Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) - full transcript

It is 1942, America has entered World War II, and sickly but determined Steve Rogers is frustrated at being rejected yet again for military service. Everything changes when Dr. Erskine recruits him for the secret Project Rebirth. Proving his extraordinary courage, wits and conscience, Rogers undergoes the experiment and his weak body is suddenly enhanced into the maximum human potential. When Dr. Erskine is then immediately assassinated by an agent of Nazi Germany's secret HYDRA research department (headed by Johann Schmidt, a.k.a. the Red Skull), Rogers is left as a unique man who is initially misused as a propaganda mascot; however, when his comrades need him, Rogers goes on a successful adventure that truly makes him Captain America, and his war against Schmidt begins.

Are you the guys from Washington?

You get many other visitors out here?

How long you been on-site?

Since this morning.

A Russian oil team
called it in about 18 hours ago.

How come nobody spotted it before?

It's really not that surprising.

This landscape's changing all the time.

You got any idea
what this thing is exactly?

I don't know.
It's probably a weather balloon.

I don't think so.

You know, we don't have
the equipment for a job like this.

How long before
we can start craning it out?

I don't think you quite understand.

You guys are gonna need
one hell of a crane.


Base, we're in.

What is this?



What is it?

My God.

Base, get me a line to the Colonel.

MAN ON RADIO: it's 3:00 a.m., sir.

I don't care what time it is.
This one's waited long enough.




They've come for it!

They have before.

Not like this.

Let them come.

They'll never find it.








Open it!


Quickly, before he...

SCHMIDT: It has taken me a long time
to find this place.

You should be commended.

Help him up.

I think that you are
a man of great vision.

And, in this way, we are much alike.

I am nothing like you.

No, of course, but

what others see as superstition,
you and I know to be a science.

What you seek is just a legend.

Then why make such an effort
to conceal it?

The Tesseract was the jewel
of Odin's treasure room.

It is not something one buries.

But I think it is close, yes?

I cannot help you.

No. But maybe
you can help your village.

You must have some friends out there.
Some little grandchildren, perhaps?

I have no need for them to die.




SCHMIDT: Tree of the world.

Guardian of wisdom.

And fate, also.

And the Führerdigs for trinkets
in the desert.

You have never seen this, have you?

It's not for the eyes of ordinary men.


- Give the order to open fire.


You cannot control the power you hold.

You will burn!

I already have.

O'Connell, Michael.

Kaminsky, Henry.

STEVE: Boy, a lot of guys
getting killed over there.

Rogers, Steven.

It kind of makes you think twice
about enlisting, huh?



- What did your father die of?
- Mustard gas.

He was in the 107th Infantry.
I was hoping I could be assigned...

- Your mother?
- She was a nurse in a TB ward.

Got hit. Couldn't shake it.

- Sorry, son.
- Look, just give me a chance.

You'd be ineligible
on your asthma alone.

Is there anything you can do?

I'm doing it.

I'm saving your life.

War continues to ravage Europe.

But help is on the way.

Every able-bodied young man is
lining up to serve his country.

Even little Timmy is doing his part

collecting scrap metal.

Nice work, Timmy!

MAN: Who cares?

Play the movie already!

Hey, you wanna show some respect?

ANNOUNCER: Meanwhile, overseas,

our brave boys are showing
the Axis powers that the price

of freedom is never too high.

MAN: Let's go! Get on with it!

Hey, just start the cartoon!

Hey, you wanna shut up?

ANNOUNCER: Together with
Allied forces, we'll face any threat,

no matter the size.




You just don't know when to give up,
do you?

I can do this all day.


Pick on someone your own size.


Sometimes I think
you like getting punched.

I had him on the ropes.

How many times is this?

Oh, you're from Paramus now?

You know it's illegal to lie
on the enlistment form.

And seriously, Jersey?

You get your orders?

The 107th.

Sergeant James Barnes,

shipping out for England
first thing tomorrow.

I should be going.

Come on, man.

My last night!
I got to get you cleaned up.

Why? Where are we going?

The future.

BUCKY: I don't see what the problem is.

You're about to be
the last eligible man in New York.

You know there's
three and a half million women here?

Well, I'd settle forjust one.

Good thing I took care of that.

Hey, Bucky!

What'd you tell her about me?

Only the good stuff.

the Modern Marvels Pavilion

and the World of Tomorrow.

A greater world. A better world.


Oh, my God! It's starting! (GIGGLES)


and gentlemen, Mr. Howard Stark!


WOMAN: I love you, Howard!

Ladies and gentlemen,

what if I told you that in just
a few short years, your automobile

won't even have to
touch the ground at all?


Yes. Thanks, Mandy.

With Stark Gravitic
Reversion Technology

you'll be able to do just that.


Holy cow.


I did say a few years, didn't I?



Hey, Steve, what do you say
we treat these girls...


Come on, soldier.

BUCKY: Come on. You're kind of
missing the point of a double date.

We're taking the girls dancing.

You go ahead. I'll catch up with you.

You're really going to do this again?

Well, it's a fair. I'm gonna try my luck.

As who, Steve from Ohio?

They'll catch you.
Or worse, they'll actually take you.

