Canvas (2006) - full transcript

A woman's schizophrenia affects her relationships with her husband and son. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ won't you be good
to yourself? ♪

♪ And don't you feel like
coming home? ♪

♪ It'll be good. ♪

♪ It'll be like coming home. ♪

♪ Blend all your days
into weeks. ♪

♪ Keep all your thoughts
to yourself. ♪

♪ It'll be good. ♪

♪ It'll be like coming home, ♪

♪ because you need a place
to stay, ♪

♪ and I've been feeling dead
since you went away. ♪

♪ You better believe
what I tell you, ♪

♪ 'cause you're coming home,
whoa. ♪

♪ And won't you bring light
to my day? ♪

♪ And won't you be
somebody new? ♪

♪ It'll be good. ♪

♪ It'll be like coming home. ♪

♪ And tell me
that you want to be ♪

♪ with nobody else but me. ♪

♪ It'll be good. ♪

♪ It'll be like coming home, ♪

♪ because you need a place
to stay. ♪

♪ And I've been feeling dead
since you went away. ♪

And here, but then
I'm going to leave

A highlight
on the lower rim.

Hi, mom.

Oh, hi!

Oh, I missed you.

Did you have fun?
- Yeah.


What--what happened
to your shirt?

What is--

Oh, I must have torn it
on something.

Take it off.
Let's take it off.

Take it off.

Take it off.
Go ahead.

I'll fix it.

There you go.
Put that on.

There, put that on.
Put that on.


I just want to--
I want to paint you.

Right now?

Yes, right now.

Look, the light is perfect.

Okay, sit down.

Sit down right here.


The light is perfect.

Sit down.

Okay, now smile
just like that.

No, not like that;

Like that.



Are so handsome when you smile.


So how's everything?



It's better.

What's this?

No, that is--
Joanne, I don't want it.

I appreciate it,
but thank you.

No, no, you guys
have done enough already.

John, take it.

Please, I don't--no.

Look, look, take it.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

We come to the lines
across the eyes.


Look who's here.

- Hello, you.

Hi, beautiful.
Hi. Hi.

Oh, gosh.

Look at--

That is so beautiful.

No, it's not.

It's only my--
my third television class.

I'm learning portraits.

Well, it's beautiful.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Thank you for taking care
of my baby.

Well, of course.

You know,
I thought about keeping him,

But I think he got sick of me
catching all the fish, huh?

Besides, I think
you would have missed him.


You have to go?

I do, yeah.
- So soon?

I've got
that 4:00 meeting.

I'll say good-bye.

I can make you a sandwich--

Very important meeting?

Take that off.

Go get your bag.

Honey, I wish I could,
but I really can't.

I've got a 7:00 flight,

So I probably should
hit the road.

Yeah, because
we could visit and...

Oh, I'd love to visit.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

- Okay.

Do you want me to make you
something for the road?

Oh, no, I'm fine.

Say hello to Bill and Jimmy
and Ally, all right?

I love you.

I love you too.
Thank you.

John, we can't keep
coming out here like this.

Yeah, I know.
I know.

I didn't realize
she called you guys again.

Let me go talk to her.

Sorry, guys.

It's still happening,
isn't it?

The doctors have her
on a new medication.

She's getting better.

Go to bed.


I made Chris meat loaf
sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.

He loves meat loaf sandwiches.

Did they check for footprints
underneath the window?

Yes, they checked.

You are sure?

No footprints?

Yes, I'm sure
there's no footprints.


So you glad to be back?

Yeah, but there's fish
everywhere in alaska.

And you're not going to believe
what we used for bait.


Fish eggs.
They smell nasty.

But not as bad
as that squid we used.


My cousin Ally freaked out,

So I threw it at her
and her friend.

Oh, my gosh.

Hey, I got
to tell you something, man.

Your shoe's untied.

Got you.

No, seriously,

Your shoes are untied.

Hey, I'll see you
at lunch, man.

Okay, see you.


I didn't mean to startle you.

Bye, honey.

They were just working
on the brakes,

And they're all messed up.

I love you,
honey bear.



♪ ♪

enough with
the frickin' mamba music.

It ain't mamba;
it's reggaeton.

If you don't like it,
get your own radio.

Oye, johnny!

Oye, hector.

What do you think, bro?

What, the boat
or the house?

Both, you dopey bastard.



Thank you. Thank you.
I just got it.

I'm putting a dock in

Right where you're standing.

It's gonna be great.


I'm inviting you
and your whole family out

For the housewarming.

It's gonna be tremendo party.

You bet.

How's Mary?

Actually, I want to talk to you
about that.

Remember that thing
we talked about last month?

I was wondering
if I could get that.

Mary's doctor bills
are piling up,

And a few dollars more a week
could really bail us out.

I know, I know, I know.

The interest rates
are killing me.

Look, give me
a couple of weeks.

I'm gonna move
some things around

And I'm gonna
take care of it.

Don't worry.

I'm gonna take care of it.


You're my best guy.

♪ ♪


Oh, yeah,
right in the ear.


Hey, you want to play
some b-ball after school?

Uh, sure.

Where's my baby?
Where's my son?

Chris. Hi.
Are you okay?

