Captive Hearts (2005) - full transcript

A newly hired executive for a multinational corporation, Larry Sorenson is kidnapped at gunpoint. The hostage takers send video demands directly to Larry's wife, Elizabeth demanding the multinational halt all financial dealings with Europe. If their demands are not met in 12 hours, Larry will be executed and other executives and stockholders will follow. This sends the company's stock into a free-fall. Seattle PD Detective, Jimmy Kelsoe has his suspicions. It's all too neat. Working closely with FBI Agent Jade Marlo the two soon discover that the whole kidnapping is an elaborate plot to manipulate stock prices for a mafia takeover. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Detective Kelsoe and Elizabeth join forces. But Elizabeth soon realizes she has far more in common with Detective Kelsoe than with her missing husband Larry. Kelsoe too, realizes his feelings toward Elizabeth have grown beyond professional. With time running out, both Kelsoe and Elizabeth must struggle to put their feelings for each other aside in order to save Larry's life. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
>> He's already inside.



[screams, groans]

[background sound of traffic]

Larry >> Honey,
which one is best?

>> Larry, we need to
talk about all this.

>> We are talking.
What do you think

for a first impression?

Red stripes or the diamonds?

>> Red.

>> I like the diamonds.

>> Larry, I'm serious.

>> Look, Liz.
It's my first day, honey.

Don't, you know,
rain on my parade.


Working for a big company
like MaxGen International

is an incredible
opportunity for both of us.

I'll take you somewhere nice
for dinner to celebrate

our new life, okay?

Let me start making
it up to you.

>> What am I supposed
to do all day?

>> Why don't you
set up your easel?

There's still some boxes
to unpack from the move.

>> Call me at lunch
like you used to?

>> Of course I'll call.

I'm really sorry.

We're from Boston.


[phone rings]

>> Hello?
>> Larry!

I hope you're enjoying
your new wheels.

>> They're great, Mr. Maxwell.
I love the car.

>> Well, you're not selling
mortgages in Boston anymore.

At MaxGen we believe it's
important for our people to

leave the right impression.
So you enjoy it.

>> I'll baby it, sir.
>> Now listen, Larry...

[some radio interference]
I've scheduled an appointment

with a new client, August
Financial, and they've

requested you by name.
Larry >> Really? By name?

>> That's right.

They saw the press release
announcing you as our new V.P.

of Finance so, anyway, I
trust you'll be on time?

>> I'm halfway there
right now, sir.

>> Ha, ha, ha.
That's the go-getter I hired.

Tasha Simmons is going to be
taking you under her wing.

And I've asked her to prepare
a brief so that you're up to

speed with August.
>> Great.

[radio interference]
>> Listen, don't make any

plans for lunch.
I'm taking you out myself.

>> I'll look forward
to it Mr. Maxwell.

Thank you.
>> All right, Larry.

>> Bye.



>> Excuse me.

>> Good morning.
How can I help you?

>> Good morning, I am...
>> Mr. Sorenso

>> Excuse me.
>> Hello. I'm Tasha Simmons.

>> Miss Simmons.
A pleasure to meet you.

>> Please call me Tasha.
>> Okay, Tasha.

Call me Larry then.

>> Here's the brief on the
August Financial Group.

Their head office is in Chicago.

>> Chicago. Really?

>> I've had accounting
organize everything according

to priority.
It's also cross referenced here

by date and in chart form
in the appendix.

>> Very impressive.

>> Shall I show
you to your office?

>> Yes, please.

[knock knock knock]

>> I hope you like your office.
>> It's perfect.

>> I thought you'd like to
choose your own assistant

so I had H.R. hold off
on hiring anyone.

>> Ha, ha, ha. I'm not used
to all this attention.

>> No? MaxGen is very glad
you're here.

>> My office is
just down the hall.

Call me if you need anything.
>> Thanks, Tasha.

>> Mm-hum.

[knock, knock, knock...]

>> Hi.
>> Hi.

>> Uh, landlord called.
You've got a broken shower

in the master bath?
>> I didn'call anybody.

>> Mr. Lee called.
I take care of all his houses.

>> Mr. Lee called you?

>> Lady, if this isn't a
good time I can come back.

>> No, no, no. I tried taking
a shower and it was too hot,

so come in.


[clanking of tools]

>> You just move in?
Liz >> Yeah.

The movers dropped off
everything yesterday.

I still haven't had a chance
to put everything away.

>> So where'd you move from?
>> Boston.

My husband and I,
we're from Boston.

>> Never been.


Ahh...It's your faucet valve.
Thing's stripped.

I've got another
one in the truck.

I'll also check your water
heater and regulator

in the basement.
It shouldn't take too long

to fix..
>> Okay, great. Thanks.

>> All right.


>> Well, you are now officially
part of the MaxGen team.

>> Thank you, Mr. Maxwell.
I'm very glad to be here.

>> Well, we're glad to have you.

>> There's something I think
you should know about

August Group.
>> Oh, no. They called me.

They loved what you said.

Okay, we'll discuss the best
way to approach August over

lunch, okay?

I've invited Tasha to join
us, if you have no objection.

>> None at all.

>> Great little sushi place
right around the corner.

Okay, so listen...
Tasha knows how to get there.

[cell phone rings]

Oh, excuse me.

>> I'll get him there safely.
>> Great.

Larry >> Ahem.

[rustle of paper]

Plumber >> Well, it's
working now.

>> Oh. How much do I owe you?
>> No charge.

Like I said before,
Mr. Lee pays me...

>> Well thanks.
>> You're welcome.

Have a nice day.

[footsteps leaving]

[rustle of paper]

Larry >> Well, this looks nice.
>> I think you'll enjoy it.

>> Kudasai arimas?
>> Konnichi wa , Hiroko.

Hi, Mr. E.

>> A handsome new beau,
Miss Tasha?

