Captain Lechi (1960) - full transcript

Kosmet in the fall of 1944. The Partisans have successfully liberated the town of Prizren from occupying Germans,and Ramiz Lesi, a brave and cunning KNOJ captain, has to liquidate the remainder of the local Quislings, called Balists. They are led by a ruthless, German-trained soldier Kosta and by Ahmet, the brother of the famous Captain.As Ramiz is trying to get Ahmet out of the gang and hunt down the rest of the Balists, 2 new girls arrive in town. One of them is Lola, a bar singer with a questionable agenda, and the other is Vida, a withdrawn music teacher from Belgrade.


In the autumn of 1944, the final struggles
for the liberation of Kosmet took place.

From my hometown of
Prizren, we had to expel

not only the Germans,
but also their servants, the Balli.

The attack on the city
opens this story, where

the main character is me, Ramiz
Leši, also known as Captain Leš.

Stop the attack.
- Launch a rocket. - Yes, sir.

They defend the city well.

We'll be here all month unless the
Corps sends us planes and artillery.

The Corps also has limited numbers.
Let's try something else.

Comrade Major, call Captain Leš.
- What can he do here?

He'll think of something.
Only a trick could work here.

So. He took over a Germain airport with
only a handful of soldiers at Uroševci.

In Rugovo, he destroyed a bridge and
reached the surrender of a tank unit.

He captured a German train with ammunition.
If only you saw how.

They dressed in women's dresses
and put a veil over their faces.

I heard about it.
But this is about the whole city.

Don't worry, he's gonna make something up.

Look, Captain Leš.
- Ramiz. - Hi, Ramiz.

Serve yourself.
- What is it?

On the way, we came across a German
supply convoy. Do you have a fire?

Yes, here you have fire.

I just wanted to call you.
- I know full well when you need me.

I also want to get to our
street as soon as possible.

They those too.
- We've been rejected three times today.

Do you know where the German command is?
- Why? - I have a plan.

See those two trucks at
Hasan's blacksmith shop?

I see.
- They're from a German convoy. The one we attacked. - And?

The Germans in town are expecting them.
Where's the command?

Colonel, I'm reporting.
Partisans withdrew from the local road.

Colonel, I suggest we only
recall reinforcements.

Call Mr. Kosta.
- Yes, Colonel.

Company commander, Costa!

Yes. -Come.
- Ahmet.

Has the food arrived yet?
- No, we expect a convoy any time now.

Thank you.
- Yes, please.

I need to talk to you urgently.
- Kosta, are you badly injured? -No.

Only a small wound.
- Bandages.

Are you really leaving town, Colonel?
- Yes, for tactical reasons.

Maybe even the land.
But we'll be back soon.

You'll see. -Yes.
- We definitely remain allies.

Our auxiliary troops must not get
scattered. Go with them to the mountains

and attack the partisans where you can.
- Yes, Colonel.

That would be all, Kosta. Let's go, quick.
- Yes, sir.

Unfortunately, I don't have time for
a longer conversation. Yes, Colonel.

I would like to thank you, Ahmet, for
using your good reputation and connections

to gain people's trust.
Go with Kosta and fight as before.

Be careful and have a
successful breakthrough.

Our food is coming.
- At last.

Destroy everything.
Lets go.

Now to Lastovica.

Get ready.

Captain Leš.
- Colonel Bricker.

Our troops are in positions.
You are our captive.

There were also the Balli in the
cafe, not just the command post.

Whose group?
- Kosta's.

Your brother was with them.
- Ahmet? -Yes.

They fled 10 minutes before you arrived.

A few months later, in the summer of 1945,

while the war in Europe was still going
on, the inhabitants of Kosmet

were returning to a peaceful life. Those who
have been prevented by war from getting married

they were now noisily and
happily getting married.

Refugees rushed to their abandoned homes,

and children back to school.

I returned to Prizren several times, even
though I didn't have any relatives anymore.

Only friends were waiting for me.

Otherwise, I worked in the
command of KNOJ in Peć.

How long will you stay?
- Only today. I have some errands here.

You were looking for me.

Yes, Ramiz. I don't know how to explain it.

You have a piano in the old house.
- And?

Last time I got musicians, with a singer.
I only need a piano.

You are only missing the piano?


Šok, how are you?
- Ramiz, this is the only piano in Prizren.

I do not give it.

Why aren't you at work?
- What work?

You should work on the committee. - Ah, that.
- Why did I have to ask people for you?

I was on the committee.
I had to distribute the coupons.

My hands are weary.
All my life I've been working hard

now they want me to be a scribe.
Come on.

Instead, take me with you to Peć.
Let's be together.

You'll need me.
- Not this song again. -What, song?

Who has been watching over you
for 15 years and guarding you?

Even your late father didn't
fear for you as much as I did.

And who brought you medicine during
the war when you were injured? Šok!

Who brought the food when you
were surrounded? Šok! -Šok.

Now Šok is not important anymore.
He was fine for that, but now

he is no longer good.
- I'm a soldier and I live in a barracks. Where can I put you?

See you later.

What is this?
- Ramiz, wait.

Someone is telling you something...
What is it?

Don't you have things to do?

Why are these people paying you?
- Hi, Ramiz.


Roksa is looking for you.
- Roksa? -A doctor.

That redhead.

You didn't find him.
- He is not here. I already told her.

