Capricorn One (1977) - full transcript

Charles Brubaker is the astronaut leading NASA's first manned mission to Mars. Seconds before the launch, the entire team is pulled from the capsule and the rocket leaves earth unmanned much to Brubaker's anger. The head of the programme explains that the life support system was faulty and that NASA can't afford the publicity of a scratched mission. The plan is to fake the Mars landing and keep the astronauts at a remote base until the mission is over, but then investigative journalist Robert Caulfield starts to suspect something.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
This is Paul Cunningham. Capricorn Control.

The time is three minutes after six,
Eastern Daylight Time.

Were coming up on
T-minus 32 minutes. 21 seconds...


To facilitate the broadcast media,
we will precede each announcement...

with a 5 second tone,
followed by a 1 second pause.

Anyone who hasn't got
a press kit...

can pick one
at the information trailer.

At the present time,
all systems are go...

all lights are green.

To review the morning for you...

at T-minus 8 hours, 5 minutes.
Launch Complex 39 was cleared...

and we began to load liquid propellant
into the launch vehicle.

At T-minus 4 hours,
30 minutes...

Colonel Charles Brubaker,
the Command Pilot...

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Willis
and Commander John Walker...

were awakened by Dr. Roger Burroughs,
the flight surgeon.

They were given a final physical
examination and pronounced all fit.

The crew then had a breakfast
consisting of half a grapefruit...

a ten ounce steak...

12 ounces of orange juice,
two eggs and toast.

The crew is now in the gantry
access arm...

where they're preparing to enter
the spacecraft.

We're at T-minus 30 minutes.
and counting.

This is Capricorn Control.

- Good morning, gentlemen.
- Good morning, Horace.

- Are we late?
- Traffic was terrible.

Well, I see you're all
in good spirits.

- Have you done the EDS test yet?
- They're almost completed.

- Do you want us to enter?
- In a moment.

- What's up?
- I'm not very good at things like this.

I've known you,
especially Colonel Brubaker...

for some time.

What you're about to do today,
I've spent my life.

I'd just like you to know
that I feel that...

all I've ever worked for...

it has meaning today,
and I'm very proud.

Proud of the program...

and proud of what I've been able
to contribute in some small way, and...

proud of you.

I'd like for you to take
this Bible with you...

from me, from all of us.

Why, Horace,
I don't know what to say.

- Well, try saying nothing for a change.
- Horace...

Thank you.

We'd be honored
to take this with us.

Well, gentlemen,
let's go to Mars.

This is Paul Cunningham,
Capricorn Control.

We're now at T-minus 21 minutes.
and counting.

Wives of the flight crew at the Cape
will be flown back to Houston...

- ...following launch.
- Good morning, Congressman Peaker.

We've reserved three of the best seats
for you and for General Enders...

right next to Vice President.

- Is he here yet?
- No, sir, he's due any moment.

Asshole probably thinks
they'll delay the launch for him.

Someone should tell him this is not
a bridge opening.

I hope you and Mrs. Peaker will be
very comfortable.

The Agency would like you to have
these commemorative binoculars...

to help you watch the launch
and to remember this day.

That's very nice.
Look, Emily.

They have the date,
Capricorn One emblem in gold.

- Very nice, Hollis.
- I'm glad you like them.

- Well, we'll need another pair for my wife.
- I beg your pardon, sir?

Oh, don't make a fuss, Hollis,
it's all right.

I said, "we'll need another pair
for my wife."

- It's really not necessary.
- Here, Emily, take mine.

- I really won't need them.
- No, I don't...

Congressman Peaker,
there's only a limited...

I didn't quite hear what you said.
Would you mind repeating it, please?

Oh, there's no problem.
I'll get another pair right away.

Very thoughtful of you.

This is Capricorn Control.

We are at T-minus 15 minutes
and counting.

All systems are go.
All lights are green.

Mission Control has reported the
spacecraft is now on external power.

The launch vehicle...

will transfer to full internal power
at T-minus 50 seconds.

Both Ascension and Canary tracking stations
report clear reception.

The prime recovery ship,
in the event of a terminated flight...

will be the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, which
is located 350 nautical miles...

South, Southeast of Bermuda.
This is Capricorn Control.

- Hello, Emily.
- How are you?

- Phyllis?
- Hello, Hollis. Nice to see you.

Glad to see you.
Hollis, how are you?

Very well, Mr. Vice President.

- How is the President today?
- Oh, just fine, thank you, Hollis.

He asked me
to personally express his regrets...

at being unable to be here.

There were
some pressing matters...

that needed his attention
in Washington.

- Like getting re-elected?
- Mr. Vice President?

I hope you and Mrs. Price
will be very comfortable.

The Agency would like you to have
these commemorative binoculars...

to help you watch the launch
and to remember this day.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, very much.

- They're very nice.
- What is your name, son?

- Hughes, sir. Mark Hughes.
- You learn pretty quick.

- You'll do all right.
- Thank you, sir.

We're at T-minus 10 minutes.
and counting.

- Stage one is green.
- Stage two is green.

Stage two is green.

Malfunction Detect System,
on second panel.

M.D.S. on second panel.

Capricorn One,
we confirm TARS and MDS.

You are green on both.

You are go for Inertial Guidance
and OMS checks.

Roger, Houston.

Gentlemen, we're ready
to close the hatch.

Anybody wanna get out,
this is your last chance.

Hey, Horace, is Mars the red one
or the green one? I forgot.

Twenty-four billion dollars to put
crazy people into space.

Keeps us off the streets.

Colonel Brubaker has reaffirmed
the completion of the EDS checks.

Mission Control reports all systems are go,
all lights are green.

James Kelloway,
Director of the Manned Space Program...

is in Houston at this moment.

He is in full voice contact
with the flight crew.

Landing Module OI shutdown.

OI, shutdown complete.

Capricorn One, you should have
full CM internal power.

Roger, Houston.
We have internal power.

Vehicle final status check.

Begin status check.

- TLR pressure reading is 45.2
- Roger, Houston.

Roger, Capricorn, we copy.

Bru, would you and your men,
please, follow me?

- Hey, what the hell is this?
- There's no time to explain.

- Please, follow me.
- Are you nuts?

I said there's no time
to explain!

This is an emergency!
Please, follow me, now!

This is Paul Cunningham,
Capricorn Control.

The space vehicle final checks
have been completed...

and the access arm
is swinging into a final retract position.

The destruct systems
are now fully armed.

- TLR pressure reading is 45.2.
- Roger, Houston, 45.2.

The flight crew has completed
the launch vehicle range safety checks.

T-minus 50 seconds. the launch vehicle
will be on full internal power...

that begins the actual
launch sequence.

The weather is reported good.
Scattered clouds at 10,000 feet.

All systems are go.
All lights are green.

We're at T-minus 3 minutes, 6 seconds...

A launch officer
has given a go...

to begin
the firing automatic sequence.

From now until T-minus 50 seconds,
that system is pre-set.

- Initial stage thruster check is normal.
- Roger, Houston.

We're coming up on
T-minus 1 min. 30 seconds.

The final range safety checks
are completed.

The Launch Safety Officer
reports all systems...

are normal and we are go
at this time.

The launch escape tower is now
fully armed.

In the event of an abort...

the tower will carry the command
module away from the launch vehicle...

and will activate a system of
drogue chutes at 10,000 feet.

The flight crew reports all guidance
and navigation systems functioning properly.

