Captain Blood (1960) - full transcript

The young King Louis XIII is dominated by his mother Marie de Medici and her favorite Concino Concini . Francois de Capestang, a faithful knight falls for the daughter of the Duke of Angouleme that conspires against the Crown by his side.

= The captain / Captain Blood =

Year 1616.

Six years after the assassination of
Henry IV,

his son, Louis Xlll, turned 15.

The Mother-Queen, Marie of Medicis,
who has been ruling in the meantime,

honored her protegee, Concini

by appointing him Marshal d'Ancres and
Prime Minister.

The ambitious Leonore
Galigai, Concini's wife

is hoping to prevent
Louis Xlll from getting

the power, with the help
of the Mother-Queen

and have her husband proclaimed as
the new king of France.

Against these sick ambitions, some people
have risen: the kingdom's noblemen.

They want to reinstate the stability by
bringing Carol of Angouleme on the throne.

In order to preserve his power, Concini
uses the most dreadful methods.

Rinaldo, his evil right hand man, would
mercilessly kill

any one daring to rise against his master.

Be brave, Teynac! I'm with you.
- Thanks.

You murderer! You'll pay for this!

You'll pay for killing my friend, Teynac!

I'll find you!

Come here!

Kill him! Saddle up, quick!

Lean on me! Put your arm on my shoulder.

Thank you. Who are you?

Just relax.

Who are you?

You have to stay still if you
want your wound to heal.

Stay with me.
- I'm here.


What are you doing here?
- I've been looking

after your wound for
quite a few days, now.

Who are you?

My name is Beatrice of Beaufort,

the cousin of your poor friend, the marquis
of Teynac.

Where is the beautiful brunette who was
nursing me?

Which brunette?

I remember now. He's put down a man that
was trying to kill me.

You have to relax, or your wound will

You still need a lot of rest.

Believe me,

I deeply condemn the acts of robbery
that a lot of you have been victims of.

Mister governor, you can no longer allow

robbers and thieving groups to
enter our province.

Not long after count of Pourtel,

our friend, the marquis of Teynac has been
murdered, along with his family.

We need to provide people with arms.

I can't give you any permissions. My orders
are clear.

Who issues these orders?
- The Marshal d'Ancre.

Mother-Queen's favorite, Concino Concini...

He's the only one who can decide our fate.
He's the prime minister.

He can't possibly understand what's going
on here.

I'll make him understand.
- Think you could do it better than me?

I'll go to Louvres,

if your council assigns
me with carrying our

written complaints to
the prime minister.

Of course.

Concini is a government lackey. He
won't move a finger for us.

Then I'll go to the king!

Our king is much too young. He's barely 15.

The Parliament declared
him an adult, at his

age. The regency of the
Mother-Queen has ended.

He's the only one that can decide for us.

On behalf of everyone, I thank the knight
Francois of Capestang

for having accepted this mission.

As a governor of the Provence region,

I can only give you a mandate
for seeing the prime minister.

Once you're in Paris, anything you'll
decide remember that you're on your own.

Approach, ladies and gentlemen!

Come watch the magnificent Cogolin!

Cheer for the century's most beautiful

Come closer, beautiful ladies, and you,

Come to see the most mysterious and magical
show on earth.

Come have fun with master Cogolin...

Little one, can you watch my horse?
- ... King of troubadours!

Stay there!

What happened? Are you mocking me?

You don't believe in my powers?

He's defying me!

Right! Now you beg for forgiveness!

If we'd only just have to kiss to make up
for a mistake, it would be too easy.

I don't want you doubting my powers.

Which I will once again prove!

Miss, pick a card! Any card.

That one... All right. Don't show it to me!

Put it back in the deck. Thanks! Now I'll
mix them up.

And now it's my turn to guess the card.

Let me think...

Could this be it?

Something tells me it's not this one.

Let's see. Maybe this one?

Something tells me it's
not this one either!

Maybe this one?

Queen of spades.

I'm the troubadour.

Welcome, dear lovebirds, to my garden!

May you be happy forever!

You ain't seen nothing yet! If it was up to
my king...

I could have become the minister of
finance. I'd have left you all in rags.

But whatever I take, I give back -
for I'm no politician, but a poet.

It's my choice. I stay honest.

I have nothing, I want nothing! And if it
happens that I'm stretching out my hand

it's only to offer luck
to the kind-hearted!

I'm the troubadour!

I realize I no longer bother you.
Now you want to salute by yourself.

It's him! Release him!

