
want to see your perspective.

Ok, I'll give it a shot.

You remember where the zoom is.

Yeah I think so.

I think so.

You'll be fine.

Farhang in the film.


He's like a leading role.

Leading role.

So what's your plan for
how to end the movie,

or I guess you can't really
plan it,

it's like when you make a documentary,

it just sort of happens.

It's not really my movie,
it's more her thing.

That's for you, Gary.

There you go, Sweetheart.

Here I can take the camera
back from you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Cheers, Gents.

Gary, here's to your health.

Oh, yeah, I mean, I should,

you guys are hosting.

So I should maybe do something,

like maybe say a cheers or whatever,

or a toast.

That's really sweet of you, Gary.

Go ahead.

Yeah, I was just thinking like,
you know,

it's pretty cool how like you know,

a lot of people, they don't really,

you guys treated me like family,

like Farhang's been really
nice and that's cool.

And just like most people
don't treat you like family,

me and Kenny we're always
saying like at the shelter

they just kind of move you
through and check a box.

And they're just like, yeah, ok.

So yeah, thanks,
thanks to you guys.


Cheers, Gary.


How's that wine treatin' ya?

It's good, yeah.

Good wine.

Really good wine.

Well there's a whole other bottle

where that came from.


Please, drink your fill.

Farhang, it's rude not to
drink at a toast, sweetie.

You know why people cheers?

It's actually a show
of faith that when you

clink your glasses together
you get some of your

wine in their cup and
they get some of theirs

into yours as a show of faith
that you're

not actually poisoning them.


Isn't that cool?

That's where cheersing comes from.



So drink up, Farhang.

We did our show of faith.

Yeah, it's not like she
poisoned your wine.

That is really good.

You're not going to have any?

I mean...

Farhang, drink up.

I don't mean, I don't know,

this is your meal, so it's...

Listen, it's getting kind of late.

You must be getting tired.

How about,
I can take you over to a hotel,

I can get you a room to stay
over night.

Yeah, sure, don't worry about it.

I know it's a lot of stuff to
deal with.

Gary, please don't.

He didn't mean it.

I wake up early for work,

and I don't want you to
have to wake up early.

You guys have already done a lot.

Please, Gary, please sit down.


Please, you can't leave
without having dessert,

I made pie.

Gary, sit, please.

At least stay for dessert.

Ok, please?

Yeah, yeah.

I'm sorry, Farhang,
he didn't mean it.

He's just cranky after a long
day at work.

Sweetie, will you help
me with dessert please?


What the fuck was that?

What is he doing in our house?

Just tell me what he's
doing in our house please.

Farhang, is it so
unreasonable that a guy

can get some charity and a
warm meal and a hot shower.

Yes, it is, that's bullshit.

Tell me what he's doing here.

Farhang, this is
happening sooner or later,

I'm just getting the ball rolling.

I'm not ready for it,

you can't just spring this on me.

Jen, you can't just bring
someone home

and poison them and
leave them in our house.

Farhang, I didn't poison him.

I didn't poison him.

Well, I can't do this.

I can't do this today.

Fine, fine, you're right.

I didn't tell you, so what?

Screw it,
let's just have some dessert

and then we'll send Gary on
his way.

Did you poison the wine?

No I did not poison the wine.

I didn't poison the wine.

I promise.

You had the wine, I had the wine.

I didn't poison the wine.

Could you grab the pie for me please?

We'll just have some
dessert and we'll send

Gary on his way.

If you still really want
to get him a hotel room,

you can get him a hotel room.


Give me the pie.

Promise me you didn't poison
the wine.

I promise you I didn't poison
the wine.

Give me the pie.

Did you poison the pie?

Honey, I will eat
the entire pie right in front

of you if that's what you want.

The pie is perfectly fine.



Now give me the pie.

Go apologize to Gary.


So rude.

What the fuck did you do?

What the fuck did you do?

Oh, Gary.

One too many glasses of wine, Gary?

Want some pie?

Want some dessert, Gary?

You just lied to me.

Baby, I told
you I didn't poison him.

He's not poisoned.

Well, what the fuck is he doing?

He's fucking dead.

No he's not.

Look, he's breathing.

He's perfectly alive and well.

He's asleep.

Aren't you, Gary?

He's just a little sleepy.

He's a sleepy Gary.

I can't do this, I can't do this.

He looks so peaceful.