>> Hiroko...It's just
a lunch meeting.

Mr. Maxwell will be
joining us shortly.

>> Ah. Mr. Maxwell.
Then I will give you his

favorite booth.
>> Okay...

>> Um...where are the tables?

>> Haven't you been to a
Japanese restaurant before?

>> Well I have an
excuse, I'm from Boston.

>> You have to
take your shoes off.

>> Everyone down!



>> So do you eat here often?

>> Oh, well, it's Darren's...
I mean, uh, Mr. Maxwell's

favorite lunch spot.


He's crazy about sushi.
You like sushi, don't you?

>> Well, I've only
tried it once.

>> And?
>> I can live without it.

[muffled scream]


>> Oh, um...Mr. Maxwell doesn't
like it when someone talks

on their cell phone
during lunch.

He's kind of strange that way.
>> I promised my wife.

Tasha >> The real boss.
>> Yeah.

[slam! and quickly suppressed
exclamations of shock]


[slam, shocked exclamations]

>> What was that?

>> I don't know.


>> Aaahhh!

♪ [music and screams] ♪

>> Arghhh...!

♪ [music and screaming] ♪

Larry >> What are you doing?!
>> Shut up!

Larry >> What are you doing?
What are you doing?

>> I'm not telling you again!
Shut up!

>> What the hell's going on?
[gunfire] Eeeekk!

[gunshots with silencer]

>> What in hell is
going on here?

[engine turned off,
jingle of keys]

[communication radios]


[intermingled voices,
and communication radios]

>> It's a 9mm. I count three
entries, two exits.

Let's get the body out of here.

Police Officer >> You!
Darren >> Tasha!

>> You have to leave!
>> Wait...just give me

a second, will you?
>> Don't worry, Darren.

I'll be okay.
>> What happened?

>> Oh, it was horrible.
Larry's gone.

Darren >> Larry's gone?
Tasha >> Oh, my God!

>> Are you all right?
Come on.

Take care, will ya.
Police Officer >> Let's go!

>> All right.
Just a second, will you?

Just give me a second.
Who's in charge here?

>> I am.
>> I am.

Jimmy >> Together
again, Agent Marlo.

Marlo >> It looks
that way, Kelsoe.

>> Sorry. This is a crime scene.

You're going to have to leave.

>> Who are you?
>> I'm Darren Maxwell.

I'president of
MaxGen International.

What happened to Larry Sorenson?

>> I'm Detective Jimmy
Kelsoe, Seattle P.D.

Violent Crime Task Force.

>> Special agent Marlo, FBI.

I've had the pleasure of
working with the

Detective Kelsoe before.
>> Okay. Where's Larry?

>> It appears Mr. Sorenson
is missing.

>> He's missing?
>> Kidnapped.

>> Kidnapped!
>> Oh, my God!

>> Why would anybody want
to kidnap Mr. Sorenson?

What does he do?
>> Financial intelligence.

He's uh...I mean he finds
people and companies that,

that want to invest.

>> I ran sources for his name
and address but there's nothing.

>> Well, the guy just started
working for me this morning.

I mean, we just got
him this brand new car.

We got him his house.
>> I'm gonna need that address.

>> Yeah. Sure.
Whatever I can do for you.


[car doors slam]


[bam, bam, bam!]
>> Police! Open up!


Liz >> Now what?

Wait a minute.
Hold on.

Yes? What is it?
>> Mrs. Larry Sorenson?

>> Yes, I'm Elizabeth Sorenson.
>> I'm special agent Marlo, FBI.

Is there anybody else at home?
>> No. I'm alone.

>> Okay! Let's go!
Come on!

>> Wh-wh-wha--don't you
need a search warrant?

Excuse me!

Excuse me!
What the hell is going on here?

>> Mrs. Sorenson, do you have
any recent photographs of

your husband?
>> No! They're all packed away!

>> Have you received any
phone calls, any visitors?

FBI Agent >> All clear.
We'll take up station outside.

Marlo >> Okay.
Just keep a low profile.

>> Wait a minute.

>> Mrs. Sorenson, about an hour
ago your husband was kidnapped.

>> Larry! Are you kidding me?
Is he alive?

[background chatter]


>> Just keep post outside.

Ma'am this might go better if
we talk somewhere in private.

>> The kitchen's this way.


>> I don't like it.
Too close. Too vulnerable.

>> Shut up. You're not paid
for your opinion.

Exactly according to plan.


[radio] >> This might go better
if we talk somewhere in private.

Jimmy >> Mrs. Sorenson, do
you know if your husband has

any enemies out here or people
who'd want to hurt him?

>> No! We just moved here.
Today's his first day.

>> Look, I know this is
difficult but I need you to be

absolutely honest with me.

>> Sometimes men are very good
at deceiving their wives.

>> Does he keep any locked
files or computer disks?

>> No.
>> Do you know of anyone

or any reason someone would
want to kidnap your husband?

Marlo >> Gambling debt?
>> No!

>> It's possible that Darren
Maxwell, the CEO, was the

intended target and they
took Larry by mistake.

>> But we aren't jumping to any
conclusions, are we Agent Marlo?

>> Agent Marlo.

The telephone guy's here.

>> It's about time.

Let's make sure we tap
the house...if it's wired...


>> It was no mistake.

This was professional
and well planned.

>> But...
>> They killed a waitress.

>> Oh, my God!
Jimmy >> And they shot a

Miss Tasha Simmons.
>> Tasha? Who is she?

>> She was a co-worker.
Mrs. Sorenson, whoever...

>> Please. Call me Elizabeth.

>> Whoever they are, they
wanted your husband alive.

Don't worry. I'll do
everything I can to find him.

Larry >> Ah, ah, ah!

>> Hold him.



>> Uh! Eee....


Uhhh....! Uhh...!


>> Uh, Ah!

[zip, zip]


You've got the wrong guy!

I just started working
there today!

