Canvas (1992) - full transcript

Ozzie Decker is an art dealer and a thief. He steals paintings for customers. Frank reluctantly begins to work with Ozzie because Frank's brother owes a lot of money to the mob. On his first art heist, Frank works directly with long-time henchman Nick. Nick and Frank barely survive the Klee heist, and the painting is damaged in process. Unhappy about the Klee canvas, Ozzie puts the pair of thieves onto another target: a Cezanne painting. To secure the continued obedience of his newest colleague, Ozzie kidnaps Frank's girlfriend.

Hey, Nick, uh...

Where's ozzy?
I don't have all night.

He'll be here
in a moment.

Mr. Williams,
I'm sorry I'm late.

Hope I didn't keep you
waiting too long.

Nick, could you please
get the painting?

You're going
to like this.

Eh, no.

Suit yourself.

[ Snorts ]


- Mr. Williams: That's it?
- Yeah.

That's fuckin' ugly.
I'm not taking it.

I beg your pardon?

Guys, look at it.
You can't even tell
what it's supposed to be.

[ Laughs ]

This is the painting
you asked for.

No way. Not that
piece of crap.

This piece of crap

sold for over a million
dollars at an auction.

You're getting it cheap.

You better just put it back
where you found it now,
shouldn't you?


Nick and his friend

went to a lot of trouble
to get this painting for you.

Mr. Williams:
I don't give a damn.
Sell it to someone else.

You sell it.

You owe me $80,000.

I thought you liked

abstract expressionism.

I don't give a fuck
about this shit.

I want out of the deal
or I go to the cops.

Hey, now, wait a second.

I didn't mean what I said
about going to the cops.

It just came out,

I wouldn't
say anything. Nick...

Tell him.
You believe me, don't you?

- Open your mouth.
- Tell him you believe me.

Open your mouth.

Don't shoot him, ozzy.

He won't
tell anyone.

I swear.

The money.




Sometimes it's hard

- not to lose your head.
- Yeah.

You just go,
"eh" sometimes and--

[ gunshot ]

- Nick: What in the hell
did you do that for?
- He's wasting my time.

God damn it.
I'm getting too old
for this sort of stuff.

- I'm tired of cleaning up
your mess after you.
- Yeah. I know, I know.

You want to retire
to some little villa--
where? In skiathos, Greece?

Damn right I do.
As soon as we finish
this job for Anna Maxwell,

I am out of here.
You can use Brian
for your dirty work.

Brian is too hot.
I told him to lay low.

You just see
if you can fit everything
into his trunk. Au revoir.

Next time you want me
to put a body in a car,
make sure it's a sedan.

[ Music playing ]

[ Whistle blows ]

♪ Everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ steppin'
through playgrounds,
dancing down highways ♪

♪ flying over cities,
I twist and dance while
I'm standing in a tollbooth ♪

♪ sloping up the road,
looking over my shoulder ♪

- ♪ slipping through
the window ♪
- ♪ whoa, oh, oh

♪ whoa, oh, oh,
whoa, whoa, oh ♪

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ I'm lurking down
alleyways ♪

♪ keepin' out of sun,
I'm in the shadows of k.C. ♪

♪ I'm hiding in a doorway,
stealing down a back road ♪

♪ got my bass in his face,
then I throw in a beat ♪

♪ whoa, oh, oh

♪ whoa, oh, oh,
whoa, whoa, oh ♪

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

- [ siren blaring ]
- ♪ running through
the red lights ♪

♪ jumping over live wires,
hopping down fire escapes ♪

♪ stopping the main line,
climbing out of hard times ♪

♪ living on the street,
crowd staring through
the moonlight ♪

- ♪ staring at a cold lie
- ♪ whoa, oh, oh

- ♪ whoa, oh, oh,
whoa, whoa, oh ♪
- [ Car horn honks ]

♪ Everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you.

Man: What do you mean
your boyfriend doesn't like
the customers lookin' at ya?

This is a strip bar.
They're supposed to
look at ya.

If he hates it so much,
tell him to stay at home.

Now get undressed
and go to work.

- You called, Alfie?
- Yeah. Give me the package.

Take this to Roger
at the mackay street pub.

- Know the place?
- Yeah, the place stole
our pool table.

- Give it only to him.
- Right.

Roger will give you
another 250 and don't
make him wait.

- Next time,
leave the bike outside.
- Yeah, yeah.

[ Cheering, applause ]

There he is.

[ Laughs ]

[ Tires screech ]

Hey, doofus!

[ Tires screech ]

Hey, what the fuck?!

[ Groaning ]

Never mind that shit!
I got it!

Let's get the fuck
out of here!

Have a nice day,
wop shit!

[ Yells ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Music playing ]

♪ Figaro

♪ hey, figaro...




Come on.

The guy next door will
start complaining again.

Some people,
they just don't
appreciate good music.

[ Snickers ]

[ Laughing ]

- What's so funny?
- That.

- You think it's funny?
- Yes, it looks really

You know, if word
of this gets out,

it's gonna
ruin my reputation.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

What are you gonna do
to keep me quiet?

I'll think
of something.

Are you finished
with Mona?

Are you finished
with Mona?

No. No.

And I, uh...

I promised Mario
I'd help him put it up
today, you know?

You're not going to be late
for your own opening,
are you?

No, I got time.
Don't worry.

