Can't Help Singing (1944) - full transcript

With the California Gold Rush beginning, Senator Frost's singing daughter Caroline loves a young army officer; the Senator can't stand him, and has him sent to California. Headstrong Caroline follows him by train, riverboat, and covered wagon, gaining companions en route: a vagrant Russian prince and gambler Johnny Lawlor, who just might take her mind off the army.

There they come!

Mr. President,

I have the honor
to deliver to you

the first shipment of gold
from California.

Thank you, Captain.

On this auspicious occasion,

I feel compelled
to say a few words.

From the soil of this great continent

has come a precious metal...


The majestic earth
of this noble, fertile land,

which has given us
fuel for our homes

in the form of coal from
the great mines of Pennsylvania,

food in the form of wheat,

and corn, and barley.

From the plains
of our western frontier...

I'm beginning to see now
why you insisted

Caroline spend the weekend
in the country.

I'm certain it's for her own good.

I'm certain you're certain, Martin,

just as I'm certain
you've overlooked the fact

she'll be back in town
tomorrow night

for the White House reception.

What then?

Anything might happen.

It's possible the 4th Cavalry

will receive its marching orders
before tomorrow night.

Things happen quickly in
the War Department these days.

You haven't overlooked
a thing, have you?

Not a thing. Shh...

♪ I can't help singing ♪

♪ Of a promise
that April is bringing ♪

♪ Oh, I'm floating along
on the crest of a song ♪

♪ There are bells in my heart
and they're ringing ♪

♪ Can't help glowing ♪

♪ There's a spark in my heart
and it's growing ♪

♪ I don't care what they say ♪

♪ Love affects me this way

♪ And I gotta keep singing all day ♪

♪ I'm floating along
on the crest of a song ♪

♪ There are bells in my heart
and they're ringing ♪

♪ I don't care what they say ♪

♪ Love affects me this way

♪ Gotta keep singing

♪ Gotta keep singing

♪ Singing all day

In conclusion I should like to say,

our trust has always
been in providence.

And time and time and again,

that providence has seen fit

to shower us with heavenly blessings.

The discovery of gold

is merely another exemplification
of those blessings.

May the good Lord grant us
strength and the fortitude,

the foresight and the integrity,

the will and the means

to exploit this new discovery

for the everlasting good
of mortal man.

Oh, welcome home,
Lieutenant Latham.

Hello, Alfred.

Things were kind of quiet
while you were away.

Well, now that we're back,

we'll see if we can't take care of it.

Any changes in the political picture?

We never heard how
the elections came out.

Well, Senator McLean was defeated.

We'll be losing him next month.

That's a shame.

Lovely girl, the Senator's daughter.
Talented too.

What about Senator Frost?

- He was returned by a big plurality.
- Is that so?

Yes. Looks like we're gonna have
him around for quite a spell.

That's fine.

You know, I remember
when Senator Frost

first come to Washington,

I said to Martha--
That's my wife.

I said, "He'll be the biggest man
in the country," I said.

- Miss McLean.
- Robert.

- Caroline.
- Robert.

Please, Robert. No, not here.
You mustn't.

I imagine you'll find Washington
rather dull after the west.

They tell me it's very beautiful.

It is beautiful.
Everywhere I looked you were there.

Oh, Robert...

I mean...
I mean, Lieutenant.

I want to hear all about your trip.

It must be very exciting
to meet a man like Jake Carstair.

I've always been
interested in the west.

It's so wild and dangerous they say.

Not half as dangerous as you
in the moonlight.

The officers and their ladies
are having a little

celebration tomorrow night
at the barracks.

I trust I may have the honor?

Oh, I'd love to, but...

But there's a reception
at the White House.

Remember the balcony at the barracks
the night I went away?

The President has asked me to sing.

There was no one else
in the world that night,

just you and I.

My father made me promise I'd attend.

That same moon will be there,

and I'll be waiting too.

Hello, Father.

I as under the impression
you were in the country.

I was. I went for a drive in the carriage,
and suddenly I realized

I was such a short distance
from Washington, I just drove in.

You remember Lieutenant Latham,
of course?

Of course, very well.
How do you do, Lieutenant?

How do you do, Senator?

- And my Aunt Cissy?
- It's a pleasure to see you again, ma'am.

Congratulations, sir.

I was very happy to hear
of your re-election.

I'm sure you were.
Come, Caroline.

Well, Lieutenant Latham's just been
telling me all about the west.

It sounds terribly exciting.

With all the gold in California,

I'm surprised to see you back here.

All the gold is
not in California, sir.

Then you plan on being
stationed in Washington

permanently, Lieutenant?

The plans of a soldier
are quite as uncertain

as those of a politician, sir.

One never knows.

I hope I shall see you again soon.

Coming, Cecelia?

Yes, Martin.
Good day, Lieutenant.

Tomorrow night.

Will you keep my place
in your heart open, Robert?

The political experts say

my father will be returned
to office next election.

Sarcasm isn't very becoming
to you, Jeannie.

You know,
the first time I saw you,

you were riding in the park,

a beautiful white steed.

It was love at first sight.

I'm convinced now
it was the horse.

For a diplomat, Martin,

you certainly displayed very little tact
with Lieutenant Latham.

Stop calling your father Martin.

It's disrespectful.

He loves it.

I don't believe in pretense.

I dislike Lieutenant Latham intensely.

Ha! It's obvious.

He's an opportunist.

He's interested in you solely
because I'm in a position

to help him further his career.

I think he's charming.

He has...
He has character.

Yes, and it's all bad.

How do you do?

I'm convinced the only reason
you like him

is because I don't.

How do you do?

You're the most obstinate daughter
a man ever had.

She comes from a long line
of obstinate people.

- Senator Frost.
- Abe.

I want you to promise me
you won't see him again.

I'll promise no such thing.

Now see here, Caroline--

If you ask me, you're only
rubbing her the wrong way.

The sooner you forget
Lieutenant Latham,

the sooner Caroline will.
You're both wrong.

Well, anyway,
with all his conniving,

he hasn't been able to
quite make himself welcome

at the White House.

You shan't see him tomorrow night.

- Tomorrow night?
- The White House reception.

You haven't forgotten you're to sing
for the president, have you?

Oh, no, no, I hadn't forgotten.

The President
of the United States

is expecting you to sing tonight

and you're going to sing.

All right, Martin.
I'll go. I'll sing.