Are you okay, honey?
Are you okay?

I'm fine.
- You're sure?


Oh, baby.
Okay, my baby.

Come on.
Come on.

Come on.
Come on.




You're okay, really?

I'm fine, okay?

I was worried about you.

I'm okay!

I was worried
you might not come home.


Chris, wait.

I was just worried.

Want more gravy?


Can I ride my bike
to school tomorrow?

In this heat?


Mommy worries a lot.

Why don't you drop him off?

On your way to work.

Well, yeah, sure,
I'll take you.

Hey, there's a boat show
this weekend.

Maybe we can all go,

Why don't you take Chris?

Well, I was hoping,
the way you love boats...

Maybe we could all go.


♪ ♪

Yeah, she wigged out
in front of the whole bus.

What's the matter with her?

♪ ♪

Where you going, man?


Hi. Need a ride?

Come on, get in.

Come on.

♪ ♪

You can drop me off here.

Is this your house?


It's up a ways more,
but it's fine.

It's all right.

Where is it?

It's okay, really.

Don't be silly.
Which one?

That one.

There you go.

Thanks for the ride.

You're welcome.

Bye, Chris.


♪ ♪




Hi. Hi.

How was school?


What are you doing?

I fixed your shirt.

See, I used another shirt

To cover the hole.

that was my favorite shirt.

It's okay, Chris.

It's not bad.

It doesn't always
have to match.

Yes, it does.

It looks weird.


I'll fix it.

Is that what you want?

Just forget it.
It's ruined.

No, then let me
ask you this:

If she had a heart attack
or breast cancer,

You'd cover that, right?

No problem.

And if she had
Dean Martin's liver,

Then what?

What would you do then?

What would you--
would you send over...

A martini set.

A martini set?

It's an illness,
a mental illness.

No, it's not.

She has been diagnosed
with schizophrenia.

Stop telling them that.

Physical, mental,
what's the difference?

Then tell me why.

Because I'm not crazy,
that's why.

No, you tell me why,

Why her illness is not covered
on my hmo.

I'm fine.
I'm fine. I'm fine.

I don't know
how many times a day

I have to tell you I'm fine;
I don't need medicine.

I don't know why you're
telling them I need medicine.

I don't know why you're paying
for medicine.

I don't want it.
I don't need it, okay?


Why do you do that?
Why do you--

No, I don't care.

I don't like you
calling people in the government

And telling them
all kinds of things about me.

I don't want the fbi
to know my business.

Don't answer it!


Oh, sam, hi.


Chris, phone.

I got it.

Yeah, cool.



Hey, dad.


Sam said I could sleep over.

Can I go?

Yeah, sure.


Come here. Come here.
Come here. Come here.

Come here.


Come here.

When do you want to go?


Who else
is gonna be there?

Um, Sam's parents.

No. No.


No, maybe you should stay home
with me tonight.

I'll make cookies.



Maybe mommy's right.

But I want to go.

Don't you have homework
to do?

I did it already.

Chris, just--
maybe you should stay home.


Because it's not safe for you
to go over there, that's why.

It's not safe.

Tell him it's not safe.

But you promised!

It's friday night!

Drop it!

I hate you!

I wish I never
came home!

It's okay.

What we're doing is right!

Well, take it easy.

It's not safe over there.

He's not going.

♪ ♪

No you don't.

Go away.


They won't leave.
They won't leave.

Who? Who won't leave?


Who? Who, Mary?


get out of the rain.


Honey, please
get out of the rain.

It's okay.

I want to leave.

I want to go away
to the other Florida.

There's only one Florida,

Honey, come on.
Get in the house.

There's no other Florida.
Come on.

Get in the house, Mary.
Get in the house.

Why didn't you take
your medication?

I don't need the medicine!
I don't need the medicine!


Chris, in the house.

No, you are!
You are going to jail.

You are.
You are.

I'm not going to jail.

I'm not going to jail.

You are!
I'm not going to do that.

I am not going to do that.

I don't want to go
to my room.

I don't want to go
to my room!

Mary, don't you go!

I'm not doing anything.

I know you're not.
I know you're not.

Can you hear
what they're saying?

Can you?

My hookup's gone.


No, no, no, the hookup--

The hookup's out here.

The hookup's out here.

I will not do that!

The hookup's out here.

They can't hear you
in the house.

Get in the house,
where it's safe.

Come on.
Come on.

I don't want to--

They can't hear you
in there.

I don't want to do
what they say.

I know.
I know.

I'm not going to; it's safe.
I'm not going to.

Safe inside.

Mary, what are you doing?

No, don't, don't do that.

Don't do that!

I don't want to lay down;

I want to fight it.

That's what I want to do.

I don't want to stop it.
I want to fight them.

They're listening.
They wired the house.

What are you doing?

Leave me alone.

You're one of them.

You're one of them.


I won't go with you.


Just come--

Liar! Liar!


You're all liars.
- Mary, stop this.

Mary, stop it.

Stop it!

You leave me here.

You're okay.
It's okay.

You leave me alone.

Please, put it down.

Put that down.
Put that down.


Give it to me.

Stop it, mom!

Put the knife down!

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?



