Capmaari (2019) - full transcript

Vijay (Jai) an IT professional happens to share an coach with Jenny (Vaibhavi Shandilya) and the duo strike a conversation and soon are sharing beers and the bed too. After two years they ...

[train honks]


Oh wow, she's shining so much!

Yes! Yes!

Oh, no! Will reach Trichy
in three hours.

[clears throat]

[clears throat]

[clears throat]

What happened?

The throat is little bit...

-Are you listening songs?

What song?

[playing tamil song]

Oh, are you Rahman sir fan?


I'm always the fan of Raja sir.


Have you listened the song
in Bhagyaraj sir film?

"The beautiful nose pin,
looking at you...ooh..."

What an astonishing lyric! Isn't it?

A small sense in that 'ooh...'

Do you know who is
the music director of this film?

Raja sir, right?

Gangai amaran.

Gangai amaran! Who is Gangai amaran?

They're brothers, isn't it?
Why do you separate them?

Please, don't say anyone
that you're Raja sir fan.

-Are you going to Trichy?

Kannagi, right?

Kannagi burnt the entire city
of Madurai, isn't it?

I didn't go to Madurai
after that.

How is the city now?
Is it okay?

Actually, it's a heavy loss.

Recovering, slowly.

Okay, take care.

Ask me if you need any help.

Shall I close the door?

Only if you close this door,
I can open this.

Can't understand.

I've a habit of consuming and then eat.
That's why...


Why are you looking
like that?

-Do you want?
-Will I get?

I'll give for a simple babe.

You're so beautiful,
wouldn't I give you?


Are you coming from abroad?

How do you know?

Tags are seen on the bags.

The bags are from abroad.

Great joke.

Will you crack only one joke
for each peg?

Or will you crack another?

Do you want one more?

If you don't mind,
shall I tell you something?

Don't come to Chennai.


You look hot
and Chennai is too hot.

So, don't come there.


You're hot, Chennai is too hot.

It's so many to handle.
People so sad.


-Thank you.

Not for you.
It's for the driver.

"Fraudster, he hits hot"

"Fraudster flirts too"

"If the fraudster gets caught"

"Fraudster, fraudster, fraudster"

"Rowdy he's a proper fraudster"

"I tapped the coconut shell
my dear Kamatchi"

"Meenakshi has seduced me mildly"

"My life is ruined"

"By taking chance when I can
Oh, no! Why this much problems?"

"Make it one, take it one, simple one,
one by two"

"Don't want, dude,
hitting never goes flop"

"He made the idiot wear a vest
and run around"

"You are the deer and the honey"

"You cheated me by giving one
or two jasmines"

"Oh no! If the booze goes in,
he's elated & falls"

"Oh no, he was knocked by two babes"

"Oh no, he chased away few and many "

"Oh no, he's fraudster, pound his head"

"The joker who ate the palm fruit without
trouble, became an intelligent fool"

"You cheat, you troublesome lazy fellow,
thief and fraudster"

"Told a thousand tales & fooled"

"He planned & told a few lies"

"He made believe, cut the throat,
thief and fraudster"


"He's a slippery fish,
hold him tight"


"Life has turned into the state of a
lemon stuck under a tyre"

"He's stuck, he's stuck"

"If he gets a slim chance,
he switches roles"

"He changes colours, makes plays,
he's our fraudster"

"A wise man said open the door,
breeze will flow in"

"That wise man, become a cheat, he turned
into a proper fraudster"

"He's a fraudster"

"Fraudster, he's a cheap fellow"

"Fraudster, he's going to get beaten up"

"Fraudster, fraudster, fraudster"

"Everyone must hit him up"

"Even if he pleads, must be pounded on"

"Must cut him open in
the middle of the road"

"The police must arrest all of them"

All are my friends, no problem,
sir, come and sit down.

-Hey! Stop, stop.

You're going along
with two babes in midnight?

Not two, sir.

One is standing there.

I'm leaving, sir.
We'll meet next.

-Sir, he is pranking you.
-Is it?

Shoot him, sir.

Shall we shoot?

Shoot him, sir.

Youngsters are enjoying.

Instead of understanding,
you want me to shoot them?

That's why, I shot.

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

Good morning, bro.

What are you looking?

If we don't give respect
to ourselves, who else will?

[phone rings]

[doorbell rings]

I've to wear this for formality.

Wait, I'll come.

I must see the sunrise.

Only then, everything will be perfect.

[doorbell rings]

It's too sunny.

Did I wake up late?
Or the sunrise is early?

-Hi, Good morning!
-Good morning.

[phone rings]

-Hello!-Sir, did you get up from bed?

-Had food?
-I'm eating, mom.

You'd have forgot to brush?



Are you there?

This is why, I'm saying you
to get married.

Why? Will she brush my teeth?

Hey, she will wake you up
in the morning.

And she will keep ready
all your things.

Keep quiet, mom.
Always babbling.

-Hang up the phone.-Jai!


Where is my other shoe?

Thank you.

Why it is cold?

You kept the shoe in the refrigerator
just for having two beers.

Beyong that, don't know what all
you might keep?

-Hey, is it pun?
-No, only one meaning.

You thought it as beer
and kept in the fridge.

That's why, I said.

If you speak anymore, I'll
stuff you in the fridge. Go on.

I'll complain to, "Me too".

Sorry. I said by mistake.
Please go...

Why are you irritated
in the morning?

Priya, have to tell your husband JD
and expel the mechanical guys.

You tried a girl as usual
and a mechanical guy...

... already made her
to fall for him, right?

How it spread so soon, virally?

This is what's happening every week.

If the mechanical engineers
are smart enough...

...what should we do?

Show me your hand.
I'll tell you.

Do you know palm reading?

There are no lines in your hand.

Crap, nothing will work out for you.

What's happening here?

Go to work instead
of flirting.

Sorry, sir.

The tension has come.

Look here, don't make me worse.

Hey, where is Jai? Where is Jai?
Where is Jai?

Where is JD? Where is JD?
Where is JD?

Are you teasing?

I'm standing here,
can't you see?

Where is Jai?

He would've just got up
from bed.

So, I'm a fool getting up at 7
o'clock and coming to office.

Priya, why are you waking
him up at 7?

I'm not waking him up.

He gets coffee and wakes me up.


Hey wife, family secrets shoud
be confined to the house.

Not to reveal here.

-Okay, dear husband.
-What okay?

Tell Jai to meet me
in the cabin.


What are you looking here?

Am I dancing?

Shouldn't be born beautiful.

-Oh, no!

Look his head.


Hi, darling.

Hey, what are you doing?

Hey, it seems you crossed
the limits, last night.

You called and proposed me.

Did I propose?

Get lost!

You were with me, right?
Tell him.

-Are you asking him?

Inebriated, he asked his
house address to me, once.

You asked the other thing, when high.

Do you remember?

He would've asked for
snacks and chips.

-Priya, not chips...but kiss.

Hey, did I ask a kiss?

Why are you telling lies?

Yes, you must ask in person
if you are man enough.

-Instead, you asked on the phone?
-What? If I'm man enough?

If you have such a doubt,
ask my darling.

Are you him?

I'll give.

Let me see.

-I'll give.
-Give me.

What's happening here?

-I'll give.
-Give me, let me see.

-ID card.
-Damn it.

I know I asked this.

I asked you to come
to my cabin.

Why didn't you come?

No one has told me.

Didn't you tell him?

A romantic scene was going on.
I thought of telling after it gets over.

Better to say after getting married
and giving birth to child.

Yeah, I'll do that next time.
very good notion.

You'll be paralysed
before you go home.

The reports are submitted by
everyone in the office except us.

-Who told we didn't do?
-I'm telling you.

-We've submitted it last evening.
-Why didn't you tell me?

I've sent an email.

Why didn't you tell,
an email has been sent?

I messaged you in WhatsApp.

Oh, no! Why didn't you tell,
you had sent a message?

I'll download and tell you,
if any new App is created.

This company owner is from Las Vegas...

...He has opened a bar
for your convenience.

You booze there and blabber here.

Okay, why are you getting tensed?

-Come, let's have a cold beer.
-Be quiet.

Look here, I'm your team leader.

