Capri-Revolution (2018) - full transcript

With Italy about to go to war in 1914, this is the story of the encounter between a goatherd called Lucia, the commune of young Northern Europeans led by Seybu and the town's young doctor on the unique island of Capri.

This island
appears and disappears constantly,

and everyone's view of it
is different.

In this world that is too well Known,

it's the only place that is still
virgin and which always waits for us,

but only to slip away again.

Did you find the goat?

Where had it got to?

Below the ridge.

Vincenzo, let's go.

Dad, see you later.


What are you doing today?

I'll take the goats out to pasture.


It's nothing.


I hear there's a new doctor
on the island.

Tomorrow I'll go and see him,
I want to ask if he'll come up here.

And how will we pay him?

You don't have to pay him,
he's a state doctor.

Let's hope for the best...

Thank you.

- Vincenzo.
- Carlo Rocco, pleased to meet you.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Lucia, make yourself decent.

Make a coffee for the doctor.

Good morning, Don Michele.

You're the doctor?

Good morning.

Dad, come here, come here.

Leave him sitting there.

Now take a deep breath.

Have you noticed blood coming up
when you cough?

Maybe once or twice.

Pull your vest up
and take another deep breath.

Take a seat, Doctor.

Thank you.

What Kind of life
did your father lead?

He used to work in the fields...

...then a friend who'd moved to Naples

convinced him
to take a job in a factory.

He left the island and
went to work in Bagnoli.

Which has cost him his lungs.

I wish he hadn't gone, Mum...

It was supposed to be some place,
this factory...

And what can you do?

We'll have to get a medicine
sent from Naples.

It's new, and it's expensive,

but I'll see if we can
get it without paying.

And when's this medicine coming?

Who's going to pick it up?

If you can't go right away,
my brothers will go to Naples!

Won't you, Antonio, you'll go?

Lucia, be quiet,
let the doctor speak.

I'll contact the hospital today,

and as soon as I get a reply,
I'll get it here as soon as possible.

Hey, Lucia, you're a bit moody,
what's the matter?

Leave her alone, she's tired.

That's true, she is tired!

She goes off with those goats
and I've no idea where she gets to.

I look for her when I finish
in the field, but I can't find her.

Do you want to tell us
where you get to?

The goats want to go
behind the mountain.

And you don't know how to make them
go somewhere else?

The grass must be tastier there.

How many times have I told you
not to go past the mountain?

Those cursed devils are there,
the filthy wretches.

I don't know why they don't get rid
of them, fling them all in jaill

But why? What are they doing wrong??

Don't you dare!

And that painter, in his own country
he was put in jail, that's the truth!

And they'd have done well
to keep him therel

What's going on, who are these people?

Never mind, Mum. These things
have gone on for ever here in Capri.

All these perverts
infesting the place.

And tomorrow make sure I see you
when I look for you at midday.


If I have to make a bushing,

I take the parts,
put on a bearing and a cover...

.and that's it ready.

Yes, it's ready.

But I would never think
it's only the fruit of my labour.

Before putting it together, I'd to go
to the smelter and the turner.

And we couldn't have done any of this
without the engineer and accountant.

Who keep the books and put
the results into the bosses' pockets

and so on, for ever.

We all run about, we go from one
to the other, help each other,

and the result of everyone's activity
is the bushing.

The work of the whole factory
is reflected in the bushing,

embodied in the collective experience
of 10,000-12,000 people.

These are the names of the comrade
workers coming tomorrow on the boat.

One of them is very ill,
they beat him badly in prison.

I'll keep him at the surgery
till he's better.

Thank you for everything you do
for us, Doctor.

It's an honour for me.


...these comrade workers' papers
will be credible but not perfect.

The authorities will have other

They're all excited about the arrival
of electricity!

But anyway
I'll go to the port to get them.

I'll try to avoid any checks.

Come in!

Doctor, excuse me.
I'm going to go to bed.

I've left you some water
and made the bed. Everything's ready.

Do you need anything else?

No, Assunta, on you go. Good night.

- Good night.
- Thank you.

Watch, into the muscle
without moving your hand...

Like that.

Otherwise you risk breaking the needle.

In two days,
at the same time, another one,

then another after another two days.

Don't forget to disinfect the needle.

I'll leave you some alcohol,

but the best thing
is if you hold it in the fire.

All right?

- Can you read?
- No.

I've managed to arrange
for some nurses to come to the island

to teach the girls here
to do their job.

Would you like to learn?

I have to watch the goats.

But do you know what a nurse is?

A nurse is a kind of doctor,

she looks after sick people...

Bit by bit, you could learn to read,

and maybe even get a job at the
hospital when they finally build it.

It's a good profession!

Thank you, Doctor, for now I just
want you to make my father better.