I'm sorry.

Police department.
Open up.

I am.

No, don't let them
get me.

Are you all right?
Let me see.

Oh, god.

Where did she go?

No. Go away.

Tell them to go away.

Please, John, no.

let me speak with her.

She was feeling fine.

Mrs. Marino,
open the door, Mary.

What's that?

What are you doing?

Oh, please,
please don't do this.

She's a danger to herself
and to others.

No, she's not a danger.
It was an accident.

No, I don't want to do this.

We're gonna baker act her.

We're taking her
down to the hospital.

What's a baker act?
I don't want to do this.

This is not your decision
to make.

No, Mary.
Mary, don't.

Don't, please.

Just cooperate with them.

Don't tear up the bed
like that.

I don't want to go there!

John, help me!

No. No!

I don't want to go.

No, I don't want--
john! John! What's happening?

I don't want to go!

♪ Too deep. ♪

♪ In the twinkling... ♪

Hey, Christopher,
I'm gonna go with mommy.

We'll be back.

John. John, go.
I'll watch him.

♪ ♪

♪ I am withered. ♪

♪ I have drifted ♪

♪ too deep, ♪

♪ too deep. ♪

♪ I have drifted ♪

♪ too deep. ♪

♪ I have drifted ♪

♪ too... ♪

tell me what you hear.


Do you hear the ocean?


Mm. I do too.

♪ ♪

Why can't she
come home?

Oh, the doctors
want to keep an eye on her

And make sure
she takes her medicine.

Why didn't she take it?

I don't know.

How long
is she going to be here?

I don't know.

I'll wait here.

No, mom--

Mom's looking forward
to seeing you.

Come on.

♪ ♪



I brought your paints,

Your brushes.

Paint and brushes

We have to leave
with the nurse.

The doctor doesn't know.

Well, I was--

I was thinking
maybe he should fly back,

Stay with you for a while.

It's just a semester.

It's--it's tough on him,
and I think it--

For a while, I just think
it might be better, that's all.

Who were you talking to
on the phone?

Aunt Joanne.

I had to mention what happened,
and she said, if--

If you thought it was
a good idea,

You could go back to alaska
till things calm down.

It's just an option.



Come on.
- It's okay.

You've got to eat.
Take it.

Get your bike.

♪ ♪

♪ I have drifted. ♪

♪ I am worried. ♪


♪ I have drifted ♪

♪ too deep ♪

♪ in the twinkling ♪

♪ of the dawn. ♪

♪ I am withered. ♪

♪ I have drifted ♪

♪ too deep. ♪

Go ahead.

♪ Too deep. ♪

Tell me what you hear.

♪ I have drifted. ♪

♪ Ooh. ♪

♪ I have drifted. ♪

Dad, what's going on?

- Yeah.

What are you doing?

Do me a favor.

Give me those screws
over there,

That whole tin thing.

What are you doing?

Are you going to work?

Uh, yeah.

No, I'm taking
some sick time.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Don't you have to go
to school?


You better get ready.

Go ahead.
Go ahead. Go.


Don't forget
to make your lunch.

♪ ♪

Hi, Chris.


How are you?


Where do you go?


When you skip class,
where do you go?

The beach.


Well, what do you do?

I don't know;
fish, hang out.

It's quiet.

Is it true that your mom's
in that mental hospital?


Um, well, I got to go.
See you.

Nice shirt.
Where'd you get it?

Oh, I made it.


Well, can you make me one?

Yeah, right.

No, really.
It's cool.

Um, sure.
Get me an old shirt.

Okay, wait.

Here you go.

Oh, thanks.

It was for gym.
I don't need it.


Okay, cool.

Well, bye.



With the ladies...

Shut up.


What the...

Dad, do we have any milk?

I think, yeah.

I bought some last night.

Well, where is it?

It's in the fridge.

Oh, hell.

I left it in the truck.


Hi, Chris.

It's mom.


How are you?


Are you having fun
with your dad?

I guess.

He's building something.

Is that mom?

That's supposed to be
a surprise.

Here's dad.


I love you.

Hey, Mare, hi.

What are you building?

Well, it was supposed to be
a surprise for you.

How are you feeling?


Yeah, I know the feeling.

But you're getting
a lot of rest, right?

Are you--are you painting?


Well, you should, Mare.
It'd give you something to do.

I want to come home.

I want to get out of here.

Oh, honey.

We want you home too.

I want to go back

To the real Florida.

There's only one Florida, Mary,
and we're in it.


I love you.

I love you too, hon.

Mary, you know that you're
not supposed to smoke in here.

Give that to me.

Here's your medication.

I took it.

Yes, I know.

Let me get this.

Here you go.

Let me see you take it.

Take it.

Let me see.

Swallow, Mary.

Let me see.


Good girl.

♪ ♪

I put it down.
Where the heck did it--

Chris, are you there?

Chris, did you see
the extension cord?




I got your paycheck.

Sorry it's late again.
Frickin' accountants.


No worries.

You're welcome.

Oye, how's Mary doing?

Uh, she's fine.

She's resting.

She'll be home soon.


What about you?
How are you doing?

- Yeah?

You said you needed
a couple of sick days,

But it's been a week.


