Capriccio (1987) - full transcript

Jennifer and her husband Fred seek out their old lovers for another fling in this erotic drama. Fred hooks up with the prostitute Rosalba, while Jennifer returns to the arms of the handsome pimp Ciro. The unfaithful couple return to each other after the affairs prove to be less satisfying then the memory of their initial experiences.

Look, we've arrived.


Don Vincenzo!

Welcome back, Mrs Jennifer.
Welcome back to Capri.

How are you?

Come on. Upsy-daisy!

Fred, my husband.
- Good day, Don Vincenzo.

My wife told me all about you.
Thanks for what you're doing.

It was nothing. It was Mrs Jennifer
who helped me during the war.

Here's my son.
- How beautiful!

His name's Duccio. 1½ years old.

He's tired from the trip.
- Did you unload the luggage?

And this is Miss Alice.
- A pleasure.

Come now, I'll take you to the house.
- Thank you.

Still in mourning, Don Vincenzo?
- No, this is a ruse.

You see, if you're seen in mourning,
no one bothers you and leaves you be.

But if they see that you're fine,
they begin to bust your balls!

You're priceless!
- That's the way it is around here!

Hey, you guys, hurry up with
the luggage! Don't take all day!

Nothing has changed since 1944.
- Only we've changed.

Do you remember me too?

Of course! You're the first
Russian I ever met in my life!

Come on, Sergei, let's go to the
Serenella Villa. Let's go! Let's go!

I show up here regularly.

If there's something you need,
at anytime,

you can call the Ai Re Normanni
Restaurant, this is the number.

I'm godfather to the owner's daughter.
They'll let me know right away.

Thanks, Don Vincenzo. With you,
I can calmly leave my wife and son.

I'll be more at ease too.

Oh, the telegram!
I must wire my arrival.

If you give me the lines, I'll do it.

No, I'll go with you and use the time
to get shaved. Do you know a barber?

Alfio! My cousin! He shaves as
smooth as a baby's bottom!

I'll return the man I once was.

This arrived for you.

It was in a larger envelope
addressed to me.

Sorry, I didn't warn you
that you might receive mail for me.

I'm at your service.
You can trust in Don Vincenzo.

This is about…

Wait for me! Ciao, Ciro.
Hotel Excelsior, Rome

It's a true honor…

to shave…

authentic American beards.

Yes, I think it looks good.
- Hey, no, Mister! You need lotion.

It's our thing.
We make it ourselves!

With herbs from the cliff.

Hey, it's famous!

A phone call from Rome for Mr. Fred!


Thank you, Mr. Fred!

Where is it?
- That way.

Thank you.


Rome on line. Rome on line. Speak.

- I'm sorry, Sir, no one's answering.

Could you see if the number
belongs to a Rosa Moniconi, please?

One moment, please.

Grandma, at the table they want
three liters of wine and some bread!

Ma'am, bring the wine here,
otherwise they won't play.

55474, Rosalba Moniconi but no answer.

Thank you.

How much do I owe you?
- Five lire.

Thank you.

Were you able to talk?

Ah… ah, yes, I confirmed to my office
in Rome I'll be there tomorrow.

By the way, Don Vincenzo, they'll have
to pick me up very early in the morning.

Don't worry, leave it to me.

Thank you.

Sorry, I was late.

Duccio had trouble falling asleep.

Alice said he was
a little excited by the trip.

I was excited too.

When I saw you come back without
a beard, I felt my stomach tighten.

It's as if everything returned
to when we first met.

We've returned to Italy.

I too felt this emotion.

Where did you get this photo?

It was inside the book.
I haven't seen it since then.

My God, how different you were.

It's been three years.
I don't remember who that man was.

That girl's boyfriend. They invited me
to thank me for a box of penicillin.

You were different too.

We were in Italy and the war was on.
Everything seemed beautiful then.

- Yes.

Even our love?


Even our love.

Now we're back in Italy.



I mean Diomira!

Mama's darling!

The captain!


Come on in.

