Captain (2022) - full transcript

A team of soldiers, led by a brave army captain, takes up a dangerous mission to go into a restricted forest area and uncover the mystery behind the unexplainable deaths of previous teams that had visited the site. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
-Take cover!
-Look over there!


Gurjeet! Gurjeet, what happened?

It's doesn't matter who the enemy is.

Every army attack has
four stages of battle.

Both of you go and do your work.

The first stage of battle.

Identifying the enemy.

Alpha, target is in the North East room.

The second stage of battle.

Hey! Who is that?

The fight.

On 2 'O clock, Charlie.

10 'O clock.





The third stage of battle.

Finding out the enemy's weakness.

The doctor is here.

No matter how strong the enemy is;

they'll definitely have a weakness.

Mother, please bear for some more time.
Everything will be fine.

I've arranged for a doctor.

We are good to go, Alpha.


-Keep your bag down.

Raise your hands.

On the count of three.

One... two...


Bravo, there's no one here.

Check the peripheral walls.


Come on, move!

Thank you.

And finally, the defining moment
of victory or failure.

The fourth and final stage of battle.

Deceiving the enemy.

Alpha, the target is right behind you.

Each and every soldier knows...

there is an unsaid
fifth stage of battle.


It doesn't matter who wins because
there will be loss on either side.

No battle is over without
crossing these five stages.

I am Captain Vijaykumar, Indian Army.

This is my one and only identity.

Everybody calls me an orphan.

My parents abandoned me and left me in
the Sainik Military school in Amaravathi.

These guys are my teammates,
friends and family.

How long will you act as if
you aren't bothered, Rekhs?


I haven't even confessed it to him.

How did you find out?

I know you guys better
than you do yourselves.

I know my team. Now, go inside
and see him.

"What does the next moment hold for us;
the eyes are eagerly awaiting"

"The moments of the past
were all pure gold"


"My heart knows it"

"When the new memories are made,
the old ones make way"

"And your whole life so far,
will flash in front of your eyes"

All these golden memories..."

"I can see them in our eyes"

All these golden memories..."

"They are made as we walk together
in this path of life"

"The world wakes up
to a new sun everyday"

"Follow its guidance and it will
melt away all your barriers"

All these golden memories..."

"They are made as we walk together
in this path of life"

"The first memory and the last one..."

"both of them are the past
and they don't matter now"

"Memories, they come and go.
Some last and some fade"

"You can never control them.
If you try, it'll only lead to pain"

"Some memories are the ones
you wanna live again"

"Some are the ones
you don't even wanna think of"

"But you still live through
all your memories"

All these golden memories..."

"I can see them in our eyes"

"A gloomy and sad day
might become a lasting memory"

A bright and happy day
might become a faded memory

"Some moments will remain precious,
like diamonds from a treasure trove"

"Some moments will walk away,
like tears rolling down the eyes"

All these golden memories..."

"I can see them in our eyes"

I escaped with this injury on my leg.
If I was in captain's position...

I'd have been definitely dead.

He always takes
the most riskiest position.

This is sector 42.

A road built by the Britishers
before partition.

East India company's
mineral processing factory.

This area consists of only these two.

Sector 42, that belongs to India,

has no military activity or
civilian activity for the past 50 years.

But now...

defense ministry has decided to
establish civilian activity over there.

So we sent a team of Soldiers.

You know... to scout.

The usual recce mission.

But none of them returned.

Each and everyone of them died.

Sector 42 has no civilization at all.

Then who attacked them?

Your mission...

is to neutralize the threat
in Sector 42.

And give a NOC (No Objection Certificate)
stating it's safe for civilian activity

40 kms towards North is China.

25 kms towards West is Nepal, Captain.

Beyond this is a 'No fly' zone
for us, captain.

We shall land in the base camp
within the safe zone.

Usually our team is only sent
for Specialized Covert Operations.

They won't send us
to simply scout an area.

What really happened here, Major?

The commanding officer of the
earlier team that went there...

was me.

I came to this base camp
to warn your team.

According to the autopsy report...

the enemy is not an outsider.

One of our own soldier,
Lieutenant Gurjeet Singh...

shot down all the team members...

and finally shot himself.

Any suspicious activities
in Lieutenant's history?

This is the question running
in everybody's mind.

Gurjeet Singh's full life history
is being investigated.

Something suspicious has happened
in that forest.

The truth will be out once
the investigation is over.

As far as our team is concerned,
we are all family.

