Canto da Saudade (1952) - full transcript

Coronel Januário's daughter, Maria Fausta, is having a secret affair with João Galdino. While her father is engaged in his political campaign for mayor of the city, the couple disappear. Galdino, an accordionist who is secretly in love with her, goes looking for them.

(Legend of the cart driver)

Although "Song of Longing" documents
the habits of Minas' countryside,

it has its fictional characters.

Any resemblance to actual people
and facts is a mere coincidence.

Dear friends,

while filming Song of Longing,

my intent was to homage
the people of Volta Grande,

who helped in the making of the movie,

and also my parents and grandparents,
who were born and lived in the region.

Volta Grande is
a small countryside city,

in the Zona da Mata region,
state of Minas Gerais.

It's a small town, with 340 square km.

The city has around 2000 people.

In the eastern outskirts of the county,
close to the city,

is the valley where is located
the farm of Santa Cruz,

which belonged to my grandparents.

Nowadays the farm
has a new main building,

but in the exact spot where used to be
the main house in my parents' days,

a rural school was built.

It's a small, poor farm school,
but a Brazilian school after all,

where one learns how to read, write,
and other useful things.

Friends, now I'll stop, because that's
where the story starts: in the school.

Now, you sit down.

Well, before our class starts,
let me give you some good news.

Next week we'll begin
our field trip around the county.

It's a small county, so in little time
you'll know this land of ours very well.


Today we have the day off,
like a recess.

So, I'll make use of this break
and fulfill my old promise.

Do you remember it?
Very well.

So I'll tell you, bit by bit,
the story of the accordionist in love.

Pay attention.

Galdino, the accordionist
who was kind of a poet,

was born and raised
in Independência farm,

alongside Maria Fausta,
daughter of the manager,

and goddaughter of Mrs. Garrincha,
wife of Colonel Januário.

...down by the sea

Zum, zum, zum,
down by the sea...

What's going on, Vicente?

Having a flirt, huh?

No Vicente,
I'm just watching the girls.

It's pretty, huh? It's pretty...

Look at Maria Fausta, over there.

How can the fish
survive outside cold water?

How can the fish
survive outside cold water?

How will I survive without you...

She looks like a princess...

Princess, huh? Princess...

Oh, you hillbilly!

The first dance there is,
I'll go after this princess,

take the ball and score a goal!

Vicente, if you go on with this
I'll beat you up any day!

Alright, Galdino, alright.

If you don't wanna talk we don't talk.
Let's just watch, right?

Let's watch, Galdino. Let's watch.

In the afternoon,
after a tough workday in the farm,

it was common to see Galdino
entertaining Maria Fausta

with a sad song in the squeezebox.

Hey, Maria Fausta!

- Hey Galdino, how are you?
- Doing good!

- Can I get down and talk to you?
- Sure!

Maria Fausta,
I've talked to Mr. Juvenal,

he said he lets us rehearse
in my room today.

- Are you coming?
- Yes.

And don't forget to bring
Mr. Alito's girls, alright?

Alright. Thanks!

- See you, Maria Fausta.
- See you, Galdino.

- See you, Galdino!
- See you!

- Let's go, then!
- Ready!

What's up, guys!

You're rehearsing
and didn't tell me anything?

What's up, João do Carmo?

How I've missed you, João do Carmo.

- When did you come?
- I arrived today.

I came early because I wanted
to surprise you. What about the Colonel?

- The Colonel arrives in two days.
- And Mr. Juvenal?

Dad? He's around.
Surely he'll be here soon.

Maria Fausta...

Hey, João do Carmo! You listening?

You should come in. I don't like
this kind of stuff in my room.

If Mr. Juvenal arrives...
I don't know.

- Galdino, let's rehearse the waltz?
- Let's go. D major.

Happy birthday
To you

Happy birthday
To you

Let's go, Galdino!

Very well!
You're very funny, huh?

- Your waltz is very pretty, Galdino.
- Thank you, Juvenal.

The waltz is pretty, but this rehearsal
should have ended long ago!

When the Colonel is away,
you never obey my orders!

Maria Fausta, let's go.

You three too,
I'll take you to your parents.

- Galdino!
- Yes, sir.

The colonel arrives in two days.

He'll be in town
for the Spring Festival.

Tomorrow morning you go there
to fix his house.

Yes, sir.

- Where's my umbrella?
- Over there...

Let's go...

- Hey, Galdino!
- How you doing, Mrs. Isa?