You see?
I told you that I'd return to Rome.

And Rosa?
- Asleep, as always. Come in.

Mr Alfredo.

My fiancé.

The captain was a friend
of Rosa's during the war.

I remember. You told me about it.
A pleasure!

Are you still in the army, Captain?
- No, thank heaven, I work for UNESCO.

I'm here for a report
on war-damaged monuments.

Go to Rosa, surprise her.
She has the same room as before.

You remember it, right?
- Even with my eyes shut.

If I may?
- Please do.

A real gentleman!


Fred! My love!

My coffee!

I came straight from America.

I came to you before
doing anything else.

You haven't changed, Fred.

Just like old times, eh, Fred?

If you knew how much
I thought about you!

That's for you.

I love you, Fred!

I love you!


It's beautiful!


I hafta to do a tour of Tuscany.

Would you like to come with me?
- Of course, I would, love.

I'm ready!

Take this:

Buy yourself a purse, a dress…

Anything you'd need for a few weeks
or buy whatever you like.

If we need something,
we can buy it on the way.

Ciro, my love,

thank you.

As I write,
I have your postcard before me.

From the moment I got it,
I've never tired of looking at it,

touching it, kissing it.

Have you thought about me?
Me who feel so guilty before you?

From the day we first saw each other,
it's been more than three years.

And only now I realize how short
the time was we had together.

Shithead! Shithead!

Here. There are others.
- I'll be right there.


It must be hell over there.

Thank you.

My name is Ciro.

Thank you, Mr Ciro. - How many times
have I thought about your hand?

The hand you gave me to kiss.
I wanted to give it a diamond ring.

Come, you must hurry. Be quick!


Who was that?
- I don't know, some Italian.

Not bad.

Civilians should be forbidden to
wander around the hospital.

The police allowed him.

With all that gold,
he's probably a pimp.

No one will send them away.

Alice! You better bring Duccio inside.
It's starting to get damp.

Right away, Mrs Jennifer.

Don Vincenzo, I have a letter to send.
Can you wait a bit? It's almost done.

I'm at your service.

And like then, I'll see you again.

Even then,
I felt that I would see you again.

If you give me candy,
I'll show you my tits.

If you give me chocolate,
I'll show you my pussy!

Those are Dionysus and Venus.
He'​s the god of wine and happiness.

And she the guardian of love.

I don't think
it's right to use the word "love."

Eroticism then.

It's ​​also a component of love.

I don't agree.
- Yes, Jennifer.

It's love without sin, without guilt.

The Romans weren't ashamed of pleasure.

What's this? A brothel?

Yes, Colonel, but a high class
brothel reserved for the gods.

And for American officers!

I've ran out of film.
I'll go get more in the jeep.

Wait for me and don't listen to
the nonsense the interpreter is saying.

Miss, how nice to see you again.

I didn't know that
you too appreciated this kind of art.

As a matter of fact,
I find it truly obscene.

Are you alone?


We must meet again.

I was so crazy with wanting
to see you again that I said,

I don't want to see you!
- Why?

We were destined to meet again
and you want to leave?

I love you!

Hey, Ciro!
- What do we do now?

Where is he hiding?



Come on, Ciro!

Which way do we go?
- Bye!

Come on, let's go.
Come this way.

Later, I could only think of you.

I was sure we'd meet again.
You were so inside me, I could hope.

I wanted to laugh at what I wrote,

"inside of me."

Nobody was ever "inside" me then.

And you knew it.

To your health!
- Cheers!

Why didn't Fred come?
- His battalion moved north.

Now Rome must be
just a question of days.

But you and your Fred,
where did you hook him?

It was he who hooked me
at the military hospital.

He was injured at
Salerno during the landing.

How romantic!

Has he spoken of marriage yet?

And what soldier won't ask
to be married after the first kiss?

Let's go!

Hey, Jennifer, look!

Your handsome Italian.

My handsome Italian?
- Yes, the waiter.

No, Edith, that's not him.

Then I can say he's just
another handsome Italian.