You must all respect me.

[in unison] Good morning, JD!

Oh no!

I'm managing all these people
like the pilgrims in Tirupathi!

What's this, weeping like a child?

Calm down.

I feel like weeping more,
when I see you.

Go to your seat.


Come home, I'll see to you.

What are you doing?

-I'm switching on.
-What's that you're switching on?

It's clear you're watching movie.

It's not cool, brother.


Do you know the value
of a beer?

Thank you!

Oh, no!

You didn't give me your
contact number and fled, isn't it?

I thought of giving
my contact number.

But, we reached trichy by then.

If I wake you up,
something might happen again.

That's why, I left.

Yeah, what's your name?

You're a big fraud.

You've planned everything.

How can I do by planning it?

I took a ticket to Trichy.

Can I plan expecting a girl
will travel alone in the train...

...can accompany her to booze
and after sloshing I can kiss.

Even now, we met unexpectedly.
Like that...

Okay, leave it.

Where are you staying?

In a flat at OMR.

-Are you staying alone?
-Yes, staying alone for two years.

What about your food?


I'm working in Deltec,
as an Associate.

Earning one and half lakh rupees montly.

No problem for food.

Once in two days,
I'll eat mutton biryani.

Why are you laughing?
Is it like I'm telling lie?

I asked about the cooking.

But, you're saying about
the salary.

I thought of something...

You're still the same, huh?


Any intention of getting married
or going to roam train by train?

Hello, how do I look like?

I don't have any intention but my
parents are looking for a girl.

But, all the girls are grumpy.

I can't see any girl like you
who is cheerful.

What about you?

I'm looking too.

Oh! Super.

-Shall we get married?
-Shall we get married?

I, Albert Jai will take you,
Genelia as my wife and hold...

...for better, for worse,in sickness
and in health...


With much efforts, I've
convinced her for marriage.

But, you're taking credit.

Even he is teasing the priest.

You repeat that.

Me? Father, I'll take care of her
till my end, like my own life.


I vowed penance
and did sacred rituals,

And named him as "Vijayavel".

He had erased half
of his name.


Congratulations and my sympathies!

Both of you can share your love.

May lord bless you both.

Your room!Your balcony!
You've good taste.

I purchased this flat for this bedroom.


It's our first night, right?

No, it's second night.

Hey, do you've anything
for safety?

For safety?

That is, gloves...


Are we going to do boxing?

We got married.

Should I get conceived next month
and lose my life because I got married?

What are you saying?

Everyone falls in love
and get married.

Suddenly, we met each other
and got married.

I want at least five years to love you.

...and enjoy life with you.

Wouldn't the life will be better,
if we've a baby after that?

A baby after five years?

What will you do if the vehicle
isn't good after five years?

Can we change the spare parts?

But, I can change the vehicle.

Oh, traitor!

Okay, let's use the gloves
and do boxing from tomorrow.

-Adjust, today.

The match will not happen
without gloves.

-Good night.
-Good night?

Hey, don't sleep.
Just wait for ten minutes.

My phone... oh no!

Venky, an important help...

Tell me, darling.
How many wickets?

The match is yet to start.
She is asking for gloves.

Gloves! You got married!

She is teaching me as five years
and ten years for saying that.

You'll be having in bunches, right?

Bring me.

I can give.

But, after more efforts for a week,
I made Kavitha to fall in trap.

-You can proceed later.-Sorry dude.

-Please, bring them.-Sorry dude.


The cutomer you're dialing...

Damn it.

Baby, I tried everywhere.

Everyone is busy.

-Shall I buy you ipill in the morning?

Do you know the side effects
of i-pill?

Inside the uterus...

Please, don't teach me lesson
in first night.

Give me sometime.

I'll buy, somehow.

"He is searching on...
he is searching on..."

"He is searching on everywhere"

"He is searching on keenly..."

"He is getting upset"

"He is yearning at the
medical stores"

"He is feeling disturbed,
losing his mood."

"Oh, no! The route is changing on..."

What are you thinking?
Come on.

Do you've anything for safety?

I've all those. Don't be afraid.

I want only the safety one.

Only that?

You can't get it.
Everything comes in combo.


How much?

Rs.2000 for an hour.

Take it.

-Okay, come.
-No, I want only that. I'll take it & go.

Thank you.

Oh, no! Run away.

Why should I run?
I paid money.

-Hey, stop.
-Catch him.

-Sir, no... Please...
-Working in IT firm and celebrating.

-...weekend in search of women at nights.
-Sir, please...

-I'll hit you, rascal.
-No, it's painful.


Wandering everywhere...

Are you weeping?


Are you weeping?


Stop the bike.

Are you laughing?

Why are you laughing?

In first night, getting hit by the police
and shouting with pain...

Are you teasing me?

-Are you teasing me?
-Looking superb!

Wait, I'll come.

"Didn't expect..."

"This moment stands still in my heart"?

"Didn't expect..."

"Somehow, your heart came to me"?

"Didn't expect"

"Both of our shadows are moving
sticking together"?

"Didn't expect"

"When I ask for a kiss,
your lips are yelling me"

"Didn't expect"

"I see your face in
all the directions, I turn"

"My mind broadens whenever
I desired to"

"There are no words to describe you,
will you forgive me, beauteous"

"Didn't expect..."

"This moment stands still in my heart"?

"Didn't expect..."

"Somehow, your heart came to me"?

Feed me.
I'll eat.

Jenni, did you wore this
attire, last night?

Get lost.

Then, who would've wore this?

"There are no words to describe you..."

"...will you forgive me, beautiful..."

"You came into my mind without my

"I remained without saying anything."

"I'm a thief who tells lies, meticulously"

"Though you know that,"?

"why did you love me?"

"Didn't expect..."?

"This moment stands still in my heart"

"Didn't expect..."?

"Somehow, your heart came to me"



[singing music notes]

[singing music notes continues]


I wish to be like this
throughout the life.

For me too...

Okay, let past is past.

We both should be true
to each other.


I've given myself wholly to you.

You too give me so.

Take it.

Henceforth, there shouldn't
be ego between us.

Ok. Andthere should be
no secrets too.

No, there won't be any secrets.

Whatever work, let's share
and do it. Okay?

Let's do.

We shouldn't differentiate like
your's and mine.

No, I'll not.

[doorbell rings]

Who is that?
Go and see.

You go and check.

You go...

You're on the top.


Go now...

Hey, you go.

I told you first.

So, I'm very tired.

I'm also very tired.
You go...

How mean this fellow?


-Are you the new wife?

-Where is sir?

Have to give him milk.

I'll give either milk or tea
on alternate days...

I'll wash utensils and
the clothes.


You can say as 'house-maid' too.

Arrogant attitude for a servant?

Nothing difference between
the servant and wife.

Even the servant can become a wife.

You know that, right?


I thought she will be
helpful to you.

But you sent her and gave me the broom.

Come here, sir.

Sit down.

I told you just now.

We're for each other.

Whatever problem
arises between us,

...we've to solve on our own.

Nobody should interfere.

Not even your parents.



All those happened long back...

-Welcome dad!
-Invite them.

-Sorry, my son.

I should've knocked the door
and came inside.

I don't have that kind of habit.

Dad, be cool.
Come, dad.

-How are you my son?
-I'm good, dad.

-Very good, how is your life going on?
-Excellent, dad.

Will you please us with
a grandchild by next year?

Dad, we didn't plan it, yet.

What? Didn't plan?

Yes, aunty.

-We're in five years plan.
-Five years planning?

Hey, soon after marriage
you should have children.

Only then, the children will be
hale and healthy.

For example, take yourself.

I didn't even wait for a night.

I started my job at day.

That's why, you're so brilliant.

Sorry, aunty.

This is our life.

We know what to do
and what not to do.

What are you saying?

We too know everything, aunty.


Dear, I told on that day, she isn't
the right choice for our family.

Did you heed me?

She says she'll have a child
after five years.

I'm talking regarding that.

Be patient.

You stay patiently
and have feast.

-I'm leaving.

Albert sir!

I'm leaving.


We've come for the first time...

...but she isn't ashamed
to be in improper attire.

-Come, let's go.

Just wait, dear.

You stay here.