Yeah, well, last I checked,
I clocked 42 sick days.

You want me back at work,

You give me the raise
you promised.

I'm making the same money
staying here,

And I got 42 days
plus vacation,

And that's, what,
5 into 40...

I'll see you in 8 1/2 weeks.

Come on in, Johnny.
You're killing me.

Dad, do you have
my extension cord?

Hey, Chris.
How's it going?


I'm missing deadlines.

The crew's falling behind.

What are you doing here?

I'm building
a sailboat.

Oye, pero
tú estás loco.

A sailboat
in your driveway.

Well, seeing as it won't fit
in the house...

Come on, Johnny.



Take this,
put it on the kitchen table,

And don't lose it.


Look at me.

It's our money.

How many years
have I known you?

Te voy a dar
un consejo.

Don't waste your money
on this crazy thing.

You're already
up to your neck in bills

With Mary and the...

I'll see you at work

Does that mean
you're giving me a raise?

♪ ♪

what are you doing back there?

Bear claw,

Lion claw, my claw.

Lost her to a barracuda.

Nasty fish.

Oh, can I help you, sir?

Yeah, hi.

I'm gonna take this.

Do you have any old sails
lying around?

I'm building a sailboat.

Ah, a sailboat. Hmm.
What size?

24 feet.


Not many people
know what it takes.

I have this old number here.

Should fit.

How much?

Oh, take it.

The darn thing
is loaded with holes,

And I was gonna throw it away

That's nice.
Thank you.


Hold on a minute.

Hold on.
Hold on.

Let me have a look
for something.

You can't ever find
that darn thing.


Every captain
needs a mate,

And every boat

Needs a piece of good luck.

Take it.

Nail it to the front
of the boat.

Can't be too careful

When you're building
a sailboat.

That's great.
Thank you.

♪ ♪

What do you think?

First mate needs his hat.

I don't wear hats much.

With the sun
glaring down on your face,

You're gonna need a hat.

We can take her
down to north lake

When we get her
in the water.

North lake?

That's where
I met your mom.

♪ ♪


How do I look?

♪ ♪

What's that?

Don't ask.

It looks like a boat.


What the hell
is that?

A boat.

Hi, Mr. Marino.

Hi, boys.

A boat?
Yeah, right.

What a freak.

Beat it.

Get out of here.

Why doesn't he
just buy it?



It's from school.

I told you
to stop skipping.

See you later, man.


"Detail a shows
configuration frame assembly.

Detail b..."


Where's detail b?

I got to talk to you.

Can it wait?

Just let me finish this
before it gets dark.

"Detail a shows
the configuration..."

don't mess with that.

I was thinking
of going fishing.

Want to go?

No, I--I can't.


What did I just tell you?

What's so important
about this boat?

Everyone's talking
about us!

It's nobody's business!

They say you're crazy too!

♪ ♪

Yeah, I know.


Is this my shirt?

I can make another one.

No, it's beautiful.

Thanks, Chris.

Where did you get this?

Chris made it.

Wow, you made this?

Can you make me one?
- Sure.

How much?

20 bucks.

And he needs an old shirt.

I've got five bucks
on me now.

I'll give you
the rest later.


It's cool.


I'm in here.

I got good news.

What's all this?

I'm just making
a couple shirts.

A couple?
When'd you start this?



What do you want?

Look, the doctor says
we can take mommy out

To the thanksgiving dinner,
but she--

She might be a little nervous,
so let's--

Let's try and make her
feel comfortable, okay?


Thank you
for my thanksgiving corsage.

You're welcome.

You guys look
so handsome,

Especially you.

I see you decided
to keep the patch after all.

You like my tie?
- I do.

I like your patch better.

What do you say
we get some turkey?

I want stuffing.

Yeah, me too.
Let's go.

Do you like my painting?

I might as well
give it to you now.

See, this is where
I used to go swimming.

I'm so hungry.

It's gonna be
about another hour.

Another hour?

Tell me--
no, you tell me--

Wait a minute.
Excuse me. I'm sorry.

An hour, we're waiting.
It's thanksgiving.

I made the reservation
a week ago.

I'm sorry.
Everyone has a reservation here.

I'm starving!

Tell you what:

I'm gonna make your life easy.

Just give me the pumpkin pie
to go.

I'll pay for it
and we'll be out of your life,


Because I've been waiting--

Hey, we're gonna go,
okay, kid?

Good, I want to go.
I'm so hungry.

Is that mine?
Can I have my--please?

Pumpkin pie.


Now, this is apple.

It's apple.
We've run out of pumpkin pie.

Will you take an apple pie,

What do you mean,
you don't have any pumpkin pie?

On thanksgiving?

Babe, we have apple.

It's thanksgiving.
You like apple.

No, we don't want apple pie.

Why don't you have
any pumpkin pie?

Did you run out?

Wait a minute.

How could you run out
of pumpkin pie

On thanksgiving?

I mean, really.

Pumpkin pie!

That's what you have
for thanksgiving, pumpkin pie.

Not apple pie, pumpkin pie;
that's what we want.

My boy wants
pumpkin pie, okay?

That's what
we've been waiting for.