- The KNOJ headquarters here, Prizren.

Like I said before.
- You said he would come today.

I still say so. But I don't know if
it's in the morning or afternoon.

If you like,
you can sit here and wait for him.

Thanks, I have to go to school.

Can you let me know when he arrives?
- Sure. I'll send someone. -But really.

You know this is very important to me.
- Ne skrbite.

Thank you. Good bye.
- Bye.

See you later.

I'm sorry, I didn't see you.

I will be more careful next
time when I am near you.

I will try not to find
myself near you anymore.


This is Captain Leš.
Comrade Captain.

The school delegation was looking for you.
They would like to have your piano.

They wold also like my piano?
- Yes. Comrade is from this school.

Now you'll have to stay
near me for a while.

I'm not asking for myself. The school
asks if you hand over the piano.

To tell you the truth, I don't even know if it's still okay.
- We can check it.

What do you think, can we stand up now?

I will finish here at two,
then I can show you the piano.

But, I'll just show it to you. I promise nothing.
- Right.

But there's nothing here.
When we liberated the city,

I donated everything to a hospital and refugees.
- I know that too.

What if...
- I show you the piano? Right away.

- Come.

Dad preferred horses but bought
it anyway because my brother

was very musical. Unfortunately,
my brother also preferred horses.

What about you?
- I had no musical talent.

- Leave me alone.
I only came for the piano.

It seems it's not possible
to talk to you. -Wait.

I immediately told you I
couldn't give it to you.

The piano is my brother's, not mine.
- Wait!

What's wrong with her?
She's angry like a shotgun.

Come here.

Do you know anything about her?
- Everyone's wondering about that.

She was sent from Belgrade. -Really?
- He teaches children to sing notes.

So what? - Nothing.
- What do you mean nothing?

The kids sing, and she...

- I'm not asking you about this.
- Ramiz, don't bother.

These are different people. -Why?
- Home, school, work.

She's not going out with anyone.
- No? -Not at all.

- Hi, Ramiz.
- Hello.

Hi, Comrade Captain. -Hello. What are you doing?
- Hi, Ramiz.

Have you had dinner yet?
- No, we haven't had dinner yet. - Comrade Captain!

Comrade Captain. -This is your sergeant Redja.
- Hello, Captain.

Hi Redja. Were you hurt?
- In Croatia. I was lying in a hospital

for two months. I hear you're
hunting gangs here? -Sort of.

Hi Redja. -Hello.
Comrade Captain, come with me.

This is Captain Leš.
- Hello!

My father.
My commander, Captain Leš.

Hello, hero.

Hello, hello.
How's it going at home, guys?

- Excellent.

There's a new song about you again.
Have you heard it before? -A new song?

One moment.


- Come down.

You, you!
- Who, me? - Yes, you.

Come here.
- Redjo, enough.

Redja, next time.

The fast Drim runs,

carrying the wounded.

Captain Leši

leads the avengers.

The fast Drim runs,

carrying the wounded.

Captain Leši

leads the avengers.

He attacks the enemies
as fast as lightning.

He never cares what kind
of fight he goes into.

He attacks the enemies
as fast as lightning.

He never cares what kind
of fight he goes into.

Elderberry is already blooming

and the summer nights pass.

Captain Leši,

when do you come to me?

Elderberry is already blooming

and the summer nights pass.

Captain Leši,

when do you come to me?

The girls are waiting for him
and the moon is shining young.

The fighter Ramiz Leši is now in town.

The girls are waiting for him
and the moon is shining young.

The fighter Ramiz Leši...
- Enough!

I've had enough of that yelling.

You want to sing about Captain
Leš all night long, huh?

He is a hero.
What about his brother, Ahmet?

What about his brother?
A bandit, the leader of Balli.

Leave Ahmet alone.
- He was first on the side of the Germans,

now that he is a bandit he is again against us.
- What are you trying to say?

I don't want you to sing about Captain
Leš because his brother is a bandit.

Since his brother killed 5 of
my friends in Rugovo last week.

Five completely innocent
people who wouldn't hurt a fly.

I heard about them.
- I knew one of them too.

But these murders have nothing
to do with Captain Leš.

Ahmet is his brother, that's true.
But they were on opposite sides.

Which side were you on?

You throw in his face where he was and
what he was doing. What were you doing?

Come on!

You slaughtered us with a dull knife.
You were the biggest smuggler in Prizren.

Play on, just change the song.

Got a cigarette?
- It has to be around here somewhere. Find it yourself.

They're here, don't toss everything.

Are you married?
- Why do you ask?

You have a wedding ring in this picture.
- You don't miss anything.

I was married, my husband is dead.
- For how long?

Ever since they killed him.

Does it hurt?
- No.

Why are you angry if anyone mentions Ahmet?
- Everybody knows

that you have nothing to do with him.
And it was you who was chasing his gang.

You know you talked in your
sleep tonight. -Really?

You mentioned Ahmet.
- Ahmet?

You stepped on their toes.

Did I really mention Ahmet in my sleep?

Why can't you destroy this gang?
- Who says we can't?

Farmers complain that the gang
is attacking them. You chase them

and then give up.
- Are they hiding well?

Will you go hunting again?

- When?

You have a lot of questions
for such an early morning.

If you go to the mountain,
I won't see you again for a while.

Hello, hello.
Peć Division headquarters here.

Ok. Send those lists right away.

