Captain America (1990) - full transcript

During World War II, a brave, patriotic American Soldier undergoes experiments to become a new supersoldier, "Captain America." Racing to Germany to sabotage the rockets of Nazi baddie "Red Skull", Captain America winds up frozen until the 1990s. He reawakens to find that the Red Skull has changed identities and is now planning to kidnap the President of the United States.

Portovenere, √Ětalya 1936

- Come on, hurry up, it gets very cold.
- He started playing the piano.

- Come on.
- Let's hurry.


What's this?

- Why invade my home?
- Fire!

The child.

We want the boy for his
superior intelligence.


The same rat...

...Transformed by an
secret process...

...Is now twice as strong
and twice as smart.

Gentlemen, Dr. Teresa Vaselli.

The child.

Mom... Mom.

Let me, please. Let go.

You promised me
that would not hurt anyone.

No! They can not do this!

Let go! Let me!



It is known as the "Project
Renaissance, "Mr. President.

Dr. Vaselli, a scientist
who escaped from Italy...

Has perfected a process...

...That can make a child
with birth defects...

Someone... become so strong
and fast as an athlete.

Hitler now has its version
This super-soldier...

Italian child...
they call "Red Skull".

We will all
a regiment of these men.

And we found our first
volunteer in California.

His name is Steve Rogers.

- Stay away.
- Give me!

- It is annoying!
- It's a lie!


I want you to promise me...

You never... the purge,
no matter where you go.

Dad's medal...


Do you know? A friend took
that picture on the boat...

Then revealed... and sent
along with their things.

Now go.

And be as strong and brave
as he was.

I assure you I'll try.

Just be a little more he care.

Get your stuff.
They will come for you in minutes.

I love you, Mom.

Come on guys, let's take one more picture
with the whole band, okay?

Yes, sir, the hero part
and his dear friends.


Come on.

- Come on Steve!
- Come on!

Where is?

Wait a minute Russ.

Forgive everyone, but
We can not do this without Bernie.




- What is it?
- Sorry! It's just...

It's just that... I love you!

And I can not imagine not knowing
you do or where you go.

- Give them hell for me, Rogers.
- I will, Johnny.

Wait for you.

I'll wait forever
and forever and forever.

Come back for me, Steve.

- Hi, Steve.
- Dr. Vaselli.

- Goodbye!
- Good luck, kid.

- Are you afraid, Steve?
- Very scary.


- Follow me.
- Very good, Lieutenant Fleming.

Need not go to college

- How is the stew today, Rose?
- As good as it was yesterday.

- Well, hang our coats.
- As you wish, sir.

Lieutenant Fleming.

Attention. All staff go
their stations, please.

Ready to activate end systems.

Prepared for move to phase one.

- Good to see you, Senator Kirby.
- How are you?

- Colonel.
- Lieutenant.

Steve, this is not
Mussolini's Italy...

You can change... mind when-

None of that. Forward doctor.

Thanks to you, I have the opportunity
to amend something I did wrong.

I thank you for that.

Starting phase one.

This process can transform a
weak boy with some paralysis...

...And give you the strength and speed
of a world-class athlete.

Think of the incredible
army will.

's Make sure first that our
boy out safely...

- ...Before betting chips.
- Where did the mouse?

He is the best candidate we have
chosen from among 600 volunteers!

- It will be a national hero.
- Prepare for phase two.

Not exactly!

His name is a secret.

Only Dr. Vaselli and I
know who he really is.

We did this for
protect your family.

For the rest of the world
your code name is "Captain America".

It will not be Superman, but it will
be a symbol living what this country.

Begin infusion!

His vital signs are stable.

Thank God!

Yellow state. Turn it off.

All systems must
back to phase one.

All staff remain
at their stations, please.

- Dr. Vaselli, congratulations.
- Thank you, Lieutenant Fleming.

I would like to introduce you to
Richard Earl. It is a special observer...

Sent by President... Roosevelt.

Impressive work,
Dr. Vaselli. Congratulations.