- When is the Colonel coming, Galdino?
- Tomorrow, Mrs. Isa.

I'm going to his house
to fix everything up.

- Bye!
- Bye, Galdino!

Hey, Galdino!
When is the Colonel coming?

Tomorrow, Mrs. Jandoca.

I'm going to his house
to fix everything up. Bye!

Hey Galdino--

Tomorrow, alright?

And I'm going to his house
to fix things up! Bye!

Excellent! Excellent!

Excellent, Edith!
You just keep getting better.

But also,
with your classes in the big city...

- It's necessary, Colonel!
- Colonel.

- Colonel, Juvenal is outside...
- Who, Juvenal? Send him in.

Hey, Juvenal, come in!

Garrincha, look at the farm girls!

Over there, Maria Fausta.

- How are you doing?
- Fine.

Over there, Juvenal.

Maria Fausta!

God bless you, godmother.

God bless you, daughter.
How are you, Josefa?

Chico, my friend...
Just look at Maria Fausta.

She is
– as our friend Silva Soares would say –

she is well loved and well fed!

- Godmother, we're going inside.
- Go, my daughter.

- Excuse me, Mrs. Garrincha.
- Of course.

She's a good, hardworking girl.
She'll help me a lot in the auction!

- Dr. Viana!
- Colonel...

Juvenal, everything's fine
at the farm, huh?

The farm, Colonel...

- It's alright, isn't it?
- Yes, yes...

Juvenal, Garrincha will need
Maria Fausta's help for the auction.

But I'll need yours, for politics!

I know about the trap
you've put me in!

You nominated me
as a candidate for Mayor.

The Party needed a good candidate.

It could have been Dr. Viana,
or my friend Chico!

To me, this smells
like Garrincha's idea.

She wants me be to mayor
not because she wants me to be mayor,

but because she wants to be
the First Lady of the town!


- Dr. Sampaio!
- Doing good, Colonel?

What a big honor
for this poor Colonel!

The honor is mine, Colonel.

Friends, Dr. Sampaio is visiting us!

He and his theater company came
to brighten up our Spring Festival.

- Garrincha, Dr. Sampaio.
- It's a pleasure, Dr.

Dr. Sampaio, my friends!

- I think I know you from Rio.
- She's Edith.

And where's the rest of the company?

My actors are visiting
other authorities in the town.

It was up to me
the honor of greeting you.

What an honor!

- And what's the name of the play?
- On the necessity of being polygamous.

On the necessity of being polygamous!

We know a polygamous fella
in the town, don't we?

We know one, don't we?

Oh, he's not polygamous.
He's Políbio! Colonel Políbio.

- Zé Luis' grandfather.
- That's him.

A very funny man, but bad as a snake!

Oh, terrible!

We'll surely go to your show,
Dr. Sampaio.

But your company will have to show up
in Garrincha's auction!

She's organizing the greatest auction
ever in Volta Grande.

You can bid at all the items!

- Except the piglets, which belong...
- To my friend Chico!

Yes, they're mine!

Let's prepare these piglets
for the oven, guys! Colonel's orders.

Garrincha is inside...

- Let's clean the oven, Galdino?
- Of course, Colonel!

- Clean it, Galdino.
- I'm cleaning it, Colonel!

C'mon Maria Fausta, put it on the oven!

Make this dough really thin,
Maria Fausta!

This is Chico's piglet!

Hey, how are you doing?

- You're here already!
- Yes.

- The dress is almost ready.
- Oh, it looks so pretty!

Look what my godmother brought me
from Poços de Caldas.

A shirt and a scarf.

- Pretty?
- Yes!

- What's that?
- I don't know.

- You can't imagine how tired I am.
- I can.

After all, we worked all night long!

Thank God everything's
ready for the auction now.

Turkey, chicken, piglet,
cake, candy, and many other things...

Thank God.

Garrincha is nasty,
giving us work during the Festival.

But also, here in Volta Grande
it's a party every day!

- Auction here, auction there...
- For the church, for the hospital...

Funny thing...

Now even the Colonel is picking on me.

- Who?
- The Colonel, my godfather.

He says I should get married.
That I'm "well loved and well fed".

And then he does this with his hands.
I've got no idea what that means.

Surely he means
you're chubby, strong, pretty...

You used to be a stick!

And people say love works like a diet!

You're in love with João do Carmo
but you're strong, chubby.

Galdino is hopelessly in love with you
and he's also chubby, strong!

Ritinha, I really like Galdino,

but it's not love,
it's something else.