Edith disapproved. None of us
would ever go with an Italian.

It was almost like going with a Negro.

Yet the idea that my
handsome Italian was taboo…

fed my desire for you
which I desperately tried to deny.

This is a honey ball,
I'm sure you'll like it.

Taste it.
- No, thanks.

Do it for my sake.
- Go away!

Go away.
- Why should I?

God, they're watching us.
I'm so embarrassed!

Embarrassed for whom?
For you or me?

Don't be ridiculous.


I love you.

You don't even know me.

You think it's necessary to
know someone to love them?

Don't talk nonsense.

Then let's get married. Hey!

Yes, I know, I was foolish.

Inside me, I called my principles,
my style, my class to help.

My God, the door! It's open!

Oh, no.

I locked it when I came in.
- No, the lock's broken.


It was open.

It's you who didn't lock it.

So I did want you.

It was me who wanted you to come in.

To come inside me.

Hey, you never told me your name.

You never asked.

Where are we headed to?
- Up there.

I have to inspect that abbey.

It's nice! I like it.

Hey! Are you crazy?

Goddamn piece of shit!

There: That's all we needed.


It's the water.

There's no water in the radiator!
- And now?

And now? Yeah, yeah, yeah…

We put water in or we stay here.
- Where is there water?

"Where is there water?"

You're something else.

I know that I am!
Piss on your radiator!

You kid but I think
it's the only thing left to do.

It needs just a little
to get us to the first house.

Want me to turn around?

- Then you want me to watch?

Knock it off, Rosa.

I can't do it. It's all your fault!

Gimme this! I'll do it!


Watch if you like.

It's done.

Good thing, I had these golden reserves.

Just think if I fell!

You're priceless, you are.


You really think so?

That water cost you a lot.

And in the process, cost me my hat.


especially in the 16th century,

were full of nudes.

Some of Adam and Eve

Some of Saint Sebastian.

Some of Magdalene.

Before the eyes of everybody.

Sensual and provocative as you!

Be still!
Don't mix the sacred with the profane.

I liked you more
when you had your crew cut.

You were wounded during the war, right?

Many believe it. I let them think so.

It's an advantage for Sergei,
the Russian.

The Cossacks, the Russians.

Nyet, nyet. I want to tell you:
A blow taken because of a lady.

You like that?

I would've liked to be that woman.

Ciro, why don't you come?
Didn't you receive my letter?

Isn't it a crime to waste these days
which can be so wonderful?

Sometimes, a fear came over me
that you didn't want to see me.

Is that the punishment
for my mistake?

Oh, Ciro, if one could repeat certain
moments again even for just once.

Only with you, I felt to be
completely a woman and happy.

Come sit closer.
- I can't, the boat is rocking.

Do what I say.


Wait! Wait!

Is it this?

Yes, that's exactly it.

Stop here.

Wait for me, even if I'll be awhile.
- I've been waiting my whole life.

Oh, Ciro,

when I saw our room again…

The screen,
the tiles on the floor, the bed.

The same bedding, closet mirrors,
flower curtains…

Everything was the same.
I thought I was passing out.

Remember the night when
you climbed through the window?

Even then I waited for you
and was restless.

I hurt myself
while enduring the wait.

The professor telephoned.

He called twice.

He said he would try again.

There he is. It must be him.
- Yes.

Is that you, Fred?

Don't worry, if you have to stay, stay.
Here everything's OK, no problem.

Duccio is fine, yes.
No, he's not missing you.

OK. Bye, darling.
- Bye.

I'll call you when I can.

Finally, I got a hold of Arthur.

He agreed to prolong
the trip if it's necessary.

How demanding this Arthur is!
He's worse than a wife.

Go on, eat.
Tonight you must please me.

I can't do anymore. - It's not
the quantity but quality that counts.

Yet, in America, the bigger…

Evidently, in America,
there's an obsession with size.

Who are you smiling at?
- At the gentleman with the monocle.

Everything all right?
- Excellent.