Long live Hitler!

All keep yourselves
on the floor!

God bless you my boy.

- Stop them. Never give up.
- I will, Dr. Vaselli.

Doctor, I need that kid ready for
take action within 48 hours.

Colonel, that young man was lucky
to survive the surgery.

I realize that, Doctor.

What is at risk here... are the lives
of thousands of innocent people.

Our intelligence boys
informed us that the Germans...

Experimental rocket... have a ready
to be shot and directed...

To somewhere inside... U.S...

...In the next five days.

We'll have to wait
and see what happens.

He is our only hope, doctor.

If the situation changes,
I'll let you know immediately.


Colonel Louis!

Where did that was
the launch site?

Is all well with the
handle the shield?

I would need a bit
more time to practice.

It will take me a month.

Do not worry.

There are two men of the resistance down
there that will take you through the fields...

As if you were...
a messenger from heaven.

Sorry you have to wear that
uniform bulletproof crazy...

Vaselli the doctor...
made for you.

- She did not know much about camouflage.
- No.

But if you loved the colors
red, white and blue.

Colonel Louis...

...Sir? There is something
than anyone has spoken.

When sending
new troops for my battalion.

Dr. Vaselli had all the details
the process in his head.

He wrote nothing.

The same applies to materials
with those who did the uniform and shield.

He believed that in this way
would be safer.

Sorry. I think you are it only
of its kind that will be never.


Are you ok, boy?

If... Colonel.

America not disappoint, sir.


I love you, Bernie!

God bless you, Captain America.


My American brother has arrived.

Holy crap!

Well, an American.

Just when I needed one for
practice my English lessons.

It seems that Americans have made
a bad choice with their champion.

Have compassion with him.
It's like a child.

Dr. Vaselli died for a failure.

Where is the pen my aunt?

The pen of my aunt is
on the table.

Did I say good American?
I want to speak English well...

...When I get to New York!

All in their positions
for launch!

You are a perfect symbol
of America, brother...

...Weak, full of self-pity. Share
failed even teaching me English.

But... I practiced
while you were sleeping.

Where goes the big bomb?
The large pump heads to...

How say... Casa Bianca?
No, do not tell me. I know, it's...

...The White House. A gift for
President Roosevelt.

Tell me, do you think I could be
President of the United States?

15, 14, 13, 12...


- Listen!
- It's time to fly.

You can travel cheaper
on this flight, you sick fuck!

Stop the Launch!
Stop it or I'll take you with me!

- Stop it!
- Bastard!

Unable to stop him!
It's too late!

Drop! I slice off!


Thomas Kimball!

What are you doing up?
It's four in the morning!

How do you want to sleep, Mom?
We are in Washington D.C.

And that's where we'll be
in the morning when you get up.

- Get into bed.
- But I want to see the president!

Do not wake daddy. He has a meeting
in the State Department early.

When I Grow Up
I will be the president.

Good night.

Go to sleep, Mr. President.

Somewhere in Alaska.

And the guy on the rocket,
changed the course...

Avoided... and to blow up the White House
with President Roosevelt.

You believe me, do you, Sam?

Trust you? The photos do not lie,
and best friends either.

Lucky I'm your friend. You know why
did not fly to pieces, right?

- Why?
- Because I lent my locket...

Captain... Midnight.
You had it on, right?

Yes! I wore!

- Do you see? I told you.
- Thank you, Sam.

All right, all right. Let's see.

We have to find who he was.

- Did you have a trident?
- No, I had a trident.

Right. It was not the Sub-Mariner
and could not be the Human Torch...

Had flown... or rocket
before it could land.

Did he use a mask?

Yes, it was blue with a
"A" white in it.

Very interesting, Tom.

God, this is going to be a great story
for the school newspaper.

It was the most beautiful thing I saw...
and never forget it, Sam, ever again.

Today we celebrate
the surrender of Japan.


Tom Kimball graduated today and represents
the new generation of post-war...