What happened?
- Singing time's over!

Dancing time's over too.
- Come on, move!

What the...
- We're collecting now! Hand over the sack.

Most noble gentlemen...

No butt-kissing! Either hand over the sack,
or we'll beat you to death!

Shake him well! He might still have money
in his pockets!

I'll suffocate!
- Lift him up!

No! be careful!
- You said you've got nothing on you!

You know what happens to liars? Their
tongue gets cut!

Have mercy, leave my tongue. That's my
way of living.

Help! Murderers! - Grab him by
the head and take off his boots!

He's got brand new boots.

If you so much as move your fingers, we'll
chop off your leg.

I'm not moving any fingers.
I've got blisters.

Come on, pull!

You two, get to the wagon!
- I'm out of here!

You're going to leave me naked, like this?
It's not comfortable at all.

The nights are cold here.
- You'll be all right.

The wolves and night hawks
are going to show up

quicker than you'll have
time to scare off the birds.

Let's go!

Don't leave me like this! Have mercy!

We must be quite a sight!

Now you can be proud! - You're a
guard dog. This suits you better.

Are you done howling?

If you think you'll cheer
me up like this...



It's true you have a beautiful voice. What
happened to you, poor singer?

They took everything. Left me with nothing!

Because of the cold, I'm starting to feel a
little numb.

It seems there are also wolves around here.

May I ask who I owe my life to?

I am knight Francis of
Tremasenc of Capestang.

My name is simpler: Cogolin.

Jump on, troubadour!

On weather like this... You're very kind to
take me with you.

I remembered you've returned to me the
money that have been stolen.

Aren't you afraid
you're going to draw

attention upon yourself
with such a passenger?


The Golden Apple Inn.

Did you see that? The clothes may be
of no importance,

but when you're not planning on becoming
a monk, a little elegance suits you.

Your wine, gentlemen!

Thank you. Did you hear that?

I became irresistible. All thanks to you.

I don't even know how to thank you.
If I wasn't

a poet, I'd have liked
to be your servant.

The gratitude is pushing me, yet the muse
forbids it. Isn't that so?

Your conscience makes you an honorable

What about the muse, though, would she
approve of you being

a companion and a friend to a knight?

Yes, to sing about his romances.

My romances? I only dream of one.

For the better. I'd have less work to do.

But it's...

You're not feeling well?
- It's her!

Your great love? Should I already start
to write?

I'm dreaming!

It's certainly not a nightmare.

I knew I wasn't dreaming!

Mister, please! What is this?

It was you who saved my life at Teynac's

You shot a perpetrator.

Do you think such method is suitable for
a gentleman?

Who's the lady?
- I don't know, master.

But you seemed to know her.

In a job like mine, you always have to
pretend you recognize people.

That makes them feel flattered.

Tell me her name!
- Master, I don't have a memory for names.

I know you have to have imagination in
order to seduce women,

but I would have never came up with
the "pistol-shooting" story.

I did not come up with that.

Here! Take this sack and
buy a round for everyone,

including the servants
of the young lady.

Make them talk! I want to know her name,
at any cost.

Long live the new wine!

Why did he leave you alone?

Because he has two faults. He doesn't drink
and he's suspicious.


Well, it's natural. When one has to
fulfill a task such as he has...

What kind of task?

I got no clue. He never talks about it.

Do you think I know why he's on his
way to Louvre?

To Louvre?

Yes. It's none of my concern what he and
Marshal d'Ancre have to talk about.

He's talking to Concini?

Don't put words in my mouth!

And if you're trying to get
me drunk in order to talk...

It won't work, as I have to get up early.
I'm up to bed. Good night!

You're a mess.
- I beg your pardon?

Did they talk?

Come to think of it, the new wine unchains
a lot of tongues.

It seems yours is unchained for real.
Did they even say anything to you?

They taught me a song I did not know.

Long live the wine!

Get in!
- Long live the new wine!

Cogolin, quick! Her carriage is leaving!
Let's jump on the horses!

- I'm doing the best I can!

Look, there's the carriage...

I will lead. You come after me. And hurry!

I'll try.

Love gives you wings.

But since I'm not in love, I
don't feel like killing my legs.

The day starts well.

I have to choose: either a hero, or a poet.

One can't be both.

Now you're coming?
- The poor animal is limping.

How's that happened?
- You probably didn't pick it too well.

Lift the leg up!

Look, a stone! It's stuck in his hoof. You

I'm not a horse doctor.
- Come on, hurry up!

