Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl (1954) - full transcript

Anthony Dexter---bare-chested most of the film with the smoldering nostrils from "Valentino"---as "Captain Kidd" is saved from hanging by an Earl who wants to get his hand on Kidd's treasure. The Earl thinks the best method is to put a woman confederate (Jeanine Duvall) aboard Kidd's ship as a slave girl to wrest or wrestle the information from him. They fight a lot as a prelude to falling in love, and then work together against the evil Earl's none-too-well laid plan. Alan Hale, Jr. (Simpson) is along as Kidd's trusted friend, while Sonia Sorrell (as Ann Bonney) displays a lot of what the best-undressed female pirate wasn't wearing on pirate ships of the time.

A visitor.

Your excellency, we have a guest,
someone, I trust, of whom you approve.

My Lord Bellomont honors
me by this visit.

Our four-footed friend with a
long tail seems to think otherwise.

At that, his judgment is
probably better than mine,

since your visit is strangely late.

Aye, the air does seem to have
taken a sudden change for the worse.

Would you hold me responsible for
the sudden failure of a business deal?

This is my neck.

Tomorrow, the hangman
means to make it his.

We took every possible
step in your defense.

Except coming into
court and telling the truth.

I was no pirate.

I had an official commission
from you to seize the freebooters,

granted by your authority as
chairman of the colony council,

and I attacked no ship except
those flying the black flag.

Now, you could have said all
that in a matter of six seconds.

You refuse to understand.

The whole government would have
become involved in a major scandal.

So, it was much
simpler to snatch away

and conceal my commission
and hustle me off to the gallows,

because you were afraid to have it
known you and Captain Avery the pirate

were hand in hand
from the very beginning.

I may now assure you that a
full pardon is within your grasp.

And the price, I presume, is high.

All you need now do is... Is
supply a map showing where

I hid the treasure I took off
Captain Avery's pirate ship,

the Quedagh Merchant.

You anticipate me, Captain.


I have brought this
chart of the Indies seas.

Now, we know the treasure
lies somewhere here.

If you will just mark the spot...

You do have the
final laugh, Captain:

the treasure.

But what good will it
do you if you hang?

The flame burns fast,
Captain, the few hours fly.

So speak.

Where is the treasure?

Life for a few words.

For silence, death.

I've never counted life so dear
as to hesitate at venturing death.

I trusted you once,
but never again.

Good night, my lord, I must rest.

My public expects me to
look my best tomorrow.

Get in.

The carriage, you say?

Where else, you gaping oaf?


Well! Am I to ride to my ship
for transportation to the colonies

in such elegance?

It fair leaves me speechless, sir.

Where you ride, my good man,
depends upon yourself.

Get in.

And the choice is yours.

What is your answer?

Well, milord,
I've ever been known as a practical man,

and if it's a choice between
transportation to the colonies in the hold

of a convict ship,
or being giving me freedom...

With suitable payment in gold.

Then, milord, I'll say,
"What are your orders?"

and, "Where
is your money?"


Compliments of the King.

I am indebted to His
Majesty for this remembrance.


Anyone condemned to the gallows
has the privilege of one last drink.

Helps keep up their courage.

Also quenches a man's thirst.

Compliments of Captain Kidd.


Give us a speech, Captain!


Speech you want.

No speech.

Ever been the privilege of the
condemned to say a final word, Jamie.

I got my orders.

Would you stand between
a dying man and his maker?

Unburden yourself, my son,

and have faith.

It can work miracles.


It's too late for miracles.

Find it hard to make your peace?

Then it's I who will pray for you.

Must be done while
I finish my business.

Would you be havin'
a light for a friend?

I have no time for lights.

I have to deliver a package.

And might that package be for a rough,
sea-farin' sort of fellow?

It might.

Aye, and glad I am to be rid of it.

In there.

Took you long enough.

It's no easy job stealing
a body off the gallows.

I had to wait.

I see no sign of life.

The heart gives it.

Saints be praised!

It beats!

Yet why does he not stir?

'Twas a powerful dose of drug put
in his pot of rum a few minutes before

he was brought to hang.

You're sure it was that?

Or was the noose clumsily applied?

I know my business.

By my faith, I never knew a woman
to be so perpetually washing of herself.

Just one moment, my lord,

if you'll excuse me.

What could there
be of such importance

that you want to drag
me out of my bath?


Oooh, interesting.

I knew you would think so,
for one who has such constant need

of it to keep a safe distance
between herself and a debtor's cell.

A debtor's cell?

This is not your
native land, my dear.

In England, we have Newgate Jail
for those who do not pay their debts.

Oh, your influence will protect me.

If future prospects fail to favor me,
I am like to join you in one myself.

Why, Lord Bellomont, a debtor?

Twice over, when one considers
the identity of my creditor.