Kidnapper >> Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh!

Now you, my friend,
you don't talk...


>> I'm making coffee.

>> Please.
That's not necessary.

Liz >> It's not for you,
detective, it's for me.

I need to help keep my mind
off of what's happened.

>> Okay.
Thank you.

>> Surveillance is in place.

Forensics is going over the
restaurant but nothing yet.

You don't think they just
took the wrong guy, do you?

Jimmy >> They went to
an awful lot of trouble.

I doubt they'd make
that sort of mistake.

>> I agree.

Why him?

>> All units, take down
the target on my command only.

FBI Shooter >> Subject targeted.

Marlo >> Move! Move! Move!

>> Roll him over!
What's your name, son?

>> Whittaker. Sam Whittaker.

I'm just delivering it.
>> For who?

>> Checks out.

Don't you think you should
wait for the bomb squad?

Ask Mrs. Sorenson if
she has a VCR.

Kidnapper >> MaxGen
imperialist pigs!

You will all die one by one.

All multinationals will
fall under our might.

The police are powerless.

Now you suffer as the oppressed
masses of the world suffer.

Demands will be
issued in two hours!

Larry >> Argh! Argh!

>> Oh!

Kidnapper >> Two hours!


Jimmy >> Mrs. Sorenson,
are you 100 percent sure

that was your husband?
>> Yes, that's him!

Marlo >> I want full forensics
on that tape in one hour.

All right? One hour.

Jimmy >> Agent Marlo?
I want you to find out

everything you can about MaxGen
and get a statement from

Miss Simmons.

>> I'm leading
this investigation.

You can't order me around.
>> Marlo, give me 24 hours.

>> The perps have
gift-wrapped this.

Either it's kidnappers or it's
terrorists and both make it

my case.
>> I haven't signed off yet.

>> One call, one call and
I will have you signed off

>> Nothing about this case

makes any sense...the guy's
here a day and he's kidnapped?

Look, she's not
telling us everything.

She hasn't warmed up to you.
Give me a shot with her.

>> I'll be at MaxGen.

Call me if you learn anything
...Detective Kelsoe.


Liz >> Once they find out
it was Larry and not Maxwell

they'll let him go, right?

[deep sigh]

>> They sent the video here.

They know it's him and
they're still holding him.

>> But he's innocent.

>> Elizabeth, you're being
straight with me, right?

You're not not
telling me anything?

>> No.

>> Okay, I'll post an officer
here with you and one outside.

>> I don't want a
stranger in the house.

>> Is there someone I can call
then, that can stay with you?

>> No. I don't know a soul.

>> What about your family?

>> No, they're not here.

>> How about a
female officer then?

>> Okay, then.
That'd be okay.

>> If you need anything call me.

You're not alone in this.
I'll find your husband.

>> Thank you.

>> How the hell do you
expect me to help you

and your cause?

I just started
working there today!

>> Quiet!
>> Ugh!

Kidnapper >> Hey.

He's got a few more
performances to go.

>> Anything?

>> Squeaky clean.
>> I don't think Larry spent

more than 15 minutes
at this desk. Total.

>> Any word on Simmons?
>> Sedated and under

Doctor said it was just

a flesh wound.
>> Poor Tasha.

>> Mr. Maxwell, two officers
will be posted outside.

>> We have our own
private security firm.

I don't see the need for that.

Marlo >> You do realize
that you were probably the

intended victim, not Larry.

>> Of course.
I thought of that and

believe me, I wish it
were me instead of Larry.

But I still don't see why...
Jimmy >> Have you or MaxGen

had any threats in the
last few months?

Darren >> Threats, yeah.
I mean, we've had phone calls,

letters...crackpots who protest
our investments in this

or that country.
Yeah, yeah we've had a few.

>> Do you have any records?
>> I'm sure we do.

>> We'll need to see those.
>> All right.


>> Yes, Mr. Maxwell.

Pull the threat files for the
last six months and join me

in the conference room.
>> Yes, sir.

>> Follow me.


>> There's a fresh pot of
coffee in the kitchen

if you want.
>> Thank you.

>> I'll only be upstairs
getting changed.



>> The attorney and I have
worked it out.

As far as MaxGen or anyone
else knows, you and I are

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sorenson.

[deep breath]

Jimmy >> But not one uses the
term 'imperialist pigs'

or 'oppressed masses'.

>> You ever see anything like
that, Cliff, or hear anything

like that?
>> Mr. Maxwell, these files

go back three years.
I could pull some more boxes.

>> I don't think that
will be necessary.

[phone rings]
>> Excuse me. Hello?

What, right now?
What channel?

All right, I'll get back to you.

You might want to see this.

Newscaster >> It now appears as
though the shooting inside the

Okinawa Restaurant earlier
today has been linked to the

kidnapping of a
MaxGen executive.

Channel Five news received
this video only moments ago.

Kidnapper >> MaxGen
imperialist pigs!

And MaxGen stockholders, you
will all die one by one

unless MaxGen agrees to stop
all business in the home of

imperialism in Europe.

>> Please help me.

>> Now I give you 12 hours
or this imperialist pig...


>> ...will be
the first of you to die.


>> So far both police and
MaxGen have had no

comment on either the video
or the hostage taking.

This is Dagmar Metcalf
reporting live for

Channel Five News.
>> Great.


They want me
to kill stockholders.

It's like committing suicide.

Come here.

Damage control meeting.
Get everybody together.

Listen to me.
With the media in on this,

I don't want cops
all over the place.

You have to do
something about it.

>> It's for your own safety.
You need protection!

>> No, I don't because I'm not
leaving this room all night.

>> Well, I don't
think that's wise.


>> You might want to
double up your security.

>> Do what he says.
Can't hurt.

>> Please!

Your fight's against
MaxGen, not me!

>> Well, if they don't meet
our demands then you die.

>> You can't just kill me!