Do you really think you're going to catch

before she arrives in Paris?

So, the Marshal d'Ancre has finally agreed
to see you.

You've been waiting for his reception for
eight days now.

Wait here for me!

I won't be too long.
- You think?

Why not think it?

Why didn't Concini receive you when you
were introduced to him, at the Louvre?

Why did he call you to his residence?

Why is everyone saying that it's much
easier getting in there than getting out?

What are you afraid of?
I'm the one who's going to go in there.

- Marshal d'Ancre awaits me.

I'm really content with
you, Miss de Beaufort.

You've brought me some very interesting

I will sign you father's pardon tomorow.

Marshal, Sir, you promised me...
- I promised you I will pardon him.

As for his freedom, that's only up to you.

Bring me one more piece of information
as important as the one you brought now

and I promise I'll get your father out of

Talk to the majordomo on the upper floor!

I would like to speak to Marshal d'Ancre.
I am the knight of Capestang.

Very well, Sir.

Did you understand my instructions?
- Yes, Marshal.

Knight of Capestang, Sir!

He's here! Send him in. And send my orders
to Rinaldo.

I'll call you!
- All right, Sir!

If he's looking for trouble, he's
about to find it eventually.

In the name of my province's council,
thanks for receiving me.

Please, be seated.

Knight, you've come a long way to tell me
what I already know.

Shouldn't you take some exceptional
measures on the matter, Marshal?

The gangs of villains rob and
prey throughout the provinces.

They even had the nerve to attack a
girl's carriage in a forest

really close to Paris.

Mr. Knight, I know everything about the

Some wanderer got involved in a matter that
didn't concern him.

He allowed an accomplice, Giselle of
Angouleme, to get away.

He's committed a high treason crime, which
makes him a candidate for execution.

Lucky for you, Sir,

the accomplice that you've protected fell
into our hands when exiting the forest.

Mister de Capestang, I
know few things about you.

I know you're brave, and a good fighter.

You're faithful, even with no noble blood.

Be my friend,

and I will make you one of the greatest
seniors in the kingdom.

Marshal, what do you want from me?
- For now, to be honest, not much.

Take a walk through Paris, cursing out
my name

and you'll make a lot of friends quickly.

You'll be accepted into the group of
conspirators at once.

You want me to conspire against you?
- Don't pretend you didn't understand.

You will inform me of
what my enemies think.

With your help I will strangle
this vain and delusional nobility.

See? It's simple.

Yes, it's simple. True.

You told me I am a man of good faith. And
you're right.

But no matter how humble my origin is,

I don't think any of my ancestors would
have accepted to become an informant.

By advancing such a proposition, you've
insulted a Capestang.

Capestang! They should call you "Capitan".

The captain from the Italian comedies, with
the wooden sword

that always needs to be smacked in
order to be brought to sense.

I offer you a title, you
answer with insolence.

You make me laugh, Capitan!

Capitan? So be it! I will be one. I will
accept this mockery.

It's not our name that makes us

Polichinelle said that
low-life and cowardice

have a name too, and it's
sometimes a noble one.

This insolence is a luxury I don't think
you can afford, Sir!

I am amused by it...

But many people aren't like me. Be careful!

Show Mr. de Capestang out!

Lead him to the councilor that takes care
of the provinces' business.

Follow me, Knight!

He's been in there for
quite a long time. And

I don't think Concini
asked him to dinner.

Mr. de Capestang, give up your sword!

Come and get it, you murderer!

You'll pay for killing Marquis de Teynac!


Quick! Get him!

Good bye!

Closer! Hold the horse!

Thank you, Cogolin!

This cabin will soon look as new.

Concini's men will not look for us in
the heart of the forest.

We'll be better off than in any inn.

Rest... We want to get rest, and the girl
is Concini's prisoner.

Come! The fencing lesson!
- I'd rather finish here first.

You'll finish afterwards.
Come and train for a bit.

If I want my plan to
work, it has to at least

look like you have
some fighting skills.

All right.


You imagine that everything will go on
the way you planned?

Why not? "En garde", my beautiful knight!

Not like that! You hold it like a broom.

Don't make me laugh. I won't be able
to do anything.

Besides, I'm afraid I might get hurt.
- This animal is offending me.

En garde! Right foot forward! The
right one!


Hold the weapon with strength, and
keep the blade pointing at me.

I do.

Heads up! Suck the belly, stretch your

Tight elbows, get your knees further apart.

