Cantonen Iron Kung Foo (1979) - full transcript

A power-hungry man forces the townspeople in a small village to a fight-to-the-death kung fu match. When one of his friends are killed, Iron Bridge Kun (Leung Kar Yan) learns kung fu from a mysterious man named Jin and tries to defeat the bad guy and his fighters. Will his skills be good enough to protect the town? Cantomen Iron Kung Fu is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts movie. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Multicom jingle)

(triumphant fanfare music)

- [Narrator] In the Qing dynasty,

martial arts gained in popularity

in the southern province of Kwangtung.

Virtually everybody learned
some form of kung fu,

and a number of master boxers emerged.

Among the best of them,
was a group of fighters

who became known as the
10 Tigers of Kwangtung.

Their leader was Tit Kiu Sam.

(cymbals crashing)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Hey brother, why you
won't challenge him?

- Come on you can do it!

- Okay!

- The one you challenge, come on!

- Yeah, you go ahead, challenge him.

- Come on!

- Challenge going here, eh?

(men talking over each other)

- Hey listen!

We won't let him beat you!

Go on!

(men talking over each other)

- Come on you guys, hurry up, come on!

Come on!

Go, man, go.

Come on!

Come on!

Come on, come on, come on!

- Hey, wanna make a bet?

- Right, what's the deal?

- 10 to one, on the black one.

- Okay, I'll bet you.


- [Man] Yeah, I'm on that too!

- Come on, come on, come on!

- Go!


Go ahead!

(men yelling over each other)

- Come on, come on, come on!

(men chanting)




- [Fighter] Okay!




- Third Brother wins!

(all cheering)

Third Brother wins!


- You okay?

- Come on, I won't give up!

Except maybe today.


- Good on you!

- Good, good, come on!

Very good.

- All right, all right,
that's enough, that's enough.

Back to work, eh!

Go on!

- Come on, come on, come on.

So long!

- Goodbye.

- [Man] Goodbye.

- See ya.

- [Man] See ya later.

- Hey, Sa Kim.

What is all this?

They're competitors!

And yet, you treat them as your friends!

You shouldn't do that!

- What I do, is my business!

- [Foreman] I'm the foreman!

- Foreman?

You're backman!

You're too big for your boots!

Back to work, come on!

Start work!

- Where's our money?

- The guy run away with it all!

- Did he?

Damn him, I'll kill him!

- Hey, you won!

How about me, I'm hurt!


- Hey, you all right?
- Easy!

(light orchestral music)


- Hey Uncle, you rest,
I'll take your place.



Uncle, you can rest here.

You just stay there.

- [Uncle] Thank you.

- Hey, listen.

In this place here, everyone works!

- Look, you listen.

He's a sick man, and I
say I'm gonna help him!


- [Foreman] Hey, hurry up!

- Come on.

Come on.

One more.

- Brother!

- Okay, I'm okay.

- [Worker] Hey, you there!

Is my food ready yet!

Hurry it up will ya, I'm starving!


- There you are!

- You're too slow!
- What?

(men talking over each other)


- What would you like?

- Some beef.
- Beef!

- Beef, right!

- Hey, I hear that Dragon and Phoenix

fight troop is real good!

- Hey, he's talking
about that girl singer.

Went there, she's good!

And pretty!

And that little figure of hers,

drive men mad!


- You got a one track mind!

- Who the hell likes opera!

Not me, I won't go there!

(all shouting over each other)

- All right!

All right!

Let's bet on it.

- Right!
- Fine!

Here we go!

- [All] One,




















- Here's your food then, come on and eat.




- Hey!

Where's my money then?



Hey, come back!

Where's my money?

- What the hell, hey buddy!



- Damn you, you idiot!

- Now listen, you.

You watch your tongue!


- Hold it!

Now calm down!

- No way, let go!


- [Man] Who are you?

- Leung Kwan, but they
call me the Third Brother.


(dramatic music)

(stick clatters)

- Brother?

My fight's not with you.


- Well, you give in?