...who will lead this world
towards the space age.



heard Tom Kimball enlisted
to fight in Vietnam.

Think it is your obligation
as an American.

A small step for a man...


...a giant one for mankind.


I was never the they give up.

Our old Tom left use...

JOIN THE PEACE CORPS go to Africa and do something
regard to poverty...


There was a time in this nation
where people took care...

...for the world the living.



Tomas Kimball
was elected last night...


...under the platform a man
can make a difference.


Thomas Kimball was elected President

...with the narrower
of votes in our history.

President Kimball flies
this week to Rome...

...where he will meet with leaders of
27 nations in a historic summit.

There try to convince everyone
internationally... stop industrial practices
that damage our environment.

We will have to create thousands
new jobs...

...For the people who make
disposable plastic.

They are toxic... as pesticides.

Close is a bad medicine.

But nobody said that medicines
taste good.

And we can not shooting.

I think not.

If we take this medicine now...

...All going to die.

Slowly... but going to die.

Thank you.

General Fleming.

Mr. President!

Well, I was here reading
their environmental project...

I say... and it will not
work, sir.

General Fleming, these laws are
enacted as they are written...

...And neither you nor the Pentagon have
senators sufficient to prevent it.

I want to live on a planet
clean as much as anyone...

...But you can not expect the
Army reduce its budget...

...By 90% in just six months.

So you want to negotiate.

Yes, yes, sir.
Of course I do, sir.

Then go and buy a used car.


Have... a very good day.

Yes, sir. Try to do.

By the way... Mr. President...

Rome... good luck, sir.

Thank you.


After the war, when I was
known as Red Skull...

...My life was in ruins.

You gentlemen gave me a hand.
So, how I can help?

I understand they face a large
threat with this American president.

If we do not stop Kimball, will
everything I worked...

...During the last thirty years,
go straight down the drain!

And so fast that they will
head spin.

Are not you being a little
dramatic general?

No, it is not.

Enough trash.

I just wanna know... when we
to kill the little son of a bitch?

But how?

- Do not kill at all.
- Do not we?

No... the murder
is a world of trouble.

It took me two years to find Sirhan
and three found Oswald.

Luther King Killing cost us
more than 22 million.

So what we get so hard?

Santos... martyrs a cause.

You, my friends,
statesmen are...


Captains... companies. I just
I am a humble businessman...

...Interested in science.

Before you take a decision...

I can suggest... why instead
Kimball killing...

What we control... using an implant
brain that I made up myself?

Then he will do everything
what we want.

I saw him around here.

- What is?
- Do not know.


We're having problems this time.

That seems.

Well, guys...

Helicopter... the company does not
can be reached in the next eight hours.

It is not nice to be
in here with this thing, but...

Well... I want the company,
so, what can we do?

What the hell is this thing?


It can not be! Have I dreamed?



- Yes, what?
- Sam, found the type of rocket.

It's a miracle, Sam.

Imagine actually
I'll talk to him.

Are you sure not confusion?

Remember the picture I took
as a child?

The guy who saved the White House
found in Alaska.

If this is true,
This finding may give...

Key... this whole issue
we have tried to decipher.

- Sam-
- If this guy can speak to...

...Face to face, imagine the information
can give us valuable.

Can you leave your theory
conspiracy, just this once?

Just mind your damn country,
I I have a lot of work here!

I have to go to the attic to search
some things I need.



I want reports on the agenda of
President Kimball, second by second...

And... full details
all its security personnel.

Consider it done, Mr. Santis.


- That's him.
- Who, Dad?

Captain America.

Attempt to stop.

I can count on my daughter
to take care of this for me?



From where I am, my house
must be south of here.

We saw him down there.

Up! Come, come!

- Who shot you?
- Nazis.


Once, I saw a movie where
wanted to fool a British spy...

Day... with false and
false stations, everything.

I do not suppose
help if I told you...

President of the...
United States...

...Sent me to find a topic
of global importance.

- Not much.
- "... It is October 17, 1993..."