And who is this
very important person?

The King.

Very soon, I am going to account for the
taxes I collected in the West Indies.

Are you mad?

Playing tricks on His Majesty?

Why, it would cost your head!

And will!

If we fail.


I promised to make you a great lady,
and I will.

You shall have wealth
beyond your wildest dreams,

be presented at court in London,

perhaps even given a title.

Aren't your promises
a little extravagant

for a confessed bankrupt?

Did you ever hear
of a Captain William Kidd?

Oh, just the common gossip,
which said that when he was hanging

from the gallows, you should
have been dangling beside him.


The gossip is wrong in one detail.

Oh, you play innocent.

How little the cloak
of respectability

becomes you.

No, no, my dear, it was the
other detail I was referring to.

Oh, you mean the
death of Captain Kidd?


Well, what possible interest could
be to us the hanging of a pirate?

His survival.

His survival?

Captain William Kidd lives.

Well, what difference
could that make to us?

Gives us hope,

that we may imitate him.

You worked a miracle.

Was me Lord Bellomont
that worked the miracle.

And the hangman the trick of it.

For me own part,
it was one mostly of muscle.


I live because of him?

For reasons of which
you're probably aware.

I hope you struck him a
pretty penny for your help.

Well, Cap'n, me bargaining
position was not that good.

He promised me pardons and
considerable gold to betray you.

He must be a sorry judge of men

to think you so easily bought.

May well be that he values
gold greater than all else in life.

I wonder...

Yet I must get to my treasure.

'Tis the only means I have to buy
the King's pardon and clear my name.

Well, sir, we'll need a ship, then.

That's where we're headin' for now.

And here be the means to board her.

Ship's papers, for one Henry Peterson,
assigned to the Indian Queen

as supercargo.

And, one Wilbur Waims, ship's cook.

When did you get these?

Slipped into me hand
by a shifty-eyed rascal

who disappeared almost
before I could eye him properly.

Lord Bellomont's work.

Giving us an easy road aboard ship.

We'll be well to remember that we
shall have no friends between her decks.


But we must rise to the bait,
a ship we must have.

Once aboard, 'twill be easy enough
to see how it may best profit us.

I do not understand, my Lord.

Well, I knew that old rogue Simpson

could not be bought to betray Captain
Kidd, and that every word I dropped

in his ear would find its
way back to Captain Kidd's.

And you expect Kidd to board the
Indian Queen knowing it to be a trap?


He needs a ship.

A ship will be our lure.

With an honest captain and mate,
to fool the port authorities.

Kidd will rise to it.

What about the treasure?

I don't share your confidence in
your plan to use Kidd as the arrow

to point the way.

There's more than one way
to make a point, Captain Avery,

as there's more than
one way to skin a cat.

And Steve Castle here
will be the chief skinner.

You followed my orders, Castle?

Filled the crew with the lowest
sweepings of the waterfront?


Men who would sell their own
mothers into slavery for a shilling.

It won't take much effort to
incite these men to mutiny.

And when this is done?

Comes the most important
part of the scheme.

To induce Captain Kidd to throw his lot
in with the mutineers as their leader,

to take us to his treasure.

It may not be easy.

Take my word for it, Master Castle,
it will be easy enough.

Captain Kidd fair
itches for a ship.

And we are going to put one
right into his hands.

And where exactly do I come into this,
my Lord?

With Captain William Kidd.

You are going to sail with him.


With Captain Kidd?

He's known to be a gentleman.

No harm will befall you,
if you use that clever head of yours

and follow my orders exactly.

Orders, my Lord?

It will be your task to ensure we do
not lose sight of Captain Kidd's ship

as we sail in his wake.

Every night at the end of the middle
watch, you will signal us by lantern

from your cabin,
to make sure we do not go astray.

Is that understood?

Yes, but why do you need me

for such a simple task?

Couldn't Steve do it just as well?

He will have other things
to engage him while aboard.

Besides, he's not
as beautiful as you.

And what may beauty
have to do with it?

Captain Kidd has a notorious
weakness for it, madam.

Particularly in women.

And if by the time we
reach the Indies

you've not made him
completely your slave,

you're not the woman I think you.


Supercargo, reporting
on board, sir.

You're late arriving, Mister.

On his business ashore, sir.

Waims, Captain.

Wilbur Waims,
reporting to galley, sir.

Where's your gear?

Uh, stolen from us,
at a tavern where we supped.

'Tis of no matter.

You can be fitted
from the ship's slop chest.

Avast there!

Who taught you to handle
valuable cargo like that?

No harm done, Captain, no harm.

I'll have no lubbers
aboard my ship.

You're new here, or you'd know it.

Don't be a fool.

This isn't the time.

I'm... I'm sorry, sir.

It seems I haven't
found my sea legs yet.

Good morning, ma'am.