You can't just kill me!
You can't just kill me!

>> Tape.

>> You can't just kill me!

[groaning and grunting]

[muffled grunts]

Mr. Sorenson...

You're already dead.
>> NO! NO!


[gagging, wheezing]

Marlo >> They're
terrorists, Kelsoe.

Politically motivated
and irrational.

Kelsoe >> Then why
kill the waitress?

Marlo >> I don't know...she
must've just gotten in the way.

Do you want to tell me
what we're doing in this dive?

>> Piecing together a puzzle.

[deep breath]
Want a beer?

>> Sure.
>> Two of the usual.

Keep it.


Jimmy >> None of this makes any
sense...The video arriving at

Sorenson's home...Maxwell
showing up late for lunch...

Terrorists making
outrageous demands...

Come on.
It's all too convenient.

>> And why didn't they
kill Tasha Simmons?

I mean, she's the prosecution's
Number One witness.

>> I know.

Pool player >> Pay up, jackass!

>> And I'm definitely not
buying all of Mrs. Sorenson's

crocodile tears for
her missing husband.

>> They seem
genuine enough for me.

>> Well, I mean, you're a man.
You can't see what I can see.

>> Oh. And what's that?
>> She's not in love with him.

>> And how, pray tell, did your
feminine powers discern that?

>> I asked her for a recent
photo of her husband.

She said she had one, somewhere.

I mean, it took her ten
minutes to find one.

It's not like she's walking
around with a picture of her

husband in her purse.
>> Okay. Go on.

>> Do you want to know
the real give-away?

>> What is it?
>> The way she took to you.

>> Heh, heh. Took to me?
>> Mmm. You definitely had

her full attention, detective,
and I don't mean in

a professional way.

[background] Pool player >>
What are you gonna do?

[grunting, yelling]

[sounds of a struggle]

Jimmy >> Put that away.
We'll be doing paper for hours.

[sounds of struggle]

Hey! Hey! You guys wanna
take this outside?

[smacks, thuds and
sounds of fighting]

Marlo >> You have some serious
unresolved childhood issues,

Detective Kelsoe.
>> I just hate paperwork.


>> Okay, now it's your turn
to enlighten me.

You buy her story?

>> No. You're right.
She's hiding something.

But she's honestly concerned
about her husband.

Marlo, I want this case.

>> It's her, isn't it?

Well. We've got our work
cut out for us.

>> We?

Is it still my case?

>> If I say 'no' will it
have any effect on what you

already plan to do?

Well, then, we might
as well work together.

Radio Announcer >> ...the
Maxgen executive kidnapped

earlier today, now identified
as Larry Sorenson.

Although frightened, he
appeared in the video to

be in good health.
Police have...

Second Announcer >> Statement
reads, 'If Larry Sorenson dies,

that's the price
we pay for freedom.'

We must never give into the
demands of terrorists...

Third Announcer >> Now almost
10 hours after the Maxgen

hostage taking, police and FBI
seem to have few leads.

In other news, our local
reporter, Don Stevenson

is live at...

[door creaks open
and clicks closed]

Kelsoe >> Where's Mrs. Sorenson?
>> Upstairs sleeping I think.

>> How's she doing?
>> Under the circumstances,

all right.
>> Okay. Good. You're relieved.

>> Sir?
>> I'll be watching the

house tonight.
>> Yes, sir.

[door creaks open and closes]

>> I want forty G's.
>> Forty? Are you out of

your mind?
>> Look, you never told me

the FBI and the cops
would stake out that place.

>> Yeah.
>> Hey, I'm just a plumber.

It's only a matter of time
till they come after me!

>> Yeah, well,
that's your problem.

>> Hey. I'm not taking
the fall alone.

>> Oh, I beg to differ.


[bang! bang!]

>> Hey, uh, take out the trash
before it stinks up the place.

[water running]

Liz >> When did you get here?
Jimmy >> About an hour ago.

>> I saw Larry on
the six o'clock news.

>> Yeah. I know. Channel Eight
received the video this time.

>> I saw his face. I mean,
that's a good sign, right?

>> At least we know
he's still alive.

>> They're demanding that
MaxGen stop all business with

Europe or...
will he do that?

I don't know.
That's up to Maxwell.

>> I feel like this
is all my fault.

I mean, I never should
have agreed to move.

>> Your paintings are great.
>> Thanks.

Where we used to live,
I even sold a few.

>> Boston?
>> Yeah. Boston.

Detective Kelsoe, I'm not
as helpless as I look.

I'm fine really.

And I'm sure you have
someone waiting for you.

>> No.

>> Earlier you were
really kind to me.

>> Hm. It's part of my job.

>> And now?

Is this part of your job?

>> Right now? No.
I'm off duty.

>> Right now? No.
I'm off duty.

[splash of wine]

>> So how come you don't have
anyone to go home to?

>> I was married
once but it ended badly.

>> Divorce?

>> No. No. She was a cop.
I was a cop.

It made for some
pretty rocky moments.

But, it also made for
some pretty great times.

>> What happened?

>> She was on patrol one
night and I was at home.

It was just a routine stop...

and some punk shot
her right in the face.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Yeah.

I had to identify the body and
after that I stormed down

to the jail.

I mean, I was ready to
tear that punk apart.

And I got down there
and it was just a kid.

Maybe fifteen?

You know what he said to me?

He said that he shot her
because he didn't want his

parents to find out that he
took their car without

their permission.

A beautiful life was
wasted just like that.

>> I'm sorry.

Jimmy >> Liz, why don't you
start telling me the truth?

>> The truth?
About Larry?

>> That would be a
good place to start.

>> I told you everything.
>> Marlo will find out

soon enough.

immy over radio] >> The FBI is
very good at background checks.

