Captain Kidd (1945) - full transcript

In this unhistorical account, Capt. William Kidd is already a clever, ruthless pirate when, in 1699, he tricks the king into commissioning him as escort for a treasure ship from India. He enlists a crew of pardoned cutthroats...and Orange Povey, whom Kidd once abandoned on a reef and hoped never to see again. Of course, Kidd's intentions are treacherous. But there's more to gunner Adam Mercy than meets the eye.


For centuries the
bloodiest cock pit of all the seas.

Where the infamous brotherhood
of the damned awaited to plunder the...

treasure laden galleons
from India and Cathay.

Then returned drunk with slaughter to
their pirate stronghold of Last Hope.

Most ruthless of
all was Captain William Kidd.

He encountered the great
London galleon the Twelve Apostles...

Commanded by Admiral Lord Blayne...

and approaching unsuspected
in the guise of a peaceful merchantman...

by a sudden treacherous salvo
he reduced her to a burning hulk.

When night fell, the Twelve Apostles
was only a blazing funeral pyre on the...

placid surface of a Madagascar lagoon.

Stab me, there's a pretty sight.

Will be prettier still when the
fire reaches the magazine Captain.

Pity though.

Lot of stout seamen among them.
And with us a long time.

We can none of us live
forever Mr Boyle, dead men don't talk.

Man your oars, we got
this job to do before high tide.

There, and dig faster, the tide catches
here it'll save the King's hangman some rope.

There you are, deep enough to bury a man in.

Give us a hand mate.

- All ready Captain.
- Down she goes.

What are you waiting for?

Well Captain, that chest is been
in your cabin a longish time.

And we all thought as it would do
no harm to open up that chest...

and make sure that what
was in it then is in it now.

I suppose you remember what was in it.

Aye, I remember an emerald necklace that
came off that Portuguese ship, El Vengar.

And all those pearls that we took
from the big ship, the Virgin Queen.

I remember a diamond medallion we got
from that Moorish galleon off Madagascar.

And could we ever forget that silver
casket with the arms of Lord Blayne...

that you claimed for yourself after
the taking of the Twelve Apostles sir?

Your neck will be stretched as
long as your memory one of this days.

Satisfied, gallows meat? Put them back.

Lower away.


Wait a minute Captain,
there's something else you forgot.

What do you want to now? We got
an half an hour before the tide traps us.

May be sir, we all equal in this I take it.

Equal shares, yes.

Well that key then, what you put back in
your belt, that goes down with the chest.

Thus we start all clear and no favors.

If some of us don't get back, it'll be
that much easier open for them as does.

Question me honor again, would
you? And I'll rip you from belly to chime.

Are we such callous rascals
that we'd leave a dead comrade...

without commending
his soul to his new master?

Here lies one who
through treachery and avarice...

would've placed in
jeopardy the lives of honest men.

And here may he lie
forever, in the sands of Madagascar.

Rest in peace.

It's time to be out my lads, time to be away.

If a gentleman is a gentleman, he's
gentleman, that's all there's to it, sir

I'm one of nature's gentlemen,
but I need polish my good man..

If I'm to improve myself...

A gentleman employs the terminology my good
man only when addressing lower servants...

- or his inferior sir.
- You see? That's why I need you.

- In my upbringing...
- A gentleman never sucks his teeth sir.

Many a man's social career
has been ruined by less sir.

You seem to know your business.
I want the best mind and I can pay for it.

Hundred quid a year.

An infallible mark
of the person of quality...

is his reluctance to
pay his domestics high wages.

- You don't say so.
- Merely a idiosyncrasy of good breeding sir.

Sixty quid a year then?

You realize I've never
been on board a ship before sir.

- Oh don't let that frighten you.
- To the contrary.

In fact, since I was a nipper...

I've a rather adventurous inclination
towards life on the bounding main.

- It should be quite educational sir.
- You'll learn a lot, no doubt.

- Is it a bargain then?
- Very well, sir.

My hand on it?

Then, it is your proposal,
my Lord Bellomont that Captain Kidd...

sail to meet our ambassador Lord
Fallsworth and give him safe convoy

through the perilous waters of Madagascar.

- May it please Your Majesty.
- Yes.

That need a bold and adventurous man.

Bring in this Captain Kidd
while we take the measure of him.

Captain William Kidd.

Your Royal Majesty and other Lords..

Bellomont, is this your roaring
killer of Spanish buccaneers?

Nay me Lord, I'm only a peaceful ship-master
who must do trade with other ships...

without inquiring too
closely about their business.

And it was so I fell into the
hands of the Twelve Apostles.

- A King's ship turned pirate.
- In Madagascar waters?

I have never been in
Madagascar waters your Grace.

It was off the southern tip of Africa, where
I had gone to trade in elephant's teeth.

- Who commanded her?
- One of your admirals Your Majesty.

- Name of Lord Blayne.
- He did turn pirating.

Sufficiently me Lords, to put
fear in honest traders like myself.

And if you are successful in this voyage
Captain, what reward do you expect?