All done.

How was Prizren?
What do you have on your forehead?

How can I explain?
It started with a song.

Have you informed the commission?
- Yes. Here is the work plan.

You're not on the committee?
- I asked not to be on it

until I talk to you.

Sit down.

Demir, why have you been
giving me such tasks lately?

Some committees and lists.
Our people went to the front,

and you keep me here.
Don't you trust me?

I don't get it. You're at my headquarters.
Is this distrust?

Last week, Ahmet's gang killed five farmers.
- And?

Immediately after, you called me out of the brigade.
- It was a coincidence.

I know how you feel.
I know how I would feel.

But there is no cure for it. As long as Ahmet
is in the mountain, you will not be calm.

You have to accept that.
Now sit down.

Let's talk about the matter ahead.

Demir was right. I will not be calm
while Ahmet is in the mountain.

How the hell did he find himself there?
I know he was always timid

and hesitant but he disliked violence.

So cold and dark today is
the house of our childhood.

And what's left of it?
A dusty crate of old books.

From here, from this house,
I left to fight two years ago.

Ahmet knew where I was going.
Dad knew too.

But Ahmet did not want to come with me.
He flinched and feared.

What happened to you, Ahmet?
What drove you

to join the Balli?
Now what? Should I just accept

that you became a criminal?

Three days later,
a friend from Prizren told me

that he learned something about
Kosta's gang. I went there hoping

to find out something about Ahmet.

- Yes.

Hello. -Hello.
There is a gang messenger in town.

Kosta sent him for gold and morphine.
- Morphine? From whom?


- Stay with him.

- Stop!

Come out.
Get out of the tomb and surrender!

Drop your weapon!

Get out of the tomb!


Come in and close the door.

What is going on?

There was a box in that locker.
Where is it?

What box?
- It said "morphine" on it.


Where's that box?

Ramiz. How many kisses
do I get if I tell you?

I'm not in the mood for kisses today.
Show me box.

What if I don't give it to you?
- You're going to jail.

I don't like that.

Now what? You got your box.
At least open it.

Threads and buttons.

What did you think was in it?

I'll tell you a some other time.
- Did something happen? -No.

Everything is just fine.
- Ramiz, you don't look good, when you're worried.

Good morning, Skender.

What is sweetie doing?

Beautiful animal.


Why are you here?
- Abdul Rahman was killed in Prizren.

Where's the gold? - People down there got it.
- And my medicine?

They got that too.
- You still have some for now.


I still have some for now.

We need gold right away.

I promised people money.
What should I do now?

Until we get another shipment,
they will have to endure.

Let me try with beys. They know that
the Germans sent you to the mountain.

I don't know. I'm reluctant to beg.

Kosta. What is begovi?
What is this, what is that...

He keeps asking something.
- Distinguished and rich people.

They hate partisans too,
but for other things.

They fear that their land would
be divided among the farmers.

Oh, agrarian reform. -Yes.
- I see.

It's right to have him in the company.
Below they are sure

that you are in touch with German headquarters.
What is the situation in Drenek?

Are there any cops, who's a communist?

We decided to carry out the attack.
- I told you, Kosta.

I'm not afraid, but it would be better if we just waited.
- I have clear instructions

from a German commander.
- Then do it without me.

Leave him for now,
but don't go to Drenek without him.

What the hell is going on here?

You know what beer is?

Bier? -Bier.
- I'd really like to drink it now.

- Wait.

A patrol.

There is a meeting in the committee.
They're all there.

As it was agreed.

Comrade sergeant.
It was on the committee. -Go!

The village guard. Secure the retreat.
We'll be waiting for you at the Old Forest.

Ahmet, come on.



Ibrahim, wait for me.


- Hello.

Hi, what's up?
We searched the whole mountain.

They're not there.
- Corpus sent two planes on a recon mission.

I know, we saw them.
- And nothing? - Nothing.

The gang split into smaller
groups and quickly fled.

One injured Balli is here.
- Where is he? -After me.

Sit down.

Give it to me.

Carry on.
- Yes, sir.

Who made the decision
to attack the village?

I don't know.
- What were you before? - A farmer.

How long have you been in Kosta's gang?
- Since my bey sent me there.

You say there are 50 of you?
- Yes.

Isn't Ahmet the gang leader?

Yes and no.
Costa is the commander.

Then what does Ahmet do?
- Talk, you damn bandit.

Do we really have to force every
word out of you? -Leave him.

But comrade captain...
- Let him go, he's injured.

Did you hear what I'm asking you?

Ahmet does not have blood on his hands.
Kosta needs him because of his name.

Why, because of the name?

She is from a respectable family.
Many knew his father.

They came to Kosta's company because
they heard that Ahmet Leši was also there.

Ahmet never fired in a fight.
Kosta calls him disappointment,

but has to put up with him.

Message for Major Demir.
I realized that Ahmet never did

really became a Balli.
That's why I'm going to find the gang.

I'm heading in the direction of Rugov.
I will try, with Ahmet's help,

to negotiate a surrender.
I hope the gang is already demoralised.

The Balli I was questioning says
that beys and wealthy farmers

who have helped the gang so far no
longer pay because they realised

that the Germans will not return any more.
Ahmet has to help me

break up the gang.
I will suggest that they save their lives

and put away their weapons
while it's still time.

Whoever is captured later
will not have it easy.