She's in no condition to sing,
it's ridiculous.

It's fantastic.

In all the annals
of medical history,

no one ever heard of a cold
developing so quickly.

Oh, your hand feels so cool.

Why, you are burning up.


She's on fire!

I better send for Dr. Carol.

Oh, no. No, I'll be all right.

You're ill, Caroline.

I just need some sleep.
Run along, both of you.

Why, I wouldn't think of leaving
you in this condition.

Cissy, you go on.
Make my apologies to the president.

You go, I'll stay.

No, no, no.
Please. I--

I don't want anyone to stay.

I-- I'll be much better
if I'm just left alone.

Good night.
Have a good time.

Well, good night, dear.

I'll be home early.

Don't hurry.

Wonder how those got there.

I wonder.

I-- I feel much better.

But that's the way
with temperatures.

They come and go quickly.

Yes. They're hot.

Yes. Uh...

Now will you please
hurry and dress?

- We can't keep the president waiting.
- No, of course not.

Oh, why don't you both go ahead

and I'll get dressed
and take another carriage.


Oh, by the way, don't bother stopping
by the officers barracks.

Lieutenant Latham
is out of town.

Oh, but that's impossible.
I saw him last ni--

His troop left at dawn.

The Secretary of War has sent them

to guard the Carstair Mines
of Sonora.

Well, I--
I think I'll go and fix my hair.

How could you do such a thing?

Me do such a thing?

I'm not the Secretary
of War, my dear.

But you're his best friend.

- Father, I'll never forgive you for this.
- You will in time.

I'm going to marry Robert
and you can't stop me.

I don't intend to sit idly by

and watch my daughter
throw her life away

on a good for nothing rascal.

You can't just juggle
people's lives around

like you do in all of your silly
old budget figures.

I'm old enough to know my own mind.

At least I'm old enough
to know my own heart.

And I love Robert.

Oh, now, now. You--

You-- You--
You only think you do.

- But I do!
- All right! You love him.

Have it your own way.

Aw, but...

You'll get over it.

Time heals everything.

It can't. It wont.

Aw... Now, now, come, come, come.

Yes, it will.

Now, now...

You'll go away somewhere for a rest?


I was just thinking last week.

Why, you can go up to New York

and visit your Uncle John.

There's a new company singing
at the Opera House.

You would like that.

Oh, come on now.

Tell me you would like that.

Wouldn't you?

Well, of course you would.

Now, here. Let's wipe the tears
out of those pretty eyes

and you go right down to the depot

and buy yourself a ticket.

It would cost a great deal of money.

Well, we're not going to worry
over trivialities, are we?

Here, $200 should be enough,
don't you think?

Oh, it would cost a great deal
more than that.

I guess it would
just be too expensive.

Has money ever meant anything

where my daughter's
happiness was at stake?

Of course not. Huh?

You're such a sweet,
understanding father.

You always know
what's best for me.

You almost always get
your own way too, don't you?

Well, almost.

Now, here.
You hurry up and get dressed.

Well, uh, maybe
you better go ahead.

No need of us all being late.

Well, uh, all right.

- But you hurry, my dear.
- Yes, I will.

And, thank you, Father.

Oh, not at all, not at all.



What you up to, Miss Caroline?

- I'm gonna be married.
- Married? Tonight?

If I can catch up with him.

Have Joseph get
a carriage ready.

Where you going, Miss Caroline?

I'm gonna pick that one too.

Yes, but where you going,
Miss Caroline?

- To Pittsburgh.
- Oh, Pittsburgh!

- Maybe Cincinnati.
- Oh.

- Maybe St. Louis.
- St. Louis?

- Maybe California.
- California!

Good heavens!

Just can't stand pryin'.

When a critter starts
asking your name,

it's getting too inquisitive.

There's a boat!

Grab a line!

Warren, will you stop
twisting your hair?

Where's the baby's milk?

Uncle Harry's bringing it.

Careful now.
Look out for that cow.

Would you help me carry my--

Sorry, lady, got a load.

Would you help me carry my trunk?

I'm loaded down too, ma'am.

I wonder if you'd carry my trunk.

No chance, lady.

Keep your eyes peeled
for a couple of stowaways.

I'll watch the other gangplank.

I certainly will.

Would you mind helping me
with my trunk?

Would you-- Oh, never mind.

Madame. Perhaps I can be
of assistance, madame.

Allow me to present myself.

My name is Prince Gregorio
Alexandrovich Strogonoski.

Uh... Oh, yes, his name is Koppa.

My full name is Kapi--

Uh, may I?

Well, it would be a great favor.

I must get ashore immediately.

Immediately, madame.
Uh, Koppa.

Carry the lady's
trunk ashore, please.

Oh, surely, surely.

It's very nice of you to be
so kind to me, Your Highness.

Madame, no trouble at all.

Uh, ready, madame?

Uh, Koppa, all right.


Careful, though.

Ooh, thank you.

- Lovely trip.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.

I'm certainly grateful
to you, gentlemen

for helping me with my trunk.

It was a pleasure.

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

Would you mind carrying
my trunk just a little further?

I'm terribly sorry--

Oh, but I have to get up there.

It's so valuable to me.

Why, it's worth its weight in gold.

Oh, with pleasure, madame.

- Delighted.
- Thank you.

- I beg your pardon.
- Mmm-hmm.

I'm looking for a Lieutenant--

I'm a lieutenant.

No, I'm looking for
Lieutenant Latham.

He's with the 4th Cavalry.

Oh, they left last night
for Fort Bridger.

Oh, but they told me in St. Louis
I'd catch up with him here.

They're going to guard
the Carstair holdings in California.

Yes, I know.

How can I get to Fort Bridger?

I'd be happy to escort you there,

Oh, you would?

Of course, I'll have to get
a three weeks furlough.

Oh, where can I get a stagecoach?

There isn't any.

Why don't you stay right here?

There's a wagon train
leaving in the morning.

You might be able to arrange
a ride with someone.

Be kind of rough.

Oh, I don't care
if I can just get there.

- Where are the wagons?
- Down at the end of the street.

- Thank you.
- No, thank you.

Oh, thank you very much.

I think I can find them myself.

Coming, Your Highness?

Uh, yes, madame.
Surely, madame.


Now, my dear friend, Koppa.

We shall see if it's really
worth its weight in gold.