The steak was exquisite. You can't find
that in Rome. - It's all in the meat!

Very true.
It's only a question of quality.

I knew you were a gourmet.
A pleasure to meet you.

Gaston de Coligny.
- Parsons.

We're here for UNESCO,
for the Italian Artistic Heritage.

Ah, interesting.

I have a villa on the hill that deserves
your attention tout a fait personel.

S'il vous plait, be my guests tonight.
- Thanks but we still have much to see.

Quel dommage.

You look like a nymph.
- What is a nymph?

In ancient mythology,
nymphs were nature's personification.

You are a nymph of the forest.
A dryad, an oread.

Why don't you take pictures of me
instead of these ruins?

You could sell them in America.
- Good idea!

I didn't know you were so mercenary.
- What? I said it for you.

But now you make me think:

If you want a photo of
the nymph Rosalba, you gotta pay.

100 lire for the nymph Rosalba!

200 lire for the nymph
Rosalba in love!

Am I beautiful?

Yes, like a paradise.

You know, Fred, who they called that?
- No, who?

Diomira, my mother. Ever since I was
young, I heard men call her "paradise"

I envied her for that.

Is Alfredo your father?
- Alfredo?


Alfredo took my virginity!

What is it? Are you struck dumb?

You never came.

It's been 10 days since
I wrote you the first letter.

And you never came around.

Why don't you answer, Ciro? Why?

Also this morning I returned to our
room at the Danish Lady's Pension.

The sight of our bed
brought me pangs of desire.

Oh, Ciro, why do you make me suffer?

When I think of the 2 days and nights
I had with you, I almost go mad.

Now I know that you're
the only man I ever loved, Ciro.

The only one.

It's only me, Miss. Don Vincenzo.

I brought you some bread.
It just came out of the oven.

I put on it some goat cheese.

Then I put some sea truffles because

I like them and they're very fresh,
caught this night.

You can eat them without worries.

Thank you. If you don't mind,
Don Vincenzo, while passing by,

tell Mrs Mortensen I won't be going out
and won't need anything. - Of course.

And don't worry.
- Thank you.

Ah, it's you! How dare you?

I couldn't resist.
I love touching you.

If we were husband and wife,
you could touch me anytime you want.

You could wake up in
the middle of the night…

reach out your hand and find me there…


My love.
- Hey, wait.

Say first that you love me.

If I didn't love you,
do you think we'd have done all this?

Slowly. More slowly.


You have to feel it.

Now don't move.

Let it happen.

Sit down.


No! Why, Ciro?

Why? Why? Why?


Tell me that
you can't live without me.

I can't, I can't, I can't,
I can't live without you! I can't!

That's good.
Let's start again.

Do you feel me?
- I feel you.

Oh, Ciro, I can't hold back anymore!
- Wait.

Don't finish.

We have to do it together.

Yes, I'll wait.
Tell me when you're ready.

Now! Jennifer, now!

I love you! I love you!

Come back, Ciro.
Put me to the test again.

I beg you, I need you.
I can't take it anymore.

You still haven't answered
what I asked you in Naples.

What do you mean?

I told you I wanted to marry you.

Ah, Ciro, how crazy!

What do you mean "crazy?"

I… want to go away with you.

The war needs to end first.


I want to marry you.

At least finish the truffles first.

You were right, Ciro,

I should've married you,
said yes and kept you with me.

Please forgive me, for not
being brave enough to do it then.

If you come now, I'm ready to
do anything. I swear, anything.

There are moments when
my work feels important.

But other times, I ask myself,
"Why do I do it?"

That happens to everybody
sooner or later, believe me.

However, I like life.

Slow down! Look!
- What is it?

A dance.

Come on, stop!

Take me dancing.

Rosa, I'm tired. I'm back to work.
Tomorrow'll be a rough day, we hafta…

If you won't come, I'll go by myself.
- You're really a…

A what?

Never mind.

Want a drink?
- No, I want to dance.

Where did she come from?

How should I know?

Bourbon, scotch and a beer.
- Right away, Sir.