I see you've met my supercargo.

Informally, Captain.

That's a condition easily altered.

Mr. Peterson,
Mistress Duvall.

She's our passenger for the Indies.

I trust you'll find our
voyage interesting, ma'am.

And what are the duties of a
supercargo aboard the ship,

Mr. Peterson?

He is the owner's representative,
watching over the cargo and whatever else

may be of value aboard.

As the Captain
reminded me about you.

I am of little value.

A poor girl who's going to marry a
man she hasn't seen since childhood.

'Tis a criminal sacrifice
of youth and love.

Of youth, perhaps.

Of love, no,

for I take none to the arrangement.

If there's ought I might do...

Those whom I call my friend

know me as Jeanine.

And those whose friendship
I value know me as


Come in.

Eight bells, sir.

And the signal?

Off the starboard, sir, as usual.

Good, that will be all.

Aye-aye, sir.

Dependable wench, Lady Jeanine.


But I don't like
women in men's business.

They can be convenient,
Captain Avery.

Most convenient.

Belay, there.

Have you no work to do?

It is the end of my watch.

Get foreward, you scum, and lay to.

"Do this, you scum," he says.

"Do that, do this,
do that."

And he pays us well with kicks.

I've had enough of
this slave driver.

A full belly... I say
tonight's as good as any

to pay off the score and
take over the ship.


Now, you men all know why you're aboard,
and grateful you should be

for this chance of riches.


Aye, but they can't
be spent on the gallows.

There's no risk to
this venture, lads.

The Captain suspects
absolutely nothing.

Besides, we've the
benefit of numbers.

A bold attack and the ship is ours.

You've had your taste
of that dog of a captain.

Kicks and blows and
he spares no one.

I, Pedro Albertos Luis
will take care of him.

The Captain's not that easily taken,
I'm thinkin'.

We're all of the same mind,
he can't help himself.

Believe me.

And after we take over the ship,
who's to be the captain... you?

Fits more to go off piratin'

than killing a couple of men.

Steve knows what he is doing.


Leave the details to me.

I say put the choice
of the captain to vote.

I'll say what's to be
and you'll abide by it.

You're not giving
me orders, Castle.

I'll give 'em and
you'll take 'em, Harris.

That's to be seen.

I'm warning ya.

I'm tellin' ye.

Now, has anybody else
got something to say?

Who do you have
in mind for the job?

None other than
one who's aboard ship

right now, the greatest
pirate of 'em all.

Who might that be?

Belay the gab, 'tis the cook.

Well, me hearties, what fine tribute
indeed for me art when I hear naught

but silence at your feedin'.

You know your trade.

The cockles of me heart be
warmed by them kind words, matey.

I love you all for it.

There's talk of mutiny in the mess.

The men are ready to
take over the ship.

Are you certain?


Come with me.

Why, to warn the Captain.

All right.

The time has come.

A knife in the ribs,
overboard for the old man and the mate,

and the loot of the seven
seas is ours for the taking.

Come now.

This suspicion is
ridiculous, Mr. Peterson.

There's not enough backbone
among the whole bunch of them to be a

seizing of my ship.

Better safe than sorry, Captain.

Haha, you alarm easily.

There's not a true man among
the whole flea-bitten bunch of scum.

Try it, any one of you,
and I'll hurt you!

Over the side with him!

A job well done, lads.

And now there's a rope for each of
our necks waiting on Execution Dock

in London.

So who isn't with us is against us.

All the way.

I've heard nothing
from you, Mr. Peterson.

This adventure you've embarked
on is none of my concern.

We're all in this together.

There'll be no one to step
aside and give King's evidence

to save his own neck and
hang the rest of us.

The same goes for you too, matey.

There's nothing of value a ship's
supercargo can bring to piracy, Mr. Castle.

Maybe not.

But a lot could be brought
to it by Captain William Kidd.

Captain William Kidd?

He'll take no more ships,
the man was hung in London.

All England knows that.

Ah, wait.

The mark of a man's cleverness:

to make a whole country
believe what's a plain lie.

A plain lie?

Captain Kidd was not hung?

He lives?

Not only not hung, not only lives,

but he sails
aboard the Indian Queen.

He calls himself Peterson,
the supercargo.

What riddle is this?

The popinjay of an owner's clerk,
the great Captain Kidd?

Yes, they hung me in London,
or thought they did.

Now if it's piracy you've got a leaning
for, as I see it is, then I'm your man.

But if you're Captain Kidd,
what about the treasure you've got hid?

You know the law of the
brotherhood of the sea.

Share and share alike.


Aye, it's to be shared with all who
wish to throw in their lot with me.

Now, does that answer
your question?

Men, see to the ship.

It's discipline that makes
piracy profitable.

That's the only way any ship
under my command will sail.

Now understand that.