I was raised with Galdino,
dad always trusted him,

and he was always my partymate.

Maria Fausta. If it wasn't your dad's
pet peeve for João do Carmo...

João do Carmo...!

You'd have married him
long ago, wouldn't you?

With João do Carmo?

Ages ago!

Ages ago...

- Hi, Galdino!
- Did you finish organizing the party?

- We were just talking about you.
- Good or bad?

Good, of course.

Galdino, we'll need a favor from you.

Ain't it, Ritinha? Ain't it, Josefa?

From me? What is it?

Dad said he lets us go to the play,
but only if you come with us.

But Mr. Juvenal won't go?

Dad? Oh, no! Dad always says
he's not a "theater man".

I really wanted to go to the play,
but I can't.

Why can't you, Galdino?

Maria Fausta. Theater isn't
like the movies, one needs clothes!

But we're going
in the cheap seats, Galdino.

I know Josefa,
but one needs clothes!

And don't you have clothes?

I have clothes,
but they're no good.

So you don't have clothes, huh?

What about that American suit
the Colonel gave you?

- Of course, Galdino!
- The American suit...

I don't even remember where it is...

- Just you look at this suit!
- Looking sharp.

- It's great.
- It's sharp!

Holy moly, do I like this suit!

- You're missing the cloth.
- I have one right here.

So let me put it.

There you go.

Let's see it now.

- Now you look sharp!
- Let's go, folks!

Galdino! Let's go.

Let's go, folks.

I want to take a look at the auction.

- Bless you, godfather.
- Bless you, Maria Fausta.

The party's early tonight, huh?

- Get going!
- Mr. Januário!

500 Cr$, 700 Cr$...

700 Cr$ for the ham...

1000Cr$... 1000 Cr$ will take it...

1000 Cr$ for the ham!


You can't!
I've told you, it's for charity.

The play is inadequate for kids.

Oh, please let us go!

What a bunch of brats.
I'll call the cops and get you arrested!

Please, don't!

- Get out!
- Excuse me...

Hey, Brandão.
Can I still catch the rest of the play?

Yes, but it's halfway in the third Act.

But I need to pay to see just that?

Guapi, you know it's for charity.
That's why I'm here at the box office.

Alright, Brandão. How much is it?

Now I have to do some math.
Seat or standing?

- Seat.
- Seat is 30 Cr$.

- What?!
- But wait.

It's 3 acts. So 10 bucks each act.

We're halfway through the third act...
You pay a half of a third!

- But how much is a half of a third?
- A half of a third? 5 Cr$, Guapi!

Fine, Mr. Brandão.

Oh my, these people are bad at math!

Do that trick you showed me, darling!

The ball enters from here,
leaves that way...

then it reappears... there.

That's a good one, huh, Colonel?

Very good...

The Professor's manual skills
are impressive.

His fingers are as agile
as any magician's!

Professor, is it hard
to make balls disappear?

Elvira, you made a wonderful choice.
The Professor is fantastic!

Did you know the Professor
also plays the squeezebox?

Better than Petúnio himself!

Don't you say it.
Daliacópulus also plays the accordion.

I'm a mere beginner
in the art of squeezeboxing.

But by the skills the Professor
has so far demonstrated,

everything indicates
he shall bring to the keyboard

the same virtuosity
from his privileged fingers!

A squeezebox for the professor.
A squeezebox for the professor!

Where's the squeezebox, Petúnio?

Petúnio's squeezebox,
for the Professor to play.

The Master's squeezebox. Master,
have you seen your new squeezebox?

Oh, you haven't?

Oh, I shouldn't ask you about it?

Well, if I misbehaved,

I ask the Master to forgive me, once...

Petúnio's squeezebox!

The squeezebox!
Long live the squeezebox!

- Long live the squeezebox!
- Long live the squeezebox!

I stepped on an armadillo,
it ran away

I stepped on an armadillo,
it ran away

Oh, swing the skirts!
The caruru woman!

The first waltz
is with the right hand

The second waltz
is with the left hand

The third waltz
The gentlemen spin!

I stepped on an armadillo,
it ran away

I stepped on an armadillo,
it ran away

I'll fight with knives, sticks, razors,
I dare any bastard to fight me!

I will not do as Mané Macedo
who ran away from a bunch of women!

I stepped on an armadillo,
it ran away

I stepped on an armadillo,
it ran away

Oh, swing the skirts!
The caruru woman!

The first waltz
is with the right hand

The second waltz
is with the left hand

The third waltz
The gentlemen spin!