I won't look natural!
- You need to look threatening!

All right.

Don't lose my sight. Point the blade at me!

If you'd just freeze, it would be simpler!
- Turn towards me!

I need to start all over again!
- Attack!


What if I attack your head, how will you
block it? - With the elbow upwards.

No. What's that move?
- I'm blocking!

- Is it good?

What if I attack you at blade point? How do
you respond?

No! Don't you realize? If I was slipping
forward, you'd have pierced me.

You should put something on top. It really

Now you do a...

I want to know how will I disarm you in
our next battle.

I don't want to be always in danger.

If you want that, I'll show you.

You point the top of
your blade at me. Do it!

The top?
- Now I've wrapped your move.

- You lean and I'll swipe off your sword!

So I'm disarmed. But I don't understand one

If you want to kill Concini, why don't you
do it as soon as you attack?

Gisele d'Angouleme is his hostage and she'd
be killed on the spot. Good thinking!

We must be slick.

It's up to you to help me find out where
they keep her.

I stick to my plan.
- I stick to my skin.

Point the top of your sword at me
and attack! - And I disarm you!

I wrap your move and...

Ough, now I'm disarmed too!

Gentlemen, you do know the reason why
we're here.

Miss Gisele d'Angouleme has gone missing.

Her carriage was attacked while she was
on her way to Count of Poitiers

trying to convince him to join our league.

When she went to see Marquis of Teynac
with the same proposition,

Concini's scoundrels set
his castle on fire.

And she was almost caught.

Which leads us to believe she's now
Concini's prisoner.

He'll probably use her as
a hostage, against us.

Gentlemen, we must not be stopped by

not even by the somber threats that
have gathered upon my daughter, Gisele

and upon our people that are now in
Concini's hands.

We shall stick to the oath we took here.

I decide nothing shall stop
us from reaching our purpose.

We will remove Concini and crown Carol
of Angouleme,

A strong an prophetic sovereign that our
country needs.

Long live king Carol of Angouleme!
Long live king Carol!

In this residence Concini
hides his shameful lovers.

That must be his carriage.

Hide there and try to rise to the occasion.

You try not to get caught!

My sack, Sir.
- Come and get it, you scoundrel!


You coward, you hit an unarmed man?

Shame on you! Murderer!

Are you crazy?

Disarm me!

I can't!

Start over!

Easy. What do I do now?


I'm sorry for sticking my nose in your

But I took this liberty because...

You've done well. You're brave.

Even though your sword skill surprised me
at times

I realized you're more
efficient than my own guards

which I'm paying too much.

I'm not a skillful swordsman, Sir, but my
father was an armourer.

He taught me a few moves of defense,
good for when one's always traveling.

Traveling? What do you do?
- Just a troubadour.

I owe you my life. How can I repay you?

No, not like that, Sir! But...

What? Name it!

I can recite a poem, I can sing, I can
entertain people.

But what's an artist without a protector?

Come to Louvres tomorrow. I need loyal

Ask about Marshal d'Ancre.

Marshal d'Ancre?!

Thank heavens! I'm so proud of myself!

By fighting for you, I feel like I've been
fighting for France.

He's a true dancer. All he needs now is
to speak.

Dance! Like that!

As a poet, I need the flame of the muses.

Here it is!

In order for it not to go
extinct, I'll keep it here.

Wise! Now I can ask the charming lady

with your Majesty's permission, to bring me
her fan?

Only a muse with seducing eyes

can increase the creation flame of a poet.
Are you that muse?


I might be.

But there's no doubt!

Why keep these flames in plain sight

when they're meant to only lit my heart?

Isn't it so, charming lady?

As thanks, allow me to offer you a few

A buffoon for a king. That's all we needed,
my dear wife.

Let him laugh. It's normal for his age.

like this he'll dream
less to a kingdom.

The mother queen thinks the same. Just
look at her!

The king seems to be highly entertained
by this clown.

It's the type of distraction that he lacked
the most.

let's just hope it'll take
his mind away from all

the responsibilities not
suitable for his age.

Things that his friends are trying to bring
up too often.

Tell me your name, charming lady!

My name is Cogolino. What is yours?

My name?
- Yes!

My name?
- Yes!

- Giuseppa! What a beautiful name!

"Cogolino" is beautiful!
- Yes it is.

Is this your palace?
- It is.

If I was a king, you'd be my queen.

I don't understand French too well!

It's for the better!

I'm rather shy, so this will
give me a chance to open up!

What eyes!

What a mouth, what...