May it please Your Majesty,
having forfeited me honor in that I was...

forced to strike me colors to a pirate...

I want no reward but to regain it
In the service of Your Majesty.

Unless it be, is it true that Lord Blayne's
lands are estreated and his title forfeit.


All, well, all I ask is if I lay
this renegade nobleman by the heels...

is that you honor the humble self
with his castle and his lands.

- Is that all you want Captain Kidd?
- Not a farthing more Your Majesty.

The fellow treats of a title so lightly
he must be bursting with noble blood.

Though I confess he keeps it well hid.

Aye sir, you can no more judge
of a man by his appearance...

than you can judge the extent of a nobleman's
brains by the expensiveness of his wig.

Am I to suppose that the Captain of the
King's Guard would deign to fence with me.

Come Captain, is
your courage less than your wit?

Nay sir, I know nothing of the fence.

You must come at me,
quickly as though you'd kill me.

Very well then.

I ask pardon Sire, I've a hot head
when roused, I only meant to demonstrate.

And to good purpose Captain.

Your Majesty is satisfied
with the Captain of our choosing?

- I can think of none better.
- I thank you sir.

And now Captain...

the main mission of your crew
will be to meet a great ship.

The Queda merchant, which is
sailing from India with vast treasures.

And to give her safe conduct in my name...

past the perilous waters of Madagascar.

But Your Majesty, will her commander accept
me letter of mark as sufficient authority to.

You shall have a letter to our ambassador
Lord Fallsworth who's returning in her.

That he is to accept your protection.

And to submit to all matters
pertaining to the safety of the ship.

- And her treasures Sire.
- Oh yes.

- And now Sire, me crew...
- Your crew?

Captain Kidd who wishes
to recruit a crew from the pirates...

now under capital sentence
in Newgate and the Marshal sea.

- A crew of condemned pirates?
- Aye Sire.

There's none would be
so loyal nor fight so desperately...

as cutthroats under sentence of death...

If they knew that at the end of the voyage...

a Royal pardon would be in their pockets.

But I shall hold you
accountable for their good conduct.

Between their conduct and mine Your
Majesty, there will be little to choose.

And now goodbye.

- And God speed you.
- I am but his unworthy sparrow.

I'd rather eat the bilge
slime from an African slaver.

Oh Adam, don't let your
temper get you the lash again.

If I must hang I'll hang, but I'll go
to the gallows with clean guts at least.

Hey you, what kind of
stinking maggots meat is this?

Wardens, wardens.

There's that dainty scum Mercy complaining
about the taste of the King's bounty again.

- Watch it.
- Bounty?

Bounty me eye.

The King's allowance is thru-pence a day for
food not muck from the sewers of Whitechapel.

Making trouble again, hey Mercy?

I'm asking only what
a man is legally entitled to.

Here, smell this.


Hear you Guvnor.

What sort of a kingdom is this?

Where a man is condemned before he's
heard and starved before they hang him.

Who is that quarrelsome feller?

Adam Mercy, he is taken in a
pirate ship by his Majesty's frigate Wasp.

He's always escaping so
that's why we keep him in chains.

He's got a lacing of tiger's blood in him.

This ain't exactly a flower garden, is it?

Oh, forgive me, these are two of
me officers Mr Boyle, Guvnor Landers...

Mr Lorenzo, Guvnor Landers.

Spanish blood.

- A pretty lot of sinners.
- Capit?n...

Do you think there is
anyone down there knows us?

I hope not.

Guvnor, would you be good enough
to tell them what we are here for?

Give heed you, you vermin.

Here news to your advantage.

- Is the hangman dead then?
- Out with it then, Jack nasty face.

Is it that your mother's
turned into an honest woman?

Silence, you mutinous dogs.

If another man speaks I'll trice him
up by the thumbs and flay him raw.

Guvnor, is that the way to win the
love of these unfortunate gentlemen?

Now then me bullies, would
you rather do the gallows dance...

and hang in chains till the crows
pick your eyes from your rotting skull...

or would you feel the roll of
a stout ship beneath your feet again?

I've a vessel, the Adventure galley
and the King's commission to sail her.

And for those who show a loyal and a stout
heart there's a Royal pardon in the offing.

Which of you knows the waters of Madagascar?

- I do.
- Would you have him unlocked Guvnor?

Warden, unlock him.

Look you then, I want men with iron in
their blood and steel in their sinews.

And the first up here is the first enlisted.

Guvnor, if your wardens are ready, would you
be good enough to have them lower the ropes.

Lower away.

Here they come, make ready lads.

Put your hands on that,
I'll make you a free man.

The other now.


Next one, come on.

- Name.
- Philip Shaftstow.

Philip Shaftstow, regardless
of the fact that I'm your Captain...

you will always address
a gentleman as sir scum.

- Aye sir.
- Make your mark.

On board.

- Name.
- Adam Mercy sir.

Oh, so it's you.

Mercy, that's a comical handle
for a blade of fortune, Mercy.

It's also something the world needs more of.

A quite and gentle
philosopher, you speak cultured.

Were you by any chance
a stable boy to a noble house?