♪ We shall see we shall see ♪

♪ We shall see we shall see ♪

♪ We shall see


♪ We shall see we shall see ♪

♪ We shall see we shall see ♪

Oh, no, no, no, Koppa.

- Get that rock.
- What rock?

- The big one.
- Oh, that one.

♪ We shall see we shall see ♪


maybe this is not
the right system.

Oh, Koppa, Koppa, this is no time
to be fussy about breaking a rock.

This may be our ticket
to California, my friend.

Thanks, just the same,

but I think we gotta
get a bigger rock.

♪ We shall see we shall see ♪

♪ We shall see

♪ Elbow room

♪ Elbow room

♪ Elbow room Elbow room ♪

♪ Elbow room

♪ Give a man air

♪ Give a man soil

♪ Fertile and fair

♪ Let a man toil

♪ Where he can share

♪ Elbow room

♪ Elbow room

♪ Let a man ride

♪ Out of those ruts

♪ Spirit untied

♪ If he has guts,
Lord will provide ♪

♪ Elbow room

♪ There's a land ahead ♪

♪ Where a man
can plant his feet in ♪

♪ Raise his thoroughbred

♪ Gather all the gold
and wheat in ♪

♪ Elbow room

♪ Blow the wall down

♪ Out of my way

♪ City and town

♪ Elbow room

♪ Shout it along

♪ Let the old hills

♪ Echo the song

♪ If your soul is free

♪ Brother, come along with me ♪

♪ If your soul is free

♪ Brother, come along with me ♪

♪ Elbow room

♪ Elbow room

♪ Elbow room

♪ Elbow room

Excuse me?

- Howdy, ma'am.
- Hello.

I'm looking for a ride
to Fort Bridger.

- Fort Bridger?
- Yes.

Do you know anybody
who'd take me?

I'd be glad to pay
whatever is right.

Well, uh...

Let me see, uh, miss, uh...

Maybe I could arrange
to take you along with us.

Just a minute, Lemuel.

If you was planning on
giving this young woman

a seat in this wagon,

you should've thought
of it 13 years ago

and saved room.

My profit on the venture
was $100,000.

Since then,
I've simply been living

on the interest of the money.

Hold the light, please.

Mmm-hmm. Excuse me.

Thank you, my good man.

Interested in buying a wagon, lady?

Why, yes, I am.

It seems to be the only way

I'll ever get to Fort Bridger.

- Are you the owner?
- Yessum. And I don't mind saying

you're lucky to find a first class
outfit like this, ma'am.

Finest wagon this side of Pittsburgh.

Those horses look a little thin.

Well, to an experienced eye, ma'am,

they might appear to be a little bit

on the over-trained side,

but you mustn't be deceived
by appearances, ma'am.

There's blue blood in them steeds.

You see, they've been bred
for ruggedness.

Take my word for it, ma'am,

horses is just like women.

When it comes to work,

it's the little, thin ones
that cover the most ground.

Begging your pardon, ma'am,

but there ain't
nothing wrong with them

that a little hay won't fix.

Well, all right.

How much is it?

Well, I'd be satisfied with $400,

and $200 for the supplies,

as flour, bacon, and beans,
she's all ready to go.

I'll give you $500.

Well, you drive
a hard bargain, ma'am,

but throw in the pouch
and it's a deal.


40, 60...

I'm going to open it.

- 480, 500.
- That's just right.

I'll... I'll be back later
with a bill of sale.

Thank you very much.

Oh, Your Highness,

would you put the trunk
in the wagon for me, please?

Oh, wait a minute!


Do you know where I can get a room
for the night with a bath?

Well, you won't find
a room, ma'am,

but there's a public bath house
over on Main Street.

- Thank you.
- Don't mention it, ma'am.

And I wanna thank both of you too.

I don't know what
I would've done without you.

♪ Hummingbird, mockingbird

♪ Listen to me

♪ I got no nest

♪ I got no tree

♪ Oh, but I'm happy ♪

♪ As heaven is wide

♪ I got a song

♪ Happening inside

♪ Can't help singing ♪

♪ Of a promise
that April is bringing ♪

♪ Oh, I'm floating along
on the crest of a song ♪

♪ There are bells in my heart ♪

♪ And they're ringing ♪

♪ Can't help crowing ♪

♪ Folks don't like it, I know ♪

♪ But I'm glowing ♪

♪ I can't help what they say ♪

♪ Spring affects me this way

♪ And I gotta
keep singing all day ♪

♪ Spring makes a feller spring
makes a feller hopeful ♪

♪ Soap makes a feller soap
makes a feller soap-ful ♪

♪ What is this
what is this charm music hath ♪

♪ Why is my voice so divine ♪

♪ In a bath?

♪ Spring grows the rhododendron
and sweet hibiscus ♪

♪ Spring grows a feller's spring
grows a feller's whiskers ♪

♪ Spring tells me
love's on its way ♪

♪ Lucky I'm living today ♪

♪ Can't help singing ♪

♪ Of a promise
that April is bringing ♪

♪ When I shampoo my top

♪ There is nothing like Opry

♪ And lather to keep
my ears ringing ♪

♪ Can't help crowing ♪

♪ Folks don't like it,
I know but I'm glowing ♪

♪ I don't care what they say ♪

♪ Spring affects me this way

♪ And the love that I reckon
sing along ♪

♪ Here I'm up to my neck
in soap and suds ♪

♪ With a hi-ho
and it's thrilling me ♪

♪ Hi-ho and I really think ♪

♪ I gotta, I gotta
I gotta keep singing ♪

♪ I gotta, I gotta
I gotta keep singing ♪

♪ All day

Uh, pardon me.
Has the lady

with the nice singing
voice come out yet?

No, I don't think so.

Thank you.

Here she comes now.

I, uh, beg your pardon, ma'am.


I beg your pardon.

Well, you certainly can't figure
men out, can you?

No. Isn't it marvelous?

I got sick and tired of it.

Well, I don't blame you.

He tried to deny it,

but I said,
"If you're not drunk,

"let's see you get up
off of that ground."

Warren, will you stop
twisting that hair?

Stop it.

Interested in buying a wagon, lady?

Why, I just bought one.
This one.

You must be mistaken, ma'am.

This is my wagon.

- Oh, no, it isn't.
- Oh, yes, it is.

I got my papers right here.

But the man sold it to me
not more than an hour ago.

I'm afraid you've been
hoodwinked, ma'am.