Take over,
Mr. Simpson.

Aye-aye, Captain.

Well, you heard what the Captain said,
back to your work.

Fine kettle of fish to fry,
now they've made you master of the ship.

Could be worse.

But they'll expect you to lead
'em straight to your treasure.

What they expect and what
they may get is another thing.

You know, this whole business has
the smell of Lord Bellomont about it.

He thinks he's nailed
the trap tight now.

Let him believe so.

We'll play along with
him until it suits us

to claw our way
out at the right time.

And when might that time be?

As soon as we can scrape this
bunch of rogues off our backs.

My lady, we now sail under the
command of Captain William Kidd.

Did he suspect anything?

No, he jumped at the bait.

Good, good.

How far are we from port now?

A few days.

Have you seen anything of
my Lord Ballomont's ship?

The light is arranged
just before daybreak.

He continues to sail
a true course in our wake.


You have done well.

Given future success, my lord will

award you generously.

I had hoped it might be shared with
someone on whom I put more value.



Leave these quarters at once.

I have to take orders on deck,
ma'am, but not in a lady's bedroom.

You're mad!

Down to the hold, what for?

I inspected the cargo.

Well, it's no longer your concern,
'cept as prize.

That's why I was curious.


Let me go!

This the way you keep
the discipline aboard?

The wench invited me.

It's a lie!

Take care of him, Jay.

You'll be safer with me.

Well, Master Steve Castle.

I've oft argued the merits
of hook against knife,

and here I am indebted to yah for
the opportunity to test my theory.

None enters here but me,
you'll be secure.

You didn't believe what he said,
that I invited him?

Take care, Miss.

That knave needs
a lesson in manners.

He just learned it.



Rags, trash.

What sort of cargo
be this, Captain?

One never meant to reach a port.

Well, I'm fair skewered.

It just fits the pattern,
proves this whole ship is nothing more

than Bellomont's mousetrap.

Are you sayin' that all these cases
and barrels contain the same cargo?


Well, surely, Captain, you're not
gonna lead this scurvy pack of mongrels

to your treasure!

That treasure is the
property of the King,

and it goes to him
to ransom my honor.

These swine'll have a different
idea once they get their hands on it.


'Twas the design of this whole mutiny,
to force my treasure into the open.

And that's why you are
going to join those mutineers.

Me, join that low-livered
bunch of scum?


What's that?

This is going to be your
most priceless possession.

Is it, now?

It'll make the rascals itch to
be rid of me as eagerly as I wish

to be free of them.

And what might this
priceless possession be, sir?

A map of Captain Kidd's
secret treasure.

Oh, now wait a minute, Captain.

Would they be willing to believe
that I'd skate you so easily?

They see the world as they
see themselves, have no fear.

Now help me make charcoal copies.

Aye, sir.

Look ye there.

A tremendous fortune
staring us in the face.

Drawn by Captain Kidd's own hand.

And see these three
crosses on the map?

Beneath them are more millions
in gold and jewels than poor men

like you and me can even count!

Where'd you get it?

Stole it off the
Captain himself, I did.

It's a copy of the
original he carries on him.

I want you to spread the word to
the whole crew, every last one of them.

This brew is strong enough to
lift the top of a man's head off.

Once this is mixed in the water casks,
they'll be eager enough to get ashore

to refill them.

They will at that.

Look at those rogues.

You'd think the Devil himself was
on their tails, the way they rowed

them boats ashore.


There'll be precious
little water loading

until they find what they
think lies buried there.

Precious little in the way of any
treasure on this particular island.

But they left three
men still aboard.

Now, wouldn't you think they'd be
as interested as the others in gettin'

sand on their boots?


'Tis behavior worth watching.

You lads have no
fancy for going ashore?

Plenty of time for that, Captain,
after you've taken a swim.

Say the word, Captain.

You want to go overboard
with lead ballast in ye?

Or free and easy?

So, another mutiny, is it?


Just that, now we've got your treasure,
there'll be no need to split it

into more portions than needful.

You heard Sykes.


Raise sail!

Aye-aye, sir!

They're at sea, Captain?


The Indian Queen is
well over the horizon.

I'm sometimes fearful we may lose sight
of her, sailing so far behind by day.

Not likely.

However fast she
may sail, we are faster.

And can always depend on seeing her
signal during the night by crowding sail.

Comforting to know.

Our plans have gone along so well thus
far, 'twould be a pity if things were

to go wrong now.


An unexpected pleasure, ma'am.

I... I beg your forgiveness, but I...

I couldn't sleep,

and I was in some mind for company,

but... but when I saw how
well you rested, I...

I didn't have the
courage to disturb you.

Nor have you, ma'am.

I would have to be up soon in any
event to relieve Simpson at the tiller.

Join me in a glass of wine?


I think I'd better be going.