Look, I know
you don't think I can do this.

This isn't a back alley, Steve. It's war.

STEVE: I know it's a war.
BUCKY: Why are you so keen to fight?

- There are so many important jobs.
- What do you want me to do?

Collect scrap metal
in my little red wagon?

- Yes. Why not?
- I'm not gonna sit in a factory, Bucky.

Bucky, come on.
There are men laying down their lives.

I got no right to do any less than them.

That's what you don't understand.
This isn't about me.

Right. 'Cause you got nothing to prove.

WOMAN: Hey, Sarge!
Are we going dancing?

Yes, we are.

Don't do anything stupid until I get back.

How can I?

You're taking all the stupid with you.

- You're a punk.
- Jerk.

Be careful.

Don't win the war till I get there!

BUCKY: Come on, girls.
They're playing our song.


Wait here.

- Is there a problem?
- Just wait here.

Thank you.


you want to go overseas.
Kill some Nazis.

Excuse me?

Dr. Abraham Erskine.

I represent
the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

Steve Rogers.

Where are you from?

Queens. 73rd Street
and Utopia Parkway.

Before that, Germany.

- This troubles you?
- No.

Where are you from, Mr. Rogers?

Is it New Haven?

Or Paramus?

Five exams in five different cities.

That might not be the right file.

No, it's not the exams I'm interested in.

It's the five tries.

But you didn't answer my question.
Do you want to kill Nazis?

Is this a test?


I don't want to kill anyone.

I don't like bullies.
I don't care where they're from.

Well, there are already

so many big men fighting this war.

Maybe what we need now is a little guy,

I can offer you a chance.

Only a chance.

- I'll take it.
- Good.

So where is
the little guy from? Actually?


Congratulations, soldier.


SCHMIDT: Are you ready, Dr. Zola?

My machine requires
the most delicate calibration.

Forgive me if I seem overcautious.

Are you certain
that those conductors of yours

can withstand the energy surge
long enough for transference?

ZOLA: With this artifact

I am certain of nothing.

I fear it may not work at all.


Twenty percent.



Stabilizing at 70%.

I have not come all this way
for safety, Doctor.


What was that?

I must congratulate you, Arnim.

Your designs do not disappoint.

Though they may require
some slight reinforcement.

The exchange is stable.


The energy we have just collected

could power my designs.
All my designs.

This will change the war.

Dr. Zola,

this will change the world.

OFFICER: Ready, exercise!

PEGGY: Recruits, attention!

Gentlemen, I am Agent Carter.

I supervise all operations
for this division.

HODGE: What's with the accent,
Queen Victoria?

I thought I was signing up
for the U.S. Army.

What's your name, soldier?

Gilmore Hodge, Your Majesty.

Step forward, Hodge.

Put your right foot forward.

Mmm... We gonna wrassle?

'Cause I got a few moves
I know you'll like.

PHILLIPS: Agent Carter!

PEGGY: Colonel Phillips.

I can see that you are
breaking in the candidates. That's good!

Get your ass up out of that dirt

and stand in that line at attention till
somebody comes tells you what to do.

Yes, sir!

General Patton has said

that wars are fought with weapons,
but they are won by men.

We are going to win this war
because we have the best men.

And because they are
going to get better.

Much better.

PHILLIPS: The Strategic Scientific
Reserve is an Allied effort

made up of
the best minds in the free world.


Our goal is
to create the best army in history.

But every army starts with one man.

- OFFICER: Rogers! Get off of there!

At the end of this week,
we will choose that man.

He will be the first
in a new breed of super-soldier.


OFFICER: Rogers! Get that rifle out
of the mud!

And they will personally escort
Adolf Hitler to the gates of hell.

OFFICER: Pick up the pace, ladies!

Let's go, let's go! Double time!

Come on! Faster! Faster!

Move! Move!

Squad, halt!

That flag means
we're only at the halfway point.

First man to bring it to me
gets a ride back with Agent Carter.

Move, move!

Come on! Get up there!

If that's all you got,
this army's in trouble!

Get up there, Hodge!

Come on! Get up there!

Nobody's got that flag in 17 years!

Now fall back into line! Come on, fall in!

Let's go! Get back into formation!

Rogers! I said fall in!


STEVE: Thank you, sir.

PEGGY: Faster, ladies! Come on.

My grandmother has more life in her,
God rest her soul.


Move it!

You're not really thinking
about picking Rogers, are you?

I'm more than just thinking about it.
He is the clear choice.

When you brought a 90-pound
asthmatic onto my army base,

I let it slide. I thought, "What the hell."

Maybe he'd be useful to you,
like a gerbil.

I never thought you'd pick him.


You stick a needle in that kid's arm,
it's gonna go right through him.

- PEGGY: Come on, girls.
- Look at that.

He's making me cry.

I am looking for qualities
beyond the physical.

Do you know how long it took
to set up this project?

All the grovelling I had to do

in front of Senator
What's-His-Name's committees?

Brandt. Yes, I know.
I am well aware of your efforts.

Then throw me a bone.
Hodge passed every test we gave him.

He's big, he's fast. He obeys orders.