We are in 1943 and... I am
one Nazi spy.

So, why am I asking questions...

...On my own side?


Do you mind?

Just tell me everything you know
about the guy they called...

...Red Skull, appeared in 1942.

Yes, still alive.

We do not know where it is,
or who he is.

We know that you are using the name
it did before the war...

...And has been
extensive plastic surgery.

And we know that is the key to a
powerful international organization...

I think... is responsible for the vast
of the pain and misery of the world.

You see, I have evidence
that Red Skull...

Was closely linked...
in the murder of...

...Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy,
Martin Luther King...

By God!

Not even know who
I'm talking about, right?

Look, the point is this...

The next target... Red Skull
Kimball is president.

And if this country loses Tom Kimball,
will be a disaster.


Captain America...

...You have to help us.

There was a scientist,
Italian. His name was...

Dr. Vasili..., Doctor? Vaselli?


Well, she should have known
which was its previous name...

...Maybe had some
paper or a journal.

Do you know where could
have left?

Can you stop the car, please?
I think I'm gonna puke.

- What?
- Can you stop the car, please?

I'm dizzy.

Okay, right away.

Hey! Captain!

Are you okay?


Wait! Do not leave me here!





Hello friend.
Do you have a cigarette?


- Bernie!
- Hey, stay away!

- Dad! Mom!
- Sharon?

This idiot tried to attack!


No, no!


Do you know this guy?

Yes, I know.

This I can not be real.

It is.

Everyone said "missing in action"
was just another way of saying...

...That blew.

But I never believed them.
Not for a second.

I knew you were alive.

I think that's why
I stayed with the house.

For you to know
where to find me.

Jack is a good man.

It is a good father.

I was 38...

...Wanted to have children before they
was too late.

You waited for me...

16 years... why?

Steve, I...

I feel so old... and ugly
and look at you.

You... ugly? Not a chance.
Oh, Bernie!

Guess it was not our destiny.

The trail goes cold at a bus stop
trucks to 64 miles north of Vancouver.

'm thinking, where would you go first if
you had been 46 years outside the country?

So you have spoken to the journalist
electronic surveillance.

Home. But we use is that?

Do not know who is
much less where you live.

's why I've been tracking
classified documents from the war...

...and I think I'm about to give
with your entire file.

A reporter famous, Dad!

He won the Pulitzer Prize twice.

If anyone can guide
Captain America, he can.

You had it.

You saw him.

And you let him go.




Sam Kolawetz is on line one,
Mr. President.

- Hello?
- I found it, Tom.

I found the address
his former girlfriend.

Bernice There Cooperman
living in the neighborhood Bristol Port... Redondo Beach, California.
And living there since 1937.

Prepare the plane. Captain America
is in California.

Thanks for helping me and let me
use your department, Sharon.

Sure, anything.

I guess they did not have
video recorders where you were.


Movies do not come in boxes black
and you could take them out of the library.

Not we afraid to see the day
in which all the children of God

I will attend, honey.

- Are you Bernice Stewart?
- Used to be.

- What do you want?
- You have no reason to believe...

...I understand.

But it is very important that
find Captain America...

...As soon as possible.

Do not know who is, but I'm
interested in anything that sells.

Please, I'm on your side.
I can prove it, single-


Where is?

No lo-

Where is the Captain America?

Everything is true.

All that said, was true.

All I saw in this book.

It is true. Means
Red Skull is still alive.

If I had done with him,
none of this would have happened.


I have to find it.

Dr. Vaselli kept a diary.

I bet he has written
Red Skull's real name.




They kept asking
Where was Captain America.

She did not tell...

...Even when...



He'll be fine, miss. Is a wound
slight bullet, but is in shock.

Let's take
the Hospital Saint Jonas.

Wait a moment,
Where is my mother?

Captain America...

...Do you see this?

The medallion... the
Captain Midnight.

Give it to Tom.

Are you?

Sure, Sam.

Have you had a heart. You have
to perform CPR. Step aside, please.

We have a cardiac arrest.