Ah, the hell
with it, eh?

[ Music playing ]

Hey, it's a great sign,

Thanks, Mario.

You know, you could make
a pretty good living
as a sign painter.

You could do your
artwork on the side
and then who knows, man?

Maybe then you could
really settle down.

Yeah, and die
of boredom, too.

Come on. Don't you
wanna get married,
have a kid someday?

Steady income?

I guess I'm just not much
of a family man, you know?

Yeah, you are.
You just don't
know it yet.

You seen
your brother lately?

No, and I have
no plans to, either.

Frank, Tony's
the only family
you got, man.

- When you gonna forgive him?
- When I can forget

about that month
I spent in jail
'cause of him.

I'm lucky
Nathalie trusted me.
If I'd have lost her--

- hey, you wanna talk
about family?
- Hey, look.

I admit stashing
the dope at your place
was pretty low,

but I heard
he was trying
to straighten out.

I'm not

Excuse me, frank.

- Jimmy, how are you?
- Bene. Bene.

I got a picture
kinda like that.

- I gotta go, frank.
- What's the rush?

- Let Luciano wait on him.
- No, no, no. I gotta take
care of Jimmy myself.

He lent me the money
to open this place,
you know?

I can't keep him waiting.

- Take it easy, huh?
- Yeah. Yeah.


I'm horny as hell.

If I don't get
laid tonight,
I'm gonna die.

Well, there's a lot
of cute guys here.

- You might get lucky.
- What do you think, frank?

Look, I gotta go
say hi, all right?

You're looking great.
You know what I'm saying?

The last available stud
in town...

And you got him.

Hey, you put
on some weight.

How you doing?
Have some beer.

I think Simone
wants you.


You know that guy?

Yeah, it's an old
high school buddy.

I'll be right back.

Hey, Frankie.
Nice to see you.

So, Alfie,
what brings you
around here?

Where's that fuckhead
brother of yours?

I don't know.
I haven't seen him
for months.

Christ, Alfie.
Take it easy.

I haven't seen him.


Nathalie, wait back inside.
I'll be there in a minute.

Nathalie, please.
I'll be right back.

Not bad.
Can she dance?

Maybe I should ask her
about Tony.

No. She doesn't
know a thing.

What the hell's going on?
How's my brother mixed up
with you?

He needed the money
except he fucked off
with some of my property

- and I want it back.
- Tony would never--

all I know is I asked him
to make a delivery

- and he didn't do it.
- Tony's no angel,

but he would never steal
from you like that.

I don't give a fuck
what you believe.

That shit's worth 40 grand
and if I don't see it

or the money
by the end of the week,

your brother's dead.
You got that?


Hey, frank,
have a nice party.

Let's get out of here.

what did they want?

Uh, they're just
looking for someone.


- No one special.
- [ Phone rings ]


Mario, mar--

talk louder.


I'll be right over.

Of all nights?
Can't you go tomorrow?

It's just the sign.
It's coming down.
I gotta go fix it.

Well, what if
an art dealer
shows up?

I won't be
too long, okay?

[ Siren blaring ]

I'll leave
you two alone.
You want coffee?

- Tony, what the fuck?
- Nice sign.

Mario says you
painted it yourself.

Cut the crap.
What happened?

I appreciate
the concern, bro,

but it's none
of your business.

Look, I didn't
drag myself down here

just to listen
to your smart mouth.
Now what happened?

- I fell off my bike.
- Anything broken?

Yeah, my wrist.

I got a couple
of cracked ribs

and a fractured vertebra
in my back.

Nothing too serious, though.

But for a bad back,
it's pretty mild.

Alfie came by my place
looking for you.

What did he say?

That you stole
some of his stuff.
40 grand worth.

I didn't steal it,
I swear.

I was just doing
my deliveries when
these guys jumped me.

- They must have
been following me.
- What guys?

I don't know.
I never seen
them before.

How did they know you
were working for Alfie?

How the fuck should I know?
People talk, you know.

What were you doing
working for him in
the first place?

It's not like I work
for the guy full-time.

I needed
some extra money.

I knew Alfie
was good for it.

No, I'm not
on dope again.

I was trying to
keep up with inflation.

Do you know
how much shit
you're in?


Alfie wants his stuff
back or the cash.

I'll never
be able to come up
with that kind of money.


Maybe if you talked to him--
explain what happened.

Frank, get serious.

He's liable to kill me
if I just show my face.

But maybe we can get
the stuff back.

- How we gonna do that?
- I know where the guys live.

Never seen them
before, huh?

I can't believe this.

I can't fuckin' believe
what an idiot you are!

- Good luck.
- You're leaving?

- Yeah,
I got some people to see.
- Oh, you mean Nathalie, eh?

Ever since you've been
hanging around with her,

you don't even have time
for me, not even two seconds.

Nathalie, huh?

That shows what kind
of memory you got.

Okay, okay, but what happened
between me and you was
a long time ago.

- I've changed since then.
- Then how come you're in
this mess right now?

You haven't
learned a thing!

Now I am tired
of paying for your--

[ Door closes ]

- Nat?
- Hmm?

I'm going to get going.

I guess the dress
didn't work.

It's okay.
I can always
take it back.


Hi. I'm Nathalie.

I did the photographs.

My boyfriend
did the paintings.

I'm ozzy Decker.

Of Decker fine art
on mountain street?

You know it?