- He's a soldier.
- He is a bully.

You don't win wars
with niceness, Doctor.

You win wars with guts.


STEVE: Get away!

Get back!

OFFICER: It was a dummy grenade.

All clear. Back in formation.

(PANTING) Is this a test?

He's still skinny.

- May I?
- Yeah.


Can't sleep?

- I got the jitters, I guess.

Me, too.

Can I ask you a question?

Just one?

Why me?

I suppose that is
the only question that matters.

This is from Augsburg. My city.

So many people forget

that the first country the Nazis invaded
was their own.

You know, after the last war,
my people struggled.

They felt weak. They felt small.

And then Hitler comes along
with the marching

and the big show and the flags.

And he hears of me. My work.
And he finds me.

And he says, "You."

He says, "You will make us strong."

Well, I am not interested.

So he sends the head of Hydra,

his research division.

A brilliant scientist by the name
of Johann Schmidt.

Now, Schmidt is
a member of the inner circle.

And he is ambitious.

He and Hitler share a passion for
occult power and Teutonic myth.

Hitler uses his fantasies
to inspire his followers.

But for Schmidt, it is not fantasy.

For him, it is real.
He has become convinced

that there is a great power
hidden in the earth,

left here by the gods,

waiting to be seized by a superior man.

So when he hears about my formula
and what it can do, he cannot resist.

Schmidt must become
that superior man.

Did it make him stronger?


But there were other effects.

The serum was not ready.

But more important, the man.

The serum amplifies
everything that is inside,

so good becomes great.

Bad becomes worse.

This is why you were chosen.

Because a strong man
who has known power all his life

may lose respect for that power,

but a weak man knows
the value of strength.

And knows


Thanks. I think.

Whatever happens tomorrow,
you must promise me one thing.

That you will stay who you are.

Not a perfect soldier,


a good man.

To the little guys.


No, no. Wait, wait. What I am doing?

No, you have procedure tomorrow.
No fluids.

All right. We'll drink it after.

No, I don't have procedure tomorrow.
Drink it after? I drink it now.


SCHMIDT: Is there something
in particular you need?

I understand you found him.

See for yourself.

SCHMIDT: You disapprove.

I just don't see
why you need concern yourself.

I can't imagine he will succeed.


His serum is the Allies' only defense
against this power we now possess.

If we take it away from them,
then our victory is assured.

Shall I give the order?

It has been given.


Dr. Zola!

What do you think?

A masterpiece.


STEVE: I know this neighborhood.

I got beat up in that alley.

And that parking lot.

And behind that diner.

Did you have something against
running away?

You start running,
they'll never let you stop.

You stand up, you push back.

They can't say no forever, right?

I know a little of what that's like,
to have every door shut in your face.

I guess I just don't know
why you'd want to join the Army

if you were a beautiful dame.

Or a... A woman.

An agent. Not a dame.

You are beautiful, but...

You have no idea
how to talk to a woman, do you?

I think this is the longest conversation
I've had with one.

Women aren't exactly lining up
to dance with a guy they might step on.

You must have danced.

Well, asking a woman to dance
always seemed so terrifying.

And the past few years, it just

didn't seem to matter that much.
I figured I'd wait.

For what?

The right partner.

This way.

- What are we doing here?
- Follow me.


Wonderful weather this morning,
isn't it?

Yes, but I always carry an umbrella.




Good morning.

Please, not now.

Are you ready?

Good. Take off your shirt, your tie,
and your hat.

Senator Brandt, glad you could make it.

Why exactly am I in Brooklyn?

We needed access to
the city's power grid.

Of course, if you'd given me
the generators I requisitioned...

A lot of people are
asking for funds, Colonel.

Oh, this is...

Fred Clemson, State Department.

If this project of yours comes through,

we'd like to see it used
for something other than headlines.

Jesus. Somebody get that kid
a sandwich.


It's a little big.


You save me any of that schnapps?

Not as much as I should have. Sorry.

Next time.

Mr. Stark, how are your levels?

- Levels at 100%.
- Good.

We may dim half the lights in Brooklyn,

but we are ready as we'll ever be.

ERSKINE: Agent Carter?

Don't you think you would be
more comfortable in the booth?

- Yes, of course. Sorry.
- Good.



ERSKINE: Do you hear me? Is this on?

Ladies and gentlemen,

today we take not another step
towards annihilation,

but the first step

on the path to peace.

We begin with a series
of microinjections into

the subject's major muscle groups.
The serum infusion

will cause immediate cellular change.

And then, to stimulate growth,

the subject will be
saturated with Vita-Rays.

That wasn't so bad.

That was penicillin.

Serum infusion beginning in







Now, Mr. Stark.

Steven? Can you hear me?

STEVE: It's probably too late
to go to the bathroom, right?

We will proceed.


HOWARD: That's 10%.

Twenty percent.


That's 40%.

Vital signs are normal.

That's 50%.




ERSKINE: Steven!

- Steven!
- Shut it down!

Shut it down!

Kill the reactor, Mr. Stark!

Turn it off! Kill it! Kill the reactor!


Don't! I can do this!

HOWARD: Eighty.


That's 100%.