The Range Safety Officer reports
alternating systems are operating.

This is Capricorn Control.

It's that big tall white thing
over there.

You can't miss it.

This is Paul Cunningham,
Capricorn Control.

We're at T-minus 1 min.
and still counting.

All systems are go.
All lights are green.

We should have launch vehicle
power transfer right about now.

Roger, Houston, we read
nominal ALCS.

Roger, Houston, we read
nominal ALCS.

Roger, Captain. We copy.

We're at T-minus 30 seconds.

At the present time,
all systems are go.

All lights are green.

Colonel, we're going to be
a little while.

You and your men might be more
comfortable in these.

We're at T-minus 18 seconds.
from lift-off.

We're T-minus 15 seconds.

T-minus 10 seconds... 9... 8...
we have ignition...

6... 5...
we have outboard engines...

3... we have inboard engines... 1... 0.
We have a launch commit.

We have a lift-off at 35 minutes
after the hour.

We are starting yaw.

Roger, roll program complete.

Vehicles on targets
and running smoothly.

Looking good, Capricorn.

We're coming up on
T-plus 40 seconds.

Staging should be
in the next 30 seconds.

Outboard cutoff
should be 10 seconds.

- OBECO, Capricorn.
- Roger, Houston.

Have outboard cutoff.

T-plus 2 minutes, 29 seconds.

- we're go for staging.
- You are go for staging, Capricorn.

Roger, Houston.
5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

- We reached staging.
- We copy.

We have separation.

We have separation at
T-plus 2 minutes, 43 seconds.

- S-2 ignition.
- We have S-2.

We have second stage ignition.

S-2 ignition at
T-plus 2 minutes, 46 seconds.

The vehicle is 47 miles down range.
Altitude: 43 miles.

6,100 miles per hour.

Mr. Vice President, please,
give my regards to the President.

Oh, yes, I'll be very happy
to do that, Hollis.

I, uh, hope that whatever problems
he found so important

not to be here today,
I hope he has considerable success with them.

Well, that's really
very sporting of you.

I'm sure the President will be very pleased
to learn of your support.

The President would get considerable
more of my humble support..

If he would only be a little more
helpful with this program here.

Now, Hollis, you know the President
is most interested in this program.

I am most interested
in a lot of things...

including my wife's
bridge game.

That is not the same as
supporting something.

Hollis, there are many people
who feel...

that we have problems here, on Earth
that merit our attention...

before we spent billions of dollars
on outer space.

There are a number of people who feel
there are no more pressing problems...

than our declining position
in world leadership.

It was wonderful
seeing you again, Hollis.

The pleasure was all mine,
Mr. Vice President.

This is Paul Cunningham,
Capricorn Control.

You're at T-plus 2 hours, 16 minutes,
into the flight.

The spacecraft
is now in elliptical orbit...

with an apogee
of 141 nautical miles

and a perigee
of 122 nautical miles.

Mission Control reports full voice
contact with the flight crew.

This is Capricorn Control.

Welcome, Colonel Brubaker.

- Would you please come with us?
- I'm not going anywhere...

till somebody tells us
what the hell's going on.

- Everything will be explained to you.
- Bullshit, I wanna know right now!

Colonel, I know this sounds strange,
we are all working for the same thing.

We are not your enemy.

Please, wait here.

I suppose you're wondering
why I called you up here.

- Good morning.
- Hi there, Dr. Kelloway, nice to see you.

A funny thing happened
on the way to Mars.

Well, why don't you all
sit down?



here it is.

I have to start by saying that
if there was any other way...

if there was even a slight chance
of another alternative...

I would give anything not to be here
with you now, anything.

Bru, how long have we known
each other?

16 years, that's how long,

16 years.

You should have seen
yourself then.

You seemed walked out
of a Wheaties box.

And me, all sweaty palmed
and deadly serious.

I told everybody about this dream I had
of conquering the New Frontier...

and they all looked at me
like I was nuts.

You looked at me
and said, "yes".

I remember when you told me
Kay was pregnant.

We even went out
and got crocked.

I remember when Charles was born.
We went out and got crocked again.

The two of us, Captain Terrific
and the Mad Doctor...

talking about
reaching the stars...

and the bartender telling us
maybe we'd had enough.

16 years.

And then, Armstrong stepped out
on the Moon and we cried.

We were so proud.

Willis, you and Walker,
you came in about then...

both bright and talented

Looked at me
in my wash and wear shirt,

carrying on this hot love affair
with my slide rule...

and even you were caught up
in what we'd done...

I remember when Glenn made
his first orbit in Mercury.

They put up television sets
in Grand Central Station...

and tens of thousands of people
missed their trains to watch.

You know, when Apollo 17
landed on the Moon...

people were callin' up the networks
and bitchin'...

because reruns of I Love Lucy
were canceled.

Reruns, for Chrissake!

I can understand if it was
the new Lucy Show.

I mean, what the hell
is a walk on the Moon?

But reruns?
Oh, Jesus...

And then, suddenly, everybody started talking
about how much everything cost.

Was it really worth twenty billion
to go to another planet?

What about cancer? What about the slums?
How much does it cost?

How much does any dream cost?
For Chrissake!

Since when is there an accountant
for ideas?

You know
who was at the launch today?

Not the President,
the Vice President, that's who.

The Vice President
and his plump wife.

The President was busy.

He's not busy.
He's just a little bit scared.

He sat there two months ago...

and put his feet up
on Woodrow Wilson's desk.

And he said, "Jim...

make it good.

Congress is on my back.

They're looking for a reason
to cancel the program.

We can't afford
another screw-up!

Make it good!
You have my every good wish."

His every good wish...

I got his sanctimonious
Vice President...

that's what I got!

And so there we are,
after all those hopes...

and all that dreaming.

He sits there with those flags
behind his chair...

and tells me
we can't afford a screw-up.

And guess what?
We had a screw-up!

A first-class, bonafide,
made-in-America screw-up!

The good people from Con-Amalgamate
delivered a life-support system...

cheap enough so they could make
a profit on the deal.

Works out fine for everybody.
Con-Amalgamate makes money...

we have our
life-support system...

everything is peachy!

Except they made
a little bit too much profit.

We found out two months ago,
it won't work.

You guys would all be dead in three
weeks. It's as simple as that.

So all I have to do is report that
and scrub the mission.

Congress has its excuse...

the President still has his desk...

and we have no more program.
What's 16 years?

An actual drop in the bucket!

All right, that's the end of the speech.
Now, we're getting...

to what they call
the moment of the truth.

Come with me...

I wanna show you something.

Roger, Houston. TMI burn time
will be 5 minutes. 45 seconds.

Roger, Capricorn.

Delta-V burn time:
3.3 seconds.

There's a door here. I'm gonna open it
and walk into another area.

If you follow me,
you'll see a bit more.

I'll answer some questions and...
and we're going to...

Why don't you just follow me?

You don't really think you're gonna
get away with this?

Well, I don't know,
it's a chance.

Maybe it's not a very good one,
but it's a chance.

- Who knows about this?
- Almost nobody.

Houston is monitoring
the actual flight.

All the telemetry is coming from
the Command Module,

so are your voices
and medical data.

We recorded everything from
the practice simulations.

They don't know.

All we need from you is the actual
television transmissions...

during the flight and the Mars landing,
that's all.

Just the television transmissions.

That's all?
Just the television transmissions?