Now you'll dance with me!

I'll dance with whom I want!
- Hey, I'm not going to eat her!

I'll show you!

Take that!
- They're killing each other!

Leave him alone! He's an American!

Oh, Jack! Give him a hand.

Stop! Stop! Get away from him!

Hey, American, let's go.

Stop it, go back to the American.

So you're like the others?
You give orders too?

So? But I like him.

Shithole country!
They slashed my tires!

Good thing I had my jeep.

Even during the war,
we helped the Americans.

Amazing at business but with women,
they were real morons.

What do you mean?
- Nothing. I mean nothing.

Say whatever you want.
I don't give a damn.

Listen well, American: This is
a good time to start over for Italy.

I bought war leftovers: Aircraft wheels,
parachute cars, stuff like that.

A true American like you would
make a boatload of money.

Why don't we work together?

You'd better forget about women,
otherwise you'll get nowhere.

Like Clark Gable, who danced with her.
He was the best in the business.

But now he's ruined.
Times have changed.

Today any moron who knows how to make
money, is more important than you,

even if you were an hero.

You understand me, American?

You must take advantage of the situation
before it takes advantage of you.

No one takes advantage of me!
- Of course not. You're on the ball.

You know what you're doing.
Don't be offended with what I tell you.

The days when a whore
is just a whore are back.

Mrs Jennifer! Mrs Jennifer!
- Yes?

Duccio is ill!

What is it?

What's wrong, love?

Duccio, my love.

He's hot.
- I'll prepare some wet towels.

Quickly! Quickly!

We need a doctor.
I'll call Don Vincenzo.

Duccio, my dear, don't cry.

Ai Re Normanni Restaurant?

This is the lady in Villa Serenella,
Mrs Jennifer.

I need to talk to Don Vincenzo.

My God!
Send me a taxi but hurry up, please!

Tell Don Vincenzo to wait for me
in the piazza before the church.

Thank you very much. Bye.

They're all at church for a feast day.

I called for a taxi. I'll return with
a doctor. You keep cooling his head.

Don Vincenzo!
We need a doctor! Duccio is sick!

Don't worry, we'll go get him.
He's at church like everybody else.

There he is! The doctor's there!

Dr Cuomo, come with me.



What a surprise.
What are you doing here?

Stella! Lietta! Come here.

Let me present, Jennifer,
a friend from wartime.

This is Stella Polaris,
queen of the variety.

What a fine coincidence!
We must celebrate! Shake hands!

I'm Lietta. A pleasure.
Stella's secretary.

She was my secretary.
Well, Ciro?

Well, ladies, let's go to Marino.
He has the best mussels.

How nice!

I'm crazy about mussels!

Great! Let's go.

But really I…


Why didn't you answer my letters?
- What letters?

I didn't receive any letter.

I only knew you came.
Did you receive my postcard?

Of course. That's why I wrote
to you at the Excelsior Hotel in Rome.

Ah, the Excelsior…

They'll arrive soon.

I've been waiting for you
for two weeks, day and night.

And you were here and you weren't
even anxious to come and find me.

What are you saying, Jennifer?
I just got here an hour ago.

Ciro, I beg you,

let's be together tonight, please.

You're crazy.

How can I do that?
- Are you with them?

Why? What is she to you?
- Nothing! I can't be rude to her.

She's the star of the variety where
I work. The work with which I live.

Watch out, Mrs Jennifer,
because Ciro is a low life!

He's just a playboy!
Who's supported by women!

What are you talking about?
- But he's handsome, isn't he?

He's a pretty boy,
isn't he, Mrs Jennifer?

Will you shut up? Bitch!

You shameless man!

Why the fuck are you laughing, Lietta?

They pay you, don't they?

What did you think I was?

I'll see you tomorrow.

Tonight, please.
I can't wait anymore. Please!

You must give me some time to get free.
- Then come to me at Villa Serenella.

But not before a couple of hours.

But swear you'll come. Swear.
Swear you'll come.