I understand that!
- Forgive me!

After you've done your work, can you come
and sing me a song?

I beg your pardon?

Can you come later and enchant me
with a song?

A song... to sing later?
- Yes.

Why not?

I'm just a poor troubadour that
doesn't speak Dante's language.

In order to confess my love, it's better to
sing it.

You could be my beauty from sunny Italy!

I know you understand.

Yes, yes, yes.

Tell me a word of comfort, even though
I wouldn't understand it.

It sounds so good in Italian.

Since I can't confess my love to you...

We'll just smile at each other.

Yes, yes, yes.

This language is the message

of our hearts, bewitched and happy.

To whisper words of love, there's no need
for speeches

We'll always understand each other.

When in love, a true romantic

never mistakes night for day.

The words are always the same

and we'll sing them in our songs.

To whisper words of love, there's no need
for speeches

We'll always understand each other.

Listening to you, I
understood the beautiful

language that's spoken
here, in Paris.

I'll tell you what these words mean.

Oh, my darling, you're so beautiful!

You're my little angel, so handsome!

Come here!

Stop! I got it!

You want me to come to you.

Yes, yes!

Let's not wait any longer. Let's be tender
with each other.

Let's talk, finally, by
touching each other's hands.

To whisper words of love, there's no need
for speeches

We'll always understand each other.

When in love, a true romantic never,
never mistakes

night for day.

The words are always the same

and we can sing them in our songs.

To whisper words of love, there's no need
for speeches

We'll always understand each other.

Hand in hand, we'll walk on the same road

And whisper phrases of love.

Hand in hand, walking together...

Whispering phrases of love.

Oh my God! The Mother-Queen!
- Quick!


Marshal, the person
you've sent for is here.

Does Your Majesty allow me to retire?

You may get out!

So, what's your answer, Miss d'Angouleme?


You're not smart at all.

All I want you to do is
send your father a letter

Asking him to forget about his
plans, and I'll set you free.

No! You'll just use that letter
as an excuse to kill us all.

Do you really believe that a Marshal
of France would go that low?

I don't know on what battlefield
you've earned your Marshal stripes

but, like everyone else, I know how you've
earned the Prime Minister title.

Bedding the Mother-Queen!

I've always been a fan
of certain audacities,

lady, but right now
you're out of line!

Do you know for words like these
I could have you tortured?

To me, your presence in the same room is a
torture in itself.

I see you don't understand me, a thing that
saddens me deeply.

My intentions regarding you are...

How shall I put it?

How dare you?

Since this is where we stand, I'll send
you back to the Castle of Clairefond.

I hope you'll be well treated there
and won't lack anything you desire.

After all, it's the kingdom's best prison.

A few months of solitude will change you,
I hope.

They'll make you less aggressive, more

Please, try to understand me, young lady!

All I want is for you to be happy and for
France to be glorious.

Take the lady back to the
Castle of Clairefond!

Lady, follow me!

So? Do you know where she is?

Concini just sent her back to Clairefond.

Let's move right now!
- Let me breathe a little!

There's no time. I'm
familiar with the Castle

of Clairefond. In order
for our plan to succeed

we'll need a third horse and a few objects
I have to teach you how to use.

It's awesome how many new
things I'm learning!

Fencing, Italian language...
What else?

You shall see! - I think I might
become a multi-level scholar.

Put the saddle on my horse!

There's the Castle of Clairefond!

I knew it was hard to
get out of that place,

but this one seems
impossible to get into.

Don't worry about it! I have a plan.

You'll never make it!
- We'll see about that.

And there's the dawn.

It's for the best. I'll see what I'm up to!

The castle's fortress, out of our sight, to
the right...

is connected to the land through a mobile

Why not use that bridge?

No. That would be the under
permanent surveillance.

My only chance is to
get through here.

What? I got to warn you, I can't swim.

You'll do exactly as I say.

You go around the pond until you reach the
mobile bridge...

And try to get back by
the time we'll get here.

All right. I got it.

Let's just hope it won't
blow up before I get there.

Be patient! You realize, of
course, it's gun powder!

How beautiful love is...

Take me to Gisele d'Angouleme's cell!

Yes, sir!

- Yes. Me, again!

The least they can say about you, is you're
a very hard to find girl.

The keys!

Lie down in the boat!

Come and take a look! What's with that boat

You're finally here!

Everything all right? I was so scared!

Are you hurt?
- Nothing serious. I can move my arm!

Try putting it around my neck, so I can
carry you.

