Captive Wild Woman (1943) - full transcript

Dr. Sigmund Walters, an expert in glandular research, becomes convinced that his experiments involving lower animal species cannot succeed, so he arranges to have a very intelligent female gorilla kidnapped from the circus and brought to his lab. Using the glands of a patient and the brain of his faithful nurse, he performs transplant surgery on the intelligent simian. When the ape morphs into exotic and sexy Paula Dupree, the experiment seems to be s success. She even finds a place for herself at her old circus assisting lion tamer Fred Mason. Unfortunately when aroused by desire and jealousy over the affections of Mason, her delicate metabolism breaks down, and she regresses to her ape form. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(dramatic music)

Clear the dock! Clear the dock!

Keep back! Keep back!

Let go!



Fred! Fred! Here... Here I am.

Two whole years.

Seems more like 200.

Look, honey, this cramps my style.

I'll meet you down at the end.


There, that's better.

Gee, it's good having you back.

Was your trip a success?

A success? Look.

20 tigers, 20 lions,
six zebras, 11 leopards.

And Cheela.


The most gorgeous lady that
ever came out of the jungles.

Gorgeous lady?

Wait till you meet her.

Come on, I'll introduce you.

Hi, Cheela.


Cheela, listen, I want you
to meet Beth, my sweetheart.

How do you do, Cheela?

You see? That's what I like about Cheela.

Not the least bit jealous.



Look out below!


Hold it! Take it up!


Stay here.

(horn blaring)



Young man, you're marvelous.

Where did you learn to do that?

Don't frighten me like that again.

That's more than I bargained for.

Nice work, boss.

Who strapped that cage?

I don't know. One of the loaders.

Pretty sloppy job. Go get me an empty.

I'll have to cage this cat.

Wait for me at the
baggage entrance, honey.

The rest of you people
better go for cover.

Everything was running fine.

I was all excited about your coming home.

And then this thing happened with Dorothy.

Well, how serious is it?

It's some sort of a glandular trouble.

Well, why didn't you write me about it?

Oh, I didn't want to worry you.

I left her at the Crestview
Sanatorium about two weeks ago.

We'd been to several doctors,

and all of them recommended

that I take her to this Dr. Walters.

It really was an ordeal.

Poor little Dorothy was
as nervous as could be.

My mind was set at ease

about having brought
her to the right place

when I picked up one of the medical books

and read of some of his achievements.

Special feature, Glands
and Their Secretions

by Dr. Sigmund Walters.

Dr. Sigmund Walters of
Crestview Sanatorium

has furthered not one, but three attempts

at racial improvement.

For he has discovered Vitamin
E-2, which he believes

determines the physical characteristics

of all forms of animal life,

the 48 chromosomes which pattern heredity

and numerous hormones.

I realized she wasn't
listening to a thing.

I sat down and tried to
comfort her, but it was no use.

The storm outside wasn't
helping matters, either.

(thunder rumbling)

Thumbing through the book,

I ran across some of the most fantastic

achievements of this Dr. Walters,

such as a hand three times the size

as it should be reduced to normal.

A completely deformed child corrected

by his glandular treatments.

Described in words I didn't understand,

how he changed a man's distorted features.

The acromegalic form

due to a hyper-secretion
in the anterior portion

of the pituitary gland.

Dr. Walters will see you now.

Thank you.

(thunder rumbling)

I am Dr. Walters.

Won't you sit down?

Do you smoke?

No, thanks.

I smoke, that is, but I
don't care for one right now.

I see.

Which one is Dorothy?

I am.

And you're her sister.


And you're both connected
with the Whipple Circus?

That's right.

Well, what seems to be the trouble?

Well, I...

Dorothy's been losing weight all season.

We thought maybe it was overwork, and...

Please, continue.

There isn't much else to tell.

At the close of the season a few days ago,

she suddenly collapsed.

The doctor thought it
was a glandular disorder

and recommended that we bring her to you.

Most ailments are traceable
to glandular disorders.

Will you prepare Miss Colman
for examination, if you please?

Sit down, please, make
yourself comfortable.

Thank you.

You are both performers in the circus?

No, my sister is. I'm
Mr. Whipple's secretary.

Oh, I see. You know, in a way
we have something in common.

In your business you use animals
for entertainment purposes.

I, on the other hand, use them
for scientific experiments.

So I read in the medical journal.