Lucia, come with me.

Lucia, your father is very ill.

But you're giving him
the new medicine!

Yes, of course.

I hope there'll be some improvement,

that he'll be able to live
a little longer.

But you have to be aware
of the situation.

Give him the injections
like I explained,

and let's hope that he reacts well
to the treatment.

Doctor, we trust in the Virgin Mary.

Let's trust in science. Goodbye.

Is it true that you're a devil?

What are you saying??

I'm not afraid.

The devil can't do anything to me!

I'm not a devil.

I'm a painter.

Paint with this, then!

That's disgusting!

Who are these people?

Where are they?

In India.

Are you Indians?

We love India.

Careful with that!


He died just after you left.

I'm sorry.

Neither the Virgin Mary nor science
could do anything.

It's not through dance
that he'll help her.

Come with me.

This is my temple, my church.

That is my God.

Do you only eat vegetables?

Marcus is a diviner.

He can find water underground,
using his hands.

But only if Sascha comes as well!

My name is Luca,

but Seybu renamed me Citrus in honour
of this island full of lemons.

I'm from Ticino,
and so I speak ltalian.

You don't know where Ticino is?

It's In Switzerland.

In Ticino we speak Italian.

Whose children are they?

Karl, Ruth, Johann, Katharina...

and Rosa who's not here now...

They're sort of everyone's, really.

That's Seybu's wife,
she's called Nina, she's German.

I really like her.

His first companion tried to poison him.


She thought he was crazy.

Everyone thinks he's crazy.

They persecute him.

I don't know how long he was in

He refused to do military service
and got at least a couple of years.

And then we're put on trial
because we go about naked.

And why do you go about naked?

Because it's natural.

That dress you're wearing,
can't you feel how heavy it is?

It's a cage.

Will you be able to carry
all of these??

Of course.

We'll put the rest in that storeroom.

Don't worry, nobody will touch it.



Would you do me the honour
of coming to lunch next Sunday?

I'll do you
the most delicious rabbit on Capri.

Thank you, I don't eat corpses.

Really? And why not?


Lucia, you're 20 now.

You need to get married
before you're an old woman.

And you and Vincenzo
who're older don't?

We're talking about you.

I've seen how Don Franco
looks at you in church.

He's a respectable man,
a widower with no children.

You'd be a queen in his house.

Dad would never have made me
marry him!

Mum, say something...

Lucia, you can't keep watching the

You're grown up Now.

Don Franco isn't bad.

He has a nice house,
a good shop...

We could get a good house out of it
in town.

I spoke with our neighbour. Their
youngest can look after the goats.

Next month he'll start with us and
you can get yourself sorted out.

I've always looked after the goats
and I don't want to change!

Don't dare raise your voice to me

For now, just clear the table.
Then we'll talk again.


What are you doing here?


Why don't you come and eat with us??

No, tonight I'll stay here.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone...!

The causes of this war aren't simple,
but there's no doubt

that Germany provoked it
with a frightening tenacity.

We have to react.

What I mean is victory for the
Central Powers would be a disaster,

it would mean dictatorship
throughout Europe.

All freedoms would be reduced...

Doctor, what can I say”?
I know nothing about politics.

You know what my good fortune is?

Not having too many worries.

At my age,
I'm not going to be called up.

I don't think that armed troops
will end up here,

and, as to provisions, I have friends
at the port in the black market.

So whatever is required, we will

For your family too, Donna Maria,
should we remain on friendly terms.

Lucia, bring the goat.

Don Franco, when friendship is born

over a good meal and a nice glass
of wine, it's always a good omen!


Let's have a toast!


- This is a good wine!
- It is!


Doctor, when you have a moment,
could you come and see me?


- Better in the afternoon.
- All right.

- Doctor?
- Thank you.

Pass the plates.

- It took all night.
- I like it that way, wild.

The nicest bit for Don Franco.

- Mum, some goat...
- A little.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

It smells lovely, Donna Maria!

Not for me, Vincenzo.

Jesus, why not?

I don't eat corpses.

Lucia, what are you saying?

I don't want to eat goat.

Or chicken...

...and not even pork.

Don Antonio, is your sister
a little soft in the head”?


Don Franco...

Don Fra'...

Come here!

If you touch me, I'll kill you.

You're a disgrace.

But I know who's twisting you
this way, it's that putrid painter.

What's he paying you, huh??

Where do you hide the money
he gives you to strip naked?

He doesn't give me anything
and I get undressed only when I want.

I'm free, you understand? Dad's dead
and you can't tell me what to do.

You're a whore.

You have to leave me alone.
I'm not like you.


Come on, Lucia, get undressed
and do a dance for us!

Good morning.

Good morning, I'm Nina.