-I'm leaving.
-Wait, mom.

What dear?

This is the first time
they've come home.

Is this the way to behave?

Their visit is not the problem.

Our lifestyle is different
from their's.

It's good not interfering
in each other's lifestyle.

Last night, did you watch
'Samsaram athu minsaram' film?


I can see the effect
of that movie.

Hey, get ready.

I'll go tomorrow.

Please, dear.

No way.

I've work only at noon.

No work in the morning.
Come, let's go inside.

I can't take leave anymore.
You go...

Why are you compelling
me to go?

Is it boring?

It shouldn't get boring,
that's why, I'm saying.

-Hey, wait...
-No need to go?

Come soon in the evening.


[in unison] Wish you happy married life!

Thank you.

Hi, Genelia!

Hi, David!

-Happy married life.
-Thank you.

Thank you.


Carry on.

-Hey no one is here.

-I think i'm the last person.
-Come soon in the evening.

I'll come.

I'll come soon.

You didn't apply for leave.

Some problem is going on here.
I'll call you later.

If you do like this,
I'll expel you from the team.

Do you understand?

Hey, I'm speaking to you
but you're playful.

-Hey, bridegroom!
-Thank you.

Thank you.

-Happy married life, darling!
-Thank you.

Sir, why are you standing here?

Just to wish you since you're coming
to the office, post marriage.

Sir, just a minute.
Excuse me.

I'll call you back.

I'm taking leave for a week.


-Welcome back!
-Thank you.

Hi brother, how is the missus?

How is your life going on?

Tell me, why didn't you
attend the marriage?

Why should I come?

Are you going to tie
the nuptial thread to me?

Hey, can I tie the nuptial thread
to everyone who comes?

Talking like a goof.

Then, I thought of making
you to fall in my trap.

But, you gave the invitation
and disappointed me.

How can I come, then?

Hello, madam.

He got married.

Don't play with his family.

He only got married
not me.

She is planning, seriously.

Yes, I've planned a lot..

Jai, newly wed!
How about you?

Releasing now or saying like JD
after EMIs get over?

I'm fond of child
but JD is keen in EMIs.

-JD, why is she saying so?
-Then what?

A flat on ECR...

Have to pay EMI for it.

70" television at home.

-EMI for it.
-He too is watching, right?

Then, sofa...

And honeymoon in Balki.

How to have a baby in the midst
of this and pay EMIs?

Pig, you eat the bun.

You've EMI problem.

He has gloves problem.

Hey, why are you saying
that now?

Hey, be quiet.

The torture you gave on
your first night...

Oh, gosh!

I'll thrash you if you open the mouth.

Did you call him too?

Are we running a medical store?

Torturing us for gloves.

Hey, did you ask JD too?

He said he doesn't have.
then, why did you call me too?

Even he asked me
who isn't married.

That's why, he asked you.

Didn't you allow anyone
to sleep on that night?

-Why are you talking, awkwardly?

Do you know what's the favourite
of the youth?

What's that?

Not the music, sports or food.

But, Kamasutra book.

Hey Venki, those who hesitate
to speak frankly about intimacy...

...will hit sixer for no ball
at nights.

What's that you're talking
about 'no ball and sixer'?

It's cricket.

Gloves, helmet, bat and ball.

This is men sports.
It's not right for you.

What's that men and women sports?

We can hit
only if given chance.

Only if given chance,
even Virat kohli can prove himself.

Else, a broiler chicken.

You eat something.

When is your wedding party?

I've planned this weekend.

We'll make it a grandeur.

Look here, you didn't attend
the marriage?

Must attend this party for sure.

Else, I'll get tensed.

If you give me a special treat,
I'll come.


I'll buy you arrack,
will you come?

"If you're the King for you,
I'm the King for me"

"Let off the worries
Let us sing along"?

"If you're right for you
I'm right for me"?

"Let us host the party, jovially"?

"If the bottles are empty
Let us sing and rejoice"?

"To live happily, there is shortcut"?

"You should stay silent, if provoked
You should stay calm, if irritated"?

"Then, you life will be pleasant,
our brother said so"

"You should stay silent, if provoked
You should stay calm, if irritated"?

"Then, you life will be pleasant,
our brother said so"

"When you reach heights
You'll be pulled down..."

"You'll be pretty much
pulled into fuss"?

"Literally, uttering your name..."

"Uttering about your hometown
and uttering something"

"...he'll come to blow"?

"Life is a circle
The loser will win here"?

"Our brother said it...
it'll be right."?

"Our life on this earth
is for short span"?

"Lead the life, happily"

"Hey, if you breathe last, a small
skeletal piece will be left unburnt"

"This is your life"

"The crown on the head
can be heavy"?

"You shouldn't be heavy-headed
at any time"?

"Though whatever happens"

"You should stay silent, if provoked
You should stay calm, if irritated"?

"Then, you life will be pleasant,
our brother said so"

"You should stay silent, if provoked
You should stay calm, if irritated"?

"Then, you life will be pleasant,
our brother said so"

Who is that?

Please, go away.


You'll not come for party?

Do you know how much
Jenny expected you?

So, you didn't expect me?

I can't come for someone's expectations.

Hey, is Jenny someone for you?

Oh, I see! If you've become
a proper husband...

Do you know how you
look like in anger?

-Be quiet.

Come on.

-Hey! Please...
-Don't hit me.




Have you seen such brilliant
goals in your life?


Hello, baby!

Why are you angry now?

Thank you.

You look like donald duck
in anger.

What's this?

Varsha, my friend.

Team mate.
I told you, right?

Why did you take selfie?

I didn't take it. She did.

Look there.

That much close?

Selfie will be taken close, right?

When did you click it?

Not sure, might be yesterday
or day before...


Why didn't you tell me?

Why didn't...

Hey, just for taking a photo...

Don't talk to me.

Oh, you've lost the game...

Don't irritate me.

Don't come to the room, tonight.
Sleep here.


Because, you're a vegetarian, today.

Hey, at least an egg...

Just shut up!

Jenny, coffee...

Are you washing clothes?

I'm out.

Eat outside.

How can I eat outside?

I can eat through mouth, right?

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

Is this the first fight?

Look, I'm very annoyed with you.
Please, be quiet.

What did I do?

Why did you send me
the photos, yesterday?

I just sent photo.

You just sent a photo.

Yeah, you just sent a photo.

That's what, I didn't know
what happened.

If this is the stance for just a photo,
what if our matters are known?

Our matters?

The love matter.

Hey, be quiet.

Hello, it's okay about love.

What's that 'matter' you said?

That's meant, only booze for you.

Come to my issue.

Darling, that's why I said
don't get married.

Support, 'live in relationship'.

You can hug if you like
or can break up.

Do anyone buy a wine
shop for just few pegs?

Hey, don't listen to these
hardcore single people.

They'll take you to the road.

Go home and fall on her feet...

Only then,
you can enjoy tonight.

That's why, is JD always...

Hey, come here.

I'll not come.

-Hit him.
-Have it.

We've bouncers.

Look here, darling!

This 'you or me' debate
will not work out.

Girls will never give up
in this issue.

Yes, that's right.

Hey, it's not right.

You're supreme!

If I know that you apologised,
I'll kill you.

This is also right.

I'm telling him, isn't it?
Why are you confusing him?

He can't leave his supremacy, right?

I'm the supreme!

Under maintenance?

The sign is not good omen.

It's better to surrender.

Do I've to climb thirteen floors?


Oh, God!

Forgive me!




I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

-It's all my mistake.

I shouldn't have cut your call.

Please, forgive me.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

"I never felt such a pleasure..."

" far"

"My heart conveys gratefulness, everyday"

"Our breathe binds together
and caress each other"

"The bed will be blazed,
more than the wildfire."

"Your caressing look is enough"

"Little affection is enough"

"This is...this is...enough..."

"Forever and ever..."

"Leaning on your shoulder"

"Holding your finger"

"Till dawn..."

"I must play with you"

"I never felt such a pleasure..."

" far"

"My heart conveys gratefulness, everyday"

"Our breathe binds together
and caress each other"

"The bed will be blazed,
more than the wildfire."

Baby, is everything okay?

What's that okay?