I was also Master Gunner to a buccaneer
you may have heard of, Captain Avery.

Avery's Master Gunner?

We needed a Master Gunner
Mr Boyle and from what I've heard...

Avery was a shrewd hand at picking them.

The berth is yours
for as long as you can handle it.

I can handle it.

Swivel gun or long arm,
I'll forfeit a guinea for every miss.

You'll forfeit your neck if you miss
while you're on my ship. Make your mark.

And you can write.

We'll give you a nice bath, you'll
draw a uniform befitting a Master Gunner.

- On board.
- Next man.

- Name.
- Bartholomew Blivens sir.

Bartholomew Blivens, make your mark.

Down below.

- Captain aboard?
- He's over there sir.

Next man.

That's all sir, our complement is full.

- Povey? I thought you...
- Yes, you thought I was dead.

- I can hardly believe my eyes.
- You mean you don't want to believe them.

Now come, come Mr Povey,
is that kind or is that fair?

As fair as what you did the day
you abandoned me on a Bahama reef.

Oh please Mr Povey, this
not the time to talk about that.

Oh, it's the time alright,
unless you want me to know.

In which case your present
voyage is over before it's begun.

Now, now, now, now, Povey.
Mr Boyle, would you take over, please?

Mr Lorenzo, take the deck watch.

Come to my cabin.

My heart bleeds
when I think of one of your...

delicate constitution having to fend
for yourself on a coral reef Mr Povey.

Come off it Captain.

I know why you marooned me.

You thought there'd be only three
of you to share, instead of four.

It's true, a hostile wind did
blow us away from your reef.

Between friends, we might've sailed back,
it's exactly what you would've done Mr Povey.

So no more of your
sentimental nonsense please.

- Now that we are four again, what then?
- We are not four.

We are two, Boyle and Lorenzo, dull clods.

Twenty thousand pounds a piece in their
hands would only be spent in sinful ways.

Are you propose to remove
them from the path of temptation.

How? A knife in the dark?

I am not a violent
man Mr Povey, I detest violence.

People have such an
awkward habit of getting in my way.

I'm an ambitious man Mr Povey.

An ambitious man, if he be bold
enough, can carve himself a kingdom.

I'm going to be a Lord my friend.

And that for a commoner
like myself takes a deal of money.

And that's why there
could be two less to share.

- Before we raise old England again?
- You cold-gutted shark.

A flatterer.

Oh, I'm glad you're back in Mr Povey.

You've no idea how gratifying it is
to have a congenial soul to confide in.

Thank you.

There's something I want to tell you.

I've left with a trusted friend in London
a sealed letter containing an exact...

and complete account
of certain previous events.

Only to be open in
case, just in case of course...

you should happen
to return to England without me.

Of course my dear
fellow, very sensible of you.

Now I know you'll
have a happy voyage. I shall too.

I'll look up me quarters.

We are two of the
luckiest man alive, just think...

We are sailing for Madagascar waters,
we'll pick up the search where we left off.

Every officer on board has a servant.

I'll request the Captain to assign
you to me, then we'd be together.

Yes, I've spent a good
many years of my life at sea Milady...

But I doubt if any woman minds a dash of
salt even in a Peer of the Realm like myself.

Now, if Me Lady would join me in a minuet?

- My Lady sir, not me Lady.
- Blast me Shadwell.

Does one gentleman creep up on another without
a cough or a spit or something to warn him?

I'm not a gentleman sir,
I'm a gentleman's gentleman.

Pity about the hair.

I have you've tried everything?
Bear's grease?

Prenatal influence perhaps?

Dinner is served, sir.

- Thank you Shadwell.
- Pardon sir.

I'll show you to your place.

Captain, what's all this mummery?

You can forget your bilge-water
manners for the time, Mr Boyle.

You are now officer on a King's ship.

So a man must starve
while his manners fatten.

I know, I know.

And in a King's ship it is customary for the
officers to rise when the Captain enters.

That's better. Gentlemen be seated.

Well, well, well, what have we here?

- You must not do that sir.
- Of course, but don't press me.

Come Mr Mercy, tell us
something about yourself.

You already know
whatever's of consequence sir.

While under Avery I was taken by a
King's ship and brought to London.

There I was tried for a pirate and condemned.

You were innocent, of course.

- No sir, I was guilty.
- You speak above your station.

- How came you to go on the account?
- Call it love of adventure...

cost in love, scandal,
perhaps a mix of all three.

And you've seen something of the world?

Enough sir, to dislike what I've seen and
know there's small hope for a better.

Perhaps you prefer the next world Mr Mercy.

You were close enough to it when you
were in the condemned hold at Newgate.

But I'm keeping you from your dinner.

And now gentlemen.

A toast to the King and since proposing
it is a privilege of the youngest present...

the honor falls to Mr Mercy.

- Mr Mercy, we are waiting.
- No sir.

Since I've little love for the King, I'll
neither propose his health nor drink it.

Never the less you are on a King's ship.

King's ship or the devil's it's all the
same to me sir, I owe him nothing.