We've been waiting
in this restaurant

To have a nice turkey dinner
and some stuffing

And some pumpkin pie,

We've all been sitting
in here, waiting--

Fine, you want
pumpkin pie?

I don't want to eat
cafeteria food today.


Everyone is eating,
and I'm hungry!

I don't want cafeteria food.

I want some--
- here, take it.

Let's go.
Let's go, Chris.

Let's go.
Chris, let's go.

You happy, Mary?

You got your pumpkin pie.

I'm happy.

Good, you got apple pie;
you got pumpkin pie.

I don't want any!

You know, next time,
I'm gonna have to call the cops!

Thank you!
Happy thanksgiving!

♪ ♪

But you said that
this medication would work.

John, schizophrenia is--
is a difficult disease to treat.

What worked for one person
may not work for another.

My wife's been sick
for 18 months.

Her doctor said the medicine
would make her better.

Now she's here with the state.

You said this medicine
would make her better.

What about the stuff
I read about?

It hasn't been released yet.

It's still experimental.

When do I get my wife back?

Well, we could--

We could try some short visits
to start,

Maybe in the future,
a weekend.

I just have to make sure
she's stable.

What about you, chris?

How are you holding up?

How are things?

Well, everybody--

He's fine.

We're fine.

♪ ♪

And if it's good--
good or bad--

Makes fun of us, doesn't,
criticizes us or not,

If it's a good,
well-thought out email,

We'll read it.

You guys know that, so...

Well, that--
and the buffalo game,

If that's the game
you're talking about.

That game was over.

I mean,
people cleared out of there.

They thought--

That was the huge
comeback game.

They thought it was over, so...

I get on south Florida
sports fans often.

I will not get on the offense.

They show up in force
every year, every week.

Let's go to...

Stop it!

Stop it!
Stop it!

Chris, what's wrong?

Listen, I thought...

Do you hear that?

Hear what?
I don't hear anything.

Stop it!

Stop what?

No! Stop it!

Stop what?

I don't hear anything, chris.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!

Let's go to hal.

He's clearly on the way down.
You're entitled--



Wow, that's a really nice boat
you got here.

What kind is it?

The floating kind.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm with
the city building department.

Yeah, I kind of noticed that.

Yeah, unfortunately,

There seems to be
a complaint.

Complaint, huh?

Go figure.

I've done a lot of projects
here before.

I've never had a problem.

Well, you got
a problem now.

Ah, look, buddy,

I really don't care,

But they got
this new city ordinance

Against construction
like this.

I mean, if you wanted to build
the frickin' Eiffel tower,

It's okay with me.

You just can't
build it here.

I'm sorry.

I'm going fishing,

I'll see you later.

Oh, okay.

Catch you something big.

Do you think
I'm weird?


I'm serious.
Do you think I'm weird?

"Weird" as in what?

You know, like, crazy?

No. Why?

No reason.

So, you gonna
ask dawn out?


She likes you.

She likes you.
- Whatever.


What would I say?

Okay, it's your birthday soon,



Well, we'll have my parents
drive us to the arcade

And then invite her too,

Get her on the roller rink,

And just do what you do,
I guess.

You know what I'm saying?

Something like that.

Come on.

A lot of fish, huh?

I guess the boat's dead.

See you, man.


♪ ♪

I thought you couldn't build it.

I couldn't build it

In the driveway!

I found a loophole.

♪ ♪

Mm. Uh-huh.

I'm waiting.


I'm right here.

They're not coming, donna.

I packed what you said.

Donna, nobody's coming.
Sit down.

But I already
told the nurse.

Are you going home?

Yes, my parents are coming
to pick me up.

She waits at that door
every day.

That's beautiful.

Thank you.
It's for my son.



Take it.


Go crazy.

When you paint,
they go away.


The voices.

So we gonna turn this over
or what?

So how many
does this thing hold?


And the animals?

- Yeah, two monkeys..

Look, it's noah's ark.


Two of your mouths
wouldn't fit on this boat.

All right, comedians,
keep it down.

All right, fellas,
on the count of three.

Be careful;
it's heavy.

One, two, three.

Okay. Okay.


Got it?
All right, easy.

Be careful.

I got it.
I got it.

Whoa, watch yourselves.

We got it. We got it.

Come on, back to me.
Back to me.

All right, go, go, go, go!


All right, come to me.
Come to me. Come to me.


Easy, easy.

We got it.

Easy, easy.

There she goes.


All right,
beer's in the cooler, boys,

'cause I ain't paying you.


Good work, guys.

Thanks for everything.

Pop money?
Not again.

And then, Ms. Finkle,
she turned around

And farted
right in the kid's face.

It was the funniest thing ever.

There she is, man.

- Go for it, man.


Come on.
You scared?


Are you scared?
- No.

Well, then go.


Hey, dawn!

Rock on, man.


Hi, Chris.
What's up?

Nothing much.
How about you?


This weekend,
I went on a boat ride.

It was fun.

Mm, that's nice.

Um, would you,


Like to come to--

Hey, Chris.
How's it going?

Did you finish
my new shirts?

Oh, yeah.

Here you go.


Oh, wow.
They're fabulous.

