Capt. Grant's Family (1936) - full transcript

The son and daughter of a lost-at-sea captain recruit help to find him on the basis of an incomplete note found in a bottle, and encounter adventures in Patagonia, Australia, and New Zealand... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
The Children of Captain Grant

Jules Verne

On July 26th 1864, "Duncan" departed on its maiden voyage

off the coast of Scotland.

A shark!

A shark!

- A shark on the Scottish coast?
- We got lucky.

No shark stomach escapes me!

There are papers in there!

Apparently it's the same document written in three languages.

- It's hard to read.
- The water got into the bottle.

There are only fragments of words left.

Let's complete one document with the others!

Right! Whatever is missing from the English text

we'll complete with the French or the German version.

"Gla... Glas..."

...gow". "Glasgow"!

"Bring them..."

- "Bring them..."
- "Assistan?e"!

"Bring them assistance"!

"Tania", "tania"...


"Cont...", "cont"...

"Austral" - "southern"!

Write down, McNabbs:

"On June 7th, 1862

a three-mast ship "Britannia" from Glasgow


in the southern hemisphere.

I threw this document...

at 37 degrees 11 minutes latitude...

Bring us assistance,

otherwise we will perish".

- Captain...
- But where did the ship sink?

That's what we don't know.

The latitude is there - the 37th parallel,

but the longitude is indecipherable.

Can't see.

- No longitude!
- "Goni", "goni"...

Patagonia! Of course, Patagonia!

- This is Captain Grant!
- Captain Grant?

- Yes.
- Captain Grant?

"Glasgow, "Britannia", Captain Grant".

Remember a few years ago he spoke out to the Scottish people?

There wasn't a single poor man in our country

who didn't give him his last sixpence!

With this money he built a ship and left in search

for a free land for his homeland!

Can we really abandon such a great man?

Let's ask the Admiralty Lords!

Is that all you know?

The documents are unclear.

We cannot issue a rescue ship!

M'lord, will the Admiralty really

let this brave man die?

It's senseless to comb through entire Patagonia just for one man!

We've already wasted millions looking for Franklin!

We cannot finance an expedition destined for failure.

Mrs. Ellen, there are two children waiting ashore.

They want to see Mr. Glenarvan no matter what!

Where are they?

We would like to see Mr. Glenarvan.

Mr. Glenarvan is not here.

I am his wife, can I help you?

The newspaper said that aboard "Duncan", Mr. Glenarvan

has information on Captain Grant.

I am the daughter of Captain Grant.

My name is Mary, and this is my brother Robert.

Miss Grant!

Miss Mary!


The Admiralty Lords refused to send out a rescue ship.

They cannot forget that Captain Grant is Scottish!

Nobody wants to help our father.

Miss Mary Grant.

Is there no hope for his rescue?

Then we will save him ourselves, Mary!

My boy! But how?

If every Scotsman gave my father a sixpence,

then they'll entrust one more to his son,

and that would be enough to save Captain Grant!

You are right, my boy!

Inspired by the noble goal to save the life of Captain Grant,

Glenarvan and his friends set out on a long and dangerous journey.

Sing us a song, merry wind!

Merry wind, merry wind

You've been around all seas and mountains of the world,

And have heard all the songs that there are!

Sing us, wind, about wild mountains,

About the deep secrets of the seas,

About bird conversations,
About the blue vastness,

About brave and grand people!

John! Forbid him from doing that!

The son of Captain Grant will be a good sailor, Miss Mary!

Whoever is used to fight for victory -

Let them sing with us!

If you're merry - you laugh,
If you want it - you'll achieve it,

If you're searching - you will always find!

Sing us a song, merry wind!

Merry wind, merry wind

You've been around all seas and mountains of the world,

And have heard all the songs that there are!

Sing us, wind, about forests,

About mysterious animal tracks,

About night rustlings,
About steel muscles,

About the happiness of battle victories!

Whoever is used to fight for victory -

Let them sing with us!

If you're merry - you laugh,
If you want it - you'll achieve it,

If you're searching - you will always find!

When do you have breakfast here?

At nine.

- When do you have breakfast here?
- At nine...

To whom do I have the honour of speaking?

