Canto dos Ossos (2020) - full transcript

"8 days. 2500km.

I don't blame you.

It had to happen.

There is no eternal haven.

But I put you in charge of...


he said.

rebuilding what you have destroyed.

"A new land?"

"What then?"

You must discover...

a new place for us...

in the world of humans.

"Help me."

- he asked.

"How The Demon Arms Them"

I can't.

From now on...

you're the one who's supposed to help me.

You've destroyed the world.

Now you must rebuild it.

The graves have been on that
place for a century or more.

The riddle would still
be there by dawn.

She found herself a hidden bed,

between graves,

and laid down.

The spring grass smelled sweet.

She had laid on much worse mattresses,

and still would.

"They will come for us sooner or later",
she said.

Voices were heard outside.

A mob of lynchers.

Maybe monsters were eternal,

but their stalkers too.

That's some tasty wine.

Something had to be
good about that rascal.

why are you going so far away?

Why don't you come back
to the countryside with me?

We'll end up meeting again.

I'll miss you too.

The future is uncertain

They had much in common,

including the power to make promises

and there were promises...

made at dawn, like theirs

that even death couldn't break.

He has always been
very attached to rites.

He kept a kind of care for her,

Even at the distance of some decades...

and a couple thousand miles apart.

At that moment,

maybe she really needed that.

But nevermind.

All of those are mysterious riddles.


waste of time.

What can us, ex-us, know?

Shadowy enigma.

The inaccessible basalt peninsula.

The abyss of Atlantic's formation.

Nicole, shouldn't you be in class?

Yeah, I should, but I've already
missed roll call anyway.

People will say I'm making
students miss classes.

Oh, alright.



Let's go?


Next year, each of us will
be in a different place.

So, let's take a picture.

Oh, such drama...

What about you, Nicole,
are you really thinking about moving away?

I'm waiting the results.

I see...

I'm thinking about staying here you know?
The summer... get some money.

You're the one who's guaranteed, right, Jonas?

Going to S?o Paulo...

I'll see if I can handle, never been there before.

There's still that presentation for tomorrow.

Presentation... fuck, I haven't even started mine.

But I think it's optional, right?

Think about it, to be approved in college
and fail the last year in school.

I think I'm staying a little longer to watch the sunset,
so you two go ahead.

But the sun sets on the other side.

You're nuts... moron.

That's ok.

She's going to be fine.

Blood slowly irrigates skin...

She's going to be fine.

Blood slowly irrigates skin...

Blood slowly irrigates skin.

That's how we live and conserve ourselves.

It is important...

that no violence is inflicted to bring her back.

At last, she reminded me of the sea.

We would leave together searching for it
and perish embraced at the bottom of water.

On her knees, she prayed,

asking God for all humanity that had left before us.

Then, she stood up,

placing an arm around my waist and
together we began fumbling the darkness,

willing to fulfill our ultimate oath.

Yet, as our spirit,
such a strange way, neutralized itself,

our body got wonderfully stronger

growing through the sap of the
nutritious and fertilizing environment

of that general decomposition.

We felt perfectly the mysterious work
of revisceration that happened inside us.

We felt the blood enriching with vital
fluids, activating our vessels,

circulating vertiginously,
pounding throughout the entire body.

Our organism transformed into a laboratory

revolutionised by a mob of demons.

And there we went,
separable in our new way of existence.

With no past memories

loving each other with all
the might of our impulses,

forever forgotten on one another.

Like the last parasites in the corpse of a world.

Then they start making out.

Until they fuse themselves
with the elements of nature.

But in the end it
was only the narrator's dream.

The sensation of the images you brought...

I think it's very connected to what
we've been studying at the moment.

Thank you, Nicole.

Someone else?

Next class we'll resume
the subject of pre-modernism.

The blood sings, the sun amazed

From our body, in full, full waves.

As if it wants to tear these prisons,
where flesh holds it in chains.

And the blood calls the hot black wine

Of lethal, impenitent sin,

The black wine of restless sin.

And everything about this wine gets better,

Gains another grace, form and beauty,

Severe beauty of secret splendor.

What is it?

That's outrageous!

Who is going to define what is obscene?

Look Naiana, I like you and I agree
with some of your stances in class.

But, after the situation we
had in one of your classes,

I need you cooperation to enforce
the new law in the classroom.