We inserted a change
in the onboard computer...

so the spacecraft will land
two hundred miles off target...

when it returns to Earth.

You'll be flown to an island
near that point.

From there you'll be transferred
to a helicopter.

The helicopter will fly you to the space
capsule and you'll be put inside.

It'll take the recovery forces
a minimum of an hour and a half...

to reach the splashdown site.
By then, you'll be inside the capsule.

When the prime recovery carrier

they'll find you inside the capsule
and take you out of the spacecraft.

You've thought of everything.

I don't know. I hope so.

Of course, you're sure
we'll go along, right?

No, I'm not.

What if we say no?

I don't know.

Don't say no.

When does Allen Funt come running in
and tell us we're on Candid Camera?

You think I like this?

You think I really believe
I'm standing here in this craziness...

telling you about patching
and tape recordings...

and telemetry and an island
200 miles from the target zone?

I don't know what the hell
I'm doing, either!

I just case so goddamn much,
I think it's worth it.

I'm not even sure of that.
I just think it.

I think I'm gonna throw up.

- Well, that'll solve everything.
- Well, what's this all gonna solve?

It'll keep something alive
that shouldn't die!

Before you all begin to moralize,
you take a look around.

You look at what we've done
and how much more we can do.

You look at what we've meant
to this country.

Nobody gives a crap
about anything any more.

People close their garages,
and triple lock their doors...

they hide under the beds...

they're even afraid

to turn on their television sets for fear of
what they might find out in the evening news.

There's nothing more
to believe in.

Now, you wanna blow
this whole thing wide open?

God knows what it might do
to everybody.

I'm sorry. I'm so goddamn sorry.
I just don't know what else to do.

I'm hanging on by my fingernails,
just like everybody else.

Go on,
you wanna be the ones...

who give everyone another reason
to give up?

Go on!

This is really wonderful.

We go along with you
and lie our asses off...

and the world of truth
and ideals is...protected.

But we don't wanna take part
in some giant rip-off of yours...

and somehow or other
we're managing to ruin the country.

You're pretty good, Jim.
I'll give you that.

Now, now, now,
you're twisting my words.

- Don't sell yourself short!
- Don't sell the program short!

Don't oversell it.

I'm not so sure
that canceling a flight...

or cutting off appropriations
means America folds up.

- It's not as simple as that and you know it!
- I don't know it.

If the only way
to keep something alive...

is to become everything
I hate...

I don't know
if it's worth keeping it alive.

Please, Bru,
don't talk like that.

What the hell's the matter with you,
"Please, Bru, don't talk like that?"

I don't think this is right!
All the rest is bullshit!

- You have to help!
- What do you mean I have to?

- You have to help!
- And what if I don't?

Please, don't put me
in a corner.

You're crazy. You know that?
You know that? You are crazy!

You've got us
in the middle of this nuthouse...

and you don't wanna be
put in a corner?

Your families...

- What about our families?
- Please, you have to help!

- What about our families?
- You have to help!

Shit, this thing
is outta my hands!

You think it's all
a couple of looney scientists?

It's not! It's bigger!

There are people out there,
forces out there who have a lot to lose.

They are grown-ups! It's gotten too big!
It's in the hands of grown-ups!

What about our families?

They are flying back
from the Cape to Houston!

They are all on the plane!

- Naw, you're not serious.
- Please, Bru, don't make me!

- You son-of-a-bitch, tell me!
- They're on the plane together!

You want it in writing?

There's a device!
It's on the plane!

There's some people, if I don't give
the 'all clear' signal, they'll explode it!

Don't you understand?
It doesn't have to be like this!

You have to help!
It's gotten outta control!

It's too big!

You wouldn't.

Tell me you wouldn't.

I can't tell you that, Bru.

This coffee is horrible.

- It's not that bad.
- It is. It's that bad.

- Don't drink it.
- I'm always unwrapping things.

I wake up and take the cellophane
off the drinking glass.

The soap's in
a Holiday Inn wrapper.

Even the toilet has a paper band on it
with a nice little note from the hotel...

saying they put the band on the toilet
for my protection.

I'm afraid
that if I stay in bed too long...

the maid walks in and put a paper band
around me and the bedspread.

- I don't mind.
- You wait.

After a while you won't know
what city you are in.

I defy anyone
to tell me the difference...

between the Holiday Inn in Houston
and the Holiday Inn in Cincinnati.

The rooms are the same.
The music in the elevators is the same...

even the ladies with too much makeup
in the coffee shop are the same.

You never know where you are until
after breakfast when you read the paper.

- I don't mind it.
- Well, I don't mind it that much, either.

It's just that I would like it all to be
with someone I care for.

- Someone I could share it with.
- Bullshit.

- You're so damn cynical.
- I'm not cynical.

It's just that your act
could use a little polish.

- What do you mean by that?
- Liz Haller, for starter.

It was at the California Primary?

I believe you used the one about both
witnessing to the unfolding of history.

You've got to admit
it's better than soap wrappers.

You think all I wanna do
is jump you.


You wouldn't know sincerity
if it ran over you.

- Not if you were driving it.
- I'm glad I'm not like you.

I have better legs.

Okay, I give up.

Don't give up so easily,
just change your approach.

What approach would you like?

How about something like, uh,
"I would like to jump you"?

Think that would work?

It has more chance than
wanting to share a life together.

- I would like to jump you.
- Go jump yourself.


I'm sorry that you had to wait
outside the house all day like this.

There is not much that I can say
except that...

I'm very excited and proud.

Everything seems to be going

Dr. Kelloway called to say that Bru
and the crew were in excellent spirits.

How has all this disrupted
your family routine?

- Terrific question.
- Shove it!

Well, the children will continue
to go to school...

and we'll try to maintain
a normal existence.

I suppose that's all
that I have to say.

Thank you all for coming.

Uh, I just came out to say hello
and go back inside now.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Dr. Bergen?

Yes, Elliot?

- I wonder if I could talk to you for a moment.
- What is it?

Well, there's somethin'...
I have a problem, sir.

- Oh, are you feeling all right?
- Oh, yes, sir. It's the readout.

- What about the readout?
- Well, I just can't figure something out.

- Well, perhaps I can be of some help.
- Well, I hope so.

See, I ran a check on the transmission
on my own...

- on the signals.
- On your own?

- Yes, sir.
- I like your dedication.

The television signals are coming in
ahead of the spacecraft signals..

It's like they're closer or something.
Much closer.

Oh, that's not possible. There must be
some malfunction in your equipment.

Well, I don't think so, Dr. Bergen.
You see, I doubled checked that console.

- Which console are you on?
- 36, sir.

Well, that's the answer.

We've been having problems
with the circuitry on 36.

We've had trouble with it before.
I'll make sure it's repaired and,

thank you for showing me
the problem.

You show initiative, I like that.

This is Paul Cunningham.
Capricorn Control.

We are T-plus 131 days,
4 hours, 15 minutes into the flight.

5 minutes from landing.

The wives of the flight crew
arrived at Mission Control...

at 2:31 Eastern Daylight Time.

In just a few minutes we should be receiving
a signal from the spacecraft.

It's important to know that it takes 21 minutes
for the signal from Mars to reach Earth.

We have no way of communicating
with Capricorn One...

...and what we will see actually
happened 21 minutes. ago.

This is Capricorn Control.

We're getting something now.

We are changing to a secondary

Houston, this is Capricorn One.
CM-LM separation was normal.

I have CM visual contact
through port window.