>> Hey.
Jimmy >> It would be much

easier if you just tell me.
>> That cop is talking

up your wife.
Liz >> I don't know what

you want.
Kidnapper >> She sounds like

she's giving up the info.
Jimmy >> I know you're not

from Boston.
Larry >> Oh!

>> You see.

>> Our plan's working perfectly.

>> Well, you don't exactly
have the right accent.

>> Jimmy, believe me, I wanted
to tell you everything.

I wanted to tell the truth.
>> Then tell me now.

>> Our whole life here is a lie.

Our real last name is Cora,

Larry and Elizabeth Cora.

Larry bankrupted my family.

He lied to me.
>> What are you hiding from?


>> Chicago.

Larry worked for a big
energy company in sales.

But his boss turned
out to be a crook...

TV News >> After eluding
authorities for years, today

police arrested Owen O'Rourke,
67, and his son Sean O'Rourke,

32, in what some are calling
Chicago's biggest bust against

organized crime since Al Capone.

Long reputed to be members of
the so-called 'Irish Mafia' the

father and son owners of Duplex
Energy face indictment on

several counts of securities
fraud, conspiracy...

Larry >> Turn that crap off.
TV News >> laundering

and blackmail.
While in custody, the elder

O'Rourke suffered what our
source described as a

massive heart attack.
He was rushed to Harbor View

Hospital but there's no word
on his condition.

Sean O'Rourke vowed revenge.


>> Larry, we don't have
to run away from them now.

We can stay in Chicago.
They're in jail.

>> Yes, we do. You don't
understand, Lizzy.

My testimony put
these guys away.

I know you've been
through a lot lately.

I'm trying to make it up to you.

Today I had a second interview
with a headhunter from MaxGen

and I've signed on with a couple
more recruiting agencies.

This nightmare is going to end.

>> How could you do
this to yourself?

To my family?
To us?

>> I didn't know I was doing
anything illegal at Duplex.

They hired me to promote
investment opportunities

to clients. So I did.
I couldn't help it if the

company turned into another
Enron or Worldcom!

Honey, everything
I did was for us.

>> Larry is innocent.
You have to believe that.

[Liz on radio]
>> I believe that.

>> Hey, they're talking about
your girlfriend's family.

Liz >> And the the father had
a heart attack in jail and died.

His son Sean is still in prison.

He couldn't raise the
five million dollar bond.

The government froze
all their assets.

>> Not for long.

Liz >> Because he worked
there, Larry was indicted too.

But his lawyers plea bargained
him out of jail in exchange

for secret testimony.
Larry put [>> argh!]

those crooks behind bars.

>> Well, Larry, you sent them
to jail to save your hide.

What do you suppose I should do
with you now, now that I know

the truth, Larry?

>> Don't kill me.

Let me talk to Mr. Maxwell.
Maybe I could convince him to...

>> Cvince him to what?
Save your life?

>> Unless you went to the
witness protection program

secret testimony is a crock.

>> Our lawyer said that if we
kept a low profile and moved

away we'd be safe.

It was Larry's idea
to use my maiden name.

>> Any testimony your husband
made would point the finger

right back to him.

>> I didn't want to move here
but I couldn't leave him.

My poor parents had to take out
a second mortgage just to

pay our legal bills.

I couldn't run out
on Larry after that.

I'd never be able
to face them again.

>> Liz, you should have
told me this sooner.

>> I was afraid. I didn't know
who I could trust anymore.

>> You can trust me.

>> I know that now.

>> Look. Try and get some rest.


[clatter of kettle]



Marlo, it's Kelsoe.
Call me.


[Distorted] >> Attention,

This is the first
imperialist pig to die.

Elizabeth, say
good-bye to Larry.

>> No! No, don't!
Help me, Elizabeth!


>> Oh! Ah!



>> Hey.
Elizabeth, are you okay?

>> It was awful.
They shot Larry!

And he screamed.
He screamed for me.

>> You were dreaming.
It's okay.

Hey, it's okay.
I'm here now.

Come here.

Come here.

[heavy sighs]

[cell phone rings]

>> Kelsoe.


No, it's too close
to be a coincidence.

I'm uh...I'll meet
you at her place.


Hey, uh...I think it's best
if you go upstairs.

>> Thank you.

Jimmy >> They really did a
number on his face.

Marlo >> The coroner said it
was the worst he'd seen

in the last two years.

>> I don't want
to show her these.

>> I thought the same. I had
them blow up his DMV photo.

Liz >> Yeah. This is the
plumber who fixed the

shower yesterday.
Marlo >> He came by yesterday?

Jimmy >> You never
mentioned him before.

>> Well, it slipped my mind.
A lot of things slipped

my mind.
I completely forgot about him.

>> Did he leave a
receipt or a work order?

>> Elizabeth, his body was
found two blocks from here.

>> Murdered?

>> Where was he in the house?
>> The master bathroom,

the basement.

I mean he put a new valve
or something in the shower.


>> I need you to tell me
everything that happened

when he was here.

[deep breath]


>> Kelsoe, you have a moment?

[phone rings]

>> It's okay.

>> Hello?

Darren >> Mrs. Sorenson?
Darren Maxwell.

The prayers of everyone at
MaxGen are with you and of

course, with Larry.

If there's anything that
you need please feel...

Liz >> You need to stop
all business with Europe.

>> Mrs. Sorenson, we've
offered a $50,000 reward

for Larry's safe return.

>> Is that the going
rate on a man's life?

>> Mrs. Sorenson I
understand how you feel.

This is hard on all of us.
But I assure you we have our

lawyers running 24/7 to try
to find the right solution.

In the meantime, if there's
anything we can do, please...

>> I need Larry back.


>> All right, gentlemen.
Worse case scenario.

These psychos kill Larry.

What are we going to do?


>> Let's keep the bugs
our little secret.

>> Aren't those the same
clothes you had on yesterday?

>> The house behind me is the
home of Larry Sorenson,

the MaxGen executive who
was taken hostage.