Jacques Paganel.

Jacques Eliasen Francois Marie Paganel.

Secretary of the Paris Geographical Society,

Corresponding Member of the Geographical Society of Berlin, Bombay,

Darmstadt, Leipzig, Petersburg, Vienna and New York.

An honourary member of the West-Indian Royal Academy

of geography and ethnography, et cetera, et cetera.

Mrs. Ellen Glenarvan.

Who are you, young man?

John Mangles, the captain of the ship you are aboard on.

How... did you get here?

- I'm sailing to India.
- And we're going to Patagonia.


Yes, "Duncan" is going in a completely opposite direction, to Patagonia!

What do you mean Patagonia?

- "Duncan"?
- Yes.

- Patagonia?
- Yes.

"Duncan"... Patagonia...

I've boarded on the wrong ship in the dark!

That could've happened only to me!

- Did that happen to you before?
- Yes.

I was going to board "Scotland" that was sailing to India.

And I did!

And I went to sleep in the cabin ?6!

But not aboard "Scotland" - aboard "Duncan"!

Listen, I bet you have never been to India?

You are having a pleasure trip anyway!

- Just stir the wheel a little...
- No.

We are going to Patagonia not for pleasure, but to rescue

the shipwrecked Captain Grant.

Rescue Captain Grant?

In that case I am happy that I ended up on this ship, even if by mistake,

if it sails with such a noble goal!

Let's go with us!

Passing the Canary Islands and crossing the Tropic of Cancer,

"Duncan" sails along the coast of South America.

On the 42nd day of their journey, the travelers have reached Patagonia

and were waiting for the only person who could give information about Captain Grant.

Mr. Consul!

We were really waiting for you, Mr. Consul!

Uh... I checked:

Captain Grant's ship was never at our shores.

This cannot be!

The document states clearly:

"Goni", 37th parallel"!

So we figured it was Patagonia!

Captain Grant is deep in the country!

But the bottle?

To throw a bottle in the ocean,

you'd at least have to be near an ocean!

Or near a river flowing into an ocean!

- That's an idea!
- A genius one at that!

What do you propose?

I propose...

to cross South America along the 37th parallel!

So much danger just to save our father?


Who said "danger" here?

Not me!

We're talking about a light 1400 kilometer walk

that would barely take a month!

Follow the map!

We start our journey on the Chilean coast

where it crosses the 37th parallel.

We pass the Antuko Canyon,

walk past the waterfalls,

leave our horses, donkeys, baggage,

and climb the Cordilleras!

What? Mere trifles!

Some 12000 feet above the sea level!

Like a light jog on a straight road!

A Parisian bridge!

A few hours walking and we'll see the snowy mountain tops,

and the raging La Luajas waterfall.

We pass the foamy rapids of this waterfall,

go further and higher,

and enter the kingdom of eternal snows!

From the peak of the pass at the 12000 feet height,

we'll see the infinite snowy fields, scarred by blue crevices.

Leaving the infamous Antuko volcano on our right,

we descend along the slopes with ease,

and finally reach the Salinas Pampas! Found it?

Where at the Guamini shore in the Sierra Valley...

- We will find our father!
- Wherever he may be, my boy!

We will find him, even if for that

we'd have to cross the entire globe along the 37th parallel!

But you've forgotten about "Duncan", dear Paganel!

Ah! While we're crossing South America on land,

"Duncan" in the meanwhile will circle around Tierra del Fuego,

and reach the Cape of Medano,

where it will welcome us altogether with Captain Grant!

But who will stay with our ladies?


Then we'll cross South America together!

- In that case, I'm with you!
- Me too!

And me!

You are my assistant, John, we're entrusting you the dearest of what we have!

Leaving "Duncan", the brave travelers have reached the Antuko Canyon

on the eighth day of their journey.

One more pass like this and we'll lose our horses!

Wouldn't it have been better to hire guides?

I'll get you through the Cordilleras better than any guide!

At the 12,000 feet height, the kingdom of eternal snow starts its reign.

Antuko volcano.

I know this path like my own apartment!

Captain, captain, straighten up!

Once there lived a captain brave,

And he crossed the ocean wave,

And he called on many lands
On his way!