Carlo Rocco, good morning.

Can I offer you some tea?

Thank you, gladly.

Markus, can you bring some tea?


Thank you.


..from the most persect...''

- Perfect.


What does that mean?

Do this.

There, you're imitating me.

When you copy something
you have in front of you.

"From the most perfect imitation...

...of nature."

Hear me, o, Queen

Jove's daughter,
with the many names,

Archer, August, Bremaland fitana

You break the chains

You unleash madness

You long to hunt, wandering by night


Welcomed, liberator, of manly form

Orthial who hastens birth

Happy huntress of wild beasts

You wound the stags

Powerful queen

Eternal fruit

Cydonian,mutant flower

Saviour goddess,come!

The initiates are devoted to you...

- See you tonight.
- Don't forget.

Because it'll blow down
in the first storm.

Citrus, open the window, please.

- Are you too hot?
- Yes...

.but I'm shivering.

Do you have a recurring dream?


Tell me about it.

I dream of my brothers.

We are arguing above our land...

...where there's an overhang.

I insult them and they chase me...

But at a certain point...

...they lose their balance...

.and fall below.

I look over desperately...

.and call them...



But nobody answers me.

I never see them again...

Thank you.

Where am I ?

Why have you brought me here?

You need to be looked after.

You're looking after me.

Lucia, how do you feel?

Is it true that you all make
love with each other?


Not the way you think.

That's what people say...

I make love
with three fellows as well!

If they find out at home,
they'll kill me!

Thank you, Carmela, you can go.

How long will I have to stay here?

It depends on how you are.

You have internal damage,
it needs to heal.

How long?

I don't know, like I said,
but at least a week.

Stay calm, it's serious, dangerous,
it's not something to rush.

The nurse told me
that you like cyclamens.

Do you want me to read you something?

I can read on my own.

Lucia, when you're better,
you'll need to have some protein.

A little chicken at least...

You're very weak.

You want peace and justice
for human beings.

But what kind of human beings are we
if we feel no compassion?

Have you ever killed a chicken??


It trembles.

All right, I'll leave you in peace.



Assunta, please, can you take
Don Domenico to the door?

- Thank you, Doctor.
- Goodbye.


Girl, are you all right?

Right, ladies, today we'll learn how
to measure someone's blood pressure.

This is a sphygmomanometer.

It has a glass pump
containing mercury.

Let's put the strap

above the bend of the elbow.

Higher up, I said.

That's it.

This is a stethoscope.

This is the bell of the stethoscope,

which we place beneath the strap
to listen to the pulse.

What are you doing here?

I don't want to be treated with those
poisons. You need to look after me.

- Come inside.
- No, at the temple, you and me.

It's so peaceful.

Everything seems to have stopped.




Hurry up!
They're waiting just for you!

Why are you going”? Disobey the order!
You'll be killed like beasts.

You can disobey, you can rebel!
You have to rebel!

There are ships
taking illegal immigrants to America!

Antonio, Vincenzo, I'll come with you
as well. Let's go to America.

Even in your madness, you're a disgrace.

Are you not thinking of Mum?

Who's going to stay with her?

But, of course, what do you care?

You wouldn't be with Mum
even if you stayed here, would you??

You have too much to do,
you have to change the world.

I don't want you to be killed,

and I don't want you to Kill
poor folk like yourselves.

You want to go and look death in
the face, you think it's beautiful?

I can't stand this!

I love you, I'm your sister.

You are no longer our sister.

We've repudiated you,
do you understand?

Lucia, you're good as dead for us.

You know why l'm happy to leave?

To stop seeing people laughing
at me in the village.

Now go away.

You make me!sick:

Are you happy now??

The war that you so wanted is taking
all the young men of the island!

They're leaving for a just cause.

Enough of this selfish individualism.

What are you lot doing, what are
your chums doing for their country??


I was never convinced by your ideas,
but I thought you were intelligent.

But you're a coward as well!
You're not leaving,

you're not putting
that bloody uniform on.

What is it, is your family helping
you, or your position as a doctor?

Here are my call-up papers.

I'm leaving next week, as a volunteer.

Other people don't give a fuck
about our work!


You're so beautiful.

What, rather than scolding
or castigating me...

You're all I have left.

The war has taken your brothers away,
did you see?

But I knew you would come back,

I knew all along.

You've always been a good daughter,

even if you didn't want
to get married.

You make me feel all funny,
dressed like that...

What can I get you?

I'll get a little water.

- Do you want some?

You need to drink, please,
it's important...


I'm not a good daughter.

You were unlucky with me.

But I need to be free.

I know, Lucia...

I've always known.

When you went out at night,
I noticed...

...but I pretended I was sleeping.

And I went with you in my thoughts...

It seemed to me
I was out there with you.