You owe him your neck
Mr Mercy, if it were not for his bounty...

you'd be dancing daintily on air at Wapping.

I owe my reprieve to you Captain, so
to you I'll drink gladly but not to William.

You stand up and drink to his Majesty's
health as a King's officer should...

or by fire and flame I'll have you shipped
back to Newgate on the first vessel we speak.

Gentlemen, the King.

- The King.
- God bless him.

It's curious.

Do you suppose His Majesty
put him on board to spy us out?

We've found him
chained to a pillar in Newgate.

Wouldn't be to hard for
the King to plant him there.

Yes, but why would he speak
so openly against the King?

Your wits are even
duller than usual Mr Lorenzo.

Have you never heard of the serpent...

that takes the color of it's
background the better to strike?

- Shadwell...
- Yes sir.

You have a knowledge of high
born people and those of the courtship.

- Have you ever seen Mr Mercy before?
- Not before this voyage, sir.

He has as high a spirit as
a gentleman of quality, I like him.

Would you find out
who he is and where he comes from?

- As you wish sir.
- Thank you Shadwell.

- Foggy night.
- Good evening, Shadwell.

Excuse me sir but you seafaring men
always seem to be looking at something...

that I never can see...

We are looking for
something just over the horizon.

You know sir, I recognized you for
a gentleman the moment I saw you sir.

What are you a valet doing at sea?

The Captain employed me to
make him socially acceptable sir.

I'm afraid we're too
far out for me to swim back.

- If I can be of service to you sir.
- Did the Captain send you here?

- Yes sir.
- Why?

He wants to know who or what you are sir.

Who do they think I am?

Possibly a spy
placed on board by His Majesty.

This seemed uneasy sir.

This, this Captain Kidd, how long have you
known him? Have you sailed with him before?

Oh, no sir. All I know is, he's
a, well, among other things...

a merchant captain.

A spy, that's strange.
Why should they be afraid to be spied on?

- Goodnight Shadwell.
- Good night sir.

- Who is he? Where is he from?
- He's a nobody, sir.

He was employed by persons of quality in
where he learned his speech and his manners.

It's a matter of judgment.

If you fire on the up-roll,
the shot will go over his yardarms.

But if you wait for the down roll,
the enemy is coming up. Now watch.

Get ready.


Pretty shot Mr Mercy.

Can you do as well with a 74
throwing grape and canister at you?

I've done it sir.

Reload and secure and pick up your
practice on the lower quarter swivel gun..

Mr Mercy?

If you sailed with Avery,
you must know these waters.

Fairly sir.

If we needed to careen and take on
stores, where would you recommend?

Ponticos Bay, it lies...

We draw to much water,
you remember Captain...

Remember what?

I only know the Spanish main,
these are Madagascar waters.

- Ponticos Bay?
- Aye sir.

Thank you Mr Mercy, come along Mr Boyle.

You blundering ass.

Your presence is becoming increasingly
irksome to me, get you below.

Now let's get down
to the business of this voyage.

Hand me that chart Mr Boyle.

Capitan, I have been thinking
every day and every night.

What about that dinero
that was buried in the cave?

What good is it there? Let's get it
and get back where we can spend it.

- It stays where it is for a while.
- Why?

We've got a fatter prize
sailing right into our pockets.


Here is our present position,
here is Madagascar, here is Calicut.

In June, the great
galleon, the Queda Merchant...

sails from Calicut to England.

We should meet her about here.

She's stuffed from keel to gunnels with
treasure to the value of half million pounds.


And we are to give her
safe passage through the pirate seas.

By safe passage you mean
we are to take her Captain?

No no, don't be greedy Mr Povey,
I grant that most of what's in her may...

find it's way into our
pockets but let's be fair, the King...

poor gentleman, will expect
something. But however we do it...

must be done legal like and honest.

Stick to ways you are familiar with.

Why, you pox riddled villain I can be as
honest as any man if I have the incentive.

Oh yes, me Lord Blayne.

Lord Blayne's name is not be
mentioned among us Mr Povey, he's dead,

so his crew and so's ours
and there's none outside this...

cabin that knows what became of them.

And if you all enjoy
living, you will remember that.


Here's to our meeting
with the Queda merchant.

- Queda merchant.
- Queda merchant.

- God bless her.
- Dios la bendiga.

Wind fresh from West North-West, sir.

Course Northeast
by East, night dark but clear.

Very well, Mr. Mercy.

- North-East by East.
- North-East by East sir.

Missing down, it's Mr Boyle.

Lend a hand men.

Man down.

- What happened?
- He is dead.

If I find the man that's
responsible for this, I'll hang him.

Fetch the yard and re-set it.

- What do you suppose happened?
- Someone's been tampering with this lines.

We are gathered together to pit farewell
to a gallant seaman and a stout comrade.

Here was a man, shipmates...

Whose heart, the flinty
mountains could not match.

Who always took better than he gave.

Whose benevolence was such...

The orphan's might and the rich man's
gold alike found refuge in his pocket.

A jealous Providence
has removed him from oust.