You've accomplished great things.

Oh, I've hardly scratched the surface.

There's so much more to be done.

One feels that a single
lifetime is far too short.

The patient is ready, Doctor.

Will you excuse me? It won't be long.


After we were through talking,

I realized we were lucky to get him

because he really is a
very famous scientist,

besides being one of the most
charming men I have ever met.

Oh, so that's how it is.

Is he young?


Good-looking? Oh, of course. Oh, sure.

Tell me more about him.

Well, he's taken me out
to dinner a few times.

Well, maybe I'd better have a look

at this fellow pretty quick.

Oh, you will.

He may be over at the winter
quarters when we get there.

I invited him.

(dog barking)

The place hasn't changed a bit.

I'll be with you in a minute, honey.

I'm going in and surprise him.



It can't be that tough, John.

Well, it's pretty...

Fred! Well, you old
tiger-bait. How are you?

Well, I'm not in a wheel chair, yet.

How was the trip?

Fine. Got everything we went after.


Oh, that's great.

I hear you had a little
trouble down at the dock.

Oh, well, yeah, one of the cats got loose.

Nobody got hurt, though.

Say, look, what I want to know is,

what about the Beatty deal?

Well, I haven't signed him yet, but...

Do you think it was wise

to have taken on this new bunch of cats

without having Beatty signed
to stage the act for you?

Now, it's gonna be all right, Fred.

It's gonna be all right.

Why, Dr. Walters.

I'm so glad to see you.

I took you at your word, you see.

How's Dorothy?

Well, she's showing a slight improvement,

but I shall have to keep her

under observation for quite some time.

Oh, I don't know how to thank you

for your interest in the case.

You mean to tell me that
you got the both of them?


That's wonderful.

Mr. Whipple, this is Dr. Walters.

- Oh, hello, Doctor.
- How do you do?

Beth has told me a good deal about you.

And Mr. Mason, Fred Mason.

Miss Colman has told me
a good deal about you.

A talkative little soul, isn't she?

Yes, but efficient.

You know, I've always wanted

to get behind the scenes in a circus.

So I accepted Miss Colman's invitation.

You're just in time.

We're going out to look
over some of the stock.

Would you like to join us?

I'd be delighted.

Well, fine. Come right along.

He's brought back some wonderful things.

I think we can...

Oh, if that wire comes from
Beatty, let me know, will you?

You bet I will.

Come on. Let's get a closer look.

What do you think of him?

Pretty vicious-looking.

Yeah. We'll have him
toned down before long.

That should be an interesting process.

I'd like to watch it sometime.

Oh, you're welcome any time, Doctor.

Thank you.

Here come the lions.

Say, look at that baby.

That's Nero. He's a killer.

He got four natives in the jungle

and mangled a handler aboard ship.


Well, maybe we ought to get rid of him.

One of the zoos would buy him.

Oh, no, you don't. He's for me.

I'll get him in tow.

Any trouble, Tony?

No, they handle like babies.

What do you think of them?

Well, they're a fine, healthy lot.


Well, Curley.

Gosh, it's so good to see you, Fred.

It's good to be back.

Did all right, huh?


How many?

- 40.
- 40, 40?


Well, I'll feed them, but you can explain

meatless Tuesdays to them.


You must have a lot of money
invested in this menagerie.

Well, it's not the cost, it's the upkeep.


Oh, you'll enjoy this stuff.


Well, I can imagine what's going to happen

when they put tigers in with them.

Is that the intention, to mix
lions and tigers together?

Yes, sir, that's the idea, a mixed act.

Get back there.



Cheela! Cheela!

Let go! Let go! Get back there.

No, John. No, no. Here.

You should know better than
to mistreat these animals.

I was only bringing her a pail of water.

You've been warned about
drinking on the job.

Now, you're through. Get out of here.

Go on. Get out.


Well, this is a surprise.

Why didn't you tell me about this?

Oh, she's terrific. She's almost human.

She's a cinch for a specialty act, John.

Look, I want to show you something.

Come here, Cheela. Here.

Turn around. Turn around.


She seems to have far above
the average intelligence.

Oh, she's a natural.

Here. I want to show you something else.

Turn around, Cheela.

Cheela, I want you to
meet my boss, Mr. Whipple.


And Dr. Walters, a friend.

When did you have time for all this?

On the boat, coming over.