Farhang, it's fine, it's fine.

We are so prepared for this.

Why did you bring a fucking
stranger into our

house and poison him.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I didn't poison him.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I knocked him out.

There's a huge difference.

I wouldn't poison some random person.

I can't do this,
I can't fucking do this.

Farhang, yes, you can.

I can't fucking do this, Baby,
I can't.

I can't, can't, I can't.

Shut up.

Shut the fuck up.

Farhang, shut the fuck up.

We have been, we have been...

Shut the fuck up.

We have been preparing
for this for months,

you are not taking this away
from me.


No, sit.

Get over here.

I'm not fucking doing this.

Farhang, then
what are you going to do?

You just going to leave
this guy in our house?

I'm not fucking doing this.

I'm getting out of this
fucking house.

All right, you're going to leave

this guy in our house to wake up

or call the cops.

You're fucking ruining my
fucking life.

I can't fucking do this.

I'm not fucking touching him.

I'm not touching him.

Get the fuck away from me.


You lied to me.

I didn't lie to you.

You lied to me.

We're ready for this.

Get him up.

Get him up.

For fuck's sake,
you're being a fucking pussy.

Crying about this.

Acting like this is coming
out of goddamn no where.

I can't fucking do this.

Fuck, get up.

Get the arm.

Ok, get it.

Get it, stop crying.

See, this is why
I need your fucking help.

Oh, Gary.

Not my first choice, but
you will do beautifully.

Hey babe, do you have everything?



Hey, Gary.

Rise and shine.

Wake up, wake up, wake up.

Wake up, Gary.

Hey, Gary.

What are you waiting for?

He has to be awake.

He has to know.

Hi, Gary.


Hey, hey, hey, no it's ok.

Remember me?

Jen with the camera?

This big director lady,
making a movie.


Shhh, it's ok.

It's ok, you're being a star.

Remember me, with the camera?

Shh, Gary, Gary, Gary, shhh.

Listen to me.

Look at me, look at me,
look at me.

Look at me, look at me.

Hi, it's ok.

It's all right.

No, no, no it's a great
thing that you're doing.



Farhang, can you come
get the camera, please?


Can you take the damn camera?

For god's sake,
take the fucking camera.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

I can't, I can't.

Baby, no, I can't.

Farhang, don't you
take that fucking camera off.

After all the work we put
into this,

you don't turn that god damn
camera off.


Don't move that god damn camera,

otherwise I've got fucking nothing,

you're ruining my shot.

Are we ready?

I'm really sorry that we
have to do this twice.

It was suppose to go right
the first time.

Farhang, he's going to break
the chair.

Farhang, put the camera down,
I need your help.

Can you help me please?


He's almost there.

He's almost there.


Oh my god.

Holy shit.

He bit down so hard it won't
come out.

Come here, come here.


Now the hard part.

So they don't call it
dead weight for nothing.

We've learned,
what did we learn today?

Can you be careful with the knife?

Yes, yes, this is a tool,
not a toy.

Gary's a big boy.

Aren't you, Gary?

You're doing a good job.

So we're gonna bleed him out now.

I imagine it's like sticking a pig.

I've never stuck a pig before.

But it's like prom night for murder.

Gary, you're taking my kill virginity,

I'm stoked.

Are you stoked?

Babe, can you put that down
so we can

get all of that brutal glory?

It's going to be so exciting.

You ready, Gary?

That was awesome.

Holy shit.

You're bloody guy, Gary.

Babe, you wanna hand me the bleach?


Thanks, Babe.

So we just got to let him,
you know, drain

for a little while then
we'll chop up the rest, yeah?

Shall we?

Oh, that's awesome.

Be careful.

The power between my legs.

This was a good buy, Babe.

Good buy, good job.

Alright cool, give me the camera.




Farhang, switch.


What do you mean, no?

You can just do it.

Don't be such a fucking baby.

I bled him out from the neck.

Yeah, you can do the rest.

Take the saber saw.

Just grab it and you do it.

You practiced,
don't be such a baby.

It's easy,
you just press the button,

and it works.

Oh my god.

We have a decomposing body
in our bathtub right now.

You don't need practice,
you can just do it.

It's not about practice,
it's about, I did that part

and now it's your turn to do yours.

Give me the camera.

Give me the camera, switch.

I brought you a garbage bag.

Are you going to help me with this?