Fifteen times he almost sank,

Almost died among the sharks,

But he didn't even blink, not even once!

And in trouble,

And in war

Always sang the captain brave on sea and shore:

Captain! Captain, smile!

Since your smile is the flag of your ship!

Captain! Captain, straighten up!

Only the brave can conquer the seas!

Captain! Captain, straighten up!

Only the brave can conquer the seas!

But once the captain brave

Was in a country far away

He fell in love like a boy on his stay!

Fifteen times he had gone red,

Stuttered, face pale from dread

But he couldn't smile, standing as if dead!

He was grim,

He went slim,

There was no friend to sing to him:

Captain! Captain, smile!

Since your smile is the flag of your ship!

Captain! Captain, straighten up!

Only the brave can conquer the seas!

Captain! Captain, straighten up!

As if we arrived!

I told you that the descent on this side is easy!

Oh, quite! Quite!

Where's Robert?



I see Robert!



No, I can't. You shoot!

Don't, you'll kill Robert!

Shoot! But carefully!

Who fired?



Take him, he's alive!


Jacques... Paganel.


It means "thunder" in Aracuan.

This name is given to great shots.

We are searching for Captain Grant

whose ship sank at the coast of Patagonia.

You've found the son,

help us find the father!

My father!


Passing by Tierra del Fuego
"Duncan" followed

the east coast of South America to the Cape of Medano.

Miss Mary!

I wanted... to tell you...

Can't you see?

Continuing their journey, the travellers have passed Pampas Salinas, the endless plains of South America.

The tropical rain streams flooded the plains.

- What's wrong?
- Tauka senses danger!

A flood!

Mountain rivers Rio Colorado and Rio Negro have flooded the plains, joining together in a stream several miles wide.

In the foggy morning of November 13, "Duncan" was drifted at the Cape of Medano
where the two traveler groups were supposed to meet.


Can't see anything!

Miss Mary!

- If only you knew...
- Blasted fog!

I can't hear you!

Miss Mary,

if only you knew...

Speak louder, I cannot hear you!

Can't you see?

- Can't see without binoculars!
- A fire!

- I see now! I see!
- You do? I'm so happy!


It's them! My father!

Is there really no hope to find my father?

No, Robert!

We will sail east,

search the entire 37th parallel

even if we have to circle the entire globe!

The 37th parallel...

Dear Paganel, describe the path we will be following.

Uh, the 37th parallel...

It crosses South America, goes through the Atlantic Ocean,

through the Tristan-des-Conya Island south of the Cape of Good Hope,

then through the Indian seas, through the Island of St. Peter,

in the Amsterdam archipelago,

then crosses Aust...

- Australia...
- Australia? And then?

And leaving Australia....

My God!

What monstrous absent-mindedness!

We were searching for Captain Grant where he never was!

We've read things in the document that were never there!

"Austral" from the French version means...

What does it mean?


That's where we need to search for Captain Grant!

Your new hypothesis, and most likely a wrong one!

I'll prove it! Your doubts will be gone!

This will be the biggest victory

that the French would ever have over the English!

If you are so sure,

then I can only say one thing: to Australia!

- To Australia!
- To Australia, my friends!

It's hard to part with you.

Thank you... for everything!

This is my father!

When we find him, I'll tell him everything about you!

You look like your father, amigo.

We haven't found my father yet, and are already losing you.

Prepare to turn!


Mary! Our father is in Australia!

Following the 37th parallel, "Duncan" has reached Bernouilli,

on the east coast of Australia on December 20th.

John! We'll search the coast and then go deep into the country.

You will get "Duncan" to Melbourne,

get coal and wait for us!

I've been living here for 30 years,

no ship has crashed at our shore during all this time.

You haven't heard anything about our father...

It is clearly stated in Captain Grant's note: Australia, 37th parallel!

M'lord, I haven't heard anything about Captain Grant!

If Captain Grant is alive -

he is in Australia!

- Who is this?
- Ayrton, a worker on my farm.

Speak, Ayrton! Tell us all you know!

- Speak!
- Speak, Ayrton, speak!

I served as a boatswain aboard Captain Grant's ship.