- Delta-V burn time: 3.3 seconds.
- 3.3 seconds. Burn is correct.

We should be hearing from
the CM...soon.

- Houston, this is Capricorn CM.
- Just wait.

I see the LM.

Five minutes after the landing,
that asshole Price'll be callin'...

to tell me
how pleased the President is.

If our data is correct,
their altitude is 2.2 miles...

pitch angle, 20 degrees.
Vertical descent 44.6 feet per second.

We have passed Low Gate.
Altitude: 950 feet. Looking good.

- 15 seconds.
- 15 seconds.

10 seconds.

10 seconds.











Houston, this is Capricorn One.

We have landed.

- Yes?
- Vice President Price on the line.


Hello, Mr. Vice President.

Yes, it's wonderful, isn't it?

Proud moment
for all Americans.

You can tell the President
that's very gracious of him.

I appreciate it, I really do.

Thank you.

And my very best
to your lovely wife.




Doctor, I wonder if I can speak to you
for a moment.

Certainly, what seems to be
the problem?

Well, I just can't figure
something out, sir.

What is that?

Well, I'm not exactly sure,
but it's the readout.

I told Dr. Bergen about it a long time,
and he said it was in the console.

I'd like you
to take a look at it.

- Well, what console are you on?
- Telemetry, sir, 36.

Oh, yes, Dr. Bergen told me about that.
We had that console repaired.

I know, sir, it's just...
I keep on having the same readouts.

Well, what readout?

Well, sir, I ran a program on my own
just to check something...

and the readout is different.

You ran your own program?

Yes, sir...

and...I don't think
it's the console.

Well, we'll have it shut down
and I'll see that it's serviced.

Thank you, Elliot,
for bringing the matter to my attention.

You're welcome, sir.

This is Paul Cunningham,
Capricorn Control.

The Flight Director advises
that the LM crew has been given a Go...

for the first EVA on
the Martian surface.

Because the time delay would make
a conversation impossible...

the crew has taken a prerecorded message
from the President with them.

This is Capricorn Control.

- Houston, We're activating the camera.
- Roger, Capricorn.

Houston, you should have
a picture now.

- We have a pretty good picture now.
- Houston, I am out of the hatch.

I am on the ladder.

Houston, the suit is functional.

The ladder is steady.
I am three steps from the bottom.

I'm two steps from the bottom.

Keep going to the ground, Bru.

I'm on the bottom step.

Houston, I am gonna set foot
on the surface.

Ready slow-mo.

I take this step
in the journey of peace...

- for all mankind.
- Take slow-mo!

Houston, I am on the surface.

Roger, Capricorn. We copy.

I am starting to walk now.

Houston, the surface is solid.
Visibility is good.

I'm walking
toward the camera now.

The footing is solid.

Surface seems powdery.

I am picking up
the camera now.

I have the camera.

The picture will get shaky
for a while.

The footing is good.

Houston, I am setting
the camera down now.

The rocks seem very porous.

Houston, I am outside the hatch.

Houston, I am on the ladder.

Ready slow-mo.

- Houston, I'm stepping onto the surface.
- Take slow-mo!

Houston, I am on the surface.

We are going to set the flag
on the surface.

We do not claim this planet
in the name of America.

We claim it in the name
of all the people of the planet Earth.

We hope that our visit will increase
the understanding of the human race.

Walker should be activating
the tape soon...

with the prerecorded message
from the President.

I am starting the tape.

To the men of Capricorn One.

I bring you greetings
from your fellow Americans

and all the citizens
of the world.

You are so far away.

It takes light more than 20 minutes
to reach you from here.

One could say not only light,
one could say time.

You are in another time from us,
the future.

We will never be the same...

for this moment
more than any moment in our history...

has made all of the people in the world
realize that we are part of the planet...

that is part of the system,
that is part of the Universe.

We are a small
energetic species...

capable of pettiness,
yet capable of brilliance.

We know how bad we can be...

now you, the men
of Capricorn One,

have shown us
how wonderful we can be...

by showing us how high
we can reach.

You have crossed
the last great frontier...

and you have shown us What we are:

Of different colors
and religions and ideologies...

however, a single people.

You are the basic truth in us.

You are the reality.

We will never let you down...

and we will always
be grateful.

I have decided after
a careful deliberation...

and a painful soul-searching
to give you an opportunity...

- to win your 50 dollars back.
- I don't feel like playing.

- Eight ball, five dollars a game.
- I don't feel like it.

- 10 dollars.
- I'm serious.

So am I.
I'll even let you break.

- Can a person be more serious?
- You're drunk.

I knew there was a reason
I was feeling this good.

I need a drink.

Underneath that wash and wear shirt,
you have some heart.

It may be sanforized,
but it's a heart.


- You said I break.
- I musta been drunk.

- Hard day at the office, dear?
- I don't wanna talk about it.

Did you break your slide rule?

I'm not really sure.

I ran a check on my own
transmissions signals.

The numbers came up screwy,
so I told Dr. Bergen about it.

It was like he was pissed at me
for running a check.

He said it must be a console

So I told Dr. Kelloway about it
and he said the same thing.

Big deal. What did you expect,
a merit badge?

I guess so.
They must know what they're doing.

Those numbers couldn't have been
right anyway. No way.

If you know the numbers couldn't have
been right, why are you so upset?

It was the way they reacted.
No double check or anything.

They looked at me like I was a kid
and offered me a cookie.

- What were the numbers?
- I have to admit it is ridiculous.

Good, let's play pool.

Those signals couldn't have
come from 300 miles.

Which signals?

The television transmission.

I think I just sobered up.
Would you tell me what you just told me again?

Hey, Caulfield, telephone.


Yes, this is Caulfield.


I'm sorry, you'll have to speak
more clearly.

I think we got a bad connection or something.
I can't hear you.


I don't understand
what you want.

Look, if you call
the assignment desk...

they'll be glad to send someone over
to cover that for you.

Yes, ask for
the assignment desk.

Assignment. That's right.

You're welcome.

Anybody hungry?


Oh, the marvels
of American science.

Here we are, millions of miles
from the Earth...

and we can still send out
for a pizza.

I'm not gonna do it.

Not gonna do what?

I'm not gonna sit in this thing...

and talk to my wife and tell her
everything is going fine.

I'm not gonna do it.

I tried.

I got two little kids
with big bright eyes.

And I used to tell them their daddy
was gonna make them proud of him...

like he was of them.

And now I gotta go home...

I gotta kiss them
and gotta look in their eyes...

and tell them
I really did this?

I don't know.
Maybe that's better...

than telling them
I really didn't do it.

I wish I knew what was right.
I really don't.

We've been sitting around here for
months, telling their lies for them.

And I don't wanna do it
any more.

Okay, so we go and blow
the whole thing tomorrow, on national TV.

Then what have we done?

- We'd screw up a lotta people's dinner.
- We've already screwed ourselves.

Okay, so what do we accomplish
by screwing everybody else?

He's got a point there, you know.
We went along with this because of you.

You and our families.

Now you wanna go out in
some terrific blaze of glory?

And we get pulverized
in the process?

And our families!

- What about our families?
- I know!

I know.


That's the best thing I've heard
anybody say in three weeks.

- What's the best thing?
- Shit.

- I just don 't think I can do it.
- Get me Dr. Kelloway.

Why, all of a sudden,
are we standing up for the bad guys...

and you're on the side
of truth and justice?