I paid $500 for it.

That's more than
I expect to get for it myself.

Oh, how could anyone
do such a thing?

I was planning to leave
with the wagon train in the morning.

Oh, what am I gonna do?

You might drop over
to the marshal's ma'am.

- Maybe he could help you.
- Thank you.

May I leave my luggage here?

- Yeah, sure.
- With my trunk?


- Howdy, Marshal.
- Howdy, Jack. What you got?

Plenty, including a warrant

for some senator's daughter
who's run away from home.

Well, what do you know?

Now, the Senator's
headed this way by a boat.

He ought to get in
some time tomorrow.

I understand there's
a $5,000 reward offer.

See, I wouldn't mind
bumping into her myself.

Got any idea
what she looks like?

Sure, I got a full description
of her right here in this bag.


Why don't you let me
take you out of here?

It's much too good for you.

Four Queens.

Very pretty.

- Four Aces.
- Nothing.

- I'm cashin' in.
- I'm leavin'.

Hey, these are too small for me.
Keep 'em.



- Well, I owe you $250.
- That's right.

How about cuttin'
the cards just once?

Double or nothing.

That sounds like a good idea.

After you, sir.

Well, what do you know?

An Ace.

That'll be $500.

You mark a deck pretty fast
for a young fellow.

Just a little bit
faster than you do.

That's dollar sign, five-oh-oh.

Well, here's your $500.

Thank you very much.

My 500.

You shouldn't go around
grabbing other people's money.

It isn't ladylike.

It's my money.
He swindled me out of it.

Me? Swindled you?

You sold me a wagon
you didn't even own.

Do you realize that
statement is libelous?

You know it's the truth.

If you people will excuse me, I--

You're not leaving here
with my $500.

Why, it's practically the last cent
I had to my name.

And I need it.

I have to get to Fort Bridger.

- I'm le--
- That's very interesting,

- but if you don't mind, I'd like to--
- Now wait a minute.

I bought a wagon and paid for it

and now I haven't got a wagon

and something's
gotta be done about it.

Please, lady,
you don't have to shout.

Let's sit down and talk
this thing over.

Well, we're not gonna
get anywhere

unless we have confidence
in each other.

Then you let go of the money.

That would be overconfidence.

Well, I'll let go if you will.

That's fair enough.

Just a minute, folks.

There's something
I wanna say to you.

The last time the marshal

come down here
to make some arrests,

the mirrors on the back bar

got all busted up
during the scuffle.

Now them there mirrors
cost a heap of money,

and they have to be
hauled out here

all the way from Chicago.

And that's why I'm warning you.

The marshal's on his way
down here now.

He's got a whole hat
full of warrants.

Five or six horse thieves,

been ridin' kinda high.

Some girl who ran away
from her pappy.

$5,000 reward for her return.

Then there's some other warrants
for some card sharks.

It's been gettin' outta hand.

Too much double dealin'.

Then there's a few other warrants

for various and sundry reasons,

such as... murder,


little bit of larceny...

Petty and grand.

Now I don't want nobody to think

I'm trying to thwart
lawful justice.

'Cause I ain't.

All I'm trying to do
is save my mirrors.

So I'm gonna turn the lights
out here in the hall

for a few shakes,

and them that wants
to get can get.

Turn 'em out, boys.

Oh, no, you don't, young lady.

Oh, I beg your pardon,
ma'am. I--

All right, turn 'em on, boys.

Well, the marshal will be down
here any time now.

What's going on here?

Not so fast, young lady.

You let me by.

I don't wanna tell you how
to run your business, lady,

but that's my 500.

But I have to get to Fort Bridger.

You said that.

Why'd you run away
from your pappy?

None of your business.

Have it your own way then,

so it's none of my business.

What's the matter with me?

I don't think very fast.

Are you going to give me that money?

I guess I'm just plain lucky.

I think you're just plain rude.

Here I've been trying to figure out

how to get a stake

to get started in California,

and it's dumped right in my lap.

What are you talking about?

What the man at the saloon
was talking about,

the $5,000 reward.

You're really nice, aren't you?

Can you blame me?
Somebody's gonna collect the reward.

- Why shouldn't it be me?
- Because you're a crooked card shark

and you can't go near
the marshal's office.

That's right.

That means I'll have to have
a confederate and split with her.

Do you have any friends here

who'd like to get in on a good thing?

Who could I get?

How would you like to get in
on a real good thing?

I'm already in on a real good thing.

I'll give you $10,000
to get me to Fort Bridger.

Let's see the money.

I'll give it to you in Fort Bridger.

Ah, who's at Fort Bridger?

Just some army officers.

Army officers don't have $10,000.

I know that.

Who's the richest man in California?

- Richest man in California?
- Mmm-hmm.

Jake Carstair, I guess.

He's the man who's going
to give you the $10,000.

Is Jake Carstair your father?

- Huh-uh.
- Well, then--

- Oh, I see.
- Well, well.

Jake Carstair lives in Sonora.

What's he gonna do,
meet you at Fort Bridger?


You do pretty well, don't you?

Where is this wagon
you bought and paid for

and didn't get
and so on and so forth?

Oh, I, um...

Oh, it's right up there.

- Can you cook?
- Of course not.

- What are you going to do?
- No, that's fine.

2,000 miles of travel
ahead of us,

and I have to hook up with a gal

who can't even boil water.

Oh, then you will
take me to Fort Bridger.

There's just one thing.

I can tolerate horse stealing,
grand larceny, murder,

anything but lyin'.

If you're not
telling me the truth,

now's the time to say so.

You're standing on my foot.

You'll get your money, all right.
I give you my word.

- Is that the wagon?
- Yes.

Climb up on the seat.

Are we going to leave now?

The wagon train will catch up
with us in the morning.

We stay here tonight,
the marshal might run into us.

You wouldn't wanna disappoint
old Jake Carstair would you?

No. No, of course not.

Come on then.

Would you mind giving me a hand?

Not this time.

Let's get this straight.

You hired me to drive you
to Fort Bridger

and that doesn't include
playing nursemaid to you.

Are you always this insulting?

On this trip, everything's
on a 50-50 basis.

That suits me fine.

You take of your 50,
I'll take care of mine.

Very well. Here.

Oh, have they gone?

Yes, they've gone.

The Indians. I woke up
and they're all lookin' at me.

Did you have to scare 'em?