I'm filming, Babe.

I have my own job to do.

Ok, Babe, good job.

Yep, just give it a...

I think red is really
your color, Sweetheart.

Jeez, Gary is starting to stank.



He's decomposing, we have
to get this done tonight.

Babe, all of that is not going
to fit in that tiny little..

Yeah, yeah, ok.

You think you can do some or?

Babe, I am documenting all of this.

It's an important job too,
you know, seriously.

Looking good, Gary.

Can you not call him that?

Call him what?

Can you not...

What, call him Gary?


Just don't use his name,

it's really fucked up that
you're using his name.

Well, he was a person,

I think we should pay
some respect to that.

It's fucking starting to smell.

That's why we need to get

him in the freezer, Babe.

Blood fucking all over me.

You're doing a really good
job, Babe.

We're almost there.

We're almost there.

Just take a minute.

Take whatever time you need

but we need to get him in the freezer

before he starts to stink any more.

Did you hear that?

What the fuck was that?

I think it sounded
like the door, Babe.

Oh, yeah.

That was definitely the door.

Do you think somebody heard something?

They know that we're home.

Our fucking lights are on.

Ok, fine, you know what,

I'll go see what it is.

You've got blood on you.

I'll put a sweater on.

Here, I'll take the mic,
you take the headphones.

You'll be able to hear
everything that's going on.


Just stay here, stay quiet
and I will be right back, ok?

Take the camera.

All right?


I am really sorry to bother you,

I am looking for my cat,
his name is mittens,

this is the picture.

What an adorable kitty.

How long has he been missing?

In the night he went out

and he didn't come back in
the morning.

Oh, Honey,
I'm so sorry to hear that.

You know I had the cutest
little thing

that looked just like
that when I was a kid.

It was devestatng when he ran away.

Just all day walking around,

and all these cars are
driving so fast

and these dogs and things around.

Well, I haven't seen him.

I'll ask my husband when he
gets back.

Thank you, thank you so much.

Of course,
we'll keep an eye out for him.

I'm sure he'll come back eventually.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have a good night, Sweetie.

Bye bye.

How'd that go?

How'd it go, how'd it go?

Relax, babe, some old lady

just lost her cat.

And he was just the cutest
little thing.

Little white mittens
and little black face.

Did she see any blood,

did she suspect anything?

You have blood on your collar.

I wrapped up.

No blood on my hands.

Nothing up my sleeve.

Babe, calm down, she was
just looking for her cat, ok?

Cat's long gone.

Why don't I take over from here.

You can hold the camera and
I will finish this up, ok?



Shit babe, you know we
should probably do something

about finger prints, eh?

Teeth, we gotta do the teeth.

Can you go back to the
freezer and get the bag

with his head in it

and some pliers please.

Yeah, sure.

Thank you.

Nice pearlies, Gary.

Fuck, Jesus.

I think there's a reason why dentists

make more money than butchers.


There we go.

Watch your head.

I guess we can tell who
cleans in this house, yeah?

Don't use paper towels,
your wasting trees.

It's not coming off with the sponge.

Of course it's coming off.

No, I have to absorb it.

Well babe, why don't
we just do a first pass

at it and we'll get down
to the finer details later.

The sponge is just moving it though.

If I use the paper towel,
I'll absorb it.

If you use the
green side of the sponge,

it smears it around.

If you use the yellow side of
the sponge.

I used both, I just did it.

It's like a wine stain,
just sop of the worst of it

and then we'll use the
products to clean it up after.

Can you just let me do it the way

that I'm doing it?


There you go,
that's using your head.

Babe, make sure you get
the outer sides too.

And there's a whole
bunch along the outside.

I'm getting there,
I'm starting here.

And there's
shit all over the floor.

Can you shut the fuck up?

Can you shut up?


Well, you know, babe,
if we ever needed an excuse

to redo the floors and the bathtub,

I would say this is a decent one.

Oh gross, I think I found a
piece of something anyway.

You know, I think, I think that

went really well, right?

Don't you?

It's not done yet, so.

No, I'm feeling good.

I'm good about this.

We're good.

We got it done.

It's not done.

Well, almost.

It's just like the last
little bit.

Come on, Babe, we should
be proud of ourselves.

We're not out of the woods yet.

No, we're going into the woods.

Can you help me?

Put the camera down.

All right, ok, ok, sorry.