We may have a problem with
Brubaker tomorrow.

- I wish I had the words.
- Damn the words, Bru!

These people...they're capable of anything.
And we got our families out there.

Now, we're in this thing and I think
we're in too deep to stop now.

No one of us is gonna decide.

It's got to be all of us.

Operator, I'm trying a number now
for over an hour and it's busy.

Would you kindly check to see
if it's out of order?

I know you don't do that.

Yes, it's an emergency.

Thank you. 873-3657.

No, 3657,
Mr. Elliot Whitter.

Out of order?

Thank you very much, operator.

This is Paul Cunningham,
Capricorn Control.

We are a T-plus 223 days,
6 hours, 32 minutes.

All systems are go.
All lights are green.

We are awaiting the start
of the final television transmissions...

from the Command Module
on its return to Earth.

This is specifically a conversation
between the crew and their wives.

This is the first time the crew
has been close enough to Earth

to make normal conversation

This is Capricorn Control.

Capricorn One, this is Houston.
Capricorn One, this is Houston.

Roger, Houston,
this is Capricorn One.

- Houston, do you have a picture?
- Roger, Capricorn, we have a picture.

We have three anxious ladies here
who would like to talk to you.

- Roger, Houston.
- We'd sure like to talk to them.

Okay, go ahead, but keep it short.
Remember, this is long distance.


Jack, it's Betty.

- Hey, Betty, how are you?
- You look fine.

Thanks. You know
we can't see you up here,

- but you sure sound terrific.
- I miss you.

So do the kids.

Thank you, I miss them too,
more than you all know.


It's Sharon.

I told you
never to call me here.

Are you feeling well?

I'm feeling very well.
How's Sandy?

Well, she's got the part of Wendy
in her school play.

- They're doing Peter Pan.
- That's terrific.

You sound so close.

It's hard to believe you really are
that far away in space.

It's hard for me
to believe it, too.

- Bru?
- Hello, Kay.

We're all so proud of you.

Can you hear me, Bru?


- I'm not sure of Brubaker.
- Keep watching.

- Bru? I have a surprise for you.
- What?

I said
I have a surprise for you.

What is it?

Charles wrote a composition in school
and he won an award.

May I read it to you?

- Bru, can you hear me?
- Yes.

- Please, read it to me.
- It doesn't look good.

- Want me to cut the transmission?
- Not until I tell you.

"My father",
by Charles Brubaker, Jr.

"My father
is far away from me now.

He is flying to Mars.

I miss him very much.

I always miss him when
he goes away.

I'm not sad, though.

I used to be sad
when he went away.

One day he told me that
people can't live only for themselves.

He said he was trying to do something
that would be good for everybody.

I know that is
what he is doing now.

He is doing something for everybody,
to give them a better life.

That means
he is doing something for me, too.

So even though
he is far away...

he is thinking about me
and I am with him.

That is why I'm not sad.

That is why I'm so proud
of my Dad.

I love him so much."


What is it?

There's something I...

I wanna say.


What is it?

Not until I tell you.

I know this hasn't been easy
for you and the kids.

I want you to know...

I love you.

Tell Charles thanks
for the composition, please.

I will.

Tell him when I get back...

I'm gonna take him
to Yosemite again...

like last summer.

I will.

And I want you to know
that I love you.

Very much.

- Time's up, gentlemen.
- Roger, Houston.

The next time we see you,
you'll be on the way home.

- Roger.
- Well done, Capricorn.


Is Whitter in?
Tell him it's Caulfield.

- Who?
- Whitter. Elliot Whitter.

There's no one here
by that name.

You must have
the wrong apartment.

Well, this is apartment 228,
isn't it?

Yeah. Oh, you probably have
the wrong building.

You know,
they are all sorta look alike.

Yeah, that's right.
This is 4311 Claridge, isn't it?

Yeah, it is.

Elliot Whitter lives at 4311 Claridge,
in apartment 228.

Is this a joke?

Look, I've been here
a million times.

Elliot's a friend of mine
and he lives in this apartment!

Look, Mister..., whoever you are.
I'm cleaning an oven.

It's my oven. It's in my kitchen.
In my apartment.

If you don't mind,
I'd like to get back to it.

Wait a minute! Just wait!

Look, I'm not a crazy person
and I'm not a mugger!

I'm looking for my friend and he lives
in this apartment! I swear it!

Would you get your foot out of my door
or I'm gonna call the police!

- Now I don't think this is funny any more!
- Wait.

I can prove I've been here before.
I know this apartment.

Now, will you get outta here,
or do I have to call the police?

This is Paul Cunningham,
Capricorn Control.

We are 259 days 14 hours, 12 minutes,
into the flight.

All systems are normal.
All lights are green.

The prime recovery ship,
the U.S.S. Oriskany, is in position.

An on-target landing
should result in recovery time...

of 18 minutes from splash-down
to the opening of the hatch.

After the crew delivers its speech
on the Oriskany deck...

and is welcomed aboard
by Captain Earl Marks...

...they'll be taken below deck
for a medical debriefing.

Tonight, at 8 o'clock
Pacific Daylight Time...

the crew will attend the victory
banquet topped by a special dessert:

A 40 feet red cake,
depicting the Martian surface.

We are 23 minutes. 12 seconds
from the beginning of the re-entry phase.

This is Capricorn Control.

We have a chopper waiting
on the island

to take you to the spacecraft
when it splashes down.

It'll take the Oriskany about
an hour and a half to reach you...

- so there won't be any rush.
- All lights are green.

Roger. All green.

Separation thruster check list?

Separation thruster check list.

Outboard thrusters.

Outboard thrusters on.

Inboard thrusters.

- Inboard thrusters on.
- How we doin'?

We might have
a slight problem, sir.

- What is it?
- They're a little bit off target.

How far off?

- As much as 200 miles.
- That far?

It could take up to an hour and a half
for the recovery forces to reach them.

- Keep me posted.
- Yes, sir.






Capricorn One, this is Houston.

Capricorn One, we show red
on the heat shield.

Do you copy?

Capricorn One, this is Houston.

We show red on the heat shield.
Do you read?

Capricorn One, this is Houston.

Capricorn One, this is Houston.
We show red on the heat shield.

Do you copy?

Capricorn One, this is Houston.

Capricorn One, we show red
on the heat shield. Do you copy?

- Capricorn One, this is Houston.
- Dr. Kelloway?

Capricorn One, this is Houston.
Do you read?

Capricorn One, this is Houston.

Capricorn One, we show red
on the heat shield. Do you copy?

Capricorn One, this is Houston.
Capricorn One, this is Houston.

Capricorn One, this is Houston.

Capricorn One, this is Houston.

Capricorn, we show red light
on the heat shield. Do you copy?

This is Paul Cunningham,
Capricorn Control.

We are advised
that there appears to be a malfunction.

We do not know what the problem is.
We will keep you advised.

This is Capricorn Control.

take Sandy and go inside.

- Mom, what's...
- Charles, go inside now!

- Mom...
- Charles, I said right now!

Capricorn One, this is Houston.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have a brief statement...

and then I will answer
your questions.

It must have been re-entry.

Something went wrong
during re-entry.

Why haven't they
told us anything?

They don't want us to know
what went wrong.

- What went wrong?
- Where the hell is Kelloway?

Where the hell are we?