We might wanna give the country
back to them someday.

Your highness.

What do we do now?

- This is a surprise.
- Madame.

What in the world are you doing here?

Err, you see, madam.

We ah...

By a strange coincidence.
Yes, very strange coincidence.

We were just passing
by your wagon.

- Back in Independence.
- Yes, Of course, back in Independence.

and then we saw your valuable trunk
absolutely unprotected, so...


How do you do?
So, we say to ourselves...

Ah... we say...

- Eh...
- We say, Eh...

- Madam is careless.
- Yes, madam is very careless.

- We say.
- The town is full of thieves.

Ah, the town is full
of strange characters.

- This trunk is apt to be stolen.
- Positively.

So, we will guard
the trunk for Madam.

- No, Gregory sir?
- Yes, yes, exactly.

So we get into the wagon
to guard the trunk and...

imagine we... we fall asleep.


Yes, but when we wake up...

Oh, madam... When we wake up
we're surrounded by Indians.


Of course, our first thought
was Madam's trunk.

Oh, it was a desperate flight...
ummm... fight, yes.

Desperate, but we saved it.

- No?
- No.

- Yes.
- Yes!

How can I ever thank you?

Why, if anything had
ever happened to this trunk...

I just don't know
what I would have done.

So that's the-- Shh...

Well, I was careless,

but thanks to you gentlemen.
Everything's all right.

- These are friends of yours?
- Yes.

And I might add,
the only gentlemen I've met so far

in this wild west
barbarous country


If you... gentlemen would
excuse us, we'll be leaving.

Ah, with your permission,
we shall accompany you to California.

Can you cook?

Sure, the last place-- Shh, shut up.
- Cook?


Of course not.

Then if you hurry you can get back
to Independence before night fall.

But you'll have to walk fast.

What you mean, Independence?

Wait a minute.
I'm half owner of that wagon.

You speak for your half.
My half's full.

Hey there!

Howdy folks, you plannin' on
tavelin' alone, was you?


Uh, we just got an early start.

We were waiting to join your train.

Well, guess that's all right.

As long as you live up
to the rules and regulations.

Who's the boss of the wagon?

I am!

Well, that is...
we both are.

Married, I take it?


Positively not!

Well, brother and sister?

We're no relation.

Well, that changes
things considerable.

See, we don't allow no unattached
females in this train.

Nobody's got time enough
to assume responsibility.

- Well, I...
- I...

I guess we'll have to tell him.

On account of
her family's objections,

the little lady's trying to keep
her marriage a secret but...

There's really nothing
to worry about.

She's quite safely married to...

Ah, what did you say your name was?

Prince Gregory Stroganovsky.

You heard it.
That's her husband.

That... I mean him...

Get over there.

Everything all right,
Mrs. Stroganovsky?

How do you do, Mrs. Stroganovsky?

How do you do, Mrs. Brown?

No, no, my dear friend, Koppa.
It isn't clear to me.

It isn't.

One minute I'm single,
the next minute I'm--

It's the custom of the country.

One moment you're single,
the next you're not.

Yes, but nobody can prove
I'm married.

- But who wants to prove anything?
- What do you mean who wants to prove?

All I know what I hear
people say is...

How do you do Mrs. Stroganovsky?
I'm Mrs. Brown.

I'm glad to meet you,
Mrs. Stroganovsky I'm Mrs...

No, no all right.
No, no wait a minute.

Your last name
is Mr. Pitrowski, isn't it?

Now, now, suppose a woman
you've never seen in your life

says she's Mrs. Pitrowski?
It means that you're married to her eh?

- Ah ha.
- Then, why...

If a woman says she's
Mrs. Stroganovsky...

then you all say she's
Mrs. Stroganovsky...

Why can't a woman say she's Mrs. Pitrowski
and be Mrs. Pitrowski? Why?

Because my real name
is O'Shanahan.

With a face like that?

Stay in close to the wagon!

Stay in close to the wagon, folks!

Stay close to the wagons, folks.

Did it occur to you,
Mrs. Stroganovsky?

There might be a very good reason why every
one else is sticking close to the trail.

I don't remember anything
in our agreement

which permits you to dictate
to me where I shall walk.

What a shame.
It's such a pretty dress too.

I left them simmer about an hour.

That's much too long for them.

Mr. Stroganovsky?

Mrs. Stroganovsky,
how do you do?

Warren, stop twisting your hair.

Senator's daughter is single.

You sure this girl your taking me
to see is marriage?

Yep, husband's some kind
of count or duke or somethin'.

Well, we'll have a look
at anyway.

- Excuse me!
- But, what--

I saw that you hit her!
I don't care if she's your wife or not.

I'm not gonna stand by and let you strike
a poor defenseless woman!

What's going on here?

- He's beating his wife again.
- No!

- No use trying to deny it.
- Wait a minute he didn't--

Don't stand up for him.

How'd you like a little of it yourself?

- Who do you think you are?
- I'm the marshal.

- Let go of me.
- He's looking for some senator's daughter.

I don't care who
he's looking for,

I'm gonna tare you up
with my bare hands.

This is misunderstanding!

Please, please!

If you all go,
everything will be all right.

I'm very grateful to you for
what you've done for me.


isn't such a bad husband.

He only beats me when
he gets mad.

When I get mad?

The snake.

Well, then, Mrs. Stroganovsky,
everything will be all right.

What did you say her name was?

- Strognanovsky.
- Princess Stroganovsky.

Well, she certainly fits
the description they gave me

of Senator Frost's
daughter Caroline.

You sure your name is Stroganovsky?

Well, that's my married name.

Before I met the prince here.
I was just plain Maggie Murphy.

Sometimes I wish I was
plain Maggie Murphy again.

Heaven knows I've tried
to be a good wife.

But I know there've been times
where I've aggravated him.

I'm sorry that I made
him beat me.

Oh, it isn't just for myself.

Well, you see.

Pretty soon there'll be...

You know.

You poor child.

Oh, I hate to go to pieces like this.

I'm not very strong.

Guess, you better have
a talk with a doctor.

Well, I used to dabble medicine
when I was a young fellow.

May be I could--

Ah, no, thank you, Marshal.
We have a doctor here.

I'll carry you.

- I'm sorry to be such a bother.
- No bother at all.

Now, I've been right proud
with every person in this outfit.

- That was a close call, wasn't it?
- Yes.