Do you?

- I don't give in!

(punches smacking)


- A bet's in!

- What odds?

- 10 to one!

- Well I bet, I get to smash your nose!


- No bet.

No bet.

I'd lose.


(punches slapping)

- Hey hey hey, don't fight, don't fight!

What can you prove here?

You're wasting time!

I have a suggestion.

- What's that?

- There are two fighters.
(punches slapping)

At the temple!

Whoever beats one of them is the winner.

Well then?

- [Both] Okay.


- Ah, let's go.

There are two fighters, one is Fai Long,

other's Meng Fu.

Both are equally good, no one's beat them.

They hate each other!

So two chairs have been set up for them.

Fai Long has tremendous strength.

Just by using the tip of his fingers,

he can throw a 200 pound bag of rice.

So far no one has been
able match him at all.

(suspenseful music)

Meng Fu is the master of
the seven section whip.

Despite his age he's very fast and agile.

Meng Fu will challenge Fai Long

by trying to throw the rice bag.

Fai Long is extremely wary of facing

the seven section whip.


So which of them is the best fighter

has yet to be determined.



Hurry, hurry.

(villagers murmuring)

Hey, come on, move!

Out of the way!

Now then, which one for you?


You're strong, you challenge Fai Long.

And you, well you take on Meng Fu.

- Easy.

(light orchestral music)

After you.

- Master, I'll need a staff.

- One to challenge?

- Sure.

- Here.


(gong crashing)

- Okay?

(villagers cheering)

- Hey!

He managed it!

My turn.


- He's good!


- [Meng Fu] Hey, feller!

You got enough urge to try this?

- Sure.

- [Meng Fu] Catch!


(chain rattling)

(suspenseful music)


(audience cheering)

- Well?


- Hey, you weren't too bad!

- Nor were you!

Hey listen, let's go.

Come for a drink.

- Where's my stick?

- Here.
- And my chain?

- Hey, come on!

- All right, let's go.

(all chattering)

Hey, some wine!

(men talking over each other)

Hey come on.


- My turn!

- That is his wine!


(chimes twinkling)


- Here!

- Hey now, wait!

My turn!

I've been looking forward to this.

(knuckles cracking)

- I think you're too fat!

Here, here it is!





- You!

Oh you!

Come on!

- Here, here! (laughing)


- Give it here!


Come here, you!

Come here!


- Little bastard!

- Hey!


- Hey, come on down here again!

- Boy you!

About time I showed you kung fu!

- Okay!


- Like a dog!

- Hey, where're you going?



- Well you really look
like a chicken to me, kid!


- Hey you, you want trouble?

- Hey, leave him, have a drink.

- Okay, be right there!

You push off!

- Here, come on.

Come on.

- Hey Chang. your meat!


- Thank you, thank you.

Hey, it's all dirty!
- Come on, sit down.

Come on.

- Hey, sit down.

Have a drink.

- Cheers!
- Cheers to you!

- Hey, come and have a drink!

- Yeah, come on!

- Come on!


(dramatic music)
- Choy Wan Jin.

- Come in, please!

- I want someone.

Choy Wan Jin.

- Well, he's probably at his shop.


Just turn to the left.

- Choy's been here for years.

Never has visitors, never.

You know him?

- Sure, know of him.

I've never seen him!

- Strange.

Where's he get his money?

- Well now.


Are you in trouble again?

- Master Lin, you know
me much better than that!

- How Kwan?

- Master Lin!

- Hey, Master Lin!
- Master Lin!

- Join us, sir.

- Kwan, have you made a
decision yet on my offer?

- I'm sorry, I can't accept.

- You understand, that I
really do need your help.

- I'm very sorry.

- We'd hoped you'd accept.

- Hey, listen, why not reconsider?

You work must too hard to choose,

and Mr. Lin pays more!

- Now what's the point
of discussing it further?

It's not a question of money.

The men there, they need my
help much more than you do.

- You're just stubborn!

- No.

Ha Kwan has made up his mind.

It's his decision.