At T-plus 259 days 15 hours, 11 minutes,
in the flight of Capricorn One...

which is 2 minutes, 18 seconds.
after interface...

the heat shield light on the Mission Control
monitoring panel turned red.


are dead.

- What?
- We're dead.

Shit, I was such a terrific guy!

We tried to establish radio contract,
contact with the spacecraft...

and we were unsuccessful.

It landed off course.
Why haven't they said anything to us?

And if it never landed,
either the heat shield separated...

or the chutes never opened.

Either way, we are dead.

The heat shield evidently separated
from the Command Module...

and, as you know, the heat shield
is the only protection the module has...

against the heat build-up on
the re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

The spacecraft disintegrated
within 12 seconds...

after the loss
of the heat shield.

Right now Kelloway is making a speech
about what brave, wonderful guys...

- we were.
- I cannot adequately describe...

how we feel.

These men were an integral
of the family...

here in the program.

If anybody ever sees us again,
the whole thing falls apart.

It's as simple as that.
They can't have us around.

That is the end
of my statement.

- Have you spoken to the families?
- Yes.

I don't know how we have
a lotta choice in this matter.

I say we get the hell outta here.
Anybody disagree?

When was the last time the heat shield
was checked?

All during the re-entry phase
there were a series of status checks.

All of them gave us every indication
the shield was in place.

No, I have not spoken
to the President yet...

but I'm sure I will very soon.

I'd like to say
that the President...

has been a constant source of
encouragement to all of us in the program.

This mission meant as much
to him as it did to us.

Do you think this will end
the Manned Space Program?

I don't know.

You can't reach that far without
stumbling somewhere along the way.

That doesn't mean that your goal
isn't worthwhile.

So many people
have given so much.

In 1967 we had
the Apollo 1 fire.

But we didn't just give up
even though we were crushed.

We went on as they would have
wanted us to.

Now, these three remarkable men
have given their lives...

in an effort to widen the horizons
of their species.

They died striving for a goal.

You tell me.

I ask you...I ask all of you here.
You be the ones to tell me.

How could we best serve
these men?

By giving up on their dream?

By saying that
it was all for nothing?

You give me the answer.

- That was the left gear we lost.
- See if you can retract the other one.

- Do you have any idea where we are?
- No.

Which direction are we headed?

West. Once we hit the coast,
we'll go North.

All we've got to do is get to any city,
any place there are people...

a newspaper,
a television station.

Any place we can show up
and be seen. Then it's over.

I'm not sure it's exactly over.

Our families, our kids.
They think we're dead.

I wonder, when we show up,
when everybody finds up...

I wonder if they'll be happy.

Maybe it'd be better for them
if we were dead.

Oh, Christ!

Fuel! There's no goddamn fuel!

I told you never to take a trip
without checking the tank.

- What about the reserve?
- We're on reserve.

That's great.

I'll start to circle.
See if you can find a level area.

Over there, beyond those cliffs.

Are you sure you know
how to land this thing?

Full flaps.

- I think we're on Mars.
- We got about 20 minutes head start on them.

It's not gonna be hard to spot
this plane from the air.

We got two choices.

Either we stick together, or we split up
and go in different directions.

Hey, I just found
a survival kit in here.

There's a can of water each.

A flare each.

John, you take the flint.
Peter and I'll split up the matches.

- Anybody want the gun?
- I'd shoot my foot.

I'd shoot his foot.

You can take the knife.

if any of us gets caught...

or he can't make it,
shoot off a flare... the others'll know.

I'll continue West.
John, you go North.

Peter, you go South.
We came from the East...

so we know
that's the wrong way.

There's not a lotta time.

There's too much to say,
so let's go.

If any of us makes it...


Did I ever tell you the one about
the guy who had a job...

giving enemas to elephants,


Did you ever hear it?

You can tell me about it
when we get home.

Tell Charles that...

thank him
for the composition, please.

I, uh...

Well, tell him
when I get back...

I'm gonna take him to
Yosemite again...

like last summer.

- I will.
- Right there. Run it again.

Like last summer.

I will.

"Look, sir. Look, sir.

Mr. Knox, sir, let's do tricks
with bricks and blocks, sir.

Let's do tricks
with chicks and clocks, sir."

- Blocks! Look, blocks!
- Right.

There are the blocks
and those are the...

- Clocks!
- Right.

"First, I'll make a quick trick,
brick stack.

Then I'll make a quick trick,
block stack.

You can make a quick trick,
chick stack.

You can make a quick trick,
clock stack."

- Chicks!
- And...?


"And here's a new trick,
Mr. Knox.

Socks on chicks
and chicks on fox.

Fox on clocks,
on bricks and blocks.

Bricks and blocks
on fox and box.

Now we come to...

ticks and tocks, sir."

Try to say this:

"Mr. Knox, sir,


Clocks on fix tick.

clocks on Knox tock."


- Clocks!
- Clocks.

Right, Sandy, very good.





- Yes?
- I'd like to see Mrs. Brubaker.

My name is Caulfield.

Mrs. Brubaker
isn't seeing anyone.

I telephoned this morning.
I believe I'm expected.

- What was that name again?
- Caulfield. Robert Caulfield.

Oh, yes. Mrs. Brubaker
is expecting you.

She's out on the patio.
It's right through there.

Thank you.

- Mrs. Brubaker?
- Mr. Caulfield?

Sit down, please.

Mrs. Brubaker, first of all,
I'd like to say I'm really sorry.

- Everyone is so...
- I know, and I appreciate it.

Don't be too uncomfortable with me.
I couldn't put up with that right now.

I understand that you think
you're interrupting me...

and you are,
but I welcome the interruption.

You called and said it was
something important. What is it?

Mrs. Brubaker,
it may not be important to you.

I'm looking for something
that may be important to me.

- It's personal.
- You're a reporter, aren't you?

Yes, as I told you,
I'm not looking for an interview.

I would like to ask you
a few questions...

about the last time you spoke
with your husband after the landing.

What about it?

Well, this may sound strange, Mrs. Brubaker,
don't be upset with me.

Just before
the conversation ended...

Colonel Brubaker told you something
about going on a vacation...

and your reaction was like
you didn't understand what he was saying.

Why would you wanna know
about that?

As I told you,
it's something personal.

It's personal to me, too.

Please, I'm not trying to embarrass you
or anyone else.

- Why would any of this be your business?
- Please, trust me.


You ask really good questions.

Well, it's all so silly.

It wasn't anything that dramatic.
Bru just forgot something, that's all.

I don't see the purpose in broadcasting
that my husband mistook a vacation...

when he had so many other things
to think about.

No, no, no, I'm not looking
for anything to broadcast.

- What are you looking for?
- It has to do with a friend of mine.

- Is there something I should know?
- If there was anything, I would tell you.

Well, it's nothing.

Bru said that he wanted to go back
to Yosemite like last year.

Last year, we went to Flat Rock,
not Yosemite.

I don't think
there's any cosmic significance in that.

Mrs. Brubaker,
I truly thank you.

I'm sure you had better things to do than
put up with a bunch of stupid questions.

No, I didn't.
Have I been any help to you at all?

I don't know.
May I call you again, sometime?



There's no one inside?

Are you sure?

Get more personnel,
they can't go too far on foot.

Oh, a piece of cake.

Charles, cut it out.
You know you're bothering her.

I know you're bothering her
and she knows you're bothering her.

If you want to stay in the pool,
cut it out.

- Hi, Uncle Jim.
- Hello there, Charles.

