Capernaum (2018) - full transcript

While serving a five-year sentence for a violent crime, a 12-year-old boy sues his parents for neglect.

Lift up your head.

He has no more baby teeth.

I'd estimate he's 12, even 13.

Michelle, Filipina?

Michelle ?

What is your surname?


- Sedad.
- Sedad.

Do you have a passeport?
Entry visa?

At the house, with my employer.

Lama Bekoum.

Who is Lama ?

- Lama, you are pregnant?
- Oui.

How far along?

Seven months.

OK, Caritas will see you.

Who is Tigest Ailo ?

The Ethiopian, Tigest Ailo ?

You're Tigest ?

Court is in session.

Zain Al Hajj.

Remove the handcuffs.
Approach the bench.

Souad and Selim Al Hajj.


The plaintiff is in detention.

He is present without handcuffs.
Show me your hands.

Also in attendance...

His lawyer Nadine Al Aalam.

The accused are also present

Selim and Souad Al Hajj,

represented by their lawyer Saiid Tamer.

Do you know why you're here, Souad ?

Yes, I know, Your Honor.


I know my son is
serving time in prison,

but why he dragged us here again,
I don't know.

We're nobodies,
anybody pushes us around!

You were called as witnesses
in Zain's trial, correct?


And you testified?


And now you stand accused.

You know why Zain was found guilty?

Zain got into trouble
for some kidstuff.

Kidstuff? He was
sentenced to 5 years!



How old are you Zain ?

I don't know, ask them.

Your Honor, Zain was
not registered at birth,

and never registered
with the State.

Since his parents clearly don't know

his exact date of birth...

Here is the doctor's report

attesting Zain was around 12

at the time of the incident.

So he's around 12 years old?


Where do you live Zain ?

Roumieh Prison for Minors.

You were arrested June 15th
and have been serving time since,

do you know why?

Because I stuck a knife
into the son of a dog.

You stabbed someone?

Yes and he's the son of a dog.


You insist?

No laughing in court!

What's all this trouble you caused?

On T.V., in the papers.
Your phone call from prison...

- Do you know why you're here?
- Yes.


I want to accuse my parents.

Why do you want
to accuse your parents?

For bringing me into the world.

Good day.

I'd like 2 boxes of Tramadol.

You need a prescription.

- Who's it for?
- My mother.

Why can't she come?

She had a stomach operation.

She broke her back.

Her doctor prescribed this?


Why can't your father come?

He's paralyzed.

- Who are you here to see, madam?
- My son.

- His name?
- Ibrahim Al Hajj.

- Ibrahim Al Hajj?
- Yes.

Aunt Souad?
Up here!

Massoud? Is that you?
How are you?

How are you, my dear?

Is my son Ibrahim with you?

No, they brought him
to another cell.

She's calling to you!

Tell him goodbye.

Say goodbye to your cousin.

Are all your brothers in your cell?

Yes, everyone.

May God protect you.

We raised prices to $15 a gulp.

Our hands are all messed up
from the soaking and wringing.

Our "sock juice" costs more
than 2 pounds of meat!

I'm proud of you!

Hurry up!

- Do we have a test tomorrow?
- Look at your schedule.

This is for your mother.

And this is for my lovely Sahar.

I miss her.

Licorice and ramen.

Thank you.


Assaad's father is a bonehead.

When he fills the water tank,

we get soaked because of
his crappy plumbing!

That fool thinks this is a gift?
This rathole?


This isn't a house!

It's a shelter for pigs!

Get out! You'll electrocute
yourself, damn it!

- The awful place!
- Go live in the street.

There's plenty of room!

Zain, why are these vegetables rotten?
Did you upset Assaad?

Zain, did he give you
licorice and ramen?

It's not daybreak yet!
Get off my case!

Get up, good-for-nothing!

This juice is best,
forget the rest!

Sahar, come here with me.

Why is there blood on your shorts?

Blood where?

Hurry before someone sees us.

Remember what happened
to your friend Alia?

When her mother found out
they locked her up at home,

then some fat pig
came and took her.

Mom won't want you.
She'll toss you in the street.