Jennifer, believe me,
I want this as much as you do.

Look, what I'll do:
I'll leave you my watch in pawn.

It survived the war.

What do you want me to do with it?

It is all I have.

I'll take it just to have
the pleasure of giving it back.

Good times!

- The day we met.

You with your buzz cut

and that girl soldier who
introduced us for the first time.

Wait, her name was… Jennifer, right?

And who was that young man?
Your boyfriend perhaps?

That's right, my boyfriend!

Why the fuck are you doing laundry
when we'll back in Rome any day now?

Your pajamas got dirty
and I hafta to wash them, don't I?

And didn't you say
they've prolonged the trip?

You would make a good homemaker, eh?

Oh, don't you worry,
I don't want to marry you!

That's good.

I thought you were
inventing a romance.

Oh, really? What kind?
- About us two.

Please, why would I do that?
- Women need romance.

And the men don't?
- Not when they pay for not having it.

Poor Fred.
The guy in the jeep was right.

The days when a whore
is just a whore are back.

I'm going down to make a call.

Yes! Very good!
Go telephone your Arthur!

I'd like to have a romance.

Nothing serious, just a slight stomach
pain but you did right to call me.

I'm sorry. I got lost
and I was blocked by the crowd.

When I arrived,
Duccio was already better.

He was even hungry.
- Come on, Don Vincenzo.

Let's leave Mommy
to her fine champion.

I'll show you out, thanks for coming.
- After you, please.

Lie down.


Just like that.

Be good.


Toscana Inn? One moment, please.

It's your call, Sir.

Hello? Jennifer?

How are you?


Jennifer, I can't hear anything!
- We're all right.

Duccio had a slight stomach pain.
- Duccio?

I had a feeling. How's the boy now?
- He's doing fine.

It was really nothing.

Maybe the climate wasn't good for him.
- Here are the keys.

I feel a bit guilty
over Duccio and you.

I shouldn't have left you alone.
My trip was a mistake.

The work I accepted makes no sense.
I'm returning to Rome.

- Tomorrow.

Jennifer? Can you hear me, Jennifer?
Jennifer, are you still there?


I love you, Jennifer.

I miss you.
- I miss you too, Fred.

And Duccio needs you.

Then we'll see each other in Rome?
- I suppose so.

Bye, Fred.
- Bye.

Do you remember Rome?

Rosa's house?

Did you like going with me?

Do you remember?

Then one fine day, you came no more.


Gone away.


You feel me?

You feel me, Jennifer?

You can't leave me, Jennifer.

You need me.

And I you.



I want to go to America, Jennifer.

You are America to me.

And you're in my hands.

Probably some pimp…

My name is Ciro…

It's love without sin, without guilt…

Hey, Jennifer, look:
your handsome Italian…

Do as I say…

Ciro's a low life! A playboy…!

He's supported by other women…!

And what did you think I was…?

No more!

Upsy-daisy, darling!


What a beautiful little kid!

How are you, eh?
You're still a little pale.

Do you like it? Do you?
Come, Alice, take him to his room.


You look different with you hair up.

I used to wear it like this
before I met you.

It's as if I'm seeing
your neck for the first time.

I want this body!

Answer it. I'm sure it's for you.

I'm not expecting a phone call.
Are you?


I know where your letters are.

I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Who would you like to talk to?

The letters from Ciro.

Who's this? Look, I think
you got the wrong number.

Ciro asked me to call you.

I repeat, you've got the wrong number.
This person you want isn't here!

Hello? Hello?

Who is this?

Who was it? Why did they hang up?

What did they want?
- I don't know! Wrong number!

Was it a man or a woman?

A woman. She spoke Italian.
I couldn't understand a word she said.

Surely, it was some idiot
who likes playing jokes.

Yes, to be sure.

Excuse me, Fred.

I'm still worried about Duccio.

He needs a bunch of things.
I'll go see that everything's OK.

OK. I'll swing by the office then.

I'll send my report to Arthur
so I don't think about it anymore.

See you later then.