Oh, yes.

I've seen almost
every show you've had
since you've opened.

How nice.

Um, if you have
any questions,

I'll be over there.

Oh, thank god you're here.

Listen, people
are starting to leave

and we're running
out of beer.

Don't worry about it.
I have a stash behind
the couch.

Who's the guy
in the suit?

That's ozzy Decker
from Decker fine art.

- No kidding?
- He doesn't seem
very friendly, though.

So be careful if you
try to talk to him.


Mr. Decker?
I'm frank Dante.


I was wondering if
you were gonna be here.

Oh, sure.

Uh, ozzy, can I
offer you something,
a beer?


What do you think
of my work?

I think your small canvases

are cramping your style.

As I see it,
with my experience,

the interest
will be in these
larger paintings.

- Interest?
- Yes.

I'm putting together
a group show of
local talent.

Your brushstrokes
are so bold.

- Are you with a gallery?
- Me? No, no gallery.

Good. Good.

This here
is my most
recent work.

I can tell.

I love this chaos.

This is very good.

This is very good.

Give me a call.


Better yet, come by
the gallery tomorrow.

3:00 sharp.

Sure thing,
Mr. Decker.

- Ozzy.
- Right.

Did you see
Nathalie's photos?

I think they're
pretty good.

See you tomorrow.

3:00 sharp.


- I'm sorry, Nathalie.
- That's okay.

Hey, frank?

- What are you doing here?
- Well, I was just on
the corner

trying to figure out
if you were home or not.

- Yeah. Well, I'm not.
- Frank, wait a minute.


- Did you get the stuff?
- Not yet.

- What are you waiting for?
- I was wondering if you
could come with me.

- You're nuts.
- Frank, slow down, will ya?

You know I can't
walk so fast.

Frank, it's not like
I'm asking you to sell
blood for me or something.

Frankie, please.
I got no one else.

You got no one!

Now, I spent a month
in jail 'cause I couldn't
make bail, for what?

For you,
for little Tony?

You're just damn lucky
I got off or I'd still
be sitting there rotting.

And where the fuck
were you, huh?

Look, Frankie,
I know you're never
gonna forgive me.

That's cool.
Hate me all you want.

Couldn't you just put this
on hold for 20 minutes?

- You got 20 minutes.
- What?

- Get in the fucking car.
I don't got all day.
- Yeah, yeah.

I see why you
want me to come here.

What happened over there?

Oh, that.

Some wino tried
to keep warm.

Man, did he get toasted.

That's not
so funny, Tony.

Relax, will you?
The guy's fine.

Last I heard,
he was going to
a.A. Meetings.

Of course, he's kind
of funny-looking now.

- Tony!
- Jeez.

Follow me.

Used to be
an old sugar refinery.

There's not much
here now.

It's got loads
of character,
don't you think?

Yeah, loads.

Frankie, you remember
the time I got lost

and mama sent you out
looking for me

and you found me
in that old tire dump?

It was something
like this, wasn't it?

Not quite like this,
but close.

Just like old times,
eh, Frankie?

Up here.

My back is killing me.

Caroline's stuff is over here
and her buddy's stuff
is over there.

Whose stuff is that?

- Uh, mine.
- You live here, Tony?

Well, yeah.
It's not as bad
as it looks.

And the rent's
dirt cheap.

Anyways, Mario says
I can stay with him
for a while,

so it's not like
I'm crashing here right now.

Hey, what the fuck
you doing?

- This one of
the guys that jumped you?
- Yeah, it's one of the guys!

- Oh, it's you.
- Fuckin' right!

- Where are the goods
you stole from me?
- Hey,

- don't have
a hemorrhage or nothin'.
- Frank: Where is it?

- Don't know.
- What do you mean,
you don't know?

Just that. Caroline
and slammer fucked off
with it early this morning.

They're probably
heading for the coast.

I don't believe this.

Yeah. They didn't
even leave me my cut.

- Cut? I'll give you a cut!
- Okay, look.

I'll think
of something else, okay?

Let's go!

- Wop shit, huh?
- [ Groaning ]

I'm a dead man. I know it.
I'm a fuckin' dead man.

Will you shut up?
I'm trying to think.

- [ Fingers tapping ]
- Will you stop that?

I've seen what
Alfie does to guys
who try to screw him.

Alfie's a businessman.

He's better off
giving you time
to come up with the money.

- Mario: Buon appetito!
- Jimmy: Grazie.

Mario, you said
that Jimmy lent you
some money, right?

- Yeah.
- Can you introduce me?

Frank, if I had the money,
I'd give it to you.
You know that.

Don't worry about it.
It's not your problem.

Jimmy, this here's
a buddy of mine, frank.

He wants to talk to you
for a minute.

Frank, that guy's
no different than Alfie.

You got any better ideas?

Sit down.

That's, uh,
my brother over there.

He got into
this car accident.

- The lawyer--
- how much?

40,000. But I'll have
no problem paying ya back.

And what do you do
for a living?

I'm a painter.

- Houses?
- No, pictures.

I wouldn't lend you money
if you were Michelangelo.

The last artist
I lent money to--

you know how much
I got back? Niente.

Now he paints
with his feet.

So beat it.
My lasagna's
getting cold.

Enjoy your meal.

Hey, frank.
Slow down, will you?

I can't go so fast.

Guess my 20 minutes
are up, huh?