- She'll give you to Assaad.
- But Assaad is really nice.

He's an asshole!

He gives me licorice and ramen.

He'll feed you scraps!

They'll give you to Assaad,
they'll get rid of you.

We'll never see you again.

He'll put you with the rats,
lock you up, cover the windows...

Never let you outside.

He'll give you a drop of water
every 3 days with expired ramen.

Didn't you see his ear?
A sewer rat bit him.

Here, put this on.

Are you finished?



What do I do with it?

Put it like this
between your legs.

Your hair is so lovely!
Who styled it?

Show me.

So chief, are you finished?

I have to put more cans away,
but my mother needs Sahar.

Stay a bit longer.
I enjoy having your sister here.

I'll bring her back later.

I'll talk to your mother.


Careful, don't leave
those rags just anywhere.

I'll show you where to hide them.

- You understand?
- Yes.

Don't toss them in the garbage.

Juice of beet, flavor so sweet!

Tomato so red, use your head!

It's 250.

Thank you, bye.


God bless you.

Take two of them.

What do you want?

- Just to show you something.
- Leave me alone.

Just a little while!

Screw yourself, you pig.

Leave him, Zain.

Don't piss me off!

Why sign up for school?

Out of the question. Forget it,
just keep working for Assaad.

Why complicate things?

Couldn't he go learn a few words?

Go beside your sister,
but don't wake her.

Let him go to school.

They give for food and clothing,
for the children...

What do we tell Assaad?

I'll talk to him.

I'll go to school
in the morning,

and work for him
in the afternoon.

Look Farid,
the neighbor's son, Zahra.

Returns from school
with all kinds of things

They give us mattresses, clothing...

Be quiet!

At least he'll eat there,
and bring back food for his sisters.

They get hotel leftovers,
fancy wedding food.

Let's take advantage!
Why are you so stubborn?

Inch'Allah we'll see Monday.

Inch'Allah ?

You want me to swear on this bread?

I said yes.

And if Assaad gets angry
and kicks us us out?

Don't worry, he won't.

We'll send Zain after school,
and he'll take overtime.

Soap from my balls!

Why are you pouting?

Take it easy.

Bring a gas canister
to Em Habib down the street.

Madam Bahia, I'm done.

- How much is it?
- 13000.

Don't touch me, asshole!

Where do these hens come from?

Who brought them?

Assaad. He's upstairs.

Assaad is here?



What are Assaad and
his father doing here?

- Don't make a scene.
- You'll see.

- Why are they here?
- Calm down.

They're talking rent with your father.

I'd cut off my left hand

and they give a few hens for Sahar.

Wait, listen to me...

Tell that son of a bitch
he's not welcome here

- You don't understand?
- Tell him or I will.

Lower your voice.

I swear by your sisters,
I swear to God.

There's none of that going on.

- So why is Sahar wearing makeup?
- She's imitating me for fun.

As soon as they finish their juice,
I'm kicking them out.

Listen, don't.

Go tell him it won't work.

Tell him or I will.

I don't want to hear it.

You want him to
throw us in the street?

Not a word.

Welcome dear neighbors!

Abou Assaad, please help yourself.

Thank you.

Have some, Assaad.

Dearie, take your sister
into the other room.

Wipe off that ugly lipstick.

You look like a witch
in that dress.



Wake up,
I want to bring you somewhere.

- Where ?
- I'll tell you later. Wake up.

Be ready when I get back.

Don't tell anyone.

How much to Kola?


Is 1000 enough with my sister,
sitting on my lap?

Where's your sister?

At home, I'll go get her.

No problem,
go get her.

I don't want to leave, mercy...

Please! I don't want to go.

Mom, I don't want to go!

Don't you dare come back here.

Where are you taking her,
you bunch of cretins?

To be a maid for
that son of a bitch?

I want to stay with my brother.

It's none of your business.

- Mom, she's just a child.
- Mind your own business.

Step away I said!

Don't get mixed up in this.

You, go downstairs.

Zain, try anything and I'll kill you.

I see your game, you dirtball.

You were going to screw us over,
you piece of garbage.

You're sending her to wipe up
that pig's filth!