I love them.

I love the shirt.

Did you get those
in south beach?

No, he made them.
Aren't they awesome?

You made these?


How much?

40 bucks

And an old shirt.

Okay, cool.

Oh, these patches
are so cool.

Did you want
to ask me something?

Um, yeah.

I was just, um...

Some friends of mine

Are going to the arcade
for my birthday,

And if you want,
maybe you could come?

Your birthday?

Okay, sure.



Well, bye.
- Bye.

♪ ♪


I have a surprise
for you.


Let him keep that.
And I got dinner.

Happy birthday.

Sit down.

It's material
for your shirts.


Yes, you're welcome.

I missed you.


What's that?


That, what's that?

What's what?

right outside.

Oh, Mary,

Honey, you're seeing
things again.

You're crazy.

I'm crazy.

You're crazy.

Mia bella pazza.

Bella what?

Bella pazza is crazy,
my crazy, beautiful nut.

Bella pazza.

Come on.

Let's eat.

What about Sam?


You said
I could eat with him.

Oh, you're right.
I did.


The arcade, remember?

Oh, you're right.
I forgot.

Mare, I forgot.
I don't know.

It's okay.
It's okay.

I know.
I've got a good idea.

How about we all
sit down together,

And we have the food.

We have time to eat
like a family,

And then I will make you
a beautiful,

Beautiful birthday cake,

And then you can play
with your friends.

What do you think?



All right, go ahead,

And you can tell me
about that...

Thing in the backyard.

I don't want you
having diet coke.

I'm sorry.
- Water.

Cows drink water
just like milk.

You want one
with pepperoni?

I know I'm not here,

But okay, cheers.

What's her name?


How about this?

Dad, come on.

It looks good on me.

One second.

Here, try--

Try this.

What is this?


I got to go.

Wait, wait, let me--

I need to talk
to sam's parents.


Wait, wait.

Okay, see you.

The cake's ready.

Hi, guys.

Look, we need him
back by 8:00.

Have a good time.

♪ Apples, peaches,
pumpkin pie, ♪

♪ who's afraid to holler I? ♪

I hope I don't fall.

You probably will.

"Skate at your own risk."

It's the risk you take.

It's fun, dude.

You'll have fun.
Don't worry.

Man, did you see that?

Who invited them?

Not me.

Who cares, man?
Just have fun.

It's your birthday.

♪ Boy, oh, boy, ♪

♪ have I got news for you. ♪


'Sup, guys?

Here you go,
and here you go.


Hey, look at this one.

Happy birthday.

Cool, thanks.

My mom says a good fisherman
can always use some hooks.

Yeah, I know.
Chris is always losing them.

Shut up.

What's a "gucky"?

Oh, it's like a purse.
My mom has one.

Gucci, he's a famous
clothing designer from Italy.

Maybe you'll be one too.

You're gonna design purses
for a living?

If you're lucky,
I'll make you a skirt.

♪ Here comes the cake. ♪

♪ Fresh from the bake. ♪

I swear, man.

That's his mom.

♪ This birthday
is the one. ♪

Blow out your candles.

Happy birthday.

I just couldn't stand
the idea

Of not being here
for your birthday, chris.

I brought hats for everybody.

Pass them around.
- Mom.

And I got noisemakers.


And I brought--
here, pass them around.


Hat for all the kids,
and we can play games.

Stop it, mom.

Stop it, mom!

Chris, I just--
I made you cake.

Blow your candles out.

Go away!


Excuse me.

Want me
to tuck you in?

I'm not a baby.

You gonna sleep on top
of the covers like this?

Do you remember me before?


when you were little.

Remember, at all?

We used to go
to the beach,

And whenever
a big wave came,

You would come
running to me,

Laughing, always laughing.

Do you remember?

Why can't you act normal?

You're a big boy now.

You're a young man now.

There's something
wrong with me.

But I think
it's treatable.


I'm sorry I messed up
your birthday.

I'm sorry.

Did you brush
your teeth, honey?



Say it.

My bella pazza.

Say it again.

My bella pazza.

I love you.

I love you too.

No, no, no, no, no,
don't take it off.


I don't want
my skin to show.

I love your skin.

Please, John.

Thought I heard something.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't get mad.

Are--are you mad?


Hey, you want
a birthday cake?

How about
some fruity pebbles?

No, see, I go cuckoo
for cocoa puffs.

Cuckoo, cuckoo.

He's such a fag.

Wait, he might go crazy
on your ass.

Just ignore him, man.

Chris, why's your dad
building that boat?

See, now I don't know
who's crazier,

Your mom or your dad.

What's wrong, man?

Can't you take a joke?

Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm just curious.

Does your mom
wear a straightjacket

When she goes to bed?


Stop it!
Get off!


Let me see.

Put it back on.

How can I help you?

Appreciate your help.

Appreciate you
coming in.

Mr. Marino.

Please have a seat.

Hey, get back here.

Hey, I'm not
done with you.


Of all the kids,
you have to pick on my--

My bosses son?

You weren't there.
You don't understand.

I understand.
I understand everything.

I understand that you've
been cutting class.

I understand you're
getting into fights.

I got enough on my hands
with your mother.