Well, is that all?

Excuse me,
can you borrow me the lighter?

Thank you.

You were at the bar that day,
weren't you?


That's right.

You said you came from another city.

Yeah, I've been living here for a year.

Is that marijuana?

No, it's tobacco. I wish.

It's a little risky
around here these days.

These days I was here smoking...

then came approaching a guy...

Who studied with me, back in the days.

Then he started making a weird chat,

said he was a police
officer but was undercover.

He said he had done a lot of shit in
his life, but he had now changed.

And that I was not supposed to smoke there.

Finally, he paid a moral lesson.

I thought it was a joke,

but he was serious.

Then he said he was not going to file me,

but I'd should throw the joint in the sea.

I did it, what else could I do?

Fishes must love it, right?


You're teacher, right?

Yes, I teach high school kids.

What kind of class?


Are you enjoying it?

The semester just ended,

but it was nice.

I was able to exchange a lot
of ideas with the students,

despite some stressful moments.

This year there was a new principal
inducted in an authoritarian way.

He even tries to be nice,

but has some twisted ideas,
it's complicated.

What do you do again?


I'm working as a photographer.

I take photos at events,

some resorts.

Yeah... From time to time I sell photos
to some journalism pages, you know?


That's it.

Earlier today I went to work in a restaurant,

then I was asked to photograph
the place were that kid died.

It even gives me a knot in the stomach.

He was my student.


This past month has been kinda rough.

What are you looking at there?

Do you believe it was suicide?

It's weird, isn't it?

The police found marijuana
and closed the case,

as that would justify something.


it also couldn't be an accident.

We would always go there.

One of these days,

I got a message from him.

It was startling.

He asked me to go to his house
to get back a manga book

that I had lent him.

What do you mean?

I think they must have turned on his cellphone

and an unsent message got sent.

By the way,


I'm with a book that I have
to return to Naiana.

I gotta get going.

Yeah, I also have to go. I'm meeting up with Tati.

I swear, man,

some really weird stuff happens
at that school by night.

Like what?


Do you know those trees in the back?



I've seen a bunch of ghosts there.

How so?

No shit, man. I've seen even dogs.

Of dogs, dude.

Yeah, that went away as
soon as I blinked an eye.

It was pretty crazy.

- Damn, what the fuck, man?

- Let's go there!

Are you crazy?

Man, we need to go there now!

No way. Stop being crazy.

Come on!

What the hell?



Did you hear that?

I did.

Do you think if I take a
picture here it will show?

I don't know, try it.

Take one on this side.

Come on, make a funny face.

Another one.

Guys, look at this photo
a student just sent me.

This is right now? They're like...

trespassing school, is that it?


Damn that?s crazy.



I think I know that symbol from somewhere.

Let me see.

- What's that?


it's from a new teaching method
that a company is putting forth to the schools.

They even own some hotels around here.




I've just come to return your book.

Beautiful, isn't it?

We're opening next month.

Get yourself comfortable,
ask for me if you need something.

In the following scene,
the education coordinator

gives instructions to a
teacher about the four criteria

used to verify if the pedagogical
objective of a class

is appropriate and effective.

The four criteria that
must be followed are:

If the objective is




and prioritarian.

The objective is viable if it
can be reached within one class.


"8 days. 2500km."

It is prioritarian if it is really
important to the students learning.

The year was 1958 when I first met them.

I got this for you there.

At the time,
they answered by other names

and I dreamed of being a singer.

I've heard her sing while working

and then we became acquainted.

Was it hard to get here?


Too bad they only invited
me to their farewell.

But monsters were eternal.

I wished to be part of them.

Part of their forgotten interior.

Their dark, shadowy and
transforming interior.

It's late.

and there's no use to think in terms of land.


There's an egg.

inside you.

You will feel pain

as the egg expands.

The egg will weigh

as it grows and tears out
the walls of your stomach.

It will burn

and you will learn capacities yet unknown.

It will be revealed an entire new world.

Realize it:

you haven't existed until then.

Not completely.

A death aura over your head,
over your body.

The death aura is still present,

but now you're going to face it.


through contortions since
ever considered diabolical,

will withstand the weight of the egg.

Your metamorphic
transformation has began.

Your scales are starting to become visible.

You are...


a monster.

Got a light?

She didn't recognize me right away.