Yep, yep.

Take it from the bottom.

Watch the shovel.

You're doing such a good job, Babe.

Look how fucking strong you are.

Keep an eye out for poison ivy,

I'm pretty sure it's bad in there.


Close it.

Attract some fucking dogs or something.

Can you shine the light right here?

Yep, yep.

Good job, Babe.

You're doing great.


Oh, fuck.

Are you ok?

What happened, what happened?

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Nothing can you fucking help me?

Put the camera down and help me.

Babe, I'm documenting the process.

This is going to take all night

if you're just fucking filming

the whole thing.

Can you just put the fucking
camera down

so we can dig a fucking hole?

This is fucking going to
take all fucking night.

Ok, jeez, ok, no, Babe,

can get a little bit more of
you digging,

like a little bit more of you digging?

No, no you can't.

No you fucking can't.

Turn of the fucking camera.

We need to dig this fucking hole.

I'm going to blow my fucking
shoulder out.

Stop yelling at me, ok?

I'm not fucking yelling.

Put the fucking camera down,
turn it off.

Is it off?

Turn it off.

Ok, turning it off,
I'm turning it off.

I'm turning it off,
I'm putting it down.

Just calm down, relax.

Is it off?

Yes, it's off, it's down,
relax, ok?

I want to put it somewhere,
I don't want to kick it

or lose it in the dark.

It fucking stinks, god damn it.

Yeah, jeez, Gary,
you're a smelly, man.

Come on, I'm helping.

Can you grab the shovel?

This isn't that hard.

All fresh and clean?




Do you really need to
be filming right now?

Well, yeah, there's a couple

of little things to get.

We have to burn the
clothes and I'm probably

going to do another run of
the bathroom.

Probably pick up some
more bleach at the store.

I'm too fucking tired to do that.

We did it.

Cheers, Gary.

You like the pork, Gary, yeah?

This is some great pork, you know.

It tastes squishy, but not gross

squishy on the inside.

You know?

You like wine, Gary?

Good wine, yeah?


Yeah, this is the best wine
I've ever had.

I think I'd like to make
a cheers to you guys.

You know,
you take me into your house

and you treat me like family.

You know, Farhang,
why aren't you eating

your dinner here?

Poor bastard.

Hello, Babe.


How are we?

Not bad.

Good, good day?

I got lots done today.


Don't you want to hear what I did?

Go ahead.

I did another
once over of the bathroom

and it is spotless and I

checked the basement for
hair and blood traces

and I burned the clothes

and I made a necklace out of
Gary's teeth.

Oh, there he is.

I've done more cleaning in
the basement

than I have since we moved in here.


You didn't grab a beer for me?

I'm joking, I'm joking.

What're you doing?

What do you mean what am I doing?

What do you mean?

I thought this was over.

We did everything.

Yeah, doesn't
mean we can't play with it

and use it.

Yeah, but this is over.

This whole thing.


Hey, careful.

Why don't you understand

that I don't want to see it
right now?

You can't piece together
why I'm uncomfortable

with it?

I want to get the after effect.

Put the camera away.


Please put the camera away.

Promise me that it's over.

Ok, I promise.

I promise.

And we can go back to normal.

Ok, we'll go back to normal.

There you are,
you fucking little rat.

Come on out.

Really, Buddy?



How's it going, Babe?

Not bad.

Do you need something?

Why the fuck do you have that?

What do you mean?

Don't give me that.

Why do you have the camera in
your hand.

Were you outside with
the camera right now?



Why do you need the camera outside

for a walk?

Weren't you just saying
we were done with this?

Why are you pointing the
fucking camera at me?

Ok, fine.

You just said we were
done fucking filming.

Farhang, careful,
you're going to break it.


You just said we were fucking done.

Listen to me.

We went through every fucking step

of your disgusting plan.

We did every fucking thing
that you asked me to.

And I asked you for one thing.

You fine?

You feel really proud of
what you did the other day?

Tell me what you did.

What we did?

What we did, Farhang?

Yeah, what you made me do

and I fucking followed through.

You feel good about what you did?

I feel fine.

To that innocent fucking homeless,

did nothing wrong in his
fucking life guy.

I didn't want to kill Gary.

He was not my first choice.

So it's my fucking fault?

Don't you put that fucking
shit on me.

Don't you fucking put that
shit on me.

I wanted to kill somebody
who wasn't innocent.