- Hey, Ha Kwan, your head's like a rock!


- You, you've got rocks in your head!

- Huh?

So you waste your time sitting
here drinking with this lot!

Come on!

You come home!

Come on!


- Do you have to shout quiet so loudly?

You're embarrassing me!

- You, you're stupid!

Now you come home right now!

- Yes, my dear.


- [Wife] Now come on,
I've had enough of you.

(peaceful music)

- Hey Kwan.

It's a long trip this time.

You be careful.

- Don't worry, I'll be okay.


Let's go!

- Right.

- Hey, excuse me, is the boss here?

- Back there.

- Hey, what do you want.

- [Yu] Oh, I've just
arrived, looking for work.

- Don't need anyone, push off.

Come on.

- Hey, you go and try Mr Lin's store.

- Thank you.

- And why did you come to this town?

- Came to live.

- Don't look like a laborer, not to me.

- I'm strong enough.

- Okay, you start tomorrow, eight o'clock.

- Thanks.

(gong crashes)

- Master, your message sounded urgent.

What was the hurry?

- [Black Eagle] I've been in
this town for five years now.

All of the goods from the
North pass through here,

and if we can control the roads,

the rivers, and the docks,

we can make a fortune.

Hey just one problem,
we've got competition!

- Oh, who?

- [Black Eagle] His name is Lin Dao Hoi!

- Mmmm.

(tapping pipe)

- [Black Eagle] He owns
the shipping company,

and you know I can't be seen so I want you

to get rid of the opposition for me.

- Right!

Don't worry, I'll fix it.

- [Black Eagle] That's fine.

- Oh Master, on the way
here I heard of a rumor.

Tae Pu Chin is here too, in Kwangtung.

- [Black Eagle] What?


I can handle him!

You do your job tomorrow!

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- Hey they cause trouble at Pen Fang Shen!

- They control everything!

- [Man] They tried to take
over here and let go as well.

Let's show 'em it's not so easy.

We won't give in without
a fight like that!

We're not so easy.

(men talking over each other)


- Listen to me!

Now listen carefully.

- [Man] Why, who are you?

- We've fought all over the
country, have never been beaten.

And now we're in Ho Ko.

Anyone here stupid enough to resist?

(suspenseful music)

Speak up, right now.

What then?


They'll leave horizontally,
you understand?

Come on then, anyone want a swipe?

Come on, you!

(men talking over each other)

(all chattering)

- Now!

I've had enough!

- They can't come here!

And just do what they want!

I'm gonna fight!

- I'll join you!
- Yeah!

- We've gotta try!

- Right!
- Come on!

- [All] Let's go.

(dramatic music)

(all chattering)

- Hey Yu, hey Yu!

You going?

- I'm not afraid of bandits like them!

Well, are you?

- Huh?

Me afraid?



- It's too much.

It's too much!

It's just too much!

- Right!

They must think we're really

a bunch of useless idiots, right?

- We shouldn't take anymore!

- God damnit!

I'll go teach 'em a lesson!


- Hey, hey strong man!

You've gone crazy?

- Shut up you!

Listen you, don't you make me mad!

- Right, I promise.

I'm coming down.

(suspenseful music)

I'm going too, come on.

- Let's go.

(punches slapping)

- You here to challenge us?



Anyone else wanna try?

Come on!

- [Man] Me!

(suspenseful music)


(punches slapping)

- Here!



You overestimate yourself, don't ya?

- [Fighter] Yeah!


- Well come on, is everyone so useless?

Who wants to come up here and die?

(all murmuring)

Anyone else?

Well come on and try!

Come on then, you bunch of cowards!


- Do you believe everybody is so easy!

Well try me!


- You're crazy!

- Look, it's Yu!

(punches slapping)

- What's the matter?

Can't fight alone?

- All right stop it, leave him!

(punches slapping)

- Well, you can fight then.

- Come on then, son.

There's only me.

- And you'll regret it!

(punches slapping)


- Oh no!

He's no match for him!

- You, you, I'll get you!