You turned off the cooker
for second whistle.

What did you say now?


I heard as whistle.

Golden words are not repeated.

I like you talking, frankly.

I too like you asking, frankly.

How many husbands are
concerned about this?

Because of not speaking frankly...

...many women are leaving
their husband or killing them.

So, are you going to
kill me, now?

No idea as of now.

I've to think.

You traitor!

What do you think
about life?

If there is no intimacy,
there is no life.

Separate the intimacy from life,
there is no life at all.

It's waste of living.

Hey, I thought you studied
information technology.

But, you speak like the doctor doing
show in television at midnight.

Stop talking.

Shall we start the match?

Today, I'll hit hundred
and not out.

Sir, this is the latest model.

'Grand i10'


Will you give along
with this ribbon?

Yes, sir.

You prefer the colour
and place the order.

We'll deliver it in a week.

-Will it bear the weight?
-Yes, of course.

For two people?

It can accommodate four people
and you can take a dog also.

-Not inside. On top.
-On top?

Why dear?

Isn't breaking the dining table, enough?

Okay, will you see the car?

-Come, sir.
-Yeah, come on.

Sir, I'll tell the facilities
of this car.

AVS, power steering, LED,
DRL, alloy wheels, air bags.

Moreover, there is a camera sensor
in the car.

Oh, is there camera too?

Can we take a selfie?

Leave it, sir.

If you ride on highways,
the car will fly like a spark.

Any doubt, sir?

-Just one doubt.
-Tell me, sir.

Will you give anything to
extinguish the flying spark?


Have you come to buy
the car or to irritate me?

Then what, sir?

We've come to buy a car by taking
loan and repay by hard work.

Whereas, you're speaking,

Congratulations, sir!

I too have the same problem.

Recently, I bought a new house.

Only if you buy a car,
I can pay my loan.

Please sir, buy it sir.

Oh no! He is thinking...
I shouldn't leave him.

Sir, come on.

Let's go for a ride till ECR.
Get up.

-Good morning, David.
-Good morning, Jenny.

What's the status of the project?

It's yet to be finished.

Just give me ten minutes.

I'll finish it.

No problem, sit here and do.

-I'll get my laptop.
-Hey, come on...

Use my laptop.


Jenny, can I order you a coffee?

No, thanks.


How is your married life?

It's good, sir.
Nice, I'm happy.

How is your husband?

He is good, sir.

Very jovial and sportive.

Fine... fine...

Are you free this weekend?

Yeah, almost...

If you don't mind...

...can you join me for dinner?

No, If you come for dinner...

...salary appraisal, on-site trip and all.

You'll be benefited.

Baby, why are you dull?

Is it those three days?

Get lost!

Get out!

That's all?

Who is he to expel you from job?

Tell me, shall I expel him?

Not that, by slapping him
and losing my job... salary will become
a shortage in our budget.

We are planning to buy a car too.

That's why, I'm thinking.

Baby, why are you thinking
seriously about this simple issue?

We've planned many things.

If not your salary,
we'll reduce our needs and be happy.

You take rest in home, happily.

Oh, are you trying to make me
as a servant with this as a reason?

No chance.

I'll get a different job.

But, I'll feel bored till then.

Shall I take leave
and be with you?

You're saying it, simply?

If they expel you
from the company?

Let's both together
start a company.

'Mannar and company'.

Be serious.

Okay, you apply for other companies.

Anyhow, you'll get a job
for your experience.

Let's go for a holiday, till then.

We didn't go for honeymoon too.

Okay, what's the plan?

Shall we go to Shirdi saibaba temple?

Oh, no!

Let's go to Shimla.

After a few days...

-Yes, this isn't hot.
-Hey, Varsha!

Hi, how are you?

Hard hit.

You left without telling me.
That's why.

Sorry, Varsha.

No reaction.

I told sorry, isn't it?
Speak to me.

No reaction.
Maintaining the same.

Hereafter, wherever I go
I'll inform you. Okay?

Now I need to go to restroom.
Shall I leave.

Varsha, say him okay.
Else, he might do it here.

Darling, why is she going
when you need to go?

That too in hurry.

Shouldn't she go
to the restroom?

Look at your job.

Keen on checking who is
going to restroom.

Hey, I'll tell you a happy news.

I got a job.

Excellent! Congrats!

Thank you.


That's a surprise.

Come early.

And don't forget to get
the gloves.

I'm going to give
a dirty party, tonight.

Has it got punctured?

Okay, park it over there.
I'll drop you.

It's okay.

Don't do too much.

Park it.
I'll drop you.


Instead of your house,
you brought me somewhere.

That is...

Sentimentally, that house
isn't good for my love.

So, I told my dad and
shifted the house.

You didn't tell me.

If I tell?

Okay. Shall I leave?

You've come to my house.
Come inside.


-Okay, sir.
-Okay, I'll come.

Isn't there anyone at home?

My parents have gone to Coimbatore
to attend a marriage.

Sit down.

You've come to my house,
for the first time.

Would you like to have
coffee or tea?

Can I get anything cool?


Only cool beer is available.
is it okay?



Is it bitter!

It would be so, at first.
Then, it'll be alright.

Drink it.

Just wait for two minutes.
I'll come.

Then, I thought of making
you to fall in my trap.

But, you gave the invitation
and disappointed me.

If this is the stance for just a photo,
what if our matters are known?

Our matters?

The love matter.

Hard hit.

You left without telling me.
That's why.

Hey, why did you open my room?

What's this?

I like it.

Like it, means?

It means, what I mean as I like.

Can't understand.

If we like some hero, we'll
keep his photo, isn't it?

It's the same.

I'm not a hero.

You're the hero for me!

Is it enough?
Take it.

Doesn't it taste bitter for you?

[phone rings]


What are you doing?

Are you in love?

I don't know.

Don't know, means?

Don't know only.

I got married.

I know...

I know, means?

I know, you wastrel.

-Hello, Venky!

Is Jai with you?

No, Jenny.
He had started long before.

Why? What happened?



[singing song]

[singing song]

What's your dream?

To lie in your lap.

Thank you.

Thank you for the beer.

I'm leaving.

Are you going?

No... in home...

-Go away.


My watch... phone... helmet.


What happened?

Will you lay me on bed and go?

Lay you on bed?

I'm so happy, today.

Okay, sleep.


Hey, will you kiss me
and leave?


Can I get one more beer?

It's in the fridge.

I should just kiss her
and leave, immediately.

Where is the room?

The person you are calling is
speaking to someone else.

You can stay online or...

Hi, Jenny!

Welcome, sir.

I bought it.


This is not for eating.

Did you eat?

I'm very hungry, Jenny.

Are you drunk?



Come, darling.

Don't be afraid.
Come on.

Darling, I bought the dining table
for you, which you've broken.

She's speaking with a lot of respect.
I'm caught it looks.



I'll eat.

Eat well, sir.

It tastes so much nicer today.

Double strong.

It'll be like that only.


-My throat is burning.
-Hey, don't over react.

I thought of pouring it.

I can't open.
You came by that time.

Couldn't open it?

Oh, my god!

In few minutes,
everything came down.

Where were you wandering
till 2 o'clock?

Am I wandering?

I went to Venki's house.

Oh, you mean the Venki whom
I spoke before half an hour?

Half an hour before?

Whom are you mentioning about?

My colleague, A. Venki?

Do you know, who I'm talking about?

Tell me, who are you
saying about?

He is K.Venki...
K.K.Nagar Venki.

We both studied together
in childhood.

He came from U.S and called for a party.

So, I went there.

-Hey, do I look like a goof?

I called & you disconnected my call.

Disconnect your call! When?

Where is your phone?

Here it is.

Put it on charge. Go.

Where is your phone?

My phone!

Why are you talking like
your phone and my phone?

We both are unified...

Where is your phone?

My phone is in office.
I put it on charge.

Let's take in the morning.

Have you kept it in charge?

Whom are you calling?

-Show me.-Hello!

Speak now.

-Speak now.-Hello!

Jai, when did you leave?

When I was awake,
you're missing.

Hey, hang up the phone.
Let's go shopping, tomorrow.

Are you enacting drama?

-No, dear.
-Often, I do mimicry.