Now apparently he and his wife
had just recently moved to the

Seattle area and yesterday
was his first day of work.

A $50,000 reward has been
offered for any information

leading to his safe release
but at the moment...oh!

Detective Kelsoe!
Detective Kelsoe!

If MaxGen does not go to the
terrorists' demands what are

the chances of finding
Mr. Sorenson alive?

>> The combined resources of
the FBI and the Seattle police

are working very closely
on this case. Thank you.

>> Can you tell us
how Mrs. Sorenson...

>> You spent
the night with her?

>> Nothing happened.

>> Forensics turn up anything?

>> I don't want to pry into
your personal affairs but

you're walking a fine line.

>> We just talked.
>> I don't care what you do

in your own time but you
can't let your feelings

get in the way of your
professional judgment.

>> I told you we just talked.
>> And?

>> And what?
>> And why'd you call me?

>> It seems before arriving
in Seattle, Mr. Sorenson was

a witness for the Chicago D.A.
in the Duplex case.

>> Duplex?
>> Probably was dirty.

They turned State's evidence
to get out of doing time.

>> So this could all be some
sort of twisted revenge scheme.

>> It could be.

Look, do you mind if
we swing by my place?

I gotta change my shirt.

[knock, knock, knock]
>> Miss Simmons?

She's not here.
>> Let's ask over here.


Excuse me. Do you know where
Tasha Simmons is? FBI.

>> Um...she was checked
out last night.

>> That's a fast recovery.
>> Seven stitches and a

tetanus shot and she was gone.
>> Do you know who signed

her out?

Thank you.
How do you like that?

Tasha was signed
out by Ron Wilkins.

>> Our dead plumber?
>> Or maybe the person

who shot him.

>> Well, I certainly hope
you have some good news

for me this morning detectives.

>> Depends on what
you consider good.

Marlo >> How long has
Tasha Simmons worked here?

>> Three months.
>> And have you talked

to her recently?
Darren >> Well, no.

I planned on going down to the
hospital to see how she's doing

but it's been a little crazy
around here in the last day.

Marlo >> Is there anything you
want to tell us, Mr. Maxwell,

about your relationship
with Miss Simmons?

>> Gentlemen?


>> You're sleeping with her.
>> That's none of your

damn business.
>> You're right. Maybe it's

Mrs. Maxwell's business.
>> Look, Maxwell, I don't

care how you get your jollies,
but there's a strong

possibility she's involved
in the kidnapping.

>> Tasha?
She was shot by them .

>> I want a job application.
I want a photo.

>> I think you're both
out of your minds.

But if that's what you need.

Cliff >> Security.
>> Cliff...

>> Yes, sir.
>> Pull Tasha Simmons's

file please.
Anything else?

If not, I believe we're done.

>> Don't you want to help get
Larry Sorenson back alive?

>> Of course I do.

But my reality is that
MaxGen's stock has

dropped 24 percent overnight.
This is more than about

the life of one man.

Any more bad press and the
stock plummets even further.

The receptionist will
have what you need.



Kelsoe >> I'm starting to get
the feeling you and I are the

only ones who want Larry back.

>> Are you sure you want the
guy back safe and sound?

It might, you know,
cramp your style.

>> Just doin' my job, Marlo.
Just doin' my job.

>> Where's she from?
>> Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Give me a break.
This stuff's a bunch of crap.

Tasha's probably not
even her real name.

Look at this.
A full set of prints.

Thank goodness for
high security firms.

>> I'll get my guys on that.

Well, you know, our computers
are faster than yours.

>> Ha, ha, ha.

[cell phone rings]


Any new demands?


Keep me posted.


>> Well?
>> The TV station got another

video...MaxGen has until
six o'clock tonight.

>> That doesn't
leave us much time.

[traffic noise]

♪ [accordion] ♪

Marlo >> What are we doing here?
>> You'll see.

Hey, Yuri!

Where's Yuri?

TV News >> A $50,000 reward
has been offered for any

information leading to his safe
release but at the moment...

>> Oh...Detective Kelsoe!
Detective Kelsoe!

If MaxGen does not go to the
terrorists' demands what are

the chances of finding
Mr. Sorenson alive?

Marlo on TV >> The combined
resources of the FBI and the

Seattle police are working
very closely on this case.

Thank you.
Reporter >> Can you tell us

how Mrs. Sorenson is?
Kelsoe >> She's cooperating

with the investigation and
prays for her husband's

safe return. Thank you.
Reporter >> Can we get one

more quote from you sir?
Can you tell us exactly

the motive behind this?
Why him, sir?

Can you tell us why?
>> Excuse me.

TV News >> A spokesperson for
the police later said that

Detective Kelsoe was under
a lot of stress and would be

taking a well-deserved
leave shortly.

>> Not exactly your
best performance.

>> I don't have time
for those clowns.

Hey, Yuri! Yuri!
>> Detective Kelsoe!

Ho, ho, ho!

>> How're you doing, sir?

>> It's been, what, two years
since the last time you

arrested me?
What brings you back so soon?

>> I need some advice.
>> And what's with the Fed?

>> As perceptive as always.
>> Agent...?

>> Marlo. Special Agent Marlo.
>> Yuri. Yuri Romanov.

No relation to the late Sarah
unless of course that's what

you're looking for.
Ha, ha, ha.

>> How did you know I was a Fed?

>> Your shoes,
Special Agent Marlo.

FBI, KGB, it doesn't matter.

All you Feds, you
always shine your shoes.

Whereas Seattle's finest
on the other hand...

>> You been following
the MaxGen hostage?

>> Oh, yes. A terrible world
we live in when it's

no longer safe to eat
in the Japanese restaurant.

>> His home's been bugged.
>> Detective, I'm no longer

in the business.
You should know better.

>> Well, as a law-abiding
citizen, my colleague

and I would appreciate
your help on this.