A wave washed me off the deck and threw me ashore.

I haven't seen my captain since.

Here is my sailor book.

Father's signature.

Where did the crash happen?

On the opposite coast of Australia.

At the terrible reefs of the Twofold bay!

You need to go back on your ship

and sail to the Twofold bay to look for Captain Grant!

It's impossible. "Duncan" left to Melbourne to get coal.

Let's cross Australia on land along the 37th parallel!

Sir, take me with you!

I'll be your guide and help you find my captain!

With pleasure!

Across Australia following the 37th parallel

Sing us a song, merry wind!

Merry wind, merry wind

You've been around all seas and mountains of the world,

And have heard all the songs that there are!

Sing us, wind, about wild mountains,

About the deep secrets of the seas,

About bird conversations,
About the blue vastness,

About brave and grand people!

Whoever is used to fight for victory -

Let them sing with us:

If you're merry - you laugh,
If you want it - you'll achieve it,

If you're searching - you will always find!

To the daughter of the
famous English captain,

from a humble French geographer,

flowers from Australia.

As proposed by Ayrton, the travelers have stopped at the "Royal Hotel" tavern.

Ay, owner!

Feed the animals and shoe my horse.

Go! They need shoeing!

That's a strange horseshoe!

A local custom to mark horseshoes.

Thanks to this, it's easier to find

lost horses.

"One hundred pounds sterling will be paid

by the colonial police to whoever brings

dead or alive

the escaped convict Ben Joyce, or any of his accomplices.

Colonial Police".

Our further journey becomes dangerous now.

There are women with us.

For well armed and brave people

a few escaped convicts are no threat.

I'm ready to go forward.

Everyone who served my father is like that!

Having replenished their supplies, the travelers ventured into the practically unexplored State of Victoria.

What happened, Ayrton?

A local disease.

Where is the horse?

Here, here! Help!


What a strange local disease.

An unexpected obstacle barred their way...

How do we cross the river now?

See, the road was washed away, we cannot pass.

Ayrton, will the water retreat soon?

Not in a month at least.

If you allow, M'lord, I am ready to deliver

the order for your ship to sail to the Twofold bay immediately.

How will you get to the other side?

I'll try to reach Melbourne on this side,

and return in about ten days with help.

Fine, leave next morning.



New Zealand!

Are you sure we're on the right path?

Yet another hypothesis?

- Hypotheses lead science!
- Lead...

Look where we've been led to!

But "aland"!

Take a cigar, it'll calm you down.



New Zealand!

Ayrton was ready to go by sunrise.

Ayrton, it's strange that the only surviving horse

was the one shoed by the blacksmith.



Look, the trefoil goes all the way from the tavern.

That gastrolobium was sure a useful herb.

All animals died!

I will get the order for "Duncan"

and in four days we will become the masters of the ocean!

- Good plan!
- Good job, Ben Joyce!

Catch up with him, don't let him reach the camp!

- Where is Robert?
- Don't worry, Mary.

He's probably with his new friend Ayrton.

Go up the river, there's a bridge.

I'll take the order for "Duncan" and go to Melbourne.

See you aboard "Duncan"!



Robert, my boy! What is it?


Warn Mr. Glenarvan!

Ayrton is Ben Joyce!

Run, Mrs. Ellen!

I'm ready!

Write down.

"I propose to John Mangles

to bring "Duncan"

to the Twofold bay

on the west coast of

... Australia".

Well, of course Australia!

"...On the 37th degree latitude".

Perhaps you could...

recommend me to the captain?

"To John Mangles,

I recommend Ayrton..."

Ben Joyce!

- Take it!
- Why?

You catch him and I'll get him hanged!

- Quick, shoot!
- Missed!

Get the rope.

While this rascal is on his way,

we must warn Melbourne from the Twofold bay!

On January 27th 1865, the exhausted travelers have finally reached the Twofold bay.

Did a yacht named "Duncan" arrive to the Twofold bay from Melbourne?

From the Melbourne records

by Mr. Angelwise, "Duncan"

on the 18th of this month,

has left to an unknown destination.

It hasn't been here!

Our "Duncan" has been captured by Ben Joyce's pirate gang!