- Hello, Kay.
- Jim.

- You look just fine.
- Thank you.

- Can I offer you something to drink?
- No, thank you.

- How are the children?
- Fine.

Charles is strong.

He's very much to himself,
but he's strong.

Sandy doesn't know.

There's gonna be a Memorial Service
on Tuesday, right here, in Houston.

The President'll be here.

- He's going to speak.
- That's nice.

Will I get a folded flag?

I would like you to be there.


I know how difficult everything is
for you right now.

I feel like Jack the Ripper
even asking you...

It's just that...

it would be good for everyone
if you could go with me to the service.

- It's a horrible way to die.
- No, absolutely not.

When the heat shield separated,
it was over in less than 5 seconds.

I know that sounds grisly,
but you just have to know he never suffered.

He died doing
what he wanted to do.

Something he felt was important
enough to die for.

I know, I know.

I don't think it was important enough
for him to die for.

I understand.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

I have no right to intrude on you
like this.

I'll call you tomorrow.


I'll go.

You're a very special woman.

He was a very special man.

Thank you.

- Hey, Uncle Jim!
- Yes?

- My Dad went to Mars.
- Yes! Yes, he did!



Manual says...

look for signs.


Manual says...

signs for water.

Oh, dried river bed.


Bend in the river.

Lower signs.

Bend in the river.

There's just...


River bed...

below the bottom.


A drink of water.

Elizabeth, there's no water.

There's no water.

I don't wanna die.





I got to get the birds.



He was alone?

Which direction was he heading
from the airplane?

Aah, look South and West only.

Call everybody off
North and East.

The other two
are South and West.

- Hello, again.
- Hello, again.

- Can I offer you something to drink?
- Yes, thank you.

- What would you like?
- Some scotch. Straight, please.

You haven't found what
you're looking for...

you're embarrassed about
bothering me again...

however there are one or two questions
more you'd like to ask me.

It's something personal and
you won't bother me any more.

I haven't found
what I'm looking for.

I feel embarrassed
about bothering you again.

However, there are one or two more
questions I'd like to ask you.

It's something personal
and I won't bother you any more.

You're up to something,
you want my help...

and you won't tell me what it is.

You're a very smart lady,
you know that.


I drink too much.

I get in trouble a lot because
I talk too much.

Sometimes I have an imagination
that's a bit too vivid.

Something's wrong and
I don't know what it is.

Believe me,
I would never do anything...

to harm you or your husband.
I swear I wouldn't.

What are you after?

I'm taking a terrible risk
telling you this.

You may throw me out of here
and I do not want to be thrown out.

I don't think your husband is the kind
of man who makes mistakes...

no matter
how far away he may be.

I think he was trying
to tell you something.

- What?
- What did you do at Flat Rock?

Nothing much.

We came home after one day
because Charles got sick.

- What'd you do that one day?
- I don't remember.

We took a tour of the town.
They have those tours.

I don't remember what.

- We took some home movies.
- Do you have them?

- Yes.
- May I see them?


They were making a movie
the day we were there.

Bru got a big kick out of it.

He never knew it took so much time
to just do one simple scene.

Charles loved that one.
He wasn't in the greatest mood.

He didn't know it
but he was sick.

Bru was fascinated
with the detail.

He couldn't get over how something
so fake could look so real.

He kept on saying
that with that kind of technology...

you could convince people
of almost anything.

There's this guy, you see!
He takes a trip to Europe.

It's his first vacation
in a long time.

He sees the sights,
you know?

He has a real good time.

Anyway, after a while
he decides to call home.

He get his brother on the phone
and the guy says to his brother:

"How's everything at home?"

And his brother says...

"Your...your cat died."

And the guy
says to his brother:

"You shouldn't tell me
bad news like that.

"You should...

break it to me gently.

You know...


You should say
something like...

'The cat crawled out on the roof

the squirrels...


he got stuck.
We had to call the fire department...

and when they finally got there,
a fireman crawled up...

he grabbed the cat...

and on the way down,
he slipped and the cat...

fell to the ground.

They had to take the cat
to the vet.


tried to save the cat.

They even operated
on the cat.

But it was too late.

They couldn't...

save the cat.'

That's how you should break
bad news, like that."

So the guy
says to his brother:

"How's Mom?"

And the brother says:

"She's on the roof."

Get it?

"She's on the roof."

"She's on the roof."

Get it?


Which one?

What direction was he going?

Brubaker is going West.
Put everybody West.


Right now? Okay.

How nice of you
to join us here...

- Listen, I think I got something.
- You need a dermatologist?

Don't tell me, I'll get it.
George Raft! Right?

- Where the hell have you been?
- I have to talk to you.

I think I'm onto something. It could be
your actual ball game.

- I mean it.
- Golly, gee, Scoop, sounds very interesting!

Something is wrong.
Something big.

They know I'm onto it
and they tried to kill me.

- Who's they?
- I can't tell you.

- Why not?
- You wouldn't believe me.

- You don't think so?
- Okay, listen to me.

I got a tip from a friend,
a good friend, then he disappeared.

- Disappeared?
- Like he never existed.

There's some lady living in his apartment.
His apartment is all different.

She said she's been living there
for more than a year.

I checked
the building rental office.

They have receipts from her
for more than a year.

I checked NASA personnel.

They have no record
my friend ever worked there.

- They say they never even heard of him.
- So this friend of yours...

who works at NASA,
gives you a tip, then disappears.

And it turns out that
he never lived in his apartment...

he never worked at NASA.

This is the guy that gave you the tip
on your cosmic scoop...

and you think
I won't believe you?

- My car! Someone tampered with my car!
- The one you decided to go swimming with?

They did something to it!
I couldn't stop it!

Can you prove that?

The police said...

They said
that nothing was wrong.

And you think
I won't believe you.

- Somebody took a shot at me!
- When?

- Yesterday.
- Thank God, I've got an alibi!

I'm telling you the truth!

Listen to me and listen good.

I don't like you, Caulfield.
You're ambitious.

You think the way to get ahead
is to come up with the scoop of the century.

Woodward and Bernstein were good reporters.
That's how they did it.

Not by telling me they've located
Patty Hearst three times, like you did.

Or that brilliant piece of
investigative journalism you pulled off...

by finding an eyewitness to the
second gunman in the Kennedy assassination.

The small fact that the man had been
in a mental institution at the time...

never deterred you,
not Scoop Caulfield!

Now, most reporters are like me.
They are plodders.

They spend a lot of their time checking
little facts.

They cover mundane stories
like wars...

and trials and hearings.

You never seem to have enough time
in your busy schedule...

to stoop so low
as to cover a story.

You occupy your time with tips from people
who never existed...

driving your car into water and then
claiming it wasn't your fault...

getting shot at
by unseen gunmen.

Now, I really hate to interrupt
your meteoric career...

with something so plebeian
as a legitimate story.

However, a trainload of propane gas
had the bad taste...

to derail near Galveston...

and there's a whole town
that just might blow up.

So it would be just really
peachy or you...

if you would join your film crew
that's waiting for you on the plane...

at this very moment
while we speak.

- That was some speech.
- I thought so.

I cannot go to Galveston
right now.

- I don't think I heard you.
- Look...

when a reporter
tells his Assignment Editor...

that he thinks he may be onto
something that could be really big...

the Assignment Editor's suppose to say,
"You got forty-eight hours, kid.

And you better come up with something good
or it's gonna be your neck."