Mom? Mom!

- Easy.
- Mom!

Mom! No!


Not going to do without my mom.

I'm sorry, but I can not
let them stay longer.


You know that you like?

Interrupt to
this special report.

Approximately time 11:49
American President...

...of the United States was
abducted from his hotel in Rome.

A large group of
Unidentified terrorists.

The details at this time
not accurate...

...but our sources us that..

...a group of twenty men well
armed, stormed the hotel...

...and still do not know if
the President was shot...

...during the kidnapping.

The purpose of kidnapping and
identity of the terrorists...

...remain a mystery.

My God, what a world!

They are the same people.

What are you talking about?

The people who kidnapped
the President are the same as...

Attacked the house...
your mother.

Dailies Dr. Vaselli!

All I can say Now, Barbara...

Is that we are following...
a very reliable tracks.


...And if we can all keep
Calm and work together on this...

...There is no reason that can prevent
have good news tomorrow.

And if you can forgive me, Barbara,
going to be a long night.

For all of us.

The lab was under a cafeteria.

It should be just...


No, wait!
You can not go in there!

- Stop right there!
- Sharon, calm down!

Come on.

Thanks to you, I have the opportunity
to amend something I did wrong.

By God. Everything is true!

Where is?

The Vaselli daily. Found it!

They are here. I'm sure.

They are ours.



The diary of Dr. Vaselli.
I'll bring the Red Skull.

That's why Bernie.

Enough is enough, clown.

Where is? Where is Red Skull?

I know nothing.
None of us knows.

We received our orders
of Red Skull's daughter.

"It had happened
a summer in Venice ".

Wait, here it is!

"I never knew the name
the poor child...

But I heard that wine...
a town called...

Portovenere... in northern
of Italy ".

"The child was taken from a house
on Via Cavour in the Angelis Tri house ".

The house of the three angels.

Maybe someone in the know Portovenere
Red Skull's name as a child.

Are they still here? Why not
make and end at once?

I wish I could do it,
Mr. President, but...

...Unfortunately, those chemicals
have to act in the brain...

...For 24 hours before the
tissue can accept the implant.

Are you crazy just... or search
something in particular?

Looking for what?

I may be president of the USA.

Is not that
the dream of every child?

How stupid think we are?

My people will find this place
in much less than 24 hours.

Oh, no! A transmitter hidden.

Does it look something like...


Extracted a molar pain
bottom right like this...

...While I was unconscious.

It was very easy to disable. But
do not worry...

...Next time, we will
build in Japan.

Well, I'll see you in...

...Say 24 hours, Mr. President.

Well, now, here is Rome
and here is Portovenere.

If we do not stop, we can be there
for lunch.

Sharon? Would you stop for a second?
I think I'm gonna puke.

Does Captain America tide
going by car?

Are you okay?

What are you doing?

I hope a moment!
What are you doing?

I can not endanger you, Sharon.
At least that I can do for Bernie.

- Thanks for your help.
- Thank you for my help?

Open the door!

Damn idiot! Taxi!



Do you speak English?

I was wondering if you know anything
of people-

The bottom was in ruins
when my parents bought the house.

As destroyed by an explosion.

They found some objects
in the rubble...

Surely have belonged...
people who are looking.

Who knows why
my mother kept them.

Perhaps we have found response.

- Look!
- What is that?

It is a micro-recorder.

I had one of these as a child.

Ask if there is someone out here
to fix these things.

I had not seen anything like this
for twenty years.

- Why invade my home?
- Fire


Can you put it back?

Of course, sir.

I guess it would not do
anything look in the directory.

No. I do not think you any good.

Why not put an ad
in the classifieds?

Super hero out of time looking for child
prodigy millionaire, with one hand...

And a face completely...

- Discretion assured.
- Well, that's enough.

I'm sorry I left. What do you
to do? What do you shoot me?

- Steve!
- On the floor!

Come on, Sharon, quickly.



Get off!

This sucks!


What do you want? Are you crazy?