That you leave right
on the heels of arrival

makes me wonder why so little
of my company should go so far.

Your company means more to me

than I care to believe.

It's what I would
most like to think.

Does the security of your island
planter mean so much to you, Jeanine?

I was dreaming that you
should hold me like this,

the whole world forgot

as if it were made
for just you and me.

Yet the world has a
strange way of intruding.

Then there is more
reason that we should

live each hour as if
it were our last.

I don't wonder you should think so.

Could it be 'twas the
secret of my treasure

really brought you,
and not the impulse of your heart?

Or, do you search
for another lantern

to hang outside your cabin window?

What do you mean?

What are you talking about?

It makes clear a great
deal I had suspected.

You are no more accident
than anything else on this ship.

When I stood between you and Steve
Castle, I thought 'twas in your defense.

My apologies, ma'am,
since I see I was merely interrupting

a conference between conspirators.

It also brings to mind gossip heard
in London about my Lord Bellomont

and his beautiful friend.

Will you deny it?

Stand back.


Not from an unprimed gun.

Let me go, let me go!

What are you planning
to do with me?

Educate you to a point which will ever
cause you to remember Captain Kidd.

Are you going to punish me?

Mm, that's a harsh word for it.

You are the master of the ship.

I am a defenseless woman.

I am at your mercy.

The sooner the fact is accepted,
the easier for you.

Such an experience is what
you have now long lacked.

So being you're no passenger
aboard this ship any longer,

you'll pay for your keep in work.

In what kind of a work?

In the galley, among other things.

What other things?

Keeping my clothes cleanly washed.

Simpson's too.

For he will have other duties.

Mayhap standing a
trick or two at the tiller.

I won't.

I won't, I won't, I won't!

You're a healthy wench with a
suitable appetite, I have no doubt.

It's only work pays for
vittles aboard my ship.

Let me out!

Do you hear, let me out!

You monstrous pirate, let me out!

Oh! Ouch.

South by southeast.

South by sou'east, aye-aye, sir.

Let me go! That's a strange
way to say good morning.

Let me go!

I brought you a little present.

Oh no, you didn't! It will put you
straight Oh, no! On your unbecoming arse.

Let me go, you
monstrous pirate, you!

Let me go!

This is a relic of the days.

You're choking me!
This ship ran a slave route. go, you!

Let me go!


It's a delicious dish, Jay.

The very fragrance is a delight.

Well, thank you, sir.

Do you intend to
starve me to death?

That is for you to answer.

I am not going to
wash these dirty rags!

Ah, I am well filled.

We can stand a little more sail.

I'll go hoist.

I'll give you a hand, sir.

No, I can manage alone.

Rest that shoulder,
it had an angry look this morning.

Pirate, pirate, pirate!

It's what I figured all the voyage:

we've lost sight of her.

The fault's not mine.

The wench failed to signal us.

I told you it was unwise,
putting such confidence in a woman.

I wonder what could
have happened to her.

Who knows?

But this is plain:

if the Indian Queen can't be seen
from our masthead come morning,

this fine little plan
of yours is finished.


We been marooned, sir.

You mean Captain Kidd's
got the ship.

Aye, the dog tricked us.

'Tis to his credit.

One must admire his wit.

Sink me if you ain't a fine
pack of lily-livered muddleheads.

To let one man so befuddle you!

He slipped right
through your fists!

We've lost him.

Get below!

That's Turtle Island.

We should be anchored
there come morning.

That's where the treasure is?

Aye, and we should have it aboard
ship before another day has passed.

It's the same loot Captain Avery
stole from the Grand Mogul of India

when he attacked his treasure ship,
and which I in turn took from Avery

for the King.

Well, there'll be no trouble
locating it now, I hope.

No, I have the landmarks
firmly in mind.

I want you to listen
carefully so you'll know

where to find it if anything
should happen to me.

It's a small cove on the
west side of the island

between two arms of jutting rocks.

This is the only possible
place Kidd could be making for.

Only one of these
islands has fresh water.

The others, a few coconut
trees on a couple acres of sand.

Sink me, if Kidd is
making for Turtle Island,

he's like to find it
hotter than he counts on.

Aye, 'tis my island.

It seems still as
deserted as when I left it.

Lend a hand to lower
away the small boat.

Aye-aye, sir.

Come on.

Into the boat, come along!

Are you taking me ashore?

I'm not leaving you
to mischief aboard

with only an injured
man to keep an eye on you.

What are you planning
to do with me?

Maroon you.

Oh, no, no, I beg of you,
I... I'm certain that

I'll never be able
to survive alone!

'Tis your problem,
you'll get into the boat.

No, no, no!
Oh, put her on the deck, Captain,

No, no!
We'll throw a net.



No, no!

Be still, you crazy wench!

Put that line around her!