(chair clattering)


- Yu!

Hey Yu!

Are you okay?

- [Yu] Let me be!


(punches slapping)

(all chattering)

- No!

He's in bad shape!

Let's go!

- We'll be back!

It's not over yet!

- Why all the yelling then?

You idiots!

You try, come on then!

- Doctor, he's had two doses already.

Now when do you think
he's going to improve?

- Mmm, your friend is hurt too badly,

I'm sorry.

- Doctor!

There must be something you can do!

- I beg you to please save him!

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Hey Yu, hey Yu!

- Hey!

Where're you going?

- To fight them!

- Stop now, now you cretin!

Do you think that I'd
like to end up a widow?

- Let him rest a while.

I must go get some more herbs.

- I'll come too!

- Be careful!


- Brother, thank God you're here!

- What's wrong!

- It's Hai Yu!

- [Both] Brother!

- He--
- Hai Yu!

Hai Yu!

I heard something was wrong.

I rushed back!

Listen, Hai Yu, we've only been friends

for a short while.

Don't die!

- I won't die in peace!

You must, you must! (grunting)

- Hai Yu, what is it?

- What he wants, he's saying avenge him

and get his killers!

- Don't you worry.

- Wait, you're going to fight.

- Right?

- You can't go.

- I must go, and I'm going.

For Hai Yu, for Haku!

- You!

Come, come outside.

And talk.

Come on!

If you can pass, you can go!

- Master, sorry.

(punches slapping)


- Get up!

And use your real skills.

(punches slapping)

You don't know how to
fight and still want to go?

- I have to go!

- But why though, you can't win!

- At least I can try my best!

And now let let me go!

- You must be crazy!

- [Friend] Hai Yu!

- [Man] Hai Yu!

Hai Yu!

- [Friend] Hai Yu!

(suspenseful music)

- Who are you?

- My name doesn't matter.

It's what you're doing here that does!

I'm here to settle an account!

- Oh, you represent a friend, do you?


You know that it's a fight to the death?

And I suppose you came prepared?

- For a friend, I'd gladly die!

- Right!

Glad to hear it!

Because in a short while you
can join your friend in hell!

(punches slapping)

You're a little tougher than I expected!

- Well I thought you'd be better!

- I haven't even started yet!

(punches slapping)

Watch it!

- All right, you finish
pushing people around!

(punches slapping)


(punches slapping)


(dramatic music)


- Now come!

Let's go, come on!

- No!

He's gotta die!

- Go!

That bet's not so easy!

- We plan to leave now,
and you can't stop us!

- So you came to challenge me!

And you think that you can leave now!


(punches slapping)

Hung style!

- That's right.

It's just a hobby, nothing serious.

- You think you're pretty good?

Well, then let's continue!

- No!

I didn't come to fight.

I'm sorry I troubled you.

- Brother!



Brother, Hai Yu!

- What's wrong?

- [Man] He's dead!

- Forgive us.

- Hai Yu.

I'm sorry.

- Brother, don't say that!

It's not your fault!

(somber music)

- Enough of this!

Leung Kwan, get up now!

- Teach me kung fu, then I will.

- I know how you feel.

All right, I'll teach you.

As much as I know, but get up now.

- [Black Eagle] He still
hasn't challenged you!

- Not yet.

I don't understand!

It's been almost seven days

since we started to fight them all.

It's strange.

Jin hasn't challenged me yet.

- [Black Eagle] While
he's alive, I can't rest!

Keep fighting, till he shows himself!

- Early today a well man came.

I heard that he works for you,

and when I was about to kill him

Lin Tao-hoi suddenly appeared!

- [Black Eagle] Lin Tao-hoi?

He fight well?

- We didn't really fight,

but he seemed good.

- [Black Eagle] Good?

He's nothing to worry about!

- Mmm.

That's right!

Nothing to worry about!

With both of us here!

Your brawn, and my exceptional abilities!

(dramatic music)

- See kick!


Straight bridge!