But it was only a matter of
time before we met again,

confide joys and afflictions,

Make plans...

Until she moves again.

No news from God, from the absolute.

Every man has a mission,

just like every plant.

No one knows but

most times the mission fails.

But what a surprise at
last when all is revealed.

First, boy, kill your ego.

Then come talk to me.

What I wanted was to destroy my ego.

Not mine anymore.

To achieve this,
I followed a strange itinerary.

Looking for something?

I got a little lost.

I will show you the way out.

Hi Naiana, how are you?

I really need to talk to you.

I'm leaving now that hotel job.

This hotel that is opening.

I saw some very strange things.


I'm thinking it has
something to do with Jonas' death.

Just what I can tell you now

is that I found a handkerchief
that day I went to photograph.

But the police said it was not relevant
because it was too far from the crime scene.

And on that handkerchief
is the logo of this hotel.

Which I find very similar to the
logo of the new teaching method

that they want to put forth at your school.

I may be overreacting, but...

I need to clear my head.

I'm going to that beach we went together.

If you can come to talk,

It will be great.


There is no fucking water.

So, let's go?

What's up...

Where are we going?

I feel like going to a friend's house.

His dad is out of town,
I think it's cool if we go.

Feel like riding us there, then?


Give me the helmet.


What the hell was that
on your finger, man?

No big deal.

Can you ride like that?

I can.

Get that wine for me.

They are waiting.

That's for us to drink later, ok?

They are taking so long, right?


There must have been
some shit at her job.

Did you know, that boy he's
hooking up with, Rodrigo,

is the mayor's son?


Damn, sis.


That stuff that doctor gave you, huh?


Well well...

The dosage just keeps increasing.

Whenever I get there the place
is packed with people in a line,

we don't even talk anymore.

He just gives me the medicine.

I take it and leave.

Is it ok to mix with other stuff?


it makes me a little high.

What about that joint there?

Let's go for it?

Hey, I'm just going to take a quick shower,
change clothes, be right back.

No, you can stay there.
Like, it will be quick.

Hey, let's join them.

Hello, honey, how is it going?

- Hi.
- What's up. Fine?

What about that cacha?a?

Take it, girl.

I'll put some other music for us.


Want a sip?


Hey, I brought us some wine,
alright? If you want it.

Do you want it?

We're on cacha?a.

No thanks.

Let me see.

Jeez honey... ok!

Got a cigarette, Helo?



Are you with the lighter?

So, how was work today?

It was really lame,
there were quite a few mishaps.

Did you bring the stuff?

Brought it, girl. It's there in my things.


Can I take a drag?

You look like you're already stoned.

You guys want it?

Wait a minute.

Gimme the cigarette!

Why this one didn't heal?

Lie down here.
So I can wash your wound.

Damn it, wait a minute.

Let me see.


Let me see.

Relax, it'll be fine.

A little more here.

What about the neck?


this scar...

It was a bullet I took in my back.


how did you get shot?

I came with some friends to fish in this dam.

Quite some time ago.

As we were fishing, it was night,

we started hearing a bunch of...


And we started seeing the bullets coming in...

where we were.

Then we began running, running.

When I was at the border of the dam,

I got shot.

And I stumbled out

until I got to that...

That little hill over there, see?

Then I fell.

An animal came...

I don't know what it was, a dog, something.

Then it started to drag me by its teeth.

It was me.

Oh, it had to be you.

Let me stand up here.

Hey, careful with that.

Put some ointment on that when you get home.


You can even stop by the
pharmacy to buy some.

Go, girl, do something there.

What's that?

Taking pictures, filming?

It's a video.

Come on, let's take a picture.

Come on, girl!

Stop being obnoxious...

Wait, let me also be in the picture.

Well, I'm going too then.


Wait, stay, let me take another one.

Where is it?

Girl, don't post that online, alright?

Post it.

Let me at least send it to Naiana, ok?

Okay, but...

don't post it.

Look how we are.

You never let me post anything.

I miss Naiana.

Yesterday I lit a candle for her.

I think she's needing it.

Hey guys,

I have to go, alright?

Stay a little longer.

No, no. I really can't, I'm very tired.


Bye, guys, I'm going then.

Bye, Rodrigo.


Thanks, guys.

He couldn't see the dog.

But still heard it.

Was it after him?