Frank, I'm really sorry
I left the dope
at your place.

I wasn't thinking
too clearly.

Look, uh, I got to go, okay?
I got an appointment.

Well, well,
what do we
got here?

Hey, Alfie,
we were just on our way
to see you, honestly.


What the fuck are you doing?
Let him go!

Frankie, take it easy.

I just want to have
a talk with fuckhead here.
Wait here.

You said
we had a week!

Listen to the man.
He's just gonna talk.

What's the matter,
you little shit?

You fall off your bike?

Maybe you need
some training wheels, huh?

Maybe that's what you need,
some training wheels.

Oh, my god!
Alfie, don't!

Frank! Frank!




I just want to make sure
you got my message, Tony.

- No hard feelings.
- [ Siren blaring ]

Fuckin' bastard!
For Christ's sake, Alfie,
some guys ripped him off!

It wouldn't have happened
if he'd kept his mouth shut
about working for me.

Right, fuckhead?
And, you, big brother,

if he don't come up
with the money,

you better,
or I'll be coming
after both of you.

Come on.
Let's go.

- What are we going to do?
- Shh. It's okay.

- What are we going to do?
- Shh. It's okay, it's okay.

- I'm here to see ozzy Decker.
- He's in the back.


These guys should be
designing cereal boxes.

[ Laughs ]

- Ozzy?
- Frank.

Come on in.

Good to see you.
How you doing?

- Fine, sir.
- Take a seat, take a seat.

Just looking
at some bad art here.

I want to know...

Have you been thinking more
about me representing you?

Oh, I haven't had
to think about that
too much.


I want you to know
up front,

I take 50%.

Well, 50% is fine
with me.

- I guess it's
the going rate, right?
- Some take less.

Some take more.

If you'd like to wait
and talk to another dealer--

no, no, really.
It's fine with me, ozzy.

Tres bon.

I think we should

Would you like a beer,

fast car,
a wild woman?

- Name it.
- Uh, beer is fine.

Me, too.

Here you go.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.


This is a surprise.

How is it I've never
run across you before?

I thought I knew every
artist in this city
worth knowing.

I've only really
been doing it seriously
for about a year or so.

Before that, it was
just sort of like
in between jobs.


See these artist--

Say, ozzy, I'm just asking,
like, how much do you think

my paintings
would be worth?

The big ones.
Those are the ones.

The big ones.

3... maybe 4,000.

Less 50%, of course.

I'll try to ask more,
but the market has
changed a lot.

Oh, that's okay.

I was just wondering

if you would be able
to give me an advance
on my sales.

Sort of like a loan?

- How much?
- 40,000.

40? Whoa!
Pretty confident.

Even if you sell all
your paintings, you're still
gonna come up short.

When do you need it?

- The end of the week.
- The end of the week.

The end of the week,
the end of the week.

How well
can I trust you?

I can keep a secret
and I mind my own business...

If that's what
you're asking.

I want to show you
something. Come on.

Once everything is loaded,

that truck
will be carrying

almost 1/4 of a million
dollars worth of art.

Some corporations
prefer to rent,
not buy.

When that driver
signs that piece
of paper,

it means his company
takes full responsibility.

The insurance
is payable to moi.

Why you telling me
all this?

I want you
to steal the truck.

You're kidding me,


I'm not.

I had an extra set
of keys made yesterday

when they were
picking up another load.

You had this
all planned.

You're crazy.
I'm not doing it.


And you can forget
about handling
my paintings.

That's not
a good career move.


This happens to be
one of the best galleries
in town,

if not the best.

Let me ask
you something.

What do you need
the money for?

It's personal.

It's personal.

Sounds awfully important.

Yeah, it is.

Good evening.
Is the back open?

I think so.


I'm Nick.
You're frank.

Ozzy told me
about you.

Oh, yeah?
What did he tell you?

He tells me
you're an artist--

You know something?

I was supposed
to do this job.

You stole my job
from me.

[ Laughs ]

You get it?
You stole it.

Here. Ouzo.

You still think
you're not cut out for
this kind of work, frank?

- What do you think?
- Couldn't do better myself.

Just pay me my money
so I can leave.

My pleasure.

Very good.

Count it.

There's only
$1,000 there.


I thought I was
supposed to get 40,000.

There's no way

this little job
could be worth $40,000.

It's going to be months
before I see a dime
from my insurance.

What're you trying
to pull here, ozzy?

I'm not trying
to pull nothing.

You're $1,000 richer

right now than you were
a minute ago.

By this time next week,

you could have your 40.

- Right?
- Right.


It just depends on how
serious your problem is.

There's a small museum
just outside of Hudson.

It's only open during
the summer months.

The security
is nonexistent.

I would like for you
and Nick

to get me a painting...

- Tonight.
- I can't make it tonight.

- Why?
- Well, it's kind of
short notice.

You give a guy a little help
and look what happens.

Let me tell you

When you came
to see me today
for the first time,

I had no idea
what would develop

would be a
very interesting

You needed money.

I offered you
a means to make money.

I'm perfectly willing
to help you,

but we have to get
some things clear.

What's to clear up?
I steal, you pay me.

No, there's more to it
than that.

- I need some guarantees.
- Like what?

How dependable are you?


$40,000 worth,
then I'm gone.

That sounds good.

Here, I got a little
something for you.

Stay clean.