We were together in training
for six years.

The enemy must be an outsider.


we should've given a dummy gun to Rekhs.

She is unpredictable.

Base, can you hear me?

Base, can you hear me?

The radio signal is disconnected.


Something's on the top of the vehicle!

Karna, take cover!

Sheikh, careful! Behind you!

Rekhs! Rekhs!




What are you doing?

Put the gun down, Karthi.

Listen to me. I'll come to you.

Sorry captain.

I don't know what justification
will I give to Karthi's mother.

It's okay.

It is the same shoulder bone,
that you had injured back in 2018,

from where we have removed
the bullet now.

It might even take years for the pain
to go away completely.

I'll prescribe Morphine tablets
to control the pain.

"Sorry captain"

Last words Karthi told me.

Why should he apologize to me, Major?

Vijay, we cannot change the past.

For your own good...

Before the General arrives,
please sign the papers.

I have no interest in
putting the blame on him.

At ease, captain!

Sit down.

Captain Vijaykumar, think carefully
before you give your statement.

Before officially approving it,

do you have any change of mind?

No, General.

For what ever happened
in Sector 42,

I take the complete
responsibility as the Captain.

That's my final statement.

Your statement must reflect the reality.

Someone had poisoned the team.

The bullet from your body and
Lieutenant Sheikh's shoulder...

were fired from Lieutenant Karthi's gun.

He betrayed your team and the nation!
He's a traitor!

With all due respect, General...

there's no change in my statement.

Karthi wouldn't have done any crime.

He's not a traitor.

May I leave?

You may go.

He has lost his mind.

Karna, on the day of the incident,
was the Thermal Radar system on?

Yes, Captain.

That data can reveal who attacked us.

There are no outsiders, Captain.

There's no movement at all
except for Karthi.

We are unable to find the enemy.
That's it!

No approval for a military funeral
for Karthi.

Will his family receive his pension?

Until the investigation is cleared,
his pension has been put on hold.

In a village nearby Thanjavur,
is where Karthi's mom...

raised him and his sister with great
difficulty. He once told me that.

Ensure his family gets a cheque
from this, every month.

Okay, captain.

No national flag...

No gun firing...

No military funeral.

I cannot face Karthi's family.


Human species...

is not #1 is any aspect.

Not in strength. Not in speed.

Not even in brains, at many places.

Yet we rule this earth.

Do you know why?

Because we can do something
other living being can't.


Five, ten or ten thousands
of people can gather...

and work towards one goal.

It could be to bring down
a nation's enemy.

Or it could be for a company's profit.

That unity is what makes
a nation's defense very strong.

Captain, these days if you talk
about unity and patriotism...

it'll be met with trolls and memes.

Those smart asses also have
such emotions.

But instead of showing it on nation...

they show it towards
a cricket team or a football club.

They scream out their emotions waving a
company's flag instead of national flag.

Even that company will be surprised
at the free publicity.

They just need to grow up.

Class dismissed.

Major, one year of this
punishment posting is enough.

I'm not a teacher. I'm a fighter.

Please somehow transfer me back
to the field.


everybody makes a mistake and ends up
in front of the Disciplinary Committee.

But you? You committed the
mistake right in front of them.

Karthi is no more.

It's over.

In order to move on from that,
you need a personal life.

No man can live alone.

Do you understand?

No, Major.

My friend's daughter is studying
medicine in Delhi.

She is staying at my
place for this weekend.

Why don't you meet her for coffee?


are you saying this
as my commanding officer?

No, but as a mother of three
successful children.

Good evening, captain.

When did you guys arrive from Lachung?

Why are you guys in formals?

-Wait till you see Rekha.
-We were stunned!

Good evening, captain.

Attending any function?

An important mission, captain.

Major asked us to drop you off
at the restaurant.

She said you might get scared
and back out.

Get scared?

Thanks but I don't need your help.Leave.

For the first time in my life,
I've draped a saree. It wasn't easy.

So, please.


But you guys must wait outside.

Okay, captain.

What is the secret of
successful marriage, dude?


Correct answer. Can we
reject the girl for any reason?

Not at all!

-After all we are way past the age bar.
-Correct answer!

Aren't you done dropping me?

Step inside and I'll finish you off!

Okay, captain. We'll follow your orders.


Kavya. I'm doing my final year
in Delhi Medical college.


-Your coffee, ma'am.
-Thank you.

Welcome, sir.

I'm here because Major insisted me.

I'll inform her that we met.
I shall take leave now.