John, she's a natural.

I think I can do wonders with her.

I want to take charge of her, personally.

Training, feeding and everything.

Well, you've got a job.

Do you have many inquiries
about selling these animals?

Oh, yes, sometimes.

Well, take an animal like this.

Suppose somebody wanted to buy her.

Oh, well, if this animal
works out for the circus,

and it looks like she will,

all the money in town couldn't buy her.

It's dead.


I've come to the conclusion, Miss Strand,

the type of species with which we have

been experimenting is not satisfactory.

Size, strength, the will to live,

essential in what we're
trying to accomplish,

are lacking in these animals.

We have at hand the very elements

that could make possible the
things we're trying to do.

I don't understand.

It has been proved beyond doubt

that glands can transform physical matter

into any size, shape or appearance.

Yes, that's true.

We have here in this
sanatorium a rare case

of follicular cyst which
induces the secretion

of unusual amounts of the sex hormones.

Miss Colman?


If we had been able to create

through the medium of glandular extraction

such specimens as we have,

what's to prevent us transfusing
these glandular extractions

from a human being into
a higher type of animal?

The authorities. They wouldn't permit it.

I see you're not truly a
scientist at heart, Miss Strand.

The things we are trying
to do, one must be daring.

I'll be out this afternoon.

Yes, Doctor.

Photograph that.


(piano music)

20 years in the show business,
and now I get the bum's rush,

and all because of a
stinking, overgrown monkey.

How do you like that?

That's just why I'm here.

How would you like to get
back at that ape and Whipple?

Hey, beat it, will you?

Can't you see we're talking business?

Yeah. What's this all about, mister?

I'd like to get that ape.

Do you think you can steal her from there?

Steal her?

Just like that.

So easy?



How much?

I won't argue about the
price if it's within reason.


When do I get paid?

Just as soon as the animal is on my truck.

It's a deal, mister.

You've got yourself a monkey.


Now, how about us having
a little drink, huh?

A little drink to monkey-business.


Hey, Doc! Doc!

Well, the ape's in the truck.


How about my money?

Hey, what are you doing? Doc! No!

Help me, Doc! Doc! Wait!

I won't talk, Doc!




Yes, I understand.

You can depend on me, Chief, absolutely.

I give you my word of honor.

All right. All right, Chief.

We've got to find that animal.

They're holding me responsible now.

She's bound to turn up.

She can't stay out of sight forever.

If she attacks anybody else,

we're out of business, you know that.

Well, we'll find her.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Oh, you wouldn't worry about it.


Cheela, we're on the road to great things.

You're the answer to years of planning.




Hello, Beth. Where have you been?

At the sanatorium.

Dorothy was operated on.

Operated on? Why, I thought Dr. Walters

said treatments would do the trick.

Apparently, it didn't.

Fred, I'm so worried about her.

She'll be all right.

You can't expect him to do miracles.

Those things just take time.

We're ready for you, boss!

Yeah. All right!

Don't let it get you down.

Come on, give me that
smile. That's better.

All right, take him out.

Keep your chin up, beautiful.


(gun bangs)

Look out!

Now, don't go getting panicky.

That's the first thing you
gotta learn in animal training.

But you're not in love with him.

Another gun! Quick!



See? Just like I said.
There's nothing to it.



We've done it.

We've done it!

Dr. Walters, we can't go on with this.

Why not?

In the past, I've been willing to help you

in your experiments with animals.

But this is different.

I can't have my hands
stained with human blood.

Look at this girl.

Slowly but surely you're
sapping the life out of her.

It's murder, Doctor. You can't do it!

Why should a single life
be considered so important?

Look, Dr. Walters, for 13
years, I've worked with you,

shared your experiments,

watched you gain the highest honors

in the field of endocrinology.

I've seen you gain control

over the physical characteristics of men

and change the breed and sex of animals.

I've listened to your dreams
of creating a race of supermen.

Isn't that a laudable intent?

But while you've been doing this,

you've lost sight of something else.

And that is?


I saw it start and watched it grow,

watched a brain that once was fine

and brilliant begin to warp

and tamper with things no man
or woman should ever touch.

Now maybe you'll listen to me.

Haven't I proved beyond
a doubt that glands

can transform physical matter

into any size, shape or appearance?

Yes, you have. But in doing this,

when you took the glands
from the guinea pig

and grafted them into the
rabbit, the guinea pig died.