Take me to Ahmet. I'm his brother.
You've heard of me.

Lets go! -Captain Leš?
- Lets go!



Hi Ahmet.
- What are you doing here?

I'm looking for you.
- Kosta, look who visited us.

Captain Leš.
- So this is this famous Captain Leš.

Šaban. Come see who came. Captain Leš.

If he is here, so is his army.
- I am alone.

I've been looking for you up the mountain for 4 days.
- Where did you find him? - By the creek.

So this is this Captain Leš.
- So why did you come?

I wanted to talk to you.

He can hear.
Go to the salon.

Bring two more. -Very well then.
- Did he tell you where he was going?

Like a good friend?
- When he decides something

he goes and doesn't say a word to anyone.
So find him.

You really didn't bother to look for him.
- Where should I look for him? Where?

What can I do if even KNOJ can't find him.
- KNOJ is looking for him too?

They will kill him.
The Balli are up there. -Don't worry.

He always digs a pit for
himself and others fall into it.

While we worry here, KNOJ has probably
already find him. -No, they haven't.

Yesterday Vida was at the headquarters in Peć.
- The professor?

- Did you think you were the only one waiting for him?

Ah, women.
- What, women?

What would he do if there were no women.

He would have at least one
more strip on his sleeve.

Come in.

Good evening.

Excuse me for disturbing,
could you help me? I work in a cafe.

An officer had promised us a
piano, but now he's gone.

This is a song about him. -Captain Leši?
- I think that's his name.

I don't know how many pianos he
has, but he gave one to the school.

Oh, the school. Than this will probably be the one.
- Sit down.

When was the last time you saw Captain Leš?
- Ten days ago.

The musicians asked him, and he
promised it to them. Doesn't matter.

The school needs it more. They say
that Captain Leš went to the mountain.

Yes. - You hear a lot in the cafe.
People come from everywhere

and they tell stories.
Do you know what someone said yesterday?

That the soldiers found him, dead.

That's not true. Yesterday the major
told me they were still looking for him.

- The military? - Yes, KNOJ.
- Where is he hiding that no one can find him?

Do you smoke?
- No, thanks.

Probably a lot of people have sent for him.
- Yes, a lot.

At least that's what the major says. Real
mobilisation for the sake of one person.

What do you think he is worth it?

Two divisions, about 200 soldiers.
- There are more farmers.

Each village gave one tenth.
We are in danger because of him.

Where is he?

He is there, with Ahmet. He does not leave the cliffs.
- He'll talk him over.

Don't worry. If he talks him over, he won't do it with us.
- How would I like to drink a beer.

What I would give for a bottle of beer.
- Skender.

I'm going to request that Captain
Leš leaves our unit tonight.

You'll take him down.
As soon as you reach the forest... Knife.

Don't you know any other songs?
- This one reminds me of Africa

and a singer there.

Kosta, speaking of this,
when will we escape to Spain?

We still have time for that.
- Why me?


Whoever starts the fight next will be shot.

This company is entrusted with
an important task, so I request

discipline and order.
- The Germans taught you well.

But they always gave their
soldiers some kindness.

When was the last time we saw
a good dish and a good woman?

- Skender! -Ibrahim! Tell me when
was the last time you drank beer.


Ibrahim, be smart.
- Did you bring me medicine?

It's gone. We'll have to find a new dealer.

Don't joke with me.
There's only one ampoule left.

I understood that.
You know how it is in Spain?

No morphine issues there.
You get it at the pharmacy as liquorice.

Don't lecture me.
If you start politics, it will be over.

I'm not telling you politically.
It'll be fine. Give me the boot.

I want to know how you became
what you are? -A fascist?

A bandit. - Did you hear that, Yellow?
- We take care of him

and he calls us bandits.

When was the last time we met?
- The summer of 1943. -Then?

That's when you went to the partisans.
You know what kind of problems you caused

to me and our faher?
The police started questioning us

they searched the house
and embarrassed our father.

I joined the Balli for the sole
purpose of getting rid of suspicion

from family and home, you know. -Yes.
- Why didn't you leave

when we banished the Germans?
- Why? Because I promised.

Not just to Kosta,
but also to the rest of them.

Remember when we first...
When we started smoking.

We were hiding from our father.

Have you been home yet?
- In Prizren?

There's nothing there.
Last time I donated your piano too.

The piano. That's fine.
I don't care about it anymore anyway.

This is now my piano.

You loved it.

Ramiz. Today I know I put you to shame.

And the whole family.
I felt really bad especially for you.

You blushed and closed your eyes in
front of people. The famous hero,

Captain Leši had a bandit brother.
- Ahmet.

I know full well, Ramiz.
You're embarrassed of me.

Have you talked it over?
- Kosta, did you talk to the men?

About what?
- You know you played your last card.

If you surrender...
- Get your things.

Tonight you have to go back to
where you came from. -Kosta.

And thank God I leave you alive.



On behalf of KNOJ,
my brother suggests that we surrender

and save our lives.
- Yeah, we heard about that.

We give you three hours to disappear.

Ahmet. If you leave, I go with you.
- Me too.

I'm going too.
- I've had enough of this, too.

I'm going too.
- Me too.

Nice shit.

Do you think Ahmet will
reward you for that?

We came to the company with him, and we
leave with him. -Šaban, are you crazy?

Partisans will kill you as
soon as you get down. -Fine.