>> Well, surely there is someone
in the police department

or in the FBI who's familiar
with listening devices?

>> Nobody knows as much as you.

>> Of that, you are right!
Ha, ha, ha!

Jimmy in car >> It's a circus.
Just keep going...

Park over there and
we'll go around back.

Kidnapper on TV >> This
man's time is almost up.

And yet his life remains in the
hands of the imperialist pigs

at MaxGen and its stockholders.

Do you really want his
blood on your hands?

I give you until 6 o'clock.
Then he dies.

TV newscaster >> The countdown
to death has started for

Larry Sorenson. He has 3 hours
and 27 minutes left.

>> Do they have to
count it down like that?

>> Don't give it a thought.
We have a hundred officers

out there looking.
They'll turn up something.

[flap of paper]

Elizabeth, have you ever
seen this woman?

>> No.


I mean, she kind of looks like
a woman I met right before we

left, except she had blond hair.
>> How did you meet?

>> Well, she bought a
couple of my paintings.

It's her.
>> Liz, this is Tasha Simmons.

>> From MaxGen?
You don't think that she...

>> Don't start jumping
to conclusions.

We don't even know if
her real name is Tasha.

>> Kelsoe.
>> Excuse me.


>> That was a good job.
Very neat.

The device was a Czech copy
of an older East German model

but still very good.

Marlo >> Yuri reset the
sensitivity so you can only

hear what's being said
at a very close range.

>> Now anything outside of
a three foot radius won't

be transmitted.
>> Good. I don't want them

to know that we know.

>> Any idea who uses
that type of device?

>> Hm. Sure. Chicago Mafia.
It's one of their favorites.

Some of the local
lackeys, they use it too.

You can buy it fairly cheaply
here I've been told.

>> Transmitter range?

>> Not more than half a mile.

Jimmy >> That close?

>> Unless of course they
have a retransmitter.

But I couldn't pick one up.

>> Yuri, if you were setting
up a receiver, where would

you locate it?

>> Well, with so many houses
there's so much interference.

A van, but, no, with all these
police around that's not

the answer either.

No, it must be a fixed position.

My first choice would be there.

Second choice is top floor
of any three or four story

building within a
quarter mile radius.

Reporter >> Detective Kelsoe!
Any comments on the

terrorists' looming deadline?

>> Get that camera off and
get these guys out of here!

>> I just need a
quote, just one quote?

>> Ha, may I go now, please?

>> Yeah. Sure thing. I'll get
someone to drive you.

>> Oh no no. Please don't
bother...I don't want to be

seen with the police.

Ah! Special Agent Marlo,
dos bidania .

[kiss kiss kiss]

[pat pat]

By the way, Agent Marlo,
it wasn't really your shoes.

I saw you on TV last night.


>> Okay. [beep]

I think we have a location.

>> You found something?
>> Nothing certain.

>> I want to come with you.
>> No. It's too dangerous.

>> Then you did find something?
>> We're just playing a hunch.

>> Well, sitting around here
all day isn't helping Larry.

I mean, I need to feel like
I'm doing something,

something to help find him.

>> Elizabeth I need
you to stay here.

They may still try
to contact you.

>> Agent Marlo?

>> I think Detective Kelsoe
is right.

The kidnappers may
try to contact you.

>> Well, can you at least
try and be back by six?

I don't want to be alone if...

you know.
>> We've got three hours.

You hear from them, you tell
the cop on duty, he'll radio me.

You can't use your cell phone.
>> Okay.

Promise you'll be here?
>> Yeah. I'll be here.

Kelsoe whispers >> Lets go.

Check the back.

This is the spot.

Marlo >> Look at all this stuff.

These guys have
been here for days.

>> Marlo. Look at this.

>> Hm. They've been playing
us all along.

>> Yeah.

Officer >> Detective Kelsoe?


The maintenance guy hasn't been
here the last couple of days.

He didn't even know
anyone was up here.

>> Great. Did he have
anything useful to say?

>> He wants to know who's
going to pay for the repairs.

>> Typical.
>> They're probably going to

execute the poor guy.
>> Look. Have the lab boys

go over everything.
Police Officer >> Gotcha.

>> You don't expect to
find anything, do you?

>> They've been one step
ahead of us at every turn.

>> Okay. So where to now?
>> MaxGen.

Kidnapper >> How's
your shoulder feel, baby?

Tasha >> It's a little sore.
Good shot.


It's working out
just like I planned.

>> Yeah.
>> And tomorrow we start

laundering the money through
MaxGen and my brother's

bond is paid for.
>> Good. Let's kill him right

now, dump the body later.
>> No, no, no.

We stick to the plan.

>> Hello, Marlo.

>> Really?

You'll never belive
who Tasha Simmons really is.

[background office chatter]

[knock, knock, knock]

Secretary >> Excuse me,
Mr. Maxwell?

>> What?

MaxGen is finished.

Half our stockholders have
sold because they're afraid

they're gonna be next.
The other half are selling

because they're appalled that
we won't move out of Europe

to save Larry's life.

An hour ago the autosales
kicked in, another hour,

that's it, we're finished.

>> I want you to announce to
the press that MaxGen has given

in to the kidnappers' demands.

>> This is not a
kidnapping, detective.

This is corporate blackmail.

Our competitors are picking our
carcass apart like vultures.

In fact, half our stock
is being bought up by

August Financial.

You know what's really ironic?

That's the company that Larry
had his first meeting with

yesterday morning before
this whole thing blew up.

Marlo >> Our investigation
leads us to believe that

Duplex Energy could be
involved in all of this.

>> Duplex? You mean O'Rourkes
out of Chicago?

Marlo >> Yes. Tasha Simmons
isn't her real name.

Her married name
is Kathleen Burke.

>> Married?
Jimmy >> Divorced.

Her maiden name's O'Rourke,
sister of Sean,

daughter of Owen.
She's a part of the family.