When you grafted the frog's glands

into a white mouse, the frog died.

And now you propose to experiment
with an ape and a woman.

That woman must eventually die.

Then she'll die in the
advancement of science.

And suppose your experiment is successful?

What will you have?

A human form with animal instincts.

I won't let you do it!
I'll call the police!

You must stop!

You're right, Miss Strand.

My new creation needs the
element of mental stability

that would come only from the
cerebrum of a human being.

Miss Colman is essential to me

for continued glandular injections.

Transplanting the cerebrum would
bring certain death to her.

I can't afford that.

But you're a woman with
a very receptive mind.


You're right.

The cerebrum is essential to
the success of this experiment.

No. No, don't! Stop!

(Nurse Strand screaming)

I saw it begin and watched it grow,

watched a brain that once was

fine and brilliant begin to warp

and tamper with things no man
or woman should ever touch.

You are Paula Dupree.

Do you remember what happened?

Do you remember anything
from your past life?

Your mind is my mind.

Your every thought is my thought.

What I tell you to do, you will do.

What I tell you not to
do, you will not do.

Do you understand that, Paula Dupree?

What will you have?

A human form with animal instincts.

Here I am with 20 tigers,
20 lions and no Beatty.

Might as well close the show.

I wouldn't say that.

What are you talking about?

He's the only man in the world who can

handle a show with that
many animals in it.

I'd like to take a crack at it.

Oh, no, wait a minute, Fred.

Trapping and training them one
at a time, that's one thing.

But to go into a cage with
mixed animals and put on a show,

that's quite another.

Well, you can't give up now.

You're in this too deep.

Now, Fred, I know you're one

of the best animal men in the business...

All right, then why
don't you let me try it?

I'll tell you what I'll do.

I'll start with one lion and one tiger,

and if I can't handle them,
I'll say no more about it.

No, I can't do it, Fred. It's too...

Well, it's a way out.

If you've got nerve enough
to try it, go ahead.

That's a deal.

It's a deal.

What did he say?

Honey, I've sold him an idea.

I'm putting on the animal act.

You're what?


Oh, Fred, you can't. I won't let you.

Oh, honey, don't start talking that way.

This is the one big break of my life.

It's just that I love you so darn much.

Fred, I'm so afraid for you.

As long as I know you're
out there rooting for me,

we've got nothing to be afraid of.

Will you retype...

When you have time, there's no hurry.


Okay, let him in.


(animals bellowing)


I wonder what's the matter with them?

I don't know. They seem
to be afraid of something.

Hello, Doctor. Glad to see you again.

Hello, Mr. Whipple. Miss Colman.

Hello, Doctor.

This is Miss Dupree, a patient of mine.

- How do you do.
- How do you do.

I hope you don't mind our dropping

in on you like this.

Not at all. As a matter of
fact, you're here just in time.

Fred's trying out a
lion and tiger together.

This is the first time?

As a matter of fact it is, and
we're all a little on edge.

Okay, Bill, let in the tiger.


Look out, the lion!

Hal! Curley!

Do something quick, somebody!

Joe, Hal, bring your poles!

What are you gonna do?


You were marvelous, miss.

I don't know how to thank you enough.

Fred, are you badly hurt?

No, I'm all right.

Stewart! Stewart, get that hose.

Get the hose!

After all my years in show business,

I ain't never seen
anything like that girl.

She had that lion scared to death.

Miss, I never saw anybody
do that before in my life.

No gun, no whip, nothing.

I saw that cat back away from her.

You know, we could use a
girl like her around here.

What do you say, miss?

The first thing we'd better do

is take care of that head of yours, Mason.

That wouldn't be a bad idea. Come on.

Well, I do thank you...

He talked me into it and I let him...

The whole thing is unnatural.

I shouldn't have...

You'll never have an
opportunity like this again.

I tell you, that girl's power
over animals is uncanny.

You saw yourself what
she could do yesterday.

Yeah, I saw it.

I also saw you lying in that cage.

It was only by the hand of
fate that girl happened along.

Well, that's what I'm trying to tell you.

With her there, the
act's a cinch to handle.

A cage full of animals
with a girl mixed up in it.

It doesn't make sense, Fred.

I don't intend to have her mixed up in it.

All I need her for is
to stand on the outside,

in case of trouble.