(knuckles cracking)








Now you've learned the
12 bridges of Hung style.

(rings clattering)

By carrying heavy loads over time,

you have developed strong arms and legs.

You must spend more time
on your bridge hand.

Bridge hands attack and defend together.

Bridge hands attack and defend together!

Attack, defend!



- [Thief] Hey Brother!

- What's this, you still playing the fool?

You'll get hurt!

You idiot.

- I see you're in trouble again.

- What good is all that?

Such a strong body!

Only good for working on a farm.

He's just a wild ox!





Help me up!

- He really is vicious!

He's killed a lot of those men!

And he's injured the rest!

- Yeah, you're right!

Even Yao Lang, he was beaten!

- It's real bad, but what can we do?

- Hey, there'll be a lot more dead!

- Sure!

Let's stop him!

- Yeah right, right!

- But why?

Why can't anyone handle him!

(dramatic music)

He seems so familiar.

Where have I seen him before?

- Spear is left!

Spear right.

In the middle!

Spears all around!

Lazy man with a pole!

Shoulder right, shoulder left!

Give em, oh!

(all laughing)

- Idiots!

Can't recognize, the special flower style!

- [Man] Hey what is this?

Come on, get down!

- Master Chow can't come today.

But no worry, I've come
here to take his place.

Now anyone here with the
guts to challenge me,

come up, come on, come up!

(all jeering)


Come on up.

Hey I told you, come up here.

Come on!

- Call out your chief.

- I'm the chief here!

On guard!



(suspenseful music)

- Listen you little queer!

You tell your chief to lay off here!

Otherwise, I'll kill him!


- And who the hell do you think you are?

- A coolie!

- Oh, a coolie?

Let's see you handle this!

- Master, Master, don't fight!

- No let me go, let me go!

(mischievous music)


See that?

That's chicken style!

- Chicken!

I'll take a drumstick!

- Peck to the left!

Peck to the right!

Peck below, peck above!

A peck love and oh!

- Hey you're gonna cap hole.

You'll lose your pecker!



Another one!

Go play with the chicken!


- Oh Master, Master!

Master, Master?

Wake up, young Master!

Master, are you all right?


- [Black Eagle] Is it really him?

- There's no mistake.

It was him all right.

Came to the fighting place, like you said.

Knows Eagle boxing too.

And then he left!

- [Black Eagle] So he's
out of hiding at last!

- He won't get away!

Listen, he's working
now at a Hoi Far store!

- [Black Eagle] Oh, Hoi Far store.

- Master, what should we do now?

- [Black Eagle] I want you to get him!

No matter how!

- Hey, he's here!

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- What do you want?

- Whereabouts are the men?

Then you can go.

- Who?

- Chin Hsuan.

- Don't know.

- We'll make you.

(heavy kicking and punching)

Now do you know?

- I don't know the man, I don't.

- He works the same place
you do, you must know!

- Even if I did know,
you think I'd tell you.

(heavy kicking and punching)

- [Man] Talk.

- I won't.


I'll never tell you.



- Who's there?

Oh, it's you.

What do you want?

- Where's Chin Hsuan?

- Don't know him.

Now leave.

- Tell me, talk!

- Listen, who do you think you are?

You have no right to go
around bullying people

the way you have.

You hear me?

(heavy kicking and punching)


- What did you say?

- Let me down first.

Strongman Yung and Cheng Ying are dead.

- Huh?

Who killed them?

- I, I don't know.

- Talk!

- I really don't know.

Where are you going?

- I'm going to...


- Yeh Tsai.

- What did you say?

- Yeh Tsai.

- Yeh Tsai.

- He seems to be a good friend but then,

since he arrived, everything's happened.

Just who is he?

- Those two men were among the
best friends that I ever had.

If I don't avenge them,
they'll never rest in peace.

- Listen, he must still be there.

- No matter, wherever
he's gone, I'll find him.

If it was--

- Brother, listen, I'll come and help you.

- Hey, Foreman Lin, would
you like some noodles?