I can't forget this night.

-I just enjoyed a lot.
-Disconnect it.

-Who are you?-Who are you?

I'm Jenny, Jai's wife.

I'm Varsha, Jai's life.

What the hell you
think of yourself?

What are you thinking,
you're a...

Get lost.

You're lying to me.

No, Jenny.

-You've cheated on me.
-Listen me, Jenny...

My life is over.

Jenny, I went there. But, I
didn't do anything. Please Jenny.

Jenny! Jenny!

How could you do this to me?

-Don't show me your face, everafter.

I don't want to see.


Please, Jenny!



Open the door.

Please, baby!

I'm hungry.

Please Jenny, open the door.

Please, baby!

Open the door.

Please, baby!




Sorry, dear!


Sorry, dear!

-Leave my hand.

Please, Jenny!


Why Priya is not seen
for long time?

Unable to bear JD's torture,
she has changed the team.

Oh, no!

I'm not bothered.

It's good for me.

-You're next to me, now.

-Hey, give the phone.
-I won't give.

-Give me. Don't irritate.

What did I do?

Why did you speak
to Jenny so harsh?

-What did I speak?
-Asking me, what you spoke?

Jai is my life...
This and that...

She pushed me out
because of you.

-I didn't speak, anything.
-Don't irritate me.

Give the phone.


Darling, Jenny has come.

Why is that ghost
going to come here?

Didn't come, she is standing.

Jenny, why have you come
to the office?

Come, let's go out and talk.

Everyone is here, Jenny.

If anyone notice, it'll be wrong.
Don't quarrel here.

Come, let's go out and talk.
Come, please.


She sent her resume
and got selected.

She told me not to reveal
to surprise you.

Instead of coming to our office,
will she go to the opposite building?

Why are you sweating
as if you ran in Olympics?

Why are you making
me tensed?


Shut your trap
and do your job.


You didn't reveal me that
you're going to join here.

Hi, baby! You could've told me earlier,
you're going to join my office.

Why? Are you feeling frustrated,
I've come between your romance.

Hey, no.

I thought of celebrating your joining,
a grandeur.

I saw your celebration
in the office.

You're happy to see her.
Am I like a ghost to you?

I went to get my phone.

Last night, she spoke bad
about you, isn't it?

-So, I gave her a piece of my mind.
-Oh did you?

-Don't act.
-Why should I act?

Get out, first.

Ok.Shall I kiss and go?

Get out!

-Didn't you eat?


I'm not hungry.
So, I didn't bring.

-What are you doing?
-Eat this.

-I don't want.
-Eat this.

Eat now.

Okay, give me. I'll eat.


Drink this water.
Drink it.

If you drink water,
his hiccups stopped.

What a medical miracle!


If you don't have food,
why did she give you?

Some problem here.
I'll call you, later.

What, dear?

If you don't have food,
why did she give you?

You must ask that to her.

Okay, though she gave you,
why did you eat?

I was hungry. You didn't give me any food.

Okay, if you get hiccups
why did she drink water?

You must ask her that too.

Okay, how did the hiccups stopped
for you when she drank water?

You have to answer this.

How will I answer if you
ask twisted questions?

Tell me.


Where is the water?
I'll drink water and come.

-Do I look like goof?
-How can I myself say that?

Get lost.

Where is Jai?

He is lying upstairs, as he got fever.

Where is Varsha?

I think, she told she is going
to the hospital.

Jai has got fever but
Varsha went to the hospital.

What a funny world!

Sir, is it a love failure?
You're boozing at sunset.

-Be quiet.
-I've seen everything.

You got fever and
she went to the hospital.

She went to the hospital
and you're boozing here.

What's this?
Is it eternal love?

Why are you blabbing?

She went to the hospital
as her mother isn't well.

How do you know?

Are you both sharing
the informations?

She told in the office.

Are you going to office
to talk with her?

Only you can connect
like this?

-I'm saying since you've connection.
-Hey, get lost.

You're crossing the limits.
I too will be enraged.

-If enraged?
-I'll go away by walk.

Are you knocking
down my beer?

I'll take your beer.

Hey, why are you sitting here?

Henceforth, this is my cabin.
You go to your place.


Can everything be conveyed to you?

So, don't you like to sit by my side?

Nothing like that.

Okay, come. Let's go.

-What are you doing?
-Then, tell me.

Tell me.

-Leave me.
-Tell me.

Hey, I need to talk to you alone.

Come out.

What's your problem now?

You want to know whether I
love Jai or not, isn't it?

I thought of clearing
this issue to you.

What are you going
to clear out?

You hold his hand.

You take him to your house and gave beer.

Am I his wife or are you?

Oh, do you've doubt on that too?


I'll kill you, if you say like that.

I called you as sister.

-This is also nice.
-Damn it.

Sis, I thought of dealing
this issue, smoothly.

But, you awakened the animal
that was sleeping inside.

Next year, this day...
Mark it in your calendar.

You'll see the other version of Varsha.

The countdown starts.

Baby, why did you do so?

When you slap a colleague
in the office...

...everyone will mistake you.

Are you feeling sorry
that I'll be mistaken...

...or for slapping her?

Oh, God! Why are you connecting
everything, wrong?

-You're wrong, that's why.
-Hey, it's hot.

I'm connecting.

I'm not worthy.

I saw your worthiness
in the moving train.

Always saying this.

Move away.

I didn't do anything, believe me.

Without doing anything,
is she challenging me?

She says, she'll show
the other version.

Another version?
How will it be?

Do you've a desire of seeing
that version too?

Hey, I just asked.

Open the door.

You go and open the door.

We both are in feud.
Go and open the door.

I'm eating food,
You go.

I'll eat.
You go and open.

It's a tough job.

Hey, why are you here
at this time?

Varsha 2.0

-What are you blabbering?
-I'm not blabbering, sis.

I've come to my home.


Where are you going?

-Just come here.
-Oh, is this your room?

Take it.

I'm asking you.
Without any sense...

-Oh, this is my room!
-What do you think of yourself?

Thank you, sis.

Jai, come here.

-What happened dear?
-Look here.

-Why did you call her now?
-Did I call her?

She came with her baggage
at midnight.

When asked, she says
it's her house.

Her house?

Just ask her to get out
of my house.

What are you thinking?

Are you creating ruckus
in my home at midnight?

Better take your things
and get lost.


I'll go.

Before leaving...

...shall I tell what happened after
taking fourth beer?


Just a minute.

Jenny, she just came for fun.

She is ready to leave now.

But, it's late night.

Will it be good to send
her out, now?

Oh, will it be good if she stays
in our home in late night?

Both aren't good.

But, what to do?

Shall we send her before
getting the milk?

Get lost.


Oh, no!

What would've happened
after taking the fourth beer?

Shall I go and ask?

What are you blabbering, alone?
Shall I give company?

No need of your company.
But, a small...

What? Are you caressing her?


If you go out, I'll cut.

Hi, Jenny!

Would you like to have
hot green tea?

Get out.

Why should I go?

Take it and go out.


I'll kill you, if you say that.

What's there to talk with you?
Call Jai, I'll talk to him.

Hi, Varsha!
Good morning.


Are you both enacting a drama?

What are you doing here, still?

I thought you'll leave early
in the morning.

What are you doing here?
Get up and go to your house.'ll go.

Before that, I'll tell
what has happened.

Sis... I'll tell what has happened.
You give me justice.

On that day, my bike was flattened.
I was waiting to go home.

He asked me whether
he'll drop.


I thought him as friend
and agreed.


After reaching the house,
I asked him to come inside.


I asked whether he
want coffee or tea?

-But, he asked for beer!

I gave my father's beer.

After taking three beers,
he asked me to kiss.


Did I ask you to kiss? I didn't ask.

Only she asked me.

-Did she ask you?
-No, who asked?

I knew then, what he will
ask and do, if he boozes.

I must go to restroom.

You tell me!

I told him to go home
as Jenny will be waiting.

He said, she is not Jenny
but evil.

Did you say so?

She is telling lie.
I never said like that.

-When did I
-I was enraged.

I dragged him out. But, he said
he'd leave only after a fourth beer.

Do you know what he did
after taking fourth beer?