Go screw yourself,
you, get downstairs.

Down, now.

Let her go!

She won't go to Assaad !

Little bastard!

Open the door, you idiot.

I don't want to go, mom!

I don't want to!

Let me go!

Please mom,
I don't want to go.

Come, Sahar !

That's enough!

You stay here, I said!

- I want to stay. Please!
- Downstairs.

Downstairs! Downstairs!

Mom have mercy, please!

Son of a bitch.

I've had it with this hell!

Mom, I don't want to go!

Stop it!
I've had enough of your whining!

Make her climb on!

One more word and
I cut your tongue off!




Let her go!

Are you happy now?

You're playing the big man?

You'll be sorry, you good-for-nothing!

It was to lift her out of misery.

With me she was doomed.

She barely has a bed to sleep in,

barely any food or drink.
She doesn't wash herself.

Never watches TV.

I told myself, "Marry her,
at least she'll sleep in a bed."

A real bed.

With a blanket.

She can eat as much as she likes.

- You didn't know it would come to this?
- Never!

I didn't ask for this!

You think I'm proud
that my son stabbed someone?

Have you considered
it might not be our fault?

I was born this way, raised this way,
how have I done wrong?

If I'd had choices,
I might be better than all of you!

- You can't say such things.
- Please...

People spit on me in the street.

They treat me like an animal.

I never asked for any of this.

They told me, "You're not a man
if you have no children."

"Children will be your backbone."

But they broke my back,
then broke my heart.

I curse the day I got married.

How did I sink to this misery?

I'm not him, kiddo.

We just look alike, that's all.

That should be a spider,
not a cockroach.

Isn't that right?

I don't need a spider,
I'm Cockroachman.

Why would I want a spider?

That's right.
I'm Cockroachman.

How are you connected to Spiderman?

What's the relation?

I'm his cousin.

So you're cousins?

That's right. His cousin.

- What's your name?
- Zain.

- Hussein?
- Zain!


Where are you headed, Zain ?

To my grandmother's.

- Speak louder.
- To my grandmother's!

Your grandmother's?

Well, she's lucky to have you.

Nobody takes care of me.

- My life is...
- Please, the cigarette.


Stop the bus, driver.

I'll get off here, if you please.

Driver, wait.

I'd like to get off too, please.

Try my corn,
you'll be glad you were born...

Mister Cockroachman?

Is the owner here?

Excuse me?

Is the owner here?

What do you want with him?

I'm looking for work.

What kind of work?

Anything, working is what counts.

What's your name?



And yours?

My name is Tigest.

I can wash floors
or clean dishes, for example.

I don't think so.

Do you need a worker?

Need someone to carry
your fishing rod?

Where are your parents?

Where are they?

Sir, do you have juice for 250?

Or anything else for 250?

The juice is 1000.

- Anything less expensive?
- No.

Go ahead.

Take it, I said.

Don't worry, just take it.

It's occupied, Madam.

Here too?

Yes, and this one's out of service.



Do you have anything to eat?



The milk is over here, OK ?

Give hime one at 11 o'clock,
and another at 2.

I get back at 3 o'clock.

Don't leave the house, alright?

Don't let Yonas cry,
the neighbour gets upset.

Stay with your friend.
I'll be back, Yoni.

He's your new friend, OK?

Zain is your new friend.

Are you sleepy?

Tell him you have no money.

I did, but he won't make
my papers for less than $1500.

I must renew them,
they'll expire soon.

Do what you can, but hurry.

Plenty are getting arrested.

Sometimes in the middle of the night.

You smell like shit, little shitter!

Hold still!

Sit down.

Sit down, damn it!

It fell over!

Go to sleep, go to sleep...

Come on, go to sleep.

What do you want from here?

Go to sleep, little brother Yonas...

Sleep, don't make a peep...

Try some corn, my darling.

Bye, Harout.

Come in, come in!

Hot, hot!

Blow, blow it out.

Blow, Zain.

How old are you, Zain ?

I don't know.
12, I think.

You have brothers and sisters?


- You don't miss them?
- Sure.

The one I miss the most,
is my sister Sahar.