I think when
men work together,

they should know
a little bit about
each other.

We've been driving
for 25 minutes...

You haven't said a word.

Nice weather.

Don't you have
a radio in this heap?

Under the seat.

Why show it off?

Somebody would
steal it.

There are cassettes
under the seat, too.

[ Music playing ]

[ Music playing ]

Don't you got anything
better than this?

What's the matter with you?
You don't like bazooka music?

Forget it.

There are two reasons
why men steal--

greed and stupidity.
Which one's yours?

You forgot desperation.


You're a desperate man,
are you?

Yeah-- well, no,
my brother is.

Oh. So you steal
for your brother.

Can't he steal for himself?

Probably could.

But you are
a good brother.

You steal for him.


Because he's a little bit
under the weather these days.

Now can you just stop
with these questions
and drive?


- What's this?
- That is the painting

that you are going to steal.

[ Dog barking ]

Got lost.



This is a real
romantic spot.

Didn't you know?
I'm a real lady-killer.

So I heard.

You can see the prison
from over here.

In the daytime.

I need my money.

Pay for my way
out of the country.

I ain't plannin'
on spendin' the next
four years

starin' at this place
from over there.

Did you know they had
surveillance cameras?

- So I missed one.
- That's no excuse.

What are you bitchin' for?
Got your lousy painting,
didn't you?

Yeah, I did.

Thank you very much, Brian.

So give me my money
and I'll get out
of your face.

You know,

the police could
still find you.

So I'll hijack
a plane to Cuba.

Cuba? Cu--

- no.
- Got any suggestions?

Do I have
any suggestions?


Yes, I do.

You got to go somewhere.

Here's some money.

Count it.

But wherever you end up,

I don't want to get
any postcards.

Just remember,
we're in this together.

It's like... family.


- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.

[ Dog barking ]

Tell me, Brian.
If they find you,

- what are you gonna say?
- Nothin'!

I'm not gonna
tell them anything.


Bolt cutter.

No, no. I got
a bad shoulder.
You do it.

No, no, no.
I got them
for you.

This is creepy.

It should be.
It's haunted.

200 years ago,

they locked a party
of english soldiers in
the cellar, left them there.

No food, no water
till they died.

Sometimes on winter nights,

they say you can hear them

howling for food.

All right.
Now, first lesson,

don't touch anything.
Just look.

[ Rattling, thuds ]

All right.

Now check it out.

Are there any wires?
Any electrical contacts?

Go on.

[ Siren in distance ]


- Did you hear that?
- What?

It's the cops.

[ Siren blaring ]

Listen, if the cops
were coming here,

they wouldn't
have their sirens on.

Trust me.

Like when I did
Donald Trump's yacht.

They didn't have
their sirens on then.

Will you stop this talk?

It's getting closer.
I'm getting out of here.

Hey! You're beginning
to upset me.

You don't like my jokes.
You don't like my music.

Now you're telling
me how to behave like
a professional criminal.

Now just stand still,
listen, and you may
learn something.

[ Siren fading ]

Get on with it.

You mean just--
just-- just take it?

just unhook it.

See what I mean?
Piece of cake.

Come on.

I see I still got
a lot to teach you.

You should have been there
the night I robbed
onassis' boat.

- Frank: I thought it
was Donald Trump?
- Trump, onassis.

I robbed 'em both.

Now, at this
particular time,

onassis was still
going with this Greek
opera singer.

- Big lady.
- For Christ's sake.

She was the most
remarkable woman.

Bon vivant.

You wanna see
a good example

of 19th century frontier
American portraiture?

I wouldn't know,

$10,000 will buy
a lot of paint.

Don't make any plans
tomorrow night.

You're going
to be working.

See ya.

See ya later.


What do you think
of our new friend?

He's all right.
Where's Brian?

Uh, he decided
to leave town.

Let's go.

- Hey there.
- Hi.

- Famous yet?
- Nope.

- Did you make a deal
with him?
- Mm-hmm.


It's cold.

Couldn't you use
warm water?


Try and guess
what I'm painting.

Let me think.

A sun?

Try again.

A flower?


- An Indian chief.
- Ooh, can I see?

Wait. It's not done.

Why an Indian chief?

No particular reason.

[ Giggles ]

Can you hurry up?
It's starting to tickle.

It's almost done.

- Nathalie?
- Hmm?

Nathalie, you know
how much I love you.

Frank, is everything okay?


Yeah, everything's fine.

Just fine.

Here she comes.

Be ready.

Anna Maxwell,
it's wonderful
to see you again.

- Hope you had
a pleasant flight.
- It was adequate.

- You must be Nicholas.
- Nick.

- Can I get you a drink?
- No, thank you.

Okay. Well, then,
let's get down to business.

You will be happy to hear

we have the klee
for you tonight.

Everything has been set up.

There's more.
The cezanne we discussed.


The client has agreed
to our terms after all.

I want to take both paintings
with me in the morning.

- Both?
- Is that a problem?

No, no.
I think we can handle that.

You think?

We can handle that.


Our reputation suffered
greatly over that
forged Van gogh.

Hey, how was I to know?

Nick, don't take it

- Woman: Ozzy?
- Yes?

I'm sorry, but you
better come out here
for a minute.

Some detective
wants to see you.


This won't take long.

Excuse me. No, no, no.
Do not touch the painting.

I'm ozzy Decker.
May I help you?