[heavy sigh]

>> She's the one who
found Larry.

She's the one that
pushed me to hire him.


I don't believe this!
>> August Financial

wouldn't be based out of
Chicago by any chance?

>> Registered in Delaware and
yes, based out of Chicago.

Maybe there's still hope
for MaxGen...

[dialing beeps]

Listen to me.
I want you to call the

Securities and Exchange
Commission and tell them to

freeze our stock until...
Just listen to me! Okay?

And I want you to
write this down.

I want you to tell them to
freeze our stock until they've

fully investigated the link
between August Financial Group,

O'Rourkes, and the Duplex
scandal in Chicago.

You got that?

Maybe, maybe not, but at
least it'll buy us some time.

Just do it.

>> What about their demands?

>> You call the Exchange
Commission...just hear

me out, okay?
You call the Exchange

Commission and tell them that
you're investigating the

O'Rourke/Duplex/Chicago mess.

Then I'll issue a statement
in the press saying that

we're going to meet the
kidnappers' demands.

>> That's blackmail.
>> No, detective.

That's business.

>> Okay.

>> Kelsoe, maybe I can look the
other way while you're going

all 'John Wayne' at the bar.
And maybe I can even forget

that you are flirting
with the guy's wife!

And God only knows
what Yuri does!

But if you make that call,
I will have to arrest you

on the spot!

>> I'm not making the call.
You are.

>> What! Now I know
you've lost it!

>> Marlo, loosen up.
Just call the commission,

tell them who you are and
that this is an active case

and, yes, we're pursuing the
link between the O'Rourkes

and the kidnapping.
If they decide to halt

MaxGen trading that's
their prerogative.

>> It doesn't work like that!
>> No, you're wrong!

That's the only way to work it!

For once in this case
we'll be proactive.

The bad guys will need to react.

>> And why don't they just
dump the body and flee?

>> Because maybe, just maybe,
it'll cause them to deviate

from plan and screw up.

>> Yes. That is correct.
There is an active federal

and local investigation
pursuing the link between

the O'Rourkes in Chicago and
the recent problems at MaxGen.



>> Now that wasn't
so hard, was it?

>> No, no, no. Don't stop.
Don't stop. Don't stop.

What? Stop the van!
Turn on the radio, quick!

Reporter >> The market reaction
to the MaxGen's announcement

that it would agree to meet the
terrorists' demands was muted

by the Securities Commission
halting trading in

MaxGen's stocks.

>> Damn it!

Reporter >> With only 90
minutes left before the

deadline there has been no
word from the terrorists.

>> They can't do this.
>> Now what?

>> Now?

Now it's about revenge,
sweet revenge.

It's time we reunite
Mr. Sorenson with his wife.

>> His wife?
>> There's no telling what

she knows and I don't want
anyone, especially her,

screwing up Sean's
chances for appeal.

We silence both of them today.

[phone ringing]

>> Hello?
Larry >> Elizabeth?

Honey, listen.
I don't have much time.

>> Larry?
>> They want you to meet

them at 4356 McClaren Avenue
in 25 minutes. Honey?

>> Larry are you okay?
>> They're listening to

everything the cops say.
Don't call them or

they'll kill me.
4356 McClaren Avenue

in 25 minutes.
Please, Elizabeth.

[dial tone]
>> Larry? Larry!

>> Liz? It's Jimmy.

>> Elizabeth!

Maybe she's just upstairs
sleeping or something.

>> Where the hell's
the cop on duty?

Marlo >> Elizabeth?
Jimmy >> Elizabeth?


Damn it!

>> He didn't see her leave.
>> Come on. Let's go.

>> Do you mind telling me
where it is we're going?

>> 4356 McClaren Avenue.

>> Shouldn't we call
for back-up? I know, I know.

No time.
>> It's too dangerous.

We don't want to spook 'em.
>> You've completely lost it.

[door creaks, slams]

[footsteps crunching]

>> Larry?

>> Hey!

>> Where's my husband?

>> Over there.

>> Come on!

>> Not 'til you show me
that he's still alive.

Tasha >> Oh, he's alive all
right. For now.

>> Where is he?

die in your arms.


[gun cocked]

>> Enough already.

>> Are you sure she's here?
>> I know she's here.

[whispers] >> Marlo!

Liz >> Why, why
are you doing this?

>> Why? Because my father's
dead, my brother's in jail,

all because of your husband.

Liz >> I want proof that
he's still alive.

>> Larry!

Tasha >> Come on!
You want to see your husband,

then get your ass over here!

>> Please don't kill us.
We'll do anything you want.

>> Shut up and move!
Grab her!

Liz >> No!
Let me go!


Jimmy >> Let her go!

>> Arghh!

Marlo >> Drop it!


Marlo >> Freeze! Drop it!



[running footsteps]

[click of handcuffs]

Marlo >> Mr. Sorenson.

You okay?

>> Thank God!

Elizabeth. Have you seen
my wife Elizabeth?

Marlo >> Kelsoe?

You two okay?
Jimmy >> Yeah.


Liz >> Larry!
>> Oh, baby!

>> Mr. Sorenson?
>> It's Cora, not Sorenson.

Larry and Elizabeth Cora.

>> Mr. Cora, I'm gonna need
a full statement from you later.

Right now, enjoy your freedom.

Liz >> Ha, ha.

>> Baby.

I'm so sorry baby.

This isn't exactly the
new life I had in mind.

Liz >> Me either.

Jimmy >> Mr. Cora?
>> Yes.

>> You've got one
brave wife there.

Don't ever let her go.

Larry >> I won't.

>> Everything's gonna be okay
now, baby. I promise.

>> If it's any consolation,
she's in love with you.

>> Just doin' my job.

>> You look like a
cop who needs a drink.

So did you ever think about
joining the Bureau,

Detective Kelsoe?
>> Ha.

Now I really need that drink.