Mr. Stark?

Steven. Steven.


The son of a bitch did it.

- I did it.
- Yeah, yeah.

I think we did it.

You actually did it.

How do you feel?


You look taller.

How do you like Brooklyn now, Senator?

I can think of some folks in Berlin
who are about to get very nervous.

BRANDT: Congratulations, Doctor.

Thank you, sir.


ERSKINE: Stop him!




TAXI DRIVER: What are you doing?
Buddy, are you all right?

Hey, this guy's been shot!

I had him!




I'm sorry!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!



No! No! Not my son!

- Stop it!
- Don't hurt him!

Get back!

BOY: Let me go!

WOMAN: Let go of my son!

WOMAN: Don't hurt him!

Wait, don't! Don't!

No! Don't!

Go get him! I can swim!




- Who the hell are you?
- The first of many.

Cut off one head,


two more shall take its place.

Hail Hydra.

MAN 1: The Führer is not accustomed
to being ignored, Herr Schmidt.

He funds your research because
you promised him weapons.

MAN 2: You serve at his pleasure.

He gave you this facility
as a reward for your injuries.

SCHMIDT: Reward?
Call it what it is. Exile.

I no longer reflect his image
of Aryan perfection.

MAN 3: You think this is
about appearances?

Your Hydra division has failed to deliver
so much as a rifle in over a year.

And we had learned
through local intelligence

you had mounted a full-scale incursion
into Norway.

The Führer feels... How does he put it?

"The Red Skull has been indulged
long enough!"


you have come to see
the results of our work.

Let me show you.

Hitler speaks of a 1,000-year Reich,

but he cannot feed his armies
for a month.

His troops spill their blood
across every field in Europe,

but still he is no closer to
achieving his goals.

And I suppose you still aim
to win this war through magic?

Science. But I understand
your confusion.

Great power has always
baffled primitive men.

Hydra is assembling an arsenal
to destroy my enemies in one stroke,

wherever they are, regardless of
how many forces they possess,

all in a matter of hours.

Your enemies?

My weapons contain
enough destructive power

to decimate
every hostile capital on Earth.

Quite simply, gentlemen,

I have harnessed the power of the gods.


Thank you, Schmidt.

For what?

For making it clear
how obviously mad you are.

Berlin is on this map!

So it is.

You will be punished for your insolence!

You will be brought
before the Führer himself!

(SCREAMING) Schmidt...

My apologies, Doctor,

but we both knew Hydra could grow
no further in Hitler's shadow.

Hail Hydra.

Hail Hydra!

Hail Hydra!

Think you got enough?

PEGGY: Any hope of reproducing the
program is locked in your genetic code.

But without Dr. Erskine,
it would take years.

He deserved more than this.

If it could work only once,
he'd be proud it was you.

BRANDT: Colonel Phillips,
my committee is demanding answers.

Great. Why don't we start with how

a German spy got a ride to
my secret installation in your car?

What have we got here?

Speaking modestly, I'm the best
mechanical engineer in this country.

But I don't know what's inside this thing
or how it works.

We're not even close to this technology.

- Then who is?
- PHILLIPS: Hydra.

I'm sure you've been
reading our briefings.

I'm on a number of
committees, Colonel.

Hydra is the Nazi deep-science division.

It's led by Johann Schmidt.
But he has much bigger ambitions.

PHILLIPS: Hydra is practically a cult.

They worship Schmidt.
They think he's invincible.

So, what are you going to do about it?

I spoke to the President this morning.

- As of today, the SSR is being retasked.
- Colonel?

We are taking the fight to Hydra.
Pack your bags, Agent Carter.

You, too, Stark.

We're flying to London tonight.

Sir? If you're going after Schmidt,
I want in.

You're an experiment.
You're going to Alamogordo.

The serum worked.

I asked for an army
and all I got was you.

You are not enough.

With all due respect to the Colonel,

I think we may be missing the point.

I've seen you in action, Steve.
More importantly, the country's seen it.


The enlistment lines
have been around the block

since your picture hit the newsstands.

You don't take a soldier,
a symbol like that,

and hide him in a lab.

Son, do you want to serve your country

on the most important battlefield
of the war?

Sir, that's all I want.

Then, congratulations.
You just got promoted.


I don't know if I can do this.

Nothing to it. You sell a few bonds.
Bonds buy bullets. Bullets kill Nazis.

Bing bang boom.

You're an American hero.

It's just not how I pictured getting there.

The Senator has got
a lot of pull up on the Hill.

You play ball with us,

you'll be leading your own platoon
in no time.

Take the shield.



Who's strong and brave

Here to save the American way?

Not all of us can storm a beach
or drive a tank.

But there's still a way all of us can fight.

Who vows to fight like a man
For what's right, night and day?

Series E Defense Bonds.

Each one you buy is a bullet in
the barrel of your best guy's gun.

Who will campaign door-to-door
for America?

Carry the flag shore to shore
for America?

From Hoboken to Spokane

The star-spangled man with a plan

DIRECTOR: Cut. Guys,
don't look at the camera.

We can't ignore there's a threat
and a war we must win

Each one you buy is a bullet in
the barrel of your best guy's gun.