I stepped on an armadillo,
it ran away

I stepped on an armadillo,
it ran away

The caruru woman...

The Professor is formidable!

You're welcome, dear.
He's a member of the community.

What? I didn't hear it straight.

Mr. Daliacópulus is also very sweet.

Well Elvira,
Daliacópulus can easily...

Hey, mister.

You may come in, suit yourself.
What's up?


I just wanted
to see the squeezebox.

Of course!
Do you play the squeezebox too?

I play the squeezebox, for sure.

But this...

I know, I know. This is no squeezebox.

It's an accordion.

Sampaio just calls it
a squeezebox in the play.

So that's it!
It even looks like a piano.

Well, it's a piano keyboard.

- And it has these little mouths...
- These are sound registers.

- Well, Mr...
- Flávio.

- Mr. Flávio, thank you very much.
- You're welcome.

Mr. Flávio, excuse me...

But is this goatee for real?

Real as a rock!
You can try pulling it.

But why?

I thought the theater folk
only wore fake beards.

Not always, my friend!

So, don't you want to try
the accordion?

No Mr. Flávio, thank you.
I just wanted to see...

To see if it was really a squeezebox.

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Oh, sunny morning
Anhangá has run away

Anhangá, ê!
Oh, it was you!

The one who made me dream
So I would cry for my land

Guaraci, ê!
Anhangá has run away

Oh, Tupã, God of Brazil!
Who fills the skies with sun,

with stars and moonlight,
and hope,

Oh, Tupã, take from me
this longing!

Anhangá has made me dream
with the land I've lost

Oh, sunny morning
Anhangá has run away

Anhangá, ê!
Oh, it was you!

The one who made me dream
So I would cry for my land

Guaraci, ê!
Anhangá has run away

Oh, Tupã, God of Brazil!
Who fills the skies with sun,

with stars and moonlight,
and hope,

Oh, Tupã, take from me
this longing!

Anhangá has made me dream
with the land I've lost

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

Well done, Galdino!

New squeezebox, huh?

New squeezebox...

Lots of laziness and little work.

I'm doomed, Galdino!

- Colonel, you know...
- What do I know, Galdino?

yesterday I went to the theater!

So, you went to the theater.

But I also went to the theater.

So, we don't need to talk about it.

This is the jaguar leather?

- Is it tanned already?
- Colonel, the tannery man....

You're not answering my question!

I asked you this:

Is the leather tanned?

- Yes, Sir.
- That's what I wanted to know, thanks.


You'll do this for me:

Take the leather to the farm
and get to work!


I need the car in the town tomorrow,
in time for the train.

get him ready for me, huh?


- Hey, Vicente!
- Hey, Colonel.

Vicente, how many gallons
did you milk from Mimosa?

Colonel, her foot disease
is spreading and...

Feet this, disease that,
and you don't answer my question!

I asked you this:

How many gallons
did you milk from Mimosa?

2, Colonel.

That's what I wanted to know, thanks.
Now, back to work.

Thank you.


Colonel Januário had the same manners
as Minas' old farmers.

In the morning,
he'd ride around the farm.

After lunch,
he'd change horses and go to the town.

Hey, Chibação!

Get the cattle over there!


- Hey, Galdino!
- Yes, Colonel.

What's wrong with the cart?

Nothing, just putting soap in the axis.

But what's that for?

Colonel, you know noisy carts
are forbidden in the town.

So what, Galdino?

The officer told me yesterday
you had to pay 2000 in fines!

Really? So you'll do this:

Remove the soap
and wait for me by the town hall.

But, Colonel!


Hello, friends.

I didn't come here to argue,
I came here to pay!

I'll pay the fine.

I shall warn the present authorities...

and all of you, my friends...

I'll go on paying fines!

I'll pay 2, 5, 10, 50, 100...

I'll pay 200 grand,

but the carts of Colonel Januário
"sing" whenever they want!

On with the cart, Galdino!


Let's go.

Let's go.

Thank you very much.

Excuse me, please!

Thank you very much,
thank you!

What did you do today, Januário?

- What I did today?
- Yes, what?

Today I made a fuss in the town hall,
and then ran screaming around the farm.

Putting up an act,
yes, now I'm an actor!

And it's your fault, always inciting me!

The people are getting upset with me.

Any day now, you'll find me
lying face down by the road,

with ants around my mouth,
as Neneco likes to say.

After you shaved your goatee,
you turned into a coward!

- A coward, me?
- Or you got older.