Popping ligaments,

he started to get up,

knowing that if he stayed on the floor

The animal could easily access his jugular.

His legs had stiffened on the cold floor;

He walked like an old man.

Maybe that was what kept the animal away,

because it just watched him.

The crescents of the white of his eyes,

the only feature that he could distinguish

Increasing while the gaze followed
him until he stood up.

I hope that boy won't talk shit out there.

Be cool, girl.

Sis, you're so cold with
that poor guy, jeez.

I found him so nice.

An animal's noise woke him.

Its grunts penetrating his floating dreams

and calling back to earth.


I want you to keep this book.

It tells the story of a nobleman
of the Portuguese empire

that steals the secret of the Egyptian
mummies to stay forever with his wealth.

I'm kidding.

It's a book with a lot of short stories,
including the one you read in class.

Oh, cool.

Who will define what is obscene?

It seemed like a big concern at the time.

One student complained to his
father about an 1893 text.

I was not even born at that time!

And tomorrow I have a job interview.

Wow, really?

It's a new hotel that's about to open,
you know? The principal recommended me.

Oh, I will miss you so much.

Me too.

Bye, you cow.

Bye, bitch.

Hi Naiana, how are you?

I'm leaving now that hotel job.

They wished to be touched by wisdom.

The so called transforming truth.

It was only when the dust
completely blinded her

that she realized what it was:

I only care about the prophecy...

The remains of the dead,

- the ancient dead,

- blown from headwinds,

from pyramids and mausoleums,

- and there is only one way that leads

- from safes and dolmens,

- mortuary houses and crematoriums,

- to the great universal realm

- casket dust,

- human ashes,

- milled bones.

She felt the dead inside her.

Behind the eyelids.

In her throat.

It might seem strange to say that now, but...

I saw some things that
may have to do with Jonas

That day when I went to photograph
I found a handkerchief.

But the police said it was not relevant
because it was too far away from the crime scene.

On that handkerchief there
is this hotel's logo.

Which I find very similar to the
logo of the new teaching method

that they want to put
forth at your school.

So I don't know.

I'm going to that beach now,
the one we went together.

To clear my head. If you could
get along it would be great.

Secrecy and non violence.

- Fernando is family.

Two principles broken at once.

There is nothing that can be done

"Shitty little club"

There is nothing that can be done

- Fernando is family.

- other than educate him.

There is nothing that can be done

- other than educate him.

As for you, it is the best thing to do.

- You must opt for the poison.

I want you to go to the depths of hell.

I'm a monster

and that's all for now.

Your room is here.

I suggest you drink from that cup.

If a possible haven existed,

Then he was traveling

to a place where he would finally find
peace and understanding about himself.


if it existed only as a talisman
for the terrified and the lost,

then that would be fair too,

and he would face any extinction that
awaited him in his search for nowhere.

Hey Nai,
I think I'm close to your house.

I spent two days on a bus to get
here and you don't answer me.

What the hell?

Hi, Nai, I'm already at
the address you gave me.

A house that has a wooden gate.
It has a vacant lot in front.

A lamppost...

I think that's it.


Shit, man.

Hi Naiana, where are you?

I'm starting to find this very strange...

I don't know where you are,

I'm on the street as well...

What's going on?

I'm here downtown already.

I'll see what's going on around here.

When you hear this come here, okay?

Bye, kisses.

Hey, can you lend me your lighter?


Can you get me a cigarette?

Look, I have just this one.
If you want to smoke it with me...

Are you hearing a dog bark?

I'm not.

They say there's a ghost
dog here on this beach.

Who lives in one of those boats
that don't have an owner.

And they say that whoever hears...

this dog barking...

It's means death is close by.


I'm joking.

I can hear the dog too.
There... it's there on that boat.

I was in for a walk on the beach,
would you like to come with me?

Let's go.

What's your name?

Diego, and yours?


Are you from here, Gabriel?

I am. You're not, right?

No, I'm from the state of Cear?,
from a city called Canind?.

That's crazy, there's a teacher
here from this town too.



Fuck, so you know each other.

Yes, we know each other.

I'm staying at her house.

In fact, she doesn't answer me or anything.

I arrived at her house
and there was nobody...

I'm kinda lost, not knowing what to do.

Funny, I dreamed about Naiana last night.

Now it's coming back to me.

It had to do with the school.

and it was night...

I don't know.