- Where is she?
- With her husband.

She's married?

Yes, there were drums and a darbouka.

We paraded in the street.

People threw rice and flowers.


Rahil Eresa.

- Family name?
- Shifara.

Do you know why you're in prison?

Why you're handcuffed?

- I don't have residency permits.
- No papers.

Where did you work?

I worked for a lady for 6 years.

Then you ran away?

The lady wasn't nice to you?

She beat you?

No, she was very nice,
but I fell in love,

then I got pregnant
and I left...

You got what?

I got pregnant and left...

You speak Arabic well.

You understand what I'm saying?

- Yes, I understand.
- So no need for a translator?


So you left so the lady
wouldn't find out?

I was scared of police,
they'd take my son and expel me.

I was scared
so I didn't tell anyone.

So you'd leave Yonas with Zain?

When you came home,
he had taken good care of him?

You never imagined
he could hurt him?

Maybe the first 2 days,

but afterwards,
I started to trust him.

Did you expect Zain
to do what he did?


They were like brothers.

I never blamed Zain,

because I know Aspro.

Who is Aspro?

The guy who forged my permit.


I gave you until today, no?

But I spoke to my friend.

Her papers get made for $900.

Get her to make your papers then!

No, but why is the price different?

Stop this nonsense,
don't try to con me.

Calm down and let me talk.

I'm trying to help you here.

Who gave you the name Tigest?
I did.

Go to your friend
who gets papers for $900.

Don't antagonize me.

Please, I couldn't get $1500.

Look at this!
Does this look fake?

Nobody will harass you
with these papers.

The woman on these papers...

She blew up into small pieces.

She had no one, no family.
No one claimed her remains.

You can take off your
beauty mark, no need for it.

OK, but I need more time.

Darling, I said you can save $1500.

Give me Yonas
and the permit will be free.

Don't speak the name Yonas again,

I'd never do that!

Your kid lives like
a fugitive in this country.

The day they discover him,
you'll both be expelled.

He lives underground,
like a rat.

He never sees the sun,
he'll never go to school.

I'm offering him a family.

You can see him from time to time.

I know how to hide my son.

To feed and take care of him.

I keep telling you,
your son was born dead.

He doesn't exist.

Even a bottle of ketchup has a name.

With date of manufacture and expiry.

I can't listen to this!

How much are you short?

- $500.
- You're short $500?

I can buy a kid for $500.

So you don't think
that Aspro is a crook,

I'll go lower by $200,

and give you 7 more days.

Either return with the money,
or with your son,

or don't show your
pretty face here again.

You understand?

So take your time,
all the time you need.


Hello, how are you, friend?

Doing well, my brother?

I saw you rolling a joint.


Your mother is a fat whore...

You pussy looking wimp.

You cocksucker.

Stop fooling around shithead.


Your mother wears army boots.

Close your damn window
I'm sick of smelling your food!

I'll make her eat shit
if she keeps nagging me.

Do I lay into her, or what?

What a fat whore...

Dirty bitch...

Are you going to...?

I've had enough,
you need to get my pay!

You know the guy.
You found the job for me.

I'm not the owner.
I can't give you money.

If it was up to me,
I'd give it to you.

I am Tigest, you know me?

Recognize me?

Come back after noon,
maybe the boss will be here.

No. No advances.
It's early in the month.

You're illegal,
I'm already taking risks.

I'll do what you want.

Here's the boss lady's I.D. card.

I stole it for you.
You know how much she trusts me.

It's not a bad thing,
it's for the kid

You know what happens
if they find out?

They'll expel you with the kid.

God knows what they'll do to me.

I'm just a watchman.

They'll replace me
in the blink of an eye.

- You don't want to see a photo?
- I don't.

Please, just go.

Before, I worked for a lady.

Then, I ran away.

So she has to pretend
she's my old boss.

And say I'm no longer needed.

She doesn't want you.

So she'll transfer me to you.

You'll become my sponsor.

My boss.

This is Jacqueline.

Who am I?

I'm not Jaqueline, I'm Daad.

I will pretend I'm Jacqueline.

You have to work for me?

But I don't need an employee.

