Capriccio all'italiana (1968) - full transcript

The film consists of six short stories created by different directors, but all the stories share one thing: a warm irony to current events.

# May I be damned

if I don't love you.

And if it wasn't true,

I wouldn't understand anything any more.

All my mad love,

is blown by the wind,

is blown by the wind. #

- How happy I am!
- Lucky you!

- How nice he is!
- Why am I so happy?

- Because you've been born!
- What does that mean?

- It means you exist.
- Ah!

# Ah, the delicate and sweet perfume

of a grass giving you pangs... #

- Who is he?
- The "garbage collector". He's singing.

The garbage collector? What does he do?

He's someone who comes and goes.

He comes, takes away the dead and leaves.

# All my mad love

is blown by the wind,

is blown by the wind... like this. #

Now I'll show you
how I'm going to cheat him!

Ah! You don't believe I hate Othello!

You don't believe me, do you?
You know what he is to me?

It's something stuck here.
Right on my chest.

What has Othello the Moor done to you?

What has he done?
You dare ask what he's done to me?

- He's appointed Cassio as lieutenant
instead of me. - Who? - Cassio!

That pile of rubbish!

The one that puts his perfume on
like an old whore,

And brushes his teeth
four times a day!

But you are his servant,
his trustworthy assistant!

Sure, I'll serve him alright!

I want to see him dead,
that damned Moor!

Are you sure I'll get laid
with Desdemona,

the woman that damned nigger
has married?

You poor unaware man,
you're already in bed with Desdemona.

You're already stripping her down.

- But you have to keep our deal.
Everything I told you. - Yes.

And not a word to anyone!

So, Iago and Roderigo
were secretly plotting

against the innocent happiness
of Othello and Desdemona when...

Othello! Othello, my Lord!

There he is!

The Doge has sent me:
the Turks have set sail for Cyprus.

It's war!

Othello, my Lord,

the Doge is asking you
to take command of the Fleet

and leave tomorrow for Cyprus,
to defend it from the Turks.

Well, Cassio,
let's go and make war.

Now we need some sleep;
tomorrow we have to get up early.

What a nerve these Turks have!
We'll make them regret it!

You promised I'd already be
in bed with Desdemona.

- Sure, I'll keep my promise.
- How?

- Come with us to Cyprus.
- To Cyprus?

Bed habits are expensive!
Take lots of money with you!

- How much?
- Lots. Lots of money!

Lots! Lots! Lots!
Many, many - lots!

A mountain of money!

We are in Cyprus. A storm
has wrecked the Turks' fleet.

You can't even smell
the Turks' stink any more.

What has destiny decided?

My beloved Lord.

Right, beloved!
Let's go make love!

- Those perverts! Perverts, my butt!
I wish I were in that bed!

I have an idea!

Cassio! Cassio!

- What are you saying?
- You see this?

This is a stone! And we'll kill
two birds with this stone!

How long do you think Desdemona's love
for Othello will last?

That dirty, stinky nigger.

He's black everywhere, you know?
I saw him!

While Cassio is young, handsome,
blond, clean and passionate!

He's passionate and she's passionate!
Don't you think something will happen...

A "crash"!

I'll make Othello so jealous,

he'll start banging his head
against the wall!

You have to disguise yourself in such
a way that nobody recognizes you,

then you go to Cassio. That pure soul.

You arouse him, you incite him,

you offend him in such a way that
he'll do something he shouldn't!

Gee, Iago,
and I thought you were a nice person!

So nice, so generous!
Such a kind person! And instead...

you're so mean! Why?

Anyway, you're not the only one.
I'm disgusting too.

Why are we so different
from how we believe we are?

Oh, my son!

We're in a dream inside a dream.

Meanwhile, Cassio was having
an affair with a certain Bianca.

You're threatening our women!

En garde, you dog!

You rude pig! En garde!

- What's going on? - He's threatening
the honor of our women, Governor.

- Scandal!
- Scandal!

Shame on you, my lieutenant!
Shame on you!

My Lord, these scoundrels
have attacked me!

Sir Othello, where's the fault?

Cassio is young and handsome,
"turn a blind eye".

No, he's made a mistake and he must pay!

He will have to be lieutenant
somewhere else!

Good night!

At least I have you, Iago,
my only and honest friend.

You are good, kind and generous.

You think everybody's like you,
but that's not true. Let's go, honest Iago.

- Poor Cassio!
So you're unemployed now! Yes!

MRs. Desdemona, please speak with your
husband: put a good word in for me.

I'm sure he won't say no to you!

Please, I'm in your hands!

Yes! Yes! I really want to
do this good deed!

Furthermore, you're so young and nice!

Yes! With all my heart!

Your husband is coming!
It's better if he doesn't see me!

I'm leaving! Goodbye, Desdemona!

- Remember, I'm in your hands!
- Goodbye! Goodbye!

# I have no cups, nor goblets,
nor glasses... #

There is something...

fishy about all this.