Detective Austin,
special unit,

organized crime division.

- Weren't you here last week?
- That was me.

Hey, look,
I just came by

to drop off
this updated file
on the stolen paintings.

Stolen paintings?

There's a list there
and some pictures.

Now, keep an eye out
for that guy.

He's our prime suspect.

- This is getting out of hand.
- Yeah. No kidding.

Now we got
the insurance companies
breathing down our backs.

Well, you're probably
going to hear from mine.

- We already have.
- Good.

I got a client in here.
I gotta run.

- Thanks for coming by.
- Thanks for your help.

Stay on top of it.

Sorry about that.

I hope there isn't a problem.

No, no problem.
Everything is under control.

The cezanne
is worth $4 million
to the organization.

One million goes to you.

But if you
disappoint us, ozzy...

We will come after you
for our losses.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.


I'm taking the early morning
flight for London tomorrow.

I want both paintings
in my hands when I board.

You will have
both paintings
in your hand

when you board.

- Is it coming off yet?
- Sit still.

Now there's a reddish,
bluish tinge.


I can scrub harder,
but i-- you know...

I don't wanna hurt you.


...found stuffed in the trunk
of his luxury car.

Also found beside the body

was an extremely
valuable painting

reported stolen
only days ago.

So far,
police have no leads...

- Is it off yet?
- Almost, almost.

I can see you know
how to dress like a thief.

Don't kid yourself.
All my friends
dress this way.

Do you know a guy named
Chris Williams?



No. Don't know anyone
by that name.

They found him
shot dead in a car

- with a stolen painting.
- No kidding.

Hey, I guess we got
some competition.

[ Laughs ]

Well, we got
a lot of work
to do tonight.

Two jobs. Here.

Have some good
Greek coffee, hmm?

It'll sharpen you up.

[ Music playing ]

What, you teaching me
to be a peeping Tom?

Hey, I got porno movies
of my own at home.

I don't need this.

Is this real?

Of course it's real.

Where'd you
steal it from?

Some things
you do not steal.

This is my security.
One day I may need this.

For this,
I have receipts.

What are we waiting for?
It's obvious they're staying
in for the night.

Of course they're
staying in for the night.

But I wanna make sure
that he is in for the night
before we go in.

Wait a minute.
I'm not going in there
with anybody home.

Are you crazy?

This man has
a state-of-the-art
security system.

It is so good that
even I, the expert,
cannot break it.

The only time
any portion
of it is off

is when
he is at home.

So that is
when we go in.

Oh, ho, ho.

Cindy, I love you.

Okay, get the tools.

You carry them.

I got a bad back.

Thought it was
a bad shoulder.

The shoulder
is connected
to the back.

This is great.

Is that a friend
of yours?

One of many.

[ Giggles ]

Smile nice
for the camera,

- Did you hear something?
- Huh?

No, I didn't hear
a thing, sweetie.

Thought I heard
something fall.

Oh, not now.
Come here.

Oh, yes.
[ Moaning ]

Wired to
the security system.

Give me a knife
and the heavy-duty pliers.

Right. Now...

Cut the wall off?

- Yeah.
- [ Moaning continues ]

- Ah! Chipped some board wall.
- Shh!

When I was a boy in Greece,
the walls were made
of solid stone.

Stop talking
and keep cutting.

Okay, now.
Let's see here.


There she comes.

Gently, gently,
gently, gently, gently.


Put that away.

Hold these two
together for me.

Okay. Now...



Take your time. Relax.
They're enjoying it.

I'm sure they are.

- Where'd you learn this?
- Self-taught.

All right.


Now, then...

Now we just...

Hold it, hold it,
hold it, hold it,
hold it.


- Voila.
- Man: I'm gonna get
some more champagne.

- Shh!
- Woman: Oh, don't go.

- Come on.
- Stay with me.





What the hell?

Come back with
my painting!

[ Gunshot ]

Son of a bitch!


Shit! I knew
we shouldn't
have gone in!

- Fuck! We could've
gotten ourselves killed!
- You got the painting?

After all that,
you're still worried
about that fuckin' painting?

- Did you leave
the painting behind?
- No. It's in here.

Nick, what's wrong?

Nick: Ugh!

Hey, you're gonna
have to drive.

Ah, shit.

Aw, man.

Look, we should
take you to a hospital.

Just drive.

- We got a problem.
- How bad is that?

It's okay.
Got the painting,
it's in the back.

- Oh, god.
- I'll see Dr. Chin.

Oh, this is just great.

I wanna know
what happened.

- Did anyone see you?
- It was too dark.

You should've
been more careful.

You ever been
shot at before,

- It's not a nice feeling.
- The painting is a total

No klee. Do you know
what that means?

I know.
It means no pay tonight.

What do you mean,
"no pay"? I almost
got killed out there!

Maybe next time you will.
Right now you've earned

- Give me half, then.
- Not until you deliver.

Fuck this!
I'm not doing it

Get over here!
You understand this,
Mr. Dante?

- Do you understand this?
- Nick: Ozzy, ozzy...

he didn't
mean anything.

He's never been shot at before.
He's shaken up, that's all.

Ozzy, I need him to
take me to the doctor.

Okay. Go.

Go now.

Drive me to the doctor.

Come on, drive.

When's the last time
you had a tetanus shot?

About 12 months ago.

Dr. Chin:
It's very bad.