She teaches at night, right?

Yeah, I mean.

The mayor wanted to cancel evening classes.

Wow, that's bad.

What's up?

That flower?

I found it on the floor...

Decided to take it for myself.

Hey, take a picture of
me with this angel here.

I think it looked cool.

Let me see.

I really did it.

Hey, let me ask you a question.

Could I take a shower in your house?


Actually it's really complicated...


I live with my uncle

and it's already a very bad
situation at home, you know?

I see, that's fine.

Hey, but it was nice meeting you.


I was thinking of going to the beach later.

What beach are you going to?

The one you said that has
a trail and everything.

Oh, that's a nice one.

Well, I'll see if I can go.

Try to.


I'm going now.

Bye bye.


Hey Tati, how are you?

I'm here waiting for the job interview.

The battery is low and the
signal here is horrible.

so if you can answer me soon...

Let's just meet in the
woods later anyway, right?

So, you actually came...

How are you?

This beach is beautiful, right?

Wow! Very much so!

I'm amazed.

I had a job around here
at a resort for some time,

but I would leave so tired
that I wouldn't even come here.

Yeah, I'm starting to get low on cash

and I'm kind of tense,
but I guess things will work out.

They will...

Here, in high season,
there are a lot of opportunities.

Oh yeah?

You just have to go after the jobs quickly,
if you don't want the more stinging ones.

I myself worked 15 hours straight here,
overnight, working for a lot of snotty playboys...

That paid 450 in the drink combo,

and I earned 150 bucks per night, you know?

And what were you working with at Canind??

I was working in a drugstore and stuff, but...

things in town started to get a little
heavy and I had to get out from there.


Would you like to smoke a bit?

Got a lighter?

I do.

Let me light it here.

Okay, right?

So, what was that on your back?


I was at the beach...

I even met Naiana that day.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

I took a beautiful picture of her.

She smokes pot too, right?

A lot.

I figured that out...

she was hiding behind the rocks.

and that day something happened with your back?


It's weird because I don't remember well.

I was swimming alone.

And I must've hit something...

he pain was so deep that I fainted, blacked out.

When I woke up, I was covered in blood,

on some grass, near the sand.

I felt kind of sick for several days.

The first day I left home, after a long time,
was yesterday when I met you.

The joint.

Oh, sorry.

I have one of those on my back too.

- Oh, you do?
- Yes.

- Where's that?
- Here.



It's still pretty strange, huh?


I know you came by recommendation,
but it's not a good time.

No? But I thought that...


Drink it... drink it... love the poison.

If you only reflected a fraction

of the infinite wisdom of the creator.

Just die already...

As hygienically as possible.

- It wasn't necessary to do that.

Perhaps you're too young to understand the
importance of keeping blood within us.

I am the king of time.

Get that corpse out of here.

I can't stand the smell.

It's gonna be alright...

I'm fine.

That was right.

The dead could die.

What is it?

This is where the shots came from.

What do you mean?

A dream I had.

Welcome my golden scarab.

It is not the gaze itself, the abyss gaze?

In the abyss, I can change your mind.

In the abyss one goes up or down.

I go up.

Run Diego.

Fucking hell.

Run Diego!

That body would not rise from the grave.

There would be no hope of earthly resurrection.

Even at the peak of his attack

he contained the bite that would have transmitted

the afterlife to that man's system.

His flesh belonged only to flies

and their breed.

Are you ok?

I'm just kinda tired.

He had to wait a few
moments listening carefully

to make sure he had
not imagined the sound.

There was no mistake.

It was her noise that
made the ground shake.

Diego, it's Naiana.

Diego, you are bleeding.

At the time I started to have dreams
about a city where monsters lived...


I was confused...

and my body kept stinging,
burning, whatever.

Sometimes it felt like it was throbbing,
as if something wanted to rip me apart.

Couldn't even tell what was inside,
what was outside...

I don't remember well,
it was a long time ago.

It was like a fever too.

So we live forever?

"Along the Way"

There was still a lot to resolve,

especially the appetite for human flesh.

But she could learn to understand.

In all seriousness,

she had no choice.

She had been touched by something
that had changed her interior landscape

beyond any recognition.

There was no going back to the
tranquil pastures of adolescence

and early adulthood.

She had to go forward.

And that day that meant
walking down that empty street...

to see what the night had for her.

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