What are you doing?

Hold on, Sharon.
This bike has no brakes.

By God, he found it!
I was so angry...

I thought this wallet...
was totally history.

Hey, I told you we lost

I'm not so sure.

Sure seeking wrecks.

Want to stop being so paranoid?


- That's him.
- San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo Isla...

San Lorenzo Island is
Below 80 km along the coast.

Since we are close,
What if we visit?

I always wanted to know
the President.


Sharon, when we reach the castle
Red Skull, want you to stay...

Hidden and let me... do my job.

- We have the worst of luck!
- Hold on tight!

Shit, still looking for us.

You'll have much better
opportunity if you are alone.

Hey! Sharon!

I give you some advice, friend.

All this tension, so long...

...Is very, very bad.

If you're not careful you'll end
with a terrible wrinkles...

...Here and here...

...And here, like your mom.

What's this?

- Why invade my home?
- Fire

The pressure is normal, blood
White down 30%...

...And have to reach 70%.

Make it simple!

Are you saying that even
we can not do the implant.

You can guarantee that you can
do if blood pressure...

- ...Decreases few points.
- And when would that be?

To be completely sure
say...? Twenty minutes?

What is this pistol, De Santis?

What, this? This is not a gun.
It is a surgical tool...

Made specifically... for you.

There is so much tragedy, Tom.

Do not you understand that your people will
happier with their new president?

See you in twenty minutes.

Follow telling the story
it made, please.

We can establish a complicity
between the Soviets and kidnapping.

- It's too obvious.
- We always worked before.

- Why not?
- Sure! Yes!

Not long now, General.

This time I will not fail.

Fifteen minutes.

It will not work.



Spread out and find him!

Please return, Mr. President.

It's over.

- I need to get your plan, right?
- Of course.

Then do not make it.


- Thanks!
- You're welcome, sir.

I'm Steve Rogers.

We've met!

I think not possible.

It means... Do you was
the little boy?

I was waiting for this moment
for long.

It's incredible!

We have to keep moving,
Mr. President.


Sam told me that
come days like these.

Sam wanted to give you this.

It was the last thing I said
before dying.

They killed him.

- They Sharon.
- I know.

Wait for me north the coast...

There are some caves... on a cliff
where you can hide.

I'll get you when
her out of here.

Are you kidding? I'm not
leaving only Captain America.

Come on!

Excuse me, sir.

Ask for help!

With the base of Three!

I am the President!
Get me Commander!

Yeah, I know, me neither
believe it.

Mr. President!

- I'm in charge of the rescue here-
- General Fleming...

Not think I can... alright this.

Do you believe?

No how you're here...

...Or how you're still young.
But no matter, my brother!

Today you will die.

50 years ago you were the ridiculous
Dr. Vaselli idea!

You're still a symbol
ridiculous that no one cares.

I care.

You care.

Then come to me, my brother.

Let's see if this heart of yours
is stronger than my hate.

You're still a poor
wimpy, little brother.

Stop calling your brother!


Mr. President!

Thank you!

You were this close
when you killed my mother?


No, that was very fast.
To you rather see you suffer slowly.

That was a submachine gun.

This is a detonator!

Did you really think you were going
to capture me alive?

In regard to megatones, this
device does not have the same scope...

But enough... to ensure...

Throughout South... Europe will
destroyed and uninhabitable by...

Say a century...

Perhaps one or two decades.

Seventy million lives snuffed
like the fire of a candle.

And Captain America can not
do anything about it.


Do not get up! Whatever happens!

- Twelve, nine - De Santis!

Just a second.

De Santis!

The two are a tragedy.

And now send our
tortured souls to rest.

Speak for yourself!

Watch your back!

Today in Rome, 116 nations agreed
environmental protection treaty.

In a brief statement after
the agreement, President Kimball...

...asked to recall all
people who sacrificed everything... make our world
a better place to live.

The President closed his statement
with this strange message...

...When Captain America, where
ever you are...

...all stand back
in the struggle.