It will still be better than this.
We left our homes

and came to the mountains.
Who are we fighting for?

That's how it is, Šaban. It's a war.
We gave our word to Kosta.

All of my people are down there, living in peace.
- Yes, I heard.

And that milk and honey flow there.

I haven't heard that yet.
Milk and honey never flow for a farmer.

But down there is peace
and children go to school.

People are working and thinking about the future.
- What do we think about?

Is that your last word, Šaban?
- The last!




Kosta, don't shoot.

You guys surround them.


Eyes... -Don't shoot!
- My eyes.

My eyes! I can't see!

Osman! -Kosta.
- Osman, take shelter.

Ahmet! -Osman, come back.
- Come here, Osman.

- Osman, take shelter!
- Osman, watch out!

Osman, here...
- Where are you?

The mission completely failed.

You were saving your brother, nothing more.
The gang leader is still free.

If there were more of us, I would hit them.

Everyone who went with Ahmet
had it up to here with fighting.

You shouldn't have...
- Please, Demir. When I realised that Ahmet

doesn't have blood on his hands...
- Listen to what I'm saying! You shouldn't have...

gone into such an action on your own.
- The gang is weakened.

Not one bit. A patrol on the road near
Velika Glava was attacked in the morning.

Three were killed.

Your sergeant, Redja, has also fallen.


Ramiz, how could you have gone like
that, without a word.

Everything was so fast.
- If you run away like that again...

I thought about the worst.

Were you hurt?
- No. The boot has blistered me.

You didn't have to worry.

Did something happen? -No.
- What's wrong?

I'm not happy with what I did.
I'll tell you everything someday.

Not happy? The whole city talks
about how you brought Ahmet.

Any news?
- Something is bothering you.

Can't I really do something to help you?

- Hi, Šok.

Why didn't you take me with you?
- Don't you start too.

You brought Ahmet. -It's true.
- How is he?

You'll see.
- Ramiz, I'd like to ask you...

- What will happen to him if he is sent to court?

If he is sentenced to death?
- Don't say that.

See. Everyone in town is already
talking about it. -One moment.

Ahmet Leši and the other five Balli
from the infamous Kosta's gang

were hanged in Peć in the morning.

As is well known, the gang committed
many crimes in these places.

It is also learned that Ramiz
Leši, also known as Captain Leš,

escaped to the mountain last night.
Probably the consequence of the

execution of his brother, Ahmet Leši.

He was last spotted in the Rugovski
forests, but he could be now

already on the foothills of Prokletije.
We ask anyone who know

about where the renegade is
to report it to the nearest

office of KNOJ, police or village guards.

It's Ramiz.

Don't shoot, I'm looking for you.
Take me to Kosta.

Let's go up there.
- Up where? -Lets go.

He doesn't need to see you.

Snake. You took men to death.
Let me skin him.


What are you doing here?
- Ahmet was killed. -I know.

Why are you talking to him?
- He weakened our troop. -Damn it.

If patrols follow him,
we'll be in a mess soon.

Are they chasing you?
- I don't know.

Take me in the troop.
- You don't belong here. - Not to them either.

They didn't care about what I said.
The town is laughing at me.

Dad is turning in his grave.
- What did he say, I didn't understand.

Carry on.
- You had Ahmet in the troop because you needed a name.

I'll replace him. Give me five
men to go to the nearest village

and avenge Ahmet.
- Do you want to shoot the villagers?

How many would you kill?
A dozen?

I'd like to talk to you.
- You're pale.

Are you ill?
- No.

Why don't you help him?
- Who? -Ramiz.

I listen on the radio that you are chasing
him through the mountains like a...

Why don't you help him
now that the war is over.

He's gone. He left the army, deserted.
- But why?

Have you wondered why he did this?
You once told me

that you know him well.
You should have stopped him.

I couldn't have.
- You could have tried anything. You knew.

You should have understood how
Ahmet's death affected him.

He loved him.
I remember how he talked about him.

In fact, he had previously
suffered from Ahmet's mistake.

Why do you think he was doing
all those things. Those feats?

Ramiz? -Yes, Ramiz. - Because he's brave.
- Other people are also brave.

I don't get it.
- I think he wanted to fix Ahmet's mistake.

He once told me that
he always did his duty.

Maybe that wasn't the case.
It may be the escapades of Captain Leš

and his fame were needed to
wash away the family name.

Your explanation is not at all commendable.
Sorry, work is waiting for me.

- I'll help Ramiz if I can.
- Now...

Don't ask me again.
I don't know how things will go.

In fact, I expect new
updates from the field.

How will you get to Prizren?

I'll stop a truck. Good night.
- Good night.

Comrade Major. Šok is here.

Come in. -Hello.
- Hello.

Hello, Major.
- Hi, Šok. Are you still alive?

The lightning won't go into the nettle.
- Sit down, Šok. Sit down.

Is the war over?
- Finished.

How was it, Šok?

Ramiz joined the gang.
- How did they accept him?

It was tight. I was too far
away and didn't see everything.

We have to announce immediately that
Captain Leš has joined the gang.

I understand, Comrade Major.

Prepare the search tomorrow.
Bandits should be scared.

They must run towards the border, as they are
already thinking about this possibility.

I am convinced that the German
capitulation will help us.

If Kosta decides to run away, Ramiz will
implement the second part of the plan.