No. Wait.

I told aunty that I wanted to meet you.

If we had born 10 years earlier...

we could have had an arranged marriage.

If we had born 10 years later...

we could have found each other
through some dating apps.

We are a generation in between
these two.

So, to find a partner of our choice...

then we must not hold back
and take an initiative ourselves.

What are your expectations
from a life partner, Vijay?

I've never put much thought in to it.

But a spontaneous response would be that
she should be patriotic.

Technically we are still outside
the restaurant, captain.

Five minutes. Please.

Move! You indecent fellows! Go!

Tell me now.

Since I was brought up
in a military school...

I've no idea about family life.


my partner should have intentions of
making the marriage work. That matters.

You didn't put much thought but
you're so clear on what you want.

Ask me anything you want to know
about me.

I already know
what I need to know, Vijay.

I came here after making up my mind.

I don't understand.

You don't know anything about me.

You're educated and a smart talker too.

You don't know me, yet what made you
sure of this decision?

I do have my reasons, Vijay.

The reason why I want you
as my life partner...

is inside this box.

It's locked.

You must not open this box
until I tell you to.

When the time is right, I'll give you
the key to this box.

For now, the ball is in your court.

"O my dear, you are the
colours that I see in the sky"

"O my dear, you are the one I have these
deep-rooted feelings for"

"You are my light
in a pitch dark forest"

"In a flute without perforations
You flow as the music"

"I kept my heart sealed,
but you filled it like a sweet dream"

"Kylaa! Kylaa!
Is she the storm swirling inside me?"

"Kylaa! Kylaa!
Is she the river gushing inside me?"

"O my dear, you are the
colours that I see in the sky"

"O my dear, you are the one I have these
deep-rooted feelings for"

"Kylaa! Kylaa!
Is she the storm swirling inside me?"

"Hey warrior safe guarding the borders,
you stole my heart"

"You are strong like the rock,
but now you fell for me"

"For the first time,
my heart longs for someone"

"The moment we met,
will be fresh in my memory forever"

"Kylaa Kylaa, my fire
Will you warm me up?"

"Kylaa Kylaa, my shade
Will you comfort me?"

"Kylaa Kylaa, will her presence
change my life?"

"Is she the love
that makes me fly high?"

"O my dear, you wanted
to know the reason"

"O my dear, I give my heart to you
in this little ark"

"The fate cannot be changed
but you still wanted an answer"

"One day I'll give you the key to the ark
Open it and you will know"

"Until then, wage this war called love
And celebrate the turmoil"

"Kylaa! Kylaa!
Will she become a dream in my memory?"

"Kylaa! Kylaa!
Will she just remain a name on my lips?"

Excuse me, ma'am.

You cannot meet the minister
without an appointment.

Apply it in the website and you'll get
an appointment within a week.

No! No!

Hello, ma'am. Sorry. Please.


-Do not have records of her meeting.
-Okay, sir.

It's been a year Keerthi.

Project Minotaur is still incomplete!

Instead of assigning such a huge project
to government's senior scientists...

we handed it to you. Now, you have
made us regret that decision, Keerthi.

Sir, the threat in this is way beyond
what we expected.

In order to successfully
complete Project Minotaur...

we must send in an army battalion
or an air force.

That's impossible. Sector 42 is
a 'No fly' zone.

A place that shares borders
with three countries.

If we send in army or air force...

and if other nations mistake it,
then it may lead to a full scale war.

Which is why I sent you.

We have got scientists but it is
impossible to solve this from outside

We must go in to the field
with military assistance.

Sir, if you can't comply to this
then I'm sorry.

Please assign this project
to any other team.

We already failed twice after sending
in two military teams.

But they didn't have the information
we possess now.

You're right.

This is your last chance, Keerthi.
Select a small team.

It has to be a low-key operation.

Don't miss this time.

We won't, sir.

-Captain Vijay?

I'm Dr. Keerthi.

Autecology research specialist.

We need your team's help.

Research... I'm sorry doctor.
I have no interest in it.

If I tell you the location on
which we are doing the research,

then you'll be interested, captain.

Sector 42.

The only team with Combat experience
in that location, is yours.

I'm not inviting you for research work.

It'll be a covert mission.

For now I can only disclose this much.

For past year I've not
been on the field.

It'll be tough to get
the General approve this.

I've got all the permissions.

When do we start?

At once!

Are you stupid? How many times should
I tell you to be careful with that?

Who's that joker?