What's this?

No, the floor will be
spoiled if I do in the house.

That's why...

You've broken my trust, Jai.


She isn't puking for that reason.

She ate something in her house.

Don't tell lies.

I too felt like puking.

Believe me.

Look sis...he made me to puke.

She is lying. I'm not worth it, Jenny.

I'm watching your worth,
one after another.

Ask him, sis...

I was innocent but
he has shown me...

...the whole world overnight.

It was good.

She is acting.

-Who is acting, you or her?
-She is acting.

No, he is acting.

-She is acting.
-No, he is acting.

Look at her eyes.
She is acting.

No, he is acting.

Look at her eyes.


Both of you leave.

Sis, why did you bring me
to the hospital?

I must know today, whether you
or him is the fraud?


You want to know whether
she is conceived or not, right?

-Yes, doctor.
-Give the sample.

Will know the result
in half an hour.


Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Doctor, what will be the result?

Why? Don't you know?

That's why, the problem.

How does she look like?

Wait in the reception, I'll tell.

Okay, doctor.


Hey, get up.

Get up.

Just half an hour.

If the result is negative,
you must flee with your baggage.

-Sis...if it's positive?
-Will get married.

Then, it's okay.

If it's positive?

Why are you tensed?
Don't I know what I did?

I tried to say, don't I know
if anyone do?

My tongue slipped.
Don't scare me.

Sis...the doctor has come.


Sis...she called me.

-Congrats! You're pregnant.
-Thank you.

Doctor! Will you check it again, please!

How many times do I check,
it's the same result.

-Good job.
-Thank you, doctor.


I think the doctor is telling lie.


Please, leave me for sometime.

Has Jenny come there?

[phone rings]



I'm advocate, 'Power' speaking...

Raffiq scam isn't a issue at all.

Yesterday, I spoke to Ramnath...
I spoke till dawn.

Ask Raffiq to come here.
Let's finish the case.

Always blabbing on the phone.
Hang up the phone.

Okay, let me come to your case.

If you both need divorce,
the point must be strong.

Like filter coffee!

Will you both tell me the points?

Tell me...

You tell.

You came asking for divorce,
you've to tell.

He had an affair before marriage.

-Sir, she too had an affair.
-Good point.

-With whom?
-With him.

-What about you?
-With her.

I think they thought me
as a goof and came here.


He'll not let me to work
in the office.

At least, he'll call me
hundred times and say "I love you".

Sir, when I didn't call her
for an hour...

...she tortured me for a week.

For that, have you come
to torture me?


He'll not eat breakfast
kept on table.

-I must feed him.
-You traitor!

It's you who told it'll be nice
if I bite the finger when you feed.

Sometimes, if there is no breakfast,
he'll ask the finger.

He broke the dining table
which I brought, fondly.

Did I break it? We broke it.

Sir, she said, it'll be different
If we romance on dining table..

...and she took me from bed.

Sir, there is heater in the bathroom.

But, he'll torture me asking
for hot water.

You, traitor!

You always say, caressing while
taking shower will be nice.

What's that?

Sir, it's not doing everything.
How to say?

Not like full meals
but like light meal.

You mean, light meal?

Am I running a restaurant?

Talking about food.
Irritating people.

I asked him to wear
the boxer and sleep...

...but he sleeps bare.


Sir, I'm habitual of it
from my childhood.

-What can I do?
-Stop it.

The reasons you said
are highly strong.

If you say any simple reason,
I'll try.

Sir, she'll tap on my head, often.

You too pat on my back.

-Hey, didn't you bite my ear?
-Didn't you bite my lip?

Didn't you pinch my cheeks?

Didn't you pinch my hip?

You bite me on my neck, isn't it?

You hold my bum, right?

What did I hold?

-I got it.

I'm saying, I got the point.

Okay, you can't stay away from
him even for an hour, it seems.

-Yes, sir.
-You mean, yes?

What about you?

I can't be away even
for half an hour.

If I file this case in the court,

I'll get divorced for my whole life.

Sir, then we'll leave.

Come, dear.
Let's go.

I'm leaving, sir.

Get in.

Get in.

Hey, I told you to get in.

Sorry, baby.

Get lost.

You're doing too much.

I thought of committing suicide.

What mistake I did?

So, decided to get divorced
and came to lawyer's office.

You want, divorce?

Then, why didn't you tell him
about Varsha.

You'd have told him, isn't it?

I couldn't reveal after seeing you.

Look, if you keep your face
like a innocent, how can I tell?

I feel ashamed to say, the other
woman has entered our life.

I didn't do anything.

Baby, I don't remember
what happened in her house.

Then, how come the
test result is positive?

Oh, no! I didn't plan anything and do.

On that day, it happened
in the train, isn't it?

The same way, it would've happened
accidentally in Varsha's house too.

So, are we both the same?

Please, shall we leave this topic?

Give me few days time.
Somehow, I'll clear it.

Don't know...

I can't let you go
whatever wrong you do.

That's is my dear baby!
Shall we go?

What Jai!

I thought you'll let her go
but you brought her to home.

Varsha, please!


You said If the result is positive...'ll get me married.

Would the marriage
be in temple or in hall?

Just go to hell.

Sorry, Varsha.

We both were living happily.

Because of me, everyone
has got the problem.

You know, isn't it?
All these happened, inebriated.

If this child is born,
it's neither for you nor for me...

... but it was born for booze.


-You go to the doctor and...
-Go and...

Go and please...

Oh, are you saying to abort?

Generally, I'll not say like that
to anyone.

My situation is like that.

Please, Varsha.

Okay, I'll leave.

Straight to the police station.

Hey, why are you going
to the police station?

Then, where should I go?


Tell me.

Police station? Why?

Just a minute.

-Police station? Why?
-To file a complaint.

You'll give a baby and
you ask to abort it.

Do you know
how big crime it is!

Do you know what the punishment is?

-I'm coming.

-What's the punishment?
-Wait, I'll ask and tell.

-What's the punishment?
-Life sentence.

They'll juggle you between Vellore
and Puzhal and torture you.


She is speaking something.
I can't understand anything.

Okay, ask her what's
her final saying.

I'll stay in this house.

Okay, stay in a corner
of this house.

What? Should I stay in a corner?

You're just a wife. I'm
the mother of his child.

Legally, I've more rights
than you.

You've more rights, so what?

-Let's share him.
-Share me?

-Am I a 'share auto' to share among you?
-Sharing means?

Three days in your room
and three days in my room.

Oh, crap! awful to hear itself.

-This is difficult.

If three days here
and three days there,

Where should I go for
another one day?

So, this is your problem?

Hey, leave me.

Seriously, I'll kill you.

Can't you be idle for one day,
in a week?

You need three days with me
and three days with her?

Do you need two people?

Hey, stop.

Open the door. I'll also come.

Hey, come by bike.

Why should I come by bike?
I've a share in the car too.

-Sis...go to the back seat.
-Why should I sit at back?

I've conceived isn't it?
If I sit at the back, it'll jerk.

It's not good for the baby, sis...

What's this Jai?

What she said is right.

It'll jerk if she sits at the back.

She is pregnant.

You go and sit behind, go on.



Thank you, Jai.

Look, all these nasty things
should be inside the home.

We're someone in the office
and you are someone. Understand?


Jai, I'm telling you seriously...

...if this matter is revealed,
I'll not be alive.

I agreed to work in this company
just because of the attached bar.

But, not letting me to enjoy
even for five minutes.

Asking for pendrive and pencil.

-Darling, pendrive.
-What pendrive?

Darling, I gave you
a pendrive, isn't it?

When did you give me
the pendrive?

I gave you, last evening.

Last evening, we didn't meet.

I gave you a red colour
pendrive in the bar.

In bar?

Then, it must be with me.

Don't know where I inserted it?

Look Jenny, Jai always does this.

He'll insert somewhere
and deny it.

Hey, just shut up.

-Did you really give me?

If I call, you're not responding.

That much busy I'm.

-What are you doing?
-We spoke yesterday, right?

That shouldn't be simply in words.
So, I indulged in action.

Dude, today's turn is this room.

Are you playing?

-No chance.

Baby, the air-conditioner
is not working in that room.