Who'll hang a noose on the
goose-stepping goons from Berlin?

Who will redeem
Heed the call for America?

Who'll rise or fall
Give his all for America?

Who's here to prove that we can?

The star-spangled man with a plan

STEVE: We all know this is about
trying to win the war.

We can't do that without bullets
and bandages, tanks and tents.

That's where you come in.
Every bond you buy

will help protect someone you love.

- Turn around! He's right behind you!
- Keep our boys armed and ready,

and the Germans will think twice about
trying to get the drop on us.


Stalwart and steady and true


Forceful and ready to defend

the red, white, and blue

Who'll give the Axis the sack
and is smart as a fox?

Far as an eagle will soar

Who's making Adolf
afraid to step out of his box?

He knows what we're fighting for

Who waked the giant
that napped in America?

We know it's no one
but Captain America


Who'll finish what they began?

Who'll kick the Krauts to Japan?

The star-spangled man

with a



How many of you are ready to
help me sock old Adolf on the jaw?



I need a volunteer.

MAN 1: I already volunteered!
How do you think I got here?


MAN 2: Bring back the girls!

I think they only know
the one song, but, um,

I'll see what I can do.

MAN 3: You do that, sweetheart.

Nice boots, Tinker Bell!

Come on, guys,
we're all on the same team here.

Hey, Captain! Sign this!


Bring back the girls!


Don't worry, pal. They'll warm up to you.
Don't worry.

PEGGY: Hello, Steve.


- Hi.
- What are you doing here?

Officially, I'm not here at all.

That was quite a performance.


I had to improvise a little bit.

The crowds I'm used to
are usually more, uh,


I understand you're
"America's New Hope."

Bond sales take a 10% bump
in every state I visit.

Is that Senator Brandt I hear?

At least he's got me doing this.

Phillips would have had me
stuck in a lab.

And these are your only two options?

A lab rat or a dancing monkey?

You were meant for more than this,
you know.


You know, for the longest time,
I dreamed about

coming overseas
and being on the front lines,

serving my country.

I finally got everything I wanted

and I'm wearing tights.


They look like they've been through hell.

These men more than most.

Schmidt sent out a force to Azzano.
Two hundred men went up against him,

and less than 50 returned.

Your audience contained
what was left of the 107th.

The rest were killed or captured.

The 107th?


Come on.

Colonel Phillips.

Well, if it isn't
the Star-Spangled Man With A Plan.

What's your plan today?

I need the casualty list from Azzano.

You don't get to give me orders, son.

I just need one name,
Sergeant James Barnes from the 107th.

You and I are gonna have a
conversation later that you won't enjoy.

- Please tell me if he's alive, sir. B-A-R...
- I can spell.

I have signed more of these condolence
letters today than I would care to count.

But the name does sound familiar.

I'm sorry.

What about the others?
Are you planning a rescue mission?

Yes, it's called "winning the war."

But if you know where they are,
why not at least...

They're 30 miles behind the lines

through some of the most
heavily fortified territory in Europe.

We'd lose more men than we'd save.

But I don't expect you to understand that
because you're a chorus girl.

I think I understand just fine.

Well, then understand it
somewhere else.

If I read the posters correctly,
you got someplace to be in 30 minutes.

Yes, sir. I do.

If you have something to say, right now
is the perfect time to keep it to yourself.

What do you plan to do, walk to Austria?

If that's what it takes.

You heard the Colonel.
Your friend is most likely dead.

You don't know that.

Even so, he's devising a strategy.
If he detects...

By the time he's done that,
it could be too late.


You told me you thought I was meant
for more than this. Did you mean that?

Every word.

Then you got to let me go.

I can do more than that.

MAN: On stage, girls. Five minutes!

Where's my helmet?

Anyone seen Rogers?

PEGGY: The Hydra camp
is in Krausberg,

tucked between
these two mountain ranges.

It's a factory of some kind.

We should be able to
drop you right on the doorstep.

Just get me as close as you can.

You two are gonna be
in a lot of trouble when you land.

And you won't?

Where I'm going, if anybody yells at me,
I can just shoot them.

They will undoubtedly shoot back.

Well, let's hope it's good for something.

HOWARD: Agent Carter?

If we're not in too much of a hurry,

I thought we could stop off in Lucerne
for a late-night fondue.

Stark is the best civilian pilot
I've ever seen.

He's mad enough to brave this airspace.
We're lucky to have him.

So, are you two... Do you...


This is your transponder.
Activate it when you're ready

and the signal will lead us
straight to you.

Are you sure this thing works?

It's been tested more than you, pal.


Get back here!
We're taking you all the way in!

As soon as I'm clear, you turn this thing
around and get the hell out of here!

You can't give me orders!

The hell I can't! I'm a Captain!

As you can see, production of
the Valkyrie is progressing on schedule,

even with components of this size.

Increase the output by 60%

and see to it our other facilities
do the same.

But these prisoners,
I'm not sure they have the strength.

Then use up what strength
they have left, Doctor.

There are always more workers.

Not now!

You know, Fritz,

one of these days,
I'm gonna have a stick of my own.