We can't take that way no more. The mobile
bridge has been destroyed.

Your ordeal is finally over.

You've been very brave.
- I owed you at least that.

Does it hurt bad?
- No, it's nothing, believe me!

You're so brave!

You're brave too, Cogolin.

With him behind me, I have no other choice.

Are you cold?
- A little.

Go and build a fire, quick!

I'm terribly sorry, but I'm
going to have to leave you.

I need to get back to Louvre tonight.

Or else I will be noticed as absent.

Are you all right there? Good bye.

Thank you.
- Good bye.

Why did you do all this for me?

It's mostly because, some time ago, at
the Castle of Teynac,

I dreamed you killed a man who was trying
to kill me.

It was then when I had the feeling

you're the bravest, most
beautiful girl I've ever seen.

It might have been just a dream, but
I'm not ready to forget it yet.

Giselle, was it you then, at the castle?

Yes, it was me.

Why have you been hiding from me all along?

I couldn't tell you anything. But you'll
soon find out what this is all about.


Giselle, I'm...


There are feeling I find
hard to express right now.

You've proved them in the most wonderful
way, though!

Come next Friday, around midnight

in front of the Church
Saint-Nicolas of Meudon.

This ring will be your recognition sign.

A friend shall lead you to where I am.


My horse's gone wild!

Lorenzo has distilled here a poison that
doesn't show, once mixed with wine

and it doesn't change
the taste of it either.

Are you sure it's effective?
- Instantly, sir!

I'll take it to the king's chamber.
He'll be served like he is every day,

with an assorted plate of
delicacies and his favorite wine.

Let's just hope that this
will be more effective

then the drug we've
prepared for his horse.

The horse acted exactly as we've predicted,

And this poison will have
the expected effect too.

You can trust him, my friend.

Lorenzo is the best alchemist I've known.

And the most devoted one.

You're quite famous. I've learned you
count your victims by the hundreds.

They were only bad people, sir, the enemies
of my friends.

What's the secret of your genius,
you diabolical magician?

The nature has played me a prank and I'm
not finished paying it back.

The knight of Capestang is asking if Your
Majesty can receive him.

Let him in.

Glad to see you again, sir!

Friendly faces a so few here, at Louvre!

I hope I shall prove myself worthy of
the honor Your Majesty is doing me!

You see? He's the King's friend.

The King's friend!

Since our friends' friends are our friends

I've became, somehow,
the King's friend too.

You didn't get that? You're pretty anyway!

Why didn't you bring straight to me the
wishes of the committee you represent?

The governor has directed me to Marshal
d'Ancre, Your Majesty!

Did he receive you well?

In fact he refused to let me leave.
- Tell me all about it!

I've came to Louvre several times, in
order to be received my Marshal d'Ancre.

Now he's portraying the Marshal quite well.

"Portraying him"?

You didn't get that? Well,
you're pretty anyway!

Everything you tell me is just
confirming what I already know.

It's painful that, at my
age, I have to understand

some people are just
capable of anything.

Like some are capable of faithfulness and
loyalty. - Your Majesty, you've got mine!

I believe you and I thank you!

Even as a king, sometimes it's
hard to do the right thing.

I've got so few friends... I'm glad
to add another one to the count.

Be ready to respond when I'll call for you!

Your Majesty, it is my most valuable
duty to serve you and be your servant!

Right now, to fight by your side

because your very existence is a warranty
for peace and justice in the kingdom.

Thank you. I will rely on
your friendship and devotion.

The day when I'll need you is near.

It's wiser I come with you.

You might have some unpleasant encounters
in this palace.

Marshal, allow me to introduce my close

knight Francois of Capestang.

"Capitan" for the ones close to me.

"Capitan"? Does Your Majesty still receive

Better to receive them then appoint them

Fripon! Come here!



Have you no shame? Hide! You're bad!

You rascal! Hide!

Stop! You scoundrel!

A valet dares to drink wine
out of the king's cup!

Hand me the cup!

Don't you know this honor is reserved
solely for Marshal d'Ancre's guards?


It was poison!



Say something, Cogolino!

My God... Cogolino, say something!
- What are you doing here? Leave!



Put these fools' bodies in some
sacks and fill them with stones.

Toss them in the Seine! Go now!

Let's not stay here!

Better not to make a fuss about what

I'm not dead!

- Yes, now!

Where is he?


Stop him!

Catch the spy! I have to find you who he's
working for!

Take him to the torture chamber!