How could I sleep?
Hey, you...

Thank you sis.

Good night.

Dude, not feeling sleepy?

I'll sleep if I have a beer.

Jenny isn't giving.

Now, you want a beer, right?

-Will I get?
-Just wait.

How is it?


Thank you.

Why are you so fast?

Starving for two days.
So, it's over.

One more?

-Will I get?
-Yes, you'll get.

Wonder, you do magic!

I'll do anything for your sake.

It's cool!

It's over.

It didn't come.

It'll not come to everyone.

Oh, will it not come?

Do you want one more?

No, enough.


If I take more than two beers,
I might do something.

-What will you do?

I'll hug.


I'll kiss.


I'll lay down.

Sis...are you panicking?

It seems, you've expected something.

Sorry, I opened the door thinking
as it's kitchen.

There is no door
for the kitchen.

I know...


You're saying about your love.
Go ahead.

That's a short story
in a long train.

It won't be good to hear,
but, nice to watch.

Hey, when did you come?

I came at 12 o'clock.

She slept.

Good boy.

Don't you attend the call?
Are you watching 'tiktok'?

How many times to call you?
What do you want?

It's you, who called me.

Okay, hang up the phone.

-Ask Jenny to come.
-She has taken leave today.

Ask Jai to come.

Since she took leave,
he too is on leave.

Oh! no.

What about Varsha?

She resigned and went to America,
didn't she?

-JD, have you forgotten everything?
-I didn't forget.

You all together, perplexed me
and made as a goof.

-Why are you standing here?
-I've sent a mail.

-No, my leave application.

Everyone take leave and go.

I'll sit here all alone, like
a mad and press the bell.

Do you want a bell?

I'll manage with the
existing bell.

-You can go.

It's me.

Bring the bell.

Bring the file.
Don't argue.

Hey, damn it.

It seems, I've to get along
another girl to open the door.

-Who are you?
-Census officer.

Are you Mr.Jai.

Yes, come in.

Sir, are you the house owner?

How do I look like?

You look like the house owner.

Sir, tell me your name.

I've told you already.

My name is Jai.

Tell your wife's name.


Thank you.


Sir, is she your sister?

Yes, my sister.


Actually, she is her sister
and I'm her husband.

Oh, is not so.

Sir, who is she then?

Sir, my name is Jai.

She is my wife.
They both are like sisters.

I'm her husband.

I can't understand, sir.

Tell me, one more time.
Who is your wife?

Only three people are here.
Can't you understand?

I'll tell you from the beginning.
Note well.

Tell me, sir.

I'm Jai.
She is my wife.

As both of them are sisters,
I've become their husband.

Sir, I'm getting perplexed.
Tell me, slowly.

I'm telling you for last time.
I'll not repeat it.

Note well.

I'm Jai.

As they both are sisters,
I'm their husband.

Sir! Is this slow?
Tell me, fast.

Sir! I'm an officer.

Tell me, who is your wife
among the two?

They both aren't my wives.
I'm not Jai.

I don't want the vote.
Better you leave, I'll take care.

Hey, you put this ring
in the church, right?


Then, you say I'm not
your wife.

No, you're my wife.

If she is the wife,
then who am I?

You're wife too.

-Then, me?
-You're my wife.

Then, me?

Hey, you both aren't my wives.

You get out.

It's too cold.

Why are you taking my shirt?

What is your's and mine?
Do you know which place is this?

Which place?

Do you know which place is this?

I'll know, if you tell.

"The place where equality is prevalent".

This song has to be sung
at graveyard, not here.

The deceased goes there,
the drunkard comes here.

Why are you talking like
an educated person?

I'm an educated only, grandpa.

-Okay, don't feel.

Come on.

You pour out your feelings to me.

-I am...
-Hey, stop.

If you've problem, you booze
and recite your feelings only to men?

Recite to me.

A guy can understand the
feelings of an another guy.

Why do you think us like women?
You think us like dudes.

Get lost.

Beat the drums...

"I got caught to a girl"

"In that torment,
I accepted this"

"The world war is better"

"I'm unable to cope with these girls"

"My love queen has thrown me off"

"She stung my heart like a bee"

"She left me when I did big faults"

"She has blown this small fault
and parted away"

"My love queen has thrown me off"

"She stung my heart like a bee"

"She left me when I did big faults"

"She has blown this small fault
and parted away"

"Love is a gamble played
with the heart"

"It'll make you as a Joker"

"Tears are like Tsunami,
which torn the life"

"Run away, who has survived in that?"

"If steamed, it's a rice savoury"

"If your soul is steamed, it's love."

"This is the philosophy
that no one has said"

"The first love will be a mass,
the last one will make you a lunatic"

"If steamed, it's a rice savoury"

"If your soul is steamed, it's love."

"This is the philosophy
that no one has said"

"The first love will be a mass,
the last one will make you a lunatic"

"Don't know to detach the knots"

"And I can't..."

"I'm going around like the needle
in the clock "

"I don't know any way to escape"

"The love that makes me nervous"

"I can't lock it up"

"It made me to get caught"

"My mind is spinning and
chanting and lost"

"If steamed, it's a rice savoury"

"If your soul is steamed, it's love."

"This is the philosophy
that no one has said"

"The first love will be a mass,
the last one will make you a lunatic"

"If steamed, it's a rice savoury"

"If your soul is steamed, it's love."

"This is the philosophy
that no one has said"

"The first love will be a mass
The last one will make you a lunatic"

Hi baby!
Will you wash this too?

She wants share in everything.

But, when told to do
the household chores...

...she points the child.

Did she say like that?
See, what I'll do her...


Varsha, come out.

What Jai?

You ask for share in everything.
But not doing any chores.

Simply sitting in the room.
Go and do the chores.

Are you telling me
to do the chores?

The child will scold you.

Hi, daddy!

Sorry, baby.


Whatever we speak now,
the baby in her womb will listen.

If you ask her to do chores,
won't the child scold you in future?

Whatever I say will be
always right.

Why didn't you wash
the utensils yet?


Don't you've sense?
Can't you sit carefully?

-Oh, affection for her!
-No, she is a stranger to me.

This is for the sake
of the child.

Am I someone?
I'm the mother of his child.

You're the father
and Jenny is elder aunt.

Am I elder aunt?

Okay, then let you
be the younger aunt.

I'll kill you by poisoning.

Then, you'll be lodged
in Bangalore prison, confirmedly.


Jenny, you're in Varsha's post.
Don't know where Varsha is...

Why are you asking
about Varsha to me?

Is she in our home?

He didn't ask about
the house.

Why is he saying as house!

Look here, now you didn't
ask about the house.

If you ask again,
I'll thrash you.

-When did I speak about...
-I said, don't talk.

When she says not to talk,
don't talk.

Mad fellow.




I've never seen a worst person
like you in this world before.

That's it...

What did I ask now,
why are they yelling me?

What happened?
It's wrong, somewhere.

Just a minute.

What's this?

You'll be asking token
for toll, isn't it?

Today is toll free.

What's special today?

She is immensely saying about her baby.
And you're also caressing her a lot.

Can she only have a baby?
I too decided.


In today's match,
she should lose.

Play properly.


[doorbell rings]

Open the door.

You go and open the door.

You go and open the door.

You go...

You go and open...

You're lying on the top.

Will you lie on top
and later open the door?

Hey, you...


-Hi Jenny, how're you?

I'm good.

This is my latest girlfriend, Sanghi.


[speaks gibberish]

-Imported from Sangistan.
-Welcome, come in.

Where is Jai?
Got up?

Darling, I'm here,
can't you see?

You'll be getting up late
from bed, usually.

-That's why, I asked.

-Be seated.

-Be seated.

Who is this?

You bring the coffee.

Look at the door,
there is a board...

[speaks gibberish]

What's happening here?

Just jovially...

Venki has come along
with Sanghi.

We both have come here
to give the invitation.

But you both stranded
like a thunder.

Keep there and go.

Since you're the perfect couple, I came
to give the first invitation to you.

[speaks gibberish]

But, you are disrespecting me.
Come and get the invitation.

All the best. Bye.

[speaks gibberish]

What happened, now?

I got the invitation from you.