Oh God, I'm jumping out the window.

I can't pay for a maid.

I don't have $500 to hire her.

You see this cockroach?

It already understood.

If I ask it,
it will explain the whole scam.

As with all Lebanese...

To relinquish and transfer.

Where do you live?



Khachik Papikian.

Do you have a light, Mr. Harout ?

Thank you.

Sorry, do you smoke?

No, thank you.

Why don't you want this girl?

I have children in Canada, God bless them.

They want to send me a Filipina.

Are they better?

- More prestigious.
- They're different.

And you? Do you accept
to work for this man?

I want to sponsor this Filipina.

With everything.

I want to help her.

She's Ethiopian.

I want to give her to my wife.

What is your occupation?

I have an electronics store.

What is it called?



The address where the girl will reside?

Dawra, Bourj Hamoud.

Your telephone number?


4, 5, 6...
Something like that.

Something like that?

This man is Armenian.

You can't take him literally.

Give me your right number, 09... ?

- 3, 4...
- 3, 4...

- 5, 6...
- 5, 6...

Then 7?

He screws us over,
then offers us coffee?

No thanks, we don't want your coffee.

Thank God he didn't call the cops.

Let him call police!

Yes, I'm the King of Hashish...

What is it?

Do I look different?

Where are you going?

To call my mother.

Then Souk El Ahad
to pick up a few things.

You're not alone, Zain is here.

See you later.

Goodbye, Zain.


I can't send any money this month.

I'm taking English classes.

I'm sorry, mother.

My boss lady is good to me.

I'm ashamed to ask her for money.

I love you, mom.





Yes, hop in.

I haven't seen her since yesterday.

I thought she was sick.

She was going to the souk
but never came home.

Maybe she went to Aspro's.

Aspro? Who is Aspro?

He has a stand at Souk Al Ahad.

Pullovers for only 2000!

Sir, where is Aspro's stand?

Aspro? Over that way.

The real Aspro?


How do you know Rahil?

- We're related.
- Related?

Show me.

It's obvious.

Paternally or maternally?

This is her son Yonas?

Isn't it?

Why is Yonas with you?

Rahil left last night.

She hasn't returned.

Give me Yonas.

- No, no...
- Why, are you afraid?

He's my little Yonas!
I'm all for him.

He's a little scammer,
just like his mother.

Yasser, 2 falafels
for these two rabbits!

You want to eat?

You haven't phoned her?

I don't have a phone.

Her cellphone is off.

Thanks, Yasser.

- Come eat inside.
- No, thank you.

What do I say if she comes?

Say we're waiting at home.

- Stay here.
- No, no.

Wait here in case
she passes by.

Excuse me?

Where can I open this?

Hold this for me.

- There.
- Thanks.

No problem.

- Are you hungry?
- No.

Bon app?tit.

What's your name?


- What about him ?
- He's called...


- And you?
- Maysoun.

You stole him? Or are you
using him to beg for money?

He's my brother.

You don't look alike.

We're all born black like him.

And then...

with time, we get lighter.

How much are these boxes?

It depends on the car.

If a woman drives by...

Look at her hand,
if she's wearing a ring...

You say, "God protect you..."

"and keep your husband."

If she has no ring,

you say, "God send you a husband!"

Stop licking your hands,
they're much too dirty.

Line-up over there, Ethiopians...

Are you pregnant?

You can't tell them.

They'll take him from you.

Yonas, my son, forgive me!

For the love of God forgive me!

Do you have something for a baby?


How much?

For 250 or one at 1000.

I'll take the 250.


Just this once.

No kidding...

Isn't this better than shawarma?

Don't swallow it whole,
you'll get sick!

You swallowed it?

Is it good?

Enjoy it, big guy.

No water?

Fuck this shitty country!

She doesn't ask about her son?

Doesn't look in on him?

Your mother is worse than mine.

After you, Mister Yonas.

Go ahead.




What are you doing there?

I'm selling these pots.

Those crappy pots?

Better than that stupid
wreath you're carrying!

That's for the cemetary, idiot.

I could sell it easily.

They'll buy it all.

You want to bet?