Forgive me, gentlemen, I think
I've reached the wrong floor.

Will you talk now?
- I know nothing, sir!

Who were you spying for?
- Not spying, sir! I'm thirsty!

For real!

Talk! Tell me everything,
and I'll set you free!


I swear I'll release you! Say something!


Come in!

Open up! In the name of the king!

Long live the king!

My God, Cogolino!

Marshal, how dare you torture my buffoon?

Majesty, he's a dangerous spy!

I assume your purpose is to make him talk!

Yes, Sir. In the best
interest of Your Majesty!

I'm under the impression, Marshal, that I
can make him talk even without the torture.

Get out, Marshal! Wait for me outside!

Let me do it, Sir! When
the king will get out...

It's too early!

You were right, Marshal! That man needed to

He confessed everything.

You see, it's hard enough for me to realize
that in the Louvre, in my own palace

I live among a bunch of traitors, spies and

I've never hid that from you, Majesty!
You need to take extreme measures!

That's why I believe that I was
right, in the earlier incident.

You're always right, Marshal.

But it's time we talk seriously
about these matters.

Please, follow me to my chambers!

Where are they?
- I don't know!

The king's lead them out of the
palace through the back door.

Looking for someone?

This way.

When confronting the
audacity of the horrible

scoundrel that claims
he serves France

we shall forget our old misunderstandings.

Let's make a promise, in this memorable

that we'll stand together until victory
and that we'll fight to the death

in order to bring down and
destroy the infamous Concini.

Let's swear we'll set as King of France

the only true inheritor of the Valois
House, duke Carol de Angouleme,

so he shall be our king.

I swear!

I gladly see that we're all in agreement.

No, gentlemen!
- What are you talking about?

Who are you to dare act like this?

Francis of Capestang.

Sir Capestang, I know my daughter owes you
her life and her freedom

however, for your audacity
you should be put to trial.

Trial me, I don't care!

You can't condemn my king without listening
to what I've got to say!

- This is too much!

We're listening!

I did not wait to meet you all just to
fight against Concini, I did it anyway.

What do you blame the king for, though?
That he's young?

That's he's alone against all?

Against Concini and his men,
against his own mother!

Louis XllI not only was
always worthy of his throne

but also showed great courage.

His weakness doesn't lie within
him, but lies in all of you.

Since you're not prepared
to help him win this fight.

Did you king order you here to
manipulate us on his behalf?

I need no orders to do what's right, Sir!

Who told you the place
of our secret meeting?

I can't tell!

That's like admitting you're
one of Concini's spies.

Knight of Capestang came
here at my request.

I knew you were Concini's enemy and I've
seen how brave you are.

I wanted to ask you to join us.

You may leave.

If your decision is already made
up, you'll never be one of us.

You have to understand what this means.

I can fight along your
side against Concini.

But never against the king.

Who'll guarantee us he won't betray us?

I will!

The hypocrisy it's our enemies'
most dangerous weapon.

A weapon that you know
nothing about, right?

If I'd been guilty of the crimes I've been
accused of

I would have known how to hide better and
play the innocent.

May it be that my failures in trying
to get your voice to be heard

to stand proof for my
loyalty for Your Majesty.

If only I could be a "captain".

It's obvious you're not forgiving
him for leaving the camp

especially since he took someone with him.

Who did he take?
- Giselle d'Angouleme, Your Majesty.

Giselle d'Angouleme?

Didn't he tell you he's
the author of her escape?

Why didn't you brink me a
report of this escape?

I was waiting to gather up solid proofs.

I will never accuse someone
without proof, Sir.

And I shall produce these
proofs, Your Majesty!

All right.

Will the duke of Angouleme and his daughter
be at the meeting?

Yes, I'm sure of it.

This is the order that shall
set your father free.

Mister De Neuville, governor of
Bastille, will set him free tomorrow.

Beatrice, if you want

I can arrange that for your father
to be re-instated starting tonight.

I believe this discussion has taken
too much time. Get out, young lady!

For the favors this girl has shown
you, you've freed my greatest enemy.

Do you really think I'm that stupid?

The noble prisoner has been methodically
tortured, with no results, by the way.

He didn't take that too well, along with
the special conditions he's been under.

The girl's father is
dead for seven days now.

So this leaves us to...
- Yes.

Tonight, I will apply my
most trusted methods.

Rinaldo shall do what he must.
Tomorrow you'll be queen.

I need to talk to you.

I'm a traitor.