- I'm certainly grateful--
- Just protecting my 10000 dollars.

Your father certainly doesn't want you
to get you to Fort Bridger, does he?

Oh, he just doesn't approve
of my marriage.

He's probably the
old fashioned type.

Thinks his daughter ought to marry a
strapping young fellow and raise a family.

Of course you can't have
everything can you?

What you gonna do in California?

Play cards?

Probably get married.


What is she like?

The girl you're gonna marry?


Likes to laugh and have fun.

Of course, she has
a serious side too.

Someone has to have it,
you know. It's an anchor.

Of course.

Kinda thought we might
live on a cloud.

A cloud?

Yeah, those things
up there in the sky.

I've got a lucky one.

I call it cloud number seven.

She has a cloud too,
nice and fluffy.

Hers is cloud number one.

Kinda thought we might
put 'em together.

You know, sorta combine clouds
number one and seven.

And walk around on cloud 17
for the rest of our lives.


- What's her name?
- Who?

Girl on the fluffy cloud.

I don't know.
I haven't met her yet.


Guess maybe it would be all right
if you put me down now, huh?


Guess, may be it'd be all right.


Thanks for knocking
me down and everything.

That's all right. May be you can do
the same for me sometime.


See you later, Caroline.

♪ Don't know where I'm at ♪

♪ Never lost my way
like this before ♪

♪ How did I get here

♪ So near to heaven's door ♪

♪ Never saw those stars

♪ Never felt this
strange new bliss ♪

♪ Before

♪ Wonder what can be

♪ Happening to me

♪ Any moment now

♪ Things will start

♪ Something new

♪ Stirs my heart

♪ Any moment now

♪ Chimes will ring

♪ Trumpets blow

♪ Angels sing

♪ All you did was
breath my name ♪

♪ Hold my hand

♪ Suddenly the world became

♪ Wonderland

♪ If it's love at last ♪

♪ What's to do ♪

♪ But to share each moment

♪ With you

♪ Any moment now

♪ Things will start

♪ Something new

♪ Stirs my heart

♪ Any moment now

♪ Chimes will ring

♪ Trumpets blow

♪ Angels sing

♪ All you did was
breath my name ♪

♪ Hold my hand

♪ Suddenly the world became

♪ Wonderland

♪ If it's love at last ♪

♪ What's to do ♪

♪ But to share each moment

♪ With you

The whole trouble is,
my daughter is too cleaver for you.

She's outsmarted you.

Well, I'm going to get some action.

I'm going to handle this myself.

What time does the next stage
coach leave for Fort Bridger?

It don't.
There ain't none.

Well, that's not gonna stop me.

- My compliments, sir.
- Thank you.

420, 440, 460, 480, 500 dollars.

You drive a hard bargain, Senator.

I can honestly say that outfit's worth
twice what you're paying for it.

Finest wagon
this side of Pittsburgh.

- Well, good luck, Senator.
- Good luck to you.

You hired me as a guide,

You told me that you had the finest
wagon this side of Pittsburgh.

Oh, shut up!

There's a trail up here,
that leads to Fort Bridger.

Ain't some of the
folks plannin' goin' there?

Yeah, as soon as I get this chore
finished I'll notify 'em.


Warren, why do you twist your hair?

- It's fun for my fingers.
- Oh.

Go on.

I couldn't help it.
Something just came over me.

Something else is coming
over you.

- Oh, you wouldn't dare.
- I wouldn't, huh?

No, please.

I'll teach you to push
people into the water.

I'll be good.

Stop yelling.
A little water won't hurt you.

I didn't know.

Fort Bridger!

There's a wagon leaving
for Fort Bridger!

Anybody wanting to take it,
better hurry!

It's about a four hour drive.

We ought to get there before
night fall if we don't dally.

Well we're camping here
for the night.

Come on, Boyd.
Lets get to gettin'.

- Good bye, Mr. Bigelow.
- Good luck to you, Brown.

Glad to have you with us, Brown.

You get tired of digging
potatoes in Fort Bridger.

Come on to California
and dig nuggets.

Just a minute, Mr. Brown.

You got room
for another passenger?

There's a lady here who'd
like to ride into Fort Bridger.

- Well, I reckon we can manage.
- Who is it?

Mrs. Stroganovsky.

You bet you can come with us,
Mrs. Stroganovsky.

You're more than welcome.

And good riddance
to bad rubbish I'd call it.

- Come on, I'll help you get your things.
- Johnny, don't--

Can't keep a man like
Jake Carstairs waiting.

Get the trunk and put
it in the Brown's wagon.

Why... you mean the trunk...
I saw...

It's too late to argue,
Gregory Stroganovsky!

Your wife's leaving you.

Put the trunk there on the side.


Strange country, women marry me
and leave me for no reason at all.

- Gregory let me assure you--
- Hurry up with that trunk!

Don't think it hasn't been
a pleasant trip, Mrs. Stroganovsky.

Because I've enjoyed
every minute of it.

- But, what about you?
- Don't just stand there.

The Brown's are waiting.
Come on, come on.

But, aren't you forgetting
our agreement?

I owe you $10,000.

You give it to me when
you get to California.

I may never see you again.

I'll find you. I'll take half
your wagon as down payment.

- All set, Mr. Brown.
- All right.

Good bye, Mrs. Stroganovsky.

- Bye, your highness.
- Good bye.

Bye, Koppa.
Bye, Johnny.

♪ Then the daily trek is done ♪

♪ Slick your hair
and join the fun ♪

♪ If to dance you do admire ♪

♪ Swing your partner
'round the fire ♪

♪ Choose a partner
to your taste ♪

♪ Place your arm
around her waist ♪

♪ If it's courtin' you desire ♪

♪ Swing your partner
'round the fire ♪

♪ Though the bashful head
is hung ♪

♪ Though we've lost
the ready tongue ♪

♪ Though we're modest
still we're young ♪

♪ And ready to be swung

♪ Choose a partner
to your taste ♪

♪ Place your arm
about her waist ♪

♪ If to dance you do admire ♪

♪ Swing your sweetheart
'round the fire ♪

Why did you let that fellow
take away your girl from you?

- Well, he's as big as I am.
- What difference does that make?

If he tried that with me,
you know what I would've done?


- This.
- You would?

- Sure, then this.
- What then?

By this time I got him scared,
so I give him this.

Here and this.

You think it's hard enough?

Hard enough?