I don't need this
right now!

Now, you're grounded.
Get in room.


Did you hear
what I said?

Get in that bedroom.





What the hell's
gotten into you?

It's just a boat,
just a stupid, frickin' boat!

You pay more attention

To this stupid piece of wood
than you do me.

What do you want from me?

What do you want?

You want me to take you
to the movies?

You want to go fishing?

Would that make it better?

You want your mommy back?

Well, I want my wife back.

I want her back to normal.

I want her whole,
the way she was,

The way she was
when I met her,

The woman
I fell in love with.

What do you think?
I miss her too.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Maybe she'll get better.

No, stop it.

Stop it.
Stop it.

Mom's never getting better.

She's crazy,
and so are you.

Chris, look, I--I know
things are rough right now.

No, you don't
know anything.

You don't know what it's like
to see your mother act crazy.

You don't know
what it's like

To have your friends
laugh at you.

I hate it here.

I don't want
to live here anymore.

I'm calling aunt Joanne,
and I'm never coming back.

When I was little,

I'd always wonder
what was on the other side.

I'm sorry about the fight.

I guess everyone knows
about my mom now.

Your mom's nice.

My mom's weird.

I mean, she's always smoking
funny cigarettes

And playing
really weird music.

She says it keeps

The evil spirits away.

Your mom was just trying
to make your birthday fun.


That's what's
on the other side.

Hey, gregg.

How's he doing?

He's okay.

He's okay.


Oh, man,
this is hard to say.

Oh, no.

Don't do this.

Don't do this.

I just--I just--

I just can't
keep you on any longer.

Oh, you got to be kidding.

I'm sorry.
You're going to fire me?

Because our kids got in--

Into a fight,
because I took sick pay,

Which was mine to take?

No, no, it has nothing
to do with that.

Things have been rough.

That's all.

We lost that account in kendall,
and the economy.

This is not easy for me to do,
because you are my friend.

I'm your friend?

I'm your friend.

You have the stones
to come here to my house

In your fancy car,
fire me,

Tell me you're
having it rough?

Come on.
- Johnny--

I busted my back 20 years
for your family,

Your father first,
now you,

While you go out
and buy your new house,

Your new boat.

Would it have killed you
to give me

An extra 100 bucks a week

So I could have taken care
of my family,

My wife's doctor bills?


You were never my friend.

This is why Chris
has a problem.

Excuse me?

Chris is a good boy.

He's a kind boy.

But you wouldn't
understand kindness.

I love him.
I'd do anything for him.

But you wouldn't
understand that either.

So go ahead, Hector.

Take your car,
your spoiled brat,

And go play
on your fancy boat.


How's that eye doing?

Is it my fault
you got fired?

Oh, no.

It has nothing
to do with you.

Don't even think that.

I should have known this was
gonna happen a long time ago.

So what are we
gonna do now?

We're going to vegas.


No, not really.

We're broke.

Good morning.


So, dad, you going to work
on the boat today?


You were right.

Your old man's crazy.

I'm gonna break it down
and take it out of here.

It was a stupid idea.

Another postcard
from your aunt Jo.

Aunt Jo the eskimo.

It's freakin' cold
in Alaska.

You think maybe you could
make one of those shirts

For your old man?

Sure, for 40 bucks.

40 bucks?

Don't you have
a friends-and-family discount?

For you,
I'll do it for cost.

I patched the hole.

I think we should finish it.


Come on,
we can build it.

I mean,
I can help you.

We have most of the wood
and supplies, right?

Let's build it.

♪ ♪

♪ madamoiselle,
voulez-vous danser? ♪

♪ Take my hand.
Don't turn away. ♪

♪ You've been sitting there
all night long. ♪

♪ I know that something
must be wrong. ♪

♪ Madamoiselle,
voulez-vous danser? ♪

♪ A new moon
has come out to play. ♪

♪ Take my hand
and step outside. ♪

♪ These doors
and windows open wide. ♪

♪ The stars are out
and shining. ♪

♪ Hear the south wind sighing. ♪

♪ It'll be okay. ♪

♪ Let the breeze caress you, ♪

♪ violin undress
your heart. ♪

♪ On va danser. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ madamoiselle,
voulez-vous danser? ♪

♪ It soon will be
the break of day. ♪

♪ We all have so little time. ♪

♪ Oh, won't you put
your hand in mine. ♪

♪ The stars
are out and shining. ♪

♪ Hear the south wind sighing. ♪

Here you go.

Thank you.

Have a great day.

Put on your hood.

See ya.

So what are you gonna do
over the summer?

I'm going to stay
with my aunt in Alaska.


Yeah, she lives
on a lake.

It's cool.

Well, when are you
coming back?

I don't think
I am coming back.


Do--do your parents know?

My dad does.

You know,
it's cold in Alaska.

Yeah, I know.

I'll race you
to the lighthouse.


I beat you.

I got to go.

Hey, Chris.

Have you thought
of a name for the boat yet?

How about
pain in the butt?

Pain in the--

So you want me
to name it after you.

When did you
first kiss mom?

What does that
have to do with sailing?

Just asking.

When did I
first kiss mom?