In order to obtain my father's
release, I've betrayed my friends.

My father meant everything to me.
My betrayal didn't even save him.

He died in prison eight
days ago, suffering

and being miserable,
after they tortured him.

I meant to tell everything to
Giselle, but the shame stopped me.

If you don't notify them on time,

the heads of the conspirators that will
gather up today, at the Saint-Leo Castle

will fall right into Concini's trap.

Help me, please!

Your youth has never prepared you for such

The love for your father has blinded you.

I pity you.

Yet, if there's someone guilty
for all this, it's Concini.


It's not right to listen to a
friend's door, the way we did.

We're in enough trouble with the brunette,
Giselle d'Angouleme.

I need to find out what kind of torment
this beautiful blonde will bring upon us.

We can't be living only on love and water.
That's why I brought you some soup.

Look! A cabin and a heart.
This is my lifelong dream.

Mine too, Cogolino!

We're finally alone! We can tell each other
words of love.

Come in!

Where's the knight of Capestang?
- Who's asking, please?

The king.

Your Majesty! Forgive the mess!

If I had known you'd come, I'd have cleaned
up a bit.

Where is the knight of Capestang?

He's on the run all the time,
never standing in one place.

I want to know where he is, you understand?

A young blonde woman came

and took him to the Saint-Leo Castle,
at the conspirators' meeting.

Saint-Leo Castle?
- Yes, Sir!

But I swear, Sir, it's not the conspiracy
he's interested in, but something else.

Are you going to tell me what it is?

I don't think he went there for
the sake of the Duke d'Angouleme,

but rather for his daughter.

I think he's madly in love. That's
why he can easily fall into a trap.

A trap?

Let's go, gentlemen!


Gentlemen, you're familiar with
the purpose of this meeting.

Now we have to figure out how to act.

The time has come...
- Let me through!

Sir, you won't get in here!
- Let me through!

There's no place for you here!
- Silence, please!

Knight of Capestang! I've already
warned you that if you came back...

Concini's men are going to be here from one
moment to another.

How would you know if you're
not the traitor himself?

In another time, I'd have demanded
satisfaction for such an accusation.

Who'd believe you came
here out of kindness?

Not only I've told you I'm
fighting by your side

in order to save someone
that I hold very dear.

But I also said that if I fight this fight

it will be out of loyalty for the king.

Because I know, once they'd have dealt with

Concini's people will
turn against the king!

And you, gentlemen, if you
fight for the glory of France

believe there won't be any glory
unless you'll wipe out these bastards.

Join the just cause, our
young king's cause!

Catch that man! He's a traitor!


I was the one that betrayed you!

Murderer! This time you won't escape me!

Go, go!
- Why the hurry?

Because we're living an historical
moment and I don't want to miss it.

What does this mean...
an historical moment?

Some very hard times which,
if we'll survive them

guarantee our staying in history.

Now that I know your tricks,
let me teach you some of mine!

Let your soul go to God!

Stop the fight, gentlemen! By orders of the

I find you in a strange comradeship, Sir!

I trusted you, gave you my friendship

and you promised me yours.

You swore to defend your
king no matter what

and yet I find you fighting
by the conspirators' side.

Miss d'Angouleme,

you are the daughter of the person that
Concini called "my greatest enemy".

You could have killed me,
yet you spared my life.

Ask me for any favor, I shall grant it.

I'm not asking for clemency

neither for my family, nor for the
people that were loyal to us.

But I will tell you one thing:

the knight of Capestang has always
been your most faithful servant.

Before this fight, he was
trying, for the second time

to persuade us to fight for your cause.

I was merely looking for a
shred of proof, young lady

and you've offered it to me with
nobility, just like I hoped.

I never doubted the knight of Capestang.

I know he has fought along your
side, against your enemies

because he knew once they had won, they
would have turned against me.

This is the proof!

Concini wanted to divide us. But
that's all in the past now.

This morning, by my orders, Concini
was executed by hanging.

I told you these are historical times.

In spite your youth, you've proven yourself
as a great king.

Gentlemen, Concini is dead.
Long live the king!

Long live the king!

Cousin, the liaison I
hoped for, between the

House of Valois and
the House of Bourbon

can undoubtedly exist.

The attitude and the words of Miss
d'Angouleme have convinced me of it.

I believe her and my friend,
Francis of Capestang can become

our families' strongest symbol of reunion.

I approve without hesitation, Your Majesty!

This time, we can finally say to each other
words of love.

Translated and adapted by mucea@CG.