Then I finish him off with this.

Ah, that's...
That's wonderful. That's wonderful.


If a woman is worth having,
she is worth fighting for.

Not on your life.

I'm sorry, but there's
nothing else leaving for California.

I beg your pardon, Ms. Frost.

Your best chance
to catch Lt. Latham--

Thank you, but I've
changed my mind.

I'm going back East.

That is if there's anyway I can.

In that case, I'll try and get a line
on someone returning to Independence.

Thank you.



I... I couldn't help it.

I thought I could let you go, but...

I don't know what this
Jake Carstairs means to you--

Oh, Jake Carstairs doesn't
mean a thing to me.

- You see, Johnny--
- I'm not very bright, am I?

Why didn't you straighten me out?

Johnny, there's something you ought
to know about Jake Carstair

I don't wanna know
anything about Jake Carstair.

Far as I'm concerned,
he doesn't exist.

As far as I'm concerned,
he never existed.

Let's go back east, Johnny.

Uh-uh. We're goin' to California.

I spotted a fancy carriage outside.

We'll be back
to the wagon train in style.

Oh, we'll be great in California.

You'll have to teach me
how to mark the cards

and deal from the bottom
of the deck and everything.

Do you mean that?

We'll get a new deck in California.

♪ More and more

♪ This heart of mine

♪ Confesses

♪ More and more

♪ I'm caught in your ♪

♪ Caresses

♪ Warmed by

♪ The breath of your sighs

♪ Cooled

♪ By the blue of your eyes

♪ More and more

♪ I tremble

♪ But it's thrilling ♪

♪ To share this dream

♪ That needed fulfilling

♪ More and more

♪ I'm less and less ♪

♪ Unwilling

♪ To give up wanting

♪ More and more

♪ Of you

♪ I try to hide

♪ What my eyes won't conceal ♪

♪ I try to tell myself

♪ This isn't real ♪

♪ I locked my heart

♪ But each beat is

♪ Revealing

♪ Every little throb

♪ I feel

♪ More and more

♪ This heart of mine

♪ Confesses

♪ More and more

♪ I'm caught ♪

♪ In your caresses

♪ Warmed by the breath

♪ Of your sighs

♪ Cooled by the blue

♪ Of your eyes

♪ More and more

♪ I tremble

♪ But it's thrilling ♪

♪ To share this dream

♪ That needed fulfilling

♪ More and more

♪ I'm less and less ♪

♪ Unwilling

♪ To give up wanting

♪ More and more and more

♪ Of you

Since we missed her at Fort Bridger,

where's our next chance
to catch up with her?

Sonora, California
would be my guess.

That's just about the end of the line.

Yes, I know that.

That's Jake Carstair's town,
you know.

I used to hunt bear with Jake.

Before he struck it rich.

He didn't shoot bears,

he just looked at 'em
and they died of fright.

I remember one time when...


Well, don't just stand there!

Go on!

I'll walk!

I love to walk.

♪ There are poets who sing

♪ Of that mythical kingdom ♪

♪ Of Arcady

♪ But alack and unfortunately

♪ They're not up to the times ♪

♪ For there isn't a thing ♪

♪ In that second-hand
Kingdom of Arcady ♪

♪ That compares
To the sun or the sea ♪

♪ Of that gold spangled coast

♪ Pardon us if we boast

♪ When we toast

♪ Californ-i-ay

♪ Where each
plum and each prune ♪

♪ Is as big as the moon

♪ Californ-i-ay

♪ Where December
comes dolled up like May ♪

♪ There are gals to attract us ♪

♪ There's gold in the cactus ♪

♪ So bless the day

♪ That we found Californ-i-ay

♪ For without it
There's no USA ♪

♪ In this
New El Dorado ♪

♪ There's free avocado ♪

♪ For everyone

♪ And there's none
That weighs under a ton ♪

♪ In this fabulous clime

♪ We have luscious persimmon

♪ And ditto our women

♪ Who never run

♪ When there's work
Or romance to be done ♪

♪ So we say to each friend

♪ Who may seek journey's end ♪

♪ We commend

♪ Californ-i-ay

♪ Where the rain doesn't rain ♪

♪ It just drizzles champagne

♪ Californ-i-ay

♪ Where romance
Is the theme of the day ♪

♪ From San Pedro to Fresno ♪

♪ No maiden there says no

♪ When love is nigh

♪ For in
gay Californ-i-ay ♪

♪ Everything's More tremendous ♪

♪ Titanic, stupendous

♪ The climate is better

♪ The ocean is wetter

♪ The mountains are higher

♪ The deserts are drier

♪ The hills have More splendor ♪

♪ The girls have more gender

♪ Californ-i-ay

♪ For without it There's no USA ♪

So, I finally
broke him with the habit

of twisting his hair, all right.

That's fine.

Coming, Warren?


This way please.

Come in.
Come in.

Coming, Your Highness?

Yeah, madame.

Koppa, Koppa.

I'll get a shave and meet
you here in an hour.

How many times are you gonna shave?

All right, half hour.

Who's the man in the fancy coat?

Oh, that's Jake Carstair.


How's your shooting eye today, eh?

Let her go.

All right. Hut.

How'd you like him to shoot at you?

Don't say such a thing.

Not even jest, he must be

the best shot in the world.

Toss up a couple of them, Pedro.


That'll be enough
for the day, Pedro.

All right, boys.
Let's all have a drink.


Don't tell me you're ready.

There's something we
gotta settle right away.

I thought we could forget about
him I have to get dressed.

but I was wrong.
All you gotta do is tell him the truth.

Carstair's here.


Over there.
We'll tell him how things are.

Oh, no. I can't.

Well, I mean... Uh...

- What's wrong?
- Well, it's nothing.

- It's just that I-I...
- What?

You see, I...

I don't quite know how to say it.

What's the matter with me?

I don't think very fast.

You just don't want to
hurt his feelings, do you?

- Oh, no. That isn't it, Johnny.
- You go ahead and get dressed.

I'll tell him myself.

Oh, no. No.
I-I-I'll tell him.

Umm-umm... You go get changed.

- I'll come with you.
- No. I'd rather see him alone.

Much rather. Which one--

- I mean, where did you say he is?
- Over there.

Oh, yes.

Well, I-I won't be long.
So you hurry too.

All right.

- Good luck.
- Yeah.

Mr. Carstair.