I can take the bullet out,

but I think there's
internal bleeding.

Just take it out.

But I don't have
any anesthetic.

You have better
than anesthetic.

[ Speaking Chinese ]

I should take
you to a hospital.
This guy's just a junkie.

Don't be stupid.
You go to a hospital,

they see it's a gunshot wound,
they call the police.

You mustn't
move around
too much.

Wound is very serious.

Could cause
a lot of trouble.

It'll be fine.

For you.

Dr. Chin:
Here. Take this for pain.

- [ Pager beeping ]
- Dr. Chin: Oh, excuse me.

Come on.
I'll drive you home.

Not until I have
a cezanne.

I already told you,
I'm not doing it.

I thought you told me
that your brother needed
some money.

- I'll manage.
- You'll man--


I give you
an opportunity
to earn some money

and you only do
half the job.

Now I want
that money.

Look, Nick,
I don't owe
you a thing.

You got your
money's worth.

Fine, kid.


You go home.

I'll manage by myself.

Okay, look.
Even if I do it,

even if I do it,
what guarantees
do I have

that I won't end up
in the trunk of a car
with my head blown off?

What guarantee
have you got now?


what are you doing here?

I just wanted
to talk to frank.

He went out, I guess.

I don't know
when he'll be back.

Do you mind
if I wait?

Could be
a long time.

What happened
to you?

I fell off my bike.

Frank knows
all about it.

Really? And when
did you talk to frank?

A couple
of nights ago.

Maybe you'd better
wait inside.

Nathalie: Strange.

Frank didn't tell me
about talking to you.

Why do you suppose
that is?

I guess he didn't
wanna upset you.

I like what you guys did
to this place.

Yeah. It's been a while
since you've been here.

The last time,
you kind of left
something behind.

Going to leave any more
goodies laying around
for the cops to find?

Look, Nathalie,

I'm as sorry
as a guy can get
about what happened.

But frank and me,
we made up.

Everything's cool
between us now.


Here. Give it.

Tony, hi.

Could I talk to you
a minute?

So you had to help
Mario fix the sign.

- Look, Nathalie--
- you lied to me.

What was I
supposed to do?
He's my brother.

- As if that's
a good enough reason.
- Yeah, maybe it is.

I can't believe this.

You swore
you never wanted
to see him again.

Now here you are acting
like nothing happened.

Lay off. It's none
of your business.

Every time he shows up,
he trashes our lives.

I'd say
that's my business.

Trash the place.

- Hey, look, guys--
- you shut up.

- Nathalie, I'm sorry.
- Just get out.

Jesus, frank,
can you slow down?

I guess Nathalie
still hates my guts, huh?

- Where are we going?
- To see Alfie.

- You got all the money?
- No.

- Then why the fuck--
- shut up, Tony!
Just shut up!

Aw, man!

[ Music playing ]

What are you guys
doing here?

Where's Alfie?

Frank, are you sure
about this?

Stay quiet.

He'll be down
in a minute.

can I get a beer?

[ Knocks ]

- Who is it?
- Ozzy: It's ozzy.

I know it's late.

- Did I wake you?
- No. I wasn't sleeping.

Good. Is frank here?


I need to speak to him.
It's very urgent.

He left with his brother.
I don't know when
he'll be back.

Would you mind
if I waited?

I have a client
that's leaving on
a very early flight

and I need to talk
to frank tonight.

- Okay.
- Good.

Hey, Tony,
let's see some I.D.

So you guys got
something for me?

Here's 11 grand.

Consider it
a down payment.

Good, good.
Glad to see you boys
are working on it.

- When do I get the rest?
- Whenever I get it.

Okay. I guess you guys
are good for it.

Enjoy the show, boys.

So where'd you
get the money?

Sold a few paintings.

Frank, I'm really
sorry I got you
into this mess.

Really, I mean it.

It's just--i just
can't seem to get my
shit together, you know.

I'm not smart like you
or talented.

I'm just a fuck-up.

What's gonna happen
to you, Tony, huh?

Am I gonna find you dead
in a ditch someplace?

- Frank, I promise--
- no, no. No more
promises, okay?

I stopped believing them
a long time ago.

So what do you want me
to do? Name it.

What did mama say, huh?

Just before she died,
what did she say?

- "Try."
- "try."

Just a little bit.


- Nathalie.
- Nick: She's not here.

Where is she?

I don't know.
Ozzy called me.

He said you'd be helping me
get the cezanne tonight.

He said he had something
that you wanted.

If that bastard
lays a hand on her,

I'll kill him.
I swear to god
I'll kill him!

What did you expect?

- I'm gonna call the police.
- Get serious.

Just give him
what he wants.

As long as frank
does the right thing,

you have nothing
to worry about.

He's right.

He does know
how to keep
a secret.

As soon as he gets here
with my painting,

we'll all be able
to go home.

You have soft skin.

Just relax.

Just relax,
just relax.

Take this.

Hey, I don't plan
on shooting anybody.

You just use it
to frighten them.

Trust me,
it's effective.
Go on.

Now, you'll find
everything you need
in this bag.

The painting's
in the large room

with the big

Good luck.

[ Man talking on radio ]

[ Phone rings ]

Good evening.
Sportsmen's club.

A briefcase?

I'll go check.
Hold on a minute.

Uh, yeah, yeah.
Got it right here.

Okay. See you then.