We'll hoist her down in the boat.

No, we won't!


Here, stay steady,
you little vixen.

Oh, you!


What are you doing, sitting there?

Where do you expect me to sit?

At the oars, here, beside me.

What do you want me to do, to row?

If it's not beneath the Captain's
dignity in emergency, it's not strange

for you to do likewise.


Keep in time with me.

I'm trying.

Try harder.


You are remarkably clumsy.

What are you doing
with your legs up there?



Ow, you're breaking my neck!

Ow! Well, it's to get rid of
some of the water you swallowed.

Ow, ow!

You tried to drown me.

Well, if so, then you
gave me a lot of help.


Saved my life.

'Twas instinctive.

Perhaps you would have
preferred if I drowned.

No need to worry,
the danger's passed.

Should have let me die.

It was my choice.

Even if I told you that everything
you've thought about me and...

Lord Bellomont were true.

He put me on the ship.

I was your enemy ever
since the beginning.

In the past.

Yet it's creeping in the present.

He and Avery are close behind.

That is not hard to guess.

They know that you are somewhere in this
island, and they are not going to rest

until they find
you and the treasure.

By sundown tomorrow
it will be aboard ship,

and I shall be on my way to
England for a pardon from the King,

my name to be cleared.

And you are, well, rid of me.

After all the trouble I've had
making a true woman of you?


'Twould be a sad waste, indeed.

That's Avery's ship, all right.

Who else has such a line and sail?

We'd better tell
Blackbeard he's here.

I'll do it, you watch.


That didn't come from
the Indian Queen.

It's on the other
side of the island.



We'll share the spoils
among the brethren.

Is that satisfactory?

Who is that brute over there?

Never sailed much in these waters, and
these gentry are all strangers to me,

but I'll wager he's Captain
Blackbeard himself.


Captain Blackbeard!

I've got news for ye!

Whoah there, Captain Calico Jack,
you look worn.

With reason.

I've come at a run from
the other side of the island.

Captain Avery is here!

You're certain of it?

It's his ship, the Saucy Sue,
only now called the Indian Queen.

I'd recognize her rigging anywhere.

Remember the ship he picked up
after Kidd snatched his own ship?


It's one and the same.

Oh, so now we're to be
meeting the great Cap'n Avery.

And it's curious I am.

You've never laid
eyes on him before?

Nor have any of the brethren
here in the West Indies.

Avery's been sticking
close to Madagascan waters.

Shall we get a delegation of the
lads to go give him a welcome?

Blackbeard goes to meet no man.

If Avery wants Blackbeard,
let him seek me out.

What does he mean,
that the Indian Queen is Avery's ship?

It's plain enough.

Bellomont took Avery's Saucy Sue
and christened her with the name

Indian Queen for
his purpose with me.

That pirate must know her lines
even if it's never met her master.

What are you planning to do?

Go into camp.

Are you mad?
We must.

Otherwise, they'll
come visiting the ship.

'Twould be quick murder.

They'll kill Simpson and search
every foot of the island for us.

Taking a terrible risk.


the only road open to us.

You are my slave girl,

now say no more on your life.

Grateful I am
for the welcome, lads.

It's Captain Avery!

Who is the leader here?

I am.

Your service, Cap'n Blackbeard.

What kind of leadership
is this that puts up

no sentries, so a man and his wench
may walk undetected right into camp?

There's naught on this
island but the brethren.

Yet if I were not Captain Avery,
there would be.

You conduct your
business like amateurs.

Look to it, Captain Avery,
you're not in Madagascan waters.

We'll not be takin' talk
like that here.

You have objections, Captain?

With a sword to back 'em up.


'Tis curious I am to hear
you speak them, Captain.

And I am not a patient man.

'Twas not meant to be a threat.

If Captain Blackbeard
has thought better

of his words, has anyone else
the wish to express them for him?

Then we'll get down to business.

Captain Blackbeard, post sentries.

Every master's crew to
supply them a two-hour relief.

Whose tent is that?


It will make suitable
headquarters for me.

He's all has been said of him.

And more.


A toast to our venture.

And now, Captain Blackbeard,
if you will present our good company.

If you're one for formalities.

Cap'n John Ward.

Who was sailing on the Account before
most of us here saw the light of day.

It is a pleasure and a privilege

to serve under the greatest of
the gentlemen on the Account.

The greatest to sail the Seven Seas

since the glorious
days of Henry Morgan,

with whom I also had
the honor to serve.

May our deeds equal
those of our predecessors!

Cap'n Bartholomew, the Portugee.

It is an honor to serve
the famous Captain Avery.

May we win much wine,
women, and doubloons.

Captain Roberts.

I cannot hold with the sentiments

expressed by the
proceeding speaker.

Wine, wenches: you'll
find none of them

aboard my ship.