Who are you supposed to be?

I'm Captain America.

I beg your pardon?

DUGAN: What, are we taking everybody?

I'm from Fresno, Ace.

Is there anybody else? I'm looking
for a Sergeant James Barnes.

There's an isolation ward in the factory,
but no one's ever come back from it.

All right.

The tree line is northwest,
80 yards past the gate.

Get out fast and give 'em hell.

I'll meet you guys in the clearing
with anybody else I find.

Wait. You know what you're doing?

Yeah. I've knocked out Adolf Hitler
over 200 times.


MORITA: You know
how to use that thing?



What is happening?


Hey. Not exactly a Buick.

- That one. "Zündung."
- Zündung?

Get this thing going, Dugan!

I didn't know you spoke German.

Three semesters at Howard,
switched to French, girls much cuter.

Didn't ask for the resume.




- On your left!
- Up top!

No, no! What are you doing?

Our forces are outmatched.



Keep moving! Grab those grenades!


MAN: Sergeant.

STEVE: Bucky?

Oh, my God.

- Is that...
- It's me.

- It's Steve.
- Steve?

- Come on.
- Steve.

I thought you were dead.

I thought you were smaller.


Come on.


- What happened to you?
- I joined the Army.

- Did it hurt?
- A little.

Is this permanent?

So far.


SCHMIDT: Captain America!

How exciting!

I am a great fan of your films!

So, Dr. Erskine managed it after all.

Not exactly an improvement,

but still, impressive.

You've got no idea.

Haven't I?


No matter what lies Erskine told you,

you see, I was his greatest success!

You don't have one of those, do you?

You are deluded, Captain.

You pretend to be a simple soldier,

but in reality, you are just afraid

to admit that
we have left humanity behind.

Unlike you, I embrace it proudly.

Without fear!

Then how come you're running?


Come on, let's go. Up.

Sir? Are we going to the roof?

What about me?

Where will I sit?

Not a scratch, Doctor.

Not a scratch.




Let's go. One at a time.

- Gotta be a rope or something!
- Just go! Get out of here!

No! Not without you!



PHILLIPS: Senator Brandt,
I regret to report that

Captain Steven G. Rogers went missing
behind enemy lines on the third.

Aerial reconnaissance
has proven unfruitful.

As a result,
I must declare Captain Rogers

killed in action. Period.

The last surveillance flight is back.

No sign of activity.

- Go get a cup of coffee, Corporal.
- Yes, sir.

I can't touch Stark.

He's rich and he's the Army's
number one weapons contractor.

You are neither one.

With respect, sir,
I don't regret my actions.

And I don't think
Captain Rogers did, either.

What makes you think
I give a damn about your opinions?

I took a chance with you, Agent Carter.

And now America's golden boy
and a lot of other good men are dead

'cause you had a crush.

It wasn't that. I had faith.

Well, I hope that's a big comfort to you
when they shut this division down.

What the hell's going on out there?

MAN: Look who it is!


Some of these men
need medical attention.

MAN 2: Medic, we got wounded.
MEDIC: Right over here.

I'd like to surrender myself
for disciplinary action.

That won't be necessary.

Yes, sir.

Faith, huh?

You're late.

Couldn't call my ride.


Let's hear it for Captain America!


BRANDT: I am honored
to present this medal for valor

to my personal friend, Captain America!

Captain America!

Captain, that's your cue!

I thought he'd be taller.

STEVE: The fifth one was here
in Poland, right near the Baltic.

And the sixth one was

about here, 30, 40 miles west
of the Maginot Line.

I just got a quick look.

Well, nobody's perfect.

STEVE: These are the weapon factories
we know about.

Sergeant Barnes said
that Hydra shipped

all the parts to another facility
that isn't on this map.

Agent Carter, coordinate with MI6.

I want every Allied eyeball
looking for that main Hydra base.

What about us?

We are going to set a fire
under Johann Schmidt's ass.

What do you say, Rogers? It's your map.

- You think you can wipe Hydra off it?
- Yes, sir. I'll need a team.

We're already putting together
the best men.

With all due respect, sir, so am I.

So, let's get this straight.

We barely got out of there alive,
and you want us to go back?

Pretty much.

Sounds rather fun, actually.


I'm in.





We're in.

Hell, I'll always fight.
But you got to do one thing for me.

What's that?

Open a tab.


MORITA: Well, that was easy.

- Another round.
- Where are they putting all this stuff?


See? I told you.

They're all idiots.

How about you?

You ready to follow Captain America
into the jaws of death?

Hell, no.

That little guy from Brooklyn who was
too dumb not to run away from a fight.

I'm following him.

But you're keeping the outfit, right?

You know what?

It's kind of growing on me.


- PEGGY: Captain.
- Agent Carter.


Howard has some equipment for you
to try. Tomorrow morning?

Sounds good.

I see your top squad
is prepping for duty.

You don't like music?

I do, actually.

I might even,
when this is all over, go dancing.

Then what are we waiting for?

The right partner.

0800, Captain.

Yes, ma'am. I'll be there.

I'm invisible.

I'm turning into you.
It's like a horrible dream.

Don't take it so hard.
Maybe she's got a friend.