Let's bet a plate of food.

I want meat rolls
with Chich Barak. You?

I'd die for some Chich Barak, hot...

My God...

Not just any plate,
an enormous one...

Where does your
food relief come from?

You talked about it last time.

Ah, you mean the dispensary?

Can I go with you?

No, you're Lebanese, I'm Syrian.

Where did you find that rabbit?

Mind your own business.

- You old goat.
- Let's go.

Could you move away?

- Or you want to taste my fist?
- Come, Ibrahim. Let's go.

Anyhow, I'm leaving this country,
I'm outta here.

Where to?

I'll leave you the business
and everything.

It's all yours.

Where are you going?

To Sweden.

There's a neighborhood
full of Syrians there.

Nobody asks where you're from.

No hassles, nothing.

I'll have my own room.

Nobody enters without knocking.
I decide who comes in.

Kids there die from natural causes.

I want to go with you.

Sure, but you need money.

How much?

Around $300. Not much.

$300 is a lot

You know Os...



Yes, in the souk.

What about him?

This is his number.

He sets up the trip.
He gave me this paper.

I drew a boat beside his number.

A boat with pretty lights,

and great food.

Could Assaad come too?

Does he know how to swim?

I'll help him.

I don't know.
We have to ask Ospro.

Aspro, not Ospro.


Where are you from?

(Syrian accent)
Where are you from?

(Syrian accent)
Me? Syria.

Where in Syria?


- This is your brother?
- Yes, my brother.

(Syrian accent)
I mean, this is my brother.

What's his name?


We haven't eaten for 2 days.

Why is he so black?

My mother drank a lot of coffee
when she was pregnant.

A whole coffeepot each day.

Where is your card?

I lost it walking near a river.

You walked beside a river?

Yes, and my papers fell in the water.

I couldn't catch them.

How did you get here?

We were at home in Syria,
and our neighbor...

He denounced us, I think.

I'm not certain...

But I suspect him.

A shell fell on our house.

We started moving like Rambo.

Rambo, who keeps moving.

You started moving?

Yes, like him, in the trenches.

So what do you want?

Whatever you can give.
Milk and diapers, mostly.

Milk and diapers.

Maybe some ramen
and some vinegar chips.

Stand up.

What are you looking at?
Stand up.

What a Lamborghini!
Come here, let me see that.

Rahil hasn't come back?


I mean, yes! Rahil?

She came back a while ago!

For sure...

What are you dragging behind you?

A nuclear bomb,
or a rocket?

A brand new water tank.

How much for that
"brand new" water tank?

- 20000.
- 20000?


Give the kid 30000 instead of 20.


Why is Yonas so thin?

You're not eating?

He looks sick.

My God you smell like dogs!

I already spoke to Rahil.

I told her a family
would take care of Yonas.

They'll care for him,
buy him clothing...

And you can put $500
in your pockets.

Sound good?


They say you help people
travel to Turkey?

You want to travel?

I'd like to.

Where do you want to go?


I mean Sweden.

- Sweden, Turkey, wherever you like.
- Which is nicer?

You choose,
I can get you to the moon.

Just convince Rahil
about this boy.

Alright, kid?

Here, boss.

Take this and tell Rahil
that Aspro says hello.


I'll ask Rahil.

You do that.

Yonas, give me a clothespin.

Do like this to warm your hands.

My little sister washed her pants
because our mother was sick.

She washed the prescription
with the clothing?

I'll give you one card...

You get the rest when you
pay the missing 3000.

One card?
Give me two.


Stay back!

I see you moving forward.
I'm not blind.

Guys, can you come help me?

Gulps of Tramadol,
are you into that?

One gulp for 1000.

Help me carry all this.

Come help me!

I'll give you a good price, brother.

Come on, hurry!

Guys, he has Tramadol!

- Tramadol by the gulp.
- Can you get Viagra or Simo?

- Do you have Rivo?
- Farawla, Tradamol?

- Freebase?
- I'm in the juice business.

This is Rivo, but in juice form.

You selling us sea water ,
little man?

Nothing better than sea water!

I have Tramadol by the gulp.

1000 for a swig.