Gary was a nice guy and
I liked him,

I didn't want to kill him.

Yes, he didn't deserve to die.

There was an asshole out there.

But you fucking decided that we

have to commit murder now.

There was an asshole out
there who

deserved to die but you
wouldn't let me.

No, he fucking doesn't either.

Babe, please.

We're done.

Please, just come here.

We're done, stop it.

We're done.

Promise me.

Tell me we're done.

We're done, ok.


How the fuck am I suppose

to have a life with you?

I can't fucking trust
anything that you say.

The one thing I fucking asked
you for,

you couldn't do.


Ok, the camera, it's gone,
you have it.

It's done.

Ok, it's done.

Promise me.

I promise, just put it away.

You want it gone, it's gone.

Your words fucking mean
nothing to me.



You ok?

I'm trying to be.

Sorry I got completely
carried away.

I'll try and do better ok?

I just want everything
to go back to normal.

No more filming.

No more cameras, no more craziness.

Things will get better.

I love you.

I'm sorry.

What was that?

What was what?

What're you looking at?

I'm not looking at anything.

Come here.


Come here and kiss me.

What were you looking at?

Stop, come on.

Come here and take me.

Stop, stop, stop.

Please stop.

Are you filming me while you're

telling me that you're not
going to film me anymore?


I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

You're fucking lying to me.

You just said that you're not filming

and you said no more filming

and you're fucking filming me
right now?

I just wanted to film something fun.

What did you want to film, huh?

What did you want to film?

Remember what you first
wanted to film?



Are you going to stop
fucking lying to me?

Farhan, no.


You know, one of the
things that's interesting?

It's the oldest friends
that in most cases last

the longest.

Oh, you got another one.

Thank you.

that's it Jennifer,

you just carry it in there.

That's it, kid.

Move it.

That's right, light up the cigarette.



Good job.



Good thing my mom didn't
throw out this camera.

And hopefully Farhang won't
break you.

To make up for the loss of my
old toy,

I've got a new one.

This is going to be so much fun.


Testing, one, two, three.

We're here to give Mr. Rich man

and his girlfriend a bit of a surprise.

A shock, if you will.

But you're going to wait here and

watch from a distance.

So don't blink.



I'm sorry to bother you,

but I lost my cat a little
while back

and I'm just in the area and
I wasn't

sure if anybody maybe had
seen him

or picked him up.

Who's at the door?

No I haven't.

It's just someone here.

No, he's really sweet and small

and he's black and white.

I haven't seen him.


No, I'm sorry.

Jeez, I'm sorry to bother you,

has anybody in the house
maybe seen him?

Did you see a cat, hun?

What's all the noise over there?

Who the fuck are you?

Remember me?

Do I know you?

Who's the cunt now?


Jeez, how long are you
guys going to be out?

Wake up.

Hey, wake up.

Hey, wake up.

Wake up.


Morning, sunshine.

Richy, shut up.

Yeah, me, remember me?

Shut up, shut the fuck up.

I will hit you in the head
with this fucking hammer.

I will cave your fucking head in.

That's better.



Hey, hey,
hey I brought you a present.

Take a look around, you have company.


You picked a good one though,

she looks fantastic.

She is gorgeous.

Look at that.

Do you know what she
looks like with a ball gag

in her mouth?

Trophy wife and a trophy girlfriend.

Get your hair so we can
see that pretty face.

Got a little excited there.

Sweetheart, there's a needle
in your neck,

and if you move around too much,

I might push the plunger
and I don't really know

exactly what's going to
happen with

cleaning fluid in the human body.

Has he told you he loves you, Sweetheart?

Awww, that's so sweet.

Do you love her more
than you love your wife?


Do you love her more
than you love yourself?

Cause I don't need to plunge
both of you.

Would you rather I take
this needle out of her neck,

stick you with it and let her
walk away?

Do you love her that much?

Or would rather I let
you go and I will stick

her instead?

Give me the go ahead and
you can walk out of here.

Give me a nod.

I just want to know it's ok.

You gonna save yourself?


Wow, that took a lot less effort

than I fucking thought.

Sorry, Sweetheart,
you picked the wrong guy.

Are you getting this?


Is that upsetting?

Hey, suit man.


That's got to be pretty
traumatizing for you.

She died right on your back.

And right on your word.

Are you seriously fucking crying

and drooling like a fucking baby?