Emission signature is unusual.

Alpha and beta ray neutral.

Though I doubt
Rogers picked up on that.

Seems harmless enough.

Hard to see what all the fuss is about.

Write that down.

Excuse me. I'm looking for Mr. Stark.

He's in with Colonel Phillips.

Of course, you're welcome to wait.

I read about what you did.

Oh, the... Yeah.

Well, that's, you know.

Just doing what needed to be done.

Sounded like more than that.
You saved nearly 400 men.

Really, it's not a big deal.

Tell that to their wives.


I don't think they were all married.

You're a hero.

Well, that depends
on the definition, really.

The women of America,
they owe you their thanks.

And seeing as they're not here...


We're ready for you,
if you're not otherwise occupied.

Agent Carter, wait.

Looks like finding a partner
wasn't that hard after all.

Peggy, that's not
what you thought it was.

I don't think anything, Captain,
not one thing.

You always wanted to be a soldier,
and now you are, just like all the rest.

Well, what about you and Stark?

How do I know you two
haven't been fondue-ing?

You still don't know
a bloody thing about women.

HOWARD: Fondue is just
cheese and bread, my friend.

- Really? I didn't think...
- Nor should you, pal.

The moment you think you know
what's going on in a woman's head

is the moment your goose
is well and truly cooked.

Me, I concentrate on work,
which at the moment

is about making sure you and your men
do not get killed.

Carbon polymer.

Should withstand
your average German bayonet.

Although Hydra's not going to
attack you with a pocket knife.

I hear you're kind of attached.

It's handier than you might think.

I took the liberty
of coming up with some options.

This one's fun.

She's been fitted with electrical relays
that allow you to...

- What about this one?
- No, no, that's just a prototype.

- What's it made of?
- Vibranium.

It's stronger than steel
and a third the weight.

It's completely vibration absorbent.

How come it's not standard issue?

That's the rarest metal on Earth.

What you're holding there,
that's all we've got.

You quite finished, Mr. Stark?

I'm sure the Captain
has some unfinished business.

What do you think?


Yes, I think it works.

I had some ideas about the uniform.

Whatever you want, pal.







You are failing!

We are close to an offensive
that will shake the planet,

yet we are continually delayed

because you cannot outwit
a simpleton with a shield!

This is hardly my area of expertise.

I merely developed the weapons.
I cannot fire them.

Finish your mission, Doctor,
before the American finishes his.

MAN: Sir!

I'm sorry, Herr Schmidt.

We fought to the last man.

Evidently not.



Remember when I made you ride
the Cyclone at Coney Island?

Yeah, and I threw up?

This isn't payback, is it?

Now why would I do that?

JONES: We were right.
Dr. Zola's on the train.

Hydra dispatcher gave him permission
to open up the throttle.

Wherever he's going,
they must need him bad.

Let's get going,
because they're moving like the devil.

We only got about a 10-second window.

You miss that window,
we're bugs on a windshield.

Mind the gap.

Better get moving, bugs!



Stop him! Fire again!




- I had him on the ropes.
- I know you did.

Get down!

Fire again!

Kill him! Now!


Hang on!

Grab my hand!





Sit down.

- What is this?
- Steak.

What is in it?


Doctor, do you realize how difficult it is

to get ahold of a prime cut like that
out here?

I don't eat meat.

Why not?

It disagrees with me.

How about cyanide? Does that give you
the rumbly tummy, too?

Every Hydra agent that
we've tried to take alive

has crunched a little pill before
we can stop him. But not you.

So, here is my brilliant theory.

You want to live.

You're trying to intimidate me, Colonel.

I bought you dinner.

"Given the valuable information
he has provided

"and in exchange for
his full cooperation,

"Dr Zola is being remanded
to Switzerland"?

I sent that message to Washington
this morning, of course it was encoded.

You guys haven't broken those codes,
have you? That would be awkward.

Schmidt will know this is a lie.

He's going to kill you anyway, Doc.
You're a liability.

You know more about Schmidt
than anyone.

And the last guy you cost us
was Captain Rogers' closest friend,

so I wouldn't count on
the very best of protection.

It's you or Schmidt.

It's just the hand you've been dealt.

Schmidt believes he walks
in the footsteps of the gods.


Only the world itself will satisfy him.

You do realize that's nuts, don't you?


The sanity of the plan
is of no consequence.

- And why is that?
- Because he can do it!

What's his target?

His target

is everywhere.


Hydra will stand master of the world,

borne to victory on the wings
of the Valkyrie.

Our enemies' weapons
will be powerless against us.

If they shoot down one plane,
hundreds more will rain fire upon them!

If they cut off one head,

two more shall take its place.

Hail Hydra.

- Hail Hydra!
- Hail Hydra!

- Hail Hydra! Hail Hydra!
- Hail Hydra! Hail Hydra!


MAN ON RADIO: Blackout is still
in effect throughout the London area.

Please wait for the all-clear.

Your attention, please. All citizens shall
remain indoors until further notice.

Blackout is still in effect
throughout the London area.

Dr. Erskine said that

the serum wouldn't
just affect my muscles,

it would affect my cells.