Research work is my passion.

The sad truth is that we need loads
of money for Scientific researches.

We get funding from Vikram's company.

In return, his name will appear
in all our publishing.

So, like a proxy?

You can say that.

Let's go.

It'd be so nice if there's
steward service in chopper. Right?

I need a snack.

Only you don't recognize him, captain.

The only heir to the #2 VIP of...

I've a doubt, Keerthi.

When the father is intelligent...

why is the son always a doofus?

Any scientific reason behind it?


Everything looks so different.

This is our lab.

The walls are attached
with radio signal jammers.

No signal can sneak in.

Why is there a need for
radio signal base security?

Come in, I'll explain.

Good morning.

Ever heard of Bio-radio signals?

Living beings emitting radio signals
to communicate, without any machine.

But that's just a theory.

It has never been proved.

A lot of them in America...

have been observing space for
years, expecting Bio-radio signals.

We have received one such signal...

in Sector 42!

Initially, we also didn't believe it.

But now we have evidence to support it.

A creature with no biological patterns
of any species...

exists in this forest!

You mean aliens?

Could be.

Or it could be our pioneer race
that has been hiding here for long.

Using Long Range Sonar Waves...

we received these images
of how it could look like.

Since it resembles Minotaurs
from the Greek Mythology...

we gave it that name.

When we were attacked, the sensor
detected nothing else apart from us.

You must have used heat sensors.

This is a cold blooded creature.

It won't have any body temperature.

The reason why both teams don't
recollect anything from their visit...

is because Minotaurs possess a poison
that collapses the human nervous system.

These minotaurs must be
completely eradicated from Sector 42.

If evidence of Minotaur is sent
in our Daily report...

then will it help to remove
the black mark on Karthik?

Mere existence of Minotaurs in forest
won't help to clear his name.

There's a strong evidence
of Karthi firing his gun.

If we can prove that Minotaurs
made him do that,

only then we can clear his name.

Vijay I've to tell you the truth.

There's another reason why
your team was selected.

I know that your teammate died.

You have a strong motive than anybody,
to finish off the Minotaurs.

Every living being has a weakness.

We must find out Minotaurs' weakness.

These five darts contains
five basic types of poison.

Any one of these poison will be
Minotaurs' biological weakness.

We must be able to shoot
these five darts on a Minotaur.

It won't kill it but just get us
some testing samples.

The real challenge lies after that.

To remove and bring those darts here.

No signals yet.

Receiving signals, Vijay!

Copy that.

It could be anywhere
within 50 meter radius.



I don't know why only I'm conscious.

Still, not matter how much
I'm confused or scared...

my training has taught me
only one thing.

The first stage of battle.

Identifying the enemy.

It's time to move on
to the second stage.

The fight!



the last thing I remember
is crossing the check post.

Did we get any samples, Vijay?

Oh my God!

We can study it's complete
body functions.

This is a huge breakthrough, Vijay!

Until now, we've never witnessed
so many signal readings, Vijay.

So many readings mean that
there must be hundreds of Minotaurs.

Take cover.

These Minotaurs are not like
any other usual animal species.

It's motive to attack, was to prevent us
from entering here.

It's a soldier!

It's has an army working with a motive!

This is their war cry.

No! No!

Captain, you were the only
one conscious in the forest?

Yes, General.

That is why we were able
to bring a specimen here.

Why didn't the Minotaur's poison
affect you?

I don't know, General.

I cannot take that for an answer!

Everything has a scientific reason
behind it, General.

If we test Vijay's blood,
we'll get a logical result.

Good. Do that.

Until then...

contact me directly if there's
any important updates, Keerthi.



your tone tells me
that you don't trust me.

I lost the trust on you long back.

Keerthi insisted on
having your team on board.

That is why I let you
go on that mission.

Along with poison dart samples,

if we also send your blood samples
to the main lab in Delhi...

we'll get the results
in two days, Vijay.

Looks like your General
is not so fond of you.

Nobody is fond of anybody in army.

All that I know today;
I learnt it from him.

If I were in his position,

I too would have done the same.

I can see how much you respect him.

Bio-radio signals...

Minotaurs need them like Oxygen
for survival..

They don't just use it
for communication.

Their internal organ functions,
body movements, emotions...

all of them rely on Bio-radio signals.

In fact, if a Minotaur is taken beyond
it's nest's signal range...

then it'll become difficult
for it to survive.

A true social creature.

It's brain doesn't reside in it's head.