And I esteem it a privilege
to commit his body to the deep.

We shall all mourn him.

Aye, we shall mourn him but take comfort me
friends, we shall never see his like again.

Rest in peace. Pop him over.

Pity Mr Mercy, a great pity,
but the ship's work must go on.

Move your gear into poor Mr Boyle's
cabin, you will take his place as Master.

As Master.

Aye sir.

Why, Shadwell.

Don't tell me after all this time at sea...

My inward revolt is not for
the movement of the vessel sir...

is occasioned by the company I endure.

The manners I say nothing of sir.

But I am a Dorcestershire man...

and when I find a common
ship's master is the presumption...

to copy himself the coat of arms of one
of our best Dorcestershe families...

can you wonder if I'm physically upset?

- Whose crest was he copying?
- Credit it or not sir, the Blayne crest.

Are you certain?

Perfectly sir, the crest in on Orange desk's.
Pardon me sir, I must join the captain.

He's inspecting a cask
of pickled eels with Mr Lorenzo.

Well, Mr. Mercy.

Do your new duties include robbing my desk?

Shoot me Captain and your head
goes with it, I'm here by the King's order.

So he did plant you on board.

You think he let a man sail with a crew of
Newgate cut-throats and not keep tabs on him?

And with good reason,.

If anything ever reaches the Palace
this does and murder Captain.

Boyle's death was no accident.

By the way, what ship was
sunk here, the Twelve Apostles?

Why the Twelve Apostles Mr Mercy?

Here's Blayne's ring, his name is on it,
he commanded the Twelve Apostles.

That will make interesting telling
in London when we get back Captain.

- If you get back.
- When I get back, for if I don't...

- On the other hand...
- On the other hand, what?

Since a man doesn't
exactly grow rich in the King's pay...

A crooked rogue, so you
have your price, how much?

- An equal share in what's buried here.
- Share that with you I'll be hanged if I do.

- You'll be hanged if you don't.
- Of all the slumocky blaggards.

And if you do share, Mr King's informer,
what guarantee is there that you won't...

still turn evidence to the Crown?

If I go in with you, I am equally guilty.

And if we are caught, we hang together but...

I can keep you from being caught.
What more could you ask?

You know Mr Mercy...

I wondered sometimes if ever I'd meet
a more unscrupulous blaggard than myself.

And I have, but let's be sensible about this.

Who knows, we might
be useful to each other one day.

In one way or another?

You've forgotten something, the ring.

So I have.

Listen in carefully because I want you to
tell it in London if anything happens to me.

Kidd caught me in his cabin robbing his desk.

I lied to him, told him
I was a King's informant.


Yes but he didn't believe me,
not one word, he just pretended to.

Oh, why didn't you shoot him?
Then he would give us no more trouble.

That's a pleasure I'm reserving for later.

He proves the liar I think him.

King's man or no, he betrayed an
uncommon interest in the Twelve Apostles.

I didn't like it Mr Lorenzo,
I mean to find out why.

Why, you could've charged him of robbery and

turned off to the
yardarm and all legal and shipshape.

You would've
been rid of him once and for all.

Let's not be impetuous Mr Povey.
He can't leave us, unless he swims.

It'll be rather amusing
to find out what he does.

You rest easy, leave Mr Mercy to me.

Sail ho-ho.

Sail ho-ho.

- Have the bosun pipe the chorus.
- Pipe the chorus.

The Queda merchant, sure enough.

Can you make her out Captain Rawson?

She hasn't the cut
of a buccaneer Your Excellency.

Much too tidy for that
more like a King's ship.

Yet she has the lines of a merchantman.

- Have the longboat ready and manned.
- Longboat off board.

Stand by to putty a shot
across her bows Mr Mercy.

Aye sir.

Number four gun crew stand by for action.

She's flying the English colors.

Perhaps she is our escort ship.

It was about here we were to meet, wasn't it?

Though we make it certain just the same.

Mr Gillian, see that
all hands are at their stations.

Very good, sir.

Ready? Fire.

Well placed Mr Mercy.

- Hard to starboard.
- Hard to starboard.

Starboard she is sir.

You will come across with
us in the longboat Mr Mercy.

And pay my compliments to all officers,
who will dress as befitting a King's ship.

Aye sir.

Captain William Kidd of his Majesty's
privateer Adventure at your service sir.

Mr Povey me surgeon,
Mr Mercy me master, Mr Lorenzo me navigator.

Welcome aboard gentlemen, I'm Captain Rawson.

I'm Lord Fallsworth, his Majesty's
ambassador at the court of the Grand Mogul.

Your obedient servant sir.

I've been sent to give you convoy and
we better make haste with our business.

These are unhealthy waters, the ship could
be hove to, as I discovered a day or so ago.

You mean you sighted
some of the pirate brotherhood?

More than that sir, we beat off two of them.

Avery and Culliford, out of Last Hope,
some thirty leagues South of here.

Oh stop there, I nearly forgot,
could you spare us some powder.

For we used more then expected in the action?

Why, all that you need sir, and welcome.