No, I can't see it.

I don't think you can do it, Fred.

Well, if you stop now,
it won't solve anything

and certainly won't get you anyplace.

Well, I'd rather not own a circus

if the success of it depends
on the lives of the performers.

Well, now you're talking
as if those animals

were out of hand.

And that isn't what happened at all.

It was just simply bad
luck that I was in the way

when that pedestal came down.

I tell you, you're no circus man

unless you let me have
a talk with that girl.

Well, I tell you I won't do it.

All right.

Look, John, you know yourself

there's nobody in this business

I'd rather work for than you.

But my mind is made up!

I'm going after that girl,

and she and I are going to
work lions and tigers together.

Now, if you're not going to
give us a chance to do it,

I'm gonna find somebody who will.

Now, will you wait a minute, please.

I'm only thinking of...

You've made me feel as if I'm
signing your death warrant.

But if you insist on
it, go ahead and do it.

Thanks, John.

You know, I got a hunch that,
with the help of that girl,

you and I are going to
make circus history!

Well, I hope it's not over
your dead body. You stubborn...

Good luck.

So, this is the big day, huh?

Well, it's the last rehearsal

before we set up the tents for the show.

Music and everything.

Where do you open?

Right here in this town.

I like to give the
local audiences a break.

Fred, how do you feel, huh?


You think the show will be a success?

Why, it's a cinch.

With Paula here, it can't miss.

You're ready, honey?

All right, Jim, strike it!

(upbeat music)

Keep your eyes on those cats.


Okay, send in the rest.

I hope nothing happens.

I forgot to feed them.


Doesn't Paula go into the
arena with him at all?

Oh, no, no, because when Paula and Fred

are in the cage together,

the cats seem to be so afraid
of her that they're confused.

They don't know who to take orders from.

Then she has power over them
when she's outside the cage?

That's the uncanny part of it. She does.

When she's there,

Fred can control those lions
and tigers without any trouble.

Amazing, isn't it?


That girl could become one

of the greatest animal
trainers in the world.

Look at that.



(circus music)

Let Nero in.


He didn't tell me he was gonna use him.

It's too late to stop him now.

Holy jumping mackerel, he did it.

Fred, you were wonderful!

Well, you certainly did it, son.

I'm convinced!

How did you do it?

That went super for us.

Honey, I wonder if you'll be that easy

to train after we're married.


You were excellent.

Thank you, sir.

Fred, we're over the hurdles.

It's only a question of how long

we want to keep the show going.


This calls for a celebration.

Will you join us, Dr. Walters?

I'm sorry.

I've been away from the
sanatorium too long as it is.

That's a shame. Come on. It's only...

It's 20-year-old...

If you've only got a minute...



What are those marks on her neck?

That's what baffles me.

It's a very powerful pair
of hands that did this job.

Those deep, claw-like incisions
at the back of her throat

don't seem to have been
made by human hands.

They've cut the spinal cord.

Now, tell me, young lady,

what else you know about this thing?

I've told you all I know.

It was so dark, I couldn't see very much.

It was some sort of a
weird-looking creature

that came at me.

All right, miss, you
better find another room

and got some sleep.

Thank you, Sheriff.

That's all, folks. Go to your rooms.

Everything I planned,
completely destroyed,

all because of your madness.

Your insane attempt to kill Beth Colman.

You know what the police will
do to you if they catch you?

No, of course you don't.

They wouldn't know it was jungle instinct

that urged you to kill a female

that stood between you and a mate.

They'll put you on trial

and throw question after question at you

until you won't know
what anybody is saying.

Then they'll put you in the electric chair

and they'll kill you.

All because they won't
understand, they can't understand.

The one thing I hadn't counted on.

A terrific emotion would destroy

the new tissues in your gland growths.

And I have myself partly to blame.

I should have kept you
under constant observation.

That's right. Look at
them. I operated on you.

Grafted glands from a living woman

into your body, watched you transform.

Now I have to do it all over again.

Graft new glands into your body.

Maybe another brain operation.

Take another life to
keep you in human form.

Well, are you sure that's
all the information

you can give me?

It's very important that we find her.

We open tonight.

Well, thank you, Dr. Walters.

I am sorry to have troubled you.

He can't tell us anything.

He only knew her as a patient.

The last time he saw her was at rehearsal.

May I have one?