Go on, choose your dream country.

Let's go to Sweden, it's nicer.

We'll go with that fool Maysoun.

In Sweden,

nobody ever bothers you.

You can even piss from the balcony,
and nobody says a thing!

Pay what you owe him, bitch !

Take your doll and get out!

I'm going, asshole!

Go heat up your ass,
when it's well-cooked, eat it!

Don't touch the kid, shithead.

Get out!

Bugger off!

Get out!

You'll break the door!
What are you doing?

Who's the son of a whore that changed
the lock and threw my things out?

Your things are right there.
Who are you?

I have things inside.

Your things are at the owners.

Where is this stupid owner?

Go find your slutty friend.

Or else I'll call the owner.

Give him a big kiss for me!

How do you know that slut?

I'm her brother.

What shithole did you come from?

Bug off before I go crazy!

I'm calling the cops!

You'll see!

If I don't break the door,
where is that dumb owner?

Get away or I'll break you in two!

- Shut up! Shut up!
- Go away!

I. Want. My. Fucking. Money!

Stay here.
Don't move.

Go over there!


Go back!

Go over there!

Go over there!

Yes, my friend.


I'm sending you a small kid.

He looks like a dog now,
make him look human.

OK? I have to bring him?


Why are you sad?

It's nothing.

It's a good thing. We agreed.

You have his papers?

Identity card?

Don't know.
At the house, maybe.

I need proof you exist.

An identity card, government papers,

a newspaper photograph...

So I can get you out by
the port in Beirut.


Don't worry about Yonas.

I love him, he'll go to a good family.

The people you'll travel with
will take good care of you.

Remember Yasser who works for me?
Go see him...

He'll send you for a haircut.

Then go home and bring...what?

- Papers.
- Papers.


Here's one, two, three, four...


You promised $500.

You want to eat and drink for free?

$100 for your food

Kiss me.

Take care now, go on.

It's alright, you can go

I said I'd take care of him.


How long have you been here?

None of your business.

Where have you been?

Where have you been?

Where have you been?

Where? Where? Where?

I curse you!

Anyhow, I didn't come to see you,

nor for that asshole over there.

- I want my papers.
- Yes, of course my dear!

Selim, want to hear a good one?
Your son wants his papers!

Where are my papers?

Where were you all this time?

None of your business.

Not my business?

Why do you want your papers?

Found work as a garbageman?

My papers, my identity card,

Nobody cares
about you or us.

Don't play tough with me!

You'll see, I'll
give you your papers.

I have all kinds of papers.
Just choose any.

I have papers that
would jail me for life.

Expulsion notice.

This one. The most important.

Look at this paper!

A hospital bill
that breaks my heart.

We're less than nothing, my son.


Just live without papers...

Or I'll toss you from the window,
and end it all.

You understand?

Get out or I'll break your face.

Let him go, Selim !

Tell whoever sent you
I never got you papers!

Go back where you came from!

I curse you and the day
you were born!

Who's in the hospital?

Not a word Selim,
don't say any more!

Who went to the hospital?

Who went to the hospital?

Who's in the hospital?

Make him leave or I'll kill him!

- Piece of garbage!
- Who was in the hospital?

- Troublemaker!
- Who went to the hospital?

Talk to me.

Who was in the hospital?

What did he do,
that son of a whore?

What did he do to her?

What did he do?

Sahar is gone.
It's over.

She's gone?

She's gone?
You'll see what going means.

I'll show you what it means.

- Come back, little shit!
- He has a knife!

Come back, or I'll smash your face!

Come back you dog!

With my bare hands!

Take his handcuffs off.

You're the husband of...

- Sahar.
- Sahar.

How old was she when you married?

- 11.
- 11 years old?

Is an 11 year old of age to marry?

She knows what marriage means?

From what I know...

Yes, she can.

I mean she had ripened.


Didn't know she was a tomato
or potato to become ripe!

Zain, calm down!

I didn't know she could die from it.

Many girls here marry at that age.

Even my step-mother
married at that age.

She's here, still alive.

When did she get pregnant?

2 or 3 months after.

Everything was normal?