Mr. Carstair?

- Mr. Carstair.
- Yes.

Oh, are you Jake Carstair?

That's right.
Well, what can I do for you.

Well, I haven't got
time to explain

but you're the man
I was supposed to marry.

- What?
- Please do me a favor.

The man I'm going to marry
thinks you're in love with me.

Oh, I know this doesn't make
sense to you but Johnny...

He's the man I'm in love with.
He's standing right up there watching and...


Oh. Things aren't
as they used to be Jake.

I've grown up. I've found
someone I love.

Oh, I-I know it's a shock to you
to hear me say that but...

Well, there-there isn't
anything for me to say

but-but I'm sorry.

Please act hurt, will you?

How could you do such a thing?

I can't let you go.

- Caroline.
- Caroline.

I'll never let you go.

You're everything I have.

- My very life.
- Don't over do it.

Uh, one thing is not
very clear to me.

Is she still Mrs. Stroganovsky?

Because if she is--

Because if she...

Where is this up-starter
who's trying to take you away from me?

Probably cringing
in some dark corner,

ashamed to show his face.

You're wrong, Mr. Carstair.

So this is him, huh?

You mean to tell me
you'd give up all the things

I could give you for-for this?

I know you're a big man,
Mr. Carstair.

You got wealth, and power.

If I thought she'd be
happy with you,

I'd be all for it.

But I know she wouldn't be
because she isn't in love with you.

She's in love with me.
She even told me so.

Well, I know
when I've been licked.

I wish you both the best of luck.

Thank you.

Drinks for the house.

Drinks for the lovers.
Long may they wave.

Mrs. Carstair.

Good afternoon, Mrs. Carstair.

A toast.
A toast

to your happiness.

And please, always
keep a tiny spot

in your heart for Jake Carstair

who loved you but lost.

And here's to Jake Carstair,

who loved me and lost but...

I'll never forget him.

Just a minute.

Oh, hello, my dear one.

Now who is it that you've loved
and lost, Jake?

We were toasting this young couple.

Answer my question.
Who's the young lady?

Someone I just met.
I mean...

I'm Mrs. Carstair.

How do you do, Mrs. Carstair?

I can explain-- Don't you think

you're a bit old to go
about loving and losing?

Please, Mrs. Carstair,
let me explain.

I've never seen your husband
before in my life. I...


The thing which is not
very clear to me

is when, if you...


Johnny, wait a minute.



- Johnny, wait. I can explain.
- You lied to me.

Oh, I just wanted you
to take me with you.

That's the only reason I made up
the story about Carstair.

You did?

Oh, don't you know
there isn't anybody else

in the whole wide world but you?



It's my fiancée.

Will you excuse me a moment, please?

You followed me. I knew you would.
- Robert.

- Let me look at you.
- There's something I have to tell you.


It's still not clear
to me whether you...


Were you... Uh...

Please give me a chance to explain.

what's the meaning of this?

This is the man I was coming
out here to marry.

Well, go ahead
and marry him then.

- Caroline, I demand an explanation.
- Later, Robert.

I'm the idiot that toted
this bright young lady

3,000 miles so she could
marry Jake Carstair.

Jake Carstair?

Yes. But from what I can see now,
you're the one she's going to marry.

You must be the one because it
certainly isn't going to be me.

You better hurry up about
it before someone else

races up and yells,
"Caroline, darling."

Caroline, darling.

Whoa, whoa. Hold him, hold him.
Stop him, stop him.

Are you all right?

You see what I mean?

The line forms to the right, Mister.

Are you all right, Dear?

Just a minute, Father.

Don't think for one moment

that I'm running after
you because I'm not.

Caroline, you'll make me the
laughing stock of my whole regiment.

She will if you give her time.

Who's the old geezer?
Jake Carstair's brother?

Punch him right in the nose, Robert.

What's the meaning of this?

Just a minute, Father.
And one more thing, Mr. Lawlor.

Don't think you can apologize
and come crawling back--

Caroline, I demand an--
I don't know who you are, young man.

But I'm on your side.
I resent that,

Oh, shut up.

It's obvious there's been
some misunderstanding.

There's no misunderstanding, Sir.
Your daughter's just a liar.

Robert, are you gonna
stand for that?

I most certainly am not.

Shut up. It's really not her fault.

You see, she comes
from a long line of liars.

I'm a politician.
My father was a politician.

- I remember--
- Now, wait a minute.

I've stood this just
about long enough.

Caroline, what does
this man mean to you?

If you expect to marry me,

I demand a full account
of your conduct with him.

After all, I have
a position to maintain.

Try this position.

This is too much.
All I want is peace and quiet.

No, no, no.
I wouldn't want a wife like this.


40. 60.
80. $100.

I don't mind tellin' you, brother

you're gettin' the finest bell
this side of Pittsburgh.

♪ Californ-i-ay

♪ Where the rain doesn't rain ♪

♪ It just drizzles champagne

♪ Californ-i-ay

♪ Where romance
is the theme of the day ♪

♪ From San Pedro to Fresno ♪

♪ No maiden there says no

♪ When love is nigh

♪ For in gay Californ-i-ay ♪

♪ Every girl
gets her chappy ♪

♪ All endings are happy

♪ Each quarrel is mended

♪ All conflicts are blended

♪ Each sin is recorded

♪ And virtue rewarded

♪ The villain deflated

♪ The hero is mated

♪ Californ-i-ay

♪ Where would love be
without it today ♪

♪ More and more

♪ This heart of mine

♪ Confesses

♪ More and more

♪ I'm caught in your ♪

♪ Caresses

♪ Warmed by

♪ The breath of your sighs

♪ Cooled

♪ By the blue of your eyes

♪ More and more

♪ I find it more

♪ than thrilling

♪ To share this dream

♪ That needed fulfilling

♪ More and more

♪ I find I'm more ♪

♪ than willing

♪ To strive for you

♪ Keep love alive for you

♪ And be a spouse for you ♪

♪ And run the house for you

♪ Because I love you

♪ And because I live for you ♪

♪ And only you

♪ Can't help singing ♪

♪ Of a promise
That April is bringing ♪

♪ I don't care what they say ♪

♪ Love affects me this way

♪ And we gotta
Keep singing ♪

♪ Gotta keep singing

♪ When love comes your way
then you gotta keep singing ♪

♪ When love comes your way
then you gotta keep singing ♪

♪ All day