(suspenseful orchestral music)

- Fall in, this is our Master Chou.

- [Man] Hello, Master.

- Master wants to discuss someone.

- Who?

- Is the Coolie in your store, Chin Hsuan.

- Chin Hsuan?

Don't know him.

- Huh?

- I really don't, the truth.

Was one man, name was
Yeh he came for a job.

Hired him, we were short.

- You've never seen him before?

- [Man] No, never.

- Hard to believe.

- [Man] It's the truth, Master Chou.

- [Chou] What does he look like?

Tell me.

- Medium sized, very strong.

He didn't look like a worker

- I want you to do something for me.

- What is it?

- Kill Lin Ta-hai.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- I can't, Master Chou.

I can't.

- You must.

You know about us.

Do it and you will be
the boss of the shop.

Otherwise you will die.

- [Man] Please Mr Chou, I don't dare.

I can't do it, please Mr Chou.

- [Chou] Who's there?

- Oooh.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- Defend yourself, defend
yourself, defend yourself,

defend yourself.

Stop, one move and you're dead.


Hold it, no guts to fight me then?

The famous Chao Tzu-lung wins once again.

I'm unbeatable.


Hold it.

You won't escape, I got you cornered.


Well it's you, huh?

Today, my friend, we fight
200 rounds before I kill you.

Well then, do you accept?

Wait now!

You brought no weapon?

Never mind.

Use mine.


Take it.

- Idiot, I've no time to play around.

I'm leaving.

- You dare refuse to fight
with the great Chou Tao Ling.

En guard.



That was a strike.


I guess you met your match.

- Now I'll show you something.


- Oh, that was my backside.

- Next time, I'll break it.


(heavy punching)

Well at least now you look the part.



- You have been spying around here.

- No.

- Too bad, you can't get away.

(heavy kicking and punching)


- Well, it all points to him.

- You talking about Yeh Tsai?

- Where could he be?

Been missing for days.


- I said don't call me Master.

- Master...

- There's been a lot of
trouble at the warehouse.

It takes all my time.

I can't teach you.

Go on then.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

What is it?

- Master, it's getting late,
I've brought you some tea.

- Oh, put it there.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

What you waiting for?

Something else?

- [Man] Master, you're
tired, drink the tea

while it's still hot, huh?

- What's happening for the funerals

for Yung and Cheng Ying?

- Master, I made all the arrangements.

- All right, I'm going to bed.

- Yes, goodnight.

Hey, hey.

Everything is taken care
of, they are all sleeping.

You can take over now.


- Who's there?

(suspenseful orchestral music)

What the hell do you
mean by busting in here!


- We want your life.

- Wait, I know some Kung fu.

But I'm a businessman, not a fighter.

Tell me, how have I offended you?

- I'm sorry, you won't
live to worry about it.

(heavy kicking and punching)

- You force me.


If you get killed tonight,
then it's your fault.

- [Man] Old man, you'll die!



(heavy kicking and punching)

- Ha, you're no match for us.


Ha, hung star,

you're gonna have to do
much better than that.

- [Lin] What do you suggest?

- Listen old man, you're finished.

Nothing can save you now.

- Well, come on then.

Make the first move.

- It's time to die.


(heavy kicking and punching)


(suspenseful orchestral music)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(all murmuring)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Master.

How did he die?

How did he die?

- They say, he was drinking wine.

He got drunk and fell in
the river and drowned.

- He smelled of wine all right

and when they brought his
body back to the store--

- Yes, he must have been very careless?

- It's not true.

- He didn't drink wine.

It can't be the truth.

- Listen, he was murdered.

He was murdered.

Somebody will pay.

I swear to find out the truth.

- Quiet on down, quiet on down.

(all murmuring)

Listen, Master Lin owed some money.

So then I've arranged to sell the store

and the Wan Chin will buy it.

Meanwhile, I'll take
care of everything here.

(all murmuring)

Now, look, you'll be okay.

Now go back to work.

(all murmuring)

Quieten down, now listen to me.

Quieten down.