Mr Lorenzo here could attend to that then?

Oh Mr Gillian, take Mr Lorenzo below
and see to that he gets what he wants.

- Aye aye sir.
- Captain.

I'll send for the master gunner,
he'll take care of all your needs.

Mr Lorenzo.

Take this powder and put it in the longboat.

Aye aye sir.

Gentlemen, my daughter.
The Lady Anne Dunstan.

Captain Kidd, Mr Povey, Mr Mercy.

- Haven't we met before?
- I think not, My Lady.

You remind me of someone I've seen.

I think it impossible
that we could have ever met.


How do we proceed now, Captain?

Well, I'm instructed to give
you protection past Madagascar.

And you'll be safe as
long as we sail in company.

But Avery will be a wolf at your heels and
if we are separated in darkness or storm...

And what would you advise then, sir?


I suppose we could take
Lord Fallsworth and Lady Anne...

aboard the Adventure of Madagascar
and then if we are separated and this...

- vessel should be taken...
- What about the treasure on board?

One silver chest alone.

A present to
His Majesty from the Grand Mogul.

Contains precious gems
valued at more than a million pounds.

May I suggest, your Excellency...

Now, why not transfer the treasure
chest with yourself and Lady Anne...

on board the Adventure
until we are out of danger?

- She is a King's ship.
- That is a great responsibility.

And although my instructions are
that you are to trust me in all matters...

- I don't know if I could go so far as...
- What else can we do?

Three of them against us?
Or even two sir, we'd be helpless.

- It's the wisest course.
- I defer to your Excellency.

Now could we inspect the chests?

We could have them
slung into our boats along with the...

- gear of Lord Fallsworth and Lady Anne.
- Why, certainly. This way Captain.

No trouble at all.

Hoist away.

Mr Povey.

I've sent for the manifest Captain.

You may check it against the content of this
chest and give me your receipt, if you will.

Gladly, gladly.

Oh, there you are Mr Lorenzo.
Have you completed your business?

Almost sir.

Your people have been
most kind Capitan Rawson.

There is only one detail
left, it will not take a minute.

Finish it up then,
we must be gone within the hour.

Yes Capitan.

- The manifest sir.
- Would you attend to that Mr Povey?

Thank you very much Captain.

Come Mr Lorenzo.

You've seen a lovely lady before this.

A tribute to your beauty Ma'am.

Did you finish your business below?

Yes Capitan Kidd.

Then we better be under way.

Mr Mercy, you will see Lord Fallsworth
and the Lady Anne into the boat.

Aye sir.

Make way for the longboat.

You will have the luggage Mr Lorenzo.

I apologize My Lady for
our poor accommodation.

But me valet Shadwell will see
that you are made comfortable.

A pleasure to have your Ladyship
aboard, if you will follow me please.

Why hasn't it happened?

- She's blown up.
- Someone must touch over her magazine.

Send down some boats at once sir.

You ask me to risk men near that?

- Let it go.
- Captain.


Excuse me My Lady.

Your father, may I say how sorry I am.

The captain is requested that you
take your meals in the main cabin.

Oh no Shadwell, I can't
bear to face those men. I can't.

I quite understand My Lady.
But the Captain's orders are orders.

Shadwell, you must help me,
there's no one else I can trust.

What can I do My Lady? I'm only a servant.

Where can I turn?
I'm so confused and frightened.

I keep thinking of my father
and the others lost back there.

But on this ship wherever
I go, those horrible staring men.

Like Lorenzo, who's always
standing behind me, beside me.

Last night there was a tapping on the door.

When I opened it there he
was, the evil smiling face of his.

We might've been better along with
those pirates you fought a few days ago.

Pirates Milady? We fought no pirates.

Well, my father said Captain Kidd told...

Shadwell, what manner of ship this is?

My father was
killed deliberately, I'm sure of it.

That's why I can't bear to face
your Captain, I'd accuse him.

There's a man on board My Lady, a gentleman.

Whom I know you can trust.

- Mr Mercy?
- Yes my Lady.

Shadwell, I know I've met or seen
him before no matter how he denies it.

His name isn't Mercy, who is he?

All I really know is My Lady,
he is no friend of the Captain's.

Perhaps if I ask him, he'll, shall I?

- Oh yes, will you please?
- Yes, My Lady.

I'm asking you again very nice...

My dear Capitan.

Your fancy manners
do not impress me Mr Lorenzo.

- When do we divide the gold?
- In London, not before.

Then look Capitan,
I will make a bargain with you.

A bargain? Everybody wants to
bargain with me, you and Mercy.

Farther and farther, who do you think I am,
a stinking sausage merchant?

What kind of a bargain?

The girl.

All my life I have dreamed of
a beautiful woman like that.

Give me half of my dinero now and
you can split the rest between you.

If you will let me have her.

Five on him, he's smitten with love again.

I want her and I'm going to take her.

Whether I like it or not?

With all this treasure on board the
crew is like a barrel of hot gunpowder...

All that is needed
is a word in the right ears.

Do you mean mutiny? You're a witness.