Please, can you exchange
a traveler's check?

1000 dollars.

OK, in a half an hour.



I need to talk to you.

Come in, I thought you would come.
- Thank you.

Tell me all. Let's hear it.

Well, what do you want?

Or should I say, how much do you want?

Who? Me? What would I want from you?

How much do you want for the letters?

Ah, that's why you came!

You said on the phone
you know where they are.

Of course I know! The Hotel Excelsior!

Where you sent them and where
nobody dreamed of getting them!

Did Ciro tell you?

Yes, Ciro! Ciro! Your Ciro!

He gave you this address
so he could impress you!

I was trying to tell you on the phone,
but you gave me to Fred!

What were you afraid of?

That I would blackmail you?
Did Fred think that too?

Tell the truth! Who do you think I am?
And who do you think you are?



Here! Give it back to your husband.

In his hurry to return to you,

he forgot it in the sheets
where we made love!

You and Fred?
- Yes, me and Fred!

Now go! Get out!

There's a gentleman waiting for me!
And I owe him something!

I owe you nothing!

Good day.

Good day.

Fred, what are you doing here?
- Jennifer, let me explain.

Don't say anything, please.
Not here. Come, let's go.

Where to?
- I don't know. Wherever you want.

Wherever you like.
As long as we leave here.


Do you want some wine?
- Yes.

Pizza? Margherita, Capricciosa,
Napoletana… any kind.

Napoletana. And you?
- It's all the same.

Shall I surprise you?
- Yes, thank you, surprise me.

Jennifer, don't cry, let me explain.
- Don't say anything, please. Stop!

Look, there's a table.
Come on, pick me up.

Maybe you can't do it?
- What? I've done this many times.

To the seat!

I'm light, right?
- Of course.

Are you comfortable?
- Yes, thank you.

I got lipstick on you.

- It's busy! It's busy!



I loved somebody else! Somebody else!
Before I loved you!

While you were out with Rosa,
I saw him and I had him again!

Why don't you call me a slut? A whore?

Was it that man sitting next to you
in the photograph of '44?

He was the friend of Rosa's
I introduced to you that evening.

His name is Ciro.

Did you see him again today?


I was at Rosa's today because
I feared she wanted to blackmail me

with the letters that I wrote him.

I too feared blackmail.

Blackmail from Rosa?

Yes, from Rosa.

The letters which never reached
Ciro are still at the Excelsior.

He told me to send them there.

How do you know?
- Rosa told me.

Ciro never stepped foot in that hotel.

He gave me that address to impress me.

The Italians aren't capable
of being thoroughly unpleasant.

Not even the Italian women.

You knew Rosa well, eh?

And not just because
of a box of penicillin.

Does it excite you to think that
Ciro brought me to that house, eh?

Rosa and her mother
rented rooms by the hour.

A big room with a big bed.

And a mirror behind one's head!

We made love in the same bed.

That's more or less what
Rosa told me an hour ago.

What else did Rosa tell you?

To go away.

Go away?

What do you mean?

It's what I decided to do too.

I'm leaving today, Fred.

Good day.


Car 9 and 11.

Is the professor not coming?

He has something to take care of.

Ah, there he is.

I'm all finished.
I'm going too.

All aboard, we're leaving on time!

They were indeed
all at the Hotel Excelsior.

With a tip,
I had no difficulty in getting them.

Rosa was right.

Shall I read it?

You want me to tell you
about me and Rosa?

I don't want, Fred.
that Ciro and Rosa to continue to…

To excite us?
- To fill our heads.

So what if it does? Love is
the meeting of two imaginations.

Is that what Rosa told you?
- No, I made that up!

I believe that love is
the meeting between two freedoms.

Did Ciro tell you that?
- No, I made it up.

It's all the same.

Don't move!

Do you feel me?

I feel you.

Let the train do the work!

Let's try.

I'll wait for you.

When you can no longer hold back,
let me know.

I'll say to you, "I love you."

And I will respond,

"Me too, Fred."

Revised English subs
by [email protected].