Oh, boy, it wasn't easy.
I'll tell you that.

I had to earn
that privilege.

I think it was, like--
it was our third date,

But it was definitely
on a sailboat.

Is that the boat
in the pictures?

Ah, our family album?


I'll tell you
something else.

If it weren't for that boat,
you wouldn't be sitting there.


Well, why don't I tell you
in about five years?

Let's just say
the Marino charm

Was too much
for her to handle.

Mommy named you
after Saint Christopher,

The patron saint
of travelers.

But old saint Chris,
he loved sailors,

Just like mom's
gonna love this boat.

The three of us
are gonna have a great time.

Um, dad?


School lets out next month,

And if I'm going
to aunt Jo's, um...

Well, we'll just have
to finish it before then,

Won't we?


Got it?

nice and easy.

Nice and easy.
Nice and easy.

Keep going, Chris,
with the winch.

Keep going.

Keep going.

You got it.
Hold on.


First time.

First time.


Good boy, Chris.

Hey, dad?

How are we gonna
get this out of the yard?



Who's laughing?

Stop it.

Please, stop it.

Please, stop it.

Stop it.

Mary, she's finished.

Start packing.

We're picking you up
first thing in the morning

For the weekend.

Doctor okayed it.



Um, I just--

I don't think it's such
a good idea right now.

Here, sweetie.

Maybe next time.

You and--

You and Chris go.


Everything okay?


Everything's fine.

I just--

I don't want
to ruin all the fun.

You'll make it fun.

Okay, I've got to go.

You guys have a really, really,
really fun time, okay?


Yeah, no, no,
he's right here.

He misses you too.

All right.

Yeah, we love you.


She's not coming,
is she?

No, she's got therapy,
group something.

But we're gonna go.

Let's christen this sucker.

I want to get up
bright and early.

We got to make sure she works
before mom gets home.


♪ ♪

You ready?


Let's go.

Put on your seat belt.

You ready?


There she goes.

It floats.

Yeah, it floats.

But I know how to swim.

It'll just make me
feel better, okay, Chris?

Here, sit down.

Here we go.

Ahoy, matey!

What do we call this?

The tiller.

And what does the tiller do?

It steers the boat.


Now, hold on to it tight,
all right.

I want you to steer it.

Do you see
the arrow up there?

I want you steer it
into the wind

Where the arrow
is pointing,

Because I won't be able
to pull up the sails.

All right, I want you
to take the tiller

And hold on to it tight.

All right, now, listen.

If you go this way,
the boat goes that way.

You go this way,
the boat goes that way.

So everything's
the opposite.

You got it?

- Good.

That's it.

Good boy,
into the wind.

Go left, left.

Look at the arrow.

Point it into
the direction of the arrow.

Got it?

You're doing a good job.

Another guy
in a motorboat.

Wait, let this guy
get in front of you.

Okay, always wave
with a smile.

They'll never know
we hate them.

Don't worry
about the yacht, Chris.

Into the wind.

Steer into the wind.

That's it.


That's it.

Holy shit.



Turn it.

Turn it--
turn it to the right,

To the right,
to the right.


What's happening?

We're sailing.

Raising the jib.

Hard as you can.
Hard as you can.

Now tie 'er up.

Mom's paintings
look great up there.

Feel it?

So free?

- Yeah.

You ready to come about?


Now pull this.

See it?

Now come back here.

Come over.
You're gonna need some slack.

Now pull.

Pull hard, pull hard.
Come on, chrissy.

Hard turn.
Attaboy. Harder.

You got it?

Now tie her off.

Feed it, right?



Feel that, Chrissy?


Oh, we got
a good wind now.

Oye, Hector!
Qué paso?

Run out of gas?

Ahoy, first mate.

You did pretty good
out there.

I almost wrecked it.


Yes, you did.

But we're
still floating.

See that school over there?


It's where I met mommy.

- Yeah.

She loved to sail.

And we were taking lessons,

And it was at that point

Where the instructor
paired us off in two

And sent us on out
on our own.

Boy, I thought I'd dazzle her
with my nautical skills.

And that's when
I almost capsized the boat.

She was so beautiful.

She still is.

I know.

I'm sorry
she couldn't come.


You think?


So about Alaska...

I hear it gets
pretty cold there.

♪ Beneath the waves, ♪

♪ beneath the clouds
of a thousand stormy seas, ♪

♪ above a whisper ♪

♪ are the things
we can not say. ♪

♪ Within your eyes, ♪

♪ the constant
rise and fall. ♪



Hi! Hello!

♪ Eternal tending ♪

♪ the endless scene of the
waning and fragile moon, ♪

♪ begging love
♪ tto give me room. ♪. ♪

♪ Within your eyes, ♪

♪ the constant
fall and rise. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ sweet lies
bury me. ♪

♪ You fly so far away. ♪

♪ Disguise,
carry me through ♪

♪ to the other side of you. ♪

♪ Hoo... ♪

♪ beneath the waves, ♪

♪ beneath the clouds
of a thousand stormy seas, ♪

♪ above the whisper ♪

♪ are the things
we can not say. ♪

♪ Within your eyes, ♪

♪ the constant
fall and rise. ♪