Quiet, now listen.

Go to work, go to work.

- Hey, look.

- Huh?


- [Man] Mind you backs.

Out of the way.

- [Lin] Boss, we're glad you could come.

(mysterious orchestral music)

- No problems?

- No problems, everything's okay.

Now, boss don't you
worry, everything is okay.

- Good.

(all grunting)

- [Man] Get to work.

Move It!

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- Hey, listen, much further?

- No, we're here.

And Chou?

- Lin Fu.

- Master, they said you wanted me?

- Lin Fu, I made you a promise

that if Lin Ta Hoi died

then you could run he business.

- Thank you, Thank you, Master Chao.

- But now though, you know too much.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

You got to die.

(heavy kicking and punching)


(heavy kicking and punching)



(suspenseful orchestral music)

Who's that?

(heavy punching)

Oh, the Coolie Ah Kun.


You wanna die?

- So it was you then.


- What if it was?

- Today you'll pay all
your debts in blood.

(heavy kicking and punching)

- Oh, so you've learned a
bit since the last time.

- Ah Chou are you ready to die?

- I'm sorry to say that
I'm not ready just yet.


Come on.

- You listen now, you
got a lot to pay for.


I want your life.

(heavy punching)

You think I can't beat your hidden knives?

- I see, so you also
mastered the Hand Bridge.

- And there's much more too.

(heavy kicking and punching)

You did kill Lin?

I won't ask you again.


(mysterious orchestral music)

- No need to ask, I can tell you.


(heavy kicking and punching)

He works for someone else.

- Listen, this is my fight.

- You got hit for me, let me repay you.

- This is my business.

(heavy kicking and punching)



- Why, you.

- Now listen, I said stay out of it.

Why join in, huh?

- He hit me, I hit him.

(heavy kicking and punching)

He did it again.

(heavy kicking and punching)



(suspenseful orchestral music)


Your Kung fu's good, but you waste energy.

- You,

tell me, who's the leader?

- Unless I'm wrong, the leader is--

- Stop fooling with me, tell me.

- I think it's Chiu Wen
Chin, he's your boss.

However, a problem, his
kung fu is better than ours.

- Don't care.

I want to settle with him.

Who are you?

- Who am I doesn't matter.

One day though, I may need your help.

- Liang Kun, there was another one?

- He was the same one
who hurt Young Master.

Meant to be a Coolie.

what's his name, Yeh Tsai.

- [Black Eagle] Him again, he
was the one who killed Chou.

- That Liang guy is pretty good too

and they say Lin Ta Hoi
taught him how to fight.

- Oh, did he?

Never mind.

He won't be too hard for me to kill.

My worry is what that Chin
Hsuan has been getting up to.

- Master, this Chen guy,
why does he worry you?

- You never mind!

- [Man] Okay.


- You just wait, before
long I can rest easy.

- Yes.

- Ah Kun, Ah Kun!

I've been looking for you.

Ah Kun, you're famous.

Hey, you'll never guess what.

Since you killed Chou, you got a nickname.

- What name?

- Iron Bridge Kun.

- Iron Bridge Kun?

- Yeah.

Your Bridge Boxing is like iron.

- Wasn't all me.

Yeh Tsai was there.

- Oh, then he's still here.

- I don't know what he does.

I know he's not a Coolie.

I want to practice.

(suspenseful orchestral music)


- Brother, that looks dangerous.

- It's okay.

Before was dead strength but
now I'm learning life strength.


Water, hurry, quick, come on.


- Oh.


- You see, don't interrupt
while I practice, all right?



- I'll practice with you.





- Hey, hey, hey.

Give me some water, give me water.

- Some water?

Here it is.

Here, here, here.


Here, here, take.

- Water, water, water.


- That's good value.

- Thanks.

- Hey, what will it be?

- Hey, would you give
this to Iron Bridge Kun?

Remember, it's important.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- I'll have some beef.

- [Man] I'm sorry, we just closed.

- Listen!

What did you say?

- Now listen, he said this was urgent.