It has a highly intelligent nervous
system. It resides in it's back bone.

From the observations so far, there are
only receivers all over it's body.

We couldn't find the antenna
through which it emits the signals

We believe that spider like creature
is the signal antenna.

Is this Minotaur dead?

Of course! It's dead, Vijay.

On what basis?

It's a cold blooded creature and so
it has no body temperature.

Brain is not on it's head.

So can't declare it's brain dead
from the blast.

Then how do we conclude that it's dead?

You're right!

Oh my God!

Bring the detectors! Fast!

No signals.

The jammers in this lab won't allow
the signal to sneak in.

It's receiving signals!

Oh my God!

Shut the door!

So many complication in destroying
one, single Minotaur?

Oh my God!


Whoa! It is something!

We have seen it twice before.
Just that we don't remember it.

Make a detailed report on this
and file it under Daily Report.

This footage, where the Minotaur
is controlling the guard;

send it to the head quarters.

Using this we can remove
the black mark on Karthi.

If we fill the poison on
this discharge component...

the blast force will infuse the
poison in Minotaur's body.

If we arrange empty shells, then once
the correct poison is detected...

we shall load the shells with it.

Don't give that reaction, guys!

Act matured! We are all adults here.

One year in this forest; of course
they'll fall in love. Nothing wrong.

It is wrong. He's already married.

I saw his wedding photo
in the newspaper.

Then it's a love triangle!

A triangular love story.

Come again!

Sorry, captain.

Ask everyone to assemble
in conference tent.

Is he going to yell at
us in front of everyone?

The essence of warfare will be
the same for ages.

Though the war could be of a nation...

or it could be of a mafia to
capture power over an area...

the basics remains the same.

Each and every soldier
fights for a king.

And every king...

will fight to safe guard
an important, precious treasure.

The Minotaurs will definitely
have a king.

The treasure safe guarded
by that Minotaur king...

is inside this forest.

You are correct, Vijay.

Physiologically, Minotaurs have the
traits of building nests, like insects.

Every bee hive or an ant hill
has a leader.

Instead of fighting
the 100s of soldiers,

how about we directly
attack the Minotaur king?

Remember what we witnessed in lab today?

Without it's main source signal,
the Minotaur is helpless.

Finish off the Minotaur king...

and that'd mean we have
destroyed it's whole nest.

In a forest spread over 2 lakh acres,

how will we find the Minotaur king?

Any radio signal can be traced.

Like how we trace a cell phone
using two cell phone towers,

if we set up two receivers...

then it creates a signal triangle.

Idea credit goes to me!

Last time, we couldn't even
go past two kilometers.

I've an idea.

Rekhs; she is the batch
topper in Cavalry unit.

I hope this works.

Hold steady, Rekhs!

Yes, captain.





no matter what, install the receiver
up there. Don't look down.

-It's an order.
-Yes, captain.

I'm done, captain.


Captain, you cannot save me.
You guys leave!

Yes, Vijay. We don't have a choice.

3 'O clock!


Ready to climb the next tree, Karna?

Yes, captain.

No matter what happens,
until the work is done...

-do not look down!
-Yes, captain.

Done, captain. I shall get down now.

No! Wait for my orders.

Sheikh, at least you
could've given me a hint.

Mission is the top priority, buddy.

Until the Minotaurs are top of the tank,
I can't shoot them.

Okay, captain. So, what do we do now?

Get down and run as fast as you can.

I'll take care of the rest.

Captain, I'm ready to sacrifice my life
for the nation...

but these Minotaurs scare
the bejesus out of me!

-Do you trust me.
-Of course, captain.

On the count of three.






Did we install the receivers?

What happened?

You are the hero today!

Thanks, captain.


We are receiving communication
from the main source signal.

Tracing now.

Did you get the location?

No, Vijay.

Strength of this signal is multiple times
stronger than that of normal Minotaur.

Hence, it's evenly spread
all over the forest.

Like how a queen bee's appearance is
different from other bees in a hive...

Minotaur king must also appear
different from it's soldiers.

If it's antenna can emit
such strong signals...

then, based on a rough calculation,

it will be 1000 times bigger
than a soldier Minotaur.

What the hell is that?

What happened, captain?

Did we trace down
Minotaur king's location?


We couldn't find it.

What's the first stage of battle, Karna?

Identifying the enemy, captain.


Vijay is hiding something from me.

I hate anything and everything
that's not under my control!

Shall I talk to my dad and replace him?