That's funny. I'm old.
But not you!

Specially after cutting your hair
in Poços de Caldas,

and putting these paper things
in your head. So young!

Take a good look in the mirror!

- I don't like these jokes!
- You think I'm joking?

Old or not, you're no longer
the Januário you used to be!

You don't even put the people
to work properly.

- Who? Tell me one.
- Galdino, for example.

Galdino works hard, Garrincha.
I scream at him all day long.

- He gets shivers when he sees me.
- And Juvenal?

Juvenal is my right-hand man.

- João do Carmo, however...
- João do Carmo works!

Ha! Sure, João do Carmo works.

Now that he's yelling on the microphone
for Mr Aurélio's bakery...

My dear!

He looks like a Jequitibá tree.

All big and strong, João do Carmo,
making announcements on the mic!

Sure, he works!

Look, when I came to the farm today...
I saw it!

He was working on Maria Fausta,
by the mill!

At least he supports you
in the elections.

Yeah, I know you've been
making these arrangements.

And you love saying the word:

You know very well
I don't want to be mayor!

Too late kid, now it's all settled!

We're just waiting for your speech.
Is it ready yet?

It's more or less aligned.

Then get it over with
so we can have the convention.

- PLI -

Let's see if we can hear something
from Januário's speech.

- If we didn't go to the convention...
- Well, you know:

We are all friends,

But friends are friends,
and politics are politics.

Januário! Januário!

As I stated in the beginning
of our convention...

While the PLI is almost exclusively
a farming party...

We couldn't avoid presenting
a solid industrial program.

The program has been presented
and all of you cheered,

which means
it was approved by the people!

People! Januário!
People! Januário!

And now, my friends,

we'll present
to the people of the county...

I say people of the county because

the private broadcaster
from our neighboring county

kindly came here for our meeting,

as you can see by this microphone!

Well, my friends,

No jokes; this is a serious moment.

I'll present to the people
the ABC of rural recovery.

And I'll do it gladly,

because this ABC was carefully
reviewed by me and organized by Plínio!

Plínio! Plínio! Januário!
Plínio! Plínio! Januário!

- PLI -

Here comes the alphabet, friends:


A is for Aid and Augmentation!

B is for Benefits and for Braking
inflation and counterproductive rumors!

ABC... C!

Construct and Concede loans to farming,
with no interest, if possible!

ABC... D!

Diffusion of farming knowledge!


Farming! Januário!
Farming! Januário!


Extension of roads!

So they cross the county
from farm to farm, and ranch to ranch!

ABCDE... F...

G is to Guarantee freedom!

And H?

H, my friends...

is for Hygiene,

and unconditional Help
to the workman!

Workman! Januário!
Workman! Januário!

This workman Januário is excellent!

Januário! Workman!
Januário! Workman!

Friends, I don't think it's necessary
to go all the way through each letter...

After all, it should be published
in the Lábaro anyway.

I don't know if my dear friend
and political adversary,

head of the party in power,
is here with us or not...

but I always read
in the Lábaro's first page:

"Civic weekly newspaper,
independent and impartial"

And anyhow, there's a citizen here who
can assure the publishing of the ABC.

He's been the secretary of the Lábaro
for many years,

while doing many other things too.

He's a printer, compositor, reviewer,

and sometimes even editor in chief,
always exquisitely impartial!

And precisely because of that,
he's well known among us...

as "The Impartial One".

There he is. Cheers!

But also, I can't not let you enjoy
some major points of our ABC.

For example... LMNO... P!

Promote intercity exchange programs!

And the final Z my friends, Z!

Zeal for the happiness of the people!

Januário! People!
Januário! People!

- Isn't this enough?
- Not enough! Not enough!

Wait, wait!
It's a question, friends.

- Isn't this enough?
- Not enough! Not enough!

Wait, please!

Excuse me,

but you must say "it's enough",
and I'll say "No, it's not enough!"

Otherwise you ruin
the end of my speech!

Is it enough?

It's enough! It's enough!

You say it's enough,

but I, Colonel Januário,

I say it's not enough!

Why isn't it enough?

Because I shall give you more!

I'll give to each one of you...
Write it down!

I'll give to each one of you...

Shelter, food, and clean clothes!

Shelter, food, clean clothes!
Shelter, food, clean clothes!

It's for the people!

Shelter, food and clean clothes,

That's a lot.

I know it's a lot, Juvenal.

Didn't you see? I promised that
in the burst of the moment.

But there's something
you know very well:

I keep my words!