How can we get back to Europe?

Through Auckland, of course!


Do you recommend this path

because Auckland lies on the 37th parallel?

I didn't even know about that!

Unforgivable for a geographer!

- Right?
- Right.

Here, Captain Halley and his "Macquarie"

is sailing to Auckland, New Zealand.

Do you take passengers?

How many?

Six. Including two women.

60 pounds.

Money first!

There wasn't a single ship in the entire Southern Hemisphere as careless as "Macquarie".

For many days they drifted in the vast water desert.

Bring assistance to the shipwrecked children of Captain Grant and their friends,

otherwise we will perish.

We'll get there, my child!

These islands are south of Tasmania,

truly a paradise!

An endless ocean, through the pink fence of coral reefs

washes the hot sands of the shore.

Sparkling crystal waters

cascading down the blue mountainsides.

Running water could be heard in the shadowy orchards.

These nature fountains splatter their blue streaks

up to the emerald sky.

The freshness of cool water...


A ship!

A ship!


Dear John!

Miss Mary!

How lucky that you were by the coast of New Zealand!

- Ayrton brought your order to me.
- What? Ayrton is here?

Yes, he's aboard with us.

- Bring him here.
- Yes, sir!

We had to tie him up,

despite my order, he tried to force the crew

to turn "Duncan" to the Twofold bay in Australia.

I don't understand!

You were supposed to go to the Twofold bay in Australia!

To New Zealand, according to your order!

New Zealand? Show me the order.

"I propose to John Mangles

to bring "Duncan" to the west coast of

- New Zealand?
- on the 37th degree latitude".

Did you write this, Paganel?


I was too occupied by my hypothesis!

Good thing you haven't sent "Duncan" to the North Pole!

- Please understand...
- Eat!

Ben Joyce, you yourself are quite aware of what awaits you

if you get into the hands of the royal police!

Ben Joyce, tell the truth just once in your life!


I'll tell you everything!

I served in the royal navy.

And because I was Scottish,

didn't tolerate abuse and hit back once,

I was sentenced away to eternal hard labour.

I escaped.

The police was chasing right after to hang me on the nearest plank!

Then, in Glasgow,

I was hired by Captain Grant.

I believed in his goal.

Resentment was scathing my heart,

slaps were burning on my face,

and the free land we were searching for

was so far away!

I couldn't wait any longer!

I started a mutiny!

Ayrton, pray tell where my father is!

He landed me on the west coast of Australia

and sailed off

to New Zealand.

New Zealand? I was right!

"Aland", it meant New Zealand in the document!

Go, Ayrton.

Having received new information from Ayrton, the travelers have searched through all islands of New Zealand...

But Captain Grant was nowhere to be found.

Mary, do not despair!

Remember what father taught us.

The most important thing is to be brave!

Captain John is convinced we will find our father!

You heard that?

Robert, I think I heard...


Help! Father!

Father is there!

Captain Grant!

Last island.
Last hope.


My dears!

If only you knew

how often was I dreaming atop of my rock

about seeing a ship

so I could sail on it

to where I have left you!

To where my homeland was,

from where I could once again sail off in search of new lands!

In all this time

there was just a glimpse of a sailboat once or twice.

A glimpse... and it would vanish.

Two and a half years have passed like that.

Finally, yesterday I've noticed light steam on the west side.

Next morning I saw a yacht approaching.

I saw a boat and fainted!

I was convinced it was death!

But you cannot die from happiness.

We were saved, and I got to be embraced by my children!

We can sail off, sir!

Right, John!

Well, I think this is the end.


I hope my freedom will be returned to me,

and I would be able to return to my homeland?

- Your wish will be granted.
- Thank you, sir!

Despite all the hardships,

I never abandoned my goal!

And if I am not destined to reach it in my lifetime,

my children will achieve what I was fighting for all my life!

I firmly believe

that a day will come

when even the last poor man will be the master of their homeland!

This is how "Duncan's" round-the-world trip has ended, becoming one of the best journeys of the 1860s.

The End

Whoever is used to fight for victory -

Let them sing with us:

If you're merry - you laugh,
If you want it - you'll achieve it,

If you're searching - you will always find!

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