That's what he's supposed to say!
I saw it in a movie!

- Get your ass on that plane!
- I can't!

I have to follow this!

And you can't tell me
what this earth-shattering story is?

It sounds too crazy.
If I told you, I'd be in more trouble.

You're not crazy! I'm crazy!
I'm crazy for listening!

And I'm crazy for saying what
I'm about to say!

I'll give you 24 hours
to come up with something!

Not 48! I saw the movie, too,
and it was 24!


- I'm not moving an inch.
- Robert Caulfield?

- Yeah, who the hell are you?
- Federal Agents.

We have a warrant
to search your apartment.

- You have a warrant? What for?
- Just don't move.

I promise.
Just tell me what this is all about.

- Hey, come here! Look at this!
- Could you come with me, Mr. Caulfield?

Mr. Caulfield, I'm sorry.

However, you're under arrest
for possession of cocaine.

I don't believe it.

I don't believe it.
You guys put it there, you know you did.

You have the right
to remain silent.

- You have the right to an attorney.
- I don't believe it.

- You put it there.
- Anything you say may...

be held against you
in a court of law.

You're part of all this.
You mothers.

Ow, that hurts!
You don't have to put handcuffs on me!

Please, Mr. Caulfield,
these are serious charges against you.

Don't add to them
by resisting arrest.

I don't bel...!
That hurts!

I don't believe this.

Well, hello there, Caulfield!
So nice to see you!

It's at this point that Alan Hale
says to Richard Conte:

- Jimmy Stewart.
- Yeah, Jimmy Stewart, thank you.

"Look, Scoop,
I can't keep bailing you out of trouble.

The front office is on my neck.

I don't know how much longer
I can keep them off."

- Right?
- Right.

Wrong! I got you out of there
so as not to embarrass the Network.

I mean, you are a schmuck!

I can't trust you
to cover a fire!

You'll probably fall down
and get burned!

You probably would be
the cause of it!

A company car? You're fired!
Oh, I love how that sounds.

I love that so much!
I'm gonna say it again!

You're fired! You're through!
Oh, I love it!

It's not what it looks like,

"Frankly, Scarlett,
I don't give a damn!"

You see, I told you.

You tell me about the lonely plight
of a dedicated journalist.

I tell you to stuff it.

You tell me about a meaningful

I tell you to stuff it.

You tell me you're in trouble,
you're out on bail...

you just got fired,
I tell you I'll be right over.

- My head hurts.
- You look awful.

- Thank you, very much.
- You're quite welcome.

Did you find out what I asked?

One o'clock in the morning
I get a call from an unemployed junkie...

to find out all the
military installations...

in a 300 miles radius
around Houston, Texas.

You certainly have a way with words.
Did you find out?

Yes, and it wasn't easy.
It took exhaustive research.

- Well, I'm proud of you. How many?
- One. White Bluff.

It's a SAC base.
My father used to be stationed there.

That's exhaustive research?

At one o'clock in the morning,
you call your father, that's exhaustive.

- White Bluff...That's too big.
- Too big for what?

- Too big for what I want.
- What do you want?

I'm thinking of enlisting.

- They'll never take you.
- That's why I'm thinking of enlisting.

- You're on a story, aren't you?
- I was fired!

You're on a story
and I'm helping you.

- This can't be happening.
- I really appreciate that.

The only reason I'm doing it,
considering your track record...

whatever story you're on
will turn out to be garbage.

You shouldn't mince words.

I'll fix you some coffee.
Then you can jump me.

There's no other one besides
White Bluff?

Except one abandoned base...

they used for training
during World War II:

Jackson. There's nothing there now.
Don't you want to jump me?

Of course I do.
Where's Jackson?

About 300 miles directly West.
I think I'm gonna get angry with you.

- Do you have any money on you?
- Do you want me to pay you?

How much?

About 100. Why don't I just leave it
on the dresser in the morning?

- Give it to me now.
- In advance?

- That's the height of conceit!
- Please, and your car keys.

You're really being terrific.

You're not as obnoxious
when you are helpless.

- Thank you very much.
- You're quite welcome.

Also, Liz Haller said
you were super.

Well, when I get back,
we'll jump each other.


I'll get arrested again.

It's a deal.


- Mornin'.
- You in charge here?

- You see that sign there?
- Yes.

Well, read it.

- I did.
- Out loud!

"A & A Crop Dusting Service".

You wanna know who I am?

- I'll bet you're one of the "A"s.
- Well, which one?

I'll bet you can't answer that question,

- The first one.
- Wrong!

Can I have one more guess?

- You got it.
- The second one.

Wrong. I'm both of 'em!
"A & A". My name is Albain.

I got a son.
The other "A" was for him,

but he don't like to fly
and is a lawyer.

He's a pervert,
so I took the "A" away.

Wanna speak to somebody in charge?
You're speakin' to both o' them.

- My name is Caulfield.
- Hey, I can't help that.

Mr. Albain, how much do you charge
to dust a field?

- 25 dollars.
- I'd like to hire your plane.

- That'll be 100 dollars.
- You said you charged 25.

25 dollars to dust a field...

but you ain't got no field
because you ain't no farmer...

which means you ain't poor,
and I think you're a pervert!

Okay, 100.

- 125.
- What?

Because you said 'yes' to 100 too quick,
which means you can afford 125!

- Where do you wanna go, smartass?
- I'm not sure.

I'm looking for someone
who's lost.

It's your money.

Put your goddamn head down
so I can see!

Why didn't you sit in front?

- You know how to fly?
- No!

Then I gotta sit in back...

and you gotta put your
goddamn head down, smartass!

Now, what the hell
is your friend doin' out here?

He's lost!

- He rob a bank or somethin'?
- No!

- Well, I get a third!
- What?

We find him,
I get a third of the loot!

Now, keep your
goddamn head down!

You think we should go
in another direction?

- Hey!
- What?

- Over there!
- Where?

Helicopters! I seen them fly around here
last couple of days!

- Let's follow 'em!
- I would if I could see 'em!

They're goin' down over there!

He must be in there!

Let's go down!

They got guns, Sonny!

You said you wanted
a third of the loot!

- Half!
- Okay, half!

Keep your goddamn head down!

Pull that lever down by your feet
when I tell you, Sonny!



Remember, I get half!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Mrs. Brubaker...

Mrs. Willis, Mrs. Walker...

my fellow Americans.

I come here today
to talk of unfinished hopes...

and of unfulfilled dreams.

Charles Brubaker, Peter Willis
and John Walker...

left this Earth for their dream
a little more than eight months ago.

They were never able
to return to us.

Their dream
was able to grow and flourish...

because of the support of millions
of citizens all across America...

at a time when cynicism was
a national epidemic...

they gave us something
to take pride in.

It is a dream that
should not be allowed to die.

A nation is built on the spirit
of its people.

The test of the greatness
of any nation...

is how that nation pulls together
in a time of crisis.

The only limits on what
we can achieve...

are the limits
we place on our hopes.

These three men reminded us
of the limitlessness of our hopes.

There was a moment
in these past few days...

when we were all one people.

We were all hoping...

we were all a little bit taller,
a little bit prouder.

We were all feeling the same fears
and the same exhilaration.

These three men
brought us together.

We knew together that
there are no goals we cannot reach.

If just reach for them together.

There is no adequate way...

in which we can express our gratitude
to the men themselves...

because they are no longer
among us.

we can serve their memory...

what they stood for...