Create a protective system
of regeneration and healing.

Which means

I can't get drunk.

Did you know that?

Your metabolism burns four times faster
than the average person.

He thought it could be
one of the side effects.

It wasn't your fault.

- Did you read the report?
- Yes.

Then you know that's not true.

You did everything you could.

Did you believe in your friend?

Did you respect him?

Then stop blaming yourself.

Allow Barnes the dignity of his choice.

He damn well must have thought
you were worth it.

I'm going after Schmidt.

I'm not gonna stop until all of Hydra
is dead or captured.

You won't be alone.

Johann Schmidt belongs in a bughouse.
He thinks he's a god,

and he's willing to blow up
half the world to prove it,

starting with the USA.

Schmidt's working with powers
beyond our capabilities.

He gets across the Atlantic,

he will wipe out
the entire Eastern Seaboard in an hour.

How much time we got?

According to my new best friend,
under 24 hours.

- MAN: Where is he now?
- Hydra's last base is here.

In the Alps, 500 feet below the surface.

MORITA: So what are we
supposed to do?

I mean, it's not like
we can just knock on the front door.

STEVE: Why not?

That's exactly what we're going to do.



SCHMIDT: Arrogance may not be
a uniquely American trait,

but I must say,
you do it better than anyone.

But there are limits

to what even you can do, Captain.

Or did Erskine tell you otherwise?

He told me you were insane.


He resented my genius

and tried to deny me
what was rightfully mine.

But he gave you everything.


what made you so special?



I'm just a kid from Brooklyn.


I can do this all day.

Of course you can, of course.

But, unfortunately,
I am on a tight schedule.

So am I.

Rogers! You might need this!


We're in! Assault team, go!

Move out!


PHILLIPS: Keep your spacing!



Cut off one head, two more shall...

Let's go find two more!

You're late.

- Weren't you about to...
- Right.


Get in!

- Keep it steady!
- Wait!

Go get him.

I'm not kissing you!









- You don't give up, do you?
- Nope!



You could have the power of the gods!

Yet you wear a flag on your chest
and think you fight a battle of nations!

I have seen the future, Captain!

- There are no flags!
- Not my future!


What have you done?



STEVE: (ON RADIO) Come in. This is
Captain Rogers. Do you read me?

Captain Rogers, what is your...

Steve, is that you? Are you all right?

Peggy, Schmidt's dead!

PEGGY: What about the plane?

That's a little bit tougher to explain.

Give me your coordinates.
I'll find you a safe landing site.

There's not gonna be a safe landing.

But I can try and force it down.

I'll get Howard on the line.
He'll know what to do.

There's not enough time.

This thing's moving too fast
and it's heading for New York.

I got to put her in the water.

Please, don't do this.
We have time. We can work it out.

Right now I'm in the middle of nowhere.

If I wait any longer,
a lot of people are gonna die.


this is my choice.


PEGGY: I'm here.

I'm gonna need a rain check
on that dance.

All right.

A week, next Saturday,
at the Stork Club.

You got it.

8:00 on the dot.
Don't you dare be late. Understood?

You know,
I still don't know how to dance.

I'll show you how. Just be there.

We'll have the band
play something slow.

I'd hate to step on your...




Steve? (SOBBING)



To the Captain.

MAN: Sir?

Take us to the next grid point.

But there's no trace of wreckage.

And the energy signature stops here.

Just keep looking.


MAN ON RADIO: Curve ball,
high and outside for ball one.

So the Dodgers are tied, 4-4.

And the crowd well knows that
with one swing of his bat,

this fellow's capable of making it
a brand-new game again.

Just an absolutely gorgeous day
here at Ebbets Field.

The Phillies have managed
to tie it up at 4-4.

But the Dodgers have three men on.

Pearson beaned Reiser
in Philadelphia last month.

Wouldn't the youngster like a hit here
to return the favor?

Pete leans in. Here's the pitch.

Swung on. A line to the right.
And it gets past Rizzo.

Three runs will score.

Reiser heads to third.
Durocher's going to wave him in.

Here comes the relay,
but they won't get him.


Good morning.

Or should I say afternoon?

Where am I?

You're in a recovery room
in New York City.

MAN ON RADIO: The Dodgers take
the lead, 8-4. Oh, Dodgers!

Everyone is on their feet.

What a game we have here today, folks.
What a game, indeed.

Where am I really?

I'm afraid I don't understand.

The game.

It's from May 1941.
I know, 'cause I was there.

Now, I'm going to ask you again.

Where am I?

- Captain Rogers...
- Who are you?

WOMAN: Captain Rogers, wait!

All agents, code 13!

I repeat. All agents, code 13!


MAN: At ease, soldier!

Look, I'm sorry about that little show
back there,

but we thought it best
to break it to you slowly.

Break what?

You've been asleep, Cap.

For almost 70 years.

You gonna be okay?


Yeah, I just...

I had a date.


NICK: Trouble sleeping?

You're here with a mission, sir?

I am.

Trying to get me back in the world?

Trying to save it.

NICK: You think you're the only hero
in the world?

NICK: Gentlemen?

You're up.

Got a mean swing.