Gather as many volunteers as possible
to make the search look more extensive.

Yes, sir.

Šok, listen.

You will have to go to the mountains
again and find Captain Leš at any cost.


Here, eat.

Eat, you'll need energy.

These friends of partisans
should be liquidated.

You said to yourself that you
wanted to avenge your brother.

I can't!

Poor guy, this Ibrahim.
Thank you.

What's wrong with him?
- We haven't fed him for a few days.



Where did you get the morphine?
- I always have it in my bag.

Bandages and morphine. I was hurt so I know how it is.
- So was he.

He saved Kosta's life in the fight,
and at the hospital he started...

A scout from the lake is coming.
- Let's check what's going on.

A search. The army and the villagers are
coming towards us. -Where are they now?

By the lake.

Have you check that thing
we were talking about?

It's over. The Germans capitulated.
- Who told you that?

Everyone is talking about it.
- It's propaganda.

We caught one down there. He says
he has information about the search.

But he wants to talk to him.
- With me? - His name is Šok.

Should I bring him? -Šok? What's he doing here?
- Bring him.

What is going on?
- Wait a minute.

Ramiz, Ramiz.

Ramiz... -What are you doing in the mountain?
- Leave him.

The search has begun. The army recruits villagers.
- Don't talk nonsense.

We were reluctant to recruit the villagers because they had no weapons.
- They got it.

I saw with my own eyes that the army was
distributing weapons to the villagers.

Ramiz, I heard in Peć...
- Say it.

They are preparing an extensive search.
They decided to catch you,

to the last one of them, the whole gang...
I mean troop.

Do you know him? - He served with my father.
- What about the Germans?

You don't know?

What is this?

What is this?

The German army capitulated.

Kosta. Now is the time to escape.
There is a new life in Spain.

All right, all right.
- Right, right.

You, the Balli, soldiers, Roma... that's enough for me. -Yes Yes.
- So?

Gather people, we're leaving. Quick!
- Quick, quick.

We are a gang of gypsies,
nothing else. Hello!

According to the latest KNOJ Command
reports, there are many units

started chasing the gang, under the
leadership of Balli Commander Kosta.

The units surrounded the place
where the gang was staying.

The ring closes around the bandits
searching for paths down the mountain,

along which they could escape.
- Call Major Demir.

I understand, but Kosta is not careless.

You can help us by telling
about Kosta's helpers.


I can't betray them now.
I've never worked behind anyone's back

and I can't do that even now.
- As you wish.

One moment, Demir. Wait.
Can you let me go for a day or two?

I know best what the situation is in
the gang. Ramiz doesn't know that.

Not at all. -I want to help my
brother, believe me.

Only I can save him. -Don't worry.
I know what needs to be done.

Listen, you have no right.
- I won't talk to you about that.

Hi, Professor. Where?
- To the village, to my student.

He's sick.
- Good luck. -Thank you.


It would be best if I went the other way.
- It's still far.

Let's go a little further down the road.
- No. This will be better.

Thanks for helping me get here.

Thank you, Ramadan.
- How will you find Ramiz? -Don't worry.

- Goodbye, good luck.

They are here too. We will walk through the Old Forest.
- Kosta, I'm telling you

for the third day to go to the Goli Vrh.
They will never find us there.

This is just a waste of time.
- We'll see.

Let's move on.

They are all gone. They lost track.
You were right.

What is to be done?

To wait for the Germans is nonsense.
There is no sound from

the beys. Some are preparing to flee,
others have joined the partisans.

They are sucking up to them.

I no longer know who I am fighting for.

I think Helmuth is right.
We have to cross the border.

Are you coming with us?

What else am I to do?
- Speak.

Is the border well guarded?
- Yes, but...

Still, it can be crossed.
But who will wait for us there?

There is a committee that will provide us with a connection.
- What committee?

The Balli.
- Kosta, they're gone.

I know full well who is and who isn't.
- Very well then. Send someone

who will find that connection.


For how many days has it been raining?


My knee hurts.

It is still raining.
I haven't seen Kosta since yesterday.

He is consulting with his men what to do.
- What do you think,

will he send anyone to the committee?
- He must. The search scared him.

Hi Helmuth.
- Ah, Captain.

Got a cigarette?
- Sure. - I'll drive him away now.

Thank you.

Stop with that onion!
- Okay, great.

No, thank you.
- It's good for diabetes. The doctor advised me.

Have you been to Africa?
- Yes. When it got too hot...

I'm sorry... we escaped.

The temperature difference was too big for me.
- Oh, a deserter.

Not so loud. Kosta mustn't find out.
- Right, right.

Where are you from?
- From Cologne. -Cologne?

A Cologner, huh? - Silence. - He said it himself.
- Yeah, but now it's ruined.

I know Cologne from before.
I was there with my dad.

It was a beautiful carnival,
with lots of singing.

Put this onion away,
or else you'll drive me away too.

Now I sing to myself: I'm a
gypsy, with no homeland.

Don't be so nasty! - What does he say?
- Why are you here, actually?

The Balli treated me well.

Maybe I can convince Kosta
to come to Spain with me.

- Why Spain?
- Or some other country where...

I've had enough of this forced life.

Foods, blackouts, wonderful.

Foods, blackouts, wonderful.


I'm Ali Baba and 40 onions.