Do you think they are like the dummies
that you deal in Delhi?

You can't buy out the Indian army
with your influence and money power.

The defense minister is also quite
straight forward.

Until our work here is done,
we can use the General to control Vijay.

Will you use me the same way...

and throw me away later
when your work is done?

I'll obviously use you...

but I'll never throw you away.

Because you're too rich and powerful
to throw away.

The information that Minotaurs
can control our actions...

has made this issue even more delicate.

What happened in the forest yesterday?

Out of the blue, 10-15 Minotaurs
attacked us, General.

You're lying, captain!

Why did you get out of the tank,
when Minotaurs approached?

Did your captain at least
tell you guys what happened?

Who will be responsible if something
happens to your teammates?

We cannot let you
take control hereafter.

Fix cameras in all vehicles
going into Sector 42!

General please! Not the cameras.
Please, listen to me.


You must listen to me!

Don't forget the hierarchy!

If I strip you of those three stars
in your uniform...

then imagine what will
happen to your identity?

We have received the lab results
from Delhi.

We've found out the biological weakness
of the Minotaurs.

The interesting thing here is...

that the reason why Minotaur's poison
didn't affect you, is the same weakness.


It might even take years for the pain
to go away completely.

I'll prescribe Morphine tablets
to control the pain.

In common usage,
Morphine is a pain killer.

The pills that you consumed for
to control your shoulder pain...

will block your nerve receptors
to ease the pain.

Similarly, it prevent Minotaur's poison
from reaching your brain.

Even if a small amount of this Morphine
is infused in Minotaur's body...

then it will die.

Karthi left us proving that
we can defeat the Minotaurs.

Karthi has taken pain killers
for his leg injury...

and that is why we are alive today!

Since, there was Morphine
in his blood stream,

the Minotaurs couldn't take
complete control of him

With great struggle, he saved us all.

But he couldn't save himself.

Captain, why did you get
these delivered so urgently?

Keerthi ordered that camera feeds
must be directly under the lab control.

Go tell your sister
that it's impossible!

We are not siblings.

Is it? Sorry.

Do you know who my father is?

I do.

Look here...

You only own that lab!

Not this country!

Why unnecessarily
get upset with him, captain?

Hardware is always
superior to software.

In order to turn off the camera,

I've set up a master switch.

You are indeed the hero today!

Thanks, captain.

Captain, what's our plan?

Quite a simple plan.

The moment we zero in
on the Minotaur king...

we must turn the cameras off.

Let's go!

Tomorrow morning only our team
will go into Sector 42...

and finish off the Minotaur king.

First, how do we find
the Minotaur king's location?

We have already found it.

You guys forgot it.

What the hell is that?

How is this possible in a place
where there are no civilians?

This must be the mineral factory
built during the Britishers time.

Is this corpse from that period?


This body looks like it got
decomposed in recent times.

Oh my God!

The Minotaur king!

It's whole body is a giant
Bio-radio signal antenna.

Let's finish it off tomorrow
using poison bombs.

Let's leave, Vijay.

It's not safe for us to be here now.

Something has happened in this factory.
Let's check inside it and then leave.

How did your lab's private helicopter
enter here without army's permission?

When was the first time
you entered Sector 42?

I'll tell you.

We came here two years ago.

The rarest of minerals in this world;
Tantalum, Niobium, Molybdenum...

are all found in
these parts of Himalayas.

In order to construct air plane
engines, rockets and satellites...

The whole world is buying these minerals
from China, as of now.

To extract and process those
minerals here in factories,

none of Environmental Board will
give the permission.

But if an existing factory is renovated
and used...

then no Environmentalist
can question against that.

Since this is in the border...

a simple NOC from the army would suffice,
said Mr. Parasuram, Vikram's father.

Believing that we'll get the
NOC in a week's time,

we sent in a team here
to start the factory work.

That team never returned.

The Minotaurs played spoilsport!

The project's worth is 5000 crores!

I am not cheating anybody here, Vijay!

People like you cannot be
reformed or destroyed.

Instead we must be
more alert and careful!

Hereafter, you cannot cheat me
or the Indian army



We cannot accomplish this mission without
sacrificing at least one of us.

Only I will step out to plant the bomb
on Minotaur king.

Is that understood?

-Is that understood?
-Yes, captain!

Captain Vijay is risking the life
of each and every teammates of his.

Do we have any radio communication
to communicate with them?

No, General.

Captain Vijay asked me
to hand this over to you.