Given the circumstances,
I don't think

I'm the bitch in this room
right now.

I didn't even think you were capable

of producing tears.

You must have really liked her.

Not nearly as much as you
like yourself

you piece of shit.

You worthless piece of
fucking shit.

You did this yourself.

You want to go home to your wife?

Or you know, we could actually

bring her into the party.

Have the two of them ever met?

Have those two ever met?

Would you prefer me to use

the hammer or the syringe on her?

Hey, I'm home.

Shh, shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up.

Do you want to get out of here?

Do you want to get out of here?

Then not another god damn word.

Or I will smash your fucking
head in

with this fucking hammer.

Good boy.

You sit tight,
I will be right back.

Hey, I'm home.


Hey, Babe, I'm downstairs.


Honey, I'm downstairs.

Come on down, come on down.

I have a surprise for you.


What the fuck is that?

It's a camera.

You bought another camera?

Come here,
I have something to show you.

You bought another fucking camera?

Come here, come here,
I'm going to show you.

No seriously,
I thought this was over.

I smashed the first fucking camera

and I'll break this one too.

You're not going
to touch this fucking...

Did you fucking buy that camera?


What the fuck is going on?

We can fix it, Babe.

What the fuck is wrong with her?

What's wrong with her?

She's dead,
that's what's wrong with her.

Oh my god.

It's not like you don't
know what this looks like.

What the fuck are you doing?

Do you remember
the guy that I told you

about that we were
suppose to kill, not Gary?

I got him.

What the fuck are you doing?

We killed Gary first.

Get these fucking people
out of my fucking hosue.

Get these people out of my house.

I can't fucking do this.

I cannot do this.

We have to do this right, Farhang.

I just want to do this right

and then it'll be like before.

It'll be fine.

No it won't.

Yes, it will.

No it won't.

Get these fucking people out
of our house.

This is our house.

This piece of shit
deserves to die, Farhang.

No he doesn't.

Yes, he does.

Who the fuck are you to
decide that?

This guy killed Gary.

You killed Gary.

No, we killed Gary.

You fucking killed, Gary.

We killed Gary.

And it' the assholes fault.

I did everything for you.

No, that's not true.

This would be doing everything.

And then it'll be better.

Get that out of my face,

I did everything for you.

It'll be better if you just
do it.

I can't, no,
I can't fucking do this.

Farhang, come back.

Come here, please.

I won't.

I fucking did this for you.

I did all of the fucking things

that you fucking asked me to
do for us.

Please, we just
need to do it right

and it will go away.

What're you going to fucking
do for me?


Because of this asshole,

we had to kill Gary.

Because of this piece of shit.

Because of you we had to kill Gary.

That was you.

You're the fucking worst thing

that's ever fucking happened
in my life.

Get that out of my fucking face.

Get that out of my face.

I will fucking call the police.

You won't call the fucking police.

Yes, I will, fucking try me.

Listen to him,
you can hear for yourself.

Why don't you tell him what
a piece of shit you are.

I don't know what I did,
I don't know.

You don't fucking know,

you lying piece of shit.

Come on, untie me, let me go, man.

He's not going to help you.

Farhang, this piece of shit,
that is cheating

on his wife with that woman.

Shut up, don't listen to her,

she's a fucking crazy bitch.

Just kill him,
and everything will be fine.

Can you fucking not do this?


I did everything for you.

Shut the fuck up.

Listen to him, listen to him.

Please listen to him,
you crazy bitch.

Fuck you.

Farhang, let go, Farhang.

Give me the hammer.

Baby, give me the fucking hammer.

Oh my god.

Are you ok?

Are you ok?

Jen, answer me.

Are you ok?

Are you ok?

Oh my god, answer me.

Answer me, please.

I need an ambulance.

Stay with me, Baby, stay with me.

She fell, she's bleeding.

I'm sorry,
can you shut the fuck up,

can you shut up please.

Stay with me, stay with me.

She's bleeding a lot.

Can you get here please?

Can you send an ambulance please?

Can you shut the fuck up?

Shut up.

Oh my fucking god,

shut the fuck up.

She said that if we got this
one guy,

it would all be better and we
did it.

We got him.

You even got me to kill him.

I know when you started

you didn't know where the
movie was going to end.

You fucking lied.

Well, at least you got an
end to your movie right?

Police, open the door.