Are there any rumors
floating around, Juvenal?

They say it's too much, Colonel.

But me and some friends
had an idea...

If you'll allow it, Colonel...

We'll spread very slowly,
through word of mouth,

that you did promise all of this...
but for a small price.

Absolutely not, Juvenal!
Don't mix me up in this business!

If I promised it,
it's promised.

If I can't give it to 500 people,
I'll give it to 100, or 50, 20, 2, 1...

- I'll give to you and that's it!
- Colonel, did you ask for me?

What did they tell you, Galdino?


They told you were asking for me.

Then of course I called you, Galdino!

Are any carts going to town today?

Colonel, you know
that all of the carts are...

You're not answering my question,
Galdino! I asked you this:

Are any carts going to town today?

Yes, sir.

That's what I wanted to know, thank you.

Now this is what you'll do for me:

Tell the cart drivers –
and you're warned, too:

From now on, none of my carts
shall "sing" in the city!

- But...
- But what, Galdino?

- Were you yesterday at the convention?
- Yes, sir.

And don't you think that I, as candidate
to the town hall executive office...

should behave according to the law?

Oh, for sure, Mr.!

So I use the soap, right Colonel?

Exactly, Galdino. Use the soap.

Thank you very much.
You may go, Galdino.

- Galdino's funny, huh?
- He's a good kid.

A child of this farm,
born and raised here.

Juvenal, here are 2 packets
with 10,000 Cr$ each. 20 grand total.

- That's a lot of money!
- No, it's not. You'll see.

In the beginning of our campaign,
there'll be plenty of expenses.

Posters, photographs, flyers...

Also, we must start helping the people
right away, Juvenal.

But, Colonel!

Juvenal, you're taking me
for something I'm not!

I'm not who you think I am.

I would never buy votes, Juvenal!

I find it necessary to give the people
complete independence of choice.

- Very good.
- However,

I must help my people right away,

so their situation is good enough
for them to resist any temptation!

To avoid that some other,
less honest candidate,

with small talk, promises,
and even gifts...

corrupt the conscience of the people,
taking away their freedom of thought!

Very good, Colonel!

By helping my people right away,

I'm giving them electoral independence!

Without that,
I'd never accept this race.

Very good, Colonel.

You'll take these 20 grand,

and also 1000 Cr$ for Maria Fausta.

- But, Colonel...
- No, it's not that.

I know Maria Fausta
will be 18 very soon,

so me and Garrincha
would like to help with...

- ...with the party.
- Thank you, Colonel.

Now it's time for the right foot,
Mr. Lino. The right one is the hardest.

This is a nice teapot...

Folks from Independência
sure are buying, huh?

Damn right foot!

Crazy stuff!

What's up, João do Carmo?

How are you doing, João do Carmo?

Excuse me, Mariazinha.

Folks, I brought the cake out here
because inside it was too crowded.


Now let's hear the birthday waltz
Galdino made for Maria Fausta.

- Right, Maria Fausta?
- Let's waltz, folks!

Happy birthday
To you

Happy birthday
To you

Happy birthday
To you

Happy birthday
To you

- C'mon, Galdino!
- Let's go!

Great, Galdino!

- Maria Fausta...
- João do Carmo!

Why don't you come in?
You're the only one missing...

No, I can't.

I'd ruin your party. You know
Mr. Juvenal dislikes me more and more.

Since that damned rehearsal
in Galdino's room,

we've been having
really bad arguments.

- I don't understand why!
- Me neither.

Well, I...

I came in a hurry...

To give you a hug and...

...and this gift.

Thank you, João do Carmo.

Did you know? My godmother was
here earlier to talk with the Colonel,

and she brought me many things.

It's all in my bag!

That's wonderful, Maria Fausta.

Listen, João do Carmo. My godmother
said that, now that I'm of age,

she'll marry us anyway!

Yes, Mrs. Garrincha
likes you very much, and me too.

You dirty scoundrel!

I don't know why
I don't shoot you in the head!

Get out!

You were always stupid and naughty,
but I'll solve this my way!

Friends, friends.
A moment, please.

We all know the Colonel doesn't like
dancing all night long.

Tomorrow is a work day, so let's have
one more song and the party's over.

It was a big fuss in the farm:
Maria Fausta had disappeared.

...we'll find her one way or another.

You there, start working on this!

Start the searches!

They immediately thought
she'd drowned in the river,

and rumors and coincidences arose
confirming the hypothesis.

Look over there!

The days went by.