The function is at 5 o'clock, right?
We'll be there on time.

You look after other works.

Are you insulting a friend?

Yeah, let it be.

You go distribute the invitations.
Go on.

Why are you dancing and saying it?

It's the month which
marks dancing. That's why.

Will you nail on
the other month?

I'm cracking blunt jokes
and you're worse than me.

Go and distribute the
invitations to all.


What are you...

Hi Venki!

Why are you?

When are you back from America?

Hi Venki!

Full meals.

Are you the chef?

This is what you had
screamed about yesterday.

We're, 'live in together'.
You people are, 'together living'.

What an awes...


Hey, it's a filthy word.


The word is filthy.
But, what you do is...

[speaks gibberish]

What did she ask
and what did you say?

She asked who are they both?

I told her decently,
both are your wives.

Decent! [speaks gibberish]

[speaks gibberish]


She yelled me badly.

How do you know
that language?

Why do we need to know
the language for yelling?

I can see her, yelling.
Please, take her out.

[speaks gibberish]
Come on.

[speaks gibberish]

It's okay, don't bother about her... said, our story
must be among ourselves.

Now Venki is aware.
How will you go to the office?

Sis... hereafter, are we three
going to be in the same bed?

Thank you for your decision.

Since, I pity for your child,
you're crossing the limits.


What are you doing?

I was true to you, post marriage.

But, you...

You cheated on me.


Come here.

Why are you doing like this?
You've adjusted many things.

Why are you getting tensed
for this small thing?

Is this a small thing?

Which is a small thing?

Jenny, don't do anything, hastily.

After the child is born
and asks his father...

...can I tell, you've killed him?

Why are you acting high?

Hey, why are you behaving
like a psycho?

I just can't take it, anymore.

Ask her to get out
of my house.

Where do you tell her to go
in this situation?

Is she more important than me?

You both are important to me.
What now?

I said by mistake.

No, you didn't say by mistake.

You said what's in your mind.
I can understand now.

You've planned and
brought her home.

I'm a fool, believed your drama
all these days.

Jenny, why are you imagining
yourself and cooking up the story?

I'm not going to say anything.
This is our last night, together.

When returning from the function,
if she is here, I'll not stay.

Now you decide, whether you
want me or her?

I should've divorced you
long before...

That'll happen, tomorrow.

-Hey, Jenny!


"He got caught...
He was caught red-handed"

"He got caught...
He was caught red-handed"

"He was trapped by a lass
He was shattered"

"He just blew up the conch
and knock it"

"He tried to hit two mangoes,
at once"

"The stone slipped, missed the sign,
missed the way, missed the path"

"If he exceeds the count
of four beers"

"What's that he will be,
how will he be"


"Fraudster, he hits hot"

"Fraudster flirts too"

"If the fraudster gets caught"


"Rowdy he's a proper fraudster"

"I tapped the coconut shell
My dear Kamatchi..."

"Meenakshi has seduced me mildly
My life has been lost"

"By taking chance when I can
Oh, no! Why this much problems?"

"Make it one
Take it one"

"Simple one
One by two"

"Don't want, dude"

"Hitting never goes flop.He made the
idiot wear a vest and run around"

"You're the deer and honey"

"You gave me the Jasmine
and trapped me "

Whatever, I will not come out
of this house.

"Oh no! If he boozes and feels elated,
he'll fall down"

"Oh, no! He was knocked by two babes"

"Oh, no! He chased away few and many "

"Oh, no! He is a fraudster,
knock on his head"

"With no effects, he is the clown
who eats the Palmyra fruit "

"He became an intelligent fool"

"You cheat, you troublesome lazy fellow,
thief and fraudster"

This is your ticket and passport.

"Planning so many and
tried many tit bits"

Happy journey, ma'am.

"Thief and fraudster"

"Fraudster, he's going to get beaten up"

"Fraudster, fraudster, fraudster"

"Everyone must hit him up"

"Even if he pleads,"

"must be pounded on"

"Must cut him open in
the middle of the road"

"The police must shoot him."

Why are you drinking heavily?

JD, you know that myself
and Jenny got married.

That's known to everyone.

There is another secret too.

Tell me.

Varsha, from our office...

"My soul is leaning on you"

"My soul, loves you like I do"

"The first time I checked,
pinching myself"

"I pronounced your name"

"My heart was sweating"

"Will you tell am I right or wrong?"

"I've never seen such
a pleasure"

"so far"

"The heart which conveys
gratefulness everyday"

"Caressing each other with each breath"

"no need to plead each other"

Now you decide.

What are you saying?

JD, what will you do,
if you're in my stance?

I'd have told wife is important.
Okay, what are you going to do?

-Shall I get one more beer?
-Hey, you can booze.

But, not to the extent of
searching your inner wears... the morning.

Then, have to search
for life, like you.

JD, I'll leave.

-Very beautiful advice.
-You keep it.

Cooling is going down.
Have it.

Oh, no!

Where are you going?

Don't be afraid.
I'm not going to commit suicide.

I'm going to U.S.

-Don't play.

The deadline, I said is over.
She is inside.

Then, I should leave, right?

Okay, you be with her, happily.

Don't worry about me.

I'll take care of myself.

Jenny, I can't live without you.

Then, ask her to get out.

Enough of sitting inside.
Come out.


Please, get out.

Suddenly, if you ask me to go out,
where will I go, Jai?

Go, wherever.

How can you have a heart
to say this?

Did you forget everything?

I didn't forget.
I didn't forget anything.

I came to your house.
You gave me beer.

You dragged my shirt.

If you drag a guy,
what will he do?

I'm also a male.
Did I rape you?

If it has happened with a married guy,
what will a good woman do?

Instead, you came to my house
and disturbing our life.

Which wife will allow another
woman to stay in the house?

She allowed you with kind heart,
will you behave arrogant, day by day?

Look here, Jenny is important for me.
Only she must be in this house.

You shouldn't.
Get out.


-I'll not go.
-Get out.

-Jai, don't be so rude.
-Be quiet, Jenny.

What will she do to at the most?

Will she go to the police station
or call me to court?

I'm ready to face anything.

Hey, you shouldn't stay even
for a second in this house.

Go out.


Hey, come.

No, Jai.

Please, Jai.


Open the door.

Jai, you behaved harshly,
to Varsha.

Hey, goof.

I'm telling you, seriously.

She looks pityful.

You too feel bad for her.

Nothing like that.

Can I ask you something?

You must reply frankly.

Before our marriage, if she had
proposed you...'d have married her, isn't it?


But, after you came into my life,
no other girl is in my mind.

Love you to that extent, baby.

Hey, get up.



Good morning, bro.

Dad is here, whom are you wishing?

First, we must know to respect

Else, no one will respect. Understand?

Who is the fool to teach
these things?

It's you..

Go...sleep, go.


-What's this Jai?

You go to Bombay for meeting,
two days a week.

Aren't there any other people
in the office?

What to do?
JD believes only me.

It's a big project.
It can be done, only by me.

I'll go and come back, soon.


This spectacles are nice on you.

You tell as if you're seeing just now.

Come back, soon.



Thank you.

-Hi daddy.

How are you?

Come on.

Sit down.

Always, you'll kiss me
as soon as I arrive.

You didn't even speak, today?

What happened?

Then, you come for two days
in a week.

And also two hours late, today.

Late by two hours?

For the work I do,
you've to adjust...

...even if I'm late by twenty hours.

Should I adjust ever?

No, I didn't mean that.

Adjust to some extent.

If you're dubious, tell me.
I'll divorce Jenny, immediately.

Shall I go and do, immediately?
I'll divorce her this moment.

You think, I'm just saying?

If you be silent, I'll divorce her.

I'm going. I've started.

I was listening all your dialogues.

All these years, you lived
cheating me, isn't it?

Fraud, I'm ready for the divorce.

Decide when it is and tell me.


Just five minutes.
I'll be back.

Where are you going?

Always you give her
the first preference.

Am I a servant?
Should I compromise everytime?

Hey, why are you talking like this?

I gave up boozing for five years,
just for your sake.

I don't know all those.

Henceforth, if you want to come
to this house... you said, divorce her and come.

Oh, no!

Can I get a beer?