You know, there was something familiar

about the face of that woman,

or whatever it was I saw
in my room that night.

Who do you think it was?

This may sound fantastic,
but I think it was Paula.

Paula? Why, that's ridiculous!

I'm not so sure.

It all seems to tie in.

They said that woman was
killed by a claw-like grip.

Gruen was killed the same way.

It all points to Cheela,

and yet I'm certain I saw
Paula's face that night.

And yet it was the face of a...

Now, wait a minute.

You're not trying to connect
Cheela and Paula, are you?

You said time and again Paula had a way

with animals that was unnatural.

Well, look, honey, you're letting

your imagination run away with you.

Take it easy.


Well, I've got to run along.

I've got to get ready
for the show tonight.

You mean you're going through
with it without Paula?

Well, of course.

I can't stop now, even if I want to.

But you said you couldn't
control those cats

without her standing by.

Stop worrying, will you?
I'll see you tonight.

(circus music)

Hey, Fred. Fred. Listen, I...

What's the matter with you?

You look worried.

Well, I am. It's the weather report.

There's a good chance of
a storm blowing in here.

We've weathered storms before.

Oh, that isn't it.

But that mixed animal act of yours

is dangerous enough as it is.

If there's a flash of
lightning, a crash of thunder,

there's no telling what might happen.

You worry too much.

You leave this act to me.

Well, now you be careful!

(phone ringing)

Hello? Oh, hello, Dorothy.

I was just on my way to the show.

It opens tonight.

You what?

You've got to take me away from here.

I'm scared.

He's preparing me for
another of those operations.

Treatments, he calls them.

Darling, I'm surprised to
hear you talk like that.

Why, you're getting the
best care in the world.

I'm afraid, I tell you.

I won't stay here another minute.

Something terrible is going on, I know it.

I can feel it. Beth!


Dorothy, answer me.

Ladies and gentlemen!

You are now about to witness

one of the most spectacular acts

ever performed in any circus.

The most deadly enemies of
the jungle, lions and tigers,

mixed together in the same arena!

These ferocious beasts,

which, until a few months ago,

were roaming through the jungles,

are now brought together
for the first time by a man

who will make them do his every bidding!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Fred Mason!

(audience applauding)

(wind whistling)

Dr. Walters?


Well, Miss Colman.

Where's my sister?

I've just come from her
room, and she's not up there.

Now, now, calm yourself, Miss Colman.

Never mind that. Where is she?

I must see her right away.

By all means. That's your privilege.

Please follow me.

So, you see, Miss Colman, you're
about to witness something

which no mortal eyes
but mine have ever seen.

The transformation of an
animal into a human being.



You can't do this. I won't let you.

We're alone down here.

No one can stop me, not even you.

You're mad. I won't let you do it.

I'll go to the police!

Miss Colman, I'm an inherent believer

in the association of thoughts.

Someone else once said
the same thing to me.

Someone with a very
clever mind, like yours.

You're not only going
to watch this operation,

you're going to be helpful to me.




Mr. Whipple, the storm
is beginning to break.

Get men on all the exits and
keep things rolling as usual.

Yes, sir.

We underestimate animal intelligence.

She senses what's coming.

She'd love to get her hands on me.



(thunder clapping)

Let Nero in.

Why, I told him to keep Nero out.

Well, I did, too, Mr. Whipple,

but he said the publicity was out on Nero.

The public knew he was a killer,

and that's why they came here to see him.

Confound him, he...

(thunder clapping)


Well, don't stay... Go in and...


Ladies and gentlemen, please...


Fred, you can't go back in there.

Go get the ambulance. Hurry up, quickly.


Don't shoot.

Get the vet. Hurry up,
get the veterinarian.

Fred, Fred, are you all right, son?

Yeah, I'm all right.

They're not deep slashes.

We've got some help coming on the way.

Fred, what happened?

Cheela, she came back.

She got me out of the cage
just as one of the cats had me.

All right, all right, you
men, go on, get to work.

Check those cages and
see if they're locked.

Rest of you start
pulling down the big top.

(thunder rumbling)

She's dead.

Here now, Fred. Fred.

We've got to get you to a doctor, boy.

Now, don't worry about it.

Come on.

(thunder rumbling)

[Narrator] And so behind those gates

is buried the legend of a mortal

who went beyond the realm of human powers

and tampered with things
no man should ever touch.

(upbeat music)