Mr. Juvenal, Maria Fausta's father,
was depressed, filled with regret.

Galdino, sadder by the day.

Maria Fausta, as you know,
was very dear to all,

and the sadness spread
all the way to the town.

And the mystery was buried
at the bottom of the river.

Another blow came and stroke hard
Independência farm:

Colonel Januário's political failure.

In the elections,
the Independent Farm Party, PLI,

suffered a resounding defeat.

Well my friends,

Crying does not pay any debts.

Let's begin our proceedings, but first
I'd like to thank the support you gave

after Maria Fausta's
mysterious disappearance.

This fact – thank you...

has brought us many nuisances,

but, fortunately...

João de Carmo, our employee,
is no longer a suspect.

Poor boy, he's crazy,
looking for the girl all the time.

And on top of that,

PLI's resounding political failure.

We only elected one city ​​councilor,
our old friend Tiago Sérgio de Lima.


And poor Colonel Januário...!

677 votes.


Well my friends,
I'm really not that bummed about it.

It was pretty much what I expected.

And you also know
I never wanted to run for mayor.

It was Garrincha's idea.

"Mayor this", "Mayor that"...

And this was the result.
This failure.

And we also know that our heroic PLI,

although small in its electorate,

is great in its ideals
and in its achievements!

And all of us, old politicians,

we know very well that being
the opposition is much more comfortable!

It's always better to complain
than to get things done!

Getting things done is no joke.

It's always better to complain about
the bridge, than to build the bridge!

- Defending the interests of the people!
- Excellent, Mr. Chico understands it!

Complaining, that is,
defending the interests of the people!

And we have this major defense
over our winning rivals:

we can't order building the bridge
because we're not the government!

If we were the government,
we'd build 1, 10, 20, 50 bridges!

But since we're not the government,
let's complain about the bridges!

Defending the interests of the people!

There's a very fitting phrase
from a famous French revolutionary...

Jean Perrois-Léry...


I read a flyer from this revolutionary,
a very lively politician,

many years ago,
in my high school days.

But the sentence
is burned into my memory.

- L'opposition est toujours la force.
– La force!

La force!

The committee's meeting
was arranged so the party...

and each one of us individually,

may react – with small actions...

which can show to the people
that the PLI still stands!

- Still stands!
- Still stands.

And I, as the party's president,

will be the first to set the example.

Call Galdino, please.

Because frankly,
we can't walk around like stray dogs,

facing down, looking for food.

We must raise our heads
and show independence!

Very well!

Yes, Colonel?


I'm going back to my old ways.

Colonel Januário's carts
sing wherever they go!

Very well!

But abiding by the law:
paying all the necessary fines.

You mean...

No more soap, right Colonel?

- Yes, no more soap.
- Very well!

Now that I don't want
my cart to sing no more...

What are you mumbling about, Galdino?

Nothing, Colonel.
I'll take off the soap, yes sir.

Look Garrincha.
Did you see poor Galdino's face?

Facing down, completely upset.

You're being diabolical!

I'm sure you know something,
but won't say anything!

- I know nothing, same as you.
- Yes, nothing...

I'll say and say it twice:

I won't help you
on the Maria Fausta affair

until that thing
doesn't disappear from this farm.

- What thing?
- Galdino's bloody squeezebox.

He's getting worse and worse.

It's all day long:

Alright. Very well, Garrincha.

And it was true.
Galdino was completely upset.

So much so that, with a few friends,

he was still going on searches
through rivers, lagoons,

hoping to solve Maria Fausta's
mysterious disappearance.

And, in that living obsession,

Galdino would even hear...

strange melodies
emanating from the water.

Hey, Vicente!

What, Galdino?

- Let's go!
- Let's go.

Vicente, will you do me a favor?

Tell the Colonel
I'm not working tomorrow.

I'm way too tired.

I think I'm sick, you know?

Of course Galdino, I'll tell him.

Zum, zum, zum,
down by the sea...

Zum, zum, zum,
down by the sea...

It's the wind slowing us down,
It's the sea getting in our way...

Of getting to the port.

How can the fish
survive outside cold water?

How can the fish
survive outside cold water?

Zum, zum, zum,
down by the sea...

Zum, zum, zum,
down by the sea...

It's the wind slowing us down,

It's the sea getting in our way

of arriving at the port.

How can the fish
survive outside cold water?

How can the fish
survive outside cold water?

How will I survive...

How will I survive...

Without you, without you,
Without you by my side?

Without you, without you,
Without you by my side?