- More urgent than making money?

- Ah, just once.

- Shut up and serve.

- How much?

- [Woman] A pound.

- Well, Chin Hsuan, we finally meet.

You're famous, you know?

- Thanks, you exaggerate though.

But still, it took six years to catch you.

- You chased me six years?

- That's right.

You committed many crimes.


- When I asked Chou to come here,

I thought you wouldn't be too far behind.

- Before I could verify
that you were in Hekou,

I wouldn't identify myself.

No matter what.

- Chin Hsuan,


it's time to die.

- You're wrong.

I've waited six years for this.

- Mmm.


(heavy punching)

Very good.

(heavy kicking and punching)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- Heard you were tough, that part's true.

(heavy kicking and punching)


(tiger roaring)



- Ah.





Well then, what do you think now?

- Brother, you've really worked hard.

- I've learned to recognize

some new things about the art of boxing.

There is strength and
form even from the heat,

I also get strength--

- Hey, hey, hey.

All right, all right, you
remember important things,

like to eat.

- Right.

- I don't remember seeing
such a crazy fighter.

- Thanks.

- Oh no.

- What's wrong?

- Yeh Tsai, he left me
a letter to give you.

- Where is it?

- It's gone, it's lost,
he said it was important.

- Did he say anything to you?

- No, just gave the letter was all.

(light orchestral music)

- Let's go to town.

- There you are.

Nothing else to do then?

You've no work or anything?

Hey, wait a minute, stop.

I'm talking!

- You, you belt up all
these god damn years,

you nagged at me.

Open your mouth and I'll sew it shut.


Hear me?


Did you see that letter?

- I, I think it's at home.

- Then why didn't you bring it?

You go and get it.

(heavy kicking and punching)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- Save your strength and come peacefully.

- You,


all you do is talk big.

- Whatever happens, you're finished.

(knuckles cracking)

- Come on then and get me.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(heavy kicking and punching)


(suspenseful orchestral music)



Hey, your hands are broken.

What can you do?

Now I'll just break your legs.

(heavy kicking and punching)


- I'm gonna take you in, even
if I have to crawl to do it.

- We'll Try it!

(heavy kicking and punching)


(heavy kicking and punching)

- I'm sorry I got here late.

- I left a letter explaining it.

- Hmmm.

I suppose you must be Iron Bridge Kun?

- And you're Black Eagle,

the bandit who used to
terrorize the North.

No wonder you never showed your face here.

- You had the chance to live very well.

- Shut up!

Twas you who killed Master Lin.

Chou was acting on your
instructions, on you orders.


- Well now then, what will you do?

- Today I'm gonna settle
all of those accounts.

(heavy kicking and punching)

- Chin, are you okay?

- [Chin] I'm okay.

(heavy kicking and punching)

- Bone technique?

- You have good eyes.

Can you see your death?

(heavy kicking and punching)


(heavy kicking and punching)

(clothes ripping)

Careful or I'll skin you alive.

(suspenseful orchestral music)




(heavy kicking and punching)

Hung style?

- Right, my own Iron Bridge style.

(heavy punching)


(heavy punching)

- Damn it.

What style of boxing is that?

- [Chin] Mixing hardness with softness.

(tiger roaring)

- Tiger or just a pussycat?

(heavy kicking and punching)

Maybe a sick pussycat.

(heavy kicking and punching)

- Now my friend, you'll die.

(tiger roaring)

(heavy kicking and punching)

(tiger roaring)

- Look, Iron Bridge is a crazy tiger.


(heavy kicking and punching)

(suspenseful orchestral music)



Now, my brother, why don't you chase him?

- [Chin] Listen, you don't understand him.

He wants Chiu to surrender.

If he won't give in, he will kill him.

(heavy punching)

- Give up now if you don't want to die.

- Forget it.

(heavy kicking and punching)

- Never expected he would get so good.

He's a real fighter.

- I'll never give up!

- Good!

(heavy kicking and punching)


(grand orchestral music)

(Multicom jingle)