We talked about the committee last
time, but none of my

people cannot go to Skopje.
- Is the committee in Skopje? -Yes.

There are warrants for everyone.
Maybe an informer?

I don't know.
- We must try.

Who knows when they can come?
They're scared of the search, aren't they?

We cannot stay idle. Tomorrow, the army
can gather even more people. -I know.

- Šok, of course.


Are you serious?
- Yes.

I'm not going, no way! - Let me explain it to you.
- I don't want to hear anything.

I just came to tell you about the search.
I wish I fell off a cliff.

The committee is in Skopje,
Tetovska Street, number 4.

The person I need to contact is Kemal.
- Kemal.

Two birds with one stone.
- How's Ramiz?

How can I put it, he got a little thinner.

The committee must be taken by
surprise and quietly catch Kemal.

Nikola. Explain to Šok what his part is.

I understand, Comrade Major.

Listen, you'll live with me for two days.

This is the time it would take
to reach Skopje and get back.

Nobody can know you're here.
Did you understand me?

Before leaving, we will tell you what
is the committee's message to Kosta.

Kemal tells you

to come with your men to Đavolje selo

on June 1st, exactly at midnight.
- To Đavolje selo?

Where is this? -5 km from the border.
They used to smuggle there.

There will be a connection waiting for you. The
committee will call the connection on the radio.

Today is May 28th.
29, 30, 31, 1. In four days.

Đavolje selo is about 70 km away.
- We'll be there in time.

Kemal says you must bring everyone.
There will be no waiting.

Crossing the border must be
completed in half an hour.

Lets go.

Direction, Old Fort.

Hurry up.
- I'm afraid to tear it.

Again, no electricity? -No.
- Someone brought it down.

It's a little greasy.

They go across the border. -When?
- In three days.

Kosta wants me to go with him.
- Fair of him. -You think so?

They can get you here one day.
It will be better for you to go.

You are right.

I never thought I could handle all this.

I wanted to live in the city
without worrying about tomorrow.

Now this.

But if I had the money
and if I was left alone,

I could manage my life.
- Poor guy, you're happy with little.

My late husband said such
people should be shot.

What is Kosta doing?
He asked about me? -No.

As I thought.

He needs me, that's all.

Send him that.

Lola, I've been wanting a week to tell you

but I'm afraid you'll say I was drunk.
- Get your courage.

I saw Ahmet Leši.
He walked into the professor's room.

You were really drunk -
I was completely sober.

But Ahmet Leši is dead.
They hung him. -Lola,

I also don't know what to think.
But I swear

that I saw Ahmet Leši.
When you get up there,

tell Kosta.
Maybe he'll know what's going on.

Skender, where is she?
- In the cliff.

To your positions.

His mistress came.

- Lola.


My bear.

Stop it already.

Can I take this off, it's scratching me.
- Sure.

What is it, Kosta?

Kosta? We haven't seen each other for half a year.
- That much?

Here is the latest information about
KNOJ, where their units are located.


Who did you learn this from?
- It doesn't matter.

He was well informed.
- I've heard that many

well informed,
went through your room in Prizren.

It's my thing how I got to the data.
Don't blame me for that.

I worked for you.
- Get your things, we leave in half an hour.


We move on in half an hour.
- Isn't it dangerous? They can spot us.


What is it?
- What is going on?

Holy shit. I have an illusion.
- Sit down, this is not for you. -Why?


Good morning.
- Welcome, girl.

How are you?

We wait for better days.

What do the cards say?

Why are you here?
- What do you mean, why?

Ahmet is alive.

It's like you fell from...
- Someone saw him.

He was with your professor.
- All Metohija knows

that Ahmet is dead.
Someone was telling you nonsense.

Did you hear Ahmet was released?
When you were down there,

did you hear about that? -No.
- Lola says someone saw him

in Prizren.
- Probably not true.

The Major guards him as...
My God, he escaped.

No way.
- Listen, Ramiz. If Ahmet decided to run away,

no one could hold him.
- Why would he want to run away?

He may have heard what we are preparing
here and he would like to help.

You think so?

Now it all depends on Lola.
If she tells Kosta, we and the

operation are done.
- Would you like to go to the Commander?

The commander is in his villa.
- Yes, please.

Where did you sleep tonight?
- In the forest. - You're not angry anymore?

You're avoiding me, Mr. Commander.
- What do you want me to climb all over you?

Honestly tell me what the problem
is, what I did to you.

Leave me alone, Lola.

I'll get you across the border as
promised, don't ask me other things.

But I'm more interested in other things.
Why are you avoiding me?

You used to tell me that you love me.
You used to say you love me!

I did. But then you didn't
belong to everybody.

But now all Prizren knows you've spent
every night with a different man.

The troop knows about this
and laughs behind my back.

I don't know why I didn't
strangle you when you came here.


I thought the most important thing
was that we were together again

and to leave together.
To forget the past.

Both would have much to forget.

I understand now.
I'm no longer good for you.

You never mentioned being in Prizren. -No.

But I know who wanted that.

You wanted me to go down and collect
information about the partisans.

You said it was your head on the line.
I did what you asked.

I saved your head a few times.

However, I thought you knew how
military information was collected.

I had to drink with people,
sing, I had to be happy

and chat with them for hours.
Sometimes even in bed.

All because of you.
To save your head and spit on me,

when I get back to you.

As you wish, Kosta.
You're going to take me across the border,

as you promised me.
Then we say goodbye.