Zum, zum, zum,
down by the sea...

Zum, zum, zum,
down by the sea...

You're sick, aren't you, Galdino?

Yes, Colonel.
I'm not feeling very good.

Of course, I got your message,
your little message.

That's precisely why I'm here.

Let me see your tongue.

That's enough.

You surely have a fever, Galdino.

- Let me see if you have a fever.
- Look Colonel, you know what?

I'm not sick sir, no.

I'm just tired.

Last night I went on a search
looking for Maria Fausta...

I see, I see...

And that's why
I didn't go to work, Colonel.

So you didn't go to work.
You're tired.

Now I'll ask you this:

What's the farm got to do
with Maria Fausta?

This is not just about her, no.

This is about this damn thing,
this squeezebox!

I've been thinking of destroying it
for some time now.

- And today I'll do it. Right now!
- Colonel!

What, Galdino? What?

I see.

You want to kill me, Galdino.

You want to kill Colonel Januário.

Very well, Galdino. Very well.

Colonel, have patience.

You may hit me, arrest me,
send me away from the farm...

But destroy the squeezebox, Colonel?

The squeezebox...

I'm not going to destroy anything,
Galdino! Not at all.

On the opposite, your highness:

You may go on playing
as many times as you want!

After all,
Colonel Januário knows nothing...

- But, Colonel...
- No, no, no...

I'll do your work for you at the farm!

I'll ride the cart,

take the packages downtown...

I'll do everything, your highness!

Your highness may go on
with his little squeezebox.

Forgive me, Colonel.

Have you taken the corn load
to Aurélio's windmill?

So you'll do this:
take the corn,

and get my mail at the station,
which's been sitting there for two days.

Yes, Colonel.

Hey, Galdino!

What is it?

It's not possible!

It's not possible!

But is it true, Vicente?

But where, Vicente? Where?

Go Galdino, go!
It's for sure.

Maria Fausta, I believe
I bring you great comfort today...

I hope so, João do Carmo.
I've been so upset...

I don't even know...

How beautiful!

Today I talked to Mrs. Garrincha.
Everything is set.

The dress, Garrincha made it herself,
in secret.

The marriage will be
in the town's church, as you wished.

And we'll go there straight from here,
Maria Fausta.

Look, Maria Fausta.

We must strictly obey
Mrs. Garrincha's orders...

And nothing else.

That you can't, João do Carmo!
Mrs. Garrincha won't let you.

That you can't do, heh...

You can't!

What happened was simple:

In the night she fought with her father,
Maria Fausta fled to the farm.

And Mrs. Garrincha, whose mind was set
on marrying her to João do Carmo,

got them a hideout
in old Mota's house.

Yes, Mr. Juvenal?

- Galdino, I'm leaving.
- Yes, sir.

But Galdino, I'm sure that
if you haven't told me anything yet,

it's because you know nothing.

But I know everything.

But what happened, Mr. Juvenal?

Galdino, I'm also sure that,

if the Colonel was aware
of what's about to happen,

he'd do the same as I will.

Oh, I'm so happy!

- João do Carmo...
- Yes?

- I'm afraid something might happen.
- Why?

I don't know what happened to dad...

My godfather, the Colonel,
is also not here...

Maria Fausta, we must not worry.

I'm sure Mrs. Garrincha and the Colonel
have arranged everything.

- Juvenal
- You're a friendly visit, Colonel.

It couldn't be otherwise, Juvenal!

The Colonel must understand,
after all that's happened...

Wait, Juvenal.
I'll talk first, then you'll talk.

Alright, Juvenal?

Alright, Colonel.

- João do Carmo.
- What?

I think something's happening.

My godmother...

João do Carmo.

Thank you very much, Mr. Juvenal.

Mrs. Garrincha.

Mr. Juvenal,
you're acting like a good man!

Thank you.

Your daughter shall be very happy.

Because I'll take care of the couple.

Great, Garrincha!


Well my friends,

now that the farm is back in peace,

with this most beautiful attitude
from my old friend Juvenal,

Let's go with Galdino's famous band...

and celebrate the occasion
with music and dance!

And where's Galdino?

- Girls, have you seen Galdino?
- No, Colonel.

- What a wonderful afternoon.
- Yes, pretty.


Hey, Galdino!


Hey, Galdino!


Hey, Galdino!

And ever since that day,
Galdino never showed up again.

But they say you can still hear
the music of the squeezebox,

late at night,

during long walks
under the afternoon sun,

at dusk...

Subtitles by gfcarvalho