Early to bed and up with the sun,

with grace at meals and
prayer on the Sabbath,

that's my recipe.

And a good one it is, too,
as 400 ships seized will prove.

Captain L'ollinaise,
the Devil's own rival himself.

This is the right ear of the Spanish
Admiral Qintago.

This the left of the
Spanish Capit?n Esperentho.

The rest...

After the sixth bottle of wine,

my memory is not too good.

To the second string
of quality ears

I hope Captain Avery
will provide me!

Last but not least,

Captain Anne Bonney.

To Captain Avery!

For old times.

Beautiful specimen.

Where did you get it, Captain?

From a Spanish nobleman
who has no more use for it.

You appreciate fine
pieces of art, Captain?

They please the eye.

Tell me, what do
you think of this one?

Another choice specimen
of Spanish art,

the daughter of a nobleman who
was induced to make me a present of it.

Here, let him look at ya.

Choice, isn't she?


She's taken a sudden dislike to me.

Shows nothing of her fire.

It's tiring.

Tell you what I'll do.

I'll trade you her for that one.

I haven't tired of this one yet.

I'll throw in the candelabras.

Not interested.

You're out of your head.

Those candelabras are
worth a dozen wenches.

You should know.

But I'm in a generous mood.

And an offensive one.

It's too good a party to
spoil with peckishness.

Two silver candelabras...

For that?

The Captain and I have something to say,
being old friends.

Off with you, wench!

Why, you!

Let me go!

I'll murder her, let me go!

Ah! Let me go!

Now, it's obvious she's
acquainted with Avery.


What are we going
to do if she talks?

You will have to get
back to the ship.

Warn Simpson.

See the guns are loaded and ready to
stand out to sea on a second's notice.

We may have to swim for it.

Are you afraid?

Only for you, my love.

Captain, how you've changed.

What's your game?

What's yours?

You're free to
denounce me in there.

The stakes must be of great value
that you're willing to risk so much.

Say, perhaps, to the
total of ?10 million?

Wasn't that the sum of the treasure
you took from Captain Avery...

Captain Kidd?

So you're acquainted with Avery?

I was sweetheart to the rogue
till he cast me off for a lighter love.

I'm willing to make
a bargain with you.

But the details will have to be
talked over secretly come morning.

I'll keep my eye
out for you, Captain.


What's that?

The others are dead.

Only this one still breathes.

What does this mean?

It's an idea Captain L'ollinaise suggested
to Blackbeard, who carried it out.

These are some of
Admiral Granville's men,

placed aboard a seized
ship as prize crew,

which Blackbeard
captured in his turn.

'Tis the risks of the game?


It's the risk.

And I can see you're
not a man to avoid them.


Drink easy.

If I can get you off the island,
will you bring back Admiral Granville

and his fleet?


or die in the trying.

But the Admiral has no fleet.

His ship is on a pirate-chasing
mission in these waters.

Mm, well then warn
him of what lies afoot.


Gracias, Se?orita.

Tengo mucho... I speak the English.

It's greatly obliged I am to you.

We'll lay them here?


Now listen,
there's a boat down at the beach.

Now hurry, the two of you.

God bless you, Se?or.

Good luck.




Now take him below!

Well, we were
expecting you, Captain.

What have you done with her?

You, uh, you refer to
Mistress Duvall?

Have they harmed you?

Oh, such a scene I relish.

He's been fair smitten.

It's as good as any
comedy at Drury Lane.

You Judas spawn.

It's not discrete,
Captain, to insult a lady.

Away with him.

All right, get in there.

All right, Simpson.

Put the irons on him.

Caught me like a fool, they did.

I was asleep when they
came aboard from their ship.

She sneaked in before
midnight without lights.

How's your wound?

It's on the mend.

Well, it's no use crying

when the milk is spilt.

I should have had more faith,
but you played your part amazing well.

I had to.

It meant our lives.

Longboat alarms?

They struck me down.

The woman's with them.

Bring the guns to bear.

No, you fool, we need Kidd alive.

Get the boats overside.

?10 to the man who takes Kidd.

They're lowering their
boats over the side, sir.


I warned you, Captain.

A few twists of this
cord about your head,

and your eyes will bulge till
they burst from their sockets.

So speak.

Where is that treasure?

Very well.

On your head be it.

Ha ha ha,
an excellent jest, milord.

"On your head be it."

It's on his head.

Let him now feel it.

Please, my Lord.

Mr. Simpson, we shall give you the
honor of persuading the Captain to talk.

But no tricks,
as you value your scurvy life.

Well, Captain?

Get to work on him.

One full twist whenever I command.

One full twist.

In your case, Captain,
silence will not prove golden.

You still think otherwise?

Another turn.

Still not talking, Captain?

Another turn.

Another turn!


And may you rot in all the
bilges of every ship I sail!