[ Man talking on radio ]

[ Alarm blaring ]


Hold it!

[ Tires screech ]

There's nothing to worry about.
This is all gonna be fine.

[ Horn honks ]

Stay put till
I tell you to move.

[ Garage door opening ]

Feel better now?

Here she is,
safe and sound.

- Nathalie, are you okay?
- I'm okay.

- Did he hurt you?
- I'm okay.

Ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh.

This canvas is superb.

You're getting to be quite
a pro at this, Mr. Dante.

Ozzy: Put this in the car.
I've got some business
to take care of.

If you would have listened
to Nick in the first place,

you would have spared
your sweetheart

so much trouble.

Okay, look.

You got your painting.
Now what more do you want?

I don't want
anything else from you.

I have all your paintings.

Now maybe when you're dead,

the value

will climb
through the roof.

Oh, that's so sweet.

- Hey!
- Ozzy, come on.

- What?
- Let frank go.
He did it.

Listen. Right now,
at this point in time,
I want you to shut up

and go wait for me
in the car.


Let go!
Let go!

I said let him go, oz.

- Please, let him go.
- Okay, okay, okay.

All right.


[ Crying ]

Take me
to the airport.

It's okay, it's okay.

Come on, it's okay.

Woman over P.A.:
Flight 94 to London
is now boarding at gate five.

All passengers
for London...

So what are you gonna do
with all the money?

I'm going
back to Greece.

Hate the winters here.

Always wanted to buy
a little villa in mykonos.

Maybe you and the girl
can come and visit me
some time, huh?

Mrs. Maxwell.

- Where's ozzy?
- Couldn't make it.

I got something
for you.

Where's the klee?

Uh, ask ozzy next
time you see him.

You'll get the rest
when I get the other picture.

Have a good trip.

Now we should take you
to a doctor, okay?


This should solve
your financial problem.

- No, Nick.
I can't take it.
- Go on, take it.

- No. I don't feel
right about it.
- You earned it.

Not enough, eh?
Okay, here.

No, no, Nick.
No, stop, Nick.

It's not that. It's...

If I were to take it,
it'd mean that everything
I've done is okay

- and it's not.
- What's so wrong about it?

Nick, you've been doing
this for far too long.

Yeah, right.

I want you
to have this.

- Here, take it.
- No, Nick. I can't take this.

It's all right,
it's all right.

It's the only thing
I ever paid for.

I want you to keep it

as a souvenir.


when you sell it,

don't take anything
less than $45,000.

Okay, Nick.
We should really take
you to a doctor, though.

No, no.

I fly to Athens
in two hours.

I'll be all right.
I'll take a nap here.

Okay. You sure
you'll be all right?

Hey, I've got
Dr. Chin's magic pills.

Go on, now.

I'll send you
a photograph of myself
from, uh, outside my villa.

Woman over P.A.:
Final boarding call
for flight 17 to Paris,

now boarding at gate nine.

All passengers
for flight 17 to Paris,
proceed immediately.

- Don't touch me!
- Please, Nathalie,
let me explain.

- I don't want to hear it!
- Nathalie.


- Nathalie,
just let me explain.
- Let go of me!

Nathalie, they were gonna
kill Tony. I didn't know
what else to do.

Look, I don't want to hear it!
Just-- just leave me alone!

- Nathalie, please.
- I don't want to ever
see you again!

- You understand that?
- Nathalie, I love you.

Nathalie, please.
You got to understand that.

I don't want you
to leave me.

Please? Come on.

Woman over P.A.:
Final boarding call
for flight 1104 to Athens.

Now boarding at gate 12.

All passengers
for flight 1104 to Athens,

proceed immediately
to gate 12.

[ Slurping ]

[ Music playing ]

♪ Everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ yeah, don't you know
everybody's watching you? ♪

♪ Everybody's watching you

♪ yeah, you got to beware

♪ steppin' through playgrounds,
dancing down highways ♪

♪ flying over cities,
I twist and dance ♪

♪ while I'm standing in
a tollbooth, sloping up
the road ♪

♪ looking over my shoulder,
slipping through the window ♪

♪ yeah, watch out

♪ watch out

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ I'm lurking down
alleyways ♪

♪ keeping out of sun,
I'm in the shadows of k.C. ♪

♪ I'm hiding in a doorway,
stealing down a back road ♪

♪ got my bass in his face,
then I throw in a beat ♪

♪ who-o-a, whoa, whoa

♪ watch out

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

[ siren blaring ]

♪ Running through
the red lights ♪

♪ jumping over live wires,
hopping down fire escapes ♪

♪ stopping the main line,
climbing out of hard times ♪

♪ living on the street,
crowd staring through
the moonlight ♪

♪ staring at a cold lie

- ♪ who-o-a, whoa, whoa
- ♪ watch out

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ Whoa

♪ watch out

♪ who-o-a, whoa, whoa

- ♪ watch out
- ♪ who-o-a, whoa, whoa

♪ stealing in a dark place,
living out a suitcase ♪

♪ picking the wild cards,
hiding in the shadows ♪

♪ stealing up drainpipes,
crawling through a skylight ♪

♪ dropping in a late night,
staying out of fistfights. ♪

- ♪ Watch out
- ♪ who-o-a, whoa, whoa

- ♪ watch out
- ♪ who-o-a, whoa, whoa

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you

♪ everybody's watching you.