But know I'm not as
cheap a toy as you think.


Why did you call me?
- I told you to come.

I should put you in jail.
Why did you help Ahmet escape?

If he ran alone, he would be caught,
and you were a good cover for him.

You should be ashamed.
Professor, everyone trusts you.

Ahmet is Ramiz's brother.
- Ahmet is a delinquent who has to go to court.

I just wanted to help Ramiz.
- I said I'd help him.

But you didn't tell me what was
really going on. -Me tell you?

Did I come to school and
tell you how you should work?

Why do you get involved in my work?

Your sentimentality can ruin everything.
Not just our operation,

also Ramiz.

Ahmet said only he could help Ramiz.
- Alright then.

You wanted to help Ramiz.
But why on your own?

It's already too tense.
When Ramiz hears what you've done,

he won't be happy. -What should I do now?
- Do your job,

we will do ours. This will help Ramiz best.

And don't think about
his complexes anymore.

He is not brave only to save Ahmet.

Professor. Ramiz and I grew up in
the same neighbourhood in Prizren.

We were always together during the war.
I know everything about him.

Ramiz Leši performed all those
feats and this one as well

because he knows it is the right thing to do. And
when he starts something, he goes to the end.

Comrade Major, I...
- I promised to let you know

news of Ramiz as soon as I can.

It will be enough until we reach the border. If
you hadn't brought it to me, I'd have gone crazy.

I shouldn't have hit you.
- I already forgot.


Ibrahim, Kosta is calling you.

It is burning in the boss. He is suspicious
of everybody. He is interrogating everyone.

I hope he doesn't changes his mind.
- What do you mean?

That he won't want to cross the border.

Lola told him.
- Maybe.

My God, we got trapped.
If Kosta finds out

that I was not in Skopje, he will skin us.

Earth, open up and take me...

You know what, Ramiz.
What if we...

we kept our heads on our shoulders.
- What do you suggest?

Let's escape.
- Don't joke. Now we have to...

Listen. Be Kosta's shadow and
keep track of his movements.

Got it?
- I hear you.

We're crossing tonight.

Are you looking forward to it?

We'll be safe tomorrow.
We will be, at Kadance,

if the army doesn't kill
us in that Đavolje selo.

What army? I don't understand.
- You understand very well.

Ahmet is alive, isn't he?
- What are you saying, you're gonna make a farce.

You haven't mentioned it to Kosta
yet, have you? -Ramiz.

If I live through the night,
will you do me no harm?

- So, Captain Leš. Are you having fun?

You found some nice company, haven't you.
A singer from Prizren.

Mind your own business.
- Slowly! You owe me one from

our first meeting.


Ramiz, enough!
- You know what Kosta said?

A bullet for every fight.
We'll see what happens.


It's time. It takes a little over
six hours to get to Đavolje selo.

The ambush is set.


If everything goes according to plan, the gang
will be at midnight in front of Đavolje selo.

In front of Đavolje selo. The village guard
is still very far away. -Alright then.

The Balli must not see them.
Ours should only move at 6.

I understand.

Twenty minutes past eleven.
Đavolje selo is 500m away.

Skender. Take one of the men
and see if everything is okay.

The time has finally come.
Quick. -Lets go.


Now be careful what you are doing.
You know what you have to do.

Is this a signal? Take care of yourself. If the
gang doesn't lay down their weapons immediately,

ours will open fire from 34 machine guns.

Too bad you won't be there.
- No, thanks.

- Good luck.

Check if everything is fine with Petrović.

Tell them everything is fine. We're ready.
- Yes, sir.

Petrović is ready. -Very well then.
Search groups should go.

Close the ring around Đavolje selo.
If any Balli escape the ambush,

we have to get them. Arrange the people.
- Yes, sir.

Let's go!

Is this Đavolje selo? -Yes.
There is a border behind that pass.

Let Kosta know that the path is clear.

Skender, don't shoot.
- What are you doing here?

They tricked you. Where is Kosta?
- What do you mean tricked?

The brother of Captain Leš was not killed.
- What? - We shouldn't have come here.

When I informed you that Šok was not
in Skopje, you should have waited.

Who did you tell?
- I told Lola.

She should have told Kosta.

Kosta, it's clear.
- Let's go.

Come on, come on.

Hurry up.
Make sure that no one is left behind.

Come here.
- What is going on?

You came.
Right now.

You should have told me that Šok
was not in Skopje. It should have,

but I didn't tell you. -Why?
- Because I'm not such a cheap toy

as you thought.

You come here too, Captain Leš.
You need to clarify a few issues.

Who is this?
- He says Ahmet is not dead.

And what else does he say?
- He says the Šok wasn't in Skopje.

Tell me where was he.

What, you're not going to answer,
Captain Leš? As you can see,

my people are just as skilled as yours.
- I see. So I'm glad

that they are here.
I won't have to chase them later.

Surrender and drop your weapons. You're surrounded.
- Drop the weapons.

Drop your weapons!

What is this?

We'll shoot!

Don't run!
- Open fire!


The bullets can't harm him
and eyes can't follow him...

It's empty.

When did you manage to do this?
- I'll have to keep that answer away from you.

It's not a part of military duties.


- Thank you.

Were you hurt?
- Nothing bad.

Major, come on.


It's nothing.

END Translation and adaptation: Traven