Wasn't it Cassio,
talking to Desdemona?

What the eye doesn't see
the heart doesn't grieve.

My Lord!
Please make me happy!

- Tell me. I'd do anything for you.
- Really? Swear it!

- Yes, I swear. - Poor Cassio,
let him come back to his position!

- Cassio?
- Yes.

It was Cassio. It was Cassio!

So, will you forgive him?
You will let him come back, won't you?

- Yes, I said yes, that's enough, isn't it?
- Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- I wonder!
- Why "I wonder""?

What are you thinking about?


Sure... It's not Cassio's fault!

He's young, handsome...

white-skinned... who would have
thought Desdemona...

- What? Don't get mad!
You're turning black! Are you going to eat me?

What do you mean about Desdemona?

I meant Desdemona
is just like all the others.

Desdemona is like all the others?

Yes, sure. Now that I've told you,
my conscience is clear.

If it's true, I'm going to gut her!
I'll wring her neck like a chicken's!

- Unfortunately, it's true.
- How do you know?

How do I know? Come with me tonight
and I'll provide evidence

that what I have said
is the gospel truth, my Lord.

My darling, my little pumpkin, what
have you done! I'm going to kill you!

God, I'm going to kill you!

Goodbye, honest Iago,
my only friend!

I'll see you tonight.

You see this nice handkerchief?

Do you like this nice handkerchief?

- What a lovely present for Cassio!
- For Cassio?

Yes! Go give it to him,
tonight it must be in his hands.

"Goodbye, honest Iago,
my faithful friend!"

"I trust you alone!"

He trusts only me!

My dear Cassio,
these are hard times for lieutenants.

Right, don't even talk about it!

Sure, if it depended on Bianca,

instead of Desdemona,
things would be different!

Sure, that girl has a big
crush on you, hasn't she?

Well, I don't want to boast...

- Listen... is it true what they say?
- What do they say?

That she hangs on you like a leech,
day and night?

Poor deluded girl!

- How is she in the bedroom?
- What? - In the bedroom.

A naughty little girl.

I knew it!

- Bless you.
- Thank you.

Damn this weather in Cyprus!
I've got a cold!

- Can I borrow a handkerchief?
- Yes. Here it is.

- There you go.
- How nice!

What a nice handkierchief!
Cassio, is this a present from her?


I knew it!

It's a present from her!

- I have to go now.
- Scoundrel!

I'm going to kill her!
She cheated on me!

- Dirty cow!
- With my subordinate!

- Dirty cow twice over!
- She deserves to die!

Right, death!

Still, Iago, I feel merciful!

Merciful! Aren't you a man?

You're right;
prepare some poison for me tonight.

Poison? Poison?

You must strangle her!

Strangle her in that same bed
she's contaminated!

I'm a murderer.
I'm a murderer.

Who'd have believed it.
Darn it, I'm a murderer!

Master, why must I believe Iago?
Why am I so stupid?

Maybe because actually you
want to kill Desdemona.

Why would I want to kill Desdemona?

Maybe because Desdemona
likes to be killed.

- Really? Is it true?
- Maybe it is.

Which is the truth?
What I think of me,

or what other people think,
or what he thinks?

What do you feel inside?
Concentrate on yourself.

What do you feel, huh?

Yes, I feel something!

That's the truth.
But hush...

You must not mention it. Because
as soon as you mention it, it's gone.

What a beautiful night;
how many stars!

Brrr... and it's getting a little cold!

My love will be here shortly...

Come on, let's say our
night prayers.

- Come, good hour...
- Her last hour has come!


My lord!
What have you decided regarding Cassio?

He must be worried, poor boy!

- Ouch!
- Well done!

Why, what a slap you gave me!
It's the first slap I've ever taken.

If you want to give me another one...

- Ahhh!
- Kill her! Kill her!

- Mercy!
- No mercy!



Brabazio, never mind.
It happens to everybody, one person at a time.

# May I be damned

if I don't love you.

And if it wasn't true,

I wouldn't understand anything any more.

All my mad love,

is blown by the wind,

is blown by the wind...

like this.

Ah, the delicate and sweet perfume

of a grass giving you pangs. #

There, he's taking them away.

We won't see them any more.

So long, Iago. So long, Othello.

So long forever.

# All my mad love

is blown by the wind,

is blown by the wind...

like this.

The robbed man who smiles
robs the thief of something.

But the robbed man who cries,
robs himself of something.

So I tell you, as long as I smile

you won't be lost.

But these are only words,

and I've never heard

that a broken heart

is cured by listening.

And all my mad love

is blown by the wind,

is blown by the wind...

like this. #

[Mozart KV 516]

What are those?

Those... are clouds.

What are clouds?

- Who knows!
- How beautiful they are!

How beautiful they are!

Harrowing and wonderful beauty
of all creation!

Subtitles by
talpaleone and lordretsudo