Do as he says.

Better one dies than both.


Good advice, Captain.

It's unfortunate you cannot
advise yourself equally well.

Another turn.


I'll tell you where
the treasure is.

Keep hold of your tongue.

It's not worth the
sacrifice, Captain.

Free him and I'll tell ya!


Mr. Simpson,
this is a command.

You cannot trust them.

No, I'll tell ya.

Free him and I'll tell ya!

You'll do more than
that, you mangy dog.

You'll take us.

Release him!

If you've played some trick on us,
we'll not leave this hole empty.

Keep digging here.

I've struck something!

Diamonds, jewels, gold!

Take them to the boats.

I'm telling you,
the dog struck me down from behind.

And almost a whole day
it took you to find me!

You were unconscious and
silent nigh on six hours, Captain.

Nobody thought to go anywhere near
the prisoners, or do anything about 'em.

Ah, let that learn you a
little more diligence.

Treasure! And treachery!

Avery and the ship's
crew are on the point,

just dug it up and
loadin' it onto boats.

To your swords!

Please, my Lord, have mercy.

You have the gold.

Would you expect as much from
a pack of hungry jackals, milady?

Hang the dogs, and let's be off.

I regret omitting
formalities, Captain.

Seems it's the second time
I'm to be hung without speech.

You'll find conversation
enough with the Devil.

Kick him off!

L'ollinaise, I'll get you a pair
of human ears personally.

Strike me, it's Anne Bonney!

To the boats!

After them!

Sink me for a fool, but I...

It's odd...

I should fall for...

a pirate catcher.

Quick, with me.

To the boats!


Well, we can't stay here.

Let's go down to the hold.


Raise sail!

They're sailing.

To our ships.

We'll follow 'em
to Hades if need be.

We've only got one and its yours.

The rest are aground on a beach.

Aye, and mine will outsail

any I know.

To her!

Well, that puts a reef
in the old rogue's sail.

Not for long.

I'll wager a hundred pounds
he's going back to his ship.

He means to exchange
broadsides with us.

Well, then let's
show him our heels.

We have the treasure aboard,
that's all I'm interested in.

Blackbeard's ship is fast,
and her guns are heavier.

Then we waste time talking.

Let's put distance between us.

Now we'd better see what
chance to rescue Jeanine.

And the treasure.

That will be our second purpose,
if possible.

Sink me if I don't
draw those fangs.

See if it's clear down there.

Aye-aye, sir.

Ask Captain Avery to step on deck.

Aye-aye, sir.

Blackbeard's ship is close to...

Stay close to me.

We're closing in on them fast.

More sail!

Aye-aye, sir.

Get Captain Avery on deck.

Aye-aye, sir.

What's this?

Captain Avery's stretched
out down below, sir.

Looks dead.

And Captain Kidd almost
did the same for me.

Kidd, aboard?

In the cabin.

Follow me.

There's one chance in a
hundred of getting into the boat,

escaping the blast, and having the
fortune to be picked up by the Admiral.

What be the plan, Captain?

Burn the ship.

We'll take our chances
on the open seas.

Burn the ship?

What about the treasure?

We lie between two devils,
and I don't want either of the rogues

to put his hands on it.

100 pieces of gold for his head!

Get me that she-cat alive and
I'll make her a present to the crew!

One step near and
'twill be your last!

He's bluffing.

My lord, my lord!

Magazine's on fire,
it could blow up any minute!

Come back!

Come back, you miserable cowards!

Put a shot across their bow!

Aye-aye, sir!

Give her a broadside!

Give her another broadside!

Abandon ship!

She'll blow any minute,
over the side!

Come lad, they bear
down on us fast.

No, Captain, save yourselves.

I'm done for.

And leave you to
these jackals? Never.

The girl, she's dependin' on you.

'Twould be throwin' away all our lives,
but not to gain.

Just the same, we fight.

It'll have to be another day for you,
Cap'n, now go!

If it's treasure you're seeking,
I'm bringin' it to ya!

Come and get it!

A sail!


And then they attacked my ship.

And because of their own greed,
they were destroyed.

We escaped in the boat.

Admiral, the tale is done.

And well done, Captain.

The world of honest
seafarers is in your debt.

And London should pay for it.


If he's taken to London,
he'll be hanged.


How does one hang
a man who does not live?

Oh, Captain Kidd is dead

to every man's belief.

I have only to show
my face there, sir,

to have them think otherwise.

It might have been different
had I returned with treasure,

but that is at the
bottom of the sea.

Whoever wants it now
may search for it.

I see your point, Captain.

London would be an
embarrassment for you.

But London is but one small
spot on the face of the globe.

'Tis a wide world.

The choice of many lands is yours.

That is the least we may offer you.

And where we are together.

It's strange, the odd places

men may find great treasure.