- He is inciting the crew to mutiny.
- No, no, no, no, Capitan.

I was only joking.

You have a very nasty
way of joking Mr Lorenzo.

As for the girl, I've my own plans
for her and they do not include you.

Get out.

- Who is it?
- Adam Mercy.

Mister I...

- Thank you for coming, Mr Mercy, I...
- My name is Adam Blayne.

Son of Lord Blayne?

I knew it, I knew.
What are you doing on this ship?

My father was killed and accused of piracy.

- Few people believe that Lord Blayne...
- The King did it.

That's why I went to sea and turned pirate
three years ago, that's why I'm on this ship.

I knew that someday I'd come upon the truth.

And you have?

It was Captain Kidd who
killed your father, wasn't it?

Adam I am no fool,
he did the same thing to my father.

The fat butcher.

It's taken me three years to
track him down, three years of degradation.

Now I got him where
I want him and he knows it.

- You mean he knows who you are?
- He knows something.

That's why you didn't get me to
know you, why you avoided me.

If Kidd knew we
shared this he'd kill you with...

as little compunction
as he means to kill me, if I let him.

What can I do to help?
There must be something.

Forget everything you've seen on this ship.

Play up to him, be friendly.
That way you'll be safe.

Now, when you get back to London,
no matter what has happened to me...

Go to the Lord of the Admiralty and the King.

You'll be doing me a
great service as well as yourself.

I will Adam, I promise.

We're going to have trouble with Lorenzo.

Speaking as a lion who's exciting the tiger.

His blood is getting too rich for him.
He'd be the better for a bleeding.

Things are getting a bit complicated me Lord.

The King may accept the elimination
of the Queda merchant as an accident.

Maybe even the
sudden demise of Lord Fallsworth.

But what about the Lady?

You said you had
plans for her, do they include...

Mr Povey, the little dear is as safe
with me as if she was me daughter.

My passion is power
and gold, since she suspects nothing...

I'll deliver her to His Majesty along with
his share of the Queda Merchant's goods...

I'll weep appropriately over
the untimely demise of her Pa.

Receive the grateful thanks of
me Sovereign and a peerage is mine.

Mi lord.

That is your will but that's what I'll have.
And neither man nor devils shall stop me.

- Shadwell.
- Se?orita, Milady. Do not be alarmed.

Now that she knows who I am
and what kind of a ship she's on.

I think we can count on her to keep ahead.

You stay here till I come off watch.



Use your head Mr Povey.

Luck with us tonight, which of either
them would you like to see survive?

Mr Mercy, you did well to protect her.

- Are you alright sir?
- Yes, I'm alright, look after Lady Anne.

Adam, what's the matter?

My medallion is gone,
has the Blayne crest on it.


Perhaps I can find it for you sir.

No, it must've come off just before
Lorenzo went through the port.

- Shadwell, take Lady Anne to her cabin.
- Please Adam, I can't go in there.

You must Anne,
this is serious, it involves you.

Remember, no matter what tricks he tries,
you've never seen me

before and you don't know who I am.

- Shadwell I think...
- Don't worry about me sir.

He never could get
anything out of me and he never will.

It's the only way you'll be safe.
Shadwell will watch out of you.

What about you Adam? What will he do?

The same thing he's done
with the others, if he gets a chance.

Oh Adam.

Don't worry Anne, at
least I know what to expect.

Go now.

Shadwell, if anything does happen,
remember you're to stand by Lady Anne and...

- see that she gets safely to London.
- I'll stake my life on it sir.

- I know you will.
- Be careful Adam.

Please be careful.

Come My Lady.

- He's no King's man.
- Who is he then?

Tomorrow we put into the lagoon for water,
while the crew is getting it on board...

you and me and Mr Mercy is going to the cave.

You aren't taking him there?

I've a peculiar humor to watch my clever
young friend's face when we dig up that chest.

Sweet dreams.

Dig fast Mr Mercy, we haven't got forever.

Who might this be?

Perhaps a man that asked too many questions.

Gently now Mr Mercy,
you've came on something.

- So it was the Twelve Apostles, hey Captain?
- Yes it was Mr Mercy.

Open it up.

- Blayne's.
- Blayne's.

He was a brave seaman but foolish.
Did you happen to know him Mr Mercy?

- I've heard of him.
- I thought perhaps you had.


is yours, isn't it?

I traded a ring for it.

- One of Avery's men.
- Yes.

When I encountered Lord Blayne at sea
I did my simple duty as a loyal subject.

A pity he turned
pirate and traitor to his King.


He's meat for the sharks now Mr Povey.

The tide closes this place in half
an hour, we've nothing more to fear.

Yes you have Captain, Lady Anne.

It's a long voyage home Mr
Povey and anything might happen.

Naturally her Ladyship
is still very distressed sir.

In the midst of life we
are in death Shadwell.

- Although me heart...
- My heart sir.

My heart bleeds...

Confound you Shadwell, you've
drove the thought right out of me...

and it was an uncommon pretty one.

- I'm sure of that sir.
- Go to her at once.