At first, I didn't notice anything wrong.

Then she started to bleed.

She bled a lot.

What happened next?

They brought her to hospital
with her parents.

She died at the entrance.

We couldn't get her admitted.

Why did they refuse to admit her?

Because she has no papers.

That's enough, you're
besieging her with questions.

I've been a slave all my life
and you dare question me?

How dare you judge me?
Have you walked in my shoes?

Have you lived what I've lived?

No, never,
you'll never have to go through it!

Not even in your worst nightmares.

In my place,
you would have hung yourself!

Imagine feeding your kids sugar water,

because you have nothing else.

I'd commit 100 crimes
to keep my children alive!

They're my children.

Nobody has a right to judge me.
I am my own judge.

The flesh of my flesh!

Do you hear me?

The Syrian, Hussein...

The Egyptian, Mohammad...

Could we have your attention?

We're here with the priest,
to get to know you.

To have some good times with you.

To help pick up your spirits.

Let's sing a song.

Zain Al Hajj, get your things
and report to the office.






What are you doing here?

Zain, where is Yonas?


Zain, where is Yonas ?


Where is my son?

Where is Yonas? Where?

Who did you leave him with?

My son is alone!

His eye...

on this side,

is blue, blue, blue.

- Both his eyes are blue ?
- No. One eye is brown.

And one is blue.

You are live on Freedom Forever.

Please lower the volume
on your television set.

I've watched your show
for a while now...

I know you always
tackle social problems...

How are you?

Are you sick?
Did you catch cold?

Congratulations, your mourning is over?

No longer wearing black?

I brought you candy to munch on.

Eat them, Zain.

Why do you hate me so much?

I'm powerless.
I couldn't do anything.

She was my daughter,
it's my pain.

Why are you here?

When God takes something,

He offers something in return.

What did he offer you?

I'm pregnant.

You'll have a brother or sister.

I feel sick.

I hope it's a girl.
We'll name her Zahar.

Your words pierce my heart.

When you get out,
she'll be walking, and playing...

I no longer want to see you.

You're heartless.

Leave me alone, I want to leave.

Since my father died
I haven't smiled...

This report on injustices
against children

has deeply touched
our audience.

If you'd like to comment
on what you've just watched...


Is there an adult
next to you, Zain ?

An officer.

An officer?

Where are you calling from, Zain ?

From prison.

I hear Zain's voice.

From prison?

Which prison?

It's him!

Roumieh Prison for Minors.

Zain, why are you calling?
What can I do for you?

I want to make a complaint
against my parents.

Hey boys!

Zain is on television!

Zain, you're on live.
What would you like to say?

I'd want adults to listen to me.

I want adults who can't
raise kids not to have any.

What will I remember?

Violence, insults or beatings,

hit with chains, pipes, or a belt?

The kindest words I heard
were "get out son of a whore!"

"Bug off, piece of garbage!"

Life is a pile of shit.

Not worth more than my shoe.

I live in hell here.

I burn like rotting meat.

How are you?

Life is a bitch.

I thought we'd become good people,

loved by all.

But God doesn't
want that for us.

He'd rather we be washrags for others.

The child you're carrying
will be like I am.

Zain, what do you want
from you parents?

I want them to stop having kids.


I want them to stop having kids.

You want them to stop having kids.


I don't think they'll have more kids.

And the one in her tummy?

It will be born, no?

We've discovered a depot
where 15 people were sequestered...

Toes on the line.

A little to the right.

No, the left.

I mean your right.

But this is my right.

And this is my left.

Lift your chin.

Look straight ahead.


Smile, Zain.

It's a passeport photo,
not a death certificate!

Based on the French subtitles
and timings by ECLAIR (Thanks!)

English subs by:
Privateer Cinephiles And Obstetricians United Against All Forms Of Demographic Profiling Forcing Unrelated Elements Into Films Like Ridiculous Coincidences During Atypical Pre-Labor Water Breakings And Who Also Vehemently Oppose All Forms Of Non Sequitur Giant Tarantulas And Are Getting Pretty Sick Of Scenes With Vinyl Records Adding Nothing But Hipster Chic To The Narrative