Tell her she can't
mourn forever and I shall expect...

her to take her meals in the
main cabin with the rest of us.

Very well sir.

Poor lad.

We turned just in time
to see him go over the edge.

Searched for an hour, never came out.
Well, here's to him.

Wherever he is. You filling ill?

Yes sir.

I'll go to my cabin with your permission.

If you wish, it's been quite a trying voyage.

What with one little thing or another
but bear up, you'll soon be home again.

I warned Adam not to go.

- No one could've stopped him.
- Was cold bloody, planned, deliberate.

The same will happen
to her Ladyship, unless we can...


Adam, how did you?

If he finds you on board sir?

- I've come back for Lady Anne.
- Oh, thank you sir.

I've been hanging on the rudder chain since
dark waiting for the turn of the watch.

The jolly-boat is moored astern.

I've waited along side,
it's secured right down this port.

Bart, get in it then,
flip at under the main cabin.

Well now, get me some dry clothes.
Shadwell, where is the captain?

In his own cabin with Mr Povey, sir.

Examining the silver chest
they brought back on board sir.

My father's chest.
Shadwell, Kidd doesn't suspect you.

Tell Lady Anne to get some things together and
when the coast is clear you come back for me.

Yes, sir.

- Master.
- Aye sir.

Rouse out both watches at daybreak,
we'll weigh on the morning tide.

Aye sir.


Kidd doesn't suspect Shadwell, he's staying on
board and he'll be evidence for us in London.

Bart has a small boat
moored astern, we'll row ashore.

Then where Adam?

Two days journey overland
is the pirate town of Last Hope.

It's the most lawless place
on earth but I've friends there.

- Somehow they'll find us a ship for England.
- England?

- Now.
- Come on.

Sit down in the bow.

Goodbye My Lady, goodbye My Lord. Godspeed.

I'll see you in England.

- Ahoy there, who's in that boat now?
- Come on.

Come on.


Thank you...



Down the longboat.



Hold on to me.

Take her away.

- They're as dead as a mackerel.
- He's gone through.

Now, I guess that's the end of them Captain.

And good riddance. Back to the ship boys.

If you are thinking what I think
you're thinking my friend, forget it.

There's the little matter
of a letter I've left in London.


Captain William Kidd.

Greetings Captain, what news
have you brought me from the Indian seas?

By your leave Your Majesty, both good
and ill, but mostly very good indeed.

I returned by way
of the American colonies Sire.

So I understood. With the main
points of your voyage, I am familiar.

I wonder if you could enlighten me...

about the affair of the Queens godchild Lady
Anne Dunstan and your ship-master Mr Mercy?

Oh that poor impetuous fellow Sire...

inveigled that bud of innocence
he did, into running away with him.

And catching him red handed in defense of me
very life I was force to dispatch them both.

Rest in peace.

Tell me Captain about the
treasure and the Queda merchant.

Unfortunate Sire, most unfortunate.

We shipped that chest when that ship
blew and all souls went heavenward.

Rest in peace to them, ditto.

I see.

And after Twelve Apostles and Lord
Blayne, did you encounter any trace?

Nay Sire, I can only hope that the weight
of his sins sank both him and his ship.

I see, then how do you explain this?

Whose might that be Your Majesty?

My officers found it on your ship at
Plymouth after you left for London.

It bears the Blayne crest with
which I believe you are not unfamiliar.

I've always thought that
Mr Povey, me surgeon, a very wily...

fellow indeed was hiding something from me.

Hiding it in a secret
locker in your cabin Captain?

I hope Mr Povey has
a proper explanation Sire.

Mr Povey was killed
three days ago defending it...

with his dying oath he swore it was not his.

Perhaps Shadwell, me valet slipped it aboard.

Might it not have come
from a Madagascar cave Captain?

Time will get me clear about
all this Your Majesty.

Enough of your lies.


A nightmare.

Pity you overlooked Last Hope Captain.

We stood on the headland with my
friend Avery and watched you sail by.

May it please Your Majesty I
accuse this man of piracy and murder.

Was ever a gentleman so misfortunate?

Lock him up in Newgate.

He's to be held for the next session of
the court, there to be tried for his life.

Hands off me, you scum.

All I've done was to the credit
and for the honor and glory of England.

So here's me bequest, to
them what hunts what I have hid...

and to their sons' sons, down
trough the endless corridors of time...

Greed, that spawns murder.

Hatred, that corrodes the soul.

Ambition, the foulest strumpet of all.

Hey Jack, Jack hey, sell me that
hang-rope for sixpence, will you?

Save your money me lad.

You can have it all for nothing if
you'd only step up here and wear it.

Hurry up Jack, can't wait forever.

Captain Kidd is dead
My Lord Blayne, his account is closed.

Now, in what manner can I atone for
the injustice I worked upon your father?

Offer you a First Sea Lord? What you suggest?

We have a fine frigate of fifty guns.
Commissioned for American waters Sire.

That we sought of naming, the Lady Anne.

It shall be a wedding
gift to you from the Crown...

for your loyalty and
service to King and Country.